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Full text of "Lain's Brooklyn Directory for the year ending May 1, 1887"

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Lain's Brooklyn Directory, 1887 

Published by Lain and Company 

Brooklyn Public Library 
Grand Army Plaza 
Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Contact: Brooklyn Collection 
Phone: 718.230.2762 
Fax: 718.857.2245 


To search for specific names, type keywords into the search bar in your PDF reader. If a 
keyword search doesn't turn up expected results, it is recommended that you also scroll 
down into the alphabetical listings to search for the name, as the text-recognition software is 
not perfect. 

The table of contents below can also give you an idea of where to look within the document 
for other kinds of information listed in the directory, like street guides, government listings, 
and advertisement indices. Note that the PDF page number and the original directory page 
numbers are different, because the color-printed advertisement pages in the directories were 
not numbered. 

Table of Contents: 

Description PDF page number 

Title page 1 5 

Index to advertisements 18-21 

Brooklyn Business Register 23 — 30 

Directory listings 31-1338 

Index to Municipal Register 1 340 

Municipal Register 1 342 - 1 363 

Street and Avenue Directory 1364 - 1398 


For the stomgc and Bnfo koeping of Fnrnitor '^Hanog, Baggage, Valuables, and 
Theatrical Proporticti. Goods nntl wares of every oe»«ri|>tion received day and night, 
i .<. i .. n- mid advances made if required. Largest nnd hands •»>. -i Water-tight 
Vans and Express Wagons in the U. H., made on onr hnpwved )iriuci|ile, 
for moving Fnmituro, Pianos, Baggage, Ac. 


R. TACCART. Owner and Manager. 




fflXEW YOItk. 
nTanufacturer of 

Chairs, Desks 






Screws and Screw Machines, 

Formerly of the LYON & FELLOWS MFG. CO. 
Small Turned Machine Serem and PoeM-Bwi Knobs i Simriulty. 


„. i ■ 't'". w ' I,V0N l! ! ,llc ,n Y7" or of important Inventions connected with the MiUMj Boataeii 
andldsloii^-xperleiicewllh Kki.i ows. Hokkman A Co.. making Tools and Machines l< I :.t-ll I el he 
Monufactore of Chandeliers and Oas-Flxtures, enables hin. tooncr lix.ra induce"."^ tile 

Inventor*' flodela and BxprnrlmoattU Machinery. 



Cor. Conway St., and Bughwiek Ave. 

samcici, ciicitorr. 


At. the entrance to tiie cemetery or the Evergreens. 




We have on hand a large and beautiful selection of 
Of nil the Intest designs, to which we Invite the attention of nil 
who ;ire desirous otpiireha-slng. 
P. O. Address, Box 818, 'East New York, L. I. 



Htohetil Award al the Centd 


Exhibition Bkudi 


No. 45 Ma 

liaen Lane, 


New York 



Best Safeguard againsrixauatllflnT Iff ' 


Will copy in ordinary Copying Press equal to any writing ink. 


Published Annually. 



For Private and Commercial Use by which Originals and Copie3 can be mado at the same time. 


\ ^or S-u.olaa.esa or X 9 zlTro.te iico. 


i ■ * i ■ 

LEATHER dOOI>s OF OIK OWN KANUFACTURE. VisMiiw t'ar.N. Invitations, He, 

iongrrnved in the latest style, f 

Francis Loutrel's 'Patent Composition tor Inking Rollers, 

: Docs not horden.^lirtnk. or crack, and rctnlns lis auction for Jem's. 

FRANCIS & LOlfipL, 45 Maiden Lane, New York. 

Y01K. Custom Solicited. 




N. & P. SCOTT, 


8 DeKALll AVENUE, cor. Fulton Street, BROOKLYN, N. Y. 

\ Urtsr Slark of Show Cases, suitable far all Branches or ItusiiKss. Constantly en Hand 

Estahlislied 1827. 











y\o«* e 



►O 1 

lrt* e 


E. C. HAZARD, president. 
WM. C. JONES, vice-pres. 




Classified Business Lists 


Trade or Profession in the United 
States, Furnished at Short Notice 
and at Reasonable Rates. 

Lain's Directory Office, 



Rollhaus' Knickerbocker Ranges, 








in three sizes, is the 
finest Range, both in 
construction and con- 
venient detail of ar- 
rangement ever offered. 
It should be seen in 
practical working at 
our warerooms, 


M. J. SEELIG- & CO., 

l^ITNl^ ART 



Antipe and Modern Statues for Pails, Gar- 
dens, Fountains, Town Halls, etc. 

Religious Statues for Churches & Chapels, 


The Fourteen SlatloiiM or the CroMS. 


An liili cliinil ORNAMENTS in General. 

lnblUhnl in Europe In 188ft. K»lahliHh.Ml In Amerira in 18 

115 & 121 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, E. D 

twin's Brooklyn dihkctokS - . 

\W. W. TUPPKB.| 

Economy of Fuel & Durability of Bar. i°- '•• •»"■"• i 

W. W. TUPPER & CO., 




(For Steamers, Locomotives, and o:her Furnacts). 0 




X in. opening: and .ji in. Iron for Screenings. 

X" " X " " Pea Coal. 

X " " X " " Nut Coal. 

X" X " " Stovo Coal. 

K " "H " * Grate Coal. 

X" " X " " Broken Coat 

1 " " « " " Lump Coal. 

SEND FOR CIRCULAR of thla nml oilier O-ntin 

Office, 206 WEST STREET, cor. Harrison, N EW YORK. 



COURT STREET, bet State Street and Atlantic Avenue. BROOKLYN. 
Manufacturer of all kinds of Useful and Ornamental 


Iron and Galvanized Wire put. up for Vines, 
wire (Juaze Window Screens and Doors. Trellis of 
ull kinds. Uniting Muskets. Flower Stands. Iron 
and Wire Fences tor Gardens. Courts. Offices, etc. 
AND CKMKTKKV WORK generally. Builders' 
Sand Screens. Foundry Kiddles, sieves. Canary . 
Parrot. Squirrel and Animal Cages. StrongOuurd* 
for Store Windows In place of shut ters. Hank a* 
Office railings. WIKK CLOTH OK a LI. KINDS 

Awarded Nil verJIcdal, 1s?:i. Au nr 
l'irsi|l'r<-ii.i,ii.i (with competition) for \\ I 
WOIIK. Artistic Itesiulls ami s,i|>e. 
Workmanship, ai the Kings Co, Fair In Bit) 
lyn Kink. November 16. 1878. 

" The WORKS OF J. FOKMAN. 127 Court St 
repn-sented by numerous nrilcles or NKAT ^K- 
SIGN and TA8TKFt!L FINISH tliat forma very 
Interesting feature of the exposition. The modern 
use of wire In the construction of many useful and 
ornamental fabrics, has grown Into an Industry 
which few people realize when attention is not 
siierlally called to It. Wire Trellis. Fences. Vases. 
Brackets, (ttges. Guards for Windows und Base 
ment8. Baskets. Flower Stands, and a thousand 
other things are made at Formnn's."— tiAZK-m:, 
printed in the Fair, Octotier 21, 1874. 







Have always on hand the Largest and Most Carefully Selected 

Assortment of 

Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Shades, Curtains, Etc. 

to be found in any Establishment and at 


1 o 
a *> 





5. S" 

s S 2 

1 fi 







B °" 

I s 


c IN 

O. B 

» §•' 

o c 

"i Q. 

» re 

P o 


w' o 

8> C 

<» "I 

e s- 

« s. 

s ° 




S 5 







Below are a few 


lerry Chamber Suites from $20 up. 
y Walnut Chamber Suites, marble top, from #25 up. 

Parlor Suites, 7 Pieces in Hair Cloth & Fawy (inerinpt, from $35 up. 

Folding Beds, in novel designs, from $24 up. 
Moquette Carpets, best quality per yard, $1.20 up. 
Body Brussels Carpet per yard, 90c. up. 

Tapestry Brussels per yard, 49c. up. 

All Wool Ingrain per yard, 40c. up. 


403 to 416 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.. 

tain's itoookltx ngagmax. 





Office: 43 ID TLA. 1ST JU ST., 3>J"©-w York.. 




rpri n 




A most valuable aid tx> send Circulars, Notices, etc., to First-Class Families, 
anil to anv locality desired. 



iAIN & CO, 17 Willoughby Street, corner of Pearl, Brooklyn. 



Plain & Fancy Awnings 


Horse, Cart, and Truck Covers, Feed Bags, etc. 


Flays of every nation, Flag Poles, Transparencies, Banners, Bo:it S.iils, 
Hammocks, Bags. 


B. & W. B. SMITH, 

220 West 29th St., New York. 

Patent Improvement in Counter Show Cases. 

Perpendicular Sliding Doors Dust Tight. 

Catalogues of Doaigns and List of References of Stores Fitted up 
Sent on Application. 

Special Designs furnished for Fitting Stores Entire. 

We manufacture all kinds of Architectural Wood Work. 

«LA IN'S» 



BROOKLYN, Rings Co. and Long Island City. 

Over 20.000 Names of every Trade, Business and Profession 
f Properly Classified under Appropriate Headings. 
With a Complete Index. 


LAIN & CO., 17 Willougtiby Street, corner of Pearl, Brooklyn. 

BRANCH OFFICE: 121 Fit.ton Street, New York. 

i.ii' - unm)M,i n pi RM HUM 1 ■ 


Br< x >klyi 1 Stre< >r Gu i de 

Contains List of all the STREETS, AVENUES, Rl.,1 PLACES, Eveby COBNEtt 
Number, ami all the Railroad Routes. 

Just Published, Pocket Edition, cents. 



Price, /.» cents; Poch< t Edition, Cloth <„srs, v.t rents. 

For sale at Lain's Directory Office, and by Rookseller*. 

LAIN" & CO., Publishers Brooklyn Directory, 

17 WillougJtby Street, 

Patent Interlocking Grate Bars. 


llll LIBERTY ST.. 


M \\ YOKK. 

These Bars Iiave been used 
and approved in upwards 
of 10,000 different Fur- 
naces, and are superior to 
all others 

In durability, and Econ- 
omy in the use of Fnel. 
We have over 1200 differ- 
ent Seta of Patterns, and 

can make Orate Bars for 
any Furnace at short no- 
tice. Descriptive circular, 
with references, sent on 
application. Address, 


Shaking Grate Bar. 

Has been In use owr live years, and In uianv of Hie 
largest manufactories In the country, simple In 
construction, positive and effectual In Us operation, 
easily worked (being operated In sections In wide 
lurnnces). BlvetOKersfxtvperoent. Alrxurfncr. very 
durable Interchangeable, and can be put In any lur 
nace wlthoutdelay or change of any kind. Dcscrip. 
live circular, price, etc., sent on application. 

I 10 Liberty Street, New York. 


WeW Yofk;, Oqtoio \ Western l\i 



BEX w 3B9WT 

New York and Thousand Islands 

On Train leaving New York, Jay St., at 5.15 P. M. 
and 42d St., at 5.80 P. M. 


Running through Pullman Sleepers between Hew York and the St. Lawrence River. 

send a three cent stamp for copy of •' Summer Homes." describing the beautiful summer Resorts In 

The Highlands of the Hudson, 

The I-'oot Hills of (he Catskills, 

The Hon ii t a i us of Central New York, 

The Valleys of the Nerersink, Delaware, Susquehanna, and Chenango Hiver», 
Lakes nohauk aud JI in new ask a. 

Depots and Ferries in New York. 

Foot of , Tay Street and West 42d street. 

Tickets furnished aud Baggage checked from residence to destination, by agents of the 

Time Tables, Tickets, and Information Furnished, 

In Brooklyn— No. 4 COURT STREET. 


BROOKLYN ANNEX OFFICE, foot of Fulton Street, 

In New VorkClty-No. S63 BROADWAY. Corner Franklin Street, 

No. W« BROADWAY, near Madison Square, 

No. TOT SIXTH AVENUE, corner 44d Street, - 
No. 1848 BROADWAY, iiear3Sd Street, 
No. 441 BROADWAY, corner Canal. 

No. 146 EAST 145th STREET, HARLEM. 

o. 40T BROADWAY, Cor. Fulton Street, World Travel Company. 



Gen'l Manager. 


Gen'l Passenger Agent, 
16 <fc 18 Exchange PI., New Yorl 



-ain's Directory Office, 


or. Pearl Street, BROOKLYN. N. Y. 

The Brooklyn Directory from 1 840 to date, and the following 
Cities and States for the Current Year. 

klabarna State 

Vlbany, N. Y. 

Wkansas State. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Haiti more. Md. 
H >Ston, Mass. 
Hi idgepott, ( 'onn. 
Bullalo, N. Y. 
Camden, N. J. 
Charleston, S. C. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Chester Co., Penn. 
Chicago, III. 
Cincinnati, O. 
Cleveland, O. 
Colorado State. 
Columbus, O. 
Connecticut State. 
Cumberland Co., N. J. 
Delaware State. 
Denver, Col. 
Des M uines, Iowa. 
Detroit, Mich. 
Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Elizabeth, N. J. 
Fall River, Mass. 
Florida State. 
Flushing, N. Y. 
Fort Worth, Texas. 
Galveston, Texas. 
Georgia State. 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
Hartford, Conn. 
Hobokcn, N. J. 
Illinois State. 
Indiana State. 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Iowa State. 
Jersey City, N. J. 
Kansas Cily, Mo. • 
Knoxville, Tenn. 
Lawrence, Mass. 

Leadville, Col. 
Little Rock, Ark. 
London, Eng 
Louisville. Ky. 
Lowell. Mass. 
Lvnn, Mass. 
Maine State. 
Manchester, N. H. 
Maryland State.' 
Massachusetts Static. 
Medical Register, N Y..&C 
Memphis, Tenn. 
Meriden. Conn. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
Missouri State. 
Mobile, Ala. 
Montreal. Canada. 
Morris Co., N. J. 
Nashville, Tenn. 
Nebtaska State. 
Newark, N. J. 
Newburgh, N. Y. 
New England Business. 
New Hampshire State. 
New Haven. Conn. 
New Jersey State. 
New Orleans, La. 
Newport. R. I. 
New York City. 
New York State. 
North Carolina State. 
Norwich, Conn. 
Ohio State. 
Ontario, Canada. 
Ottawa, Canada. 
Pacific Coast. 
Patterson, N.J. 
Penns\ Ivania State. 
Peoria. III. 
Philadelphia. Pa. 
Pittsburg ,V Alleghany, Pa. 

Plaii.field&Somerville.N J 

Portland, Me. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Providence, R. I. 

Quebec, Can. 

Rhode Island State. 

Richmond, Va. 

Rochester. N. Y. 

Rutland. Vl. 

Sacramento, Cal. 

Salem, Mass. 

San Francisco. Cal. 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Savannah. Ga. 

South Carolina State. 

Springfield, Mass. 
Sprint-field Ohio. 
St. John, New Brunswick. 
St Louis. Mo. 
St. Paul, Minn, 
Syracu-e, N. Y. 
Taunton, Mass. 
Texas State. 
Toledo, Ohio. 
Toronto, Canada. 
Trenton, N. J. 
Troy. N. Y. 
Utica. N Y 
U. S. Bus ness. 
U. S. Street Directory. 
Vermont State. 
Virginia State. 
Washington, D. C. 
Waterhury. Conn. 
Wcstfield', Mass 
West Virginia State. 
Wheeling. W. V. 
Wilmington. Del. 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Wisconsin State. 
W.ircesier. Mass. 
Yunkers N. Y. 

Boston " Blue Book " 
Chicago " Elite." 

New V.rk " Elite." I St. LouH ' Blue Book." 

| Philadelphia "Blue Book" I ' The List." N. Y. City 
Metropolitan Directory N. Y. City and Suburlw. 



Book and Job Printing; of Every Description. 

This Book Is A Gift Of 




For *=s_> 

The Year Ending May 1st, 





J{ Street Guide, Mohicipal Register, aid M/p of the City, 

GEO.- T, LAIN, Compiler. 
0HAS, J. HEALY, Ass't Compiler 1 . 



Branch Offl«e 5 121 Fnlton Street, New York, 

PRICE $6.00, 

Entered,, according to Act of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-si*. 

By LAIN & CO., 
lift the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. 


This Book Is A Gift Of 


memorial windows, 
memorial tablets, memorial pulpits, 
Sunday-school banners, 
church embroidery, 

mural painting, 
church decoration, 
church metal-work, church wood-work. 

Send for Illustrated Handbooks. 





Factory, 407 East 24t!i St, near first avenue, NEW YORK. 

Hlphonsb F^ied^igi^ 
— € 1 6 & 1 8 HOYT STREET, 

Near FtJLToS Street, BROOKLYN, N. Y. 

Memorial Windows a Specialty. 

The Windows of Brace Hethodist Church, comer 7th Avenue and Park Place, have been made By this Sna. 

Attention is given to a style of Glass and with Jewels for Interior and Exterior unsur- 
passed effect. Also to a method for strengthening all classes ot Stained Glass Windows op, 
"new principles. Patented. ' ' 


For Brooklyn, "tie tide of Empire" is Eastward. Not only is the business 
center moving Eastward from the City Hall, but this year the city boundary 
line has been extended three miles towards the rising sun — and now embraces 
the entire town of New Lots — the most of which was formerly East Now York. 
This annexation took place just in time to be included in this issue of our City 
Directory. "We have canvassed the entire town, and the names from the new 
ward will be found in their appropriate alphabetical places. 

By reason of the twelve numerical streets, which were renamed, but not 
renumbered, there has been additional work and care bestowed by us to make 
locations on those streets intelligent to the public. It is only regretted that the 
new numbers were not in time for this edition. 

For the past seven years the price of our Directory has been $5.50. During 
this period the increase of names has amounted to the enormous number of 
50,321. For this large addition- to the expense of the work our city does not 
give patronage in proportion, but we were determined to have the Directory 
first-class in all respects, and are therefore obliged to mato the price Six 
Dollars per copy. 

This is but a slight advance when the immense addition to cost is con- 
sidered, and we confidently believe that our patrons, rejoicing in this careful 
exhibit of Brooklyn's prosperity, will appreciate and prefer our painstaking and 
thorough work at the advanced price. 

"We call attention to our new map showing the recent annexation of New 
Lots — forming an additional ward — the 26th. 

Believing that a reliable Directory is of more practical benefit than even 
the local census, we consider it would be for the good of the general public if a 
law were enacted making it a misdemeanor for any one to refuse his name for 
the Directory. 

This volume contains 175,761 names, an increase over last year of 
12,827. From New Lots, the 26th Ward, we obtained 4000, making a net 
increase for Brooklyn of 8827 names. 

According to the ratio of names in Directory and former Census returns, 
we estimate the present population of Brooklyn to be 768,075. 

Brooklyn, June, 1886. 


.kckerman Edwin W. coal card with name j 

Aldridge V. passenger agt card with name j 

Allers D liquors .card with name 

Allsop Thomas J. machinists' supplies. 

card with name 
American Addressing & Mailing Co. 

f ront cover 

Anderson John D. mason — card with name 
Andrews Benjamin E. realestate. 

card with name 
Armstrong James, plumber, .card with name 

Arnold August, musician card with name 

Asbestos Packing Co card with name 

Ashfield James & Son, masons. 

card with name 

Ault George W. shirts card with name 

Ayers George L. realestate. .card with name 
Backus Peter & Son, contractors. 

inside back cover 

Balch, Price & Co. hats card with name 

Bates & Johnson, heating apparatus. 

leaf opp. name <& card with name 

Becker M. cooper ...card with name 

Beers J. B. & Co. maps leafopp. name 

Bender Philip Bua. Reg. 4 

Ben net & Son, undertakers . .card with name 

Bennett John, undertaker card with name 

Benson James, undertaker, .card with name 

Berkshire Life Ins. Co right bottom margin 

every ltith page and card with name 

Bernard August, designer card with name 

Betts H. L. mineral waters . .card with name 

Beyer Geo. H. jr. liquors card with name 

Sigelow Blue Stone Co card with name 

Bigetow George N. school card with name 

Bills James A. realestate card with name 

Birch J. S. & Co. watch keys . .. .back cover 
Bishop William, plumber . . card with name 
Boedicker's J. B. Sons, pianos . . .back of title 

iBooden & Sons, varnish card with name 

Booth William A. brassfounder. 

card with name 

Bossert Louis, sashes card with name 

Boynton Furnace Co. furnaces .. top margin 
every 1th page/Jeaf opp. " Boynton " 
and leaf opp. li Richardson 
Bradley & Currier Co. (Limited), sashes. 

Bus. Reg. 6 

Bradley & Smith, brushes- . . card with name 
Brennan & Coiligan, coopers. 

card with name 
Brewster J. B. & Co. carriagemfrs. 

lea f opp. name 

Brooklyn Advertising Sign Co. sign painters. 

card with name 

Brooklyn Catholic Review. 

leaf opp. name, and 120 and 175 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle leaf opp. name 

Brooklyn Daily Standard leafopp. name 

Brooklyn Daily Times leaf opp. name 

Brooklyn Freie Presse ... .leafopp. name 
Brooklyn Hardware & Supply Co. 

back cover and card with name 

Brooklyn Institute card with name 

Brooklyn Library card in Mun. Reg. 

Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. 

front 14, and card with name 
Brooklyn Mill and Lumber Co. (The). 

right side margin every l&thpage 

Brooklyn Painting Co card with name 

Brooklyn Union Pub. Co.. leafopp. name 

Brown W. S. realestate card with name 

Brown & Patterson, ironfounders. 

card with name 
Brunner & Co. druggists 1 fixtures. -Bus. Reg. 3 
Bulkley & Horton, realestate. 

■card with name 

Bui winkle Johu M. stationer. 

card with na me 

Burns J. Robert, baths card with name 

Burr & Houston, ironfounders page 383 

Burrill W. H. undertaker — card with name 
Burroughs H. F. & Co. bldrs. mtls. 

card with name 

Burt E. C. & Co. shoes card with name 

Burtis John H realestate. . . .card with name 

Bushnell E. D. reaiestate card with name 

Butler W. H. safes right bottom margin 

every Hth page, and card with name 

Caemmerer Louis, iron card with name 

Campbell James, charcoal. . .card with name 

Cameron, clothing card with name 

Canty Daniel, cracker baker. card with name 
Cardwell A. A. carpet cleaner. 

card with name 
Carlisle William S. grocer . . card with name 

Carpenter C. H. school card with name 

Case A. J. undertaker card with name 

Cedarholm Charles, painter. card with name 

Chandler F. H. pianos 179 and 183 

Chappell Coit A. fish card with name 

Chase William D. varnish card with name 

Cheney & Hewlett, ironfounders. 

page opp. name 
Chesebro, Whitman & Glidden, ladders. 

card with name 

Christian at Work . ..185 

Citizens 1 Steamboat Co card with name 

Clarendon Hotel .card with name 

Clarke Robert, plumbers' supplies. 

card with name 

Clayton Steam Pump Works. 

card with name 

Cloos George, flutes Bus. Reg. 5 

Close J. boxes card with name 

Cobb &Co. decorators card with name 

Cocroft's R. Sons, marble back 1 

Collamore Davis & Co. china. card with name 

Collins Hunter, printer card with name 

Colton E. G. dentist cardivitlt name 

Colyer Joseph H. coal opp. 1311 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. of London. 

card with name 
Cook Ralph L. realestate card icith name 

Co-Operative Life & Accident Association. 

front 4 

Corlis George F. undertaker.. card with name 
and card with " Burrill.''' 
Cornelius James, machinist, inside back cover 
Cornell J. B. & J. M. iron works. 

leaf opp. name 

Cort J. H. furnaces opp. 183 

Cowperthwait Co. furniture .back cover, 

front 7 and card with name 

Curry William, furnaces card with name 

Danenberg & Coles, brewers. card with name 
Davenport A. B. realestate . . .card with name 

Davenport J. Son & Co. realestate. 

card* with name 
Davies John F. tailors 1 trimmings. 

card with name 

Davis John, roofer card with name 

Davis W. B. carriagemkr card with name 

Dayton W. B. & Son, housefurng. gds 260 

De Baun A. J. kindling wood. card with name 

Del mar John, realestate card with name 

Dennison Mfg. Co back in gilt and 270 

DeSelding J. S. realestate card with name 

Dessecker Gustavus, carriagemkr. 

Bus. Reg. % 

Dewey Louis H. realestate . . .card with name 

Dickinson C. B. rubbergds card tvith name 

Dill J.T. machinery Bus. Reg. 5 

Dime Savings' Bank card with name 



Dobbin John, " Schuetzen Park." 

card with name 
Dodworth Frank, dancing school. 

card with name 
Doherty John K. real estate, .card with name 
Domestic Sewing Machine Co. card with name 
Donohue Peter J. <fe Song, boiier mkrs. 

card with name 
Dougherty James L. real estate 

card with name 
Doughty Randolph, real estate. 

card with name 

Douglas W. & R. pumps... Bus. Reg. 6 

Downing Benjamin W. lawyer. 

card with name 
Dowst John A. cidervinegar. .card with name 

Dwight Elihu, skivers card with name 

Dubey E. A. painter card with name 

Du Bois Ithaniar, gents 1 furng. 

card with name 
Dudgeon J. M. carpet cleaner. 

card with name 

Duryea S. photographer card with name 

Earl J. W. & Son, undertakers. 

card with name 

East Brooklyn Furniture Co. 

front edge of leaves of 319 

Eaves Costume Co card with name 

Eddy George M. & Co. measuring tapes. 

card with name 
Edmonds William J. wheelwright. 

card with nam e 
Ehrenberg Theodor, loom mkr. . .Bus. Beg. 5 

Electric Pad Mfg. Co 328 <Sb 409 

Elford George & Son, painters. 

card with name 
Elmore George B. painter. . .card with name 
Engelhardt Theobald, architect. 

card with name 
Englert George G. undertaker. 

card with name. 

Enaell Sarah, oculist, 

card icith *' Ensell " card with " Price." 
FarneU Alfred F. bookseller.. card with name 

Fedderke F. billiard tables Bus. Beg. 1 

Feigenspan G. &Co. brewers. care? with name 

Fellows John, screws card with name 

Fisher, P. H. furniture Bus. Beg, Z 

Forman James, wire front 6 

Forrester George B. fertilizers. 

card with name 

Francis & Loutrel stationers back 2 

Freeman"^ Maurice Sons, carpenters. 

card icith name 

Frese Charles, brewer ...card withname 

Friedrick Alphonse, stained glass. 

back of title 

Frost Beers, paper box mkr.. card with name 

Fry & Lyle, real estate card with name 

Fuller J. M detectives back cover 

Gallagher James, tailor card with name 

Qanuon & Hueston, plumbers. . . .Bus. Beg. 4 

Garvin E. & Co. machinery Bus. Beg. 8 

Gillespie Charles H. varnish 

right bottom margin every lGth page 

Gillespie E. A. lumber .* card with name 

Gillott Joseph & Sons, steel pens . . back cover 
GraefsH. A. Son, liquors wholesale. 

card with name 

Graf Louis, wines card with name 

Grand Union Hotel front 1 

Green's John J. Son, marble .page opp. name 
Grening Paul C. realestate. . .card ivith name 
Griffith VV. H. & Co. billiardt&blemkrs. 

card with name 

Grothe Otto, chemist card with name 

Gulick ErnestusS. realestate. card with name 

Gunther C. N. jeweler card with name 

GunthersC. G. Sons, furs front cover 

Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co. 

right side margin every ICtthpage 

Guttenberg F. fish card with name 

Hall S. sashes Bus. Reg. 6 

Hailett G. G. stoves 393 and 459 

Hand R. II. trunks card with name 

Happersberger P. & Son, wagonmkrs. 

Bus. Beg. 7 

Hardick C. B. steam pumps.. card with name 

Harris G. S. stone card with name 

Harris Isaac, park carriages 9^6 

Harrison John, grocer card with name 

Harrison W. H. grocer. . ... .card with name 

Hart James H. jeweler. .... card with name 

Haviland & Sons, realestate. card with name 

Hawley O. F. lumber card with name 

Haynes James A. liquors wholesale. 

card with name 

Healy James B. tailor card with name 

Hegeman Joseph & Co. auctioneers. 

card with name 
Heideklang Otto, cabinetmkr. card with nam e 

Held Charles W. pianos 495 and 630 

Henderson John C. & Son, passenger agts. 

card with name 
Henderson Samuel & Son, undertakers. 

card, with name 
Heraghty M. house mover. . .card with name 

Herr F. realestate card with name 

Higgins Charles S, soap card with name 

Hirsch M. tobacconist card with name 

Hoecker J. B. optician back of map 

Hoffmann L. coal card icith name 

Holdsworth & Co. wire works. 

card icith name 
Holmes Burglar Alarm Tel. Co. 

card with name 
Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Co, 

left bottom margin every 16th page 
Hollingsworth B. C. livery . . card with name 

Home Journal card with name 

Hommel C. F. stone card with name 

Horton J. M. ice cream. 

left side margin every 8th page 
Hosch Ferdinand, sleighrobe cutter. 

Bus. Beg. 8 

Howard & Morse, wire leaf opp. name 

Howard & Fuller, brewers, card with name 
Hubbard Norman, steam pumps., card with 


Hudson Thomas D M coal. . .card with name 

Huhn Joseph, furniture card withname 

Humbert Henry & Co delicacies. 

card v>ith name 

Hunerhoff C. painter card withname 

Huschle William & Son, paper boxes. 

card with name 
Immig August, liquors. . . .card with name 
International Tile Company, .card with name 
Isaacsen Adolph, insect powder. 

card with name 

Itjen E. H. coal card with name 

Jackson VV. & Son. grates. front 3 

Jackson Win. H. & Co. grates, bottom margin 
every Hth page and leaf dt card with name 
Jamts John F. real estate. . . .card with name 
Jaques & Marcus, jewelers. 

left top margin every IMh page 
Jennings A. G. & Sons, lace works. 

card withname 

Jewell D. & Son, grocers card with name 

Jordan Thomas, carpet cleaner. 

card with name 
Juchau Charles D. ivory worker. 

card withname 

Kalley J. N. realestate card with name 

Kane Edward, liquors, wholesale. 

card with name 

Kane P. C, mason card with name 

Kay William E. marble card ivith name 

Keeney Frank A. lubricating oils. 

card with name 
Kendrick H. C. & Son, painters. 

card with name 
Kennedy & Diss, machinists. card with name 
Keogh C. B. & Co. sashes. 

front cover and card with name 
Kirk H. B. & Co. whiskies. .. left side margin 
every Itith page <& card with name 

Kissick W. A. school .leaf opp. name 

KlinglerS. barber chairs — card with name 



Knabe "William & Co. pianos. 

back in gilt e& page opp. name 

Knickerbocker Ice Co card with name 

Kocli Paul, real estate card with name 

KohlerBros. cigar infra turd with name 

Koster Charles, art stone — card toith name 
Kreischer B. & Sons, firebrick. 

left top margin every 8th page 
Krombaeh Charles, florist .. .card with name 

Kucharski William, shoemkr Bus. Keg. 1 

Kuhlke John C. underteker. .card with name 

Lafayette Fire Ins. Co card -with name 

La 'nb J. & K. church furniture . . . back of title 
Leach James, stationer. 

top edge of leaves cc card with name 
Leavy & Britton Brewing Co. card with name 

Leroux <£ Co. glovers card with name 

Leser H. F. stationer card vnth name 

Lewis & Fowler, Mfg. Co. (The) railroad 

supplies card with name 

Linder F. O. furs card with name 

Lipsius Claus, brewer card with name 

Little Charles E. hardware 

inside front cover 

Loader Joseph, storage card. *nth name 

and Bus. Beg. 7 
Loeser F. & Co. dry goods. . .card toith name 
Loifler Charles, real estate . card with name 
L">ng Island Brewery. 

right side margin every 8th piage 
Long Island Safe Deposit Co. 

cards in "I"/' and "S" 

Lothrop W. H. awnings. ... front 8 

Lotz Lorenz. cabinet mkr card with name 

Luyties Brothers, liquors. 

right bottom margin every Wth page 

Lyon James G. furnaces front 5 & 779 

Lyon James W. machinist back 1 

Macduff James B. real estate. 

card with name 
Macomber & Richardson real estate 

card with name 

Malcom G. brewer card with name 

Marks A. A. art. limbs card with name 

Marston & Son, coal page opp. name 

Martin Joseph T. dancing . . .card with name 

Martin William, roofer card with name 

Mason E. H. office furniture back 1 

Mathison J. & W. paint k(gs. 

card with name 

Maurer Ulrich, mason card with name 

May Jacob, iron railings cardwith name 

McDermott J. O. coal card with name 

McCloskey Felix E. real estate. 

card vnth name 

MeGill George W. fasteners bottom edge 

of leaves and card with name 
McLean John, machinist. 

card with name and Bus. Beg. 3 
Melville M. dancing academy. 

card with name 

Merchants Ins. Co inside front cover 

Miller B. C. & Son, house movers. 

back in gilt and card with name 

Miller J G. house mover card with name 

Moffat & Comings, realestate. 

card with name 

Mollenhauer H. musician card with name 

Moloney James J. liquors card with name 

Montague P J. liquors card withname 

Montauk Fire Ins. Co .'. . .card with name 

Morehouse A. W. blinds card with name 

Morris & Comings Dredging Co fronts 

Morrison James J. house mover. 

card with name \ 
Moses Charles H. realestate .cart! with name : 

Mowbray Andrew, livery card with name . 

Muller D. tailor card with name \ 

Munch Ferdinand, brewer. . card with name \ 

Murphy M. H. carpenter card with name 

Murtaugh James, dumb waiters . back of map j 

Martha W. H. & Son, coal card with name i 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co ..card with name 
Mutual Life L s. Co. j 
left bottom margin every Idth page 1 
Nathan Ernst, cigarmfr curd with name ! 

National Stove Co card with name 

Neidhardt Charles A. II. jeweler opp. 715 

N. Y. Belting & Packing Co. 

left side margin every 8th page 
N. y , Condensed Milk Co. . . .card with name 

N. Y. Conservatory of Music 845 

N. Y. Ontario & W. R. K front 31 

Nichols A. S. mantels front cover 

Nieper C. A. F card with name 

Noll Conrad, marble card with name 

Norris Francis D. carpenter . .card with name 
Northridge William J. painter. 

card with name 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

card with name 

Norwood Joseph, wire works. 

right top margin every lMh page 

O'Brien F. realestate card with name 

Old Staten Island Dyeing Estab 844 

Osborn & Robinson, lime Bus. Beq. 4 

Ostrom F. T. & Co. coal card toith name 

Ovington Bros, china card with name 

Papst Martin, musician card withname 

Parker John R. undertaker. . card with name 

Payne Robert, carpenter card with name 

Pearsall S. C. real estate — card with name 
Perego Ira. shirts. 

right top margin every 8th page Si 897 

Perry Chas. F. gold leaf Bus. Reg. 3 

Peterson H. C. granite card with name 

Phelps E. D. pianos card withname 

Phoenix Ins. Co card with name 

Piercy's Sulphur Baths — card with name 

Pinckney John T. milk card with name 

Pinkerton Robt. A. detective. card with name- 
Post Samuel W. carpenter card withname 

Potter LutherH. real estate, .card vnth name 

Potts F. A. & Co. coai card with name 

Pouch F. E. & Bro. undertakers. 

card with name 
Powell & Newkirk, realestate card with name 

Power Maurice J. 'bronzes Bus. Beg. 2 

Powers James J. sanitary engineer. 

card toith name 

Qui m by D S. stoves card with name 

Radcliffe Thomas H. plumber. 

card with name 
Ray Geo. W. real estate .card with name 
Raymond Furnace & Mfg. Co., left side mar- 
gin every Idth page and card with name 

Reed C. C. & Co. varnish card with name 

Reiners H. & H. rectifiers. . . .card with name 
Reynolds William H, real estate 

card with name 
Reynolds & Elliott, carriagemfers. 

card with nam e 

Richards T. painter 935 

Richardson J. J. inventor cardwith name 

Kichardson & Boynton Co. stoves. . .right side 
margin every 8th page and 104 and 959 
Richey Samuel, sale stable., card with name 
Riley Geo. T. confectioner.. . .card with name 
Rivers C. H. dancing, left bottom margin 
every lijth page and card with name 
Rodman' John Son, marble . .card with name 
Roeder Joseph, patent medicines. 

card with name 

Rohan Bros, marble cord toith name 

Home Bros, printers card witli name 

Roos F. & Son, pottery card toith name 

Ross Charles jr. machinery . .card with name 
Royal Ins. Co. . .left top margin every 4th paae 

and 988 

Russell Louis, pumps card toith name 

Rutan Thomas B. mason card with name 

Ryan Joseph, painter card with name 

Safe Deposit Co. of New York.card with name 

Salamander Grate Bar Co front 10 

Sbrignadello J. jeweler card with name 

Scheldt John H. notary public, card with 


Schenck L. H. carpet cleaning, right side 
margin every 8th page and card with name 

Schlegel John, vinegar cardwith name 

Schmidt Ernest, marble.. card with name 

Schmitt L. painter Bus. Reg. 2 

Scholes A. G. coal card with name 



Schuster John, tailor card with name 

Scott N. & P. show cases front 3 

Seaman Frank, distiller. . .\..card with name 
-Seaman & Nichols, gas fixtures. 

card with name 

See A. B. Sr. Co, elevators 120 

■Seelig M. J. & Co. zinc foundry front 5 

-Soi fried John, marble. ... . card with name 
Sellew T. G. office furniture. . . . back of map 

■Seton John, skylights card with name 

•Shad bolt A. W. & Son. truck bhtrs. 

■card with name 
Sharkey Monument Works . ..card with name 

Shaw William, searcher .card with name 

■Sheffield T, R. iron railings, .-card with name 

Sherk Bros, frame mkrs card with name 

Shirer Sz Van Steenbergh, stoves, 

card with name 
Simmons John, iron pipe mfr .. Bus Reg, A 
Simpson, J. S. & (I. F. iron founders — .. . H56 

Slade A. G, pianos card, with name 

Smith B. & W. B. show cases front 9 

Spoerry Julius, coppersmith. card with name 
-St. Franc. s Ce-P.ege. ........ .card with name 

St. John's College -card with name 

-Standard Sign Co card toith name 

•Starin John fit. transportation. 

card with name 

Starr F. W. lumber card wi-thname 

Staten Island Fancy Dyeing Estab. 

•card with name 
■Steck George Sr. Co. pianos, .right top margin 
every Itith page and card with name 
■Steinborn H. braiding works. card with name 

Steinway & Sons, pianos >card right top 

corner., scattered through book 

Stevens A. pafcler card with name 

Stewart Horatio S. reaiestate. 

card with name 

Stiles James T. plumber card toith name 

■Stock Misses, worsteds card with name 

Stonm^ton Steamboat Co opp name 

Strubei John, locksmith Bus. Bey, 4 

■Sullivan P. J, -cigarmkr card with name 

Sumner C. W. W. stationer ..card with name 

Sweeney James, roofer card with name 

S*;veeney Bros, stoire mers — -card with name 
Swim m T. W. <&Son, realestate. 

card with name 

Taggart Robert, storage. 

f rent-cover and front % 
Taylor William Si, Sons, ironCovnders. 

■ppp 621 

Taylor &: Fox, auctioneers. 

316 and card with name 
Thompson John, real estate, .card with name 

Thorn A. B. ins card with name 

Thornton W, Ohas. B. lawyer. card with name 
'Tice Mrs. L. F. undertaker. . .-card with nam-e 
Tielekc Frederick, kindling wood 

card with name 

Trageser John, copper works Bus. Reg. 2 

'Tripier Thomas E. bldg.rntls Bus. Reg. 2 

-Tucker Harrison A. physician.. 

card with name 

Tupper W. W. Sz Co. grate bars front 6 

Turner John, physician front 1 

Tyler W. A. liquors wholesale. 

Left bottom margin every Wth page 

Tyson A. W. restaurant curd with name 

Underwood John & Co. inks .back cover 

Unexcelled Fire Works Co — card with name 
Valentine, Bergen & Co. wholesale grocers. 

card with name 
Vanderburgh, Wells & Co. printers' mtls- 

card with name 

Vath B. Sc Son. wines card 'with name 

Ventres T. 13. stationer card with name 

Vienna Pressed Yeast .card with name 

Vogt Henry & Bros, boiler mkrs. 

card with name. 
Vollgraff Av G. upholsterer. . .card with name 

Vollmer Bros, marble card with name. 

Vosburgh W. O. Mfg. Co. gas fixtures. 

left top margin every 16th page 

Vosteen John, painter . card with name 

Wacker Adolph, florist Bus. Reg. 3 

Walters R. M. pianos, right bottom margin 
every liSth page <t back of map 

Wanke Louis, wines card with name 

Wasel Christian, coppersmith. 

card with name 
Webb James A A Son, alcohol-. left bottom 
margin evsry 4th page & front 13 
Weber A. firebrick. .. .front, with " too lates." 
Webster's M. Son, carpet cleaner. 

card with name 
Wechsier Sz Abraham, dry goods. 

card with name 
Wegraann Conrad, cabinetmkr. 

card ivith name 

Weinberg J. &. Son, furs card with name 

WeE.tR, awnings car-d with name 

Wernig C. W. musician card with name 

WestR. V- B. provisions card with name 

Wheeler & Wilson Mfg., Co. sewing machines. 

card with name 
White E. D. Sz Co. firebrick, .card with name 

White James, roofer card zvith name 

White S. S. Dental Mfg. Co. . .card with name 

Whitley J. H. stoves card, with name 

Whitney & Co. pianomkrs. 

front cover and card tvith nam.e 

Wilkes Daniel W. coal card with name 

Wiliits C. D. & Son, c«al card with nam* 

Wills Henry J. real estate card with name 

Wir-th William, red estate Bus. Reg. 1 

: Wittemann 3?rus. iabelmfrs back cover 

Woehr R, P. picture frames., card with name 

Woilmers A. florist card with name 

Wood A. L. baths. 

left side margin every IQth page 

Woods George W. house mover card with 


Worthingion Henry B. pmfip. mfr. 

55U and card with name 

Wustl J. costumer card with name 

Young Chas. F. stenographer, card with name 

Zeh Philip & Son. florists card with name 

| Ximdars C. E. Sr. Co. call bells. opp. 715 




Residence, 208 Second Avenue, Xew York. Office, 633 East Fifteenth Street, New York City* 
Avemie €, Dry Dock, 42d Street, aaid Belt Linea-of Cars pass within ono block of tlie worker 


Armfield William W. realestate, Wal*orih, 

n De Kalb av, h 690 Gates av 
Armstrong William P. tobacco, 209 Pearl 

N. Y. h 22 Brevoort pi 
Arrowsmith Maria E. wid. S. Y. D. h 155 Gates 

Baird Albert G. h 195 Fort Greene pi 
Bohen James, confectioner, 508 Marcy av 
Brann Herman, shoemfr. 517 B'war, h 444 

Bnimley Emma J. h 336 Laf av 
Burmester Herman, grocer, 368 Carroll 
Cramer John C. pres't, 179 Bayard, h 313 W, 
22d N. Y. 

Dan William L. carpenter, h 117 Pulaski 

©e Fere A. Litsnef, n 355 Tompkins a* 
De Fere Eugene, h 355 T* ompkins av 
De Revere Gilbert, bldr. h 629a Madison 
De Young Simon, cloth cutter, h 108 12th' 
Farrelmaa Richard, grocer, 7 av c 16th 
Firth James D. c. h, h Halsey ft Reid av 
Goff James J. printer, h 28 Adelphi 
Grles Leopold, engraver, N. Y. h 96 Lee av 
Hayden Henry S. feed, 4 South N. Y. h 167 
Sterling pi 

Herrlein Sebastian, cabinetmkr. h 428 Bush - 
wick av 

Hones William, painter, 133 Partition, h 13& 

Hornung G. Frank, liquors, 23 Boerunj 

B R O O K L Y N 







JSfo. 358 17th ST., near Seventh Ave., SOUTH BROOKLYN. 



Farms, Houses mid Hullulnff Lots continual!.! on hand at low and reasonable terms 

Money Loaned on Mortgages. Rents Collected. Houses, Floors, Rooms and Bed Rooms to let. 


W. H. WIRTH, Architectural Draughtsman. 




KstaMislied 1854. ^^^ a a B WM> ^ a^^^s s=> Patented April, 1859. 

102 CENTRE STREET ^^^^g^K^^^" o "'.'^'^""^ 

(Opposite the Tombs.) IpT JllSlE ' ^ "T'E^^t'*!! ^' ia *' C * 



^Practical Boot and Shoe Makers 

All Goods made to order and Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Repairing done at the Old Place, 


Near Livingston, BROOKLYN. 




218 East 25th Street, New York. 

Casts Artists' Models ; Executes Architects' Designs in Standard Bronze 
and Builds Artistic and Enduring Monuments in Granite 
and Bronze. 

NO CATALOGUE. matxric^ cr. fq-weH- 



Dealer in all kinds of 


Buildings Removed on Short Notice. 

Yards and Office: 
Avenue It, 17th to IHth Streets, New York. 

S. H. BESSEY, IS35. 

Telephone Call 474 21st St. 

T. E. TRIPLER, 1865. 




152 & 154 ELIZABETH ST., bet. Broome and Spring Sts., New Tork. 

Light and Heavy Carriages made to order at the shortest notice. None but first-class materials 
used in manufacturing. N. B. — Repairing in all its Branches Promptly Done. 




29 & 31 GARDEN ST., 

Bet. Flushing and Bush wick Aves. Brooklyn, E. D. 
Formerly 66 Whipple St. 

Have your Circulars Addressed 
ami Delivered by 

LAIN & CO., 

Directory Publishers, 
17 Willouyhby Street, Brooklyn. 



447 to 457 West 26th Street, New York. 


Copper and Brass Work for Brewers, Distillers, Plumbers. Chemical Works, Sugar Houses, Confec- 
tioners, ete.. always on Imnd ana made to order. Manufacturer of the celebrated Round Tube Beer 
Cooler. Galvanized Iron Boilers a specialty. Estimates and Drawings furnished. 


Kings County, Long Island City. Jamaica, Flushing, College Point and Whitestone. 

PRICE, 81.30. 


TjAIN s Brooklyn business register. 



Have always on hand 


Also, Show Cases made to order. 

Orders filled and sent to any part of the country 
at lowest market rates. Address 

4»r E. l-2thSt., East of First Ave... New York 




Myrtle Ave., cor. Hamburg Ave., 

Bouquets A Flower Baskets made to order. 

A choice selection ot Flowers, Plants, etc. con- 
stantly on hand. Wholesale and Retail. 



Price, 15c; Pocket Edition, Cloth Case. 25c. 

For sale at Lai n's Dikectoky Oman, IT Willough- 
by Street, and by Booksellers. 


P. PI. F I S H KR, 




Near Ten Eyck Street. BROOKLYN, E D. 

~~ <;<)!.!) AMI SIIAKK 1 - i ; V 1 



419 GOLD STREET, near Fulton St., 




And Dealer in BRONZE POWDEUS AND FLITTJSliS of all Shades and Qualities. 

Reins' Oil and Burnished Size, English Japan ! Size, lir«nze Liquid, tiilders' Tips, Cushions, and Knives. 

Mail orders receive careful attention. 


john Mclean, 

Galvanized Gates, Bars, Chain Tassels, 

Bet. Jackson and Coriears Sis., NEW YORK. 

L -A. X 1ST cfc C O., 

- Have Unequaled Facilities For 


Classified liusiness Lists Furnished. 







Manufacturer and Dealer in 

Wrought Iron Pipe & Fittings 


Brass ctzxci Iron Valves cfc Coclts. 

Fitters' and Engr ineers' Tools and Supplies of every Description. 
lOii, 108 <l- 110 CENTRE STREET. 

Cor. Franklin Street, 

New York. 




Miiimfiictui'od by 

Glens Falls Co., Jointa Lime Co., Sherman Lime Co., Morgan Lime Co., 

Keenan Lime Co., Bald Mountain Lime Co. 

No. 87 Dey Street, corner West Street, New York. 

H. S. OSliORN. 



Locksmith and Machinist, 


Iron Railings, Cemetery Fences, Fire Escapes, 
and all kinds of House Work and Patent 
Galvanized Pulley Blocks, 
33 S. 1st St. bet. Wythe & Kent Ares. 

Xj a. x ar ' s 

Contains List of all the Streets. Avenues, and 
Places. Every Coknek Number, and 
all the IIah.koad Routes. 

Just Published. Pocket Edition, 25 cts. 

LAIN k CO., Publishers Brooklyn Directory, 

17 AY] Hough by St., Rrooklyn. 



^Practical * Plumbers * Gas * and * Steam * Fitters,* 


Cor. Fulton Street, ' BROOKLYN. 

4'»r. Flatousli Ave. and Oiamoiul St., Flatbusli. 

Sanitary work a Specialty. Dwelling's, Stores, and 1'uMIc Places fitted up on the most reasonable 
terms. Jobbing- and Country work* promptly attended to. Connections made wltli Water and Sewers. 





Cutting, Drawing, Stamping antl Wiring DIES, and ever) Description of WIIiE BESMM TOOLS, 

Oval Turning S|>eeial Machinery and Tools. 

Jobbing of all kinds promptly attended to. 

©2 -fi-nn^rx Street, Tork. 

lain's beooklyn business eegistee. 



J. T. DILL, 




107 & 109 "WALKER STREET, 



Pulleys, Hangers, Shafting, Couplings, Collars, &c. 

Something new In Split Pulley. 



(Late Ehkenberg Bros.) 



Looms for Weaving Eibbons, Suspenders and Fringes, Quill Winders. Eifcbon 
Blocking-Up Machines, Circular Battons, 

No. 521 West 151 li Street, bet. 10th and nth Avenues, New York. 



Manufacturer of 

Mutes, Clarionets & Fifes, 


Near Lorlmer St., BROOKLYN, E. D 

N. I?.— Kepaikino Neatly Done. 

Have your Circulars Addressed 
and Delivered by 

LAIN & CO., 

Directory Publishers, 
17 Willonahby Street, Brooklyn. 







A most valuable aid to send Circulars, Notices, etc., to First-Class Families, 
and to any locality desired. 


LAIN & CO, 17 Willoughby Street, corner of Pearl, Brooklyn. 







Garden and Fire Engines, Pump Chain.* 
and Fixtures, Iron Curbs, 
Hydrants, Etc. 



Nos. 85 & 87 John Street, NEW YORK, 
No. 197 Lake Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

HIGHEST MEDAL awarded them by the Universal Expo- 
sition at Paris, Franco.iu 186T and 1878; Vienna, In 1ST3 ; also 
at tlie Centennial Exposition In Philadelphia, In 1876. 




Cor, Hudson and Spring Streets, 


Manufacturer ana Dealer in 

Sashes, Blinds, Doors, 




Sleigh Robe Manufacturer 




General Green - House Work, 




Alphabetical List of all tlie Streets ; 
Every Cross Street , Comer 
Numbers, Railroad Routes, 

Foclxet Edition, 25 Cts. 

i'Olt SAI>K AT 

Lain's Directory* 0f5.ce, 





Estimates Cheerfully given to parties 
removing for either 

Storing, Boxing, Shipping or Cartage 

Carpets Cleaned, Cut. Fitted and Laid, § 

SHADES, &c, 

without any trouble to occupant as 
well as attending to the packing 
of the China and Glass. 

Upholstery Work of Every Descrip- 
tion Punctually Attended to. 

40 lbs Best Hair Mattresses. 

20 lbs not to be Equalled; 
Apply at 


976 FULTON ST., 




5s£ Established 1858.®-^ 

194 Elizabeth Street, bet. Spring and Prince Sts., New York. 

PH. HAPPmtSBERGER <C SOX, Proprietors. 

Hfwo Your 








j 11 


LAIN & CO., 


Book and Job Printing of Every Description. 



Oomei Peail Street, 

BI^OOICIj-H-Kr, IKT- -2-. 



Mill & GO 




Hand Lathes, 

Tapping Machines. 
Cutter Grinders, 


Wood Planers. 



Gear Cutting 
and Milling,| 



Uinv^isfil Milling Machiiie. 



Send for lltuttiruU'il i'stfalogrue. 


A, NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall. Brooklyn. 


Bpnrt City Dip^i 



Our Advertising Patrons may be found by referring to the Index 

acet. accountant ; agl. agricultural ; agt. agent ; al alley ; art. artificial ; av avenue ; 
asst. assistant ; bk. book ; bldg. building ; bldr. builder ; B'way Broadway ; c corner ; 
c. b. custom house; elk. cleric; com. commission; comr. commissioner; ct court; 
dept. department; depy deputy; E. east; furng. furnishing; It foot; gdn. goods ; 
h ftoiise ; hgts. heights ; impr. importer ,• imps, implements ; ins. insurance ; insp. 
inspector; insts. irtsintmereis; kpr. keeper; 1st lane; lab. Zaborer; Laf Lafayette; 
Lex Lexington; mfr. manufacturer; mtls. materials; mer. merchant; Met Metro- 
politan ; mkr maker ; mkt. market ; n wear ; N. nortft ; N. Y. JVera Yorfc ; oper. op- 
erator ; opp opposite ; pat. patent ; pi place; pres't president ; r rear ; rd road ; S. 
sowf/i ; Scher Schermerhorn ; sec. secretary; sq sguare ; supt. superintendent ; surgl. 
surgical; tel. telegraph ; treas'r treasurer ; u.s.a. United States Army ; u.s.n. United 
States Navy ; Vand't Vanderbilt ; Wash'n Washington; W. t«es(; wf. wharf; wid. 
icidoto; Wil'by Willoughby. 


Aaholf Herman, elk. h Chesnut n Myrtle E. 

Aalliolm Joseph J. mer. 97 William N.Y. h 66 

Fort Greene pi 
Aalholm Mathias, mer. 97 William N.Y. h 66 

Fort Greene pi 
Aalholm Thomas O. perfumery, 97 William 

N.Y. h 331 Laf av 
Aamstrong William, lab. h 109 Graham 
Aaron Aaron, butcher, Johnson av c Plank rd 

h old No. 237 Bushwick av 
Aaron Henry, butcher, 34 Varet 
Aaron Isaac, tailor, h 191 B'way 
Aarons Joseph, shoemkr, 73 Franklin 
Aarons Martha, wid. Samuel, h 90 Ross 
Aarons Maurice, tailor, 179 Division av 
Abbe Charles C. machinist, 92 1st E.D. now 

Kent av h 789 Wil'by av 
Abbe Walter, whitelead, ft Hudson av, h 145 

St. Mark's av 
Abberley Elias T. painter, h 158 Berry 
Abberley John, painter, 41 Madison N.Y. h 76 

S. 9th 

Abberley Jane, wid. Thomas, h 642 Leonard 

Abbets Charles, bkkpr. h 352 5th 
Abbey Charles A. h Strong pi c Degraw 
Abbey Jonathan C. grocer. 61 Front N.Y. h 

279 Union 
Abbey Maria, nurse, h 93 Hicks 
Abbey Samuel W. opticalgds. 14 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 82 Keid av 
Abbev Westminster S. grocer, 61 Front N.Y. 

h 279 Union 
Abbey Westminster S. jr. grocer, 61 Front 

N.Y. h 279 Union 
Abbot Edgar W. fcygds. 23 Warren N.Y. h 

146 Carroll 
Abbot Frank P. china, h 5 1st pi 
Abbot Timothy, cutter, h 981 4th av 
Abbotson Silas, lab. h 124 Jay 
Abbott Albert A. lawyer, 71 B'way N.Y. h 

232 Degraw 
Abbott Arthur V. civilengineer, 85 B'way 

N.Y. h 9 Middagh 
Abbott Asahel, journalist, h 833 Dean 
Abbott Benjamin F. mfr. 104 Front N.Y. h 96 


Abbott Benjamin V. lawyer h 9 Middagh 
Abbott Caleb, h 100 Summit 
Abbott Charles, sawmfr. h 166 Manjer 
Abbott Charles H. milk, h 849 Laf 



Cor. 12tl» St., Sew York. 

PIANOS RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

* ■ *""»■■ W Xatraeat Establishment in Hew Turk. 



£ £ 

5 -a 

cc a. 
■ • 

ee lo 

3 1-1 

I— as 



Assets, IB U, S„ Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 18. 

f93 mm s-rrc^r. erooKp- 

No. 128 Fiaiboili fee., Brooklyn,, 

Junction of Atlantis ft Ftari Aves. 

,2,377,471.27, Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 

Geo, T. Lain.. Chas. J. Healv. ; 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., ! 

17 AYillonghby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. | 

Abbott Charles R. principal, ii 120 Gates av 
Abbott >rai)cis, shoeoutter, h 64 4ih E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Abbott Frank M. cik. h 55 Jefferson av 
Abbott Prank 1\ dentist, 124 S. Oxford 
ABBOTT FRANK S. physician, office hours 
8 to 10, 1 to 2 & 7 to 8, 108 -Lincoln p] c 7th av 
Abbott Frederick W. ehoefltter, h 221 S. 2d 
Abbott George B. public administrator, 189 

Montague, h 96 Joraleiuon 
Abbott George F. metal, 245 Pearl 
Abbott George J . musician, h &33 Dean 
Abbott Harrison B. rubberstamps, 252 B'way 

Abbott Harry J. examiner, h 234 Greene av 
Abbott Henry, pianomkr, h 165 High 
Abbott Henry, shipmaster, h 921 Atlantic av 
Abbott Henry li. blksmith, Ii 29 Conselyea 
Abbott Henry AV. elk. h 37 Green la 
Abbott Isaiah, lab. h 172 Union av 
Abbott James, driver, h 929 Myrtle av 
Abbott Jane, wid. Edward, h 326 Gold 
Abbott John, turner, h 404 S. 4th 
Abbott Michael, tailor, h 16 Garrison 
Abbott Nathaniel B. infr. N. Y. h 900 Green© 

Abbott N. Milton, dentist, 11 Green© av 
Abbott .'.Philips, lawyer, 206 Fulton X. Y. h 

128 Gates av 
Abbott Robert, agt. h 163 Hart 
Abbott Samuel S. lawyer, 18 AVall N". T. h 317J 


Abbott Theodore H. police, h 211 Lorimer 
Abbott Thomas A. waiter, h 181 Navy 
Abbott Warren G. brewer, 207 Bushwick av 
Abbott AVilliam, cigars, h 298£ Furman 
Abbott AVilliam A- lawyer, h 213 Seller 
Abbott AVilliam F. porter, h 54 Fleet pi 
Abbott William H. salesman, b 36 3d av 
Abbott AVilliam V. draughtsman, h 80 Pal- 

Abbott© Frank, lab. h 110 Front 
Abby Charles P. h 431a 5th 
Abeel Edward, supt. n 172 Madison 
Abeel Joseph C. salesman, h 801 Laf 
Abeel Louis, shoemkr, h 498 Bway 
Abel Andrew, cabinetmkr, 174 'Ewen, b 213 

Abel Bernard, com. mer. 43 Broad N.Y. h 102 

Clinton av 
Abel Christian C. impr. h 238 Dean 
Abel Cornelius, painter, h Fulton av c Butler 

av E.N.Y. 
Abel Edwin L. h 489 Pulaski 
Abel Frank, baker, b 363 Central av 
Abel Gerard T. painter, h Butler av n Division 

av E.N.Y. 

Abel Gertrude O. wid. Edw'd, h 655 AYil'by av 

Abel John F. elk. h 378 17th 

Abel Joseph P. bkkpr. h 48a Pulaski 

Abel J. Eliza, wid. John, h 22 Moore 

Abel Peter, carver, h 95 Dupont 

Abel Peter, cigars, 604 B'way 

Abel Robert, elk. h 38 Stagg 

Abel Rudolph, upholsterer, 411 B'way 

Abel AVilliam, stairbldr, h 303 Stockton 

Abel AVilliam, stonepolisher, h Cypress av n 

Jamaica pk rd E.N.Y. 
Abel & Goetz, cabinetmkrs, r 174 Ewen 
Abell Catharine, wid. Daniel, h 438 Pacific 
Abell John H. com. AVash'n N.Y. h 278 9th 
Abelman Conrad H. com. mer. 289 Wash'n 

N.Y. h 791 Pres't 
Abelot Louis, carpenter, h 185 Johnson av 
Abendroth A. Howard, asst. treas'r, West c 

Noble & 28 Cliff N.Y. h N.Y. 

Abendroth John, steampipos, A Yost c Noble A. 

28 Cliff N.Y. b 26 AV. 27th N.Y. 
Abendroth Otto J. wines, 2.12 Graham av 
Abendroth AVm. upholsterer, h 1134 Greene av 
Abendroth &, Root Mfg. Co. steampipes, West! 

c Noble & 28Ciift'N.Y. 
Aher Joseph, cabinetmkr, h 155 Mesorolfi 
Aborcronsbie Francis, lab. h 202 Hamilton av 
Ab ere roil i hie John, police, h old No. 635 Bed- 

foi'd av 

Aborcrombio M. driver, li 550 Hicks 
Abercrombie Richard, shoemkr, h 437 AYil'by 

Aberle Charles, brushmkr, h Jamaica pk rd v 

Furmuu |>1 E.N. Y. 
Aberle George, lab. h 207 Middleton 
Aberle John, shoemkr, 69 Montague 
Abernethv Arthur B. ins. 189 B'way N.Y. h 

443 9th 

Abernethy Edwin, ice, h 92 Cedar 
Abornothy George, elk. h 148 Prince 
Abernethy John, ice, h 76 Sin dam 
Abernethy John A. elk. h 123 St. Felix 
Abernethy Julian \V. prof, h 29 Clifton pi 
Abernethy Patrick, driver, h 4C8 Baltic 
Abernethy Riehaid B, carman, h 48 Hoywartt 
Abernethy William, plumber, h 468 Baltic 
Abernethy AViliiam It. ice, h ICO Cedar 
A horny Jacob, cooper, h 49 N. 3d 
Aborry Mary A. wid. Thomas, h 493 Smith 
Aberson Gei it, morocco dresser, h 113AValtou 
Aberson AA'illiam, brushmkr, h 477 B'way 
Abery Henry E. chairs, h 334 5th av 
Abery James E. machinist, h 107 Spencer 
Abesser Robert M. bkkpr. h 141 Scholes 
Abjohu Thomas, elk. h 861 Pacific 
Abl Henry, bvHcher, h 253 Hovt 
Able Albert, bkbinder. h 167 Harrison av 
Able Albert, milk, h 148 Summit 
AbleCharles, fumacebldr. h 1070 Atlantic av 
Able Frederick, luster, h 302 Ellery 
Ablener Frank, lab. h 285 Devoe 
Ablitzer Peter, tailor, h 69 Atlantic av 
Abnieir Conrad, distiller, 14 Moore 
Aborn Charles, driver, h 432 Graham av 
Abraamson Eruil, seaman, h r 118 12th 
Abraham Abraham, drygdsj. 422 Fulton, h 63S. 

Abraham Ann, wid. John, b 139 39th 
Abraham Caspar, fancy gds, Fulton c Tillary. 

li 145 Tillary 
Abraham Charles, elk. h 62 Ewen 
Abraham David, photographer, 235 and 27a 

Fulton, h 273 Fulton 
Abraham H. A. real est ate, 394 Gates av 
Abraham John, lab. h Church n Henry 
Abraham Joseph, h 3 Ferry pi 
Abraham Joseph, lab. li 364 Hicks 
Abraham Joseph, tailor, h 176 Hopkins 
Abraham Louis, tailor, h 762 Park av 
Abraham Meyer, jeweler, 543 Fulton, h 52 1 

Deb e pi 
Abraham Philip, tailor, h 429 N. 2d 
Abraham Richard, lab. h 725 Hicks 
Abraham AVilliam, tailor, SOBartlett 
Abrahams Abraham, h 132 Smith 
Abrahams Abraham, tailor, h 335 Liberty av 


Abrahams Abram, tailor, h 145 Leonard 
Abrahams Alexander, carman, h 844 B'way 
Abrahams Bernard, tailor, h AVyckoff av it 

Atlantic av E.N.Y. 
Abrahams David, photographer, 273 Fulton 
Abrahams Frcd'k, painter, h 348 Prospect av 
Abrahams Hermann, cigars, Nassau c Beek- 

nian N.Y. h 97 Java 
Abrahams Hugo, lab. h 306 Tan Brunt 
Abrahams Jacob, eigarmkr, h 438 Degraw 
Abrahams J acob, tailor, h 26Boerum 
Abrahams John, carpenter, h 38 Beach pi 
Abrahams John, dockbldr. h 125 N. 6th 
Abrahams Joseph, mason, h 589 5th av 
Abrahams Lawrence, blacksmith, h 87 Elm 
Abrahams Levi, tailor, h 145 Leonard 
Abrahams Moses, cigars, h 40 Maujer 
Abrahams Newbury, lab. b 844 B'way 




Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Established 18 

Send for Quotations, 




Abrahams Simon, tailor, 40 Grand 
Abrahams Walter, driver, h 171 N. 7th 
Abrahamsen Peter, lab. h 646 Atlantic av 
Abrab-amsim Anton, seaman, h 231 Van Brant 
Abrahms Joseph B. cork., h 43 Canton 
Abraham Waverley, bkkpr. ii 565£ Carlton av 
Abrahms William H. foreman, h 43 Canton 
Abratonas Mamie, h 493 Carlton av 
Abramcki Julius, elk. h 115 N. 2d 
Abrams Amos, oysters, h 385 Baltic av E. 
N. Y. 

Abrams Belle, dressmkr. It 1161 Fulton 
Abrams Caroline N. dressmkr. h 359 State 
Abrams Charles, mason, h 103 Van Cottav 
Abrams Charles W. liour, 97 Van Cott av, h 

Bridgeport^ Conn. 
Abranis Cliillion J. machinist, h 265 Manhat- 
tan av 

Abi-a-ms D.C. salesman, h ©3d No.510 Bedford av 
Abrams Eli&s, cigars, h 121 Grand 
Abranis Eliza J. wid.' Seta K. h 277 B'way 
A brains Elizabeth, wid. Pear sail, li 1193 B way 
Abrams Eninia L. wid. Thomas, h r 601 Dean 
Abrams George, cooper, fa. 160 N. 5th 
Abrams George, painter, h 28 Newell 
Abrams George, tailor. 279 Van Brunt 
Abrams George H. painter, h old No. 510 Bed- 
ford av 

Abrams George H. blurts, b i!3 Palmetto 
Abrams Henry, moulder, h 103* Eckford 
Abrams Herold, caiTiagomkr. h 162 19th 
Abrams Isidor, tailor, 406 S. 4th 
Abrams James F. realestate, 734| 3d av & 3d 

avc49th, h 17123d 
Abrams Jamea II. coaehtuau, h 356 Gold 
Abrams John, letter carrier, h«17 B'way 
Abrams Mary, wid. William, h 41 Dean 
Abrams Michael, cigars, h 39 Hamilton av 
Abrams Morris, agt. h 179 Hopkins 
Abrams Neil IL shirt cutter. 195 Atlantic av, 

h 57& Vernon 
Abrams Oliver, carman, h old No. 241 Maujer 
Abrams Oscar, realestate, 734$ 3d av, h 171 23d 
Abrams Philip, framemkr. 529 Grand 
Abrams Seth K. elk. h 1117a Laf av 
Abrams Simon, com. mer. h 9 Duffield 
Abrams Solomon,ins. h Montamk av n. Atlantic 

av E. N.Y. 
Abrams Stephen M. awnings, h 344£ 13th 
Abrams Theresa, confectionery, 147 Leonard 
Abrams Thomas, butcher, h 332 Ralph av 
Abrams Thomas, liquors, 472 Columbia 
Abranis Townsend, produce, 47 West av. h £1 


Abrams Whitehead, elk. h 129 N. Oxford 
Abrams WiUettC. cashier, h 57 Vernon av 
Abrams William, conductor, h 150 27th 
Abrams William ,-pamter, h Monroe n Atlan- 
tic av. E. N.Y. 
Abramsen Peter, carpenter, h 181 19th 
Abrans Scott, boatman, h 157 Dupont 
Abreo James, lab. h 44 Front 
Abrier John, u.s.n. h 16 Canton 
A brusse Frank, shoes, 176 Hoyt 
Abruzzo Frank, shoemkr. 513 3d av 
Abruzzo Salivator, hairdresser, 565 6th av 
Absline Una, wid. Ferdinand, cigars, b. 24 

Adams E.D. 
Abt John, locksmith, 200 Flatbnsh av 
Abt Joseph, carpenter, h 153 Melrose 
Abt Tbeobold, carpenter, b 276 Stagg 
Aburg Jacob, agt. li 29 Chauncey 
Academy of Music, Montague n Clinton 
Accles Patrick W. marble, 28 Reid av, h 481 

Accles Samuel, seaman, b. 220 Johnson 
Ach Christopher, shoemkr. 165 Division av 
Ach George, ins. 470 B'way N.Y. h 657 Kos- 

Ach John C. grocer, 238 2d 
Achatious KuH, printer, h 44 Lawrence 
Achebach Jacob, hairdresser, 565 Myrtle av 
Achelis Fritz, mer. 11 Mercer N.Y. h 86 Pier- 

Achelis Julia, wid. Thomas, h 122 Pierrepont 
Achenboch Christ, butcher, h 248 Humboldt 



Waxerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

Acbilis John, drygds, 66 Leonard N.Y. h 93 

Achor S. T. confectioner, 40 Bey N.Y. h 667 

A chora Samuel, lab. h Smith av n Atlantic av 

Achterrath August,mecha.nic,a r 180 Harrison 

Acht-zieger Michael, ironworker, h 175 Kent 
Acker Anne, wid. Henry, h 43 Morrell 
Acker Annie, wid. Louis, h 670 Park av 
Acker Benjamin D. electrician, h 93 S. 9th 
Acker Charles, mechanic, h 105 Prospect av 
Acker <Jharles, tailor, h 107 Union av 
Aeker Christian, h 37 Bushwiek 
Acker David, architect, h 189 Ellery 
Acker David, glasafolower, b 773 Park av 
Acker Edward, ferryman, h 165 High 
Acker Henry, hardware, h 124 YamTt av 
Acker James, bkkpr. h 127 B^way 
Acker John I), com. mer. h 249 Dean 
Acker Joseph, liquors, 179 Throop a"? 
Acker Joseph B. bldr. 93 S. 9th 
Acker Joseph H. h 444 5th, 
Acker Lee, h 553 Pacific 

Acker Margaret, wid. Rudolph, grocer, 120 

Acker Marcus, lab. h 217 Tillary 
Acker Robert S. printer, h 224 Bergen 
Acker Ward, carpenter, h 244 Leonard 
Acker Wllhelm, foreman, b. Furoian pi n 

Bushwiek av E.N.Y. 
Acker William, foreman, Jamaica pk rd c 

Furmanpl E.N.Y. 
Acker Wm. P. painter, h 138 Wyckoff E. N.Y. 
Acker "Wilson, engineer, h 103 Java 
Ackerley Oliver T. lawyer, h 41 New York av 
Ackerlev William, stonecutter, h Nassau n 

Fulton av E.N.Y. 
Ackerly Abram B. weigher, h 434 Grand 
Ackerly Alfred, hardware, 37 Manhattan av, 

h 114 India 

Ackerly Charlotte, wid. SamT, h 82 Norman av 
Ackerly Edwin li. carpenter, h 24 Conselyea 
Ackerly Ernest B. stairoldr. 121 Manhattan av, 

h Baldwins L.I. 
Ackerly Eugene P. oiler, h 509 Humboldt 
Ackerly George, carpenter, h 1623 Bergen 
Ackerly George B. lawyer, 397 Fulton, h 359 


Ackerly M. E. teacher, 146 4th 
Ackerly & Gerard Co. dumbwaiters, 125 Man- 
hattan av 

Ackerman Aaron C. compositor, h 426 5th 
Ackerman Albert, elk. h~533£ Lorimer 
Ackerman Albert H. coal, Van Sindervin av 

n Fulton av E.N.Y. h 48 Williams av E. 


Ackerman Amelia, wid. Charles, h 94 Cedar 
Ackerman Andrew, lighterman, h 98 Sackett 
Ackerman Anna, wid. Joshua H. h 105 Park pi 
Ackerman August P. baker, 947 B'way & 1217 

B'way, h 850 B'way 
Ackerman Benjamin, h 42 Raymond 
Ackerman Benjamin G. ins. 206 B'way N.Y. h 

428 6th 

Ackerman Carl, h 229 Hoyt 
Ackerman Carl, tinner, h*151 Fulton 
Ackerman Charles, h Butler c Hoyt 
Ackerman Charles, restaurant. 94 Cedar 
Ackerman Charles L. butcher, h 87 Putman av 
Ackerman Charles F. oils, h 54 Livingston 
Ackerman Clark H. bkkpr. h 162 Madison 



Z 3 

«i a, 
> _ 

■2 ro 
°„ w 

°< 3 s 
z » 


a> 09 

— o 

BUTLER'S SAFES, 79 DUflHE street, 

ear v « mammtmv rw wbmzb «*j NEAR BROADWAY. 



IS ~w 

eg* : 



5 • 

1 g 

n o 

2 « 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 





872 50 882 FQltCI St„ 

496 to 504 Waraly Ave., 

Coal Received at Wallabout Canal, 

F. S All Orient and Communications by mail promptly responded to. Office, 880 FuHoa St. 

Ackerman Edgar P. Journalist, Potter bldg.U. 

Y. h 429 10th 
ACKERMAN EDWIN W. coal, 880 

Fnlton, h 390 "Waverly av. 
Ackerman Eliza, wid. Frank C. h 90 Diamond 
Ackerman Frank, lighterman, h 90 Diamond 
ACKERMAN FRANK. W. bkkpr. 17 

Wil'by, h 98 Adelphi 
Aekerman George, driver, h 533$ Xorimer 
Ackerman George, lab. h Varick n Meeker av 
Ackerman George, ropomakr, h 53 Varet 
Ackerman George, shipjoiner, h 224 N. 8th 
Ackerman George jr. fish, h 533* Lorimer 
Ackerman George W, lab. h 90 Diamond 
Ackerman Gustav C. lighterman, h 142 Saekott 
Ackerman Gunther, bkkpr. h 112 Johnson 
Ackerman Henry H. metals, 249 Pearl N. Y. 

h 82 Sterling pi 
Ackerman Ira, elk. h 169 Prospect 
Ackerman Jacob, agt. pier 28, N.K. N. Y. h 17 
Verona pi 

Ackerman John, lab. h 531 Manhattan av 
Ackerman John, lab. h r 84 Meeker av 
Ackerman John B. drugs, 60 Vesey ZEST.. Y. h 
426 5th 

Ackerman John B.pilot, h 421 19th 
Ackerman John H. metal*, 249 Pearl N.Y. h 

5 Montague tor. 
Ackerman John K. h 236 "Warren 
Ackerman John T. butcher, h 45 15th 
Ackerman Julia A. wid. Morris, h 594 5th av 
Ackerman J. Frederick, paper. 84 Duane N.Y. 

h 43 St. John's pi 
Ackerman Lyle E. drugs, h 216 S. 4th 
Ackerman Maria, wid. Moses, h 69 Clermont 


Ackerman Michael, hairdresser, 255 Duffield 
Ackerman Michael, liquors, 276 Atlantic av 
Ackennan Nancy, wid. John, h 89 Clermont av 
Ackerman Peter, machinist, h 91 Moore 
Ackerman Peter A. salesman, h 160 Park pi 
Ackerman Peter D. agt. h 278 Monroe 
Ackerman Samuel, elk. h 176 Madison 
Ackerman Sarah A. wid. Harvey, 463 Tom- 
kins av 

Ackerman Tillie, wid. John, h Degraw n Noa- 
trand av 

Ackei'man Wilbur, notions, h 532 Laf av 
Ackerman William, fireman, h 63 Main 
Ackerman William, laborer, h 158 Columbia 
Ackennan Wm. lettercarrier, h 533J Lorimer 
Ackerman wid. tailoress, h r 53 Varet 
Ackermann Emma, dressmkr. li 659 B'way 
Ackermann George, h 494 Bushwiek av 
Ackermann George, liquors, 273 Smith 
Ackermann George D. machinist, h 691 B'way 
Ackermann Henry, cooper, h 659 B'way 
Ackermann Louis, cutter, li 104 Elm 
Ackermann Louisa, wid. James, h 879 Union 

Ackermann Michael, lab. h Fuxman pi. w 

Bushwiek av E. N". Y. 
Ackerman William., tailor, h 106 Stagg 
Ackerson Benton T, agt. ft Oak, h 202 Dean 
Ackerson Charles F. elk. h 202 Dean 
Ackerson Edward M. broker, 30 Pine N. Y. 1b 

50 St. Felix 

Ackerson Elizabeth M. wid. h 29 Cumberland 
Ackerson John, drygds. h 527 Pacific 
Ackerson Thomas, mason, h lift N. 8th 
Ackison Joshua, express, h Halo av. n Fulton*- 

av- E, N. Y. 
Ackland Benjamin, stores, 204 Flath-ush av 
Ackle John, elk. h 211 Putnam av 
Ackley Andrew F. elk. h 373 12th 
Ackley Henry, cook, h 179 Duffield 
Ackley Jas. carpenter, h old No. 554 Maroy av 
Ackley James S. janitor, li 187 Tompkin's av 
Ackley John T. agt. 513 W. 48th N. Y. h 353; 

Jefferson av 
Ackley John "W. butcher, h 701 Bedford av 
Ackley Julius, h 187 Tompkins av 
Ackley Louisa, fancygds. 187 Tompkin's av 
Ackley Margaret T. wid, George, h 244 York 
Ackley Oliver S. lawyer, 202 B'way K.Y., & 

41 New York av 
Ackley Samuel,, carpenter, h old No. 554 Maroy 


Ackley Thomas, lab. h r 47 Little 
Ackmaun David, 302 4th E.D. now Bedford av 
Ackner Jacob, boilermkr. h r 9 Whipple 
Acme Stamp Co. 2 Sumner av 
Acme Troy Steam Laundry, 466 Myrtle av 
Acor George W. plasterer, 914 B'way, h 19T 

Acor Louis, plasterer, 914 B'way, h. 197 Bain - 

Acor L. & Son, plasterers, 914 B'way 
Acorhn J ©3m, lab. h r 28 Debevois© 
Acorhn Julius, h r 28 Debevoise 
Acosta Jose K. cigars, r 17 Henry, h 95 Fnltoxt 
Acret Eleanor, wid. George E. h 55^ Downing 
Acret George W. truss, 254 Fulton, h 554, 

Adair Alexander, h 388 19th 
Adair Alexander jr. ston ©setter, h 38819th 
Adair William J.' clothprinter, h 39 Skillman. 


Adam Floyd J., printer, h 24 10th E.D. now 

Adam Francis, teacher, h 119 Quincy 
Adam George M. elk. h 595 Grand 
Adam Henry G. bkkpr. h 595 Grand 
Adam John, driver, h 251 Hoyt 
Adam Kurz, shoes, 595 Grand 
Adam William, bkkpr., h 595 Grand 
Adams Abbie, wid. William, h IHPatchem 

Adams Adam, cigars, h r 150 Hopkins 


Send for Circular. 


175 State Street, Cor. Court Street- 
Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Rivers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Center 

ADA 5 


28 & 130 FULTON ST^ 


Adams Alanson W. bldrsnifls- Union c Neras, 

h 31G Preset 

Adams Alex, horseshoer, 81 Setter, h 87 Seller 

Adams Alfred, elk. h 71 Greene 

Adams Alonzo I). rigger, li India c Oakland 

Adams Andrew, lab. h 44 Grand 

Adams Andrew L. author, h 987 De Kalb av 

Adams Annie J, wid. Robert J. b 459 Baltic 

Adams Benjamin F, elk. h S98 Atlantic ay 

Adams Benjamin F. printer, h 452 7th av 

Adams Benjamin F. refrigerators, Franklin av 

c Flashing av h 570 Atlantic av 
Adams Benjamin H~ livery, 522 Bergen, k -95 

St. MarVs pi 
Adams Bentiy F. salesman, h 769 Laf 
Adams Benjamin M. (Rev.) h 72 Leo av 
Adams Calvin T. physician, N.Y, Hospital, 23, 

Y. h 196 Columbia ligta. 
Adams Caroline, shoes, 390 B'way 
Adams Charles, caulker, Is 299 S. 4th. 
Adams diaries, elk. h 4 Clark 
Adams Charles, machinist, h 56 S. 24 
Adams Charles, tailor, h 294 B'way 
Adams Cluarles A. driver, h 215 S. 2d 
Adams diaries F, elk. h 634 Baltic 
Adams Charles F. manager, h 426 Gates av 
Adams Charles F, salesman, h 100 Harrison av 
Adams Charles F. wringers, 90 Orange, h Erie, 


Adams Charles H, shoes, 19 Cfeureh N, Y„ h 
390 B'way 

Adams Charles P. valves, €2 Gold N. Y. h 57 

Adams Charles W. printer, h 24 10th E.D. new 

Adams Charlotte, wid. James, nurse, h 402 S. 

Adams David, publisher, h 124 St. Mark's av 
Adams David W. express, h 194 Manjer 
Adams Dearborn J. salesman, h 235a Madison 
Adams Deborah, wid. Benjamin, h Fulton av n 

Butler av, E. N. Y. 
Adams Edward, pianomkx. h 331 Myrtle av 
Adams Edward L. corn.mer. Produce Exchange 

N. Y. h 13 Leffertfs pi 
Adams Edwin J. cashier, fa 54 Strong pi 
Adams Kmiline, wi(L Nathaniel, h r 152 Prince 
Adams Eugene C. stenographer, h 958 Gates av 
Adams Express Co. 170 Montague, & 59 B'way 

N. Y. 

Adams Fitzwilliaras, designer, h 538 Henry 
Adams Frank, agt. h 84 Manhattan av 
Adams Frank, lumber, Van Brunt c Bowne, h 
285 Sober 

Adams Frank, pressor, h 253 Meserole 
Adams Frank, publisher, h369 Monroe 
Adams Frank F. gauger, h 201 State 
Adams Frank R. compositor, h 36 Duffield 

Adams George, conductor, h 1429. Fulton 
Adams George, engineer, h 1189 Herkimer 
Adams George, fishhookmkr. h old N«. 310 

Marcy av 
Adams George, polisher, h 205 Frost 
Adams George, (Rev.) h 27 Wolcott 
Adams Geo. 0. cashier, 8 Fulton, h 113 2d pi 
Adams George N. h 4 Clark 
Adams George S. salesman, h 123 Lincoln pi 
Adams George T- printer, h 261 Bridge 
Adams George W. h 16 Prospect pi 
Adams George W. mason'suitls. old No 148 

Kent av, h Hempstead, L. I. 
Adams George W. realestate, 453 5th av, h 474 


Adams Godfried, lab. h 318 Atlantic av 

Adams Grant F. elk. h 474 16th 

Adams Henry, h 112 Myrtle av 

Adams Henry, carpenter, 72 Ciymer, h 42 

"Wythe av 
Adams Henry, elk. h 663 Carroll 
Adams Henry, -com. mer. 82 Water N.Y. h 

430 Wash'n av 
Adams Henry, cutter, h 81 7th E. D. now 

Adams Henry, salesman, h 298 De I£alb av 
Adams Henry, wool, h 51C 6th av 

Adams Henry, jr., syrups, 82 "Water N.Y. 

h 430 Wash'n av 
Adams Henry C. brass, 25 Park pi N.Y. 119 

St. John's pi 
ADAMS HENRY H. county treas'r, 14 Court 

House, fertilizers, 41 Water N. Y. h 

Herkimer c Sackman E. N.Y. 
Adams Henry J. h 19 Brevoort pi 
Adams Henrv M. liquors, 3d av c 51st N.Y. 

h 252 S. 4th 
Adams Henry S. h 214 Hicks 
Adams Hiram, printer, h 329 S. 4th 
Adams Horatio M. h 96 St. James' pi 
A<lams Jacob, lab. h 386 Oakland 
Adams James, carpenter, h 85 Marion 
Adams James, engineer, h 364 Manhattan av 
Adams James, mason, h 552 Hicks 
Adams James E. sbademrr. 371 Canal N.Y. h 

131 Macon - 
Adams James G. elk. li S88 Pacific 
Adams James J. elk. h 263 Pacific 
Adams James L. h 13 Leffertspl 
Adams James L. electrotyper, Franklin 23". Y. h 
2148 Fulton 

Adams James L. &. Son, ladies'* furnggds. 2134 

Adams dames M. h 217 S. 5th 

Adams James M. ladies' fuxnggds. 2134 Ful- 
ton, h 2148 Fulton 

Adams James M. machinist, h 638 Pacific 

Adams James W. elk, h 1527 Pacific 

Adams Jane, wid. h 162 17th 

Adams Jane, wid. John, h 24 10th E.D. now 

Adams Jesse, h 81 Ralph av 
Adams John, bricklayer, h 645 Hicks 
Adams John, elk. h 920 B'way 
Adams John, compositor, h 177 Sands 
Adams John, drygds, h 14 Maujer 
Adams John, exporter, 111 Broad N.Y. h 1S9 

Adams John, fruit, Burling si N.Y. h 247 Gold 
Adams John, moulder, 214 8th E.D. now Marcy 

Adams John, sampler, h 13 Columbia pi 
Adams John, shipmaster, h 207 Richards 
Adams John, shipmaster, h 60 Sullivan 
Adams John, stillman, h 388 Oakland 
Adams John, tailor, h 112 McKibbin 
Adams Jehn, u.s.n. li 231 Prospect 
Adams John D. confectioner, 77 Murray 23". Y. 

h 314 Wash'n av 
Adams John G. dk. h 109 Noble 
Adams John O. h 1527 Pacific 
Adams John P. lawyer, 20C B'way N.Y. b. 131 

St. James -1 pi 
Adams John Q. elk, h 288 Raymond 
Adams John Q. fruits, h 247 Gold 
Adams John Q. realestate, h 871 Union 
Adams John Q. Son, hardware, 114 Atlantic av 
Adams John W. express, h 108 8th E.D. now 

Marcy av 
Adams Joseph, elk. h 129 Rutledge 
Adams Joseph H. h 19 Brevoort pi 
A dams Joseph H. teaclier, h 75 Hanson pi 
Adams Joseph L. restaurant, 59 Main 
Adams Julia C. wid. James, h 93 Nassau 
Adams Julia L. grocer, h 84 Manhattan av 
Adams Julius W. civil engineer, 31 Chambore 

N.Y. h 155 Congress 
Adams Lena, wid. Jacob, h. 44 Grand 
Adams Lewis, deckhand, b 151 Oakland 
Adams Mahlou B. foreman, old No. 148 Kent 

av . h 154 Lee av 
Adams Mfg Co. wringers, 90 Orange 
Adams Martha, wid. Charles, h 218 N. 2d 
Adams Mary, wid, John, h 85 Scher 
Adams Mary, wid, Joseph, h 83 Dikeman 
Adams Mary. wid. Thomas, grocer, 71 N. 7th 
Adams Michael, lab. h 458 Humboldt 
Adams Norman S elk. h 498 Grand av 
Adams Otto, lab. h 205 2d. E.D. now Wythe av 
Adams Patrick, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Adams Peter, liquors, 103 Meeker av 
Adams Posdick, pianomkr, h 306 Myrtle av 
Adams Richard, painter, h r 32 New York av 






■ 9 

> -o 

O » 
m J 

■ o 







3 s-- 

I H 

" m 


BifMwai, cor. Macs. NEW YORK. Ho. 1 Wail St., cor. Broateay. 


Asssts, ia IF. S„ Ja 1, 1806, $4,712,899 16. 




!93 Montague street, Drooklyrr. 
N?. 128 Flatbsch Ava., Brooklyn, 

Jess** cf.l'J-nii-.t- Area. 

71.27, Sili'tlliS, 52. 




^ .55 LAIN & CO'S 

&*fX r. 

z - .g City Directory Printing House, 
^ i 17 Willoughty St., ccr. Pearl, BTdyn. 

Manhattan a v 

iv» g get I Adams Robt, blacksmith, h r 284 J 
{5 Adams Robert, elk. li 157 AVash'n 

Mi - ^ 

* . i Adams Robert J. salesman, h 241 Leonard 



Adams Robert L. lab. h r 364 Hudson av 
Adams Russell AV. h 1527 Pacific 
Adams Ruth, wid. Charles C. h 1543 Dean 
Adams Samuel, baker, 449 Fulton 
Adams Samuel, dentist, 605 Myrtle av 
Adams Samuel, sailmkr. h 215 Adams 
Adams Samuel G. lawyer, li 71!) Quincy 
Adams Samuel P. printer, b 152 Gold 
Ad'mis Sarali, wid. Richard, h 43 Taylor 
Adams Stephen, h 282 X. 7th 
Adams Theodore, shoemkr. 69 Dikenan 
Adams Thomas, carman, h 170 Johnson 
Adams Thomas, elk. h 38 Willow pi 
Adams Thomas, confectioner, 77 Murray X.Y. 

h 314 AVash'n av 
Adams Thomas, mfr. 77 Murray X. Y. h S02 

"Wiish'n av 
Adams Thomas (Rev.) b 143 S. 4th 
Adams Thomas, stonecutter, h 322 5th av 
Adams Thomas C. liquors, 15th & city line 
Adams Thomas C. supt. h 428 Lex av 
Adams Thomas H. express, 85 Reade X. Y. h 
217 S. 5th 

Adams Thomas W. engraver, b 389 Baltic 
Adams Thomas AT. skorer, 52 Uorlears X. Y. li 

302 Adelphi 
Adams AValter, oik. h 803 Laf 
Adams AValtor E. drugs, 105 AVilliam X. T. h 
i 19 Herkimer 

Adams AVillard, machinist, 131 25th, h 162 

'Adams William, chairs, 6 Hovt, 
j Adams AVilliam, cooper, h 186 22(1 
Adams AVilliam, engineer, h Henry av n 
| Atlantic av E.X.Y. 
] Adams AVilliam. ins. b 465 AVaverly av 
'Adams AVilliam, lab. li 37 Liborty 
Adams William, Jab. b 98 Oakland 
(Adams AVilliam. lab. h 250 Van Brtvut 
i Adams AVilliam, publisher, 98 AVilliam 1ST. Y. h 
| 510 Gates av 

Adams AVilliam B. shoes, b 777 Halsey 
! Adams AVilliam I', stoves, 114 Atlantic av, h 
• ; 328 b Pres't 

S Adams AVilliam G. tobacco, 97 Water X. Y. b 
* i 228 Dograw 

% Adams AViliiam H. liquors, 15th city line 

■*• Adams William X. broker, 78 B'way X. Y. li 

X 186 Brooklyn av 

|- Adams AA r illiam R. lumber, Imlay c Bowue, b 
r i 1327 Pacific 

> Adams William S. hardware. 149 Atlantic av 
. i h 328li Pres't 
Adams , h 199 Rutleuge 
Adam3 , oil & gas stores, 201 Fulton, h 

Chicago, Hl. 
Adams , h 81 Huron 

Adams & Westlake Mfr. Co. oil & gas stoves, 
201 Fulton 
£ Adamson Henry, lab. h 141 Wytho av 
Adanis'm John, jeweler, h 7;>1 Union 
Adamson John, stonecutter, h 141 23d 
Adamson John R. bkkpr. h 222 S. 2d 
i Adamson Mcintosh, plumber. Atlantic n Henry 

av E. X. Y. h 1 Center, E. X. Y. 
1 Adamson Robert, h 253 S. 5th 
Adamson Thomas, coachman, h 176 Eagle 
Adank John, shoemkr. h 17 Conselyea 
Aday Randolpho A", cigars, h 176a Hull 
Add'ick John H. watchmkr. h 127 3d pi 
Addickcs Henry, tinsmith, h 157 Withers 
Addicks John H. watchmkr. 313 Fulton, h 52d 
| n 4th av 

; Addinsall Frederick, salesman, h 310 Macon 




Addis Henry, supt. h 217 Merger/ 
Addis James, elk. h 217 Bergen 
Addtis AVilliam, milk, i; 451 DeKalh av 
Addison George T. tailor. 85 Cranbei ry 
Addison Jo-hn, aect. h 375GoM 
Addison Michael, lab. h Wi) Jay 
Addison Robert J. driver, h 327 Herkimer 
Adiiler Albert, shoes, 189 Franklin 
Addoms Samuel K. leather, 9i>(jjoid N.Y. h535 

Acld»m» William H, hides. 99 Gold N.Y. h 762 

St. Mark's av 
Adtly Henrv, driver, b 238 Flushing av 
Addy Richard C. bldr. 592 Wil'by av 
Adee Charles, h 150 Rntlodgo 
Adee David, inH. agt. B'way 1ST. A*, h 84 AVilson 
Adee Fred, plumbers' supplies, 35 Colombia 

bgts. & 52 Cliff ST. Y. 1) m Union 
Adee Fred & Co. plumbers' supplies, 36 Co- 
lumbia hgts. & 52 Cliff N.Y. 
Adee George, h 159 Rufledge 
Adee Theodore, h 635 Monroe 
Adekaus Theodore, driver, ii 56 Gerry 
Adel John. lab. h 199 Johnson ev 
Adelberg Haus, ins. h 10&Suydana 
Adeline Jolin, driver, h 148 Seigel 
Adelington Alfred, cooper, h 244 X. 2d 
Adelman Adolph, carpenter, h 170 Johnson av 
Adelman John, tailor, h 21 Scholes 
Adehnann Frederick, wagoniukr. 360 Hush 

wick av, h 67 Debovoiso 
Adelmann George, butcher, h 130 Meserole 
Adelphi Academy, St. James pi c Laf av 
Adelstein Louis, liqnors. 60 Sumner av 
Adema Elmira, wid. h 391 Humboldt 
Ademski Actem. cabinetmkr. li 82 X. 4th 
Ademski Stanislaw, cooper, h 82 X. 4th 
Ador Anton, lab. h 170 Sumpter 
Ader Emile, jeweler, 336 Court 
Aclcrs Eugene, restaurant, 151 AVash'n, b 146 

Adickes Henry, grocer, h 251 HumboUB 
Adickos. Henry, butcher. 330 Clifton pi 
AdicXes Johanna, dressmkr. 415 S. 4th 
Adickes & Kopt, grocers, 251 Humboldt 
Adieks Theo«lore,"barkpr. h 187 Harrison av 
Adinolfl Alex, hainlresser, 112 Boerum ]>1 
Adinolfl Alexander, tailor, h 79 Uamiltoo av 
Adison AVilliam, h 5S8 Yan»Vt av 
Adlar Frederick, blacksmith, h old Xo. 211 

Marcv av 
Adlar Patrick, lab. h 209 Montrose av 
Adlanl Robert, h 64» Myrtle av 
Adler Albert, leather, 187 Franklin 
Adler Albert G. T. carrier, h 1.(5.99 Fulton 
Adler Albert S. paints, 170 Hilary. & Maiden 

la c Pearl, X. Y. h 116 E. 60th X. Y. 
Adler August, grocer, 719 Atlantic av 
Adler August, tailor, h 25 Division 
Adler Benjamin, tea. b 338 Stockton 
Adler Charles, bkkpv. 1; 211 Nassau 
Adler Christopher, tailor, h AVash'n n Baltic 

av E. X. Y. 
Adler Felix, cook, h 336 B'way 
Adler Fredoriek, moulder, h 110 Withers 
Adler Frederick J. h 87 X. Portland av 
Adler Georgo, tailor, h 242 Varet 
Adler Gusfave, grocer. 103 Meserolo 
Adler Hams, paper boxes, Daane X. Y. Il 

old Xo. 212 Howes 
Adler Herman, bottler, 37 S, 8th. h 198 Ewen 
Adler Herman, painter, h 213 5th av 
Adler John, ironrmisher, h 195 Powers 
Adler John J. pilot, h 87 X. Portland av 
Adler Leon X. painimfr. 170 Tiilary, h 116 E. 

60th X.Y. 

Adler Louis H. printer, h 136 X. Elliott pi 
Adler Morris, eom. mer. b 212 liewes 
Adler Mullard F. paintmfr. 170 Tiilary, h X.Y.. 
Adler Samuel B. coal, 1 B'way X.Y. h 302 

Tbroop av 
Adler Sophie, wid. h r 208 Graham av 
Adler Solomon, colors & paints. 170 Tiilary, 

& Maiden la c Pearl X.l r . h 116 E. 60th 


Adler Sophie, wid. Alias, h 6941 5th av 

, A. WEBB & SOn, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers tiircmglicmt the worid 

i65 Niw R YO™ ET ' ! Established 1835. 

Bend lor Quotations. 





Adler Solomon ■&- Sons, colors, 174) Tillary, 

& Maiden la o Pearl N. Y. 
Adler William, jockey, li 13 Garnett 
Adler William, lab. li r 137 Bupont 
Adler William, tailor, 102 Montague, hSU 12fch 
Adlum Joseph B. engineer, h 1015 Atlantic av 
Admi Rebecca, wid. John, h 253 Meserol© 
Adolph August, lab. h 116 N. 8th 
Adolph Jose, shoemkr. 786 3d av 
Adolphe St. Pier, tailor, h Baltic av n Jefferson 


Adolpus Albert A. driver, h 373 Hudson av 
Adorno Jacob, tailor, h 137 Montrose av 
Adraro Frank, shoemkr. It 73 YanBrunt 
Adrtance Garret, machinist, h 710 Pari; av 
Adreance Thomas, machinist, h 716 Park av 
Adrian Edward, mirrors, 13 Baxter 25". Y. h 23 

Adrian Frank, tel. h 291 15th 
Adrian George, h 571 Warren 
Adrian Henry, machinist, h r 101 Soholes 
Adrian Nicholas, liquors, 224 Franklin 
Adrian Rachel, wid. Peter, h 12 2d E. B. now 

Wythe av 

Adriance Benj. machinist, h 499 Atlantic av 

Adriance Garret, machinist, h 61 Driffield 

Adriance William J. h 149 Macon 

Adson Robert J. switchman, b 327 Herkimer 

Adt Peter, cooper, h 144 Ten Evck 

Aechternacht Henry A. coal, Trinity bldg. N. 
T. h 5 Jefferson av 

Aeckoff Beidrieh, sugar boiler, b 63 S. 3d 

Aegeaubrod Peter, h 179 Stockton 

lein Sopa, h 184 Franklin 

Aenlus Nlcolaus, lab, b Chestnut it Ridge- 
wood av 

Aeppli J. William, hairdresser, 744 8th N. Y. 
h 131 43d 

Aerill Schuyler, mechanic, b 68 Oak 
Aersen Martin, mason, h 20 Judge 
Aesa Christian, h 82 Cook 
Aeachcr John, lab. h Liberty avn Washington 

Aesop Thomas, paperhanger, h 74 Underbill av 
Aetna Insurance Co. of Hartford, 292 Mon- 

Affeck George E. stenographer, b 302 Hart 
Affee Bittdrich, grocer, 1031 Fulton h. 100 

Affel Henry, grocer, 1169 B'way 
Affel Richard, grocer, 1031 Fulton, b 100 

Affleck Ida E. h 11 New York av 
Affleck James, ins. b 393 Nostrand av 
Affleck John A. stationer, h 581 Leonard 
Affleck John S. engineer, h 267 Manhattan av 
Affleck Thaddeus, h 960 Bush wick av 
Affonso Sabestoana, wid. Peter, li 50 Boerum 
Affre Joseph. hairdre^sor,4S0 Manhattan av 
Afril Jacob, machinist, h 248 Hopkins 
Agan James, 'electrician, h 140 Raymond 
Agan John, milk, h 125 8th 
Agar Alexander, stationer, 110 William, N.Y. 

h 149 Willow 
Agar Alexander jr. supt. 110 William N. Y. 

h 149 Willow 
Agar August, bkbinder. h Liberty av n 

Chestnut E.N.Y.. 
Agar James M. h 298 Cumberland 
Agar Richard M. elk. h 298 Cumberland 
Agar Wiiliam T. elk. 298 Cumberland 
Agbenstreit Joseph, lab. h 13 Judge 
Agello Joseph, ship supplier, h 37 Cranberry 
Ager John C. (Rev.) h 296 Carlton av 
Aggman Ferdinand, cook, I± 227 Nassau 
Agguire Patrick, driver, h old No. 79 Kent av 
Agfl.1 William, liquors, h old No. 392 Marcy av 
Agnew Andrew, driver, h 25 Hunts al 
Agnew Ann, wid. William, h 150 Skillman 
Agnew David, printer, h 31 Steuben 
Agnew Emma B. wid. John, h 369 Sackett 
Agnew Hannah, grocer, 420 Hudson av 
Agnew Hannah, wid. David, h 31 Steuben 
Agnew Henry, conductor, h 346 Oakland 
Agnew Jamea, hatter, h 420 Hudson av 
Agnew James, hatter, h 448 Park av 

Agnew John, engineer, h 274 Manhattan av 
Agnew John G. supt. 32 Cortland N. Y. h 103 

Agnew Maggie, wid. John, h 13 Scholes 
Agnew Minnie, teacher, h 274 Manhattan av 
Agnew Robert, laeemkr. h 31 Steuben 
Agnew Robert A. elk. h 234 5th av 
Agnew Samuel, elk. h 57 Sackett 
Agnew William, liquors, 672 Myrtle av, h Skill- 

Agresta John P. towboat agt. 22 South N. Y. 

h 57 Cheever pi 
Agricola William H. agt. h 118 S. 1st 
Agiicoln Charles, bkbinder, h 242 Stagg 
Aguilar Ancelmo, cigarmkr. h 71 Troy av 
Aguilar Jerome, cigarmkr. h 1683 Atlantic av 
Aguilar Mary, wid. Tibucue, laundress, h 1683 

Atlantic av 

Aguilar Ruphino, cigarmkr. h 1683 Atlantic av 
Agut Francisco de P. musician, h 70 Boerum pi 
Agyrre Francis, engineer, h 703 B'way 
Ahart Daniel, joiner, h 172 Jefferson 
Abeam Daniel F. elk. h 194 12th 
Ahearn John, driver, h 70 Seabring 
Ahearn John, plumber, 113 N. 2d 
Ahearn Mary, wid. Nicholas, h 180 Tillary 
Ahearn Michael, ship joiner, b 103 N. 9th 
Abearn M. J. undertaker, 710 Be Kalb av, b 

697 Be Kalb av 
Ahearn William, blacksmith, h 194 12th 
Ahearn William, lab. h 349 Hicks 
Ahendtson James, liquers, 35 Atlantic av, b 53 

Atlantic av 
Ahern David H. lab. b 127 Hudson av 
Ahern Frederick W. laundry, h 60 Court 
Ahern James, willowmkr. h r 440 N. 2d 
Ahorn John, bottler, h 84 Meeker av 
Ahem Joseph C. coachrakr. b 41 Central av 
Ahern Michael, stonecutter, h 1 Russell 
Ahern Michael J, storage, 20 South N.Y. h 

797 Pacific 
Ahern Thomas, lab. h 106 Warren 
Ahern William, lab. h 210 Hovt 
Ahers Henry, barkpr. h old No. 107 Kent av 
Abgrea Andrew M, printer, h 204 17th 
AhFCaroline, wid. John, it r 141 Stagg 
Ahl Margaret, wid. John, h 55 Adams, E.D. 
Ahland Henry, bottler, 174 18th 
Ahlars John H. shipmaster, b 135 Partition 
Ahlbach Jacob, tailor, h 51 Graham av 
Ahlborn Ernst A. printor, 319 Van Brunt 
Ahlborn Henry, cooper, 137 Freeman, h 139 


Ahlefeld Theodore, groier, 248 Court 
Ahlefeld Victor, grocer, old No. 701 Bedford 

av. h 211 Putnam av 
Ahlers Chas. cik. h B'way n Bennett av E.N.Y 
Ahlers Franz, tailor, h Montauk av n Baltic av 


Ahlers George W. boxnailer, b 114 9th E.D. 

now Rodney 
Ahlers Henry, 'tailor, 385 Atlantic av 
Ahlers Herman, butcher, 467 3d av 
Ahlers Herman, carpenter, h 118 Magnolia 
Ahlera John, boatman, h 46 Wolcott" 
Ahlers Martin, grocer, 1037 3d av 
Ahlers Mary H. wid. John, h 11 Henry 
Ahlers Rebecca, wid. h 80 Wythe av 
Ahlers t George, bkkpr. h 87 Sober 
Ahlert Henry, engineor, b 9 Lewis av 
Abies George, broker, h 3Q8 Carlton av 
Alilgren Gustav, tailor, h 436 Baltic 
Ahlsledt Henry G. salesman, h 60 Douglass 
Ahlstrom John, driver, h 296 Flatbush av 
Ahrael John, lab. h 245 Dovoe 
Ahnemaim Martin, grocer, 584 Hicks, h 465 

Manhattan av 
Ahneinann William, grocer, 614 B'way 
Ahner August, tailor, h 202 Boerum 
Ah r John, saiidpapermkr. h 293 Smith 
Ahrand Henry, carpenter, h 89 Graham av 
Ahrant Wilbelm, bricklayer, h 195 N. 6th 
Ahrend Henry, salesman, h 168 Richardson 
Ahrend William, cigars, 212 Conover 
Abrens Albert, butcher, 425 7th av 
Ahrens Albert, painter, h. Grove c Evergreen av : 

in 0 

m o 



3 « e 
a. ^ 

<-+■ PT ea 

3 S 5* 

> t 


Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Bog Grates, Etc, 

Soo advt. leaf opp. name. 


5 5 

O o 
0£ £ 

r o 
I- * 
(0 2 


857 Broadway, cor. 17th St., New York. 




Lain's Director} Office, 

17 WilloTighby St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn, 

Ahrens Ale, shoemkr. h 704 De Kalb av 
Ahrens Arent, grocer, 687 3d av 
Ahrens August, tobacco, 395 Van Brunt 
Ahrens Caspar, grocer, 355 Hamilton ay 
Ahrens Charles, elk. h 368 Clinton 
Ahrens Charles, elk. h 247 Reid av 
Ahrens Charles H. machinist, h 81 Hopkins 
Ahrens Deidrich, confectioner, old No. 597 

Bedford av 
Ahrens Diederick, grocer, 526 Manhattan av 
Ahrens D. liquors, 382 S. 4th, h 290 S. 4th 
Ahrens Felix, mason, h 18 Ten Fyek 
Ahrens Frederick, carpenter, h 173 8th 
Ahrens Frederick, watchman, h 38 Grand 
Ahrens Henry, boarding, h 326 1st E.D. now 

Kent av 

Ahrens Henry, cabinetmkr. h 172 Jefferson 
Ahrens Henry, eutter, h 856 Wil'by av 
Ahrens Henry, driver, h 205 8th E.D. now 

Marcy av 
Ahrens Henry, lab. h 104 Front 
Ahrens Henry, lab. h 189 Stagg 
Ahrens Henry, mineral waters, 156 Boerum, h 

189 Stagg 
Ahrens Herman, grocer, 687 3d av 
Ahrens Jacob, police, h 82 Degraw 
Ahrens Jacob H. lab. h 82 Degraw 
Ahrens James, millwright, 200 Kent 
Ahrens John, gateman, h 619 Wash'n av 
Ahrens John, grocer, 77 Columbia 
Ahrens John, liquors, h T8 Ross- 
Ahrens John, locksmith, 4 Forsyth N.Y. h 17 

Russell pi 

Ahrens John C. h 75 8th E.D. now Marcy av 
Ahrens John C. butter, Wash'n mkt. h 43 Bond 
Ahrens John D. lawyer, 59 Liberty N.Y. h 67 

Ahrens John H. grocer, 274 S. 4th 
Ahrens John H. liquor, h New Jersey av n 

Jamaica pk rd E. N.Y. 
lAhrens John W. h 77 Butler 
jAhrens J. H. grocer, 180 Smith 
iAhrens Louis, confectionery, 841 B'way 
'Ahrens Max, cigars, 48 Nassau N.Y." h 73 S. 


Ahrens Nicholas, grocer, 184 Park av 
Ahrens Richard, cigars, N.Y. h 595 Bedford av 
Ahi'ens Sophia, h 87 Montrose av 
Ahrens William, tailor, h 127 Montrose av 
Ahrens & Bro. grocers, 687 3d av 
Ahrent Henry, tinsmith, h 105 Scholes 
Abrents Stephen, cooper, h 147 Bayard 
Ahret Siferen, baker, h 137 Franklin 
Ahringer John, foreman, h 46 Bremen 
Ahrlinger John, butcher, h 174Ewen 
Ahsler Philip, stonecutter, h 22 Catharine 
Ahwonnatuk , physician, h 608a 6th av 
Aib Frank, cook, h 201 2d E.D. now Wythe 

Aichele Charles, hairdresser, 79 Van Brunt 
Aichelo Jacob, tailor, h 53 Graham 
Aicher Eugene, sewingmachines, 719 Flushing 

Aichholz Reinhold, rags, h 30 Rock 
Aichmann Charles, cigars, h 177 Throop av 
Aider Thomas, cook, h 250 Gold 
Aiello Frank, liquors, h 577 Court 
Aigeltinger Frederick C. h old No. 277 Hewes 
Aigro Christian, shoes, 10 Ann N.Y. h 331 

Prospect av 
Aiken Charles E. buyer, 198 Chatham sq N.Y. 

h 140 Park pi 
Aiken Edward E. elk. h 228 Adams 
Aiken Frederick, elk. h 228 Adams 
Aiken John, boatswain, h 38 Concord 
Aiken William S. h 228 Adams 
Aikenhead Edward, elk. h 416 Pacific 

Aikenhead Thomas, shirts. 113 Ureene N.Y . 

184 Penn 
Aikens James F. lab, h 321 6th av 
Aikens Kathrine, win. James, li 106 Walworth' 
Aikens Sarah, wid. John, h 371 B'way 
Aikens William, driver, h 721 6th av 
Aikens William jr. elk. h 721 6th av 
Aikirj John J. elk, h 283 Sehir 
Aikin Louisa M. wid. Arthur, dressmkr. h 

324 S. 1st 

Aikman Amelia, wid. S. M. h 133 Macon. 
Aikman Annie F. wid. Hugh, h 233 Harrison 
Aikman Charles, hat bloekiiifr. 81 Woostor N. 

Y. h 64 Morton 
Aikman Charles M. cmrtaihmtls. 197 10th E. 

D. now Xeap & B'way c 14th N.Y. h 64 


Afkman Frank S. salesman, h 133 Macon 

Aikman Frederick A. plater, Grand n Bowery 
N.Y. h 64 Morton 

Aikman Hazard, h 233 Harrison 

Aikman James H. teller, h oM No. 749 Bed- 
ford av 

Aikman John, h 198 Carroll 

Aikman Robert, printer. 120 William NY. h> 
old No. 730 Bedford ay 

Aikman Robert S. h B36J Gates av 

Aikman Walter M. artist, 70 Chambers N.Y. 
h 133 Macon 

Aikman Walter M. tin, 25 Cliff N.Y. h 273 

Aikman Warren D. elk. h 133 Macon 
Allien Edward, cigamkr. h 14 Ten Eyck 
Aims Peter W. h 337 Scher 
Aiune Oscar F. salesman, h 928 Putnam av 
Ainslie Archibald M. mattresses, 82 Berry, h 
259 S. 9th 

Ainslie George, springbedsmkr. 60 B'way, h 
60 Ross 

Ainslie James, mattresses, 22 B'way, h 211 Ross. 
Ainslie James jr. mattresses, 82 Berry, h 259. 
S. 9th 

Ainslie J. & R. mfrs. rollup. & folding spring: 
beds, 22 B'way 

Ainslie Robert, mattresses, 22 B'way, h 211 Robs 

Ainsworth Franklin F. publisher, 10.7 Cham- 
bers N.Y. h 09 Montague 

Ainsworth William A. electrician, h 179 Rut- 

Aitchison David G. jeweler, 6 Maiden la N.Y. 
h 156 14th 

Aitchison Elizabeth, wid. John, fancygds. 180 

Greenpoint av 
Aitchison James, watchmkr. 289 Smith 
Aitken David C. liquors, 4 Water, h 2 Water 
Aitken Emma, h 350 State 
Aitken George, birds, 23 Main 
Aitken James, carpenter, h 575 Fulton 
Aitken James R. elk. h 415 Monroe 
Aitken James, drygds. B'way c Lispenard N. 

Y. h 210 Madison 
Aitken James, salesman, h 175 Ryerson 
Aitken MaTgaret A. wid. John, h 76 Floet 
Aitken Peter, engraver, 172 Jefferson av 
Aitken Thomas, pilot, 309 Water N.Y. h 16<i 


Aitken Thomas E. h 682 Warren 
Aitken William J. cook, h 610 Bergen 
Aitkins William, bkkpr. h 84 S. Elliott pi 
Aisele George, carpenter, h 181 McKibbin 
Ajax Stiff, lab. h 37 N. 8th 
Ajekene Richard, grocer, 133 Lorimer 
Ajello Michael, shipchandler, 15 Hamilton av, 
h 46 Pres't 

Ajello & Cafiero, shipchandlers, 15 Hamilton av 
Ajrcoz Joseph, moulder, h 279 Stagg 
Akberg Charles W. N. manager, 184 Atlantic 
av, h 12 2d 

Akerlv Geo. C. h 100 4th E.D. now Bedford av 
Akerly Joseph, lab h 120 N. 2d 
Akeily Hiram A. bldr. 338 Berry, h 410 N. 2d 
Akerman Lars E. watchmkr. 313 Fulton, h 150 

Akhurst John, taxidermist, 32 Nassau 
Akin Charles S. carpenter, 80 Roebling, h 120 

"V TtTTt-x tt-» TT T'trTnT* Beaverwyck Rye and Galale.i ijourbon Old 
WllllAlli fl» LjLkLj Whiskies, Wm.Tarr&Co's KentuckySoar Mash 

no & 112 Broad St., 
Cor. Water St,, New York. 

Bourbon, Gibson, Guckenheimer, Sherwood, 
Megibben, and Westmoreland Rye Whiskies. 



1 1 East 14.tli Street, 


Akin Rebecca, will. Isaac, h 288 Sackett 
Akins Charles, h 1110 Pacific 
Akins Charles 8. carpenter, li 120 Lynch 
Akler John, tinsmith, h 675 B'way 
Akley Joseph S. moulder, h 24 Newell 
Alagia James, shoes, h 287 Hamilton av 
Alagia Luigi, shoes, 219 Hoyt 
Alamillo Marion If. manager, h 177 Berry 
Alankiewiez Andrew, shoes, 462 Warren 
Alast John. lab. h 26 41st 
Alhach John. tin. 29 Meeker av 
Alband Augustus, pies, 115 Troy av 
Alband Henry, pies, 115 Troy av 
Alband Bro?. pies, 115 Troy av 
Albano Felicia, shoemkr. 9 Sumpter 
Albany Baking Co. 121 Union 
Albany Day Line Steamboats, 4 Court 
Albaum Frank, liquors, 356 5th E. D. now 

Albee Elliott G. manager, h 157 Rutledge 
Albee Fredrick, u.s.a. h 911 Myrtle av 
Albee S. V. photographer, 34 Alyrtle av 
Alber Adolph, tailor, h 108 Montrose av 
Alber Frank, engraver, h 108 Montrose av 
Alber Frederick, lab. h 1064 Atlantic av 
Alber Gottleib, butcher, Liberty av n Adams 
E. N.Y. 

Alber Theodore, tailor, h 108 Montrose av 
Alber William, tailor, h 108 Montrose av 
Albere George W. com. 94 Warren N.Y. h 210 
Lefferts pi 

Alberga Abraham A. bkkpr. h 171 Monroe 
Alberga Hubert C. elk. h 171 Monroe 
Alberry Samuel J. h 132 N. 3d 
Albers August, butcher, 86 Magnolia & 1011 

Gates av, h 80 Magnolia 
Albers Charles, grocer, h 217 Jackson 
Albers Eerdnaud, grocer, old No. 175 Marcv av 
Albers Frederick, agt. h 394 Union 
Albers Henry, barkpr. h 493 Manhattan av 
Albers Heary XI. confectioner, 554 B'way 
Albers John, carpenter, h 391 Prospect av 
Albers John, elk. h 11 McDougal 
Albers John II. sampler, h Atlantic av 
Albers Mary, wid. John, confectionery, 11 Mc- 

Albers Richard, boarding, h .346 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Albers Theodore, porter, h 513 Court 
Albers Wra. grocer, 303 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Albersmeier Frederick, grocer, 44 Bridge 
Alberson John, lab. h 38 Scholes 
Albert Albert F. baker. 796 Classon av 
Albert Charles, cabiuetmkr. h 74 Montrose av 
Albert Charles, elk. h 371 S. 4th 
Albert Charles, lab. h 59 Sackett 
Albert Everett, fireman, h Baltic av c Monroe 
E. N.Y. 

Albert Frank, painter, h 68 Morrell 

Albert Frederick, shoes, 96 Sackett 

Albert Frederick, waiter, h r 198 Havemeyer 

Albert George, cooper, h Maspeth av 

Albert George H. glasspkr. h 319 Ellery 

Albert Gottlip, tailor, h 172 Maujer 

Albert Henry, glass, h 319 Ellery 

Albert Jacob, butcher, 272 Court 

Albert Jacob, hairdresser, 54 Montrose av 

Albert John, cutter, h 18 Bremen 

Albert John, lab. h 109 N. 1st 

Albert John, tailor, It 314 Powers 

Albert John, upholsterer, h 91 Butler 

Albert Joseph, baker, h 9G Graham av 

Albert Joseph, carpenter, h Barbey n Baltic 

av E. N.Y. 
Albert Joseph, cigarmkr. 65 Cranberry 
Albert J. B. h 835 Wil'by av 
Albert Louis, tailor, h 39 Delmonico pi 
Albert Martin, brewer, h 75 Adams E D. 
Albert Mary, wid. Henry, h 319 Ellery 
Albert Robert, lithographer, 96 Fulton N.Y. h 

124 Jefferson av 
Albert Robert W. elk. h 237 Grand av 
Albert Valentino, tailor, h 44 Seigel 
Albert Valentine, waiter, h 91 N. 4th 
Albert William, boxmkr. h 422 Graham av 
Albert William, grocer, 220 Chauncey 

Albert William, shoemkr. h 134 Grand 
Albertazzr Alfred, elk. h 324 Carroll 
Alberti Jaime, lab. h 302J Furman 
Alberti Lawrence S. baker, 411 Gates av 
Alberti Louis, tailor, h 414 Degraw 
Alberts Dederich, cigarmkr. 51 Smith 
Alberts John, baker, li 94 Sumpter 
Alberts John, foreman, h 997 Do Kalb av 
Alberts William, engineer, li 134 Union 
Alberts William H. drugs, 651 ClasBon av 
Albertson Charles W. engineer, h Pacific n E 

New York av E. N. Y. 
Albertson Emma, wid. h 102 Hall 
Albertson Geo. S. drygds. 5th av, h 255 Pacific 
Albertson Herbert, milk, 235^ Nostrand av 
Albertson James S. h 16110th E. D., now Keap 
Albertson John, carpenter, h 139 N. Elliott pi 
Albertson John W. pilot, h 146 Jay 
Albertson Robert, bkkpr. h 124 S. 1st 
Albertson William L>. pilot, h 247 Macon 
Albertus Edward, engineer,h 322Manhattan av 
Albidz Leo, lab. h 20 Sumner av 
Albiec Charles, mechanic, h 723 B'way 
Albino Jacob, shoemkr. 155 Wil'by 
Albino John, shoemkr. h 293 Hudson av 
Albino John, shoemkr. 129 Tillary 
Albiston Samuel, blacksmith, h 45 Franklin 
Albitz Sigfried, lab. h 207 McDougal 
Albohn Louis, painter, h 14 Loeust 
Albohn Philip, x>ainter, 101 Meserole 
Albolms John H. baker, 378 N. 2d 
Albonesi Anton, jr. roofer, 77 Willett N.Y. h 

5731 Kosciusko 
Albrac Emanuel, cigars, h 169 Floyd 
Albracht Christian, tailor, 75Cl.yiner 
Albrecht Arthur, florist, h 111 Skillman av 
Albrecht August, elk. h Shephard n Baltic av 

E. N.Y. 

Albrecht Chas. cabinetinkr. h 97 Skillinan av 
Albrecht Charles, cigars, h 35 Stagg 
Albrecht Charles, driver, h 334 Oakland 
Albrecht Charles, grocer, 397 Graham av 
Albrecht Charles, weigher, h 362 S. 1st 
Albrecht Christian E. baker, 323 Oakland 
Albrecht Christian F. hatter, 153 Ewen 
Albrecht David, cigars, h 71 Adams E.D. 
Albrecht David A. cigars, h 20 Newell 
Albrecht Frank, machinist, h 34 MclCibbin 
Albrecht Frederick, hatter, h 673 Park av 
Albrecht George, driver, h 155 Stagg 
Albrecht George, lab. h 60 Pres't 
Albrecht Henry, jr. engraver, h 93 Meeker av 
Albrecht Henry A. grocer, 147 Smith 
Albrecht Henry C. varnisher, h 154 Ainslie 
Albrecht Hugo, elk. h 80 Ewen 
Albrecht John, carpenter, h 229 Scholes 
Albrecht John T. porter, h Shephard n Baltic 

av E.N.Y. 
Albrecht Louis, liquors, 149 Cooper 
Albrecht Martin, earxienter, h Smith av n Bay 

av E.N.Y. 
Albrecht AVilliam H. hatter, 153 Ewen 
Albrecht & Son, hatters, 153 Ewen 
Albreehtsen Henry P. fish, 455 6th av 
Albresht Jacob, mason, h 242 Floyd 
Alhridge Rob't J. carpenter, h 77 Flatbush av 
Albright Elizabeth, wid. Philip F. fancygda. 

40 Hicks 

Albright George W. printer, h 549 4th av 
Albright Samuel, machinist, h 1297 Myrtle av 
Albro Charles, printer, h 68 Troutman 
Albro Henry II. silk, li old No. 235 Hooper 
Albrough Gottlieb, baker, 153 Union av 
Albudus John B. physician, 2285 Pacific 
Alburtus Catharine, wid. John P. h 1547 B'way 
Albus Charles, cabinetrokr. h 18 Webster pi 
Albus Louis C. elk. h 1165 Fulton 
Alcock Masculine, fancygds. 236 Grand 
Alcock Thomas, bkkpr. h 257 16th 
Alcony John, lab. h 176 Graham 
Alcorn Fannie, wid. William, li 427 Gold 
Alcorn George, lab. h 244 Front 
Alcorn William, gent's furng. h 66 Main 
Alcovot Emily, h 156 Sober 
Alcott George, machinist, h 37 Ten Eyck 
Alden George, driver, h 126 N. 5th 


Manager for N.Y. & N.J. 

271 Broadway, N. Y. 



• OT 
> BO 

g o 



■1 cs 





OYAL [fire" INS. GO, 

Assets, in U. S„ Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. LiaMl., 
ALD— ALE 10 

193 Montagus Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 F!aibush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Jorction of Atlantic b fourth Aves. 

2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 

© ^4 
» % 

^1 o 








X,A_IIV «fc CO., 


X7 willougtaty St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Alden John B. editor, h old No. 129 Rodney 
Alden Jonathan, lawyer, 83 Leffert's pi 
Alden Maeiiine Co. 54 Columbia hgts. 
Alden William B. draughtsman, Ii 307 Manhat- 
tan av 

Aldenbrand Katherina, wid. Louis, b Jamaica 

pk rd n Pellingion plE. N.Y, 
Alder Benjamin, elk. h 222 Bergen 
Aider Mary A. wid. William, h 347 Pacific 
Alder Thomas, hldr. N. T. h 45 Lex av 
Alder William J. elk. h 559 Atlantic av 
Aldernine Alfred, hairdresser, b 389 Bridge 
Alders Joseph, boilermkr. h 35 Rapelye 
Alderton Albert IF. janitor, h 357 Kosciusko 
Alderton Charles, hairdresser, h 389 Bridge 
Alderton Frederick W. elk. h 50 Douglass 
Aldom Edward, inventor, b 814 l^ark av 
Aldon Charles W. buyer, h 87 Ivy 
Aldred John B. stationery, 854 Pulton, h 424 

Vand't av 

Aldrich Andrew J. boarding, N. Y. h 70 Pres't 
Aldrich Chant-ley E. elk. h 100 Monroe 
Aldrich Charles, elk. h 316 Monroe 
Aldrich Charles, lab. h 106 Navy 
Aldrich Charles H. carpenter, h 719 Laf 
Aldrich George W. plumber, h 240 Outfield 
Aldrich Harry, lab. 313 Park av 
Aldrich Horace K. b 28 S. Oxford 
Aldrich William H. bldr. h 497 Gates av 
Aldridge Arthur W. wire, 66 Courtlandt N.Y. 

h 9 Sycamore 
Aldridire Darwin R. sec. 32 Burling slip N. Y. 

h 217 Prospect pi 
Aldridge Frank R. messenger, h 110 Huron 
Aldridge Frederick, decorator, 117 Lawrence 
Aldridee Frederick T. banker, 203 Montague, 

h 471 Clinton av 
Aldridge George, painter, li 803 Fulton 
Aldridge George R. mason, h Warren n Rock- 
away av E. N.Y. 
Aldridge John, h 110 Huron 
Aldridge John E. mason, h 629 Leonard 
Aldridge John F. steam fitter, li 241 Nassau 
Aldridge Mary, boarding, h 633 Atlantic av 
Aldridge Volney, passenger agt. 12 Court, h 
217 Prospect pi 


l'-i Court St., 

Drafts and Tickets to all parts of Europe. 
Real Estate Broker. 

Aldridge William H. driver, b 99£ Marion 
Aldridge William It. drugs, Manhattan av c 
Meserole av & 540 Graham av, k 575^ Leon- 

Aldworth Henry, elk. b old No. 204 Rodney 
Alois Samuel, tailor, b 100 Stagg 
Alemillo Edward M. agt. h 173 Grand 
Alesanto Sposito, lab. h 50 Union 
Alesbwang Adolph, tailor, h 109 Jackson 
Alex Catherine, wid. h 50 Green la 
Alexander Albert,, fan cygds. 165 Grand 
Alexander Albei t & Co. drygds. 165 Grand 
Alexander Alvena M. wid.' Allan, h 295 Cum- 

Alexander Atchison G. supt. S. 4th c 5tb, b 160 
S. 2d 

Alexander Cerf. salesman, b r 208 N. 8th 
Alexander Charles, cigars, h 545 4th av 
Alexander Charles, driver, h 404 Union 
Alexander Charles C. lab. b 57 Heyward 
Alexander David, porter, h r 358 S». 1st 
Alexander Dorothy, wid. Julius, b 107 S. 8tb 
Alexander Edward T. carpenter, b 311 Clifton 


.jars, 91S Atlantic av 
w.itcheasemkr. b 75 Wal- 

Alexander Eliza, dresmnkr. 224 Franklin av 
Alexander Ellen, wid. Matthew, h 294 Manhat- 
tan av 

Alexander Emil, tailor, b 1.30 Graham av 
Alexander Frank Ii. foreman, it 50 Morton 
Alexander Frederick, supt. h old No. 615 Bed- 
ford av 

Alexander George, drygds. h 90 State 
Alexander George, lab. h 140 Jackson 
Alexander George, stairbhir. h 1209 Dean 
Alexander George, supt. Richards, cBowne, b 
50 Morton 

Alexander George H. lawyer, 318 B'way N.Y. 
It 202 Ross 

Alexander George R. lumber, 413-425 Flusbing 

av, h 816 Prdspoot pi 
ALEXANDER GEORGE W. park com. 12 
City Hall & Am: or pi N. Y. h 165 Park pi 
Alexander Hannah, wid. William, b 297 De 

Kalb av 
Alexander Harris B. 
Alexander Herman, 


Alexander Hugh, furniture, b 76 Montague 
Alexander I. H. millinery, 325 Fulton, b 312 
Pres t. 

Alexander Jacob, painter, b 295 Stagg 
Alexander James, shoes, 60 Fleet, pi* 
Alexander James, supt. h 63 Division av 
Alexander James E. fish, 176 Free .nan, h 210 

Manhattan av 
Alexander James II. milliner}', 323 and 325 

Fulton, h 342 Pres't 
Alexander James K. elk. National Bank of 

the Republic N.Y. h Vermont av n Fulton 

av E.N.Y. 

Alexander James R. mfr. 77 Grand av. h 165 

Tompkins av. 
Alexander John, driver, 2132 Atlantic av 
Alexander John, musician, h 156 Monroe 
Alexander John A. joiner, h 778 McDonough 
Alexander John E. bkbindor, li 294 Mauhat- 

tan av 

Alexander Jordan, waiter, b 915 Atlantic av 
Alexander Joseph, b 475 Flushing av 
Alexander Leopold, h 714 HVay 
Alexander Loui*. Prof, optician, 192 

Alexander Malcolm, seaman, b 119 Sand« 
Alexander Margaret, wid. William, b r 263 

Alexander Maria, wid. James, b 104 16th 
Alexander Michael, cigars, b 257 Columbia 
Alexander Richard L. cashier, 71 B'way, b 477 

Alexander Robert, machinist, b 490 Warren 
Alexander Robert L. u.s.n. 121 Park av 
Alexander Rami. G. realostate. b 241 Carlton av 
Alexander Saul, elk. b 714 B'wav 
Alexander Stephen, plumber, 489 Manhattan 

Alexander Thomas, proofreader, b 140 Fulton 
Alexander William, awningmkr. b 93 Jackson 
Alexander William, elk. b 143 Leonard 
Alexander William S. elk. h 67 Greene av 
Alexander William W. rdumber, 310 Adams, b 

101 Adelphi 
Alexander , h 665 Park av 
Alexander & Ellis, lumber, 413-425 Flusbing 

av, telephone Brooklyn 447 
Alexandre Mary L. wid. James K. h 650 Her. 


Alexandre Simon, butcber, 599 Myrtle av 
Alexandre William W. drugs, b 650 Herkimer 
Alexx Henry, lab. h 37 N. 8th 
Alfani Enrico, fruit, h 158 Prospect 
Alferman Eugene, carpenter, h 206 Smith 
Alfennann Frederick, butcher, 1221) Fulton 
Alfert George, barkpr. h 260 Jolm*ou av 
Alfield George H. lighterman, h 156 9th E.D. 

Alfke Henry J. grocer, 213 Fioet 
Alfonsin Eugene, tobacco, h 177 9th 
Alfonsin Henry, cigars, h 39 Carroll 
Alfonsin Joseph, cigars, b 39 Carroll 
Alfonsin William, moulder, h 39 Carroll 


Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world 


, Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 




Alford Abram, water, h 4-12 S. 4th 

Alford AIonzo, mcr. li 315 Monroe 

Alford Charles, lab. li 348 Ricks 

Alford Cornelia C. editor, h 315 Monroo 

Alford Edwin V. butchers' sui>plies, 263 John- 
son iiv. h 232 Ainslie 

Alford Even II. bkkpr. li 232 Ainslie 

Alford John, driver, h 348 Hicks 

Alford Thomas K. li 174 Hart 

Alford John, fireman, h 140 Pearl 

Alfred Albert li. bkbinder. h 832 Bushwick 

Alfred Kate, wid. James, h 217 Bridge 

Alfred Richard, printer, h 832 Bushwick av 

Alfred Sopho, wi<l. h 69 4th av 

Alfred William, machinist, h 503 6th av 

Al fridge Joseph, boxmkr, h 377 Oakland 

Alfurn George, elk. h 15 Hicks 

Algeo William! cutter, h 635 6th av 

Alger Anna, wid, John, h 437 Quincy 

Alger George, realestate, 237 B'way N.T. & 

599 4th av, h 164 17th 
Alhect Gust us, baker, h 215 Hopkins 
Albeit Adam, shoe.nkr. h 242 Roebling 
Ali George 1). broker, h 125 Hall 
Ali Joseph, musician, h 125 Hall 
Ali Joseph J. musician, h 125 Hall 
Aii Peter L. musician, 220 Dean 
Allbert John 15. h 835 Wil'by av 
Alicke Emma, confectioner, Fulton av c 

Wyckoff av E.N.Y. 
Alicke Louis, tailor, li Fulton av c Wyckoff av 


Alieskv Charles F. engraver, 33 John N.T. h 
243 Perm 

Aiinder John, tailor, h 373 Atlantic av 

Alisbacher Frank, lab. h 222 Stagg 

Alker Jacob, shoemkr. 44 Henry 

Alkier Sto'twlitw, drugs, 114 4th E.D, 

now Bedford av 
Alkus Iatdor, shoes, 555 B'way 
Allabach Harry, coachman, h 282 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Allabach Peter, painter, h 23 Newell 
Allaben James R. lawyer, 26 Court, h 569 Laf 


Allaben James R. jr. crockery, old No. 581 

Bedford av 
Allaben Jeremiah, cigars, h 88 Eagle 
Allaben William H. lawyer, 26 Court, h 569 

Laf av 

Allabough Brewster R. ins. h 397 Flatbush av 
Allaire Alexander, h 469 Wil'by av 
Allaire George D. agt. h 275 Prospect pi 
Allaire Sarah J. h 354 Graham av 
Allamarm George, oysterman. h 510 B'way 
Allan Andrew W. confectioner, h 204 Flatbush 

Allan Benjamin, paperhanger, h 86 14th 
Allan David, liquors. 28 Henry, h 75 Middagh 
Allan James, elk. h 98 Franklin av 
Allan James G. physician, 643 Leonard 
Allan James H. carpenter, h 26 Flushing av 
Allan James H. realestate, 217 Atlantic av, h 

112 Vand't av 
Allan James N. engraver, h 640 Herkimer 
Allan James V. miller, old No. 387 Bedford av 
Allan John H. salesman, old No. 387 Bedford 


Allan Michael, driver, h 176 Channcey 
Allan Mitchel'G. painter, h 204 Flatbush av 
Allan Peter, shoes, 8 Hoyt, h 140 Wyckoff 
Allan Robert mason, h 844 Monroe 
Allan Robert E. elk. h 609 4th av 
Allan William W. conductor, h 295 9th av 
Allard Pauline, wid. George, h 292 8th 
Allason William D. elk. h 581 Warren 
Allat John, carman, h old No. 309 Kent av 
AUback Agnes, wid. John, h 113 Prince 
Allbrecht "Matthew, carpenter, h Barbey n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Allhright Margaret, wid. h 20 Canton 
Allhuck Charles C. tailor, h 610 Fulton 
Allcorn George W. shoemkr. 146 Driggs, h 226 


Allcorn Samuel, fireman, h 240 Leonard 

Alleaume Amand, carpenter, h Georgia av n 

Atlantic av E.N. A'. 
Allee Joseph B. realestate. h 402 Vand't av 
Ailee Joseph B jr. it 402 Vand't av 
Allee William II. realestate, 3 Mercer N. Y. h 

402 Vand't av 
Allee David F. broker, 42 Exchange x>l N. Y. h 

402 Vand't av 
Alleger John W. machinist, h 580 5th av 
Alleman Deitrich. tailor, h 596 B'way 
Allemanne Charles, mason, h 217 Scholes 
Allemiller Emily, wid. h 146 4th E. D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Allen Abraham, lab. h 277 Stagg 

Allen Abram, broker, h 129 Halsev 

Alien Albert G. stenographer, h 44 Sidney 

Allen Alexander, h 62 N. Oxford 

Allen Alexander, engineer, h 1009 Do Kalb av 

Allen Almon S. physician. 115 Lee av. Olftce 

hours 8 to 10 & 4 to 6, telephone 83 

Allen Alonzo, boatman, h 60 Freeman 
Allen Amelia J. wid. Sidney T. h 124 Montague ' 
Allen Ann, drygds. 315 Smith 
Allen Anne I.'wid. David B. h 393 Bridge 
Allen Annie, wid. Martin, h 75 Nassau 
Allen Arthur, advertising signs, 6 Park pi N. 

Y. h 86 S. Oxford 
Allen Benjamin, carriagepr. h 232 Central av 
Allen Benjamin F. sec. 67 Greene N. Y. h 663 

Wil'b'y av 
Allen Berkley L. elk. h 25 Park pi 
Allen Bertha, h 1882 Fulton 
Allen Bridget, wid. h 1 United States 
Allen B. HT wool mer. h 416 Quincy 
Allen Catharine, wid. John, h 111 4th av 
Allen Charles, carpenter, li Hale av n liidge- 

wood av. E.N.Y. 
Allen Charles, confectioner, Baltic av c Madi- 
son E.N.Y. 
Allen Charles, driver, h 166 Waverly av 
Allen Charles, filecuttor, h 292 Union av 
Allen Charles, machinist, h 88 Woodhull 
Allen Charles, painter, h 333 Adolphi 
Allen Charles A. manager, h 317 4th 
Allen Charles B. h 491 Classon 
Allen Charles C. dentist, 294 Henry 
Allen Charles D. elk. h 437 10th 
Allen Charles 1). T. hatter, b 14 Myrtle 
Allen Charles F. carpets, 411 Grand 
Allen Charles R. drugs, h 714 Gates av 
Allen Charles W. typewriter, 20 Court, h 164 


Allen Chester A. broker, h 146 Picrrepont 
Allen Christopher, lab. h 354 Smith 
Allen Clinton, carpenter, h 174 N. 8th 
Allen Daniel C. carmnt'T, h 26 Oakland 
Allen Darius, h 12 Wil'by av 
Allen David, h 27 Jeilerson av 
Allen David, hatter. Ii 185 Wash'n av 
Allen David T. elk. h 93 Dumeld 
Allen's D. Sous, ropemfrs. 6th n 5th av, Sc. 168 
Front N.Y. 

Allen Edward, banker, Park Bank N.Y. h 102 

Cambridge pi 
Allen Edw'd, cook, h 31 Old Wood Point rd 
Allen Edward, cooper, h r 603 Dean 
Allen Edward, machinist, h 146 S. 2d 
Allen Edward C. elk. h 101 Waverly av 
Allen Edward D. driver, b 630 5th av 
Allen Edward T. bkkpr. h 164 Duffield 
Allen Edwin, tinsmith, h 1009 Delvalb av 
Allen Edwin L. produce, 104 Warren N.Y. h 

460 Classon av 
Allen Ellen, wid. John, h 14 State 
Allen Eutelia, oper. h 32 Oonselyeii 
Allen Ernest, shoecutter, h 56 Grand 
Allen Frank, engraver, h 1227 Atlantic av 
Allon Frank, waiter, h 915 Atlantic av 
Allen Franklin, elk, h 5 Dobovoiae pi 
Allen Franklin, sec. 1 City Hall, h Bay Clift 

Villa, Fort Hamilton 
Allen Frederick, starter, h 629 Franklin av 
Allen Frederick E. foreman, li 444 7th av 
Allen F. L. h 454 Pacific 
Allen George, h 284 Eckford 





132 Mangin St„ near Houston, last Eiver, Now York. 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 


City Directory Printing House, 

17 Will ou ghby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Allen George, foreman, h 171 Sumpter 

Allen George, gunsmith, 2216 Fulton 

Allen George, livery, 350 Court, h 330 Court 

Allen George, paintmkr. li 21 Tiffany pi 

Allen George, porter, li 106 Navy 

Allen George, tailor, h 42 2d 

Allen George, watchman, li 102 Sands 

Allen George B. eigarmkr. h 420 Union 

Allen Georgo D. electric light, h 474 Laf av 

Allen George F. baker, 713 Fulton 

Allen Georgo II. elk. b old No. 760 Bedford av 

Allen George H. shipwright, 87 N, Oxford 

Allen George S. paints, 117 Putnam av 

Allen George T. lab. h 332 Hudson av 

Allen George W. carman, 184 William N.Y. h 

old No. 88 Rodney 
Allen George W. restaurant. 103 Franklin, h 

121 India 
Allen Guy, dyer, h 311 N. 7th 
Allen Hamilton, driver, h 661 Grand 
Allen Harry J. elk. h Sheffield av n Baltic av 


Allen Henry, stableman, h 10 College pi 

Allen Henry A. liquors, 121 3d av 

Allen Henry H. shoes, 122 Duane N.Y. h 41 

Cambridge pi 
Allen Henry S. painter, li 171 Sumpter 
Allen Henry T. bldr. h 18 Patchen av 
Allen Herbert, shoes, 122 Duane N.Y. h 41 

Cambridge pi 
Allen Hewlett, h 83 "Wilson 
Allen Howard, stencils, 90 Fulton N.Y. h 608 


Allen Hugh, furnacesetter, h 1716 Fulton 
Allen Hugh, lab. h 131 Troy av 
Allen Isaac I), collector, h 18 Patchen av 
Allen Isaac I. ropemfr. 6th n 5th av & 166 

Front N.Y. h 455£ 5th 
Allen James, h 371 Hicks 
'Allen James, boxmkr, h 85 India 
! Allen James, elk, h 593 Laf 
I Allen James, driver, h 85 Troy av 
jAllen James, lab. h 60 Amity 
j Alien James, lab. h 9 Spencer 
i Allen James, painter, h 93 Oakland 
I Alien James, porter, h Adams n. Atlantic av 

E. N. Y. 

I Allen James, truckman, 87 Troy av 

Allen James, truckman, h 179 16th 

Allen James M. mfr. 290 Pearl N.Y. h 219 
Prospect pi 

Allen James S. brass finisher, h 817 Bergen 

Allen James S. paper hanger, h 592 5th av 

Allen Jerome, editor, h 340 Stuyvesant av 

Allen Joanna, wid. Charles P. h 751 Madison 

Allen John, h 432 Hart 

Allen John h 161 Hudson av 

Allen John, h 811 Quincy 

Allen John, h 437 10th 

Allen John, blacksmith, h 176 West 

Allen John, blacksmith, h 259 N. 7th 

Allen John, carpenter, h 330 Bergen 

Allen John, elk. h 14 Myrtle 

Allen John, hostler, h 1498 Bergen 

Allen John, insp. h 419 Waverly av 

Allen John, lab. h 768 Bergen 

Allen John, lab. h 259 Hamilton av 

Allen John, lab. h 68 N. 2d 

Allen John, machinist, h 103 Carlton av 

Allen John, machinist, h 63 N. 2d 

Allen John, mechanic, h 57 S 3d. 

Allen John, painter, h 118 Sumpter 

Allen John (Rev.) h'25 Park pi 

Allen John A. engraver, h 96 Clay 
! Allen John B. collector, h491 Kosciusko 
i Allen John C. (Rev.) h 63 S. Elliott pi 

Allen John F. elk. h 12 Nuffield 

Allen John H. cooper, h 322 Rergen 

Allen John H. driver, h 1IJ4J Newell 

Allen John H. shipowner, h 134 Macon 

Allen John H. tailor. 134 Franklin, h 103 Oak 

Allen John J. plasterer, h 94 Clay 

Allen John J. u.s.comr. 170 Mont ague, & lawyer, 

201 Montague, h 139 Clinton 
Allen John P. wallpapers, h 478 Waverly av 
Allen John Q. principal, h 1611 Pacific 
Allen John S. elk. h 423 18th 
Allen John S. painter, h 47 Canton 
Allen John S. salesman, h 14 Myrtle 
Allen John W. files, h 341 N. 2d 
Allen John W. painter, h 321 Stockton 
Allen Joseph, h 61 N. 10th 
Allen Joseph, blacking, 5 Bond, h 704 Atlantic 


Allen Joseph, carpenter, h 494 Sackott 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, h 574 Manhattan av 
Allen Joseph, messenger, h 86 Clymer 
Allen Josiah, porter, h 398 Bridge 
Allen J. Milton, elk. h 25 Park pi 
Allen Kate, h 86 N. Oxford 
Allen Kate S. dressmkr. 423 18th 
Allen Lee, seaman, h 288 17th 
Allen Lincoln W. elk. h 14 Myrtle 
Allen Louis, plasterer, h 114 Sumpter 
Allen Lovell E. baker, 975 Fulton 
Allen Lydia, dressmkr. h 11 Butler 
Allen Maggie, wid. h 230 Dean 
Allen Margaret, wid. George C. h 173 Java 
Allen Maria, wid. James, h 559 Graham av 
Allen Maria, wid. Samuel, h 87 Classon av 
Allen Martha, laundress, h r 704 Atlantic av 
Allen Martin, shoemkr. li 311 Wallabont 
Allen Martin I), shipwright, li 156 Nelson 
Allen Martin F. produce, 104 Warren N.Y. h 

62 S. Oxford 
Allen Martin P. carpenter, h 397 Oakland 
Allen Mary A. wid. William T. h 122 Clymer 
Allen Mary A. dressmkr. 93 Nuffield 
Allen Mary E. wid. Jacob, h 148 Frost 
Allen Matthew, grocer, h 689 Van IJuren 
Allen Maurice S elk. h 89 Garfield pi 
Allen Michael, blacksmith, h Hale av n Ridg- 

wood av E.N.Y. 
Allen Michael, lab. h 197 Tillary 
Allen Moses, h 995 B'way 

Allen Napoleon B. upholsterer, h 2280 Atlantic 

Allen Norah, wid. Robt. laundress, h 404 S. 4th 
Allen Norman H. dentist, 100 St. Mark's av 
Allen Oliver, carpenter, h Market n Fulton av 

Allen Oliver H. cashier, h 174 Garfield pi 
Allen Patrick, engineer, h 81 Classon av 
Allen Patrick, lab. h 290 20th 
Allen Patrick, weigher, h Nassau n Fulton av 
E. N.Y. 

Allen Peter, watchcasemkr. h 336 Prospect 

Allen Peter J. mariner, h 118 Sackett 
Allen Randlph. hatter, h old No. 354 Bedford av 
Allen Robert, livery, h old No. 364 Bedford av 
Allen Robert, peddler, h r 471 Dean 
Allen Robert, salesman, h 105 Magnolia 
Allen Robert C. cotton, Cotton Exchange N.Y. 

h 171 Putnam av 
Allen Robert J. bkkpr. h 96 Clay 
Allen Robert J. elk. h 19 Henry 
Allen Robert S. clothing, B'way N.Y. h 429 

Clermont av 
Allen Rufus C. carpenter, h 63 S. Elliott pi 
Allen Samuel, lab. h 121 Withers 
Allen Samuel, lab. h 75 N. 9th 
Allen Samuel A. porter, h 178 N. 8th 
Allen Samuel H. conductor, h 58 Clay 
Allen Samuel S. carpenter, h 203 43d 
Alien Sarah, hatter, 342 Myrtle av h Bedford 


Allen Sarah V. wid. David, 430 Clermont av 
Allen Silas, agt. h Sheffield av. n Baltic av E. 
N. Y. 

Allen Stephen, clerk, h 232 McDonough 
Allen Stephen, fireman, h 638 Leonard 


5 East 14th St., N. Y. 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Co. 


Bepolisliing a- Specialty. 

ALL 13 


I 28 & 130 FULTOTJ ST., 





Wines, Brandies, Whiskies, etc, 

No. 187 BROADWAY, 


Established 1851. 


Telephone Call, No. 548 Wllliamsbnrgh. 

Allen Stephen, shiprigger, h Nassau n Jamaica 

pk rd K. N. T. 
Allen Stephen B. salesman, h 379 S. 1st 
Allen Susan, wid. Elias, h 123 Fulton 
Allen Susan, wid. John, h 550 Wash'n av 
Allen Susan II. -wid. J. H. h 813 Be Kalb av 
Allen Terry Simeon, elk. h 310 13tli 
Allen Theodore, upholsterer, h 161 Sands 
Allen Theodore M. C. wiredrawer, h 76 Wood- 

Allen Theodore P. ropemfr. 6th n 5th av. & 186 

Front N. Y. h 421 1st 
Allen Thomas, h 228 Skillman 
Allen Thomas, brass finisher, h 32 Chapel 
Allen Thomas, cigars, h 105 Jackson 
Allen Thomas, engineer, h 154 Lorimer 
Allen Thomas, machinist, h 81 Classon av 
Allen Thomas, manager, h 167 Union 
Allen Thos. produce, West N. Y. h 206 Carroll 
Allen Thomas C. clerk, h 187 St. James' pi 
Allen Thomas F. "weigher, h Nassau n Fulton 

av E. N. Y. 
Allen Thomas J. builder, h 931 Gates av 
Allen Uriah Gr. sexton, h 95 High 
Allen Walter S. hairdresser, 78 Montague 
Allen Warren A. fish, 573 B'way 
Allen Westley S. h 790 Laf av 
Allen William, h 41 Cambridge pi 
Allen William, h 340 Stuyvesant av 
Allen Wm. bldr. 100 Livingston, li 111 Court 
Allen William, compositor, h 386 Quincy 
Allen William, conductor, h 765 Gates av 
Allen William, driver, h r 179 S. 3d 
Allen William, foreman, li 194 Humboldt 
Allen William, foreman, 113 Park av 
Allen William, grainer, h 259 Hoyt 
Allen William, lawyer, h 80 State 
Allen William, restaurant, 51 Union av 
Allen William, shipjoiner, h 559 Graham av 
Allen William A. fish, 109 Patchen av 
Allen William C. cashier, h 432 Hart 
Allen William I>. E. elk. h 340 Stuyvesant av 
Allen William E. elk. h 310 13th 
Allen William E. gasfitter, h 64 N. 7th 
Allen William F. jr. elk. h 56 Stirling pi 
Allen William H. h 20 Sidney pi 
Allen William H. tailor, 297 Tompkins av, 

h 660 Gates av 
Allen William H. jr. woolens, 108 Franklin N. 

Y. h 153 Warren 
Allen William J. h 108 Henry 
Allen William J. elk. h 553 Franklin av 
Allen William J. elk. h 234 15th 
Allen William J. plumber, 310 Smith 
Allen William L. com. mer. 104 Warren N.Y. h 

52 S. Oxford 
Allen William L. physician, h 867 Laf 

Allen William N. shipmaster, h 18 Newell 
Allen William T. sec. Greene c West & 55 

Beekman N.Y. h 83 Wilson 
Allen W. A. wood, 18 Wash'n av 
Allenavick Margaret, wid. Joseph, h 163 N. 5th 
Allendorf Chas.carriagemkr. h 940 Atlantic av 
Alleudorf John, tailor, 876 Park av ■ 
Allendorfer Wm. H. salesman, h 26 Woodhull 
Aller Eliza G. teacher, h 144 Park pi 
Aller Gustin T. h 183 S. Oxford 
Aller Thomas P. G. h 183 S. Oxford 
Allerd James, lab. h 129 Baltic 
Allerich Adolph, grocer, 569 De Kalb av 
Allerich & Co. grocers, 569 De Kalb av 
Allermann Henry, grocer, 75 3d av 
Allers Call 13. liquors, 57 S. 5th 
Allers Charles, liquors, 22 Grand 
Allers Deitrich C. h 262 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Allers Diefcrick, hotel 22 Grand, & liquors, 187 

B'way, h 187 B'way 
Allers D. & Sons, liquors, 22 Grand 
Allers Frederick, grocer, 345 Court 
Allers Gustave, liquors, 22 Grand 
Allers Henry W. grocer, 29 4th E.I), now 56 

Bedford av, h 61 S. 9th 
Allers John, lab. h 95 N. 8th 
Allers John H. pilot, h 336 Seller 
Allers Julia, wid. Carson, h 155 2d E.D. now 

Wytho av 
Allers William H. bkkpr. h 187 B'way 
Alios John, cigars, h 685 Park av 
Alletsee Charles, carpenter, h 188 Johnson av 
Alletzhausser Martin, h 113 Grand 
Allgaier Blasius, shoes, 572 B'way 
Allgar Daniel, driver, h 229 Stagg 
Allgeier Joseph, liquors, 264 Kalph av 
Allgeo Catharine, wid. h 100 Prospect pi 
Allgood Henry, carpenter, h 4 Mcrcein 
Allheimer Edward, elk. h 106 Harrison av 
Allin George A. broker. 18 William N.Y. h 

180 Congress 
Allinger William, butcher, h r 60 Ten Eyck 
Allire John T. h 285 Jefferson av 
AMis August, painter, h 212 21st 
Allis Sylvester H. printer, h 233 Court 
Allison Andrew, painter, h 169 22d 
Allison Augustus, paperhanger, h 213 Warren 
Allison Charles E. elk. h 213 Warren 
Allison Elizabeth, wid. William, li 216 N. 6th 
Allison George, patternmkr. h 119 Nassau 


Allison George, tailor, h 1425 Fulton 

Allison George F. li 230 Lex av 

Allison Harry, printer, h 213 Warren 

Allison Henry, mason, h 245 N. 5th 

Allison James, h 304 Wyckoff 

Allison James, blacksmith, h 244 Graham av 

o » 

m pi 
■ o 



& V 

P 0 ~ 

CO ' Ml 


r > 

^ CD 

554 to 562 W. 25th St , New York. 



Assets, in U. S, Jan. 1, 188 

, $4,712,899 16. 

Wi Montague StiMi, ui'GOnlyn. 
No, 128 Flat bush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Inaction cf Atlantic £ Fcuith Arcs. 

LiaMI, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,535,427.89. 
14 ALL— ALO 



Engineers' & Factory Supplies 


Brass and Iron Fittings for 
Steam, Water, and Gas. 

Buildings of every Description HEATED by 
High and Low Pressure and Exhaust Steam. 

Manufacturer of Foilers, Steam Traps, and 
otter Specialties for Steam Heating, 

Plans and Estimates Furnished for Pipe 
Work of every description. 



Telephone, Brooklyn, 840. 

Allison James L. butter, 463 Manhattan av. h 
216 N. 6th 

Allison John, hardware, 234 Fulton mkt. N.Y. 

h 296 Wyckoff 
Allison John E. lab. li 146 Hudson av 
Allison Mary, wid. Joseph, h 18 N. Portland av 
Allison Oscar, lighterman, h 112 King 
Allison Ottelia F. wid. Cornelius, h 29 Cedar 
Allison Robert, police, h 183 K. 3d 
Allison Thomas, printer, h 277 "Warren 
Allison "Walter S. shipcarpenter, h 213 Warren 
Allison "William, elk. h 244 Graham av 
Allison William, lab. h 33 Hall 
Allison William, printer, h 626 Leonard 
Allison William A. butter, 553 Grand 
Allison William A. lab. h 35 Hall 
Allison & Lynch, butter, 463 Manhattan av 
Allistrum Bridget, wid. Pat'k, h 104 Classon av 
Allxnann Margaret, wid. Thos. h 542 Warren 
Allmaras John, baker, 419 Humboldt 
Allmark John J. lab. h 354 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Allmendinger Adam, engineer, h 225 Bush- 
wick av 

Allmendinger Frederick, compositor,h 25 Park 
Allmendinger Wm. printer, h 1126 Myrtle av 
Allmillo George, trunks, h 111 Suydam 
Allrogge Joseph, butcher, 224 Sumpter 
Allsgood Louis, driver, h 141 Carlton av 
Allsnom Henry, harnessmkv. h 580 Hamilton 

Allshotise Simeon J. confectionery, 176 B'way 
Allsop James, picture framer, h 367 12tn 
Allsop John, barkpr. h J 51 Ivy 
Allsop Thomas J. steamfitting, 92 Pearl, h 162 

Clermont av 
Allsop William, bkkpr. h 13 Garrison 
AUsworth Margaretta, wid. William H. h 53 


Allt Edmund, imps. 86 John 2s. Y. h 143 Doug- 

. Allway Joseph, carpenter, h 206 Johnson av 

Allwell Peter, lab. h 55 Walworth 
Allwell Thomas, lab. h 133 23d 
Allwood Francis, cutter, h 184 Pacific 
AH wood James, supt. h 58 Sands 
Allwood James A. elk. h 58 Sands 
Allwood John, c!k. h 58 Sands 
Allwood Thomas E. machinist, h 58 Sands 
Allyn Charles li. pres't, 79 Walworth, h 644 St. 
Mark's av 

Allyn Frank L. dentist, 284 Henry, h Wood- 
haven L.I. 
Allvn George W. printer. h288 Leonard 
Allyn John, see. 79 Walworth, h 644 St. 
"Mark's av 

Allyn Louisa, wid. dressmkr. h 88£ Wythe av 
Allyn Santbrd, engineer, h 310 8. 2d 
Alriian Samuel (Kev.i h 54 S. 10th 
Almeida Manuel P. cigars, 231 Nassau 
Almin Charles, casomkr. h r 99 Gold 
Almirall Joseph, tobacco, h 408 Grand av 
Almmick Joseph, compositor, h 76 N. 7th 
Almon Margaret, dressmkr. h 174 Court 
Almon Wenael, tailor, h 51 Johnson av 
Almond James, diesinker, hj.23 Prospect 
Almond Thomas K. machinist, 83 Wash'n h 

31 W. 24th N.Y. 
Almos Fritz, baker, h 47 Throop av 
Almquest Olitt", artist, h S5 I)e Kalb av 
Almquist Charles, shoemkr. h 136 Wyckoff 
Almqvist, August W. patents, 23 Park Row 

N.Y. h 365 State 
Alms Peter N. finisher, h 161 McKibbin 
Almstadt William, carpenter, h 1952 Atlantic 
Almstrom Aaron, bldr. 324 Grand av , li 84 


Almy George W. glassware, h 237 Gates av 
Aloise Streicher, scalemkr. h 171 Front 
Aloisio Frank, boxmkr. h 7 Old AVood Point rd 
Alonso Domingo, cigars, h 105 Boerum pi 
Alonso Roman, cigannkr. h 59 Atlantio av 
Alonzus Carmi, cigarmkr. h 696 Enlton 
Aloom Frank, printer, h 80 Butler 

J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Draggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835- 

Send for Quotations. 





Alpers Diedrich, lab. Ii 66 Monitor j 
Alpers George W. li 77 Macon 
Alph Henry, lab. h 960 Bergen 
Alpha Emil H. joiner, h 27 Thames 
Alpha Henry, cooper, h 107 Stagg 
Alphesus Margaret, wid. h 253 Johnson av 
Alphi Charles,' lab. h 120 N. 7th 
Alpin Charles, stevedore, h 67 "Woodhull 
Alpin John, lab. h 3 Flint 
Alpreeht Otto, machinist, h 157 Melrose 
Alquist C. W. lighterman, h 15 Main 
Alrich M. E. employment agency, 220 Atlantic 

Alruth Frederick, phoemkr. h 79 S. 6th 
Alsasser George, lab. h 451 Graham av 
Alsbaeh Emil, chemist, h 114 4th E. D. now 
Bedford av 

Alsberg Memhard. colorrafr. 35 Bridge, & 54 

Maiden ia X. Y. 
Alseuz Philip, hairdresser, h 354 Atlantic av 
Alsgood Henrv P. grocer, Jay c Sands, h 64 

Berkeley pi 

Alsgood Herman A. grocer Sands c Jay, h S3 

Alsgood John M. grocer, Sands c Jay, li S5 

N. Oxford 
Alsgood Peter, h 83 Cumberland 
Alsgood, Kasch & Co. grocers, Sands c Jay 
Alsbeimer Edward, tailor, h 34 Staggs y 
Alsmann Anthony, carpenter, b 51 Cook 
Alson Johanne, h 1G7 Hoyt 
Alsopp Helen, wid. William, h 161 Prospect 
Alsupp Joseph, lab. li 45 Leonard 
Alsopp Mary. wid. h 45 Leonard 
Alstatf Ithrinehart, lab. h 08 Seholes 
Alster Adam, shademkr. h 36 lleid av 
Alster Adam, silversmith, h 91 Jackson 
Alster William, window shades, b 78 Jackson 
Alston John I. finisher, h 212 Prospect pi 
Alston "William, batter, 174 Clasaon av 
Alstrom Otto, machinist, h 308 Floyd 
Alstrome Gustavo, painter, h 498 Clermont av 
Alt Chas. lab. h Liberty av e Penn av E. N.Y. 
Alt Edward, drugs, 257 Atlantic av E. N.Y. 
Alt George II. bkkpr. h 32 Bergen 
Alt Henry, lab. h 44 Grand 
Alt Henry E. harnessnikr. 391 Bedford av 
Alt John G. butcher, Vermont av c Baltic av, 

b B'way u New Jersey av E.N.Y. 
Alt Joseph, liquors, 251 Kockaway av 
Alt Max, liquors, 813 Flushing av" 
Alt Peter, shoemkr. Wyekoli av n B'way E. 


Alt William, grocer, 33 Busbwick av 
Altagbagen John F. printer, h 323 Division av 
Altenbrand Albert, brewer, 433 1st E.D. now 

Kent av, h 183 Penn 
Altenbrand Henry, maltster, 6th c N. 7th, b 

Lake Hopateoiig, N.J. 
Altenbrand Joseph, carpenter, h 391 Pulaski 
Altenburg Frederick, pulisher, b Wash'nc At- 
lantic av E.N. Y. 
Altenburg Ilonry, varnisher, h Elderot n Bal- 
tic av E.N.Y'. 
Altenburg Otto, varnisher. b Elderot n Bal- 
tic av E.N.Y. 
Alter Phillip, baker, h 174 Johnson av 
Altercamp Charles, molder, h 337 N. 2d 
Altfather H'y, lithographer, b 320 Atlantic av 
Altgeet Herman, ins. b 193 Adams 
Althagen John F. printer, 19 Dey N.Y. b 323 
Division av 

Althans Charles H. physician, 92 Greenwich 

N.Y. h 231 Keid av ' 
Althans J alius, liquors, 93 Throop av 
Althans Martin, liquars, 135 B'way 
Altheans William, b 151 Evergreen av 
Altheimer Samuel, jeweller, h 241 Adelphi 
Althisar Charles, carpenter, h 1303 Atlantic av 
Althisar William J. bldr. 23 Carlton av, h 25 

Carlton av 
Althof Charles, baker, 129 N. 4th 
Althoff Henry, mason, li 191 Throop av 
Althuser Nicolas, lab. h 324 Furman 
Altman John, grocer, WiPby av, h 894 Myrtle 



Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

Aiiuian Samuel, hairdresser, n 3iH Stockton 
Altmann Fritz, carpenter, h 177 Seliolei 
Altmann Tobias, clothier, 29 Mescrole 
Alt'meyer Peter C. framer, h 216 Throop av 
Alton Thomas, broker, 122 Front N.Y. b 125 

Garfield pi 
Altrenter Louis, machinist, h 287 Jav 
Altscbuh George, tailor, h 142 Mar.'on 
Altschub Louis, hat. c , b 17 Canton 
Altschweeler Isaac, toys, 662 5th av 
Altshec'er Beruhart, gentsfurng. 604 5th av 
Altstadt Philip, cigarmkr. b Washington n 

Union av E.N.Y. | 
Alvarez Amos, cigarmkr. b 284 Tompkins av I 
Alvarez Mathias, cigarmfr. h Smith avn B'way 


Alvarez Miguel, impr. 209 Pearl N.Y. b 230 

Gates av 
Alvens Emil, artist, h 95 Oakland 
Alvenus Joseph H. lab. h r 417 Baltic 
A I vers A. h 87 10th E.I), now Keap 
Alves Antonio, restaurant, 93 Bridge 
Alvey Samuel, h 320 Quincy 
Alvey Thomas, salesman, ii 320 Quincy 
Alvord Charles F. grocer, 302 Tompkins av, h 

299 Tompkins av 
Alvord Florence N. nurse, h 52 Tompkins pi 
Alvord Thomas G-. jr. li 79 Garfield pi 
Alvord & Graham, grocers, 302 Tompkins av 
Alwang Joseph, tinsmith, h GO Whipple 
Alwell Elizabeth, wid. James, h 549 Warren 
Alwill Frank, sashmkr. h 80 4th 
Alyea John, bldr. 415 Smith, b 18 Douglass 
Alyea William, moulding. N. J. b 50 Fort 

' Greenopl 
Alzamora Juan, salesman, b 401 8th 
Alzamora Juan C. hatter, 104 Court, li 146 


Amalga Soap Co. 85 Sedgwick 
Ainand Alexander, banker. N.Y. h 242 "Warren. 
Amand Frederick, cooper, h 171 N. 3d 
Amanda Elizabeth, wid. John, b 144 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Araaim Anthony, carpenter, h 258 Devoe 
Amann A. & Son, carpenters, 260 Devoe 
Am aim John, carpenter, h 258 Devoe 
Amann John, jeweler, h 410^ 17th 
Amann Joseph, gardener, li 275 Devoe 
Amann Philip, lab. h 90 19th 
Arnaux Eliza, wid. Simeon, 101 Decatur 
Ambach Edward, carpenter, h 262 Atlantic av 
Ambach Joseph, tailor, h 57 Ewen 
Amberman James, carpenter, h 460 State 
Amberman John H. machinist, b 139 Tan 


Amberman Kick, carpenter, b 188 Nostrand av 
Ambert Daniel, glassblower, Ii 622 Smith 
Ambier John, glassblower, h 345 Hamilton av 
Ambler Charles, stonecutter, h 469 Sackett 
Ambler George, letterer, h 216 10th 
Ambler Harriet D. wid. Robert T. h 111 S. 4tl 
Amblor John, blacksmith, h 469 Sackett 
Ambler Thomas, stonecutter, h 469 Sackett 
Ambrosa Joseph, junk, 66 Adams 
Ambrose Christian, lab. h 271 N. 6th 
Ambrose Edwin, dockbldr. h 228 N. 8th 
Ambrose Elizabeth M. h 91 Nevins 
Ambrose George, lab. h 197 S. Portland av 
Ambrose Jeremiah, driver, h 88 Meeker av 
Ambruster Caroline, wid. h 146 Varet 
Ambruster Casper, natter, h 773 Park av 
Ambruster George, liquors, 388 B'way 
Ameli Alonzo, express, 379 Manhattan av, 1 
563 Lorimer 

31 E, 17$ Open Fire-Places, 
lEwYorkj Dog Grates, Etc. 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

s«« advt. leaf opp. nama. 

PA 0 PTYfjinDPe W. C a Vostsurgh if|. Co, Limited, 

UilUJ 1 I A 1 UlllJ U. 418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 






f -1 



«8 S 








Mercantile Printing of Every Description, 

LAIN & CO., 

City directory Frinting House, 

17 WHIoughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. T. 

sen ii Court & 161 B'way 
iieridan Cocoa Hatting Co. 143 Sp< 
.lerican District Tel. Co. 191 Monti 

Ameli Eugene, express, h 563 Lorimer 
Ameli John H. apt. h 599 Lorimer 
Ameli Peter, truckman, h 200 Freeman 
Ameli Theodore, driver, b. 213 Freeman 
Amelling Sebastian, baker, h 211 Johnson av 
Araelimg Chas. grocer, 384 Pacific, h 116 Bond 
Amelung Laura H. wid. John A. li 779 Union 
Amehing Theodore, grocer, old No. 649^ Bed- 
ford av 

Amend Aaron, lab. h 144 N. 9th 
Amend Ambrose, sawdust, h 273 Havemeyer 
Amend August, natter, h Grove n Cypress av 

Amend Jacob, grocer, S. 11th c Berry, h 71 
Division, av 

Amend Jno. restaurant, 26 Alabama av E.N". T. 
Amend Jos. driver, h 137 Vermont av E.N.Y. 
Amend Adolph, drugs, 274 Court 
Anient John G. salesman, h 181 Stagg 
Anient Paul, cooper, h 268 Koebling 
Anient Peter, hairdresser, h 89 Dean 
Ameran Eliza, wid. Charles, h 240 Laf av 
Amerbach John, musician, h 59 Throop av 
Amerbach Lawrence, shoemkr. h 47 Varet 
American Baking Co. 73 Atlantic av 
American Carbon Co. S. 4th c Kent av 
American Central Ins. Co. of St. Louis, Rom 

sen n Court & 161 B'way 
Ameridan Cocoa Matting Co. 143 Spencer 
American District Tel. Co. 191 Montague, 698 & 
1076 Fulton, 328 Court, 288 Flatbush av & 
107 B'way 

American Express Co. 333 "Wash'n & 838 Fulton 
American Hotel, 28 Fulton 
American Ins. Co. of Newark, N. J. 201 Mon- 

American Oil Co. of New York. Smith c Ham- 
ilton av & 18 B'way N.Y. 
American Photo -Lithographic Co. 484 3d av & 

591 B'way N.Y. 
American Protective Association, 464 Grand 
American Society for the*Prevention of Cruelty 

to Animals, j. R. Pye, supt. 415 Fulton 
American Steam Boilerlns. Co. 179 Remson 
♦American Store Siool €<». desks, chairs 

& office furniture, 27 Howard, N.Y. 
American Street Railway Association, 3d av c 

Atlantic av 
American Tea Co. 129 Greenpoint av 
American Vinegar Works, 44 Dean 
Aniercnan Albert, express, 82 B'way N.Y. h 

426 Grand av 
Amerman Charles E. express, 82 B'way N.Y. h 

426 Grand av 
Amerman George P. police, h 136 Kosciusko 
Amerman Mary, wid. John W. h 227 Wash'n av 
Amerman Walter, elk. h 240 Laf av 
Amerman Willurd, bkkpr. h 240 Laf av 
Ames Alason G. h 194£ 22d 
Ames Ann Eliza, wid. "John, h 128 Livingston 
Ames Charles A. teacher, h 466 Hart 
Ames Charles W. elk. h 132 De Kalb av 
Ames Clinton H. artist, h 466 Hart 
Ames Daniel B. lawyer, 42 Court, h Rocka- 

way av 

Ames Edward, h 59 Pierrepont 

Ames Edward G. printing, 300 B' way,N.Y.h 361 

Gates av 
Ames Ellen M. h 786 Laf av 
Ames Frank, carpenter, h 201 Marion 
Ames George A. engineer, h 370 Baltic 
Ames George AV. engineer, h 173£ Norman av 
Ames John, engineer, h 59 York 
Ames John, insp. h 173£ Norman av 
Ames John, shipmaster, h 680 Warren 
Ames John H. engineer, h 149 Rutledge 

Ames John H. 289 1st E.D. now 

Kent av, h 466 Hart 
Ames Lydia, wid. Joint A. h 228 8th 
Ames Mary E. stenographer, li 786 Laf av 
Ames Thomas F. milk, h 469 Clermont av 
Ames Thomas F. tobacco, 47 Greenpoint av, h 

89 Franklin 
Ames Samuel, journalist, h 275 Lex av 
Ames William B. elk. h 82 Morton 
Ames William T. carpets, h 384 Court 
Ameson Otto, lab. h 120 Pres't 
Ametrano Emanuel J. rice, 85 Beaver N.Y. h 

341 Pres't 

Ametrano Joseph, barkpr. h 439 Fulton 
Amey George, barkpr. h 129 Greenpoint av 
Amies William J. music teacher, h 572 Lex av 
Aniingei Michael, mason, h 64 Beaver 
Amling Henry, cooper, h 306 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Amman Christian, shoemkr, h 762 Park av 
Ammann John, tailor, h 135 Moore 
Aminann John J. (Rev.) h 651 Hicks 
Ammann Nicholas, boilermkr. h 15 Whipple 
Ammann Nicklous, salesman, h r 9 Whipple 
Ammans Charles, conductor, h 295 Reid av 
Ammarell Christian, grocer. B'way c Georgia 

av E.N.Y. 
Ammend Michael, butcher, h 142 Varet 
Ammenwerth Henry, elk. h 45 Bush wick av 
Ammenworth Louis, plumber, 113 Leonard, h 

101 Harrison av 
Ammerman Albert, sec. 408 Fulton, h 150 S. El- 
liott pi 

Ammerman Benjamin S. Fulton c Front, h 12 
Prospect pi 

Ammerman Luther H. springs, h 328 Prospect 

Ammerman William jr. buyer, h 12 Prospect pi 
Ammerman William K. insp. h 12 Prospect pi 
Ammey Patrick, mason, h 156 Huron 
Ammey Timotliy, mason, h 156 Huron 
Ammon Christian F. crockery, 823 B'way 
Amnion George N. salesman, 'h 139 Devoe 
Ammon Valentino, mason, h 97 Graham av 
Amobodao Pasquaie, shoemkr. h 51 Luqnej 
Anion George, blacksmith, 182 Middleton 
Amon Nicholas, blacksmith, h 28 10th E.D. 

now Keap 
Amond Charles, shoemkr. h 4G6 Warren 
Amonds Daniel, h 969 De Kalb av 
Amor John, baker, h 119 Cumberland 
Amorollo Vince, grocer, 77 Van Brunt 
Amoroso Gaetano. inrpr. 61 Broad N.Y. h 367 


Amos Albert M. (Rev.) h 5 Prince 

Amos Harriet V. h 5 Prince st ct 

Amos John, express, h 179 Stockton 

Amos Judith, wid. Alex'r, h 240 Flatbush av 

Amos Mary E. h 202 Lex av 

Amosson Andrew, caulker, h 112 N. 6th 

Amour Ann, laundress, h 94 Bridge 

Amourcaux L. h old No. 314 Bedford av 

Amrein Jacob, glass, N.Y. h 29 Fayette 

Amrhein John, shoemkr. h 690 De Kalb av 

Amrhein Joseph, baker, 167 Bit sh wick av 

Amroth August, bkkpr. h 977 Fulton 

Amsberg Mary, h 305 Maujer 

Amsbury Henrv M. jewelry, 11 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 85 Downing 
Amstrong Thomas, elk. h 104 Cumberland 
Amthor Charles J. bkkpr. li 332 Humboldt 
Amundren Alfred, machinist, h 19 Steuben 
Amundsen Auten H. steward, h 112 William 
Amundsen John, lab. h 77 Sackett 
Anahmann John, brassworker, h 181 Eagle 
Anastasrus Ernst, tailor, h 229 Hopkins 
Anawell George, artist, h 126 Scher 
Anchell Minnie, wid. Abraham, h 216 Wilson 
Anchor Line Steamship Co. 68 Court, &627 Do 

Kalb av, & Piers 20 & 43 North River N.Y. 
Ancker Peter, lab. h 63 Middagh 
Ancker Peter J. lab. h 61 Front 
Andeas Henry C. weaver, 37 S. 5th, h 595 


Ander Paul, framer, h 132 Jefferson 
Ander Sebastian, lab. h 184 Harrison av 

Mutual Life insurance Go. 

Richard A. McCurdy, Pres't. 

RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn, 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Anderby Henry, driver, h Wellington pi n 

Bushwick av E.N". Y. 
Andereton William, furrier, r 52 Underbill av 
Anderlmb Peter, h 189 Meserole 
Anderie Jacob, packer, h 477 Union 
Anders Frederick, framer, b 98 Sumpter 
Anders Jacob, carpenter, h 96 Sumpter 
Anders Sophia, grocer, 96 Sumpter 
Andersen Aaron, bkbinder. h 187 Classon av 
Andersen Andrew, baskets, h 335 Atlantic av 
Andersen Anton, lab. b r 21 Sullivan 
Andersen August, cabinetmkr. h 177 Huron 
Andersen Augustus, seaman, b 235 Van Brunt 
Andersen Charles, baker, b 529 Baltic 
Andersen Exel, jeweler, h 191 19th 
Andersen Henry, sboemkr. h 60 Sullivan 
Andersen John, boatman, b 154 "Wolcott 
Andersen John, ice, h 20 Canton 
Andersen John, lab. h 274 Furman 
Andersen John, sboemkr. h 606 Classon av 
Andersen John, tailor, 245 Pacific 
Andersen Martin, lab. b 15 "Wolcott 
Andersen Paul, elk. b 674 4th av 
Andersen Rasmus, (Rev.) b 193 9th 
Andersen Thomas, lab. b 123 King 
Andersen "William, carpenter, h 798 Gates av 
Anderson Abram, engraver, h 115 Vernon av 
Anderson Abram B. printer, 146 S. 4th 
Anderson Adele, wid. Alexander, b 87 Lewis av 
Anderson Adolph, ice, b 170 Prospect 
Anderson Albert, bkkpr. b 422 Dean 
Anderson Albert, waiter, hl55 Court 
Anderson Albertina, wid. Andrew, h 617 Baltic 
Anderson Alexander, carpenter, h 18 Pres't 
Anderson Alexander, elk. h 111 Lawrence 
Anderson Alexander, deckhand, b 400 Man- 
hattan av 

Anderson Alexander, engineer, h 90 Eagle 
Anderson Alexander, foreman, b old JSTo. 60 

Anderson Alexander, grocer, 92 Parkav 
Anderson Alexander A. cutter, b 393 Pulaski 
Anderson Alexander II. realestate. 235 Ray- 
mond, n 212 Raymond 
Anderson Alfred, bricklayer, h 441 Hicks 
Anderson Alfred, fish, 449 Hicks, h 417 Hicks 
Anderson Alfred, lab. h 161 Front 
Anderson Alfred, seaman, h 66 Pres't 
Anderson Alice, wid. Hennecke, tailor, h Shep- 

pard av. n Union av E.N.Y. 
Anderson Alice, wid. James, h 21 Garfield pi 
Anderson Amond, peddler, h 630 Grand 
Anderson Andrew, b 71 Degraw 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, b 95 Pres't 
Anderson Andrew, cigarmkr. h 212 Conover 
Anderson Andrew, dockbldr. b 152 28th 
Anderson Andrew, lab. h 366 Bushwick av 
Anderson Andrew, lab. b 64 Columbia pi 
Anderson Andrew, lab. b 357 Pulaski 
Anderson Andrew, lab. h 206 Richards 
Anderson Andrew, lighters, b 172 39th 
Anderson Andrew, seaman, h|32 New York 

Anderson Andrew, shoes, 223 York 
Anderson Andrew, stairbldr. h 944 Pacific 
Anderson Andrews A. seaman, h 390 14th 
Anderson Andrew H. u.s.n. h 87 Lewis av. 
Anderson Andrew J. (Rev.) b 422 Dean 
Anderson Ann wid. Arthur, grocer, h 188 "W. 

Anderson Anna wid. Carl, h 1744 Fulton 
Anderson Annie, wid. Peter, h 324£ Lex av 
Anderson Ann J. dressmkr. 37 Devoe 
Anderson Anthony, carpenter, h 54 4th 
Anderson Anton, lab. b 129 Baltic 
Anderson Anton G. restaurant, h 248 9th 
Anderson Anton H. tailor, h 268 State 
Anderson Antone E. tailor, h 19 Hamilton av 
Anderson Archibald, insp. li 160 Bayard 
Anderson Archibald J. C. 127 "Water 3ST.Y. b 
354 6th 

Anderson August, carpenter, h 49 Columbia 
Anderson August, lab. h 32 K. Elliott pi 
Anderson August, steam, h 512 Clermont av 
Anderson August, upholsterer, h 299 Bergen 
Anderson Augusta, wid. Charles, b 288 Pacific 

Anderson Augustus, cabinetmkr. h 779 3d av 
Anderson Augustus, batter, 25 Prince 
Anderson Antes, lab. b Pres't, n Rochester av 
Anderson Axel, carpenter, h 676 4th av 
Anderson Axel, dockbldr. 680 Hicks 
Anderson A. salesman, h 93 3d av 
Anderson A. P. tailor, b 117 Wyckoff 
Anderson Brougham J. elk. b 238 5th av 
Anderson Carl, carman, b 50 Clymer 
Anderson Carman E. baker, 6 Clinton, b 24 

Prospect pi 
Anderson Cassie, b r 830 Atlantic av 
Anderson Catharine, wid. John, b 92 N. 6th 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, b 164 Lorimer 
Anderson Charles, cigarmkr. b 5th av n 44th 
Anderson Charles, elk. b 235 DeKalb av 
Anderson Charles, ice, h 149 Hudson av 
Anderson Charles, lab. b 109 Dikeman 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 285 Front 
Anderson Charles, lab. b 131 Richards 
Anderson Charles, lab. b 336 Stockton 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 712 6th av 
Anderson Charles, machinist, h 61 Hope 
Anderson Charles, machinist, b 416 Van Brunt 
Anderson Charles, mason, h 15 Delmonico pi 
Anderson Charles, oil, h 273 Plymouth 
Anderson Charles, porter, b 259 "Wyckoff 
Anderson Charles, ropemkr. b 137 10th 
Anderson Charles, salesman, b 162 42d 
Anderson Charles, stairbldr. h 1016 Pacifio 
Anderson Charles, stencil cutter, h 290 N, 8th 
Anderson Charles, sugarmfr. h 153 Hudson av 
Anderson Charles A. machinist, b 148 10th 
Anderson Charles D. elk. h 658 4th av 
Anderson Charles E. carpenter, b 356 Man- 
hattan av 

Anderson Charles E. carpenter, b 152 Steuben 
Anderson Charles P, boxwood, b 54 Garfield pi 
Anderson Charles F. driver, h 358 Atlantic av 
Anderson Charles F. oils, Vandervoort av & 

Newtown creek, h 183 Hewes 
Anderson Charles G. lab, b 13 Green la 
Anderson Charles V. b 654 Greene av 
Anderson Charlotte, wid. Cornelius, h r 473 


Anderson Christian, lab. b r 22 Coles 
Anderson Christian, bib. h 185 Dikeman 
Anderson Christian, porter, h 491 Court 
Anderson Christian, tailor, h 218 Con<n er 
Anderson Conrad, gasfitter, h old No. 369 Kent 

Anderson David, carpenter, h 121 Pres't 
Anderson David, driver, h 210 Howard av 
Anderson David, lab. h 292 Columbia 
Anderson David, marketman, h Snediker av n 

Baltic av E.N.Y. 
Anderson David jr. engineer, h 29 Ormond pi 
Anderson Davis, ins. h 29 Ormond pi 
Anderson Daniel, lab. h 102 12th 
Anderson Daniel B. h 40 Sober 
Anderson Edgar, tel. oper. h 369 St. Mark's pi 
Anderson Edmund, machinist, h 140 "Wash'n av 
Anderson Edward, auditor, h 590 Franklin av 
Anderson Edward, blacksmith, h Conduit av n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Anderson Edward, boatman, h 113 "King 
Anderson Edward, elk. h 440 Park av 
Anderson Edward, fireman, h 150 9th 
Anderson Edward, furniture, h 386 S. 3d 
Anderson Edward, seaman, h 92 "William 
Anderson Edward E. agt. h B'way n Bennett 

av E.N.Y. 
Anderson Edward J. ice, 38 S. 5th 
Anderson Edward J. supt. h 584 Greene av 
Anderson Edwin, lab. h 81 Wyckoff 
Anderson Edwin E. elk. h 222 Lorimer 
Anderson Elijah, carman, h 128 Stagg 
Anderson Eliza, wid. George, h 172 Lee av 
Anderson Eliza, wid. James, h 194 Centre 
Anderson Elizabeth, wid. Jos. R. h 155 S. 8th 
Anderson Ellen, wid. Peter, b 241 Johnson 
Anderson Emma, wid. David, h 25 Varet 
Anderson Erek, carpenter, h 676 4th av 
Anderson Estelle, wid. William, h 484 Hancock 
Anderson Eugenia, wid. Charles, b 619 Baltic 
Anderson Frank, boilermkr, h 426 Van Brunt 


m ^ 



m n 

-41 ■ 




«2 <D 
O 3 

O (A 

■ ■ 

O 2* 




Cor. 12th St., New York. 

RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

Largest Establishment In Jfew York. 


Assets, ill U, ! 


, Jan. 1, 188 


, $4,712,899 16. 


193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbosh Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic is Fourth Avos. 

2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427,89. 

© ^ 

— o 
0> LO 




Chas. J. Healv. 
efc OO., 

T. Lain. 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 Willoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 



Anderson Frank, glassblower, h 338 Humboldt 
Anderson Frank, reporter, li Bennett av n Bal- 
tic av E.N.Y. 
Anderson Frank, snpt. li 64 Dupont 
Anderson Frank 0. boatman, li 108 Van Dyke 
Anderson Frank P. pianos, 298 Fulton, k Mont- 

clair N.J. 
Anderson Frederick, li 64 Newell 
Anderson Frederick, h 399 12tU 
Anderson Frederick, boatman, h 812 Hicks 
Anderson Frederick, elk. h 54 Garfield pi 
Anderson Frederick, driver b 81 37th 
Anderson Frederick, stonecutter, li 326 20th 
Anderson Freder'ck, watchman, b r 80 Parti- 

Anderson Frederick R. cutter, b 115 Henry 
Anderson George, athlete, b 231 Leonard 
Anderson George, elk. b 94 Vand't av 
Anderson George, deckhand, b 162 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Anderson George, driver, h 231 Prospeot 
Anderson George, lab. h 13 Beach pi 
Anderson George, mason, b 140 N. 9th 
Anderson George, printer, b 145 Lorimer 
Anderson Geo. salesman, b 105 Waverly av 
Anderson George B. elk. b 111 St. Felix 
Anderson George H. salesman, h 343 Adelphi 
Anderson George M. elk. h 111 Lawrence 
Anderson George M. coachman, b 137 Prinoe 
Anderson George P. plasterer, b 1595 Fulton 
Anderson George AV. agt. Pier 27 N. River 

N.Y. h 51 Pulaski 
Anderson George AV. architect, 225 Raymond 
Anderson Grace, lacenikr. b 171 Skillman 
Anderson Graham, elk. b 40 Sober 
Anderson Graham, mfr. White o Elm N.Y. h 
563 Laf 

Anderson Gustave, b r 87 Ferris 

Anderson Gustave, coppersmith, b 9 Beach pi 

' Anderson Gustave, flour, b 48 N. Elliott pi. 

: Anderson Gustave, tailor, b 272 Wyckoff 
Anderson Hans, boatman, h 151 Conover 
Anderson Harry, seaman, b 332 Van Brant 

; Anderson Henry, baker, h 93 Hull 
Anderson Henry, boatman, h 86 Douglass 
Anderson Henry, lab. b Old Mill rd. E.N.Y. 
Anderson Henry, moulder, b 118 Nassau av 
Anderson Henry, plumber, 233 De Kalb av 
Anderson Henry B. agt. b 238 5th av 
Anderson Henry C. framer, li 118 Nassau av 
Anderson Henry J", printer, h 247 S. 4th 
Anderson Henry S. elk. h 305 Greene av 
Anderson Henry AV. pilot, b 386 Dean 
Anderson Isabella, wid. Thomas, b 54 Nostrand 

I av 

j Anderson Jacob H. lab. b 390 2d E.D. now 
! Wythe av | 
■ Anderson James, b old No. 502 Marcy av ! 
; Anderson James, blacksmith, 30 Walton, b 166 I 
j Quincy i 
i Anderson James, carpenter, b 139 Norman av J 
; Anderson James, cigarmkr. b 1668 Bergen j 
; Anderson James, com. mer. h 291 AVash'nN.Y. i 

b 631 Greene av j 
.Anderson James, fur dresser, b 99 Stenben | 
'Anderson James, lab. li 41 Columbia 
: Anderson James, lab. b 162 Hamilton av \ 
: Anderson James, batterfinisber, b 633 Myrtle ! 

av j 
j Anderson James, lighterman, h 424 Hicks ! 
; Anderson James, watchman, b 68 Franklin av I 
Anderson James G. linens, 84 Leonard N.Y. h ; 

13 Wil'by av i 
Anderson James H. painter, h 241 Lorimer I 
: Anderson James Keith, elk. b 141 AVyckorf j 
! Anderson James P. painter, h 99 Gold \ 

Anderson James S. broker, Wall N.Y. b 101 

St. James pi 
Anderson James W. flour, h 95 S. 4th 
Anderson John, carpenter, b 109 Dikeman 
Anderson John, carpenter, h 198 Sackett 
Anderson John, carpenter, h 209£ 14tb 
Anderson John, elk. h 423 Flatbusb av 
Anderson John, elk. h Shenck av n Fulton av 

E. N.Y. 

Anderson John, elk. h 197 S. Portland av 
Anderson John, driver, h 440 Park av 
Anderson John, driver, h 167 Prospect pi 
Anderson John, engineer, b 377 Atlantic av 
Anderson John, engineer, h 590 Franklin av 
Anderson John, engineer, h 107 Summit 
Anderson John, fireman, b 127 Hudson av 
Anderson John, gardener, b 93 Lefferta pi 
Anderson John, ice, b 32 Carlton av 
Anderson John, lab. b 264 Bergen 
Anderson John, lab. h 44 Bridge 
Anderson John, lab. b 1144 Degraw 
Anderson John, lab. h 154 Freeman 
Anderson John, lab. h Old Mill rd E.N.Y. 
Anderson John, lab. h 72 Pres't 
Anderson John, lab. h r 195 Sands 
Anderson John, lab. b 204 York 
Anderson John, lab. h 153 28th 
Anderson John, lab. h 196 N. 4th 
Anderson John, lab. b 845 3d av 
Anderson John, lighterman, h 63 Rapelye 
Anderson John, porter, b 378 Atlantic av 
Anderson John, seaman, h443 Hicks 
Anderson John, shipmaster, b 114 Ryerson 
Anderson John, tailor, b 3 Brooklyn av 
Anderson John, tailor, h 391 De Kalb av 
Anderson John, tailor, h 167 Jefferson 
Anderson John, tel. li 262 Jay 
Anderson John A. carpenter, h 271 53d ^ 
Anderson John A. lawyer, 44 Court, h 
49 4th av 

Anderson John C. furnituremfr. b 302 Ewen 
Anderson John C. lab. h 53d n 5th av 
Anderson John D. letter carrier, b 223 16th 
Anderson John D. mason, h 225 Raymond 






Anderson John E. conductor, b 60 Freeman 
Anderson John E. elk. h 106 Cambridg 
Anderson John F. jr. paper mer. 34 B 

N.Y. h 385 Grand av 
Anderson John G. elk. h 477 Pacific 
Anderson John H. b 246 Lorimer 
Anderson John H. bkkpr. h old No. 601 Bed- 
ford av 

Anderson John H. salesman, h 463 Macon 
Anderson John J. De, author, h 343 Adelphi 
Anderson John L. u.s.n. h 140 Wash'n av 
Anderson John R. mason, b 565 4th av 
Anderson John R. seaman, h 122 Patcben av 
Anderson John T. blacksmith, h 473 Grand 
Anderson John AV. carver, N.Y. h 178 S. 4th 
Anderson John AV. elk. b 203 Sands 
Anderson John AV. printer, h 85 Union av 
Anderson Joseph, cook, h 78 Powers 
Anderson Joseph , foreman, b 250 20th 
Anderson Joseph, ebipjoiner, h old No. 385 
Marcy av 

Anderson Joseph A. porter, h 25 Varet 
Anderson Joseph G. coachman, h 17 Union av 
Anderson Joseph J. b 74 S. 10th 
Anderson Joseph M. lab. b 90 Diamond 
Anderson Joseph P. paper-hanger, h 420 At- 
lantic av 

Anderson Joseph W. porter, h 17 Union av 



Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 

if Ut U NEW YORK. 



Anderson Julia, wid. John, h 173 Sackett 
Anderson Julius, lab. h 106 William 
Anderson J. li 483 8th 

Anderson J. watchman, h L.I. College Hospital 
Anderson J. Frank, printer, li 343 Adelphi 
Anderson Lars, cabinetmkr. h 814 Sackett 
Anderson Lars, porter, h 210 Sackett 
Anderson Lawrence, carpenter, h 417 Hicks 
Anderson Leon, carpenter, li 20£ Braxton 
Anderson Leon'd, machinist, h 8 Flushing av 
Anderson Lewis, lab. h 93 N. 8th 
Anderson Lizzie, hairdresser, 31 Flatbush av 
Anderson Louis, baker, li 72 Van Dyke 
Anderson Louis, carpenter, li 218 ConoTer 
Anderson Louisa, dressmkr. 61 Bergen 
Anderson Lucinda, h 68 Carlton av 
Anderson L. burnisher, h 534 Hicks 
Anderson Maggie, teacher, h 184 Kent 
Anderson Maiming W. undertaker, 11 Gates av 
Anderson Margaret, h 179 Miller av E. N.Y. 
Anderson Marg't, wid. Geo. F. h 108 St. Felix 
Anderson Margaret J. wid. Robert, h 395 Gold 
Anderson Maria, wid. James, h old No. 601 

Bedford av 
Anderson Maria, wid. Peter, h 67 S. 10th 
Anderson Maria, wid. Sanrl, h r 056 Atlantio 


Anderson Marion, wid. John, h 60 Clymer 
Anderson Martin, carpenter, h 151 14th 
Anderson Martin, lab. h 2 Beach pi 
Anderson Martin, seaman, li 51 Dean 
Anderson Martin, lab. h 85 14th 
Anderson Mary, h 616 Atlantic av 
Anderson Mary, wid. h 706 Atlantic av 
Anderson Mary, wid. h 1 Morcoin 
Anderson Mary, wid. h r 346 S. 4th 
Andorson Marv, wid. Clias. h 17 Delmonico pi 
Anderson Mary, wid. Joseph H. h 140 Newell 
Anderson Mary, wid. Oscar, h 267 Van Brunt 
Anderson Mary, wid. Kobert, h 103 Fleet pi 
Anderson Mary, wid. Robert, h 325 Jay 
Anderson Mary, wid. William, h 207 Kichards 
Anderson Mary C. wid. James H. h 90 Dia- 

Anderson Mary E. wid. John, h 931 Dean 
Anderson Mary L. wid. William, h 160 Bayard 
Anderson Minnie, b 124 Hiidson av 
Anderson Michael, hatter, h 134 Evergreen av 
Anderson Moses, laborer, h 115 Water 
Anderson M\ trimmer, h 159 19th 
Anderson Nelson, plasterer, li 359 19th 
Anderson Kelson G. undertaker, h 409 Adelphi 
Anderson Nicholas H. clerk, h 386 Dean 
Anderson Niel, painter, h 7 Hall 
Anderson Niels, carpenter, h 18 Woodhull 
Anderson Nils, carpenter, h 148 Hamilton av 
Anderson Ole, seaman, h 232 Van Brunt 
Anderson Oliver O. confectioner, 170 4th E. D. 

now Bedford av. h 152 S. 8th 
Anderson Olof, shoemkr. 780 Fulton, h 564 At- 

Anderson Olof F. shippingagt. 23 Coenties el 

N. Y. h 428 Union 
Anderson Oscar, laborer, h 153 Columbia 
Anderson Otto, laborer, h 123 Partition 
Anderson Otto, shoemkr. h 127 King 
Anderson Owen, laborer, h 369 Oakland 
Anderson Patrick, laborer, h 136 Partition 
Anderson Paul, salesman, h 674 4th av 
Anderson Peter, carter, h 113 32d 
Anderson Peter, laborer, h 155 Butler 
Anderson Peter, laborer, h 35 N. 8th 
Anderson Peter, painter, h Malbone n 

Kingston av 
Anderson Peter, printer, h 118 India 
Anderson Peter, shoes, 620 6th av 
Anderson Peter, stevedore, h 131 Kosciusko 
Anderson Peter G. drygds. 302 Atlantic av 
Anderson Peter O. elk. h 200 Seller 
Anderson Philip, butcher, h 627 Park av 
Anderson Kainhold, lineman, h 162 42d 
Anderson Kiehard, carpenter, h 1087 Fulton 
Anderson Kiehard, conductor, h 138 Magnolia 
Anderson Kiehard, hay, h 123 N". 4th 
Anderson Kiehard, porter, h 139 Sands 
Anderson Kiehard H. chandler, h 594 Hancock 

Anderson Kobert, carpenter, h 259 Atlantio 

av E.N.V. 
Anderson Kobert, elk. h 114 Hoyt 
Anderson Kobert G. elk. li 34 Prospect pi 
Andorson Kobert H. carpenter, Gates av o 

Marcy av, h 633 Vand't av 
Anderson Robert- J. carpenter, h 161 Tillary 
Anderson Kobert L. elk. h 142 Heyward 
Anderson Rose, wid. Kobert H. h r 396£ Bridge 
Anderson Russell, eigarmkr. h 148 Koebling 
Anderson Samuel, butclier, h 512 B'way 
Anderson Samuel, lab. h 624 Flushing av 
Andorson Samuel, porter, h 376 Graham av 
Anderson Samuel C. papvrograph, 104 Duane 

; N.Y. h 149 Taylor 

: Anderson Samuel K. h 102 Dean 

J Anderson Sarah, wid. Moses, it 624 Flushing 

Anderson Sarah H. wid. Benjamin, h 94 Fleet pi 
Anderson Searus, carpenter, h 3 Ferry pi 
Anderson Solomon, h 105 Waverly av 
Anderson Solomon, 3ab. h 624 Flusliing av 
Anderson Stasia J. h 404£ Henry 
Anderson Stephen, driver, h 584 Carroll 
Anderson Stephen D. broker, N.Y. h 1104 

Anderson Susan, wid. William, h 184 Kent 
Anderson Sven, grocer, h 564 Atlantic av 
Anderson Sven, seaman, ii 441 Hicks 
Anderson Sven, seaman, li 435 Hicka 
Anderson Sven, tailor, h 339 Hamilton av 
Anderson Thaddeus. printer, h 236 S. 9th 
Anderson Thaddeus A. elk. h 84 10th E. D. 
now Koap 

Anderson Theodore, compositor, h 490 Lorimer 
Anderson Theodore, milk, h 166 Nostrand av 
Anderson, Theodore, rigger, h 290 Van Brunt 
Anderson Theodore I), svnips, 91 Wall N.Y. 

h 215 Berkeley pi. 
Anderson Thomas, boilermkr. li 440 Park av 
Anderson Titos, butcher, h 17744. Atlantic av 
Anderson Thomas, nremen'sgds. 184 Grand 

N.Y. h 66 Dupont 
Andorson Thomas, furrier, h 440 Park av 
Anderson, Thomas, lab. h 86 Douglass 
Andorson Thomas, lab. h 417 Hicks 
Anderson Thomas, lab. h 122 Jay 
Anderson Thomas, lab, h r 525 15th 
Anderson Thomas, liquors, 14 Schenck 
Anderson Thomas, machinist, h 12 Havemeyer 
Anderson Thomas, tailor, h 49 Columbia 
Anderson Thomas, teas, 149 Myrtle av & 516 

Manhattan av, li 348 AV. 46th N.Y. 
Anderson Thomas F. salesman, h 34 Auburn pi 
Anderson Thomas J. fireman, h Liberty av n 

Montauk av E.N.Y. 
Anderson Thorbald, carpenter, h 114 Skillman 
Anderson T. F. dyer, h 251 Adams 
Anderson Walter, infr. Whito c Elm N.Y. h 

583 Laf 

Anderson Walter, porter, h 332 Hudson av 
Anderson Walter jr. infr. White c Elm N.Y. h 
563 Laf 

Anderson Wesley, undertaker, 11 Gates 
Anderson William, chandler, h 594 Hancock 
Anderson William, elk. h 37 Greon la 
Anderson William, elk. h 112 Magnolia 
Anderson Win. compositor, h 122 Patchen av 
Anderson William, electrician, h 338 Humboldt 
Anderson William j ins. 166 B'way N.Y. h 31 

Anderson William, lab. h 102 12th 
Anderson William, moulder, b 198 Havemeyer 
Anderson William, painter, h 113 Harrison ' 
Anderson William, physician, 527 Henry 
Anderson William, police, h 529 Grand av 
Anderson William, porter, b 149 Eckford 
Anderson Win. porter, h old No. 415 Kent av 
Anderson William, rigger, h 393 Pres't 
Anderson William, stenographer, 32 Chambers 

N.Y. h 98 Wilson 
Anderson William, supt. h 125 Java 
Anderson William, watches, h 693 Park av 
Anderson William, wirewkr. h 832 B'way 
Anderson William A. pres't, 166 B'way N.Y. h 

31 Monroe 


Z 3 


O. cn 

— 1 


































NEW ^os.k:. 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 





17 WffloagliSy St., eor. Ps&rl, Brooklyn. 

Anderson "William C. bldr. Van Sicklen av n 

Division av E.N.Y. 
Anderson William C. carpenter, 62 Miller av 


Anderson William C. drags, h 511 Fulton 
Anderson William C. stevedore, 10 South N.Y. 
h 413 1st 

Anderson William D. lettercarrier, h 102 Skill- 
man av 

Anderson William D. mason, 392 St Marks pi 
Anderson William D. jr. reporter li 157 Hull 
Anderson William E. grocer, 38 S. 5th 
Anderson William G. physician,h 40 Clifton pi 
Anderson William H. carpenter, 101 Downing, 

h 193 Putnam av 
Anderson William H. carpenter, h 228 Lorimer 
Anderson Wm. H. carpenter, h 140 Wash'n av 
Anderson "William H. driver, h 314 1st E.D. 

now Kent av 
Anderson William H. lab. h 90 Diamond 
Anderson William H. lab. h 10 Hart's al 
Anderson William H. oils, Newtown Creek h 

old No 183 Hewes 
Anderson William H. pilot, h 386 Dean 
Anderson William J. bkkpr. h 118 India 
Anderson William J. lab. h 51 Emmett 
Anderson William J. u.s.n, h 87 Lewis av 
Anderson William J. varnish, Vandervoort av o 

Grand, h old No. 183 Hewes. 
Anderson William J. stationer, 117 Fulton 

N.Y. h 341 Clinton 
Andree William L. stationer, Wall N.Y. h 436 

Anderson Wm. M. bkkpr, h 150 Lefferts pi 
Anderson William M. moulder, h 356 Manhat- 
tan av 

Anderson William S. ins. 36 Nassau N. Y. h 98 

Anderson William S. elk. h 29 Ormond pi 
Anderson Wm. S. printer, h 45 Fort Greene pi 
Anderson William X. bkbinder, 6 Reade N. Y. 

h 61 Somers 
Anderson Wilson G. H. sunt, h 427 Quincy 
Anderson W. F. lab. h 527 Classon av 
Anderson , 238 Penn. 
Anderson , confectioner, 4th n S. 2d, h 152 

Anderson &. Co. pianos. 298 Fulton 
Anderson & Kobertshaw, varieties, 54 Nos- 
trand av 

Andes Charles A. butcher, h 251 State 
Andes Frank, stonecutter, h 210 McDougal 
Andover James F. plumber, h 87 Fleet pi 
Andrade Joseph , packer, h 137 Devoe 
Andrades Francisco, cigarmkr. h 89 Fulton 
Andrades Manuel, cigarmkr. h 89 Fulton 
Andre John, cigarmkr. h 146 N. 9th 
Andre John, lithographer, li 17 Leonard 
Andre John C. retired, h 169 Heyward 
Andre Philip, lab. h r 12 Stagg 
Andrea Cosimo D. shoemkr. 226 Navy 
Andreae Francis A. express, Wyckoff av n 

Atlantic av, E. N. Y. 
Andreae Peter A. drugs, 91 Grand 
Andreas John, horses, h 13 Seigel 
Andree Fredrick, bkkpr. h 744 Herkimer 
Andree Oscar P. salesman, h 744 Herkimer 
Andreen Chas. W. butcher, 291 Gold 
Andreossi Francesco, shoemkr. 648 3d av 
Andres Andreas, grocer, h 643 Bushwick av 
Andres Casper, baker, h 117 MoKibbin 
Andres Frederick J . wines, 24 Whitehall N.Y. 
h 482 9th 

Andresen Christian, shoemkr. 1111 Fulton 
Andresen John C. furniture, 280 Leonard, h 
302 Ewen 

Andresen John H. salt, 11 Water N.Y. h 730 

Andresen, Elatt & Liefeld, bedsteads, 280 

Leonard, and 87 Devoe 
Andrew Geo. W. H. carpenter, h 599 Monroe 
Andrew Henry, elk. h 49 n 4th av 
Andrew James H. (Eev.) h 72 Conselyea 
Andrew Jane wid. William, h 231 Hancock 
Andrew John, h 354A Quincy 
Andrew Jolm.'agt. h 222 Eekford 
Andrew John, hatter, h 328 Bedford av 
Andrew John, varnisher, h 205 Johnson av 
Andrew Joseph, cigarmkr. li 706 B'way 
Andrews Albert A. clocks, h 419 9th 
Andrews Alexander, engineer, h 28 Bond 
Andrews Alex, engineer, h 490 Sackett 
Andrews Andrew G. elk. h 2 Atlantic av 
Andrews Andrew J . ga teman, h 473 Van Buren 
Andrews Anthony, lab. h 283 Graham 
Andrews Anton, inks, h 143 Steuben 
Andrews Archibald, elk. h 1441 B'way 
Andrews Arthur, lab. h 221^ Graham 
Andrews Benj. coal, 18 Waalbocht pi, h 183. 


Andrews Benj. physician, h 227 Berkeley pi 
Andrews Benj. B. realestate, 613 4th av 


Real Estate, Loan, & Insurance Agent 

Notary Public aM roifiiiiissLiur cl Deeds, 

Commissioner for all the Principal States, 
613 4-th AVENUE, 

Near 18th St., BROOKLYN, L. I. 

Andrews Charles, baker, h 398 Ewen 
Andrews Charles, bkkpr. h 185 Adams 
Andrews Charles, salesman, h 25 Pres't 
Andrews Charles B. drygds. 199 Grand, h 312 S. 

Andrews Charles M. elk. h 120 Snydam 
Andrews Cornelius, confectionery, h 1 York 
Andrews Dudley K. broker, 42 Pine N.Y. h 61 

Jefferson av 
Andrews Edward, oik. h 283 Graham 
Andrews Ed™ 'd, machinist, h 343 St. Mark'spl 
Andrews Edward I. storage, h 559 Monroe 
Andrews Edward J. elk. h 34| St. Mark's av 
Andrews Edward N. h 313 Hicks 
Andrews Edwin, bakery, 263 B'way 
Andrews Edwin, driver, h old No.292 Marcy av 
Andrews Edwin jr. fruits, 254 Wash'n N.Y. h 

142 S. 8th 

Andrews Elizabeth, grocer, 96 Montrose av 
Andrews Felix, painter, h 1441 B'way 
Andrews Frank, basketmkr. h r 57 Grahamav 
Andrews Frank H. drugs, 302 Flatbush av, h 

169 S. Mark's av 
Andrews Frederic, elk. h 275 B'way 
Andrews Frederick C. elk. h 185 Adams 
Andrews Frederick H. shoes, 1786 Fulton 
Andrews Frederick AV. tel. 187 B'way N.Y. h. 

1294 Dean 
Andrews George, paver, h 54 S. 3d 
Andrews George, sexton, h 37 S. 6th 
Andrews Gustav, shoemkr. Court c Bergen 
Andrews Henry, physician, li 569 Grand av 
Andrews Henry, porter, h 162 Evergreen av 
Andrews Hester, teacher, h 244 7th 
Andrews Horace, ins. h Locust av n Liberty 

av E.N.Y. 

Andrews James H. drygds. 199. Grand, h 312 
S. 5th 

Andrews John, agt. h 176 Leonard 

Andrews John, butcher, li 316 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Andrews John, carpenter, h 22 4th 
Andrews John, elk. h 95 Tompkins av 
Andrews John, lab. h r 167 Graham 
Andrews John, lab. h 79 Leonard 
Andrews John, lawyer, 16 Court, h 38 Ster- 
ling pi 



175 State Street, Cor. Court Street. 

, Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Rivers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 

Send for Circular 



I 28 & I 30 FULTON ST., 



.Andrews John, "wood turner, h 472 Warren 
Andrews John jr. lawyer, 16 Court, h 354a 

Andrews John S. physician, 14Penn avE.N.Y. 
Andrews Joseph, straw, 628 B'way N.X. b 404 

Clermont av 
Andrews Joseph A. printer, h 120 Suydam 
Andrews Joseph T. decorator, 659 Gates av 
Andrews J. Douglass, supt. h 502 Fulton 
Andrews J. H. & Son, drygds. 199 Grand 
Andrews Lilian H, lawyer, ~N.Y, h 87 State 
Andrews Louise, wid. Bobert W. h 69 2d pi 
Andrews Meta, wid. Andrew, b 909 Herkimer 
Andrews Hicolaus, stonecutter, h Alderto la n 

Fulton av. E. N.Y. 
Andrews Bobert, carpenter, h 31 Flint 
Andrews Samuel, engineer, h 393 St.Mark's pi 
Andrews Samuel H. elk. 8 City Hall, h 105 

Lex av 

Andrews Sarah B. wid. Hiram, h 156 "Wyekoff 
Andrews Thomas, lab. b 705 Prospect pi 
Andrews Thomas, truckman, h 29 Steuben 
Andrews Thomas E. agt. h 343 St. Mark's pi 
Andrews Thomas M. carpets, 1ST.T. b 143 Mon- 

Andrews "William, blinds, 344 ISTostrand av, b 

270 Clifton pi 
Andrews William, elk. h 283 ISTavv 
Andrews William, elk. h 174 Wil'by 
Andrews William, fireman, b 187 Guernsey 
Andrews William, lab, h 125 Dikeman 
Andrews William, mason, b 145 12th 
Andrews William, realestate, 1189 B'way, b 

1076 Bushwick av 
Andrews William, shoes, 347 Myrtle av, b 177 

Waverly av 
Andrews 'William H. butcher, b 882 Atlantic av 
Andrews William 0. elk. h 530 Nostrund av 
Andrews Wm. T. sup t. JT.Y. h 458 Van Buren 
Andrews William W. elk. h 432 Vand't av 
Andrews Wm. & Co. doors, 344 Nostrand av 
Ajadiews Savier, basketmkr, h r57 Graham av 
Andrews & Manney, drugs, 302 Flatbusb av 
Andri Henry, photographer, 94 Chatham K.T. 

b 42 Broome 
Andri Margaret, wid, Charles, h 42 Broome 
Androvatt Charles, carpenter, b 261 Carroll 
Andrus Alfred tf. drugs, 92 Maiden la K.Y. h 

287 Macon 

Andrus Harriet wid. Chas. H. h 99 Beid av 
Andrus Isabella, h 458 Van Buren 
Andrus, Mary A. wid. L. C. h 356 Carlton av 
Andrus William, bkkpr. b 91 Madison 
Andruss Charles, barkpr. h 567 Manhattan av 
Andwier George, cooper, h 51 Bushwick av 
Anelsson Vieenzo, cigars, 400 Carlton av 
Aneshansel Henry, lab. h 212 Meserole 
Angatty Barney, fruits, b 325 Adams 
Angeheuer John, printer, h 242 Stagg 
Angel Benjamin E. featberdyer, 90 Wyekoff 
Angel Frank W. lawver, 12 Bridge 1ST.Y. b old 

Itfo. 89 Keap 
Angel Job F. h 307 Carlton av 
Angel William T. elk. h 87 Adelphi 
Angelbeck Henry D. elk. h 130 Nassau av 
Angell Albert H^ editor, Fulton c Front, h 513 

Vand't av 
Angell Charles, lab. h 100 Newell 
Angell George B. salesman, h 664 Greene av 
Angell George D. jeweler, 176 B'way N. Y. h 41 

Clifton pi 

Angell James F. jeweler, h 400 Adelphi 
Angell John, elk. h 255 1st E D. now Kent av 
Angell Philip, bldr. h old No. 37 Maspeth av 
Angell Thomas, salesman, b 652 Madison 
Angell William, fireman, h 2130 Fulton 
Angelo Pagano, fruit, 349 Grand, h 109 Ewen 
Angenthaler Chas. collector, h 192 Throop av 
Angeosingo Derosto, lab. h 44 Front 
Anger Edward, elk. b 24 Quincy 
Anger Henry, musician, b 99 Graham av 
Anger Herman, butcher, b 24 Quincy 
Anger Leopold, porter, h 43 Bushwick av 
Anger Paul, porter, h 8 Met. av 
Angermann Ferdinand, shoemkr. 90 2d E.D. 
now Wythe av 

Angers Frank, tailor, h 91 Hamilton av 
Angers John , realestate, b 418 Bergen 
Angevin Elijah H. printer, h 371 S. 2d 
Angevine David E. carpenter, b 59 Hope 
Angevine Elijah M. driver, b 376 S. 5th 
Angevine Emory P. toolmkr. b 216 Lorimer 
Angevine Frank, U.S. Examiner, b 184 Halsey 
Angevine Frank jr. elk. h 184 Halsey 
Angevine Jane, h 661 Monroe 
Angevine John O. printer, h 289 S. 1st 
Angevine Louis B. carpenter, b 33 Hope 
Angevine Margaret, wid. John S. b 155 S. 4th 
Angevine William J. carpenter, b 125 Eckford 
Angler John J. caulker, b Wyekoff av n At- 
lantic av E. N.Y. 
Angler Nicholas, chairmkr. 173 Boerum 
Anglein James, lab. h 196 Nelson 
Anglim Jeremiah, grocer, h 160 W. 9th 
Anglim Jeremiah, 'longshoreman, b 101 Boe 
rum pi 

Anglim John, liquors, 339 Hamilton av, h Btf 

Hamilton av 
Anglim Mary, fancygds. 871 Atlantic av 
Anglim Michael, feed, 253 Hamilton av 
Anglim Thomas, barkpr. b 345 Hamilton av 
Anglim Thomas, elk. b 253 Hamilton av 
Anglin Charles, seaman, b 148 Columbia 
Anglin Patrick, lab. b 173 Sackett 
Angliss Joseph, leatherdresser, 301 Sumner av 
Angliss Thomas C. carpenter, h r 137 N. 4th 
Angll Henry L. elk. h 41 Clifton pi 
Anglo-American Dry Docks, ft. Elizabeth 
AngloAmerican Gravel BoofingCo. 146 Green- 

point av 

AngloAmerican Stores, Elizabeth n Biobards 
Anglum James, cooper, h 119 N. 3d 
Anglum Jeremiah, lab. b 402 Prospect pi 
Anglum Thomas, driver, b 119 N. 3d 
Angsterberger Joseph, silvexpolisber, h 188 

Throop av 
Angulo Bamon, cigarmkr. b 395 S. 2d 
Angur Alfred, cordage, 172 Fulton N\Y. h 108 


Angur Charles H. cordage, 172 Fulton N.Y. h 

108 Johnson 
Angus Helen, wid. John, b 99 Waverly av 
Angus John, bkkpr. b 99 Waverly av 
Angus John, elk. b old No. 239 Bedford av 
Angus John, newsagt. b 270 Furman 
Angus John B. elk. h 142 Hoyt 
Angus Thomas, elk, h old No. 148 Maroy av 
Angus Thomas B. elk. h 104 Clermont av 
Angus Thomas W. elk. b 148 Marcy av 
Anholt Isadore, elk. h 26 Bushwick av 
Anione Amiodio, hairdresser, Havemeyer < 

N. 2d 

Anjelo Bumya, tailor, h 19 Main 

Ankel Christopher, butcher, Wasb'n mkt.N. Y. 

b 390 Grand 
Anker Peter A. driver, h 246 Waverly av 
Ankers John H. shipmaster, h 101 Stuyvesant 


Ankner Adam, boilermkr. h 18 Ewen 
Ankner Barle, peddler, h 36 Melrose 
Ankner Peter, mason, b 125 Cook 
Annabal Henry, carpenter, h 113 Graham 
Annable Henry D. drags, 338 Tompkins av, b 

352 Monroe 
Annable Mary A. wid. Joseph, b 151 Driggs 
Annamiller John Henry, tailor, b 334 Atlan- 
tic av 

Annan Edward, m^r. b 201 Wash'n park 
Annan E. S. wid. h 392 Clinton av 
Annandale John, cashier, b 15 N. Elliott pi 
Annandale William J. bkkpr. h 181 Baltic 
Annear James, machinist, b 188 Eckford 
Anuess Dudley S. lawyer, b 983 Bergen 
Annett Bicbard, shoemkr. 216 Franklin 
Annex Brooklyn, Perm. B. B. N. J. Fall Biver 

Line, Albany day boats, ft Fulton 
Annex Erie Depot, Hoboken, Jersey City, Cen- 
tral B. B. of N. J. & Brooklyn, ft Fulton 
Annex Hotel, 12 Fulton 
Annin John A. h 925 Gates av 
Annin Joseph, steam fittings, 13 Adams, h 138 


as r 

> TJ 

2 n 

ft so 

" 2 

H ! 





1 £ 



• 3 > 








| 539 Broadway, cor. Prince. 
Fill WW 

K. lo. 1 fall St., cor, 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

Assets, in U, S„ M. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 



* ,*s 

*te o 
» «S 

03 CO 

K to 



■ ■ 1 s 

■HHBE9 „ 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Avcs. 

LiaMl,, $2,377,471.27, SurjlflS. $2,335,427,89, 
22 ANT— APP 



City Directory Printing House, 
17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Annin Joseph V. elk. h 138 Herkimer 
Annin Paul W. h 925 Gates av 
Annin & Co. pipes, 13 Adams 
Annis Margaret, wid. Edward, h 449 3d av 
Annon Archibald, engineer, h 14 Ash 
Annon Phineas F. engineer, h 9 3d 
Annond John, lab. h 70 Yaret 
Annos Hans, lab. h 60 Clymer 
Anns George, lab. h 54 Wash'n av 
Annselrnan Lawrence, lab. h r 56 Ten Eyck 
Ansado Nicholas R. h 8 2d pi 
Ansart Edward A. elk. h 130 Summit 
Ansbach Samuel, lab. h 108 Debevoise 
Ansbacher Adolphus B. colors, 312 N. 7th, h 

1 W. 52d N.Y. 
Ansbacher Maurice E. colors, 312 N. 7th, h 

1 W. 52 N.Y. 
Ansbacher & Co. colorworks, 312 N. 7th 
Ansbro Edward, oysterman, h 196 Myrtle av 
Ansbro Michael, oysterman, li 196 Myrtle av 
Ansbro Peter, oysterman, h 196 Myrtle av 
Anselm Rudolph, tailor, h Vermont ay n At- 
lantic av E.N.Y. 
Ansley Frederick, furniture, 227 Front N.Y. 

h 389 Mason 
Ansman Henry, lab. h 537 Manhattan av 
Anson Alfred U. elk. h 174 Des ?raw 
Anson Edward M. oper. h 399 Flatbush av 
Anson George W. express, h 57 Hope 
Anson Herman, seaman, h 101 Hamilton av 
Anson John O. hardware, 53 Hamilton av, h. 
174 Degraw 

Ansouia Clock Co. 7th av c 13th & 11 Cliff N.Y, 
Anstett John, cigars, 479 Bushwick av 
Anstett Joseph 3s . produce, 231 Fulton N.Y. h 
35 3d pi 

Anstey Fred'k F. furniture, h 560 Atlantic av 
Anatrom Charles, ropemkr. h 166 9th 
Antenen Edward, elk. h 54 S. 6th 
Antez George, butcher, h 41 Dixon's al 
Antfeld William F. harness, h 631 3d av 
Anthoney Frank, shoemkr. 42 Carroll 
Antliony Andrew, elk. h 246 Greene av 
Anthony Charles, produce, h 21 Graham av 
Anthony Clarence, elk. h 1355 Dean 
Anthony David M. butcher, 74 Atlantic av, h 

Fall River, Mass. 
Anthony Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, h 223 Har- 

Anthony Frederick H. bats, h 35 Park pi 
Anthony Holland C. architect, N.Y. h 175 

Anthony James, h 452 Decatur 
Anthony Joseph, peddler, h 135 N. 4th 
Anthony Mary. wid. James, h 1355 Dean 
Anthony Robert E. mer. 168 Church N.Y. h 

198 Greene av 
Anthony Theophilus, mer. h 414 Laf av 
Anton Charles, carpenter, h r 101 Meserolo 
Anton Emanuel, jeweler, h 134 Evergreen av 
Anton Frank, lab. h 216 Freeman 
Anton Henry, lab. h 42 Delmonico pi 
Anton John, hairdresser, h 7 Front 
Antonallio Pali, lab. h 368 Lorimer 
An tone Conrad, x>ainter, h 239 Floyd 
Antonia Johanna, wid. Andrew, h 157 Boerum 
Antonia Vincent, fruits, 34£ Pine N.Y. h 412 

Tompkins av 
Antonio Frank, oil, h 41 Carroll 
Antonio Frederick, lab. h 194 Dupont 
Antonison Ella M. dressmkr, h 174 Kosciusko 
Antonius Ludwig, carpenter-, 108 Newell 
Anton sehaefer Franz, grocer, 107 Hopkins 
Antony Sivvoly, fruit, h r 443 Hudson av 
Antony William, tailor, h 1019 Flushing av 
Antor Adam, showcasemkr, h 185 Throop av 
Antrobus Thomas, painter, 466 5th av 

Antun Cornelius, pianonikr. h 243 Dovoe 
Antwiler Bessie, wid. Frederick, h Alabama 

av n Atlantic av E.N.Y. 
Antwiler Joseph, eigarmfr. h 228 Wash'n 
Antz Adam, conductor, h 157 McKibbin 
Antz John, butcher, 347 Myrtle av 
Antz Philip, agt. h 977 Myrtle 
Antz Philip G. jr. produce, 37 Wallabout mkt. 

h 140 Wash'n av 
Anway George D. driver, h 296 Butler 
An well Frederick, elk. h 129 Carlton av 
Anwell John L. packer, h 592 Dean 
Anwell Lewis, cigars, h 129 Carlton av 
Anwish Henrietta, wid. Geo. h 165 Meserolo av 
Anz Catherine, wid. Jacob, confectionery, 404 

Bush wick av 
Apel Albert F. drugs, 660 5th av 
Apel August, tailor, h 64 Smith 
Apel Charles, upholsterer, h 40 Carlton av 
Apel Gustave, teacher, h 80 Wil'by 
Apel Gustav E. housefurng. 584 5th av, h 129 


Apel Huldreizh r barkpr. h 200 Court 
Apel & Bird, housefurng. 584 5th av 
Apeler Herman, grocer, 135 Bergen 
Apell Philip, optician, h 99 York 
Apelles Matilda, wid. Henry, h old >'o.J 223' 

Alpgar Leavitt S. artist, 453 Fulton, h [333 

Apilzsch Julius, engineer, h 80 Cedar 
Apking Charles F. grocer, 180 Skillman, h 345 

Wil'by av 
Apia Joseph, grocer, li 45 Boerum 
Aplin William, editor, b 444 State 
Aplustille Alfred, watchoasemkr. h 134 Scholes 
Apman Henry, hotol, 81 West, N.Y. h 448 


Apmann John, lab h 645 Grand 

App Oscar, wheelwright, h 201 Meserole 

Appel Alexander, painter, h 23 Laf 

Appel August, fish, 527 B'way 

Appel Aiitiust. tailor, h 179 Scholes 

Appel Frederick, h 165 15th 

Appel George, brewer, h 220 Bushwick av 

Appel George, butcher, h 232 Ellery 

Appel Henry, elk. h 505 Manhattan av 

Appel John I baker, h 127 Oakland 

Appel John, lab. h 26 Scholes 

Appel Loi'ing, engineer, li 748 3d av 

Appel Margaret, wid. Henry, h 101 Moore 

Appel Rosa, wid. John, tailor, h 417 S. 4th 

Appelbaum Jacob M. tailor, h 161 9th E.D. 

now Rodney 
Appelbaum Otto, cabinetmkr. h 222 Calyer 
Appelgato Charles E. florist. 17 Putnam av 
Appelgate Edward, mason, h 33 N. Oxford 
Appelgate George L. sec. 13 City Hall, h 296 


Appelgate Joseph H. fish, 882 Fulton, [h. 436 
Franklin av --^^ 

APPELHAUS ADAM, liquors, 170 Bushwick 

Appelhauser Philip, hairdresser. 308 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Appell John, tailor, h 90 Boerum 
Appelmann David, elk. h 111 Noble 
Apple John, barkpr. h 318 N. 2d 
Apple John, blacksmith, li 25 Favette 
Apple John, cigarmkr. h 208 22d' 
Apple Margaret ta, wid. h 35 Wyckoff 
Apple Moses, cigarmkr. h 302 Grand 
Applehaugh Catherine, wid. tel. oper. h 63 

Division av 
Applebey John, foreman, h 106 Navy 
Appleby George, printer, h 553 B'way 
Appleby John, coachman, h old No. 9 Marcy 


Appleby John, fruitpickev, h 262 Boerum 
Appleby Maria E. wid. Rodman, h 448 Wav- 
erly av 

Appleby Rodney, carpenter, h 394 Humboldt 
Applegate Daniel B. police, h 85 Fleet pi 
Appelgate Edward N. h 17 Cambridge pi 
Applegate George S. butcher, h 124 Cumber- 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 1 '« BtSPVoV,?." 7 ' 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world 

Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 




Applegate G-. W. contractor, 163 Wash'n av h 

678 Gates av 
Applegate H. Herbert, salesman, h 356 Bridge 
Applegato Jeremiah, lab. h 88J Diamond 
Applegate Joseph, h old No. 22 Bedford av 
Applegate 'William, police, h 311 Franklin av 
Applegate William F. painter, li 10 Cole8 
Applegate William H. bookpr. h 300 10th 
Applegate William L. music, h 300 10th 
Applegate & Chapman, contractors,'^ Wash'n 


Applehan Henry, elk. h 9 Columbia pi 
Appleman Herman, jeweler, h 424 Hudson av 
Appier Christian, hostler, h 32 Vine 
Appleton Arthur, supt. h 456 Pacific 
Appleton Charles, elk. h 63 McDougal 
Appleton Daniel S. publisher, 201 Kent av &■ 

1 Bond N.Y. h 3 University pi N.Y. 
APPLETON D. & CO. publishers, old No. 201 

Kent av & 1 Bond N.T. 
Appleton Edward D. publisher, 201 Kent av & 

1 Bond N.Y. h N.Y. 
Appleton Edwin J. com. mer. h 258 Laf av 
Appleton Frank S. bkkpr. h 47 Vernon av 
Appleton Herbert, ins. h 49 Vernon av 
Appleton Isabel, wid. William, h 218 Withers 
Appleton J. W, elk. h 139 Cambridgo pi 
Appleton Patrick, framer, h 462 Park av 
Appleton Knel Ross, sewing machines, 306 Ful- 
ton, li 231 Harrison 
Appletoh Thomas, blacksmith, b 137 Park av 
Appleton Thomas, elk. h 304 Grand 
Appleton William 11. publisher, 201 Kent av 

& 1 Bond N.Y. h 3 Madison av N.Y. 
Appleton William W. publisher, 201 Kent av 

& 1 Bond N.Y. h 46 E. 25th N.Y. 
Appley John, framer, li 688 Park av 
Appleyard Austin gunsmith, h 692 Myrtle av 
Apployard Elizabeth, wid. Joseph C. li 101 

Patchen av 
Appli 'William, hairdresser, h 13143d 
Apprecht Herman, metal spinner, h Vermont 

av n Baltic av E.N.Y. 
April John M. lab. h 161 9th 
Aproy Fanny, dressmkr. 188 Franklin a v 
Apsev Henry, tailor, 512 Myrtle av 
Apt Joseph, carpenter, h 97 N. 8th 
Apt Philip, fireman, h 150 N. 7th 
Apy Mary, wid. Charles, h 249 Hudson av 
Aquirro John, cigarmkr. 852 Fulton 
Aralt Gustavo, lab. h 599 6th av 
Aranguren Frederick, ins. h 236 McDonough 
Arango Kittie F. wid. Manuel, school, h 674 

Do Kalb av 

Arapian Edward J. com. mer. 99 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 423 Pulaski 
Ararne Eugene, elk. h 109 Hamilton av 
Arbogast Valentine, baker, 278 Smith 
Arbogha Michael, tailor, ft 252 Hopkins 
Arbona Emma, h 123 Carlton av 
Arbor August, printer, h 617 3d av 
Arbor Thomas, machinist, h 12th, c 5th av 
Arbraz Louis, fruit, 43 Main 
Arbrecht Katherine, wid. John, h 188 Hamil- 
ton av 

Arbuasd Philip, tailor, h 39 McKibbin 
Arbuckle Andrew, lab. h 113 Water 
Arbuckle Charles, sec. ft. Adams, h 82 Willow 
Arbuckle Coffee Co. ft. Adams 
Arbuckle John, cooper, h 5Phillip'sal 
Arbuckle John, pres't, ft Adams, h 82 Willow 
Arbuckle Mary, h 635 Park av 
Arbuckle Robert, coffee sampler, h r 35 Garnet 
Arbuckle Thomas, cooper, h 176 York 
Arbutnot William, driver, h 349 B'wav 
Archard Emma, wid. John L. h 94 Reid av 
Archard Minnie, dressmkr, h 94 Reid av 
Archbold Michael, lab. h 211 Kingsland av 
Archepalo Angelo_, pedler, h 260 Navy 
Archer AbigilT, wid. George B. h 40 Monroe pi 
Archer Alexander, elk. li 180 Madison 
Archer Alexander H. hardware, 1143 Fulton, h I 

380 Madison ' 
Archer Calvin J. bldr. 113 Lex av, h 437 Madi- j 

son I 
Archer Edward, barkpr. h 505 Bushwick av I 

Archer Edward, cigars, 1239 Myrtle av 
Archer Edward, waiter, h 201 Johnson av 
Archer Elihu. bldr. h 296 Hart 
Archer Eugene, confectioner, h 34 3d av 
Archer George E. architect, li 233 Penn 
Archer George E. storage. Dwight n Sullivan, 

h 85 Decatur 
Archer George W. bkkpr. h 16 Downing 
Archer Henry, paperstainer. It 84 Navy 
Archer Henry A. physician, 111 S. Oxford 
Arciier Hezekiah S. bkbinder, 61 Park N.Y. h 

222 Carlton av 
Archer Isaac H. oils, 122 Pearl N.Y. h 136 


Archer Jacob W. bkmfr. 57 Park N.Y. h 423 

Greene av 
Archer James, grocer, h 620 Herkimer 
Arciier John, artist, h 61 Adelplii 
Archer John J. grocer, 583 Vand't av, h 676 


Archer Joseph W. manager, h 85 Decatur 
Archer Mary, wid. h 263 Warren 
Archer Norman L. bkbinder, h 593£- Laf 
Archer Percival M. cigarmkr. h 58 Sands 
Arciier Richard R. carpenter, h 709 Leonard 
Archer Robeson, paints, 36 S. William N.Y. h 

432 Clinton 
Archer Thomas, foreman, h 298 Van Brunt 
Archer Tliomas jr. elk. h 29H Van Brunt 
Archer Thomas W. machinist, h Liberty av n 

Penn av E.N.Y. 
Archer Washington, h 16 Downing 
Arciier William, engineer, n 143 William 
Archer William, restaurant. C56 Myrtle av 
Archer William, shoemkr. h 233 Sawkett 
Archer & Dyson, carpenters & bldrs. 423 Lex 


Archibald Charles, woodengraver, h rl65 Gra- 
ham av 

Archibald Henry M. bldr. h 136 Oakland 
Archibald Jane, nurse, h 143 Butler 
Archibald Lucieno, carpenter, h 270Borge:i 
Arch man Fred, wlieelwriglit. h lULorimer 
Arei Juan B. ironfounder. 206 0th E.D. now 

Rodney, h 91 4th E.D. now Bedford ;;v 
Arcularias Charles B. appraiser, h 160 S. 2d 
Arcularius Frank, h 1.094 Groone av 
Arcularius Frederick, oysters. 521 Atlantic av 
Arcularius Maria, wid. George L. h 82 Cedar 
Arcularius Maria, wid. Henry, h 388 Liberty 

av E. N.Y. 
Ardenker John, machinist, b 586 B'way 
Ardemat Charles, carpenter, h 59 N. 1st 
Arden Edwin, actor, h 40 Vernon av 
Arden Henry, lawyer, 09 Nassau N.Y. h 126 


Ardifi" Patrick J. driver, h 59 Freeman 
Anile Jacob, mason, h 552 B'way 
Ardnell Francis, lab. h 237 Front 
Ardouin Charles J. engraver, h 211 Nassau 
Ardrey John, agent, h 490 5th av 
Arena John, deckhand, h 165 Degraw 
Arena Martin, pilot, h 165 Degraw 
Arend George, baker. 71 Ralph av 
Arend Henrv, segarboxes, h 136 Moore 
Arendt Abraham, tailor, h r 128 Graham av 
Arena Abraham, tobacco, South N. Y. h 

90 Norman av 
Arensberg Lippman, oleomargarine, 61 Fur- 
man, & tobacco, 154 Myrtle av. h 219 Adel- 

Arensberg Lippman & Co. oleomargarine, 61 

Arent William, glassblower, h r 150 Gwinnett 
Arents Charles D. cooper, h 218 Union av 
Arents William S. cooper, 74 Withers, h 344 

Areson Edward, driver, li 939 Paciiie 
Areson Samuel W. turner, Wallabout c Wal- 
ton, h Roekville Centre, L.I. 
Areson Z. wid. John R. h 359 Monroe 
Arfmann Christopher, h 250 Grand 
Arfmann Frederick, grocer', 160 West 
Arfmann John, liquors, 36 VanCott av, h 21 

Arfmann John, painter, h 547 Manhattan av 







Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. leaf opp. lmii.c. 

857 Broadway, cor. 17th 

ARG— AEM 24 

St., New York. 


5 i 
o I 

O o 

m . 

r ci 
z > 




Lain's Directory Office, 

17 Wffloughby St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Argell Jacob, tinsmith, li 212 Franklin 
Argue John, lab. li 131 Sands 
ArgueHes Isidro, cigars, Pearl c Johnl^.Y. h 
87 »<1 pi 

Arguimbau Daniel V. importer, 29 S. "William, 

X. Y. h 86 2d pi 
Arguimbau Frank M. agt. 29 S. "William N.Y. 

h 86 2d pi 

Arguimbau Joseph L. impr. h 89 1st pi 
Ariekman "William, driver, h 120 Middle-ton 
Aridt "William, h 220 Ten Eyck 
Aring John C. driver, h 598 Grand 
Arins Arind, lab. h 18 Canton 
Arinson Pehr, tailor, h 309 Court 
Arion C. P. J. comr. h 13a 3d pi 
Arkel George H. elk. h 377 Quincy 
Ark ell Annie R. wid. Thomas, h 248 Van Brunt 
Arkell James W, jr. shipping, h 264 Monroe 
Arkills David E. watchman, h 82 Norman av 
Arknus Mary. wid.Kob't,h 1065 St. Mark's av 
Arkwright Abraham, engineer, h 103 Flatbush 

Arlart Herman, furrier, h 318 Stockton 
Arid Paul, h 59 Central av 
Arlington Major J. produce, N.Y. h 116 

Arlington Thomas, janitor, h 26 Throop av 
Arlino G-. shoemkr. 308 5th E.D. now Driggs 
Arlni Maregretta, wid. "William, h 123Maujer 
Arlt Caroline, wid. William, h 30 Meserole 
Aiit Henry, cabinetnikr, li 200 "Withers 
Arm G-ollieb, lab. h 228 N. 8th 
Aimand Anna, h 137 Kalph 
Armand Charles, lab, h 8 Grand 
Armand Edwin, perfumes, 30 Piatt N.Y. h 482 

Armand John, cooper, h 127 Montrose av 
irmann Charles, milk, 278 S. 1st 
Armaim Ferdinand, artist, h 111 Myrtle 
Armas Antonio, cigarmkr, h 347 "Warren 
Armbrister James, salesman, h 111 Lynch 
Armbruster Anton, grocer, 752 Park av 
Armbruster Charles, agt. h 239 Rutledge 
Armbruster Charles, shoemkr. h 118 Ellery 
Armbruster Emily, wid. Kaufman, h 47 Tomp- 
kins av 

Armbruster Frederick C. satchels, 153 Centre 

N.Y. h 163 S. 9th 
Armbruster eabinetmkr. h. 92 Throop av 
Armbruster Otto, driver, h 135 N. 8th 
Armbruster "William, ga-sfitter, 279 Gold 
Armburst Henry, barkpr. h 282 Marcy av c 

Armendinger Jacob, mason, h 188 Jefferson 
Arment Moses E. ticket agt. h 30 Cheever pi 
Amies Charles E. bkkpr. h 198 Nassau 
Armet Archibald, lithographer, h Centre n 

Sackett E.N.Y. 
Armet William, bkbinder, h E. New York av 

n Sackman E.N.Y. 
Armtield Jos. jr. ferryman, h 344 Nostrand av 
Armgardt Henry , physician, 317 Leonard cCon- 

selyca, office hours until 9, 12 to 1 & 7 to 8 
Arming Francis M. com. mer. 81 New N.Y. n 

195 State 

Armmgton James H. pres't, 180 Remsen, h 102 

Armitage ueorge, cutter, h 50 Oakland 
Armitage Isaac, shoemkr. h 146 16th 
Armitagc James, shoemkr. h 701 Butler 
Armond John, carpenter, h 74 Humboldt 
Armor Mary E. agency, 248 Tompkins av 
Annoroso Gaeto, fruit, 63 Broad N.Y. h 367 

Armour Agnes D. dressmkr. h 436 Herkimer 
Armour Ann, wid. William, h 94 S. Elliott pi 

Armour Franklin DeW. elk. h 436 Herkimer 
Armour Henry II. supt. h 182 P».eid av 
Armour John, compositor, h 68 Poplar 
Armour John, packer, 37 Jamaica pkrd E.N.Y. 
Armour John, stonecutter, h Market n Eagle 

av. E.N.Y. 
Armour Martha Y. fancygds. 1850 Fulton 
Armour Samuel, fishmkt. Ti 325 Bond 
Armour Samuel L. sailmkr. h 240 Bridge 
Armour Theodore G. elk. h 13 Halsey 
Armour William, barkpr. h E. New York av. 

n Sackman E.N.Y. 
Armour William H. driver, h 325 Bond 
Armour & Co. dressed beef, 188 Fort Greene pi 
Armozinsky Martin, lab. h 108 Ewen 
Armpuster George, furniture, h 44 Bogart 
Arms Theodore W. mer. h 475 Laf av 
Armshaw Mary, wid. Richard, li 362 Prospect 


Armstead Alice B. tailoress, h 395 Gold 
Armstrong Ales, blacksmith, h 303 Eckford 
Armstrong Andrew, express, h 37 Fleet 
Armstrong Andrew J. ins, N.Y. h 149 Bergen 
Armstrong Andrew W. printer, h 108 Cayler 
Armstrong Austin T. h 63 S. 6th 
Armstrong Benjamin h 391 Jeiferson av 
Armstrong Benj. F. printer h 253 Koscuisko 
Armstrong Bridget F. h 32 St ate 
Armstrong B. F. salesman, Ti 640 Gates av 
Armstrong Charles, elk. h 28 St. Mark's av 
Armstrong Charles, hay, 458 Bedford av, h 428 
Marcy av 

Armstrong Charles, printer, h 124 Linden 
Armstrong Chas. F. upholsterer, h 535 Gates av 
Armstrong Charles P. com. mer. 114 Wall N.Y. 

li 480 Clinton av 
Armstrong Charles R. printer, 110 3d av 
Armstrong I)avid ir. advertising, 3d av n 37th. 

N.Y. h 108 Calyer 
Armstrong Dora, wid. h 29 Hicks 
Armstrong Edward, furs, 91 Mercer N.Y. h 

446 Greene av 
Armstrong Edward, hatter, h 88 Raymond 
Armstrong Elizabeth, h34() Manhattan av 
Armstrong Elizabeth, wid. h 29 Douglass 
Armstrong Elizabeth, wid. h 167 Meserole av 
Armstrong Frank E. elk. h 360 9th 
Armstrong Fred'k H. bkkpr. Ji 88 Woodhull 
Armstrong George, 430 Laf av 
Armstrong George, driver, h 477 Graham av 
Armstrong George, supt. N.Y. h old No. 77 


Armstrong George A. dockbldr. h 117 10th 
Armstrong George D. lawyer, h Alabama av. 

n Liberty E.N.Y. 
Armstrong George E. impr. N.Y. h 21 Soher 
Armstrong George F. salesman, h 238 AdelpM 
Armstrong George J. barkpr, h 117 10th 
Armstrong George J. turner, h 143 Elm 
Armstrong George S. bkkpr. h 241 S. 5th 
Armstrong George S. salesman, h 34 Berry 
Armstrong Guy O. manager, li 245 Raymond 
Armstrong Henry, h 99 Amity 
Armstrong Henry, bkkpr. h 88 Woodhull 
Armstrong Henry, mechanic, h 222 52d 
Armstrong Hugh, bridgekpr. h 117 10th 
Armstrong James, grocer, 583 Grand, 92 Ful- 
ton & 241 B'way', h 303 Humboldt 
Armstrong James, livery, old No. 458 Bedford 

av, h old No. 428 Marcy av 
Armstrong James, machinist, li 170 N. 4th 
Armstrong James, plumber, 348 Court &, 409 
Myrtle av. h 249 Pres't 




348 COURT ST„ cor. Union St., i r> rM Myi, 
409 MYKTLE AVE,, near Clinton Ave,, I muuM,u - 

William fl. Tyler, 

no & ii2 Broad St., 

Cor. Water St., New York. 

Holder of Pennsylvania and Maryland Rye 
and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskies in Bond and 
Tax Paid. See Business Directory — Liquors, 





11 E. 14th St., New York. 


Armstrong James, roofer, 30 Reid av 
Armstrong James A. bkkpr. h 309 Degraw 
Armstrong James D. printer, h 77 Ivy 
Armstrong James E. mer. h 678 Greene av 
Armstrong James M. elk. 16 Court House, h 

159 Wil'by 
Armstrong Jobn, boilermkr. h 161 India 
Armstrong John, carpenter, h c. Marcy & 

Mvrtle av 
Armstrong John, elk. h 232 S. 9th 
Armstrong John, lab. b 121 Manhattan av 
Armstrong John, lab. h r 143 N. 8tb 
Armstrong John, machinist, b 117 10th 
Armstrong Jolm, moulder, h 149 Freeman 
Armstrong Jolm, painter, h 935 Gates av 
Armstrong John, printer, b 138 Jay 
Armstrong John, shoemkr. h 65 Columbia pi 
Armstrong John, stairbldr. b 84 Marion 
Armstrong John A. journalist, 185£ Stagg 
Armstrong John H. broker, b 430 Laf av 
Armstrong Jolm H. elk. h 58 Newell 
Armstrong John L. carpet, h 340 Pearl 
Armstrong Jolm S. printer, h 88 Raymond 
Armstrong Julia, varieties. 187 Richards 
Armstrong Julia, wid. "William, b 97 Java 
Armstrong J & C. bay, 458 Bedford av 
Armstrong Leonora, h 149 Bergen 
Armstrong Lewis, elk. h 65 Johnson 
Armstrong Margaret, wid. h 826 Atlantic av 
Armstrong Margaret, wid James, h 140 Amity 
Armstrong Mary, h 340 Manhattan av 
Armstrong Mary, wid. Christopher, b 385 


Armstrong Mary, wid. James, h 480 "Warren 
Armstrong Mary, wid. Win. h 294 Van Brunt 
Armstrong Michael, h 245 Raymond 
Armstrong Richard, chemist, h 368 Degraw 
Armstrong Robert, carpenter, h. Blake av n 

Madison E. N. Y. 
Armstrong Robert, carpenter, h 458 Degraw 
Armstrong Robert, elk. h 197 5th av 
Armstrong Robert, porter, h 350 S. 4th 
Armstrong Robert LI. elk. h 292 1st 
Armstrong Robert J. engineer, b 160 12th 
Armstrong Robert W. elk. h 339 Court 
Armstrong Roland D. com. mer. 114 "Wall N.T. 

h 67 8th av 

Armstrong Sidney S. ins. 12 Court <fe 165 

B'way N.T. h 102 11th 
Armstrong Theodore J. lawyer, 389 Fulton, h 

Jamaica, L.I. 
Armstrong Thomas, cashier, 339 Pearl 
Armstrong Thomas, ruler, h 28 St. Mark's av 
Armstrong Thomas G. printer, 110 3d av 
Armstrong "Wallace, ferry, h 12 B'way 
Armstrong William, bricklayer, h 651 Baltic 
Armstrong Wm. carpenter, h 922 Atlantic av 
Armstrong William, elk. h 165 Hoyt 
Armstrong William, lab. h 669 Herkimer 
Armstrong William, manager, h 681 Pres't 
Armstrong William, steward, h 87 Penn 
Armstrong William, treas'r h 412 Union 
Armstrong William F. agt. b 304 Putnam av 
Armstrong William F. com. mer. 114 Wall N.T. 

h 235 Berkeley pi 
Armstrong William H. elk. h 315 Madison 
Armstrong William J. salesman, h 106 2nd 
Armstrong Wm. L. fraraer, b 143 Norman av 
Armstrong William M. elk. h 428 Marcy av 
Armstrong Bros, printers, 110 3d av 
Armvtage Frederick, compositor, h 72 2d 

E. D. now Wythe av 
Arnade Charles, tailor, h 134 Eagle 
Arnald Jacob, iron, h 145 Maujer 
Arnao Nicholas, cigarmfr. 69 & 669 Fulton, h 

242 Pearl 

Arnaud Gustave P. mer. h 44 Tompkins pi 
Arnaud Philip, confectioner, 280 Fulton 
Amdt Paul, drugs, 129 Elm 
Arndt Sophia, wid. August, h r 12 Stagg 
Arndt Theodore, eigavmkr. h 121 Ellery 
Arndt Theodore, elk. h 91 Grand 
Arneberg Aibcrt'N. realestate. 7 Pine N. Y. h 
301 Sober 

Arneberg Jens L. tailor, 209 Montague, h 301 

Arneberg Lars, tailor. 209 Montague h 301 

Arneberg li. & Bros. mer. tailors, 209 

Arneberg Peter, tailor, 209 Montague, h 301 

Arnemann Frank, shoemkr. b 60 Morrell 
Arnemann Frederick, salesman, h 195 Huron 
Arners Burchard, elk. h old No. 333 Kent av 
Arnett Margaret A. wid. George W. h 221 13th 
Arney George, carpenter, h 129 Greenpoint av 
Arnfield Joseph, h 204 Sandford 
Arnheim Charles, printer, h 641 Baltic 
Arnheim Salo, printer, h 95 Bergen 
Arnhold John, painter, h 11 Rock 
Arnholdt Ernest, h 79 McKibbin 
Arnod Frank, cigarmkr. h 290 Columbia 
Arnois Charles, chemist, ft 6th & Gowanus 

canal, h 107 6th av 
Arnois & Lecour, chemists, ft 6th & Gowanus 


Arnold Albert, h 110 11th E. D. now Hooper 
Arnold Albert C. agt. h 90 Milton 
Arnold Anna M. wid. h 206 Graham av 
Arnold Anne, wid. Simon, h 49 Hicks 
Arnold Anthony (Rev.) b 31 Thornton 
Arnold Archer J. shoemkr. h 1125 Herkimer 
Arnold August, machinist, h 263 Columbia 
Arnold August, music, 102 Court 

Conservatory of Music, 

102, 104 & 106 COURT ST., 


Arnold August, spinner, h Eldert o Liberty 

av E.NTY.. 
Arnold Bell. wid. h 88 Court 
Arnold Benjamin F. drugs, 39 "Water N.T. h 

162 Bergen 
Arnold Charles, grocer, h 101 Johnson av 
Arnold Charles, liquors, 32 Tompkins av 
Arnold Charles, tailoi , h old No. 322 Kent av 
Arnold Charles I), photographer, li 586 Pacific 
Arnold Chater, bkkpr. h 960 Gates av 
Arnold Christian, wagonmkr. h 24 Seigel 
Arnold Christopher, wheelwright, h24 Seigel 
Arnold Christopher S. salesman, h 230 Scher- 


Arnold Conrad, carpenter, h 37 McKibbin 

Arnold Conrad, pressor, h 307 Devoe 

Arnold Daniel S. realestate, 219 Montague, h 

25 Monroe pi 
Arnold Edgar M. tel.oper. h 397 Sbstrandav 
Arnold Edward, h 17 Harman 
Arnold Edward, driver, h 50 High 
Arnold Edward H. silks, 477 Broome 2J.Y. h 

128 Amity 
Arnold Edward S. glass, h 152 Hicks 
Arnold Emil, stonecutter, h r 32 Scholes 
Arnold Frank, elk. 185 Floyd 
Arnold Frank, shoemkr. 110 11th E.D. now 


Arnold Frank W. lawyer, 62 Wall X. Y. h 234 

Arnold Frederick, harnessmkr. li 80 Jefferson 

Arnold George, carpenter, h 747 Park av 

Arnold Gotlieb, liquors, 42 Varet 

Arnold Harry, organist, h 257 Degraw 

Arnold Henry, framemkr. h 247 Stockton 

Arnold Ira V. h 279 Cumberland 

Arnold Jacob, tailor, h 247 Adolplli 

Arnold James, elk. h 84 Prince 

Arnold James, lab. h 62 Clymer 

Arnold James, printer, li 50 High 

Arnold Jane B. wid. S. B. li 52 India 

Arnold Johanna, wid. John, li 859 B'way 

Arnold John, lab. h 49 Hicks 

Arnold John, musician, h 49 McKibbin 


<!+• 1 

GO ' 
ft i 

e i 

ft i 

et- i 
P 1 
& * 

© 1 

'S C9 


Manager for N,Y, & N.J. 

271 Broadway, N. Y. 




ROYAL [fire] INS. GO 

Assets, in U. S,, Jffl. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

o M 

a> lo 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn, 
No. 128 Flatoosh Ave,, Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Aves. 

Mil., $2,377,47127. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
26 A TIN — ASB 




17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, B'fclyn. 

Arnold John, tailor, h 301 Vand't av 
Arnold John H. stencil cutter, h 1142 Fulton 
Arnold John K. blacksmith, h 120 S. 1st 
Arnold John W. bkkpr. h 138 Rut-ledge 
Arnold Jos. florist, 493 Grand, h Flatbush L.I. 
Arnold Julia, wid. h 137 Clifton pi 
Arnold Kilian, musician, h 606 B'way 
Arnold Konrad, glassware, 15 Hull 
Arnold Lemuel, storage, h 234 Warren 
Arnold L. Hastings, lawyer, 62 Wall N". Y. h 
119 Hicks 

Arnold Leonard, tailor, h 163 Greenpoint av 
Arnold Margaret, wid. li 148 McKibhin 
Arnold Margaretta, wid. August, h 44 2d 
Arnold Martha J. wid. Albert, h 154 Green- 
point av 

Arnold Marv, wid. Aaron, malster, 245 N. 7th, 

h 60 1st N. T. 
Arnold Mary, wid. Samuel, h 344 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Arnold Mary J. wid. Thos. J. h 60 Kewell 
Arnold Mathew, driver, h 150 26th 
Arnold Michael, lab. b r 208 Graham av 
Arnold Michael, tanner, h 29 Tompkins av 
Arnold Otto, silverplater. h 443 Court 
Arnold Kichard, printer. holdTSTo. 305Marcyav 
Arnold Robert, bkkpr. h 35 4th pi 
Arnold Robert, lab. n 96 Wythe av 
Arnold Samuel, blacksmith, 132 8th E.D. now 

Marcy av. h 263 S. 3d 
Arnold Samuel, carpenter, 396 Union, h 414 

Arnold Samuel B. blacksmith, 191 Lewis N.Y. 

h 52 India 
Arnold Samuel G. elk. h 369 Gold 
Arnold Samuel H. carpenter, 396 Union, h 414 

Arnold'Satterlee, sewing machine mfr. 45 York 
Arnold Simon P. elk. li 284 MeDonough 
Arnold Simon W. maltster, N. 7th c Koebling, 

h 126 E. 64th N.Y. 
Arnold Stephen, porter, h 204 Ellery 
Arnold Susannah P. wid. Arthur, h 382 Halsey 
Arnold Tnbitha, wid. Ephraim, h old No. 314 
Kent av 

Arnold Theodore F. engineer, h 365 Clifton pi 
Arnold Thomas L. teas, N.Y. h 234 Warren 
Arnold Willard J. carpenter, 3i 58 Woodhull 
Arnold William, h43 Taylor 
Arnold William, h 62 Throop av 
Arnold William, carpenter, h Rapelve n Ful- 
ton E.N.Y. 
Arnold William, lab. h 64 Vandyke 
Arnold William, letter carrier, h 49 Hicks 
Arnold William A. carpenter, 396 Union, h 414 

Arnold William A. lawyer, h 286 Hicks 
Arnold William H. elk. h old No. 312 Bedford 
Arnold William R. elk. h 90 Milton 
Arnold William R. lawyer, 219 Montague, h 

125 Lincoln pi 
Arnold William W.manager,h 710 Jefferson av 
Arnold & Bernheimer, maltsters, N. 7th c 

Arnold & Son, carpenters. 396 Union 

A mot James, cutter, 125 Stockton 

Arnott Alfred B. stenographer, h 408 Degraw 

Arnott Charles, glasscutter, h 269 Devoe 

Arnott David S. 'assessor, 20 municipal bldg. 

granite 227 25th, h 705 4th av 
Arnott Henry, glazier, h 301 Graham av 
Arnott James, stonecutter, 265 Prospect av 
Arnott John C. painter, h 408 Degraw 
Arnoud John J. I Rev. ) h 181 Skillman 
Arnsperger John, butcher. 1434 B'way 
Arnsperger Peter, butcher, h 1434 B'way 
Arnsnerger William, locksmith, h 1434 B'way 

Arnstein Herman, pawnbroker, 310 Eckford, 

h 256 E. 10th N.Y. 
Arnzen Henry, jeweler, h 972 Myrtle av 
Arnzen Inger C. wid. Oliver, h 972 Myrtle av 
Arnzen John H. jeweler, 231 B'way, h 972 Myr- 
tle av 

Arobertson John, sec. Equitable Tel. Co. h 840 
Lex av 

Aron Charles, printer, h 541 Pacific 
Aron Eugene, lab. h 131 Graham 
Aron Phillipp, butcher, 321 Graham av 
Aronliold Joseph, buttonholemkr. h 109 Throop 

Arons Samuel J. flour, 29 Mooro N.Y. h 668 

Aronson Bernhart, salesman, h 1024 Myrtle av 
Aronson Jacob, mfr. underwear, 922 Myrtle av 
Aronson Joseph, glass, 442 B'wav, & 13 Throop 

av, h 142 4th F.D. now Bedford av 
Aronson Max, peddler, h 41 Ewen 
Aronson William B. glass, 820 Myrtle av 
Arpen Edward, grocer, 351 De Kalb av 
Arps Eibe H. grocer, 24th pi 
Arrahn Moses, lab. h 136 Jefferson 
Arrastia Manuel, cigars, 5 Front, h 548 Laf av 
Arrighi Antonio A. (Rev.) h 170 Madison 
Arlington John P. h 50 2d 
Arris George, driver, h 54 India 
Arrow-smith Milton, elk. h 236 Degraw 
Art Guild, 201 Montague 
Artfelt Joseph, tailor, h 193 Johnson av 
Arth George, lab. h 510 Flushing av 
Arth Joseph, ropemkr. h 206 Scholes 
Arthur Ada E. wid. h 52 Prospect pi 
Arthur Alexander T. pres't, Water c Adams, h 

875 Union 

Arthur Andrew, oiler, h 28 Atlantic av 
Arthur Archibald, engines, Adams c Water, h. 
875 Union 

Arthur Clifford T. notary public, Mills bldg, 

N.Y. h 216 Stuvvesant av 
Arthur David, hatter, h 285 Bridge 
Arthur Francis B. h 129 Smith 
Arthur George, elk. h 33 3d 
Arthur Geo. E. gloves, 76 Leonard N.Y. h 117 


Arthur John, livery. 892Myrtleav,h 180 Floyd 
Arthur John C. elk. h 319 B'way 
Arthur Joshua B. ice, h 644 Leonard 
Arthur Marcellus F. lab. h 167 Meserolc av 
Arthur Theodore L. livery, 799 B'way, h 119 

Stuvvesant av 
Arthur'Thomas. h r 102 Clifton pi 
Arthur William, machinist, Water c Adams, h 

201 23d 

Arthur Wm. & Co, enginebldr. Water c Adam* 
Arthur & Randel, horses, 799 B'way 
Artis August, h Centre n B'way E. N.Y. 
A rtus Frederick, tailor, h Sackman c Duryea 
av E. N.Y. 

A run dell James F. oysters, 27 Hubert N.Y. h 
458 9th 

Arunder William, salesman, h 29 11th E.D. 

now Hooper 
Arvey Chas. lab. h 386 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Arvine Freeling W. chemist, h old No. 157 


Arwell Lewis W. tel. oper. h 226 Pearl 
Arwes August H. A. brass, 1348 De Kalb av, h 

1346 De Kalb av 
Arzberger George, cigarmkr. h 618 Flushing av 
Arzburger Phili}>, cigarmkr. 176 Cook 
Asbell Andrew J. trainman, h 43 Middagh 
xVsbell Edwin, lab. h 389 Prospect av 

The Asbestos Packing Company, 



Pntenletl Asbestos Packings, Fire-Proof Htieaniiugfc, Fibre, 
Thread*. C^tli, Shutters, Hoofing, (toiler Coverings, etc. 

Asbestos Monnnp: Kelt for Fire- Proofing anil IJcufuning. 
Asbostos Cement l-VltinR for Boiler miC Pipe Covering. 

N.i. 100 <'ONflllK8S STRKKT; ItOSTUX. 

Offices : 


J. A. WEBB & SOU, 

165 nIw r Vo s rk. eet ' I Established 1835- 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. Bend for Quotations. 




Asborn Caroline, wid. Samuel, h 12 Cedar 
ASBUBY HARRY F. musician, 695 Fulton, h 

Aschar Morris, tailor, 149 Stagg 
Asehe Charles, broker, 3 Hanover N.Y. li 295 

Asche T. Henry, gloves, San Francisco Cal. h 

244 Putnam av 
Ascheiibeck George, tailor, h 31 Locust 
A sclier Frederick, driver, h 156 Huron 
Aschner Abraham, cigars, 234 Fulton 
Aschner Amos, cigars, 234 Fulton 
Aschner A. &, Sons, cigars. 234 Fulton 
Aschner Frederick, cigars, 234 Fulton 
Aschner Tsadore, cigars, 3 Tillary, h 341 Pearl 
Aschoff Ann, wid. Jacob, li 121 Driggs 
AschofF Henry F. grocer, Boerum c Humboldt, 

h 118 Driggs 
Aschoff JohnD. molder, li 244 Union av 
Aschotf John H. grocer, 33 Smith, li 45 Smith 
Aschoff Mary, wid. Louis W. h 244 Union av 
AschofF Victor, elk. li 501 4th av 
Aschoff William, driver, h 282 16th 
Asendorf C. H. upholsterer, h 241 Adelphi 
Ash Edward W. eabmetmkr. h 112 Waverly av 
Ash Henry L. salesman, h 335 S. 5th 
Ash Isador, tailor, h 303 N. 2d 
Ash John. agt. sewing machines, h 65 Atlan- 
tic av 

Ash John, express, hr of 221 Ryerson 
Ash John, tailor, h 62 Talman 
Ash Joseph H. coppersmith, 35 Dean, h 324 

Ash Kate, wid. h 654 "Warren 

Ash Margaret, wid. variety, h 339 20th 

Ash Michael, fitter, h r of 221 Ryerson 

Ash Rachel, elk. h 182 Berry 

Ash Robert, oik. h 102 Schenck avE. N.Y. 

Ash Samuel AV. roofer, h 155 Dupont 

Ash Simon P. mason, h 278 Kosciusko 

Ash W. Henry, plumber, 277 Tompkins av, h 

724 Laf av 
Asha Charles E. porter, h 392 18th 
Ashauer Lewis, police, h 307 Graham av 
Ashbey Charlca S. fish, 1392 Atlantic av, h 1476 


Ashbury George, seaman, h 124£ Hth 
Ashby George E. elk. h 106 Waverly av 
Ash by Joseph, seaman, h 108 Floyd 
Ashcroft Elizabeth, wid. Henry, h 45£ 11th 
Ash croft John, pros' t. N. Y. h 60 Hanson pi 
Ashdown George R. carriagemkr.h 198 Monroe 
Ashe Frank, carriagemkr. h old No. 114 Penn 
Ashe Thomas H. veterinary surgeon, Wilson 

n Lee av & 162 Wythe av, h 125 Hewes 
Ashenbener Louis, tailor, h 268 Ellery 
Ashendeu Henry, engineer, h 44 Degraw 
Ashentrnph Charles, baker, h Baltic av n 

Madison, E.N.Y. 
A slier Daniel, mason, h 235 Greene 
Asher George, patterumkr. h 547 Lorimer 
Asher Harry, shades, 190 Grand, h 216 Wilson 
Asher Henry, drugs, 1351 B'way 
Asher James, carpenter, h 140 Tillary 
Asher Simon, cloth cutter, h 78 N. Oxford 
Asher William, grocer, 1443 Myrtle av 
Asher William F. h 173 Kent 
Asher William S. plumber, h r 135 Java 
Ashfield Anna, confectioner, 58 Carlton av, h 

66 Carlton av 
Ashfield Frederick J. pros' t, 363 Fulton, h 631 

St. Mark's av 
Ashfield James, bldr. 363 Falton, h 1547 Pacific 
Ashfield James & Son, masons, 363 Fulton 


General Contracting by Estimate and Percentage. 
James Ashfield, 1547 Pacific Street. 
F. J. Ashfield, 631 St. Mark's Ave. 

Box23,Mechanics & Traders' Exchange, 363 Fulton St. 

steinway & sons, 

Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St, 

Ashford Charles W, h 221 Herkimer 
Ashford Henry, notions, h 319 S. 4th 
Ashford Joseph M. conductor, h 221 Herkimer 
Ash forth Edward, h 524 Van Buren 1 
Ashforth Joseph J. bkkpr. li 527 Henry 
Ashley Charles C. optician, 3 Yesey ~N.Y. h 

281 Clifton pi 
Ashley Fred G. elk. h 399 Flatbush av 
Ashley George W. watchman, h 211 20th 
Ashley James, pattenmtkr. h 96 Dupont 
Ashley Jesse A. realesta-te, 393 Flatbush av, h 

399 Flatbush av 
Ashley John, painter, 312 Sackett 
Ashley John A. h 390 liridge 
Ashley John J. physician. 67 Harman 
Ashley John T. h 154 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Ashley Joseph, machinist, h 141 Magnolia 
Ashley Justin, pianomkr. h 97 Milton 
Ashley J. Thurston, elk. h 390 Flatbush av 
Ashlev Moses G. milk, h 160 N. 5th 
Ashley Robert W. blacksmith, h 96 14th 
Ashloy Thomas, pattornmkr. h. 273 Koebling 
Ashman Job, teas, 143 Myrtle av 
Ashman William, elk, h 582 Manhattan av 
Ashman Wolf, clothing, 140 Smith 
Ashmer John, shoemkr. h 30 Garfield pi 
Ashmore John, lab. h 80 Walworth 
Ashmun Alonzo A. principal, h New Jersey 

avn Fulton av, E.N.Y. 
Ashmun Alonzo C. newsagt. 978 Atlantic av 
Ashner Paul F. shoemkr. h 353J Kostrand av 
Ashport Ralph, lab. h 347 Manhattan ar 
Ashton Charles H. hatter, h 901 Douglass 
Ashton George, lab. h 30 Chapel 
Ashton George, lab. h 370 Oakland 
Ashton George B. furniture, 161 Grand 
Ashton Henry, fanoygds. 1367 IS' way 
Ashton James H. packer, h 530 5tli av 
Ashton James M. police, h 693 B'way 
Ashton John, cigarmkr. h 206 Decatur 
Ashton John, pictureframe, h 367 12th 
Ashton Louisa, wid. David, h 27 Fleet pi 
Ashton Robert L. engineer, h 154 Spencer 
Ashton Sarah J. wid. William, h 596 5th av 
Ashton William, roofer, 58 Navy, h 28 N. Port- 
land av 

Ashton William H. engraver, h 464 Hart 
Ashton William J. W". baker, 1st av N.Y. h 

465 Wil'by av 
Ashurst Charles, moulder, h 57 S. 4th 
Ashwell Carland. block mkr. h 351 Prince 
Ashwell Henry A. hatter, h 23 Laf 
Ashwick Edwin, painter, h 552§ Lorimer 
Ashwin Edward H. physician, h old No. 100 


Askew J. B. drugs, Gates av o Tompkins av 
Askam Henry, machinist, h r 130 Cumberland 
Askin William, lab. h 70 Middagh 
Askin Wm. matmkr. h r old No. 534Marcy av 
Askins Charles, printer, h 691 Gates av 
Askins Samuel, shipmaster, h 193 Rutledge 
Asklund John, ice, h 2 Hudson pi 
Askrow Frederick, engineer, h 445 Bergen 
Aslaer Robert, cooper, h 131 Jefferson 
Asmann Christian A. liquors, 1755 Fulton 
Asmann Jacob, butcher, h 321 Ellery 
Asmus Jacob, cutler, 211 Throop av 
Asmus John, fireman, h 46 Clay 
Asmus Thomas, hasketmkr. h 172 Jefferson 
Asmussans Hans P. restaurant, 94 Fulton 
Aspell James, lab. li 178 Hamilton av 
Aspenlon Christian, h 90 Myrtle 
Aspinall Joseph, lawyer, 177 Montague, h 741 
Laf av 




132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 


City Directory Printing House, 

17 Wiiloughby St., cor. Tearl, Brooklyn, Jf. T. 

Aspinall No vitas B. chemist, h 497 Henry 
Aspinall Walter A. drugs, 1147 Fulton, h 15 

Jefferson av 
Aspinall "William, h 741 Laf av 
Asplund John, carpenter, h 236 Hamilton av 
Asquith Delia, wid. William, li 77 Lex av 
Assa Peter, baker, 253 Gold 
Asseler Bernard G. broker, b 223 Bergen 
Asseler George B. examiner, b 223 Bergen 
Asseler John P. woolens, B'way c Howard 

N.Y. b 223 Bergen 
Assell John, moulder, h 944 Myrtle av 
Asserson Peter C. u»s.n. b Flushing av n 


Assip John, mason, h 77 "Waverly av 
Assip Thomas, mason, h 38 N. Portland av 
Assip William, mason, h 10 Vaud't av 
Assler Ann, wid. b 186 27th 
Assler Christian, stonecutter, b 38th, n 8th av 
Assman Paul, turner, h 43 Montrose av 
Assmann Anton, blacksmith, b 130 Bushwick 

Association for Improving Condition of tbe 

Poor, 104 Livingston 
Ast William, mason, h 320 Pacific 
Astarita Anthony, baker, b 109 De Kalb av 
Asten B. C. salesman, h 187 Wash'n av 
Asten Frederick, cutter, h 382 Humboldt 
Asten George, cutter, b 46 Carroll 
Asten George A, printer, 108 Liberty N.Y. h 

257 17th 

Asten Irvin T. elk. h 187 Wash'n av 
Asten William, b 415 Monroe 
Astgen Matthew, lab. h 281 Devoe 
Astill James, tailor, b 22 Canton 
Aston Alfred, tools, h 241 Greenpoint av 
Aston Caroline, wid. George W. nurse, h 531 

Aston Frederick S. stampedmetal, 230 Java, b 
194 Java 

Aston George E. brakeman, h 198 Water 
Aston Joseph H. foreman, h 33 Newell 
Aston Phebe, wid. John, b 345 N. 2d 
Aston Samuel, printer, h 1807 Atlantic av 
Aston Theodore, printer, h 1807 Atlantic av 
Aston William E. h 224 Eckford 
Ataawater Thomas H. lab. b 196 Water 
Atchison Geo. C. borsedealer, b 322 Plymouth 
Atchison John R. moulder, h 335 15th 
Atchison Robert, carman, b 322 Plymouth 
Atchison Robert J. harnessmkr, h 184 Sum- 
ner av 

Atchinson Samuel, roofer, h 35 Meserole 
Atchler William C. painter, b 333 Graham av 
Aten Henry F. physician, 34 Hanson pi, office 

hours until 10 and 7 to 8 
Atfield George, grocer, 321 Meeker av 
Athear William E. tel. oper. b 905 Gates av 
Athenaeum Seminary, 177 Clinton 
Atherton Henry, hairdresser, 145 Magnolia 
Atherton Peter, leather, h 399 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 

Atherton Sarah J. wid. James P. b 594 Wil'by 

Athoefs Peter, salesman, h Shephard n Liber- 
ty av E.N.Y. 
Atken David, bldr. b 551 Lorimer 
Atkin Charles, boatman, b 24£ Braxton 
Atkin David J. cigars, 325 Franklin av 
Atkin John H. plumber, 422 5th av, h 417 8th 
Atkins Ann, wid. John, 61 Tillary 
Atkins A. B. reporter, Fulton c Front, h 238 

Atkins Charles D. shoes, 872 Gates av 
Atkins Dewitt, lab. h 179 Franklin 
Atkins Edmond H. b 95 1st pi 

Atkins Edwin, b 95 1st pi 

Atkins Henry, shoes, b 325 Union 

Atkins Jacob, cai-penter, b 943 Gates av 

Atkins James, seaman, h 168 14th 

Atkins James J. compositor, h 1011 De Kalb av 

Atkins John, driver, b 179 Franklin 

Atkins John, printer, h 202 Stockton 

Atkins John J. bkbinder, h 202 Stockton 

Atkins Joshua, photographer, b 235 Fulton 

Atkins Richard H. horsegds. 73 Carroll, & 

shoes, 275 Columbia b 275 Columbia 
Atkins R. wid. Amos, b 655 De Kalb av 
Atkins Thomas, pencilcasemkr. h 963 B'way 
Atkins Thomas F. driver, b 234 14th 
Atkins Thomas J. hardware, 37 Chambers 

N.Y. h 631 Wil'by av 
Atkins Valentine A. turner, b 463J 5th av 
Atkins William E. broker, 68 Wall N.Y. h 305 


Atkinson Albert J. drugs, 203 B'way N.Y. h 

220 Monroe 
Atkinson Benjamin, lab. b 14 Franklin pi 
Atkinson Benjamin, T. lab, b 14 Private Way 
Atkinson Charles W. printer, b 853 Wil'by av 
Atkinson Clara, wid. George, h 221 Duflield 
Atkinson Edward M. lawyer, 40 Court, h 13 


Atkinson Frank, grocer, 192MiddIeton 
Atkinson Frederick, b 148 Pierrepont 
Atkinson George, furng.gds. 213 Fulton, h 

Madison n Fulton av E. N.Y. 
Atkinson James, h 7 Willow 
Atkinson J ames, coachman, h 60 old No. Sharon 
Atkinson James, tailor, 137 Concord 
ATKINSON JAMES F. general agt. North- 
western Mutual Life Ins. Co. room 4, 26 
Court, h 426 7th 
Atltinson Jerome G. physician, h 257 Adelphi 
Atkinson John, carpenter, h 107 Floyd 
Atkinson John, lab. h 37 Garfield pi 
Atkinson John, lab. h 788 3d av 
Atkinson John J. lab. h 69 Laf 
Atkinson John M. salesman, h 663 Madison 
Atkinson John P. h 257 Adelphi 
Atkinson Josepb, carpenter, h 277 Evergreen 

Atkinson Joseph J. bkbinder, h 317 B ridg e 
Atkinson J. H. Gladstone, produce, 2G0 Wash'n 

N.Y. b 348 Pulaski 
Atkinson Louis P. h 8 S. Oxford 
Atkinson Mary E. wid. S. A. h360Nostrand av 
Atkinson M. *E. wid. James, h old No. 451 

Marcy av 

Atkinson Oswald, elk. h old No. 117 Kent av 
Atkinson Richard, cutter, h 272 Nostrand av 
Atkinson Samuel P. carpenter, h 204 8th E.D. 

now Marcy av 
Atkinson Simeon A. printer, h 360 Nostrand 


Atkinson Thomas, mer. Kemblebldg. N.Y. h 
202 Park pi 

Atkinson William, painter, h Montauk av n 

Atlantic av E. N.Y. 
Atkinson William, umbrella handles, 96 Clin- 
ton N.Y. h 818 Hancock 
Atkinson William H. brassmfr. 3d c 3d av, h 

428 Cumberland 
Atkiss James, machinery, 2 Tompkins av, h 

646 Flushing av 
Atkiss Thomas, machinist, h 268 Floyd 
Atkiss William, machinist, h 267 Floyd 
Atlantic Avenue Dispensary, 849 Atlantic av 
Atlantic Avenue Mission, Atlantic av c Grand 

Atlantic Avenue R.R. Co. Atlantic av c 3d av 

Atlantic Dock Co. 1 N. Pier Atlantic Dock 

Atlantic Dredging Co. 361 Fulton 

Atlantic Harbor limited) 213 Montague 

Atlantic Mills, 20 Hamilton av 

Atlantic Steam Engine Works, Pearl c Water 

Atlantic White Lead & Linseed Oil Co. 135 

Marshall & 287 Pearl N.Y. 
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. 215 Fulton, 205 
Court, 268 Columbia, 724 Mvrtle av, 525 
Grand, 598 5th av & 363 Manhattan av 
Atlantic Yacht Club, ft. 55th & 44 Court 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Go. 


Repolisliiiig a. Specialty. 



128 & 130 FULTON ST., 



Atlas Iron Works, Jay c Front 
Atley John, driver, h Albany c Fulton 
Atno Richmond S. insp. h 44 Bond 
Atno Sherwood S. leather, N. J. h 168 Dean 
Atrich John, lab. h 71 Columbia pi 
Attackson Catharine, wid. Anan, h 368 Hud- 
son av 

Attanasio Severio, hairdresser, 9 Pres't 
Atte Anna, dressmkr, h 82 Court 
Atte Paul, confectioner, h 82 Court 
Atterbury John C. broker, Wall N.Y. h 5 St. 

Atterbury Robert B. mer. 255 Front N.Y. h 

209 Dean 

Atterbury Thomas, bkkpr. h 406 St. Marke pi 
Atterbury "William, paper, h 209 Dean 
Attfield Alfred, elk. h 391 17th 
Attfield Frank, elk. h 391 17th 
Attfield Sarah A. wid. William, h 391 17th 
Attfield William, machinist, h 391 17th 
Attlesey Robert H. aupt. h 479 17th 
Attsee Henry, fish, 502 Marcy av 
Attwood Harry H. teamster, li 79 G-reenpoint av 
Atwater Edgar W. tel. h 444 State 
Atwater EInathan R. (Rev.) 129 Clyraer 
Atwater Frank G-. elk. h 26 Park pi 
Atwater Frederic H. salesman, b 165a Jeffer- 
son av 

Atwater Henry D. h 184 Joralemon 
Atwater Henry H. manager, b 100 Clymer 
Atwater John H. h 276 Madison 
Atwater Lyman W. artist, h 26 Park pi 
Atwater Mary C. wid. George, h 165a Jeffer- 
son av 

Atwater Nathaniel, drugs, h 101 Norman av 
Atwater William C. gram, h 276 Madison 
Atwater William H. elk. h 319 State 
Atwell Amos, com. mer. 86 Warren N.Y. h 282 
Clifton pi 

Atwell Frederick A. pilot, h 42 Henry 
Atwood Arthur B. salesman, 71 7th av 
Atwood A. Dalton, physician, 1040 DeKalb av, 

office 8 to 10 & 6 to 8 
Atwood Charles T. h 200 Berkeley pi 
Atwood Frederick J. H. h 561 Quincy 
Atwood Gilbert M. shoes, h 215A Lex av 
Atwood Henry C. drygds. Wil'by av c B'way, 

Atwood H. C. h 499 Greene av 
Atwood James, elk. h 204 Wash'n 
Atwood James, janitor, li 17 Bond 
Atwood James M. supt. h 502 Fulton 
Atwood Jennie D. wid. James G. h 111 Berke- 
ley pi 

Atwood John, buttonmkr. h 63 2d 
Atwood J. Freeman, physician, 307 Cumber- 
land, office hours 8 to 94, at H &■ 6 to 7£ 
Atwood Meeds T. brakeman, h 68 Dupont 
Atwood William, watchman, h 54 Dupont 
Atworth Theodore W. engraver, h 1560 Pacific 
Atzert Jacob, butcher, h 260 Johnson av 
Au Ernest V. confectioner, 83 Fulton, h 984 

Greene av 
Au Otto E. elk. h 984 Greene av 
Aube Edgar, cabinetmkr. h old No. 280 Hewes 
Aube Edwin, framemkr. li 37 Bartlett 
Aube Julian, cutter, h 59 S. 6th 
Aube Peter R. framemkr. h 59 S. 6th 
Aube Reuben T. ornamenter, h 111 N. 2d 
Aube Reuben W. framemkr. 125 Mott N.Y. h 

451 Pulaski 
Auber Richard, lab. b 165 Harrison av 
Anbergel Nicholas, lab. li 248 Front 
Aubery Albert C. lawyer, 16 Court & 149 Nas- 
sau N.Y. b 370 Degraw 
Aubery Harvey F. h 149 Harrison 
Aubery John F. elk. h 149 Harrison 
Aubery & Winslow, lawyers, 16 Court 
Aubke Theodore, grocer,' 35 Morrell 
Aubrey Edward, li 82 Henry 
Aubrey Herman, baker, h 90 4th 
Auburn Charles W- h 593 Myrtle av 
Auchampaugh Daniel M. miller, h 65 Berry 
Auckner William H. peddler, h 481 2d E.D. 

now Wythe av 
Audemars Frank, jeweler, h 343 State 

Audtte Nelson, blacksmith, h 195 N. 4th 
Aue Rudolf, brushmkr. h Christopher n Lib- 
erty av E.N.Y. 
Auel Charles, glass. 42 Warren N.Y. h 65 Lef- 
fert's pi 

Auelenbach Theoboid, cigarmkr. hll3N. 3d 
Anenheimer Michael, mechanic, h 43 Delmon- 
ico pi 

Auer Anthony, iron, h 284 N. 2d 
Auer Anton, blacksmith, 204 N. 5th, h 202 N. 

Auer Antonia, salesman, h 50 Boerum 
Auer Frederick, furrier, h 156 Throop av 
Auer Frederick G. driver, h 158 Graham av 
Auer George, carpenter, h 23 Bremen 
Auer John, irongds. mfr. h r 187 Ewen 
Auer John, mason, Heyward, h 272^ Rutledge 
Auer John jr. iron, 199 Middleton, h 187 Ewen 
Auer Jos. furrier, 751 Park av, h 753 Park av. 
Auer Philip, chairmfr, h 145 Maujer 
Auer William, bldr. h 649 Van Buren 
Auer Wm. tailor, h Baltic av n John E.N.Y. 
Auerbach Albert, tinsmith, h 418 1st E.D. 

now Kent av 
Auerbach Charles G. civilengineer, N.Y. h 88 


Auerbach Eliza W. wid. Christian, h 32 Hud- 
son av 

Auerbach Frederick J. barber, 32 Hudson av 
Auerbach Rudolph, pianomkr. h 32 Hudson av 
Auerhahn Francis, professor, h 209 Guernsey 
Auerheimer Mary, wid. 45 Meserolo 
Aufdengarden Fred, watchman, h 12 Wythe av 
Aufdenkamp Ernest, porter, 290 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Aufenanger Feid. salesman, h 188 Union av 
Aufenanger Wm, grocer, 202 S. 4th, h 200 S. 4th 
Aufenaski Ignastz, blacksmith, h 159 N. 5th 
Augarde Henry M. musician, h 73 S. 2d 
Augenthaler August, brushmkr. h New Jersey 

av n B'way E. N.Y. 
Augenthaler August, cabinetmkr. h 60 Maujer 
Augenthaler Charles, tailor, h New Jersey av 

n B'way E.N.Y. 
Auget Henry, artist, h 129 Jefferson 
Aughvm Patrick, cooper, h 119 N. 3d 
Augsdorfer Peter, driver, h 224 Bushwick av 
Augsdorfer Philip, driver, h 161 Varet 
August Fred, engraver, h 351 St. Mark's pi 
August George, tailor, h 76 Seigel 
August Henry, shoecutter, h 35 Stagg 
August John, hairdoctor, 7 Clinton 
AugustMagdalen, bkkpr. h 7 Clinton 
August Max, baker, h 563 Bushwick av 
August Otto, cigars, h Morse av n Liberty av 


August Otto jr. cigars, h Morse av n Liberty 
av E.N.Y. 

Augusterine Thomas, machinist, b r 388 N. 2d 
Augustien Charles H. carpenter, h 403J 18th 
Augustin Ernst, baker, 90 Ewen 
Augustin John, colormixer, h 212 Clifton pi 
Augustine Carl, lab. h 100 N. 3d 
Augustine Henry, lab. h 327 Hudson av 
Augustus Charles, watchman, h 85 Thatford 
av E. N.Y. 

Augustus Charles jr. farmer, h 85 Thatford av 
E. N.Y. 

Augustus John, farmer, h 85 Thatford av E. 

Auhl Henry H. cigars, 15 Alabama av E.N.Y. 

h 54 Alabama av E. N.Y. 
Aujer Louis, printer, h 28 Bergen 
Auk Martin, butcher, h 186 Middleton 
Aukamp Charles F. elk. h 438 Pulaski 
Aukamp William, h 372 Madison 
Aul Joseph, cutter, h 194 Stockton 
Aul Leopold, musician, h 194 Stockton 
Aul Martin, upholsterer, h 227 Ellery 
Aulbert Isaiah, cook, h 175 Navy 
Auld Amelia, wid. John R. h 561 AVarren 
Auld Blakeney, bkkpr. h 184 Division av 
Auld Elizabeth M. wid. h 184 Division av 
Auld James, bkkpr. h 81 Ralph av 
Auld William, manager, 184 Division av 
Aulenbach Henry, cigarmkr. h 113 N. 3d 





! H 


70 Z 

> "0 

2 m 

• o 

*0 "* 

to 2 

53 o ZL 

*» m CD 
S H 

**■ m 
* 79 

554 to 562 W. 25th St, New York. 

ROYAL [fire] INS, GO. 

Assets, in U. 5, Ian. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Aves. 

Liafta., $2,377,471,27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
30 AUS— AWE 



Job Printing of Every Description, 

17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl B'klyn. 

Aulenbach Theodore, cigarmkr. h 113 N. 3d 
Aulholm Thomas O. iropr. h 333 Laf av 
Ault Annie, confectioner, 190 Throop av 
Ault Frederick, lab. h 190 Throop av 
Ault George "W. shirta, 17 Greene av 


17 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, 
Near South Oxford and Fulton Sts., 


Mes to Oiler IDs Best Fining sniri ia He fori! 

Ault John M. machinist, h 112 Middleton 
Aumann Ferdinand, liquors, 164 B'way 
Aumiller Casper, brewer, li 96 Hopkins 
Aumiller Frederick, lab. h 92 Cook 
Aumiller Henry, machinist, b 92 Cook 
Aumoek William A. produce, h 397 Cold 
Aumulier Wenzl, buttoninkr. h 129 N, 4th 
Aundiriger Nicholas, mason, b 116 Yaret 
Aimer Eugene, lab. h 182 Central av 
Auping Henry, tailor, h B'way c Wyckoff av. 

Auraeh Friedrich, lab. h 20 Graham av 
Auracb Rosie, wid. Mathcw, h 20 Graham av 
Aurdett Anther, lithographer, h 249 Kosciusko 
Auriem George An to, lab. h 80 Adams E. D. 
Ausberg Sophus, agt. h 20fc Braxton 
Auskulat Henry, seaman, h 162 "Wolcott 
Austace John, fab. h old No. 308 Bedford av 
Austen Gertrude M. typewriter, 26 Court, h 

233 Clinton av 
Aueter Elizabeth, wid. Adam, seamstress, b 

301 Devoe 
Austermann August, lab. b 463 6th av 
Austennann Edward, butcher, Myrtle av. h 

463 6th av 

Austin Alexander, foreman, h 85 Summit 
Austin Andrew, conductor, h 839 Nostrand av 
Austin Anna S. wid. Robert, h 435 Clinton av 
Austin Benjamin J. elk. h 118 Court 
Austin Catherine, dressinkr. 169 Palmetto 
Austin Charles X. notary public, 9 Nassau 

N.Y. h 134 Quincy 
Austin C. fancygds. 971 Gates av 
Austin Daniel B. bkkpr. h 491 Carlton av 
Austin David P. teller, h 249 Steuben 
Austin Frank, machinist, h 122 Somers 
Austin George H. elk. h 598 Wil'by av 
Austin Hiram L. ins. h old No. 236 Rodney 
Austin James, elk. h 105 Wash'n 
Austin James, glasscutter, h 125 Court 
Austin James, oysters, h 20 Dixon's al 
Austin James C. perfumes, 30 Piatt N.Y. h 54 


Austin John A. cooper, h N. 7th c 4th 
Austin John C. broker, 6 Bowling Green N.Y. 

li 1114 Dean 
Austin Joseph, engineer, h 157 Sackett 
Austin Jos. lawyer, 79 Cedar N.Y. h 1114 Dean 
Austin Lawrence, boarding, h 34 Wil'by 
Austin Lydia, wid. h 88 Franklin 
Austin Mary O. wid. George B. h 188 Amity 
Austin Michael, police, h 280 Dean 
Austin Myron, truckman, h 41 Lawrence 
Austin Richard W. umbrellamkr. 50 Navy 
Austin Robert, coachman h 118 Court 
Austin Robert jr. driver, h 118 Court 
Austin Robert A. musician, h292 S. 2d 
Austin Robert M. h 268 S. 4th 

1 Austin Samantha S. wid. James, b 435 Clinton 

Austin Sherlock, lumber, Kent av c Cross, h 

117 Taylor 
Austin Stephen F. tel. h 53 Irving pi 
Austin Thomas, h 69 Stockholm 
Austin Thomas, musician, 170 Fort Greene pi 
Austin Thomas, watchman, h 74 N. Elliott pi 
Austin Thomas G. music, h 144 Smith 
Austin Thomas P. iitspr. h 742 Madison 
Austin William, conductor, h 369 Magnolia 
Austin William, engineer, h 181 8th 
Austin William, rigger, h Seigel av n Jamaioa 

pk rd E. N. Y. 
Austin William F. bkkpr, h 103 Reid av 
Austin William H. physician, 23d N. Y. h 268 

S. 4th 

Austing Edwin A. pocketbks. 44J Maiden la 

N. Y. h 303 14th 
Austman Herman, steward, h 215 Conover 
Auston Thomas, painter, h 293 17th 
Autem Mary L. wid. Thomas W. library, 399 

Flatbush av 
Auten Heman B. teller, h 89 Quincy 
Autenrieth August, liquors, 356 S. 4th & S. 2d 

c Rodney 

Autenrieth CImstoph, stonecutter, h Jamaica. 

pk rd c Furman pi E. N. Y. 
Autenrieth Jacob, liquors, 105 Union av 
Autenrieth Jacob, liquors, 316 S. 2d, h 333 S. 1st 
Autenrieth Johanna, wid. William, h r 32 


Authenrieth Edmund, tinsmith, h 575 Wash'n 

Automatic Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 833 

Myrtle av 
Autoii Henry, driver, h r 342 S. 3d 
Auwell John, elk. h 129 Carlton av 
Auwell Lewis jr. elk. h 129 Carlton av 
Avant William, carpenter, h 76 Sumpter 
Avenius Henry, varus, 105 Ewen 
Avens Mary, wid. matron, h 416 Van Brunt 
Avereff John D. engineer, h 760a Van Buren 
Averell EHicott D. blank bk. mfr. 29 Beekman 

N.Y. h 98 Reid 
Averill Frank H. bkkpr. h 159 Duffleld 
Averill John S. insp. h 89 India 
Averill J. Otis, ins. 51 Wall N.Y. h 155 Willow 
Averill M. J. h 164 Clifton pi 
Averill Stephen, printer, h 41 Troy av 
Averro Walter B. drugs, 82 Park av 
Averton Katie, wid. Michael, h 111 Classon av 
Avery Augustus P. ins. 68 B'way, h 38 Berry 
Avery A. M. wid. h 227 Prospect pi 
Avery Charles R. drugs, 447 Court 
Avery Edward H. salesman, h 116 Berry 
Avery Edward W. physician, h 16 Hancock 
Avery Frank M. lawyer, 72 Tribune bldg.N.Y. 

h 110 St. Mark's av 
Avery Henry W. coppersmith, 769 Putnam av 
Avery Horace, mason, h 102 Met. av 
Avery Jacob, iron moulder, h 102 N. 7th 
Avery John, moulder, h 143 Wythe av 
Avery Jolm H. shipmaster, h.203 Rutledge 
Avery John W. elk. h 113 Division av 
Avery John W. mer. h old No. 137 Hooper 
Avery Robert, u.s.a. h 98 2d pi 
Avery Ross E. h 581 Leonard 
Avery Tiny M. h 90 Pierrepont 
Avery William A. h 160 Park pi 
Avery William A. grocer, 302 Water N.Y. h 

113 Division av 
Avery William H. elk. h 387 12th 
Avila Edward C. decoiator, 251 Wash'n, h 36 


Avila John, decorator, 251 Wash'n, h 36 Bond 
Avila Samuel A. depy. shore insp. h 50 S. 
Elliott pi 

Avila & Barker, decorators, painters & paper 

hangers, 251 Wash'n 
Aviler Susan, h 608 Lorimer 
Avis Gerhart, baker, h 37 Delmonico pi 
Avis Ophelia, wid. Isaac, h 1151 Pacific 
Avis William A. storage, 91 Front N.Y. h 150 

Lincoln pi 
Aweng Adolphe, publisher, h 170 Hicks 

WEBB'S 1L89H0L km 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world 


Established 1835. 

Bene", for .Quotations. 




Aweng Margarotta, boarding, h 170 Hicks 
Axelson Francis G-. painter, 327 Smith 
Axelstrom Rudolph, harnessmkr, 1615 Fulton 
Axford John W. bkkpr. h old No. 55 Hewes 
Axtlstrom Ldwg. finisher, h N. 7th c Eoebling 
Axworthy, Jane, wid. Win. h 222 Franklin av 
Ayahse Frederick, carpenter, h 143 Jefferson 
Ayasse William, shoemkr. h 700 Flushing av 
Ayasse William jr. shoemkr. h 700 Flushing av 
Ayer Benjamin, mor. 124 Front N.Y. h 127 

Prospect pi 
Ayers Edward, janitor, h 247 Clifton pi 
Ayers George, lab. h Bush n Columbia 
Ayers George L. realestate, 109 Flatbush av h 

9 Hanson pi 


Real Estate & Insurance Agen 

Notary Public and Commissioner of Deeds 


Real Estate for Hale and Exchange. 

Ayers Jabez G. printer, h 164 55th 

Ayers John \V. diomkr. h 248 Pearl 

Ayers Reuben, 651 5th av 

Ayers Robert, elk. h 350 Henry 

Ayers Robert, elk. h 302 13th 

Ayers Samuel, boatbidr. ft 56th, h 83 55th 

Ayers Simeon M. sec. h 15 3d pi 

Ayers "William, elk. h 938 Atlantic av 

Ay ling Charles G. carpenter, h Vermont avn 

Jamaica pk rd E.N.Y. 
Ayling Frank, printer, h 131 40th 
Ayling Thomas, steel, h 181 Hart 
Aylmer James, liquors, 691 6th av, h 271 22d 
Aylmer Peter, liquors, 691 6th av, h 271 22d 
Aylmer Thomas, lab. h 271 22d 
Aylmer Bros, liquors, 691 6th av 
Aylward Mary A. boarding, 359 Hamilton av 
Ayhvin Andrew G. elk. h 210 Grand av 
Aymar Albert B. bkkpr. h 416 Carlton av 
Aymar Deborah, wid. Charles, h 173 Prospect 
Aymar Edward E. elk. h 742 Laf av 
Aymar Frank, painter, h 220 Calyer 
Aymar Louis W. elk. h 373 6th 
Aymar Mary, wid. Samuel, h 153 Remsen 
Aymar Samuel E. elk. h 472 Franklin av 
Aymar Walter, paperrofr. h 465 Sackett 
Ayr Margaret, wid. John, h 1136 Greene av 
Ayres Amelia A. wid. Daniel, h 161 Columbia 


Ayres Anick. painter, h 384 Prospect av 
Avres Ann, wid. h 235 Dean 
Ayres A. J. wid. William T. h 218 Bridge 
Ayres Benjamin, physician, 177 Putnam av 
Ayres Chester D. coal, 142 Court & 262 Bond, 

h Bergen Point N.J. 
Ayres Clarissa M. wid. John, h 310 Evergreen 


Ayres Daniel, physician, 91 Laf av 
Ayres David, painter, h 384 Prospect av 
Ayres Donald F. asst. corporation counsel, 5 

City Hall, & lawyer, 44 Court, h 179 St. 

John's pi 
Ayres Frederick B. h 18 Herkimer 
Ayres George, h 247 11th 
Ayres George B. printer, h 247 11th 

Ayres George H. printer, 416 Grand, h 247 

Ayres George L. h 18 Herkimer 
Ayres Howard, elk. h 45 Lefferts pi 
Ayres H. Messenger, physician, 91 Laf av o S. 

Portland av, office hours 9 to 10 & 5 to 7 
Ayres James, carpenter, h 321 Wil'by av 
Ayres James, waiter, h 179 S. 4th 
Ayres James H. elk. h 576 Leonard 
Ayres James N. salesman, h 280 Tompkins av 
Ayres Jasper, carpenter, h 78 Rapelye 
Ayres Joseph B. artist, h 57 Driggs 
Ayres Paul, plumber, h 247 11th 
Ayres Philip, foreman, h 247 11th 
Ayres Robert, supt. 14 South N.Y. h 710 Pres't 
Ayres Silas A. ins. h New Jersey av n B'way 

E. N.Y. 

Ayres Silas C. foreman, h New Jersey av n 

" B'way E. N.Y. 
Ayres Thomas, bkbmder, h 423 Park av 
Ayres Thomas, bronzer, h 399 N. 2d 
Ayres William M. engraving, h 247 11th 
Ayres William T. agt. h 1187 Herkimer 
Ayres & Walker, lawyers, 44 Court 
Azents Robert H. driver, h 322 Graham av 
Azker William, liquors, 147 19th 
Aznive Byzant, photographer, h 173 12th 
Aznive Carnic, photographer, h 173 12th 


Baacke Charles, harnessmkr. h 422 Warren 
Baade Charles T. upholsterer, 1104 Fulton 

172 Jefferson av 
Baaden Frederick, butcher, h 728 Leonard 
Baans Cornelius P. elk, h 244 Prospect av 
Baar Louis, butcher, 835 Humboldt, k 665 Grand 
Baas Charles H. coal, 3 Bowling Green N.Y,' 

b 300 Union 
Baas Frederick F, cabinetmkr. li r 561 Union 
Baas Ida, wid. h 324 Bergen 
Baascl Charles, shipchandler, 31 Rector N.Y. 

h 50 Prospect pi 
Baatty John, earnagemkr. li 582 Lorimer 
Babb Henry, blacksmith, h 25 Mosorole 
Babbinger Peter, driver, h 69 Taylor 
Babbington Frank, pilot, h 124 S. 2d 
Babbington Henry, bkbinder, li 264 Leonard 
Babbington John, elk. h 285 Grand 
Babbington Lorenzo, lab. h 92 S. 1st 
Babbington Moses, pilot, h 151 Oakland 
Babbitt E. Foster, machinist, h 62 S. 8th 
BabbUf Frank F. musician, h 545 7th av 
Babbitt Morris, tinsmith, li B'way n Bennett 

av E.N.Y. 
Babbitt Sylvester N. h 545 7th av 
Babbott Frank L. 23d N.Y. h 232 Clinton av 
Babcock Albert O. bkkpr. h 136 Quiney 
Babcock Alonzo M. h 129 Classon av 
Babcock Charles, carpenter, h 202 W. 9th 
Babcock Charles' B. elk. h 91 3d pi 
Babcock Charles L. realestate, 219 Montague, 

h 140 Remsen 
Babcock Charles R. printer, h 28 Boerum pi 
Babcock Charlotte A. wid. David, h 161 Lef- 
ferts pi 

Babcock David B. mfr. Grand c B'way N.Y. h 

108 Montague 
Babcock David S. elk. h 161 Lefferts pi 
Babcock Edmund (i. shipmaster, It 55thn 3dav 
Babcock Frank, stevedore, h 222 9th 
Babcock George W. mason, h 24 Park 
Babcock Henry, elk. h 303£ Adelphi 
Babcock James A. platedware, 71 John N.Y. 

h 348 Wash'n av 
Babcock James W. machinist, h 550 Leonard 
Babcock John. lab. h 100 Tremont 
Babcock Joseph, h 292 Wyckoff 
Babcock Joseph M. elk. ll 466 Franklin av 
Babcock Julia, wid. John, h 129 Classon av 
Babcock Lncien C. police, h 24 Park 
Babcock Marlon P. carpenter, h 222 9th 
Babcock Neheniiah, elk. h 31 Ross 
Babcock Philip S. clk.h 161 Lefferts pi 
Babcock Samuel P. driver, h 57 Devoe 








Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Dog Grates, Etc. 

Sec advt. leaf opp. name. 

ft 55 


H O 


Pi « 












W. C, Vosburgtl Mfg. CO., Limited, 

418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

32 BAO 

Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

LAIN «fc CO., 

City Directory Printing House, 

17 WiHoughbv St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. T. 

Babcock Samuel P. lab. h Grove n Cypress av 

Babcock Theodore BT. ins. 285 B'way U'.T. h 

666 Carroll 
Babcock William, elk. h 614 Myrtle av 
Babcock William H. elk. 1 City Hall, h 271 


Babcock William E. elk. h 161 Lefferts pi 
Babcock William V. printer, h 80 Bond 
Babcock W. Irvine, elk. h 161 Lefferts pi 
Babe Frederick, elk. b. 81 Cranberry 
Baberg Edward J. shoemkr, h 32 Ten Eyck 
Baberg John E. shoemkr, h 32 Ten Eyck 
Babin Hosea J. physician, old No. 223 Hewes 
Babin Mardick, stevedore, h 82 Luquer 
Babington Anna, wid. h 244 1st E. D. now 
Kent av 

Babington Francis A. pilot, h 211 S. 2d 
Bacchus John G. Eev. h 239 Grates av 
Bacchus Truman J. pres't, 170 Joralemon, h 

57 Livingston 
Bach Ambrose, pianos, h 159 Division av 
Bach And. lab. h Georgia av n B'way E.N.T. 
Bach Charles, tailor, h r 20 Graham av 
Bach Elizabeth, wid. John, h 828 Flushing av 
Bach George, driver, h 217 Johnson av 
Bach Henry, drygds. 177 Ewen, h 259 Penn 
Baoh Henry, photographer, h 473 Grand 
Bach Herman, sunt, h 138 Ewen 
Bach Isaac, drygds, 177 Ewen, h 259 Penn 
Bach James, h 175 Joralemon 
Bach John, blacksmith, h 175 Huron 
Bach John, lab. h 259 Boerum 
Bach John N. h 175 Huron 
Bach Joseph A. shoemaker, h 356 2d E. D. 

now Wythe av 
Bach Kasper, milk, h 266 Johnson av 
Bach Marcus, drygds. 177 Ewen, h 259 Penn 
Bach Marcus & Sons, drygds. 177 Ewen 
Bach Martin, h 259 Boerum 
Bach Nicholas, h 175 Huron 
Bach Nicholas, lab. h 259 Boerum 
Bach Nicholas jr. tailor, h 175 Huron 
Bach Eudolph, elk. h 7 Cook 
Bach William, elk. h 174 Navy 
Bach William, elk. h 582 6th av 
Bach William, lab. h 48 Graham av 
Bach & Nostrand, mineral waters, 31 Furman 
Bache Christopher, undertaker, 80 Havemeyer 
Bache Elizabeth, wid. Benj. E. h 283 Henry 
Bache Frank, turner, h 170 Eagle 
Bache Henry, plumber, h 170 Eagle 
Bache Jacob, tinsmith, h 170 Eagle 
Bache Margaret, wid. Jacob, h 170 Eagle 
Bache Valentine, lab. h 206 Meserole 
Bach el Louis, brewer, h 241 Scholes 
Bachelder G. H. machinist, h 1133 Laf av 
Bacheller A. Irving, publisher, h 745 Quincy 
Bachem Augustus/h old No. 815 Bedford av 
Baehem D. A. bkkpr. h old No. 815 Bedford av 
Bacher John, h 986£ Laf av 
Bacher Eudolph C. baker, 375 & 483 Manhattan 

av, h 483 Manhattan av 
Bacher Stephen, shoemkr. h 269 Stockton 
Bachert George, baker, 110 Central av 
Bachert Theodore, tailor, h r 19 Scholes 
Bachert William, baker, 82 Leonard 
Bachia Richard A. tobacco, 188 Frankfort N. Y. 

h 840 Laf av 
Bachman Bernhard, gents' forng. 291 Manhat- 
tan av 

Bachman Curtis H. cigars, 169 Franklin, h 174 

Bachman Frank, lab. h 361 Maujer 
Bachman J oseph, lab. h 27 Forrest 
Bachman Veronica, wid. John, h 112 Throop av 

Mutual Life Insurance Go, 

■ * » A. T=» T=>T f"*l A TVrnPCT A T^T A i~" tT- 1VT -r 

Bachman William, hairdresser, 249 2d E.D. 

now Wythe av, h 196 S. 2d 
Bachmann Albert, h 700 Flushing av 
Bachmann Herman, musician and teacher, h 

419 B'way 

Bachmann John A. liquors, 426 S. 5th, h 12 12th, 
Bachmann Joseph, lab. h 193 Scholes 
Bachmann Richard, cabinetmkr. h 724 Flush- 
ing av 

Bachmann Wilhelmina, wid. John J. liquors, 

15 Elatbush av 
Bachmeier Lena, wid. John, h 142 Johnson av 
Bachmeier "William, lab. h 142 Johnson av 
Bachmeyer Sophie, dressmkr. 89 Court 
Bachof Hermann, driver, h 29 Graham av 
Bachoffer Michael, lab. h 176 N. 8th 
Bachrach Daniel, h 370 Livingston 
Bachrach Elias, grocer, 192 Maujer 
Bachrach Herman, salesman, h 122 S. 2d 
Bachrach H. butcher, 177 Smith 
Bachrach Joseph, rubber, 19 Judge, h 182; 


Bacht Gustavo, upholsterer, h 748 Fulton 
Bachtlufft Frederick W. bkkpr. h 964 Dean 
Bachtold Christian, machinist, h 182 Boerum 
Bachtold Marg. wid. Simon, b 147 Sumpter 
Back Carl, shipmaster, h 496 Henry 
Back Edward, mason, h r 204 Boerum 
Back Frederick, liquors, 487 N. 2d 
Back George, cigarmkr. h r 12 Scholes 
Back Theodore, painter, h 112 McKibbin 
Backer Jacob, driver, h 47 Monteith 
Backer John, lab. h Pacific n Stone av. E.N.Y. 
Backer Martin, tailor, h r 133 Meserole 
Backer Peter, lab. h 35 Front 
Backer William, lab. h 92 Lorimer Emil, blacksmith, h 70 Stagg 
Backes Fredk. lab. h John n B'way E.N.Y. 
Backes Peter, moulder, h 70 Stagg 
Backetts Mary, teacher, 130 Atlantic av. h 227 

Backhaus Frits, machinist, h 51 Adams E.D. 
Backhaus John, papermill, h 100 Bushwick av 
Backhouse Edward, h 237 Carlton av 
Backhouse George, h 265 Carlton av 
Backhouse Kebecca L. wid. Edward T. h 237 

Carlton av 
Backhus John C. F. seaman, h 437 18th 
Backhurs Fred, tailor, 1 State N.Y. h 291 10th 
Backingham Catherine, wid. Peter, varieties, 

50 Meeker av 
Backlund Frederick A. carpenter, h 517 At- 
lantic av 

Backman Jedidiah S. painter, h 670 Lorimer 
Backman John, h 172 26th 
Backman John A, h 190 Evergreen av 
Backman Lucy, toys, 1019 Gates av 
Backman Wm. tailor, h old No. 172 Marcy av 
Backmann Conrad, lab. h 141 Johnson av 
Backmayer Carl, teacher, h 337 Ellery 
Backofen Walter, salesman, h 210 Union 
Backstrom George W. jeweler, h 131 18th 
Backstrom John, cook, h 209 Wyckoff 
Backus Charles W. elk. h 180 Penn 
Backus Emma L. wid. Alfred, h 180 Penn 
Backus Foster L. lawyer, 201 Montague, h 31& 

Backus Frederick, driver, h 336 Prospect av 
Backus Frederick B. bkkpr. h 31 Sidney pi 
Backus George, carpenter, h 206 Smith 
Backus George E. grocer, h 263 Monroe 
Backus Mercy W. wid. Jay S. h 57 Livingston 
Backus Nathan F. manager, h 34 Smith 
*Backus J*eter & Son, steam heating, 133 

& 135 W. 25th N.Y. (See advt. inside back 


Backus Sarah, wid. Alfred, h 648 Classon av 
Backus Thomas, painter, h 105 Carlton av 
Backus Truman J. pres't, 170 Joralemon, h 57 

Backus William W. agt. h 1509 Atlantic av 
Bacon Alexander S. lawyer, h 344 Carlton av 
Bacon Amy, wid. John, hl08 2d 
Bacon A. Eliott, printer, h 192 23d 
Bacon Benjamin stationery, Nassau N. T. 155 

J I Richard A. JIcCurdy, Pres't. 

RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Bacon Charles, elk. h 152 14th 

Bacon David, h 244 Clinton 

Bacon Earl C. machinery, 85 Liberty ST. Y. h 

52 Fort Greene x>l 
Bacon Freeman, coal, 24 Eeid av, h 116 Reid av 
Bacon George "W. ins. h 284a Stuyvesant av 
Bacon Georgo AV. shoemkr. h 260 Grand 
Bacon James, brushmfr. li 197 13th 
Bacon James, lab. h'259 Conover 
Bacon James, machinist, h 238 Front 
Bacon James M. crockery, 563 Bushwick av 
Bacon John F. restaurant, 59 Murray, N. Y. h 

134 Kosciusko 
Bacon Joseph M. coal, 24 F*eid av &. Fulton c 

Lewis av, li 699 Greene av 
Bacon Peter, police, h 238 Front 
Bacon Euanette S. wid. Robert, h 110 Montague 
Bacon Sarah A. wid. L. B. h 143 State 
Bacon Stephen II. broker, XY. h 369 "Wash- 
ington av 

Bacon "William P. banker, 26 Broad N. Y. h 
170 Dean 

Bacon Zadoe M. umbrellas, 392 B'way N. Y. h 

51 S. Portland av 
Bacus Anton, lab. h 26 Meserole • 
Badam Anthony, junk, 1640 Bergen 
Bade Henry, shoe, 212 Atlantic av E. N. Y. 
Bade Frederick, shoemkr. h 512 Grand 
Badeau Charley R. h 131 Halsey 
Badeau David B. mfr. 209 Grand N.Y. b. 521 

Greene av. 
Badeau Harrison N. h 637 Monroe 
Badeau Henry, agt. h32 Devoe 
Badeau Peter 0. h 436 Henry 
Badeau William S. h 436 Henry 
Badeker Frederick, restaurant, 107 N. Moore 

N.Y. b 52 Jefferson 
Baden'Charles A. cashier, h 139 Hoyt 
Baden Charles L. A. cashier, 74 Court, 139 


Baden Frederick, driver, h 439 Court 
Baden Henrietta, wid. Henry, h 79 Cranberry 
Baden Herman, driver, h 67 Walton 
Baden John H. (Rev.) h 340 Adelphi 
Badenhop John, confectioner, 397 Court 
Badenhopp Henry, driver, h old No. 162 Marcy 

Badrisicek Annie, wid. John, h 42 Adams, E.D. 

Bader Adam, baker, b 205 Floyd 

Bader Alexander, lab. h 199 Graham av 

Bader Cresence,wid. William F.jr. h 357 Grand 

Bader Henry, lab. h 286 1S T . 2d 

Bader John, h 68 Seigel 

Bader John, driver, h 125 26th 

Bader John, lab. h 37 Ross 

Bader John. shoes. 165 Graham av 

Bader John jr stonecutter, h 141 23d 

Bader Louis, tinsmith, b Liberty av n Miller 

av, E N.Y. 
Bader Louisa, wid. Charles, h 338 Stockton 
Bader Peter, h 312 Van Brant 
Bader William F. cutler, 357 Grand & 377 

B'way. h 357 (irand 
Bader William K. liquors. 600 Fulton 
Badger All red, bkbinder. b 199 S. 1st 
Badger Alfred C. h 129 7th E.D. now Have- 


Badger Alfred G. flutemfr. 175 B'way N.Y. b 
92 Pulaski 

Badger Annie, wid. Daniel, b 191 Putnam av 
Badger Charles H. teacher, h 84 Pulaski 
Badger Ellen, hagmkr. h 147 12th 
Badger Frank O. bks. Fulton, h 469 Vand't av 
Badger Frank O- machinist, h 23 Kossuth pi 
Badger Gardner F. pumps, 83 John N.Y. n 45 

Jefferson av 
Badger Henry, florist, h 201 S. Portland av 
Badger Horace D. iron, 353 Adams, h 108 Pros- 
pect pi 

Badger James G. agt. h 761 Putnam av 
Badger Jerome Ai. machinery, 112 Liberty 

N.Y. li 629 .Madison 
Badger John, Jab. h 147 12th 
Badger Ivathorine, wid. h 54 Hudson av 
Badger Mai tin, fireman, b 147 12th 
Badger Michael, lab. h 147 12th 

Badger Thomas, lab. b 309 "Water 
Badger Thomas, news, h 29 Frost 
Badger Walter S. drygds. com. h 51 Clark 
Badger "William J. b 94 42d 
Badger "William O. mer. 243 B'way N.Y. h 79 

Badgloy Alfred, engraver, h 158 11th 
Bading Frederick, tailor, h 39 Meserole 
Baduru Henry, h 113 Church 
Baecker Catherine, tailoress, b 263 Powers 
Baecker Charles, grocer, 129 Stuyvesant av 
Baecker Diedricli, grocer, 129 Stuyvesant av 
Baecker J ohn, grocer, 766 Laf av 
Baecker Richard, grocer, 129 Stuyvesant av 
Baecker Bros, grocers, 129 Stuyvesant av 
Baeder Jacob, bagmkr. li 26 McKibbin 
Baeder Jacob, lab. h 308 Floyd 
Baeder John, shoemkr, b 70 1st E.D. now Kent 

Baeder "William, grocer, h Schenck av c Baltic 

avE. N.Y. 
Baedr Charles, peddler, b 126 Ewen 
Baedr "William, turner, h 126 Ewen 
Baehr August, harkpr. h 89 Montrose av 
Baebr Christian Wiu, butcher, 60 Meeker av 
Baobr Henry, salesman, b 616 Park av 
Baehr Louis, liquors, 89 Montrose av 
Baehr Louis, manager, h 428 Grand 
Baehr Louis, musician, h 58 Montrose av 
Baehr Martin, butcher, b 171 Ten Eyck 
Baehr "William, barkpr. b 89 Montrose av 
Baeles Thomas, paper, h 406 St. Mark's pi 
Baer Anna, wid. George, h 208 Ten Eyck 
Baer Bernard, salesman, b 229 N. 6th 
Baer Louis, cigarmkr. b 51 11th E.D. now 


Baer Louis, tinsmith, h 398 Bush wick av 
Baer Martin G. lab. b 102 Moore 
Baernion Augustus G. elk. b 215 47th 
Baescblin Charle's, elk. h 140 Fulton 
Baetge Alfret, baker, b 101 Bergen 
Baetge Julius, electrician, h 101 Bergen 
Baetow Catharine, grocer, h 26 "Withers 
Baets Frank, carpenter, h 880 Park av 
Baeuer Christian H. carpenter, h 126 Stagg 
Bucyer Jacob, cigars, h 119 Boorum 
Baila Frank, hairdresser, 225 Johnson 
Baiia Louis, hairdresser, 476 Hieks 
Bagan Patrick, blacksmith, h 364 Hicks 
Bagen James, grocer, 273 Water 
Bager Henry, cigarmkr. h 28 Herbert 
Bagetts Stephen, lab. h r 236 Plymouth 
Bagg John, blacksmith, h 1043 Myrtle av 
Bagg Robert, mer. 39 W. 31st N.Y. b 487 3d 
Baggat James, driver, h 215 Sackett 
Baggat Joseph, packing, h 200 8th 
Bagger Anna H. h 421 12th 
Badger Hartvig A. seaman, h 421 12th 
Baggs Mary J. teacher,, b 223 Scber 
Baggstrom Peter, organbldr. h 283 5tb E.D. 

now Driggs 
Bagidon Bridget, wid. Richard, h 182 W. 0th 
Baglay James, bkkpr. b 663 Do Kalb av 
Bagley Annie, wid. Francis, b 35 Stuyvesant av 
Bagley Asa G. lab. h 22 Hamburg av 
Bagley Catharine, wid. James, h 45 Carroll 
Bagley Charles, coupons, h 581 Pacific 
Bagley Daniel F. watcheasemkr. h 20 Vine 
Bagley George, h old No. 277 Hooper 
Bagley George, salesman, h 15 Fillmore pi 
Baglev John, lab. b 2o Vine 
Bagley John, lab. b 194 Water 
Bagley Patrick, machinist, h 249 Jay 
Bagley Bichard. electrician, h 281 Sober 
Bagley Samuel D. confectioner, 327 Grand 
Bagley William, h 167 Bemsen 
Bagley "William, tailor, h 11 Chapel 
Bagley "Winniired, wid. James, h 119 Under- 
bill av 

Bagbn "William A. h 123 "Wash'n av 
Bagnall Charles P. printor, 40 Vesey N.Y. b 
996 Fulton 

Bagnall Edward, liquors, 189 Hoyt, b 45 Doug- 

Bagnall Gerard P. reporter, N.Y. b 996 Fulton 
Bagnall Joseph, machinist, h 1 Ilussell 























in n bJFERSj 



Cor. 12th St., New York. 

RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

Largest Establishment in »ff York. 


Assets, in U, s, Ja 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 


193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 123 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Pourth Aves. 

liaML, $2,377,471.27, Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
34 BAI 

Chas. J. Healy. 
cfc CO. 

Geo. T. Lain. 

TiAIJT «j 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 Willonghby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

Bagnall Wm. liquors, 188 Hoyt, h 45 Douglass 
Bagnarello Joseph, interpreter, 3 Court House, 

h 564 Greene av 
Bagnell Arthur A. hatter, h 892 Fulton 
Bagnell Charles P. proofreader, h 996 Fulton 
Bagnell Gerald P. reporter, h 892 Fulton 
Bagnell Joseph, carpenter, 66 Vandyke 
Bagner "William, moulder, h 2S7 Van Brunt 
Bagot Sarah, h 155 S. 8th 
Bagot Thomas, h 119 Seher 
Bagot Thomas H. R. police, h 475 Van Buren 
Bagot Thomas K. bkkpr. h 119 Sober 
Bagot Wm. fruitdealer. Flatbush, h 889 Lex av 
Bagott Edward, dental insts. 84 Pearl, h 200 8th 
Bagott John, dental insts. 84 Pearl, h 200 8th 
Bagott Joseph, bkkpr. h 200 8th 
Bagott Kich'd H. mfr. 27 Fulton N.Y. h 498 3d 
Bagshaw Charles, peddler, h 715J 3d av 
Bagwell George AV. painter, h 5 Meeker av n 

Bahan Jeremiah, driver, li 225 20th 
Bahan Martin, h old No. 373 Kent av 
Bahl Catharine A. wid. John, h 550 7th av 
Bahl Charles, brashmkr. h 180 Leonard 
Bahleman Henrv, tailor, h r 204 Scholes 
Balder Charles G. roofer, h 10 Cheever pi 
Bahling John F. h 6 St. Mark's av 
Bahling AVilliain, driver, h 510 Park av 
Bahm Jacob, tailor, h 867 Park av 
Bahm William, cutter, h 867 Park av 
Bahmann Charles, hairdresser, h 24 Stagg 
Bahmann Frederick, h 481 Carlton av 
Bahmann Mary, boarding, h 156 Lawrence 
Balm Bridget, wid. Patrick, boarding, h 272 2d 

E.I), now Wythe av 
Balm Charles, lithographer, h 50 Butler 
Balm Frederick, elk. b.354 Hicks 
Bahn John, porter, h 272 2d E.D. now Wythe 


Bahnaker Louis, tvpemkr.h 427 Bushwick av 

Bahner John, framer, h 382 Stockton 

Bahnkeu Henrv, sugarboiler, h 117 Church 

Bahr Charles, h 156 Conover 

Bahr Conrad, butcher, 1365 Fulton 

Bahr Daniel, liquors, 11 Ewen 

Bahr Ernst, h 308 Adams 

Bahr Frederick, blindmkr. h 123 Montrose av 

Bahr George, butcher, New Tork av, c Fulton, 

h 18 St. Andrew'spl 
Bahr Henrv, mineral waters, 679 Grand 
Bahr Jacob G. bottler, 679 Grand & 637 E. 6th 

N.Y. h 270 Humboldt 
Bahr Joseph, baker, li 84 Geiry 
Bahr Joseph L. conductor, h 141 Pearl 
Bahr Josephine, dressmkr. 123 Montrose av 
Bahr Michael, tailor, h 2050 Fulton 
Bahr Wiliiam, shoemkr. h 114 Sackett 
Bahrenburg Fred'k, grocer, 610 Bushwick av 
Bahrenburg Henry P. u.s.n. h 109 S. 9th 
Bahrenburg Herman, grocer, 345 Throop av 
Bahrenburg Herman D. driver, h 127 Park av 
Bahrenburg John, h old No. 586 Bedford av 
Bahrenburg John, grocer, 186 Columbia, h 126 

Bahrenburg John, grocer, 345 Throop av 
Bahrenburg John H. grocer, 150 Atlantic av, h 

80 Georgia avE. N.Y. 
Bahrenburg Bichard, sampler, h 395 12th 
Bahrenburg Wm. elk. h old No. 586 Bedford av 
Bahrenburg Bros, grocers, 345 Throop av 
Bahrman Enrich, shoemkr. 105 S. Portland av. 

h 516 State 
Bahrs Emma, fancygds. 437 Carroll 
Bahrs Frederick, engineer, h 437 Carroll 
Bahrs Peter, grocer, 305 Floyd 
Baht William, bkkpr. h 323 Degraw 
Baier Frederick, cooper, h 104 Eagle 

Baier Jacob, shoemkr. h 86 Palmetto 
Baier Joseph, wheelwright, h 31 Bartlett 
Bail Emily A. employment, 194 B'way 
Bail John, pianomkr. h 150 Bayard 
Baildon George AV~. reporter, li 154 S. 3d 
Baildon John, bkbinder, h old No. 268 Bed- 
ford av 

Baile Frank T. elk. h 637 Baltic 
Baile AVilliam H. printer, h 140 Washington 

Bailer John, cigars, 481 Gates av 
Bailer Joseph, bkbinder, h 346 Ellery 
Bailey A. porter, h 7 11th E. I), now Hooper 
Bailey Adolplms G. teas, 259 Greenwich N.Y. 

h 74 Hancock 
Bailey Albert AV. lawyer, 377 Fulton, h 67 Pine- 


Bailey Alfred, h 273 Prospect pi 
Bailey Alfred, carpets, 516 Fulton, h 100 Madi- 

Bailey Andrew, carpets, h 736 Laf av 
Bailey Andrew J. shipping, 78 South N.Y. h 
368 Monroe 

Bailey Arthur J. carpets, 516 Fulton, h 442 

Classon av 
Bailey A. 11. li 642 St. Mark's av 
Bailey Benjamin F. h 1070 Fulton 
Bailey Charles, lab. h 107 John 
Bailey Charles A. butcher, h 129 Do Kalb av 
Bailey Charles H. elk. h 628 Herkimer 
Bailey Charles H. lawyer, Bowery c Grand 

N.Y. h 102 Wilson 
Bailey Charles P. carpenter, h old No. 238 


Bailey Charles W. mineral waters, 323 Rutledge 

h 282 B'way 
Bailey Clifford C. watch cases h 306 10th 
Bailey Daniel P. mason, h 419 Hicks 
Bailey Edward, com. mer. Produce Exchange 

N.Y. h 414 Clinton 
Bailey Edward, machinist, h 311 S. 1st 
Bailev Edward F. lumber, Norwalk, Conn. It 

176 Harrison 
Bailey Eliza, wid. John, h 87 Douglass 
Bailey Elizabeth, wid. George, h 176 Powers 
Bailey Ellen, wid. Joseph, h 21 N. Elliott pi 
Bailey Eugene, porter, h 100 Fleet pi 
Bailey Everett E. mattresses, 42 Flatbush av. 

h 356 Bergen 
Bailey E. N. sewerpipes, Christopher c B'way 

E. N.Y. h Flatbush c Diamond 
Bailey Frances, wid. Alfred, h 521 5th av 
Bailey Francis S. horses, h 220 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 

Bailey Francis T. carpenter, 876 Fulton, h 381 

Bailey Frank, elk. h 136 17th 
Bailey Frank, plumber, h 177 Java 
Bailey Frank F. bkkpr. h 40 Woodhull 
Bailey Frank T. ventilating, 79 N. 10th & 88 

Beekman N.Y. li Montclair N.J. 
Bailey Frederick B. elk. h 90 Monroe 
Bailey Frederick AV. (Eev.) h 151 S. 5th 
Bailey F. lie Forest, physician, 214 Madison 
Bailey Gardener, elk. h 26 AVythe av 
Bailey George, elk. h 107 John 
Bailey George, mechanic, h 195 40th 
Bailey George, porter, h r 156 Classon av 
Bailey George jr. furrier, h r 156 Classon av 
Bailey George A. engineer, h 23 10th E.D. now 


Bailey George E. foreman, li 410 Degraw 
Bailey George H. broker, h 54 AVyckotf 
Bailey George K. printer, h 95 Nassau av 
Bailey Geo. AV. salesman, N.Y.h 211 St.Jamea' pi 
Bailey George W. varnishmfr. 32 Bulling si 

N.Y, h 118 Milton 
Bailey Hannah, wid. Charles S. Ii 333£ Decatur 
Bailey Henry, carpenter, h 126 Fleet pi 
Bailey Henry, elk. h 195 40th 
Bailey Henry, hardware, 515 5th av 
Bailey Henry F. mechanic, h 195 40th 
Bailey Henry L. electrician, 112 Liberty N.Y. 
h' 92 Pulaski 
, Bailey Isaac G. h 640 St. Mark's av 
' Bailey Isabel, wid. George, h 181 Joralemon 


J. A. WEBB & SON, I 165 n lw* y o rk . 1 Established 1835. 

Used by DruggistB and Manufacturers throughout the world. Send for Quotations. 




Bailey Jackson, editor, 96 Fulton N.Y. h 577 

Bailey James, h 170 Hart 
Bailey James, elk. h 195 40th 
Bailey James, lab. h 239 Devoe 
Bailey James jr. employment, 279 Wash'n. h 

Hempstead L.I. 
Bailey James A. elk. li 225 Herkimer 
Bailey James H. manager, 73 B'way N.Y. h 

731 Qnincy 

Bailey James S. pres't, 83 Beekman N.Y. h 176 

Bailey James S. jr. registers, 83 Beekman N.Y. 
h 187 Pres't 

Bailey Jason S. fancygds. 255 Fulton, h Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Bailey Jennie, wid. Alfred, li 816 Dean 

Bailey John, cooyier, h 367 Beiry 

Bailey John, metals. 3 Dutch N.Y. h 180a Eck- 

Bailey John, peddler, h 211 York 
Bailev John A. produce, 27 Harrison N.Y. h 
279 S. 5th 

Bailey John C. realestate, 87 Prospect 
Bailey John H. elk. h 151 S. 5th 
Bailey John J. salesman, h 25 Eldert 
BAILEY JOHN T. carpets, with ^Vm. Berri's 

Sons, 524 & 526 Fulton st, Brooklyn, h 1094 


Bailey John T. porter, h 322 Gold 
Bailey John T. steward, h 102 Gwinnett 
Bailey John W architect, 66 Court, h 201 
Third pi 

Bailey John W. cooper, ft S. 4th, h 78 S. 4th 
Bailey Joseph, lal). h 107 John 
Bailey Jos. A. printer, h 182 Keid av c Madison 
Bailey Marcus L. dentist, h 382 Court 
Bailey Martin, carpenter, h 1517 Bergen 
Bailey Mary, wid. Nelson, h 322 Gold 
Bailey Matilda C. dressnikr. It 54 Wyckoff 
Bailey Mclvin J. nicr. li 187 St. John's pi 
Bailey Michael, lab. h 45 Columbia pi 
Bailey Nathaniel S. sec. h SO Monroe 
Bailey Nelson, driver, h 676 Wash'n av 
Bailey Patrick, lab. h 54 Wythe av 
Bailey Philips, fireman, h 367 Berry 
Bailey Randall, bkbinder, h 758i Monroe 
Bailey Robert, moulder, h 134 West 
Bailey Solomon E. beds, 42 Flatbush ay. h 356 

Bailev Sutphen, oper. li 350 9th 

Bailey Theodore, h 350 9th 

Bailey Theodore, lab. h 26 Montrose av 

Bailey Theodore H. stationery, Maiden la N. 

Y. h 246 Vand't av 
Bailev Theodore W. mer. 273 Canal N.Y. h 79 

1st pi 

Bailey Thomas, elk. h 99 S. Elliott p) 
Bailey Thos. horses, Netherwood N.J. h 350 9th 
Bailey Townsend, bkbinder. h 758£ Monroe 
Bailey Virginia B.laees, embroideries and dress- 
making, 255 Eulton 
Bailey Walter, shoemkr. h 367 Berry 
Bailey Walter B. elk. h 306 Sumner av 
Bailey Walter E. com. mer. 23 Wash'n av, h 

204 S. 8th 
Bailey William, h 50 Charmcy 
Bailey William, driver, h 454 5th av 
Bailev William, farmer, h 68 Palmetto 
Bailey William, lab. h 195 40th 
Bailey William mason, h Henry av n Atlantic 

av E.N.Y. 
Bailey William, mason, h 79 Balph 
Bailey William C. watchman, h 03 Duffield 
Bailey William E. aeet. h 151 S. 5th 
Bailey William E. furrier, h 62 Steuben 
Bailey Wm. L. carpenter, 876 Fulton, h 381 Gold 
Bailey Wm. L. machinist, h 68 Palmetto 
Bailey Wm. R. restaurant ,N. Y. 113 St. John's pi 
Bailey & Co. fancygds. 255 Fulton 
Badey Bros, carpets. 516 Eulton 
Bailie David J. marble, 204 E. 22d N.Y. h 193 

Bailin William, barkpr. h 297 Nevins 
Baillet Henry F. hairdresser. 409 S. 5th 
Bailleul George, printer, h 377 6th av 

Baillie Charles E. elk. h Eldert av n B'way E.i 
N.Y. | 

Baillie Ellis H. sewerpipe, 508 Union, h Flat- 

Baillie Harriett M. wid. Peter B. h 360 Greene 

Baillv Augustus P. realestate, 171 Wash'n 
Bailly A. P. & Bvo. realestate, 171 Wash'n 
Bailly Emil, waiter, h 308 Adams 
Bailly George H. compositor, h 111 Fleet pi 
Baillv John E. realestate, 171 Wash'n, h 289. 

Bailly Joseph P. furrier, h 289 Adams j 
Baily Jess, baker, 151 Tompkins av & 635 De 

Kalb av 
Baily Joseph, elk. h 26 Johnson 
Baily Sarah, wid. William, h 353 Prospect av 
Baily Bros, carpenters, 876 Fulton 
Bailstean Martin, h 40 Bogert 
Bailys Charles E. agt. h 103 Adelphi 
Bain David, com. mer. 188 Chambers N.Y. h 

old No. 204 Hewes 
Bain David, foreman, h 863 Park av 
Bain Mortimer T. cooper, h 23 State 
Bain William, machinist, h 240 Franklin 
Barn's Tea & Coffee Co. old No. 395 & 548 Bed- 
ford av & 681 Myrtle av 
Bainbridge Caroline, wid. H'y, h521 Wash'n av 
Bainbridge Cath. L. wid. John, h 466 Sackett 
Bainbridge Charles E. h 246 Vand't av 
Bainbridge Charles T. broker, 42 Broad N.Y. 

h 312 St. James' pi 
Bainbridge Eliza, wid. John, fancygds. 361 

Hushing av 
Bainbridge Frank S. weigher, 142 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 165Jr St. Mark p s av 
Bainbridge Henry, elk. h 126 Dean I 
Bainbridge Henry, stationer, 114 William 

N.Y. h 156 St.' James' pi j 
Bainbridge John G. grocer, 1327 Myrtle av | 
Bainbridge Langton, "planter, h 1361 Fulton 
Bainbridge Richard W. papermfr. 114 William 

N.Y.Ti 330 Throop av 
Bainbridge Wm. W. salesman, hl25 N. Oxford 
Baines Albert, gateman, h 822 Qnincy 
Baines Charles H. pres't, 299 Park av & 82 

Nassau N.Y. h Phila 
Baines Hugh, civil engineer, h 822 Quincy 
Baines James C. agt. h 783 Monroe 
Baines Samuel, engineer, h 79 Withers 
Baines Sophia, wid. Edward, h Frost o Lori-j 


Baird Alex. L. bldr. h old No. 60 Hooper 
Baiid Andrew D. stoneyard, Wythe avc Keap,: 

h old No. 130 Hewes 
Baird Andrew R. foreman, h 130 Hewea 
Baird Annie, h 203 Park av 
Baird David G. upholsterer, h 364 Baltio 
Baird Frank A. engineer, h 67 Sands 
Baird George, elk. h 364 Baltic 
Baird James, stonecutter, h old No. 74 Hewes 
BAIRD JAMES, truckmfr. 651 Grand, h 58 

Bushwick av 
Baird James B. foreman, h 74 Hewes 
Baird James O. engineer, h 112 Middlcton 
Baird John, coachman, h 976 Atlantic av 
Baird John, watchman, h 150 Prospect av 
Baird John J. police, h 638 Baltic 
Baird John S. broker, 64 B'way N.Y. h 93 

Columbia hgts. 
Baird Julia, wid. James, h 67 Sands 
Baird Marcus, elk. h 537 Wil'by av 
Baird Martha, wid. Noble, h r 350 S. 4th 
Baird Mary A. wid. h 102 8th 
Baird Robert, bldr. h Bergen n Hopkinson av 

E. N.Y. 

Baird Robert W. h 225 Greene av 

Baird Sarah A. wid. John, notions, 137 Borry 

Baird Thomas, engineer, h 124 8th 

Baird Thomas, engineer, h 134 42d 

Baird William jeweler, 109 Myrtle av, b 195 

Fort Greene pi 
Baird Wm. N. Am. bk. note Co. N.Y. h 276 9th 
Baird William, bldr. Wythe av. c Keap, h 191 

Wythe av 

Bairdain William E. com, mer. h 724 Qnincy 


FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF, osteiw -sroms:. 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, last Eiver, New York. 





1? WillongHjy St., cor. Peart, Brooklyn. 

Bairno John, lab. h 357 Furman 

Baisloy De Witt C. E. soapstone, 310 Pearl 

N.Y. li 250 Scher 
Paisley George, mason, h 144 Wil'by 
BaisleV Nehemiah, h 250 Scher 
Baisley Thomas, mason, h 144 Wil'by 
Baisley William J. jr. hostler, h 16 J niton pi 
Baist George, compositor, h 438 Pulaski 
Baist Theodore, bkkpr. h 24 Snydam 
Baitinger John jr. hairdresser, h 74 Boenim 
Baiz Abraham, com. mer. 102 Front, li 398 De- 

Baiz Joseph L. oils, h 666 Union 

Baiz Semy, agt. 330 4th 

Bakefeld Henry, grocer, 183 Hudson ay 

Bakeman William, diiver, h 31 Gwinnett 

Bakemann Mirab, wid. Andrew, h 973 Pacific 

Bakenhus Bernard, com. mer. 32 Park pi N.Y. 

h 359 Wash'n ay 
Bakenhus Bernard jr. ins. b 359 Wash'n ay 
BakeovenMax, lab. h Wash 'n.n B'way E.N. Y. 
Baker Adolph, buttonholemkr. h 218 Montrose 

Baker Adalph, manager, h 122 S. 2d 

Baker Albany V. K. ins. h 108 St. Felix 

Baker Albert G. carpenter, h 1108 Fulton 

Baker Albert W. printer, h 186 18th 

Baker Alexander, painter, h 1821A Atlantic ay 

Baker Alfred, proofreader, h Bergen n Bocka- 

way ay E. N.Y. 
Baker Alfred H. engineer, b. 610 Laf ay 
Baker Amanda, wid. James, h 653 Kosciusko 
Baker Amos, hardware, old No. 637 Bedford ay 
Baker Amos, plumber, h 188 Johnson ay 
Baker Anna, wid. Louis, nurse, h 276 Navy 
Baker Benjamin, lawyer, 26 Court, h 122 S. 2d 
Baker Benjamin, shipwright, b 178 Stockton 
Baker Benjamin F. driver, h 11 Clermont ay 
Baker Hernhard, painter, h 62 Stagg 
Baker Booz. h 104 Milton 
Baker Caroline, -wid. William, h 284 Lex ay 
Baker Carrie S. dressmkr. 438 Fulton 
Baker Cassandra, wid. Edw. F. h 356 Decatur 
Baker Catherine, "wid. b 206 Johnson ay 
Baker Catherine, wid. John G. h 535 S. 1st 
Baker Catherine, wid. Miles, h 37 Gold 
Baker Charles, lab. h 247 Jay 
Baker Charles, supt. h 262 Hoyt 
Baker Charles, tobacco, 676 Mvrtlo av 
Baker Charles B. elk. h 1084 3d ay 
Baker Charles 13. printer, h 234 Turney 
Baker Charles G. bkkpr. h 283 Nostraiid ay 
Baker Charles H. bkkpr. h old No. 723 Bedford 


Baker Charles H. carpenter, h 93 S. 2d 
Baker Charles H. elk. b 766 Herkimer 
Baker Charles J. lawyer, 76 Nassau N.Y. h 
391 S. 3d 

Baker Charles J. truckman, b 193 Decatur 
Baker Charles L. mfr. 68 Beade N.Y. b 783 

Baker Charles E. (Eev.) h 244 Wash'n av 
Baker Christian, sashmkr. h 159 Gwinnett 
Baker Christopher, shoemkr. h 310 Floyd 
Baker Daniel D. ins. 19 B'way N.Y. h 43 Sid- 
ney pi 

Baker Daniel J. bronzes, 52 John N.Y. h 391 

S. 3d 

Baker Daniel Y. pilot, h 721 Pacific 
Baker DeWitt C. boatman, b 129 26th 
Baker Ebenezer T. jeweler, h 425 Waverly ay 
Baker Edmund S. jr. provisions, h31 Lincoln pi 
Baker Edmund T. carpenter, h Grove n 

Cypress avE. N.Y. 
Baker Edward, lab. h 78 Boerum 
Baker Edw ard, miner, h 313 19th 
Baker Edward, proofreader, h 235 Adams 

Baker Edward B. umbrellas, 106 Court, h 187 

Baker Edward J. harnessmkr. h Chestnut n 

Eidgew^ood av E.N. Y. 
Baker Edyvin, architect, h 157 Congress 
Baker Edwin, sashmkr. h r 102 10th E.D. now 


Baker Edwin H. h 171 Columbia hgta. 
Baker Elisha T. painter, b 71 S. 8th 
Baker Eliza, wid. John shoes, h 89 Park av 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. Abraham, 282 S. 4th 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. Christian, h 78 Boerum 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. Midow, h 153 Central ay 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. Samuel, b 231 Bridge 
Baker Ellen, wid. William, h 43 McDougal 
Baker Emma, h 163 N. 2d 

Baker Englehardt, eigarmkr. h r 28 Dibevoise. 
Baker Enos I. L. wallpaper, 469 Myrtle av, b 

161 Wash'n av 
Baker Ernest, driver, h 721 Pacific 
Baker Esther, wid. h 225 Johnson av 
Baker Frank, eigarmkr. h 10 Bed Hook la 
Baker Frank, lab. h 1020 Pacific 
Baker Frank C. ferryman, h 676 Dean 
Baker Frank M. printer, h 128 S. 5th 
Baker Frank S. fish, 1154 Fulton, b 1193 Fulton 
Baker Frederick, brewer, b 97 Central ay 
Baker Frederick, elk. h 22 Humboldt 
Baker Frederick, doorkpr. h 205 Eckford 
Baker Frederick, lab. ll 32 Scholes 
Baker Frederick, lawyer, 208 B'way N.Y. h 26 

7th av 

Baker Frederick, police, b 265 Eckford 
Baker Frederick, restaurant, b 52 Jefferson 
Baker Frcd'k H. salesman, h 100 Skillman av 
Baker Fritz, tailor, li 191 Elm 
Baker F. T. pres't, 33 S. 5th & ft Delancey 

N.Y. h N.Y. 
Baker George, elk. h 209 Sandford 
Baker George, fireman, It 154} 16th 
Baker George, lab. h 23 Bash wick ay 
Baker George, machinist, h 170 3d av 
Baker George, molder, h 407 19tU 
Baker George, shoemkr. h 130 Palmetto 
Baker George C. elk. h 11 Warren pi 
Baker George C. salesman, h 282 S. 4th 
Baker George E. salesman, b 387 Pacific 
Baker George M. milliner, B'way N.Y. h 130 


Baker George O. sailmkr. h 73J Cumberland 
Baker Geo. \V. fertilizer, h old No. 191 Hooper 
Baker George W. physician, old No. 48 Bed 
ford av 

Baker Georgina, wid. John, b 35 Johnson av 
Baker Gerhardt, cabinetmkr. h 112 Walton 
Baker Gerry, fireman, h 51 Cedar 
Baker Hannah, wid. William J. b Vermont av 

n Fulton av E. N.Y. 
Baker Harry B. elk. b 288 Clifton pi 
Baker Hayden M. chemist, li 87 Eoss 
Baker Heury, h 921 Atlantic av 
Baker H'y, baker, h 79 9th E.D. now Eodney 
Baker Henry, cigars, h 28 Herbert 
Baker Henry, driver, b Vandyke c Ferris 
Baker Henry, shoemkr. h 199'Fulton 
Baker Henry C. bldr. h 1108 Fulton 
Baker Henry C. salesman, h 966 Laf av 
Baker Henry H. elk. h 2144 Fulton 
Baker Henry H. J. fish, 450 Atlantic av 
Baker H'y V. lettercarrier. h 994 Atlantic av 
Baker Henry E. elk. h 288Clifton pi 
Baker Herbert, elk. li 104 Milton 
Baker Herman, mason, h 793 4th av 
Baker Howard, salesman, h 168 Clymer 
Baker Howard M. shipchandler, 29 South N.Y. 

h 192 St. John's pi 
Baker H. J. & Bro. fertilizers, Smith c Hunt- 
ington & 215 Pearl N.Y. 
Baker Isaac D. porter, h 172 Marion 
Baker Isaac F. elk. li 184 19th 
Baker Jacob, carpenter, h r 18 Stagg 
Baker Jacob, ins. 26 Court, h 168 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Baker Jacob S. h 130 Amity 
Baker James, h 209 Sandford 
Baker Jas. elk. h 345 4th E.D. now Bedford ay 


Send for Circular. 


175 State Street. Cor. Court Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Bivers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 



128 & 130 FULTON £T., 



BAKER JAMES H. supervisor 22(1 ward, 

com. mi'T, 04 College pi N.Y. li 386 8th 
Baker James W. stained glass, W. 4tli N.Y. h 

CO Palmetto 
Baiter Jane, li 158 21st 
Baker Jennie V. II. physician, 245 S. 1st 
Baker Jeremiah E. physician, 350 Henry 
Baker Jesse K. boxwood, h 255 High 
Baker John, boxmkr. h 547 Morgan av 
Baker John, driver, h 1002 St. Mark's av 
Baker John, electrician, h 59 Hull 
Baker John, lawyer, N.Y. li 148 Clinton av 
Baker John, mason, h r 133 Meserole 
Baker John, moulder, h 107 X. Elliott pi 
Baker John, police, h 1169 B'way 
Baker John, shoecutter. h 240 Lynch 
Baker John, tailor, h 158 Evergreen av 
Baker John, truckman, h 182 Hoyt 
Baker John, woodcarver, h 8 Harrison av 
Baker John C. dispatcher, h 110 Atlantic av 

Baker Joint E. slatemantels, 2022 Fulton 
Baker John G. canlker, h 91 4th pi 
Baker John H. cigars, 221| Myrtle av 
Baker John M. agt. h 790 B'w'ay 
Baker John M. jr. 790 B'way 
Baker John R. liquors, 290 Wash'n 
Baker John W. police, h 10 Newell 
Baker Joseph, lab. h 74 Jay 
Baker Joseph, lab. h 158 Johnson 
Baker Joseph, plasterer, h 625 Classon av 
Baker Joseph ir. varnishcr, h 158 Johnson av 
Baker Joseph H. broker, 12 B'way N.Y. li 118 

Lincoln pi 
Baker Juliou, elk. h 231a Madison 
Baker Leonard, lab. h 94 N. 1st 
Baker Louis, cooper, h 99 Pebevolse 
Baker Louis, lab. h .921 Atlantic av 
Baker Louis, lab. h 145 High 
Baker Louis, peddler, h 159 30th 
Baker Louis, tailor, h 268 Floyd 
Baker Louis L. conductor, h 68 Trontman 
Baker Louisa, wid. John K. h old No. 61 Bed- 
ford a v 

Baker L. Henrv, tobacco, h 200 Flatbush av 

Baker Margaretta, wid. Jacob, h 120 N. 6th 

Baker Mary, oper. h 229 Hamilton av 

Baker Mar.', wid. George, h 31 Harrison av 

Baker Mary, wid. Henry, h 5 Cook 

Baker Mason S. h Chestnut n Fulton av E.N". Y. 

Baker Michael, shoes. 222 Johnson av 

Baker Michael, shoemkr. h 55 Met av 

Baker Milton, framer. h r 106 Central av 

Baker Nellie, wid. Frank, h 68 Columbia hgts 

Baker Nelson, ferrv master, h 27 Lawrence 

Baker Nicholas, h % N. !)th 

Baker Nicholas, blacksmith, h 243 Kent 

Baker Norman, elk. h S32 DeKalb av 

Baker Oluff, pointer, h 141 Conselvea 

Baker Patrick, lab. h 22 Willow pi 

Baker Pennlie wid. James, h 41 Prince 

Baker Peter, lab. h 30 Herbert 

Baker Peter, soapmkr. h 253 Floyd 

Baker Philip, tailor, h 190 Meserole 

Baker Priscifia, laundry, h 383 S. 2d 

Baker Richard C. physician, 97 4th E. D. now 

Bedford av 
Baker Richard C. printer, h 297 Navy 
Baker Robert J. bellhanger, h old No. 674 Bed- 
ford av 

Baker Rupert, broker, Produce Exchange N.Y. 

h 353 Cumberland 
Baker Samuel B. cashier, li 486 Monroo 
Baker Simuel O. elk. h 100 Ross 
Baker Sarah, wid. Albanv, h 682 Pacific 
Baker Sarah, wid. John, h 160 Clinton 
Baker Sarah, wid. Thomas, h 75 Laf av 
Baker Sarah A. wid. Christopher, h 81 Berrv 
Baker Smith T. oils, 295 Pearl N. Y. h i45 


Baker Stephen, lab. h 229 Hamilton av 
Baker Theodore, farmer, h New Lots av n 

Wvkeoffav E. N. Y. 
Baker Theresa, wid, Frederick, h 174 Warren 
Baker Thomas, 382 State 
Baker Thomas, brass, h 534N. 2d 

Baker Thomas, elk. h 671 Carroll 
Baker Thomas, hatter, h 849 Myrtle av 
Baker Thomas, lab. h 259 Couover | 
Baker Thomas, watchmkr. h Bay av n Smith 

av E. N. Y. j 
Baker Thomas E. u. s. a. h 82 Clermont av 
Baker Thomas E. drvgds. 48 Leonard N. Y. b 

286 Stuy ve.sant av ; 
Baker Thomas G. h 165 Lewis av 
Baker Thomas II. police, h 116 Noble 
Baker Thomas W. artist, h 462 Van liuren 
Baker Valentine, lab. b 99 Debevoise \ 
Baker Walter, elk. h 314 Carroll | 
Baker Waiter, gardoner. h 192 27th | 
Baker Washington L. paints, 1351 Fulton, h 

241 Macon 

Baker Wells, vet. surgeon. h"42 St. Murk's av 
Baker William, bkbinder, h 271 Adams : 
Baker William, carpenter, h 153 Wythe av 
Baker William, elk. h 47 Willow pi | 
Baker William, coal, N. 9th c 1st, h 824 4th E. 

D. now Bedford av ' 
Baker William, confectioner, 307 Mvrtlo av I 
Baker Wm. grocer, 167 Reade N.Y. h 187Slagg 
Baker William, ins. 371 Fulton, h 207 Wyckoil 
Baker William, lab. h 187 Stagg 
Baker William, painter, b 141 Conselyea 
Baker William, peddler, h 129 Canton 
Baker William, shipmaster, h Pacific n Stone 

av E.N- Y. 

Baker William A. restaurant, 145 Wash'n, b 

425 Cumberland 
Baker William F. pilot, h 1193 Fulton 
Baker William IL h 128 S. 5th 
Baker William H. boatman, U 194 Nassau 
Baker Wm. H. bronze, 52 John N.Y. h 391 S. 3d 
Baker William H. carpenter, h 691 Hancock 
Baker William H. restaurant , 1771 Full on 
Baker William J. printer, h 153 Wythe av 
Baker William N. h 152 I)e Kalb av 
Bakor Winfield S. h 570 Wash'n av 
Bakewell Caroline A. wid. Thomas, h 810 B'way 
Bakewell Joseph, sailmkr. hl83 Berry 
Kaklie John, weigher, h 157J Nelson 
Balaban Abraham, engineer, h 115 Summit 
Balbin M. cigarmkr. h 195 Atlantic av 
Balch Charles, cuttor, h 241 Gold 
Balch Horace L. cutlery, 18 Maiden la N.Y. h 

38 Monroe pi 
Balch James N. hatter, 376 Fulton, h Mansion 


Balch, Price & Co. hats, 376 Fulton 



Hatters & Furriers 

S,eal Sacks and Fur-Lined Cloaks 

376 and 3T8 FPLTOV STREET. 

Tl'XKF'IION-H, No. 818. I 


S3 = 
> TJ 
2 PI 


Baleolm Clark, eggs, Fulton mkt. N. Y. li 110 
Park pi 

Balcoin Melissa M. nurse, h 103 Lawrence 
Bald Frederick, bkkpr. h 591 Herkimer 
Baldaaf Charles, waiter, h 162 Centre 
Baldauf John, carpenter. 41 Carroll 
Baldenecker Charles F. hops, 237 Pearl N. Y. 

h old No. 14 Marcy av 
Balder Georgo, peddler, h Schenck av n Liber- 
ty av E. N. Y. 
Balderman Louis, shoemkr. h 11 Conselvea 
Balderson Benjamin, ropemkr. h 847 Wil'byav 
Balderson Horatio B. elk. h 847 Wil'by av 
Balderson John, carpenter, h 575 Grand 
Balderson John B. elk. h 575 Grand 
Balderson William H. h 847 Wil'by av 
Baldes Emanuel, hatter, h 237 Ellery 
Baldi John, shipsmith, 65 Bowne, b 14 Union 
Baldin Balbino, cigars, h 404 Court 
Baldinger John, ironworker, h 94 S. 5th 



" O 




w SB 

to tfZ 

& 0 w 

2 PI 

i -i 

ct> « 

J* 35 


569 Broaiway, ccr. Prince. NEW YORK. lo. 1 Wall St., cor. Broaiway. 

Asasts, is U. ! 


, ]®. 1, 1886, 

NSb COi 

$4,712,899 16. 


193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 123 Fla busb Ave,, Brooklyn, 

I Jmctioa si ilkstlc ft Pcaith Am. 
$2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,235,427.89, 

i— t 

—J si's 

« fir 




City Directory Printing House, 

17 VTilloughby St., cor. Pearl, B'Myh. 

Baldner Henry, tailor, h John n Liberty av. E. 

Baldrick Thomas H.strawgds. 4916th, h 4716th 

Baldwin Abnar W. h 128 Hart 

Baldwin Adolph W. h 377 Warren 

Baldwin Alanson F. granite, 239B'way N. Y. h 

482 Henry- 
Baldwin Alton A. monuments, IT. Y. h 482 


Baldwin Arthur, machinist, h 372 Gold 
Baldwin A. L. furng. Canal N.Y. h 461 Gold 
Baldwin Ben j . F. brakeman, h 503 Herkimer 
Baldwin Carrie, dressmkr. h 115 Meserole av 
Baldwin Carrie, wid, Charles H. h 30 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Baldwin Catharine wid. Stephen, h 40 Maujer 
Baldwin Charles E. bldr. h 925 Hancock 
Baldwin Charles F. elk. h 77 Garfield pi 
Baldwin Charles M. Hour, 57 Water N.S". hl58 


Baldwin Chauncey, brakeman. h 237 Freeman 
Baldwin David A. elk. h 325 Monroe 
Baldwin Deborah T. wid. Simon, h 457 Frank- 
lin av 

Baldwin Elias B. pilot, h 211* Wyckoff 
Baldwin Emma, wid. Henry C. Ii 75 Fort 
Green© pi 

Baldwin Everett, driver, h 376 Classon av 
Baldwin Ezeikiel, sportinggds. 55 Court, h 61 

Baldwin Ezra, realestate, 508 Gates av, h 106 

Baldwin Frank, blocks, 33 South K.Y. h 946 

Baldwin Frank, liquors, E. New York av n 

Van Sinderenav E. N.Y. 
Baldwin Frank, mason, li 7534, Madison 
Baldwin Frank, physician, 138 Sumner av 
Baldwin Frank, police, h 391 12th 
Baldwin Frank, shippingsupplies, 33 South 

K.Y. h 156 Macon 
Baldwin Frank X. teas, 292 Grand, h 151 8th 

E.D. now Marcy av 
Baldwin Frank, tel.oper. h 181 Lewis av 
Baldwin Frederick A. h 106 Clermont av 
Baldwin Garrett, h 628 Carlton av 
Baldwin George, elk. h 203 Gold 
Baldwin George J. pilot, h 2114 Wyckoff 
Baldwin George T. carpenter, Van Sicklen av,b 

n Fulton av. E.N.Y. 
Baldwin George T. h 92 Greene av 
Baldwin George T. weigher, h 524 Bushwick av 
Baldwin George W. carpenter, h 4th n 48th 
Baldwin Henry, fish, h 94 Carlton av 
Baldwin Henry, flour, 4 State N. Y. h 12 Mc- 


Baldwin Henry, oysters, 60 Carlton av 
Baldwin Henry, hatmfr. Stockton n Myrtle av. 

h 81 Morton 
Baldwin Henry C. cashier, 21 Fulton N.Y. & 

353 Decatur 
Baldwin Henry M. elk. h 236 Skillman 
Baldwin James, barkpr. h 425 Franklin av 
Baldwin James, peddler, h 287 Hudson av 
Baldwin James G. janitor, h 74 St. Mart's av 
Baldwin James W. elk. h 240 Nostrand av 
Baldwin Jared A. agt. h 325 Monroe 
Baldwin John, carpenter, h 181 Floyd 
Baldwin John, machinist, h r old No. 267 Kent 


Baldwin John, watchman, h old No. 270 Howes 
Baldwin John A. furniture, 48 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av, h 105 S. 3d 
Baldwin John H. sportinggds. 6th av n 25th 

N.Y. h 295 Pearl 
Baldwin John 0. teas, 292 Grand, h 151 8th EJl). 

Baldwin John S. flour, 90 Broad N,Y. h 997 

Baldwin John S. lab. h 487 Hicks 
Baldwin's John Sons, teas, 290 Grand 
Baldwin Joseph, carpenter, h 1364th E.D. now 
Bedford av 

Baldwin Joseph C. pres't, Greene o West, &- 
55 Beekman N.Y. h W. 23d N.Y. 

Baldwin Joseph W. elk. h 77 Garfield pi 

Baldwin Julia J. h 63 Ralph av 

Baldwin J. A. & C. H. furniture, 46 4th E.D, 
now Bedford av 

Baldwin J. T. cashier, 43 Wall N.Y. h 41 
Greene av 

Baldwin Katharine, wid, Wm. h 176 Maujer 
Baldwin Lester H. drugs. 188 Halsey 
Baldwin Louis E, h 2G4 High 
Baldwin Louis M. printer, h 271 Pacific 
Baldwin Lnman E. driver, h 292 S. 1st 
Baldwin Lucius E. snpt. h 204 High. 
Baldwin Maria, h 50 S. Oxford 
Baldwin Mary, wid. Edmund, h 379 S. 3d 
Baldwin Mary E. wid. Stephen, h 188 Halsey 
Baldwin Mary L. wid. Wm. H. h 68 Meeker av 
Baldwin Nathaniel, potter, h 110 Eagle 
Baldwin Neilson A. physician, h407Adelphi 
Baldwin Newton, agt. h 166 Garfield pi 
Baldwin Oran S. clothing, 382 Fulton, h 397 
Clinton av 

Baldwin Orlander C. coal, 556 Myrtle av, h 

Baldwin's L.I. 
Baldwin Peter, driver, h 398 Knickerbocker av 
Baldwin Radcliff, shipping, h 178 Scher 
Baldwin Samuel, snpt. h 90 Clay 
Baldwin Sarah I). wid. Louis„ h 141 Laf 
Baldwin Sears, salesman, h 156 Herkimer 
Baldwin Spencer Scott, clothier, 382 Fulton, 

n 186 Gates av 
Baldwin Stephen, coal, 556 Myrtle av, h 

Moriches L.I. 
Baldwin Stephen & Son, coal, 556 Myrtle av 
Baldwin Stiles D. h 397 Clinton av 
Baldwin Theodore, elk. h 41 Greene av 
Baldwin Thomas, foreman, h 197 Freeman 
Baldwin Thomas, moroecofinisher, h 85 Wall- 


Baldwin Walter, printer, h 40 Maujer 
Baldwin William, baker, h 377 Warren 
Baldwin William, lab. h 213 Navy 
Baldwin William, mer. h 15-4 S. Portland av 
Baldwin William, salesman, h 22 4th pi 
Baldwin William, undertaker, h 36 York 
Baldwin William A. elk. 295 & 1st 
Baldwin William F. painter, h 72 Butler 
Baldwin William IL peddler, h Jamaica plk 

rd c Furman pi E.N.Y. 
Baldwin William J. coal, old No. 696 Bedford 

av, h 173 Nostrand av 
Baldwin William J. engineer, h 1047 Herkimer 
Baldwiu William P. elk. h 160 6th av 
Baldwin William S. foreman, h 180 Kosciusko* 
Bale James, spannkr, h 350 S. 5th 
Balfanz August, grocer. 42 Grand 
Balfe Edward, driver, h 329 Bond 
Balfe George W. liquors, 233 & 322 VanBrent 
Balfe Mary A. wid. John, h 253 Clinton 
Balfe Patrick, baker, h 336 Pacific 
Balfe Patrick fr. brush mkr. h 336 Pacific 
Balfe Richard, baker, h 335 Pacific 
Balfe Rose, wid. John, h 329 Bond 
Balfe Thomas. poMce, h 438 Degraw 
Balfe & Cain, liquors, 233 & 322 VanBrunt 
Balford Henry, engineer, h 323 Bend 
Balhar William, barkpr. h 146Flatbush av 
Balington Thomas, lab. h r 65 Bolivar 
Balington William, printer, h r 65 Bolivar 
Balk Henry F. confectioner, 1616 Fulton 
Balke James, carpenter, h 33 Sumner av 
Balkman Gustave, x>ainter, h 141 Navy 
Ball Alfred, notions, 23 Flathush av 
BaU Ancell H. hardware, h 15 S. Oxford 
Ball Ann, wid. Michael, h 302 Albany av 
Ball Arthur L. elk. h 1122 Dean 
Ball A. M. dressmkr. h old No. 170 Marey av 
Ball Barclay, tea, 2 Gouveneur la, N.Y. h 299£ 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 




Ball Benj. L. blindmkr. h old No. 370 Marcy av 
Ball Charles, engineer, h 152 Calyer 
Ball Charles A. mechanic, h 775 Monroe 
Ball Charles E. elk. h 488 Throop av 
Ball Charles E. mason, h 9"> IT. Elliott pi 
Ball Charles H. carpenter, h 348 Franklin av 
Ball Charles H. carpetcleaner, 196 Flatbush 

av, h 193 Myrtle av 
Ball Cyras, broker, h 464 Bergen 
Ball Edward, butcher, 255 Myrtle av, h 87 

Ball Edward, u.s.n. h 267 Nassaa 
Ball Edward A. mer. 52 South N.Y. h 78 Hoyt 
Ball Edward 0. journalist, 245 B'way. N.Y. h 

43 Lee av 
Ball Edward W. supt. h 1122 Dean 
Ball Frank, conductor, h 1022 Gates av 
Ball Frank J. printer, h 90 Bergen 
Ball George, ins. 71 Wall N.Y. h 27 Decatur 
Ball George, painter, h 700 Gates av 
Ball George M. mfr. machinery, 28 Franklin, h 

68 Java 

Ball George W. gilder, h 55 S. 5th 
Ball George W. lumber, 3d c 3d av, b. 212 Ray- 

Ball George W. roalestate, 816 Gates av, h At- 

lanticville L.I. 
Ball George W. & Co. real estate, 916 Gates 


Ball Granville, batter, h 268 Tillary 

Ball Hariett, wid. Kuben W. nurse, h 787 

Ball Harry, mason, h 244 15th 
Ball Henry, grocer, 400 Van Brunt 
Ball Henry A. ironmonlder, h 903 Douglass 
Ball Jacob, tailor, h 51 Mcscrole 
Ball James, dockbldr. h 96 Eaglo 
Ball James N. upliolsterer, h 791 flalsey 
Ball John, h 108M Falton 
Ball John, painter, h 156 Classon 
Ball John, tailor. 185 Montague, h 121 Hancock 
Ball John H. carpenter, h 79 Elm 
Ball John 1'. li 54 Pulaski 
Ball John T. elk. li 76 S. 2d 
Ball Joseph, lab. h 98 Atlantio av 
Ball Joseph, milk, h 187 Park av 
Ball Joseph H. carpenter, h 488 Throop av 
Ball J. Henrv, bkkpr. h 71 Cranberry 
Ball Louis, tailor, h 216 N. 8th 
Ball Margaret, dollmfr. 464 Bergen 
Ball Patrick, liquors, 150 Park av 
Ball Sarah, teacher, h 300 De Kalb av 
Ball Sarah A. h 78 Hoyt, 
Ball Silas, broker, h 404 Bergen 
Ball Sylvester B. seaman, h 131 Sumner av. 
Ball Thomas, caulker, h 126 Dikeman 
Ball Thomas, conductor, li 747 Franklin av 
Ball Thomas F. watchcasemkr. 21 Cliff N.Y. 

1) 334J pres't 
Ball Thomas L. strawgds. 49 Hall & 625 B'way 

N.Y. 129th N.Y. 
Ball Thomas P. shipping mer. 36 South N.Y. a 

78 Hoyt 

Ball Thomas B. shirtmfr. h 15 S. Oxford 
Ball Thomas W. acct. h 1138 Fulton 
Ball Walter, painter, h 196 Marion 
Ball William, carpenter, h 156 Classon av 
Ball William, furrier, h 106 Brooklyn av 
Ball William, machinist, h 747 Franklin av 
Ball William, painter, h 452 Central av 
Ball William, painter, h 741 Herkimer 
Ball William, painter, h 427 Prospect pi 
Ball William C. casemkr. h 42 Hicks 
Ball William E. cooper, h 79 Skillman av 
Ball William H. elk. h 692 6th av 
Ball William H. engineer, a 135 11th 
Ball William J. W. upholsterer, 415 Baltic 
Ball & Blackham, suits, 100 Scher 
Ball & JewelL machinery, 28 Franklin 
Ball & Bay, strawgds. 49 Hall & 625 B'way 

Ballagh Henrietta, wid. James, h 64 Maujer 

Ballagh Thomas D. h 64 Maujer 

Ballance Robert, stairbldr. 131 Byerson, h 109 

Wash'n av 
Ballance B. & Son, stairbldrs. 131 Byerson 



"Waierooma, - STEIN WAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St 

Ballance William A. stairbldr. 131 Byerson, h 

103 Byerson 
Ballance Armsted, driver, h 182 Bond 
Ballard Caroline E. h 182 Bond 
Ballard Catharine, wid. Henry, dressmkr, 6 

Sheffield av E.N.Y. 
Ballard Charles, bkkpr. h 76 Newell 
Ballard C. h 12 Oakland 

Ballard Do Witt, carman, 106 Warren N.Y. h 
240 11th 

Ballard Gayton, pres't, 415 Wil'by av, h 51 Jef- 

Ballard Henry, foreman, h 286 18th 
Ballard Hiram, soap, h 25 Strong pi 
Ballard James, painter, h 288 21st 
Ballard James T. elk. h 619 Leonard 
Ballard John, carpenter, h 6)38 5th av 
Ballard John, sec. 58 Ann N.Y. h 125 Penn 
Ballard John L. truckman, h 248 11th 
Ballard Louis F, elk. Nassau N.Y h 58 Bain 1 

Ballard Nathan, teacher, h 247 Monroe 
Ballard Biehard, baker, 1043 B'way 
Ballard Stephen, treas'r, 415 Wil'by av. <fe rub- 
ber, 123 Chambers N.Y. h 171 Lefferts pi 
Ballard William, driver, h 758 3d av 
Ballav Charles F. glassmfr. h 339 S. 3d 
Ballay Constant F. supt. 213 Varet, h 333 S. 3d 
Ballay Harry C. engraver, h 269 Division av 
Ballegh James, elk. h 255 Ewen 
Ballegh Bebecca, wid. William, h 255 Ewea 
Ballets Nicholas (Bev.) 212 Putnam av 
Ballem William, salesman, h 176 55th 
Bailer Herman, liquors, 405 Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Ballereau Julius, glazier, h 196 Middleton 
Ballerio Joseph, musician, h 40 N. Elliott pi 
Ballerman Charles, boatuiau, 339 Nevins 
Ballert Matthew, lab. h 427 Bush wick av 
Bailey Francois, liquors, 4 Lewis av 
Ballin Jacob, shirts, 12 Walker N.Y. h S8£ 

Balling Charles, cigarmkr. h 114 Debevoise 

Balling Matthew, tailor, h 141 Moore 

Balling Peter, driver, h 193 Kent 

Ballinger A. Lincoln, drugs, h 495 Wil'by av 

Ballinger Henry, elk. h 495 Wil'by av 

Ballinger William G. ice, 8 4th pi 

Balmiann John, mechanic, h Georgia av n 

B'wav E. N.Y. 
Balloon Edward, hostler, h 292 N. 2d 
Ballou Alfred L. bkbinder, h 183 S. 3d 
Ballou Alfred L. jr. basketmkr. h 183 S. 3d 
Ballou Benj. M. tincutter, h 150 Norman av 
Ballou Charles C. elk. h 131 Penn 
Ballou Charles F. elk. h 305 State 
Ballou Edw'd B. conductor, h 625 Franklin av 
Ballou Eliza, wid. Benj. h old No. 133 Hooper 
Ballou Henry C. police, h 237 Byerson 
Ballou Henry H. supt. 60 Greenpoint av, h 687 


BALLOU JOHN T. supervisor 13th Ward, 5 
Court House, h 85 8th E.D. now Marcy av 
Ballou Prosper, stereotyper, h 108 Linden 
Ballou Prosper I. shirts, 30 Vosey N.Y. h 345 

Franklin av 
Ballou Theodore, caulker, h 135 Jefferson 
Ballou Walter S. agt. h 444 Classon av 
Ballou William, dockbldr, h 262 Nostrand av 
Ballou , printer, h 29 Harrison av 
Ballow Harry, elk. h 301 Myrtle av 
Ballow William A. elk. h 316 Wil'by av 
Ballsmo Bafaela, peddler, h 29 Lawrence pi 
Ballway George W. cigars, 358 7th av 
Ballweg Hermann, liquors, 599 Grand 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Firc-Pkccs, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

Sea sdvt. leaf opp. nama 


Jt 2 

O o 

r 6 

«© * 


O o 
»■ i 

-9 -l 

Q - 





57 Broadway, 


cor. 17th St., KwVork. 

40 BAM— BAN" 


Iain's Directory Office, 

17 Willoaghby £t, «r. Pearl, Blljr.. 

Bilmain George, stationer, 420 Lewis av 
B.ilmanno Alexander, bkkpr. h 18414th 
Balmanno Charles G. bkkpr. h 184 14th 
BaTmer Frank, carver, h 351 Bridge 
Bahner John, salesman, h 30 7th av 
Bahner Joseph F. broker, h 30 7th av 
Bahner Marry J. wid. h 185 ^Division av 
Bahner Robert, blacksmith, h 205 Eckford Mariana, shipchandler, 189 Columbia, 
h 160 22d 

Balmoro Eobert, foreman, h 18 Newell 
Balo George, broker, h 405 Clermont 
Balogh Charles 1 , upholsterer, h 562 Grand av 
Balogh Daniel, bkbinder, h 1068 Atlantic av 
Balogh David, agt. li 1068 Atlantic av 
Balogh Ella, varieties, 1GC8 Atlantic av 
Balosch John, lab. 06 Box 
Balpf Elizabeth, wid. h 32 Montieth 
Balsamo Michael, butcher, 32 Union 
Balsano Salvatore, shoemkr. h 5 Brooklyn av 
Balsdon Henry, salesman, h 5 Hanson pi 
Balser Adam, carpenter, h 18 Johnson av 
Balser Adeline, wid. h 42 Vsndt av 
Balser Charles, books, 431 5th av 
Balser George, carpenter, h 18 Johnson av 
Balser Joseph, mason, h 142 2d E. D. now 

Wythe av 
Balser Magdalene, wid. h 279 Chauncey 
Balston Jainos N. pressmfr. 87 Quay, h 128^ 


Balston J. Harris, sec. & pressmfr. 85 Quay, 
100 Greenpoint av & 246 Greene, h old Na. 
240 Hewes 
Balston & Hou-seal Chair Co- 85 Quay 
Iialston & Son, pressmfrs. 87 Quay 
Baltbasar Arnold, tailor, h 579 Fulton 1 
Baltheahofer Christine, wid h r 138 Graham av 
Baltimore Robert I. tea, h 138 Madison 
Baltimore & Ohio Express Co. 170 Montague 

& 63 B'way I*. Y. 
Baltimore & Ohio & United Tel. Cos. 2 Court, 
453 5th av, 600 Atlantic av, 91 B'way, 100 
Greenpoint av, & Pacific c Schenectady av 
Balton Andrew, driver, h 67 Hudson av 
Baltser Carl, lab. h 284 Powers 
Baltz; Frank A. salesman, h 192 Ainslie 
Baltz Fried'rich, milk, 174 Graham av 
Baltz George, butcher, h 208 Park av 
Baltz Henrv. real estate, G64 B'way E. D. h 

1702 Atlantic av 
Baltz Margaret, wid. Abraham, h 71 Mauler 
Baltz Ophelia, wid. Wilfiam V. k 116 8. 1st 
Balnka Albert, liquors, 119 Fuiman, h 10 Eliza- 
beth pi 

JBalwell George, blacksmith, h 139 Grand av 
IBalz Chas.W. lawyer, 664 B'way, h 397 Pulaski 
IBalz Henry, lealestate, 1702 Atlantic av 
|Balz Kate, wid. h 234 IT. 7th 
jBalz Peter, tailor, h 787 Madison 
jBalz Philip, blacksmith, h 21 Lorimer- 
iBalz Philip L. lawyer, 78 Wall N.Y. h 71 Sche- 
j nectady av 

jBalz Philip L, tailor-, h 1702 Atlantic av 
j Balzer Henry L. machinist, h 169Scholes 
i Balzer John, cigars, 199 Graham av 

Balzer John, cutter, h 278 N. 2d 

Balzer Joseph H. gardener, h Locust avn Eagle 
i av E. N.Y. 

I Balzer Rudolph, machinist, h 169 Seholes 
jBalzer William, musician, h 712 BVay 
[Bambach John, cahlnetmkr. h 219 Graham av 
Bamber Isaac, paints. 127 B*way, h 138 S„ 9fch 
Bamber Robert L. com. nier. h 1000 Dean 
Bamber Isaac, painter, 127 B'way, h 138 S. 9th mer. 286 Greenwich, N".Y. 
' h 353a Clinton 

Bamber Thomas, Jr. prodncOi h 353a Clinton 

Bamber William, h 315 Livings-ton 

Bamber William, com. mer. 125 Warren !N".Y„- 

h 726 Union 
Bamberger Charles, butcher, h SH Cranberry 
Bamberger Gilbert, drygds. 7 Mercer N.Y. h 

91 Nassau 

Bamberger Heury, salesman ,h 584 Bushwick av 
Bamberger Hermann, engraver, h I15Roebling' 
Bamberger Ira L. lawyerj N.Y. h 30 Bedford av 
Bamberger John, liquors, 679 Franklin av 
Bamberger Mary, wid. Jacob, h 1083 Pacific 
Bamborell Mfiry, fruits. h6 Morccin 
Bambridge John G. locksmith, 332 Gates av, lv 

1327 Myrtle av 
Bambridge William P. locksmith . ?»32 Gates av 
Bambridge Bros, locksmiths, 3:J2 Gates av 
Bamderhee John E. h 8Mj 141 h 
Bamford James, drugs, h 242 13th 
Bain ford Prvce, elk. h 63 Graham 
Bamgart John L. 610 B'way 
Bamkopf Frank, filectitteri h 148 Gwinnett 
•Bam man Henry, elk. li 249 Jay 
Bamman Henry, liquors, 623 Atlantic av 
Hampton BcnJ. C. engineer, b 75 Clermont av 
Bampton Charles M. "miller, h 191 Division av 
Bampton Mary M. wid- James, h 75 Clermont ' 


Ban Chas. lab-, h B'way n Williams pi E'.N'.Y- 
Banahan Thomas, machinist, li 224 Frost 
Banard Frank, elk. h 99 Monroe 
Banard John, artist, 779 B'way "-NT.Y, h 362 S. 

Banard John, paper, 102 Kent av, h 31 Wythe 

Banard Ruth, intelligence office, 68 Yand't av 
Banbach Frank, blacksmith, h 168 Ten Eyck, 
Bancker Abraham, elk. h 439 Clinton av 
Baneker Robert, plasterer, h 1595 Fulton 
Bancker Samuel L. engraver, h 332 Concord' 
Banckor William D. sec- 39 Chambers' N.Y. h 

4.30 Clinton av 
Bancroft Aaron, h 163 8. Oxford 
Bancroft Edw'd P. salesman, h 329Nostrandav 
Bancroft' Eugene, engineer, IS 204 Freeman 
Bancroft E. Eugenie, milliner, 905 Myrtle av,. 

h 98i Tompkins av 
Bancrott George, broker, h 163 S. Oxford 
Bancroft George, painter, h 3 Douglass Court 
Bancroft Herbert P. drygds. Worth U.Y. h 

181 Harrison 
Bancroft Lucius W. (Rev.) 323 Clinton 
Bandeccha Seraphino, steward, h 1324 Do 

Kalb av 

Bandelin Robert, elk. h 57 Rapolyo 
Bandemann Ltxuis, lab., h 54 Partition: 
Bander Michael R. caiman, h 191 18th 
Bandersou William, bkbinder, h r 271 Tillary 
Bandle? Max, gentsfurng. 2C& Canal N.Y. h 

519 Henry 
Bandler William, h 519 Henry 
Bando Antonio P. hairdresser, 89 Fialton, h. 

4S Cherry jST.Y. 
Bando & Micucci, hairdresser, 89 Fulton 
Bandolin Hermann, hairdresser, 319 Graham av 
Bandorian Michael, hairdresser, h 142 Hamil- 
ton av 

Bandtke Edmund, bkkpr. h 75 India 
Bandtlow Charles, architect;, h. 073 BVay 
Bandtlow Frances, drugs, 36 Graham av 
Bane Lewis C. painter, 294 Leonard, h 144 Con - 
s el yea 

Baneiiekl Mary, wisi. John, h 69 Gth av 
Baney John. elk. h 110 Sackett 
Banf elder Kilian, wheelwright, h94 Boemm 
Banfield Francis J. engineer, h 116 Java 
Banfield Geo. W. carpenter, li 59 Ih:ttlield 
Banfield Marietta, wid. Francis J. h 116 Java 
Banford James, machinist^ h 158 9th E.I), now 

Banford John, machinist, h 346 S. 5th 

Bang Emil, cabinetmkr. h 38 Clay 

Bang W. printer, h 752 Park av 

Bangard Mathew J. carpenter, h 255 21st 

Bange Charles, h 159 27th 

Bange Fred'k H. lighters, N.Y. h 119 Gate* 

William JL Tyler, 

no & H2 Broad St., 
Cor. Water St., New York. 

Importer of Hennessy, Maitcll, Otard, and 
Blussard Cognac Brandies, Knickerbocker and 
Crown Schiedam Gins, Polo and Duff Gordon 
Sherries, and Oporto Port Wines. 




1 X East l^Ltli Street, 


Bange Henry, hides, 92 Gold N.Y. h 128 S. Ox- 

Bange Henry, tailor, h 135 Evergreen av 

Bange Jacob, plumber, h 135 Evergreen av 

Bangel August, butcher, h 209 Kim 

Bangel Peter, lab. h r 20 Cook 

Bangels Stugerwald. tinsmith, h 209 Elm 

Bangemann Frederick, ins, h 213 Court 

Bangert Michael, tailor, h 216 Montrose av 

Bangert Peter, baker, h 172 Floyd 

Bansrler Lawrence, shoemkr. h r 61 Cook 

Bangs Bieecker. elk. h 805a Laf 

Bangs Charles W. lawyer, 45 William N.Y. h 

238 Clinton 
Bangs Emily, wid. h 641 Carlton av 
Bangs Margaret B. wid. Anson, h 805a Laf 
Ban ham Samuel S tinsmith, h 112 N. Elliott pi 
Baninwegen George, deckhand, h 55 Grand 
Bank Augustus, elk. h 349 S. 3d 
Bank Charles, cabinetmkr. h 225 Bushwiek av 
Bank Frank, com. mer. h 18 Wil'by av 
Bank George, mnciiiinst, h 225 Bushwiek av 
Banker Eveline, h 663 Quincy 
Banker George W, com. mer. 1 Piatt N.Y. h 

46 Sterling pi 
Banker Jane, wid. Charles, h 393 Bridge 
Banker John AV. com. mer. h 359 Elatbusli av 
Banker Josiah , ice, li 360 5th av 
Banker Robert, elk. h 16 Hope 
Banker Hubert, upholsterer, h r 235 Pacific 
Banks Albert, elk. h 227 18th 
Banks Augustine, broker, h 814 Union 
Banks Benjamin, rcalestate, 540J 5th av. h 

227 18th 

Banks Benjamin J. waiter, h 624 Flushing av 

Banks Charles A. agt. h 323| Evergreen av 

Banks Charles M. elk. li 288 Clifton pi 

Banks Charles S. elk. h 145 40th 

Banks David, drygds. N.Y. h 97 Boss 

Banks George, lab. li 46 Degraw 

Banks G eorge \V.kalsoininer,hr452 Hudson av 

Banks llarrv, waiter, h 5 Princo stct 

Banks Henry O. elk. h 137 Rutledge 

Banks James, lab. h 75 Columbia 

Banks James X. chairmkr. h 324 Manhattan av 

Banks John, fireman, h 117 Prospect 

Banks John, rigger, h 172 Huntington 

Banks Martin, lab. h 160 G^and 

Banks Marv Ann, wid Samuel, h 98 Meserole 

Banks Obadiah. publisher, 251 B'way N.Y. h 

354 Sackett 
Banks Paul, driver, h r 277 St. Mark's av 
Banks Thomas, coachman, h 32 Hey ward 
Banks William, banker, h 121 Reid av 
Banks William, lab. h 46 Degraw 
Banks William, lather, h 255 Sehenck 
Banks William, salesman, h 128 Magnolia 
Banks William H. broker, h 154 Clinton av 
Banks William H, driver, h 108 N. Elliott pi 
Banks William O. elk. h 354 Sackett 
Banlczh Joseph, cabinetmkr. h 218 Marion 
Banmann Bertha, wid. Charles, tailor, h 112 

Banmann Henry, silk, h 169 16th 
Banmann Michael, carpenter, h 142 Richardson 
Bannan Dennis, lab. h 52 Congress 
Bannan John, hostler, h r 97 Butler 
Bannan Mathew, lab. h 113 John 
Bannan Mathew, moulder, b 85 Wythe av 
Bannan Patrick, bkkpr. h 23 Concord 
Bannan Timothy, lab. h 444 Smith 
Bannard Joseph, porter, h 80 Gwinnett 
Bannatter Jefferson, bkkpr. h 302 Clifton pi 
Banner Itjen, tailor, h r 209 Schoies 
Banner Peter H. ropemfr. Kidgewood L. I. h 

63 Hull 

Banner Thomas R. ropemfr. Kidgewood, L.I. 
h 63 Hull 

Bannerman Francis, metals, h 1114 Butler 
Bannerman George, salesman, h 689 Hancock 
Bannerman William J. shipchandler, 14 At- 
lantic av, h 689 Hancock 
Bannigan Owen, blacksmith, 387 Hamilton av, 

h 8 Garnet 
Bannigan Peter, painter, h 178 Prospect 
Bannigan William, baker, h 586 Bushwiek av 

Banning Jane, wid. Alpheus, h 104 Hart 
Banning Michael, h 490 7tli av 
Bannister James, engraver, h 416 Bergen 
Bannister Robert, bkkpr. h 416 Bergen 
Bannon Benjamin, lab. h 1007 Park pi 
Bannon Ellen, wid. Francis, h 254 Plymouth 
Bannon Ellen, wid. James, h 126 Stagg 
Bannon Henry D. machinist, h 253 18th 
Bannon Hugh, janitor, h 834 Bergen 
Bannon James, bkkpr. h 272 St. Mark's av 
Bannon James, carpenter, h 98 Grand 
Bannon James, mason, 3i 144 Tillary 
Bannon James, painter, h 216.V Reid av 
Bannon John, carpenter, It 325 Greenpoint av 
Bannon John, police, h 272 St. Mark's av 
Bannon John, shoemkr. li 66 Smith 
Bannon Mathew, leather, h 738 Bergen 
Bannon Michael, boxmkr. h 142 Meeker av 
Bannon Micliael, grocer, 237 Plymouth 
Bannon Michael, mason, h 658 Butler 
Bannon Pat'k, barkpr. Park y>l n Underbill av 
Bannon Patrick, lab. h 131 Richards 
Bannon Peter, lab. h 187 Tillary 
Bannon Peter, lather, h 129 Sehenck 
Bannon Simon, grocer, 20th c 10th av 
Bannon Thomas, barkpr. h 274 Oakland 
Bannon Timothy, carpenter, h 94 Eagle 
Bannon William, carpenter, h 274 Oakland 
Banquo Dennis, shipsmitli, h 39 India 
Bansauri Frank W. elk. h 86 2d 
Bansaun Laura, wid. John, h 86 2d 
Banschbach Charles, upholsterer, h 23 Whipple 
Banse Robert J. li 220 Bergen 
Bansmami Wm. harnessmkr. h 194 Union av 
Banson Otto, seaman, h 362 Butler 
Bansyckle John H. bkbinder, h 420 18tli 
Bant Mathew, bldr. h645 Lorimer 
Eanta George, machinist, h 149 W. 9th 
Banta George, refrigerators, 326 W. 21st N.Y, 

h 400 Degraw 
Banta George W. hats, h 65 Hart 
Banta Harry B. bldr. 25 Bergen, h 315fc Pres't 
Banta Jacob, salesman, b 149 S. 8th 
Banta James, lab. h 452 3d av 
Banta James V. carpenter, h 349 Baltic 
Banta John, furniture, h 159 Hovt 
Banta Mary J. wid. William S. h 539 Wil'by av 
Banta Nelson H. teller, h 125 Macon 
Banta Peter, shipjoiner, h 100 9th E. D. now 


Banta Theodore M. ins. B'way N. Y. h 144 St. 
James' pi 

Banta Walter, salesman, h 758 Vansiclen av. 
E. N. Y. 

Banta Walter A. bkkpr. h 400 Degraw 

Banta William, h 65 Hart 

Banta William, elk. h 608 6th av 

Banta Wm, S. ins. 33 Pine N. Y. h 539 Wil'by av 

Ban teeter Ellen, wid. Jacob, h 69 Cook 

Banfel John, pictureframemkr. 73Nassau N. Y. 

h 200 Kosciusko 
Bantlo Albert, gilder, h 17 Suydam 
Bantle Christian, cabinetmkr". h 716 B'way 
Bantle Frederick J. h 386i Sackett 
Bany John, butcher, h 285 Atlantic av 
Banyan George, lab. h 84 Troy av 
Ban'ze Joseph, cabinetmkr. h 172 Stagg 
Banzer Charles, varnisher, h 1 Yates pi 
Banzett William, joiner, h 035 Myrtle av 
Bapen Henry, lab. h 11 Union av 
Bapp Frank, boxmkr. h 113 Freoraan 
Baptist Herman, tailor, h 164 Lorinier 
Baptist Isaac E. oils, 128 8th E.D. now Marcy 

av, h 99 Union av 
Baptist John H. carpenter, h 156 Hudson av, : 
Baptist Sophia, wid. h 99 Union av 
Baptist William, oil. 128 8th E.D. now Marcy 

av, h 99 Union av 
Baptistal Michel, butcher, Wash. Mkt. N.Y. 

71 11th E.D. now Hooper 
Baptiste J. H. printer. 710 B' way, h 77 Reid av 
Bar Henry, butcher, h 60 Lorinier 
Baradel John B. optician, h 79 Main 
Baragwanath Henry, engineer, h 867 Gates av 
Barance Joseph, tailor, h E. N. Y. av n Rock- 
away av E.N.Y". ' 



• GB 


s r-" 

» 533 


Manager for N.Y. &NJ, 

271 Broadway, N. Y. 




O Jt4 

O M 



at 10 



Jan. 1, 1886,14,712,899 16, 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 

No. 128 Fiatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

■ Junction of Atlantic & ysarth Avos. 
LiaML, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
42 BAE 




«& CO., 


17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, B'kiyn. 

Baranowski Jack, shoes, 398 Gold 
Baranski Selig. clothing, 174 Fulton 
Barb Andrew, wood Imndler, h 177 Moore 
Barb Edward, lab. h 28 Summer av 
Barb George, wood bivadler, li 177 Moore 
Barb Jacob, tin, h 177 Moore 
Barb Sebastian, wood bundler, h 177 Moore 
Barbarow Emma, wid. Samuel M. b 109 Flat- 
bush av 
Barber Adin, elk. h 213 14th 
Barber Alfred, coal, 377 Water N.Y. h 414 

Clermont av 
Barber Ambrose M. fish, 643 Fulton, h 18 Clif- 
ton pi 

Barber Aim, wid. Samuel, h 18 Remsen 
Barber Charles B. h 43 Hancock 
Barber Charles H. elk. h 392 Grand 
Barber Edward, collector, h 571 Classon av 
Barber Emery L. elk. h 178 Buffield 
Barber Francis, h 85 St. Mark's av 
Barber George H. salesman, h 88 Rogers av 
Barber George T. ins. h 425 Sumner av 
Barber Harry G. coal, 377 Water N.Y. h 414 

Clermont av 
Barber Isaac, physician, 36 Laf av 
Barber James A. porter, It 597 Baltic 
Barber James F. bkkpr. li 745 Van Buren 
Barber John, elk. h 122 Huron 
Barber John J. bk binder, h 88 Driggs 
Barber Joseph E. ticket agt. h 17 Himrod 
Barber Joseph W. elk. h r 29 Huntington 
Barber Samuel, h 18 Remsen 
Barber Sarah M. wid. Robert, h 275 Sumner av 
Barber Walter M. salesman h 88 Rogers av 
Barber Walter R. reporter, h 507 8th av 
Barber Wilfred W. carpenter, h old No. 236 

Bedford av 
Barber William, seaman, h 160 Wilson 
Barber William A. salesman, h 425 Sumner av 
Barber William C. teller, h old No. 93 Rodney 
Barber William H. earbldr. h 37 48th 
Barbera Atilo. musician, h 83 1ST. Elliott pi 
Barberie Andrew V. pianos, h 557 Atlantic av 
Barberie John, chandler, 77 South N.Y. h 297 

Clermont av 
Barberie Win. pianotuner, h 557 Atlantic av 
Barberow George A. elk. h 510 5th av 
Barberry Andrew, fruits, h 172 N. 1st 
Barbery George, cigarmkr. h 759 Gates av 
Barbery Jacob, cigars, h 20 Willow pi 
Barbier Anthony, tailor, h Bennett av n Ber- 
gen av E. N*.Y. 
Barbier Anthony, tailor, h Eldert av n Bay av 
E. N.Y. 

Barbier August, tailor, h Eldert av n Bay av 
E. N.Y. 

Barbiere Mary, wid, Alphonse, h 409 S. 5th 
Barbor Ann, wid. Kevin, h 93 Skillman av 
Barbour Adin, minerals, 36 Beekman N.Y. h 
61 Elm 

Barbour Alden, salesman, h 7 Hanson pi 
Barbour Edward W. watchman, h 57 4th av 
Barbour Herbert W. tel. oper. h 497 Gates av 
Barbour James W. ins. 93 Cedar N.Y. h 234 

Barbour Thomas J", banker, 18 Wall N.Y. h 

169 Hicks 
Barbrack Fred'k. tailor, 130 Union 
Barbree James W. h 234 Skillman 
Barhuti Rimandi, fruit, h r 443 Hudson av 
Barcellona Frank, hairdresser, h 281 Bergen 
Barcker Charles, grocer, h 643 Van Buren c 

Barckman Frank, boatman, h 297 3d av 
Barclay Alexander, oils, 83 Sedgwick & 103 

Maiden la N. Y. h 310 Pres't 
Barclay Annie, wid. Wm. li 313 Cumberland 


B arclay David S. gents' furnishing, 470 5th av 
Barclay Delanev. artist, h 516 Carlton av 
Barclay Frank,'h 384 8th 
Barclay Gaston, h 384 8th 
Barclay George C. h 100 Remsen 
Barclay John, carpenter, h 251$ 39th 
Barclay Livingston J. agt. h 696 Gates av 
Barclay Margaret, wid. Hugh, h 30 Lee av 
Barclay Reginald G. drugs, 44 Stone N. Y. h 
160 Remsen 

Barclay Robert S. broker, 49 B'way N. Y. h old 

No. 583 Bedford av 
Bard Carrie, dressmkr. h 357 Dean c 4th av 
Bard Frank L. blacksmith, h 17 Dufrlold Ter 
Berdalamas John, baker, 181 Hudson av 
Bardaseh Herman, salesman, h 326 12th 
Bardel Gustavus, salesman, h 239Dean 
Bardel John, lab. h 20 Green la 
Bardell Alfred, iron, 8. 5th.h old No. 129 Hewes 
Bardell Wm. A. sec. 53 S. 5th, h 84 Heyward 
Bardon Daniel, morocco iinisher, h old No. 279 

Kent av. 

Barden Francis, liquors, 446 1st E. D. now 
Kent av. 

Barden John, tanner, h 239 Grahmo 

Barden Willard F. lithographer, 21 Cliff N. Y. 

h 53 Pulaski 
Bardenhagen Claus, lab. h 65 Walton 
Bardenhagen John, elk. h 336 Tompkins av 
Bardenstein Jacob, sawyer, h 302 4th 

Bedford av 
Bardenwerper Edward F. elk. h 30 Bergen 
Bardenwerper Louise, fancygds. 924 Myrtle av 
Bardenwerper Marie, fancygds. 924 Myrtle av 
Bardenwerper U. & L. fano\x r <ls. 924 Mvrtleav 
Bardes Fredrick, map. N.Y. li 251 S. 2d 
Bardes Fredrick T. elk. h 251 S, 2d 
Bardueerpr Charles, salesman, h 434 Park av 
Bardon John A, undertaker, 19 Union av 
Bardon John J. police, h 179 Prince 
Bardon William, gardener, h 357 Flushing av 
Bardon William, tanner, 371 Park av, a 105 


Bardonner Balthasar, tailor, h r 215 Graham av 
Bardorf Christopher, lab. h 49 Debevoise 
Bardson George, carpenter, h 160J 55th 
Bardt August, bkkpr. h Atlantic av n Adams 
E. N.Y. 

Bardwell H'y L. appraiser, h 175 St. Mark's av 
Bardwell Willis A. librarian, 199 Montague, 

h 60 Cambridge pi 
Bare Frank, sashmkr. h 193 Boerum 
Barefield Edward, fruits, 37 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av, h 114 S. 2d 
Barcfield Rebecca, hairdresser, 114 S. 2d, h 112 
S. 2d 

Bareis Gottlieb, lab. h r 128 Graham av 
Baren Augustus C. printer, h 117 Carlton av 
Barend Charles, cigarmkr. h 75^ Maujer 
Barend Simon, cigarmkr. h 75£ Maujer 
Barfeind Richard, milk, 626 6th av 
Barg Charles, grocer, Lee av c Koap 
Barg William, grocer, 375 Court 
Barger Edward G. elk. h 498^ 6th av 
Barger William, hairdresser, h 478 Bergen 
Barger & Yoerger, restaurant, 426 B'way 
Barget William, drug3, 163Ewen 
Bargezi Otto, stonecutter, h 151 21st 
Bargfrede Ludwig, liquors, 150 Wythe av 
Barghausen Peter, grocer, 78 N. 6th 
Barguist John, confectionery, 515 Hicks 
Barham George teas, h 638 Myrtle av 
Barhydt James H. h 567 Grand av 
Barhyto Charles A. bkkpr. h 12 Nassau 
Barhyto Sydney, engineer, h 173 Union 
Barian Ann, wid. Joseph, h 218 Schenck 
Baright Edward P. rooier, h 1063 Dean 
Baring Rachel, wid. Thomas, h 423 B'way 
Baring William, bkkpr. h 224 4th E. D. now 

Bedford av 
Barington Letitia, h 84 Wyckoff 
Barinson John G. shipmaster, h 6 Broome 
Bariski Sebastian, lab. 58 Box 
Baritzer Martin, tailor, h 403 Warren 
Bark Anton, cigarmkr. h Barbey n Baltic av 

E. N. Y. 

J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for^QuotatUng, 



Bark William, blacksmith, h 165 High 
Barkan Louis, physician. 162 Union 
Barkeloo Harriet, physician, 015 3d av 
Barkeloo Henry, li 180 Nassau 
Barker Abijah,' pilot, h 50 Kent 
Barker Abraham, liquors, h 285 Stockton 
Barker Albion, printer, b 206 S. 1st 
Barker Ann,'wid. James, b 39 Little 
Barker Annie, wid. William, b 42 Henry 
Barker A. W. C. bkkpr. It 139 St. "Felix 
Barker Baxter, elk. h 204 Bergen 
Barker Charles, h 20th c 10th av 
Barker Charles, mason, h 125 N. 5th 
Barker Charles, teacher, h 191 S. Oxford 
Barker Charles P. lawyer, b 385 Adelphi 
Barker Charles S. ins. 189 Montague, h 166 

Classon a v 
Barker Charles W. sawyer, h 317 Lorimer 
Barker Daniel, h 8-17 Gates av 
Barker David D. h 337 Greene av 
Barker DeWitt. dentist. 383 Dean 
Barker Edwin F. letterearrier. h 114Nassau av 
Barker Eliza J. wid. Caleb, b 125 N. 5th 
Barker Elizabeth, wid. Abraham, h 285 Stock- 

Barker Ellen C. wid. August T.h 214 Sandford 
Barker Ezra D. publisher, 19 Murray N. Y. h 

385 Adelphi 
Barker Frank, old No. 287 Bedford av 
Barker Frank, b 730 Lafav 
Barker George, b 411 Monroe 
Barker George, bricklayer, h 72 N. 7th 
Barker George, hatter, h 156 Hamburg' av 
Barker George, mason, h 313 Eckford 
Barker George E. silversmith, h 104 Newell 
Barker George F. agt. h 407 Monroe 
Barker George F. foreman, h 802 De Kalb av 
Barker George H. carbldr. h 108 India 
Barker George K. boatman, Erie Basin, h 150 


Barker George W. elk. h 42 Henry 
Barker Gilbert H. pilot, b 675 Leonard 
Barker Gilbert II. ,jr. pilot, h 104 Newell 
Barker Helen C. wid. Augustine, h 214 Sand- 

Barker Howard I), cashier, h 929i Laf av 

Barker Isaac, shipcarpenter, 154 Franklin 

Barker Jacob, h 371£ 12th 

Barker James, hatter, h 156 Hamburg av 

Barker James, hostler, h 79 Cranberry 

Barker James, lab. h 79 Cranberry 

Barker James O. express, 1143 De Kalb av, h 

1134 De Ka!b av 
Barker James P. h 1134 De Kalb av 
Barker Jesse, bkkpr. b 327 Warren 
Barker John, carpenter, h 125 Meserole av 
Barker John, batter, h 103 Elm 
Barker John, lab. h 135 N. 4th 
Barker John, machinist, h 353 S. 3d 
Barker John, painter, h Sackman n Dean E. 


Barker John, pilot, h 885 B'way 

Barker John, taxidermist, li 227 Atlantic av 

Barker John B. salesman, h 12 3d 

Barker John E. lithographer, h 65 Division av 

Barker John G. publisher, 63 Bleecker N.Y. h 

139 St. Felix 
Barker John J. sec. h old No. 129 Hooper 
Barker John S. gasfixtures, 168 Centre N.Y. h 

40 St. Felix 

Barker Joseph, bkbinder, h Smith av n Bay av 

Barker Joseph S. gasfixtures, 168 Centre N.Y. 

h 40 St. Felix 
Barker Joseph T. fish, 957 B'way, b 1244 De 

Kalb av 

Barker Jos. W. carpenter, h 481 Manhattan av 
Barker Kalob, mason, h 125 N. 5th 
Barker Lewis C. watchman, h 353 S. 3d 
Barker Maiia A. wid. AVm. h 323 Franklin av 
Barker Mary, wid. h 23 Prospect pi 
Barker Otis'W. teacher, h 385 Adelphi 
Barker Perry, carpenter, h 7 West E.N.Y. 
Barker Robert, engineer, h 118 India 
Barker Robert, glass, h 188 Adams 
Barker Robert D. rigger, h 64 15th 

Barker Sewell F. jeweler, 1177 Fulton, h Her- 

Barker Simon G. watchman, h old No. 760 Bed- 
ford av * 
Barker Thomas, janitor, h r Jefferson n Liber- 
ty av E.N.Y. 
Barker Thomas C. engineer, 7 Nassau N.Y. h 

139 Wil'by 
Barker Titus, compositor, h 44 1st 
Barker Walter, fisherman, h 739 Laf av 
Barker "Wilbur F. porter, h 377 St. Mark's pi 
Barker William, engineer, b 115 Harrison 
Barker William, physician, 122 Adelphi, office 

hours 8 to 10, 12 to 2 & 4 to 8 
Barker William, printer^ h 240 Union av 
Barker William, produce, b 176 Wash'n 
Barker William, tailor, h 204 Eckford 
Barker William G. decorator, 251 Wash'n, h 

411 Monroe 
Barker William H. h old No. 534 Bedford av 
Barker William J. butcher, 164 & 211 Myrtle 

av, h 75 Prince 
Barker William J. lawyer, h 243 Adelphi 
Barker William P. hardware, 1516 Fulton, h <£ 

Barker , h 412 Classon av 
Barkey John, elk. h 161 Varet 
Barkhouse Henry, signs, h 12 Fulton 
Barkley Alfred A. salesman, h 356 7th 
Barkley Andrew, engineer, h 223 N. 7th 
Barkley Jonathan M. engineer, h 212 S. 5th 
Barkley Mary wid. h 555 Manhattan av 
Barkley Patrick, lab. h 101 Adams 
Barkley Robert L. machinist, h 49 S. 8th 
Barkley Susan M. wid. Charles A. h 204 20th 
Barkley William F. tobacco, h 117 Harrison 
Barklob Harriett, physician, 915 3d av 
Barkly John, driver,*h 295 Dovoe 
Barkman Charles L. photographer, h 776 

Barkman Edward, batter, h r 225 Pacific 
Barland Adolph, h 198 Groene 
Barland Eugene, painter, h 198 Greene 
Barland Leon, lacemkr. h 198 Greene 
Barland Charles T. bkkpr. h 42 St. Felix 
Barlett Thomas, plumber, 1598 Fulton, h 588 

Barley George, ins. N.Y. h 192 Warren 
Barley Jonathan W. h 192 Warren 
Barley Joseph, tel. oper. h 582 6th av 
Barley Peter, driver, li 116 N. 5th 
Barling Alfred A. machinist, h 54 Tompkins av 
Barling Arthur, lab. h 15 Van Cott av 
Barling AugustusC. lather, h 448 Manhattan av 
Barling Eugene R. tobacconist, 12 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av, h 170 Wilson 
Barling John, hatter, h 134 Nostrand av 
Barling John J. hatter, h 134 Nostrand av 
Barling Walter, supt. 630 Atlantic av 
Barlow Alfred E. architect, 149 B'way N.Y. h 

1554 Pacific 

Barlow Charles A. ins. B'way c John N.Y. h 

113 Bergen 
Barlow Charles F. elk. h 66 Raymond 
Barlow Charles J. elk. h 229 Grand 
Barlow Charles L. engineer, h 972 Gates av 
Barlow Cyrus W. patternmkr. h 153 Newell 
Barlow Edgar, truckman, h 98 Kent 
Barlow Edward C. elk. h 361 Tompkins av 
Barlow Emma J. wid. Edw. C. h 520 Carlton av 
Barlow Everett, lawyer, h 72 Macon 
Barlow Frederick, h old No. 257 Keap 
Barlow George, crockery, 271 Manhattan av. h 

Stamford, Conn. 
Barlow George F. lawyer, h 405 Clermont av 
Barlow George H. foreman, h 279 Ainslie 
Barlow Geo.W. pocketbkmkr. h 7th avn 51st 
Barlow Henry, conductor, h 64 Norman av 
Barlow Henry F. lawyer, 670 Claason av, h 

r 666 Butler 
Barlow John, plumber, 105 W. B'wav, N.Y. h 

231 S. 4th 

Barlow John H. painter, b 475 Adelphi 
Barlow Joseph, lab. h 19 Columbia pi 
Barlow T Joseph, lab. h 196 John 
Barlow Joseph, printer, h 172 Livingston 





a B w 
■.a- PS -Sec 

£ • 




s 8 

132 Mangin St„ near Houston, East Hiver, New York. 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 


City Directory Printing House, 

17 Wllloughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, TT. Y. 

Barlow Joseph K. bkkpr. h 339 St. Mark's pi 
Barlow J. Milton, physician, 178 Rutledge 
Barlow Raymond S. bkkpr. h 27 Douglass 
Barlow Richard, elk. h 130 Tompkins av 
Barlow William, h. 3GB Wash'n av 
Barlow William A. elk. h 316 Wil'bv av 
Barlow William H. elk. h 56 Oakland 
Barlow William P. artist, h 170 Lee av 
Barlow William T. ironwkr. li 213 Smith 
Baraiaim Joseph, shoes, 114 Ewen 
Barmaim Sophia, hats, 1888£ Fulton 
Banner Emanuel, tailor, h 21 Leonard 
Barmhigham Peter, driver, li 766 Bergen 
Barmore Charles, agt. h 671A Monroe 
Bar-more Charles, salesman, h old No. 180 
Marey av 

Barmore J essie, dressmkr. h old No. 180 

Marcy av 
Barmore Robert W. mason, h 257 10th 
Barnahy Frank A. realestate, 203 Montague 
Barnaby Frederick W. elk. h 263 Madison 
Barnaby J. O. drugs, 725 Fulton, h 270 Cum- 

Barnard Alfred, refiner, 131 Park row N.Y. h 

171 Prospect pi 
Barnard Alfred G\ engraver, h 334 12th 
Barnard Charles T. b£kpr. h 174 Dean 
Barnard Daniel P. lawyer, 16 Court, h 158 


Barnard David, carpenter, h 121 13th 
Barnard Edward R. salesman, h 60 Montague 
Barnard Frank L. lawyer, 16 Court, h 99 Mon- 

Barnard Frederick E. lawyer, 26 Court & 229 

B'way N.Y. h 318 Madison 
Barnard Garwood P. musician, h 264 S. 4th 
Barnard George, elk. h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard George (x. chief elk. 15 Court House, 

h 66 Montague 
Barnard Irving, h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard John T. lawyer, 16 Court, h 158 Mon- 

Barnard John T. news, h 31 Wythe av 
BARNARD JOSEPH P. judge, 19 Court 

House, h Poughkeepsie N.Y. 
Barnard Kate M. nurse, h 174 Dean 
Barnard Purcell C. elk. h 762 Gates av 
Barnard Theodore, engineer, b 397 Monroe 
Barnard Thomas H. elk. h 174 Dean 
Barnard Warren, u.s.n. h 79 Hanson pi 
Barnard William, refiner, 131 Park row N.Y, 

h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard William F. supt. 155 Worth N.Y. h 

25 Decatur 
Barnhaum Philip, shoes, 45 Flatbush av 
Barndollar John S. bkkr. h 297 Vand't av 
Barner August, glassblower, h 148 Seigel 
Barner Helnrich. mechanic, h 29 Melrose 
Barnerd William, lab. h r 191 S. 3d 
Barnes Albert, carman, h 156 5th av 
Barnes Albei't jr. driver, h 156 5th av 
Barnes Albert C. elk. h old No. 457- Kent av 
Barnes Alfred, tinsmith, h 219 Grand 
Barnes Alfred jr. mason, h 617 Kosciusko 
Barnes Alfred jr. tinsmith, h 219 Grand 
Barnes Alfred C. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y. h 182 Wash'n pk 
Barnes Alfred S. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y. h 815 St. Mark's av 
Barnes Almerin E. driver, h 40 Adelphi 
Barnes Almond W. aoapmfr. N. 14th c Driggs, 

h 193 S. 4th 
Barnes Amanda, dressmkr. 566 Pacific 
Barnes Ambrose E. furniture, N.Y. h 142 
Clinton av 

Barnes, Amos W. civil engineer, h 102 S. 4th 

Barnes Ann, fancygds. 97 York, h 98 Adams 
Barnes Augustus T. fruits, 33 Wash'n av, h 700 
Van Buren 

Barnes A. S. & Co. publishers, 16 Nassau & 

111 William N.Y. 
Barnes Benjamin, clothing. Q22h Atlantic av 
Barnes Benjamin, tnieknian, It 473 Union 
Barnes Benjamin B. li 325 Jefferson av 
Barnes Charles, cigarboxes, h790 Laf 
Barnes Charles, pipefitter, it 15 Broome 
Barnes Charles A. stevedore, h 692 Leonard 
Barnes Charles C. h 127 Clynier 
Barnes Charles J. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y. h Chicago, III. 
Barnes Charles J. teacher, li 38 Prospect 
Barnes Charles T. elk. li 353 Sober 
Barnes Charles W. N.Y. h 12 Garden pi 
Barnes Daniel, mer. 29 South N.Y. h 24 Scher 
Barnes Daniel II. engineer, h 831. Wii'by av 
Barnes Daniel, machinist, h r 203 Ewen 
Barnes Demas, b 88 1st ])1 
Barnes Edward, salesman, b 1234 Fulton 
Barnes Edwin, fruits, 5th av c 15th, h 5th av n 


Barnes Edwin M. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y. h 374 Wash'n av 
Barnes Erastus H. boxmfY. 26 Court & Oswego, 

N.Y. h 316 Clinton av 
Barnes Eugene F. treas'r, 613 Myrtle av, h 87 


Barnes E. H. & Co. boxshooks, 26 Court & Os- 
wego. N.Y. 
Barnes'Francis, blacksmith, b 51 Nassau 
Barnes Frank, tinsmith, h 219 Grand 
Barnes Frederick S. elk. h 150 17th 
Barnes George, lawyer, h 127 Clymer 
Barnes George, painter, b 32 Middagh 
Barnes George, painter, h 855 Myrtle av 
Barnes George, shipping, b 610 Cnrlton av 
Barnes George, shoemkr, h 109 10th E.D. now 

Barnes George, stamper, b 319 S. 4th 

Barnes Henry, driver, h 179 N. 9th 

Barnes Henry, patternmkr. h 169 10th E.D. 

now Keap 
Barnes Henry, h 193 S. 5th 
Barnes Honrv B. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y.h 45 E. 45 N.Y. 
Barnes Henry H. carpenter, h 311 Central av 
Barnes Henry W. com. mer 54 William N.Y 

h 239 Harrison 
Barnes Horace T. (Itev.) b 14 Macon 
Barnes Isabella, wid. h 225 Ross 
Barues James, cigars, 612 Bushwick av 
Barnes James S. broker, 2 Nassau N.Y, h 80 

Lee av. 

Barnes James S. shoes, h 678 Herkimer 
Barnes James W. painter. 191 Atlantic av 
Barnes John, brushmkr. 115 YanBrunt 
Barnes John, bldr. 114 Clermont av, li 472 

Vand't av 
Barnes John, carpenter, b 331 Hicks 
Barnes John, elk. h 36 Cranberry 
Barnes John, driver, b 238 Howard av 
Barnes John, furniture, 935 Atlantic av, h 937 

Atlantic av 
Barnes John, liquors, 937 Atlantic av 
Barnes John A. police, h 336 B way 
Barnes John B. h 166V Clifton pi 
■ Barnes John C. publisher, 16 Nassau & 111 

William N.Y. h Orange, N.J. 
Barnes John C. tobacco, h 180 Prospect av 
Barnes John E. elk. h 85 Vand't av 
Barnes John E. lawyer, 204 Montague, h 623 

St. Mark's av 
Barnes John H. machinist, h 531 Morgan av 
Barnes John V. shipping, 29 South N.Y. h 24 

So her 

Barnes Josiah, mfr. h 265 Grand av 

Barnes Kate, dressmkr. 159 Hall 

Barnes Lester, millwright, h 304 Graham av 

Barnes Lvman, steward, h 17 Broome 

Barnes Margaret, wid. James, h 36 Cranberry 

Barnes Mary, wid. h 1085 Pacific 

Barnes Mary, wid. Charles J. h 135 Laf av 

Barnes Mary L. wid. h 610 Carlton av 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Go. 


Ttepolisliirig a Hjseolalty. 



128 & 130 FULTON ST., 



Barnes Morris, manager, 5th av c 15tli, h 865 
6th av 

Barnes Raymond F. draughtsman, 75 Nassau 

N.Y. It 220 Monroe 
Barnes BichardS. publisher, 111 William N.Y. 

h 457 Clinton av 
Barnes Robert, tinsmith, h old No. 309 Bedford 


Barnes R. S. F. (Rev.) h 14 Macon 

Barnes Sarah, dressmkr. 86 Court 

Barnes Simon, truckman, h 868 Atlantic av 

Barnes Sylvester S. florist, 150 17th 

Barnes 'fheodore S. T. h 472 Vand't av 

Barnes Thomas, ironworker, h 213 Hudson av 

Barnes Waller F. furniture, 52 Elizabeth N.Y, 

h 255 Clifton pi 
Barnes Warrie, elk. h 127 Clymer 
Barnes William, gilder, h 214 Union av 
Barnes William, publisher. 111 William N.Y. 

h 125 Willow 
Barnes William C. printer, h 126 Sands 
Barnes Zuinglius, butcher, h 189 Franklin av 
Barnet Bernard, tailor, h 392 S. 5th 
Barnet Dewitt C. driver, h 706 3d av 
Barnet George F. truckman, h 22 Hamburg av 
Barnet John H. ropemkr. h 278 Division av 
Barnett A brain, mfr. h 21 3d 
Barnett Bertha, dressinkr. 97 Dean 
Barnett Charles, watchnikr. h 35 Hicks 
Barnett Coleman, furniture, 594 DeKalb av, li 

585 DeKalb av 
Barnett David, lawyer, 397 Fulton, h 406 Grand 


Barnett Edw'd G. D. starch, h 1095 Flushing av 
Barnett Edward N. compositor, h 119 Adelphi 
Barnett Edward W. cigarmfr. h 708 Park pi 
Barnett Francis, porter, h 382 Walla-bout 
Barnett Geleimier, moulding mill, hold No. 313 

Barnett. ("ieorge, blacksmith. 119 Nostrand av, 

h 687 Park av 
Barnett George, furniture, 231 Driggs 
Baniett George, mechanic, h 21 3d 
Barnett George W. bkkpr. h 39 Duffield 
Barnett George W. photographer mtls. 2 New" 

Chambers N.Y. Ii 466 Vand't av 
Barnett Helen, wid. It 196 Wash'n pk 
Barnett Isidore, peddler, h r 123 Walton 
Barnett Jacob, glazier, h 390 17th 
Barnett James, plasterer, h 205 44th 
Barnett James, porter, h 58 West 
Barnett James H. elk. h 60 State 
Barnett James P. N.J. h 196 Wash'n pk 
Barnett Jeremiah, moulder, h 661 Park av 
Barnett John, coal, ft Ash, h 109 8fch L.I. City 
Barnett John. mfr. h 466 Vand't av 
Barnett John, mechanic, h 21 3d 
Baruett John, ropemkr. h 176 Hamburg av 
Baniett John, watchman, h 255 Smith 
Barnett John & Son, coal, ft Ash 
Barnett John E. blacksmith, h 263 Floyd 
Barnett John G. cigarpaoker, h 269 Pacific 
Barnett John J. mfr. h 398 N. 2d 
Barnett John L. stationer, 349 B'way 
Barnett Joseph, carpenter, h 79 Vand't av 
Barnett Joseph, elk. h 21 3d 
Barnett J oseph , glazier, h 50 Meeker av 
Barnett Joseph J. coal, ft Ash, h 115 8th L. I. 


Barnett Lewis, cigarmfr. 5 Cleveland pi 
Barnett Louis, clothing, 260 Fulton 
Barnett Mary, wid. William, h 50 Rush 
Barnett Morris, cigarmkr. h 341 Grand 
Barnett Morris; elk. h 109 Penn av E. N.Y. 
Barnett Patrick, 11 Nelson 
Barnett Samuel elk. h 95 Suydam 
Barnett Samuel, confectioner, 624 Myrtle av 
Barnett Samuel, insect powder, h Myrtle av c 

Barnett Samuel J. glass, 62 Main 
Barnett Sarah, wid. Samuel, h 114 Jefferson 
Barnett Sedgwick, machinist, h 361 Manhattan 

Barnett Simon, trunkmkr, h 14 Stagg 
Barnett Thomas, butcher, h 220 Johnson 
Barnett Thomas, printer, h 889 Bergen 

Barnett Thomas J. cashier, h 546 Wil'by av 
Barnett Walter E. cigars, 85 Maiden la N.Y. h 

708 Park pi 
Barnett William, driver, h 118 Boerum 
Barnett William, lab. h 45 Cbeever pi 
Barnett William H. machinist, h 30 Hicks 
Barnett William, porter, h 1477 Dean 
Barnett William, stainer, h 74 Java 
Barnette John, engineer, h 993£ De Kalb av 
Barnetti (iaetano, shoemkr. h 98 Union 
Barnewold Harman, grocer, 1662 Bergen 
Barney Christopher, grocer, 205 Harrison av 
Barney Daniel J. hotel, 203 Chambers N.Y. h 

51 Bedford av 
Barney Frank W. sailmkr. h 548 Atlantic av 
Barney Henry, grocer, 62 Ewen 
Barney James H. drygds. it 117 6th av 
Barney Jane, wid. James, h 189 Greene 
Barnev John, stone, 3d av c Union, h 412 Sack- 


Barney Joseph G. elk. h 475 Do Kalb av 
Barney Louis, fruit, h 443 Hudson av 
Barney Nathan, sec. h 101 Hancock 
Barney Philip, porter, h 837 Flushing av 
Barnhardt Adelaide, wid. Frederick, h Barbey 

n Atlantic av E.N.Y, 
Barnhardt Melville W. phvsician, 138 Kent 
Barnhill Andrew, lab, h 199 Clifton pi 
Barnhill John, ice, h 157 Sandford 
Barnhiil Robert, h 199 Clifton pi 
Barnhill Robert, driver, h 212 Clifton pi 
Barnhill Sarah, will, h r 13 Knimett 
Barnhill William, mechanic, h 199 Clifton pi 
Barnical Jacob, lab. h 89 Bremen 
Barnickel Catherine, wid. John,h 172Throop av 
Bamicle Malacbias F. tea, 119 Front N.Y. h 6 

Willow pi 

Barnicle Michael F. mer. N.Y. h 6 Willow pi 
Barnie Alexander, carpenter, h 190 Prince 
Banvie Alexander jr. carpenter, h 877 G old 
Baraioa Charles, engineer, li 147 Eckford 
BarnierJohn J. mer .49 Warren N.Y.h 3 Willow 
Barnigal John, lab. h 229 Seholes 
Barning John, driver, h 104 N. Elliott pi 
Barnitz McClintic R. (Rev.) 261 12th 
Barnoviteh Julius, machinist, h 882 Park av 
Barns Alexander, driver, h 575 Park av 
Barns George R. physician, 518 Classon av 
Barnsdall George H. elk. h 143 6th av 
Bamsdall James 1C. h 143 6th av 
Barnsdall John G. elk. h 143 0th av 
Barnstorf George F. butter, 374 Wash'n mkt. 

N.Y. h 324 Union 
Barnswell Thomas F. realestate, 110 Livingston 
Barnteo Joseph, molder, h 918 Flushing av 
Barnum Ann E. dressmkr. h 116 Walworth. 
Barnum Charles, elk. h 29 Halsey 
Barnum Charles H. elk. h 151 Pierrepont 
Barnum Edward B. lawyer, h 347 Union 
Barnum Edward C. clothier, h 134 Hancock 
Barnum Edward E. hatter, h 145 Tompkins av 
Barnum Edward H. elk. h 134 Hancock 
Barnum Horace W. printer, h 116 Walworth 
Barnum Isaac W. realestate, h 253 Halsey 
Barnum Martha E. wid. John, h 116 Walworth 
Barnum Noah K. agt. li 29 JIalsey 
Barnum Thomas W. h 151 Pierrepont 
Barnum William A. supt. h 447 Gates av 
Barnum William D. elk. h 151 Pierrepont 
Barnwell William, lab. h 21 N. Henry 
Baron Charles, cigars, 78 William N. Y. h 137 


Baron Christian, tailor, 57| Sumner av 
Baron Herman, machinist, li 271 Driggs 
Baron Joseph, brushmfr. 13 Dehnonico pi, h 

658 Flushing av 
Baron Louis A. brass spinner, h 585 Warren 
Baron Nathan, h 662 Warren 
Baron Samuel, dancing academy, 190 Remson 
Baron Samuel, kuitgds. 47 Clymer r h 107 E. 64th 


Baron Samuel & Co. 47 Clymer 

Baron Sarah, varieties, 271 Driggs 

Baron Theodore S. knitgds. 47 Clymer, h 107 

E. 64th N.Y. 
Baron AVilliam, hrassfinisher, h 153 Hopkins 





> TJ 

2 m 

0 3) 

• o 

o . 



e < 
» o A 






m 0 

554 to 562 W. 25th St., New York. 



Assets, ia U. S,, Ian. 1, 1886, $4,712,895 16. 

193 Montape Street, Eroohiyn. 
No. 128 Fiatfeush Ave., Brooklyn, 

taction oi Atbatio it Fourth Aves. 

LiaMl., $2,377,471.27. Swite, $2,335,427.89. . 
46 BAli 












LA- 1 IV «fe CO. 

Job Printing of Every Description, 

17 Willoughfcy St,, cor. Pearl B'klyn. 

Barquest Charles, carpenter, h 100 King 
Barquett Pierce, elk. old No. 557 Bedford av 
Barr Alexander, carpenter, h 89 Java 
Ban* Alexander, police, h 442 Monroe 
Barr Benj. H. bkmkr. old No. 742 Bedford av 
Barr Carl, baker, h 248 Freeman 
Barr Daniel, foreman, h 170 Wallabout 
Barr Daniel, lab. b 174 Water 
Barr Edward, sec. 78 John, N. Y. h 109 State 
Barr Elizabeth, wid. Robert, h 110 N. 3d 
Barr Fred. J. machinist, h 68 Java 
Barr Frederica, wid. Neil, h 144 Park av 
Barr George, express. 76 Putnam av 
Barr George M. machinist, 37 Franklin, h 68 

Barr Henry, sparmkr. h 194 West 
Barr Hugh', plasterer, h 753 Dean 
Barr James, h old No. 277 Kent av 
Barr James, fish, h353 Hudson av 
Barr James, lab. h 52 Box 
Barr James, lab. h 207 B way 
Barr James sr. lab. h 52 Box 
Barr John, blacksmith, h 52 Box 
Barr John, police, h 441 Pacific 
BaiT John P. lettorcarrier, h 441 Pacific 
Barr Julia W. wid. b 133 Park pi 
Barr Julius, h 1126 Myrtle av 
Barr Michael, poi-ter, h 223 York 
Barr Moses P. Dutcher, h 330 Leonard 
Barr Patrick, lab. h 52 Box 
Barr Robert, tailor, li 22H Division av 
Barr Robert H. (Rev.) h 225 S. 2d 
Barr Thomas, h r 538 Warren 
Barr Thomas J. driver, b 346 Oakland 
Barr Thomas M. tea, 107 Front N.Y. h 403 
Wash'n av 

Barr Thomas T. teas, 107 Front N.Y. h 40 S. 

Barr William, h 86 Stockholm 
Barr William, elk. h 110 Johnson 
Barr William, driver, h 515 Flushing av 
Barr William, engineer, h 105 Wash'n 
Barr William, ice, h 708 Flushing av 
Barr William, lab. h 918 De Kalb av 
Barr William, watchman, 195 St. James' pi 
Barr William E. bakery, 203 Myrtle av 
Barr William M. supt. h 529 Henry 
iSarracchioni Assunta, wid. Marsiglio, h 153 

Barraclough Edwd. foreman, h 115 Division av 
Barraelough Joseph, moulder, h r 211 Kent 
iBarraclough Samuel, elk. h 300 Graham 
Barradell Joseph, weaver, h 118 N. 5th 
IBarratt George, banjoes, h 11 Whipple 
jBarratt George J. banjomkr. h 119 Hopkins 
Barrett George J. jr. banjos, 11 Whipple, h 119 

Barre Abram, bkkpr. h 81 Laf av 
Bane Lueder, cigarmkr, h 97 Nassau av 
Barre Wm. 16 Court House, h 382 Carlton av 
Barreda Jenny, wid. Daniel, h 520 6th av 
Barrell John H. sparmkr. h 74 Henry 
Barrell James R. engineer, h 74 Henry 
Barren Hugh, teamster, h r 190 24th 
Barrenpohl John, h 222 Clermont av 
Barrett Alexander, shoes, 134 Berry, h 221 3. 2d 
Barrett Ann, h 437 Degraw 
Barrett Anne, wid. James, h 148 Baltic 
Barrett Anthony, lawyer, 16 Court, h 59 S. 
Elliott pi 

Barrett Anthony, stonecutter, h 238 Navy 
Barrett Asa, shoemkr. 272 S. 4th, h 310 S. 4th 
Barrett Bridget, wid. Richard, h 103 Harrison 
Barrett Byron S. printer, Vesey N.Y. h 885 

Greene av 
Barrett Charles, engineer, h 24 Duryea 
[Barrett Charles E. plumber, h 1122 Fulton 

. A. WEBB & SON, I 65 S 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Barrett Clarence T. pres't, 279 Fulton &. 5 

John, N.Y. hS.I. 
Barrett Edmund, farmer, h 1059B'way 
Barrett Edward, mason, h 279 Pearl 
Barrett Edward, contractor, h 45 Vand't av 
Barrett Edward J. journalist, h 433 Gold 
Barrett Ellen, wid. Robert, h 245 Nostrand av 
Barrett Francis J. organist, li 6 Clitford pi 
Barrett F. T. crackers, h 121 Prospect pi 
Barrett Frank W. conductor, h 111 Sands 
Barrett George, junk, h 73 Van Brunt 
Barrett Geo. E. dentist, old No. 29 Bedford av 
Barrett George W. shoemkr. h 220 8. 2d 
Barrett Gertrude A. matron, h 109 Cumberland 
Barrett Helen, h 504 Quincv 
Barrett Henry, bkkpr. h 610 6th av 
Barrett James, carpenter, h 232 Greene 
Barrett James, elk. h 135 Graham 
Barrett James A. &. Co. soap. 84 Wallabout 
Barrett Jane F. wid. James A. h 25 Lewis av 
Barrett James W. elk. b r 662 Herkimer 
Barrett Jennie M. wid. James A. soapmfr. 82 

Wallabout, h 25 Lewis av 
Barrett Jeremiah, stevedore, h 696 Hicks 
Barrett John, butcher, 256 Hudson av. h 280 


Barrett John, elk. h 437 Degraw 
Barrett John, elk. h 236 Division av 
Barrett John, conductor, h 63 N. 1st 
Barrett John, lab. h 33 Dikeman 
Barrett John, lab. h r 23 Hicks 
Barrett John, lab. h 20 Humboldt 
Barrett John, mason, h Duryea av n Shatford 
av E.N. Y. 

Barrett John, moulder, h 622 Manhattan av 
Barrett John, oils, Driggs c N. 12th, h 60 Van 
Cott av 

Barrett John, shoes, h 175 Lee av 

Barrett John, watchman, h 394 Manhattan av 

Barrett John A. electrician, 341 Henry & 13 

Park Row N.Y. h 454 Franklin av 
Barrett John C. elk. h 05 S. 9th 
Barrett John F. elk. h 59 S. Elliott pi 
Barrett John F. grocer, h 108£ Sandford 
Barrett John, shoemkr. h 339 Plymouth 
Barrett John H. conductor, h 238 Herkimer 
Barrett John J. machinist, h 38 Myrtle av 
Barrett Lewis, machinist, h 20 Humboldt 
Barrett Lloyd P. li 121 Prospect pi 
Barrett Mark A. elk. h 250 Grand av 
Barrett Martin, lab.h 159 Columbia 
Barrett Mary, wid. James, h 9 Henry 
Barrett Mary, wid. Patrick, h 71 Preset 
Barrett Mary, wid. Peter, li r 228 Pacific 
Barrett Michael, lab. h 204 Navy 
Barrett Michael, lab. h 33 Sullivan 
Barrett Patrick, butcher, li 512 B'way, E.N.Y. 
Barrett Patrick, lab. h 311 Plymouth 
Barrett Patrick, shipwright, h 65 S. 9th 
Barrett Patrick, speculator, h 128 18th 
Barrett Peter, wagonbidr. 129 Navy, h 246 


Barrett Phineas T. crackers, h 12 Prospect pi 
Barrett Richard, lithographer, h old No. 170 
Marcy av 

Barrett Richard G. lab. h 2 Cleveland pi 
Barrett Richard J. stereotyper,h 445 Nostrand 

Barrett Robert, lab. h r 32 Coles 
Barrett Robert, lab. h 45 Grand 
Barrett Robert F. hf urng. 466 Fulton h 382 Hal- 

Barrett Rose, wid. John, h 652 Atlantic av 
Barrett Susan, wid. John, h 606 Warren 
Barrett Theo. A. shipmaster, h 31 Herkimer 
Barrett Thomas, painter, Flatbush av & 2 Oli- 
ver N. Y. h 654£ Baltic 
Barrett Thomas, paper, h 165 6th av 
Barrett Thomas, plumber, h 48 Cheever pi 
Barrett Thomas, stevedore, h 310 S. 4th 
Barrett William, caulker, h 97 Prospect av 
Barrett William, cooper, h 53 Morrell 
Barrett William, lab. h 78 N„5th 
Barrett William, lab. h 319 Plymouth 
Barrett William T. shoemkr, h 220 S. 2d 
Barrett, Nephews & Co. dyers, 279 Fulton 


Ew r yo s rk. eet ' I Established 1886. 

Send for Quotations. 




Barrett & King, butchers, 256 Hudson av 
BARRETT & PERRET, electricians, 341 

Barrette Mattie, wid. dresemLr. li 19 Pros- 
pect pi 

Barrey Susan, wid. h 84 Calyer 

Barricklo John, shaderafr. West & Bank N. Y. 

h 50 Cheever pi 
Barrido Joseph, cicarmkr. h 156 Waah'n 
Barrie Alexander A. drugs, 44 Stone K. Y. h 

116 Montague 
Barrie James, tailor, h 148 Tillary 
Barrie John, tailor, h 148 Tillary 
Barrie Rachel, wid. John, dreesmkr. h 128 


Barrie Samuel S. machinery, h 350 Laf av 
Barringer Augustus, insp. h 179 Manhattan av 
Barringer Harry J. elk. h 837 Van Buren 
Barringer Henrv, hardware, 07 Murray N.Y. 

li 839 Van Buren 
Barringer John, lab. h 101 Hamilton av 
Barringer Martha, wid. R. h 124 Manhattan av 
Barringer Robert II. fancygds. N.Y. h 122 Ver- 
non av 

Barrington Andrew J. coachman, h 970 Atlan- 
tic av 

Barrington Benjamin, elk. h 152 Eagle 
Barrington Edward, lab. li 70 Poplar 
Barrington Elizabeth, wid. Wm. h 152 Eagle 
Barrington Mary, h 1512 Pacific 
Barrington Patrick, groeer, 300 Hudson av 
Barrington Kit-hard, insp. h 273 17th 
Barris Louis, cigars. 320£ Henry 
Barritt William, h 333 Grand av 
Barron John X. journalist, h 293 Tompkins av 
Barron Lawrence, bnttonmkr. h 19 Navy 
Barron Lucv E. wid. Henry W. h 360 Union 
Barron Michael, h 197 Sands 
Barron Patrick, hatter, b. 120 N. Portland av 
Barron Samuel, teacher, 190 Remsen 
Barrow August, cigarmkr. h 4th av n 19th 
Barrow Clarence A. bkkpr. 412 Cumberland 
Barrow John, earpenter,h Irving av n Bleeckor 
Barrowolifb Jane, wid. John, grocer, 137 N. 4th 
Barry Alexander C. salesman, h 738 Park av 
Barry Andrew, elk. h 341 13th 
Barrv Annie, h 411 Atlantic av 
Barry Arthur, livery, h 144 N. Elliott pi 
Barry Benjamin P. foreman, h 48 Henry 
Barrv Caroline, wid. Alex, h 439 Clinton av 
Barry Celia, wid. William, h 13 Eleet pi 
Barry Charles, cigars, h 137 12th 
Barry Charles, seaman, h 127 12th 
Barry Charles F. butcher, h 144 N. Elliott pi 
Barry Charles J. shipcarpenter, h 292 Tomp- 
kins av 

Barry Daniel, elk. h 209 Water 

Barry Daniel, stableman, h 80 Eagle 

Barry Dennis, lab. h 231 5th E. D. now Driggs 

Barry Ebenezer, boatman, h 143 43d 

Barry Edith M. W. wid. H'y, h 41 Jefferson av 

Barry Edward, lab. h 139 Hamilton av 

Barry Edward F. physician, h 98 Sands 

Barry Edward, stenographer, h 379 12th 

Barry Edward V. fireman, h 120 3d pi 

Barry Ellen, wid. Richard, h 281 Smith 

Barry Eugene A. watchman, h 126 3d pi 

Barry Frank J. cik. h 48 Henry 

Barry Henry, shipbldr. h 144 Franklin 

Barry Henry A. broker, 13 New N. Y. h 106 

Berkeley pi 
Barry James, butcher, h 378 Gold 
Barry James, furniture, 663| 3d av 
Barry James, lab. h 3 Ferry pi 
Barry James, lab. h 374 Hicks 
Barry James, lab. h 82 N. 3d 
Barry James, lab. h. 51 Pres't 
Barry James, lab. h 55 Walworth 
Barry James, leather, h 372 Hicks 
Barry James, mechanic, h 145 Columbia 
Barry James, rags, 233 Roebling 
Barry James, shipcarpenter, h 78 Henry 
Barry James, tailor, h 10 Red Hook la 
Barry James, h 088 Carroll 
Barry John, barkpr. h 281 Smith 
Barry John, blacksmith, h 154 Douglass 

Barry John, elk. h 738 Park av 
Barry John, driver, h 67 Prince 
Barry John, driver, h 157 25th 
Barry John, lab. h 90 Adams 
Barry John, lab. h 470 Clermont av 
Barry John, lab. h r 102 Clifton pi 
Barry John, lab. h r 207 Richards 
Barry John (Rev.) h 207 Warren 
Barry John, truckman, h 200 Water 
Barry John, typewriter, h 101 High 
Barry John, waiter, h 241 York 
Barry John jr. ruler, h 269 Water 
Barry John B. decorator, h 180 Borrv 
Barry John F. paints, 200 B'way, li 63 Penn 
Barry John J. carriage trimmer, h 48 Henry 
Barry John M. finisher, h 280 Classon av 
Barry Joseph, longshoreman, h King c Yan 

Barry Joseph A. elk. h 259 39th 
Barry Joseph B. printer, h 73 Myrtle 
Barry J. Joseph, u.s.n. h 107 lienry 
Barry Lewis, elk. h 54 Maujer 
Barry Lucy J. dressmkr. 144 Franklin 
Barry Martin, supt. h 402 Classon av 
Barry Mary, wid. John, h 80 Bergen 
Barry Mary, wid. John, h r 563 Grand 
Barry Mary, wid. Thomas, h 156 W. 9th 
Barry Michael, watchman, h 82 4th pi 
Barry Patrick, carpenter, h 243 G-reenpoint 

Barry Patrick, carman, h 142 Huntington 
Barry Patrick, elk. h 82 4th pi 
Barry Patrick, tobacco, h 147 Columbia 
Barry Patrick J. liquors, 008 Manhattan av 
Barry Peter, painter, h 771 Bergen 
Barry Peter J. police, h 827 Bergen 
Barry Richard, lab. h 59 Sackett 
Barry Robert, elk. h 82 N. 3d 
Barry Rosalie, wid. John S. h 106 Berkeley pi 
Barry Samuel J. elk. h 280a 10th 
Barry Thomas, elk. h 220 Wash'n 
Barry Thomas, lab. h r 130 Bridge 
Barry Thomas, peddler, h 399 Prospect pi 
Barry Thomas, shoemkr. 349 Hicks, li 2136 At- 
lantic av 

Barry Thomas, peddler, h 182 Columbia 
Barry Thomas, weaver, h 230 N. 5th 
Barry Thomas F. bkkpr. h 129 Madison 
Barry Thomas H. printer, h 73 Myrtle 
Barry Thomas J. reporter, h 174 14th 
Barry Timothy, bkbinder, h 14 N. Portland 
Barry Timothy, bkbinder, h 209 AVater 
Baixy T. H. jr. printer, h 70 Conselyea 
Barry William, actor, h 209 Bergen 
Barry William, blacksmith, 483 Baltic, h 154 

Barry William, driver, h 13 Fleet pi 
Barry William J. painter, h 5/4 Quincy 
Barry William J. pilot, N.Y. h 321£ State 
Barry , wid. h 14 McKenney 
Barry , h 493 Warren 

Barsot Louis, watchcasemkr. h old No. 238 

Marcy av 
Barstool Michael, lab. h 95 N. 1st 
Barstow Frank D. drygds. 70 Worth N.Y. h 

289 Wash'n av 
Barstow Mary C. wid. Andrew, h 465 1st 
Barstow Mary T. wid. Samuel, h 182 Wash'n 
Barstow Sidney, broker, h Jamaica plk. rd n 

Barbey E.N.Y. 
Barstow Wm. P. com'r deeds, h 1008 Fulton 
*Barstow Stove Oo, (Charles B. Hotch- 

kiss, agt.) 228 & 230 Water N.Y. 
Bart Cath. wid. Cornelius, h 37 Delmonico pi 
Bart Charles, lab. h 133 N. 0th 
Bart Elisha, carpenter, h 45 Leonard 
Bart Philip, blacksmith, h 259 Powers 
Bartaby James R. seaman, h 348 18th 
Bartel Elizabeth, wid. Gottlieb, h32McKibbin 
Barteld Herman F. produce, h N. 5th & Roeb- 

Barteld John F. butcher, 1856 Fulton av 
Bartell August, driver, h 934 Putnam av 
Bartell Charles, cigarmkr. h 437 Ralph av 
Bartell William H. h 812a Quincy 
Bartelle , physician, h 89 Grand 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Bog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. loaf opp. nam*. 
















W. G, VOSburgh Mfg. CO,, Limited, 

418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

48 BAB 

Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

LAIN «fc CO., 

City lirectory Fruiting House, 

17 Willougliby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, Jf. Y. 

Bartels Adolph A. mer. 193 Water N.Y. h 908 
Laf av 

Bartels Arthur, carpenter, h 808 Park av 
Bartels Eider H. crackers, 453 N. 2d, h 451 N. 

Bartels Esther, wid. h 106 Warren 
Bartels Henry, butcher, 179 Franklin 
Bartels Henry, crackers, li 451 N. 2d 
Bartels Henry, pressor , li 19 Sumner av 
Bartels Herman, watchman, h 108 Newell 
Bartels Otto, varnish, h 293 Devoe 
Bartels & Schnibbe, x>rovisions, 7 Wash'n av 
Barten William, hairdresser, h 1017 Atlantic av 
Bartenback Christina, wid. Christopher, h 258 

Bartenback Honrv, liquors, 358 Tillary 
Barter Alhin, agt. 36 South N. Y. h 5 Poplar 
Baiter John, ropemkr. h 181 Cook 
Barter Hiram, ropemkr. h 187 Cook 
Bartii Adam, liquors. 30 Summer av 
Barth Alois, plumber, li 198 Stockton 
Barth August, hairdresser, h 134 Meserole 
Barth Charles A. hairdresser, 59 Flatbush av 
Barth David, wheelwright, h 317 Graham av 
Barth Emil. elk. h 586 Pacific 
Barth Frank, carpets, h 226 Boerum 
Barth Frank jr. butchor, h 158 Johnson av 
Barth Frederick, speculator, h 41 Montrose av 
Barth George, butcher, 4] Atlantic av, h 66 4th 

Barth George, lab. h 745 B'way 
Barth Henry, baker, h 770 Dean 
Barth J acob, baker, 209 Montrose av 
Barth Jacob, bkkpr, h 672 Flushing av 
Barth Jacob, butcher, 225 Johnson av 
Barth Joseph, lab. h 175 N. 8th 
Barth Joseph, lithographer, h 226 Boerum 
Barth Julius, shoemfr. 373 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Barth Julius J. ins. agt. h Sheffield av n At- 
lantic av E.N.Y. 
Barth Mary, wid. Joseph, h 202 Throop av 
Barth Philip, carpenter, h 731 B'way 
Barth Hudolph, mechanic, h 249 Ellery 
Barth TJlrich, plumber, 67 Walton 
Barth Vincent, furnituiomfr. 33 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av, h 170 Clymer 
Barthaur Jessie, h 481 Henry 
Barthelomy Fanny, wid. Max, h 969 Myrtle av 
Barthelme'Frank K. hairdresser, 521 3d av 
Barthelson Wilhelmine, provisions, 781 Myrtle 

Barthcs William, baker, h 308 Stockton 
Barthmen Frederick W. jeweler, 174 B'way 

N.Y. h 104 Kosciusko 
Bartliman Fred. W. jr. bkkpr. h 104Kosciusko 
Barthold Charles, peddler, h 209 Union av 
Bartholdi George W. printer, h r 74 9th E.D. 

now Rodney 
Bartholomew Tkos. carpenter, h 280 Howard a v 
Barthobne Adam J. confectioner, 170 Graham 


Bartholomaus Lehman, tailor, h 154 Maujer 
Bartholomew Alvy E. elk. h 340 Smith 
Bartholomew Artnur, contractor, b 321 Pros- 
pect av 

Bartholomew Henry A. pat.medicines, 18 Dey 

N.Y. h 567 Laf 
Bartholomew Mary. wid. David, h 128 Fleet pi 
Bartholomew Wilber F. elk. h 50 Nassau 
Barthoulot Charles, engraver, b 1518 Fulton 
Bartick Charles, engineer, h 129 Sullivan 
Bartick John, engineer, h 212 Hamilton av 
Bartick Matthew, engineer, h 197 W. 9th 
Bartick Williamj engineer, h 212 Hamilton av 
Barties Alfred, painter, 22 Union av 
Bartinhagen Henry, lighterman, h 24 Main 

Bartlein .John, lab. h r 255 Powers 

Barties Frederick, realestate, 6 Wall N.Y. h 

136 Heyward 
Barties James, elk. h 314 Flushing av 
Barties Neil, lab. h 316 Flushing av 
Barties William D. realestate, 6 Wall, N.Y. h 

136 Heyward 

Bartlett Abbio. w id. John, h 457 Wash'n av 
Bartlett Adam, engraver, li 237 Stockton 
Bartlett Alice, dressmkr. 24 Park pi 
Bartlett Charles B. painter, h 991 DoKalb av 
Bartlett Charles W. elk. h 105 Myrtle av 
Bartlett David W. oils, h 164 Putnam av 
Bartlett Edward, engineer, h 84 Itoehling 
Bartlett Edward B. storage, Furinan n. Mon- 
tague, ft Van Dyke &19 Old Slip N.Y. h 
250 (iates av 
Bartlett Edward B. & Co. storage, Furman n 
Montague, ft Van Dyke & 19 Old Slip N.Y. 
Bartlett Edward E. designer, B'wav n FulUm 

N.Y. h 9»l Gates av 
Bartlett Edward L. agt. h 229 Clermont av 
Bartlett Ernest, elk. It 84 Koeliling 
Bartlett Frederick, peddler, h 168 Evergreen av 
Bartlett George, cooper, h 14 Hicks 
Bartlett George A. bkkpr. h 373 Clinton 
Bartlett Georgo A. express, r. 215 Calyer 
Bartlett Georgo F. coachman, h 253 Hicks 
Bartlett Georgo W. h 161 Putnam av 
Bartlett Henry C. grain, 1 B'way N.Y. h 261 

Bartlett Henry T. lumber, 200 Lewis N.Y. h 

137 Madison 

Bartlett Homer L. surveyor, B'way c Gates 

av. h 1006 Bush wick av 
Bartlett James H. sailmkr. h 85 Tillary 
Bartlett John, elk. h 457 Wash'n av 
Bartlett John F. awninginkr. h 97 Bergen 
Bartlett John W, lab. 81 M.orcein 
Bartlett John W. painter, h 448 Park av 
Bartlett Joseph, h 11.0 Montague 
Bartlett Joseph H. la wj or, 846 Fulton, h 732 

Park av 

Bartlett Josephine, wid. George, h 84 Koebling 
Bartlett Josiah, broker, N.Y.'h 110 Montague 
Bartlett Lewis L. suiveyor, B'way 0 Gates av, 

h 1006 Bushwick av 
Bartlett Khoda. dressmkr. 104 5th av 
Bartlett Kobert, gilder, h 64 Manhattan av 
Bartlett Samuel F. bldr. 35 FYanklin, b 682 


Bartlett Samuel E. Court House N.Y. li 29 St. 
John's pi 

Bartlett Sophia, wid. Walter, h 796 Monroe 
Bartlett Stores, Furman 11 Montague 
Bartlett Thomas, plumber, 1598 Fulton, h 558 

Bartlett Thomas M. lumber, 31 South N.Y. h 
151 Laf av 

BAHTLETT WILLAKD, judge, 19 Court 

House, h 145 Willow 
Bartlett W in. h Johnson av n Liberty av E.NY . 
Bartlett William H. caulker, h 354 S. 4th 
Bartley Dorcas, wid. Wiitiani, h 169 Ten Eyck 
Bartle'v Elias It. chemist, 21 Municipal bldg. 

h 401 Paciiic 
Bartley James H. salesman, h 495 Van Buren 
Bartley John, driver, h 482 Carroll 
Bartley John H. salesmau, h Stone av n Bergen 


Bartley Joseph It. agt. li 184 N. 2d 

Bartley Michael, lab. h r 907 Dean 

Bartley Pataick. h 38 Broome 

Bartley Patrick, lab. h 403 Lex av 

Bartley Theodore, lab. h 169 Ten Eyck 

Bartley Thomas, varieties, 74 N. 7th 

Bartlev Thomas M. broker, 31 South N.Y. b 

151 Laf av 
Bartley William D. driver, h 116 Walton 
Bartley William S. collector, h 13 Wolcott 
Bartnett Alfred, printer, h 305 Hamilton av 
Barto tlesse M. li 1650 Atlantic av 
Bartol Mary H. dressmkr. h 353 Scher 
Bartol Thomas It. clothing, h 459 Pacific 
Barton Alfred, milk h 297 Columbia 
Barton Charles, carpenter, h 441 Lex av 


nonronnn Pn of new yohk, 

ElloUl dilbu UUl BicHAiiD A. McCubdy, Pres't. 

RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 



BAR 49 

near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Barton Charles, carpenter, h Johnson av n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Barton Charles A. plumber, h 209 10th 
Barton Charles E. elk. h 589 Leonard 
Barton Cornelius, cook, h 73 Troy av 
Barton Edith F. toachor, h 78 Newell 
Barton Edward E. h 291 Nostrand av 
Barton Emma P. dressmkr. 78 Newell 
Barton Esther, wid. George E. h 636 Leonard 
Barton Frank W. driver, h 647 Grand 
Barton George A. gunsmith, h 422 Carton av 
Barton George H. carpenter, h 228 Eckibrd 
Barton George M. mason, h2S8 Bridge 
Barton Hamilton W. reporter, h 244 Classon av 
Barton Harry, express, h 290 S. 3d 
Barton Henry X. h 95 Herkimer 
Barton Isaac'G. snpt. Atlantic av c Platbush 

av, h Flushing L.I. 
Barton James, driver, h 420 Flushing av 
Barton James C. carpenter, 203 Ecktord, h 121 

Norman av 

Barton Joanna, wid. William, h 300"Wyckoff 
Barton John, liquors, h 106 Clay 
Barton John, painter, h 152 Hopkins 
Barton John C. h 404 Gold 
Barton John 1). elk. h 94 10th E.D. now Keap 
Barton John P. hairdresser, h 83 Cranberry 
Barton John li. fishhooks, 13 Adams, h 404 Gold 
Barton Joseph, painter, h 126 Vernon av 
Barton Joseph II. nickelplater, h 98 Vand't av 
Barton Martin 1). engineer, h 184 York 
Barton Mary, wid. Thomas, h 106 Noble 
Barton Mary H. dressmkr. 78 Newell 
Barton M. & B. drossmkrs. 78 Newell 
Barton Oliver, porter, h 122 Bridge 
Barton Kufus S. elk. li 23 St. Felix 
Barton Samuel W. brassnnisHcr, h HOLvnch 
Barton Thomas, engineer, h 106 Van Dyke 
Barton Thomas, mason, h 133 Navy 
Barton Valentine H. machinist, h 141 Kutledgo 
Barton Warren H. toys, 385 ilyitle av, h 247j 

Classon av 
Barton "William, editor, h 157 WaBh'n av 
Barton William, lab. h 2 Clinton av 
Barton William A. dockbldr. h 422 Carlton av 
Barton William E. mason, h 279 17th 
Barton William H. hair, h 1017 Atlantic av 
Barton William J. lab. h 133 Navy 
Barton William S. carpenter, h 363 S. 4th 
Barton AVm. S. wireweaver, n 278 Graham 


Bartora Dabbira, hairdresser, h 145 21st 
Bartow Augustus, bkkpr. h 152 Putnam av 
Bartow Charles A. depysheriff, 9 Court House, 

h 151 N. Oxford 
Bartow George, lab. h 43^ 11th 
Bartow Hasbrouck. elk. h 152 Putnam av 
Bartow John, elk. h 120 Wash'n av 
Bartow John M. dyer, h 725 B'wny 
Bartow Julia A. li old No. 378 Bedford av 
Bartow Margaret K. wid. Coleman, h 725 B'way 
Bartow Samuel B. com. mor. Worth N.Y. h 95 


Bartow Stephen B. bldr. 124 N. Elliott pi, h 132 

N. Elliott pi 
Bartow Theodore, broker, 54 Pine N.Y. li 132 

St. James' pi 
Bartow Theodosius jr. broker, N.Y. h 132 St. 

James' pi 
Bartow Thomas, cooper, h r 116 12th 
Bartow William, sugarrefiner. h 158 Prospect 
Bartow William A. lawyer, h 25 Spencer pi 
Bartow William E. carpenter, 124 N. Elliott pi, 

h 140 N. Elliott pi 
Bartow William 11. carpenter, h 22 Auburn pi 
Bartow William H. truckman, h 539 Laf 
Bartow William J. cashier, h 651 Greene av 
Bartow William J. elk. h 247 Macon 
Bartragen John, lab. h 47 Graham 
Bartram Charles B. printer, 120 William N. Y. 

h 152 Perm 

Bartram Charles J. collector, h 580 Leonard 
Bartram Fred'k W. news, 17 B'way, h 43B'way 
Bartram Henry J. paperhanger, h 253 Degraw 
Bartram James, broker, h 320 Clifton pi 
Bartram Samuel, sexton, h 200 Franklin av 

Bartrough Emma, wid. Charles, h 253 IstE.D. 

now Kent av 
Bartruff Gottfried, h 15 Sumner av 
Bartruif Louis, drugs, h 611 B'way E. D. 
Bartsch Charles, blacksmith, 921 Dean, h 181 


Bartsch Frederick M. picturematmfr. 399 Pearl, 

h 535 Hicks 
Bartscher William, turner, h 28 Throop av 
Bartuff Christopher, elk. h 011 B'way 
Bartuif John A. h 611 B'way 
Bartwell David, h 156 Smith 
Bartz Gustavo, butcher, 711J 5th av, h 659 5th 


Bartz Michael, tailor, h 43 Scholes 

Barueh Joseph E. faiencemfr. 98 West & 58 

Murray N. Y. h N. Y. 
Baruth Henry, gents'furng. 373 Manhattan av, 

h 141 Java 

Baruidsen Andrew, carpenter, h 311 Columbia 
Barvar Charles, carpenter, h 241 Sumner av 
Barvar Edward, gilder, h 241 Sumner av 
Barwass George W. driver, hl221 B'way 
Bai wick William, cigars, 1228 De Kalb av 
i Barwiek William G. elk. h 60 Norman av 
Barwise Clara A. wid. John, b 173 Sterling pi 
Bascalii Antiona, junk, h 26 Park av 
Basch Frederick, furrier, li Smith av n Bay av 

Basch Jacob, military helmets, b Smith av n 

Bay av E.N.Y. 
Baschon Ignace, lab. h 8th av n 37th 
Ba*e Henry, tinsmith, h 113 Greonpoint av 
Basel Casper, lab. h 129 Central av 
Basel Frank, jewelry, h 91 Hopo 
Basel Philip, liquors, h 330 10th 
Baseler Adam, shoemkr. h 107 Union av 
Basoler Louis, liquors, 82 Court 
Baseler Max, woodturner, h 75 Walton 
Basford Frederick W. carpets, 595 Fulton, b. ! 

14 Gallatin pi j 
Basford & Scharf, carpets, 595 Fulton ' 
Bash Isaac, teacher, h 181 8th E.D. now Maroy ' 


Bashford Richard, watchman, h 142 Atlantic av 
Bashwiner Lasolle, lab. h 183 Maujor 
Bashwiner Martin, upholsterer, h 183 Maujer 
Basile Dominick, lab. h 72 Union 
Basilian Association, 200 Joralomon 
Basist Philip, tailor, h 392 S. 5th 
Baskervillo Alfd. brassfinisher, h 153 Park av 
Baskerville John, plumber,h 561 Lorimer 
Baskervillo William, driver, h 204 Hamilton av 
Basler August, tailor, h 105 Meserolo 
Basler Leopold, shoes, 575 6 av 
Basler Robert, painter, h 231 Hopkins 
Basley Philip, driver, It 69 Maujer 
Bass Abraham, shoemkr. h 93 Pres't 
Bass Alexander, pres't, 155 William, h Island 

of San Domingo 
Bass Benjamin C. salesman, h 160 Livingston 
Bass Charles, h 188 Lincoln pi 
Bass Charlos, coal, 3 Bowling Green N. Y. h 

300 Union 
Bass Fred'k, elk. li 235 Navv 
Bass Jacob.liquors, B'way c Sheffield av E.N.Y. 
Bass James, blacksmith! h 1351 Myrtle av 
Bass Job G. (Kev.) h 57 De Kalb av 
Bass Job G. jr. jeweler, 253 Nostrand av 
Bass Joel, lab. h 150 Leonard 
Bass Kate L. wid. Samuel G. h 137 Henry 
Bass Louis, cutter, h 29 Wyckoff 
Bass Lydia, wid. William, h 259 10th 
Bass William, h 547 Henry 
Bassemir Jacob, metalwkr. h 114 Myrtle 
Bassemir John, metals, 41 Centre N. Y. h 12 


Bassemir Peter, varnisher, h 13 Melroso 
Bassenden Albert, h 18 Myrtle 
Bassenden Thomas A. pilot, h 18 Myrtle 
Bassonhorst Fred'k. mason, h 147 Hopkins 
Bassett Alexander, shoemkr. h 337 Ewen 
Bassett Alfred J. mason, h 186 Decatur 
Bassett Andrew, agt. b 416 Monroe 
Bassett Annie, wid. Arthur, h 594 Grand 
Bassett Arthur, lab. b 337 Ewen 

m 5 


r m 





m ss) 

< o 

Mia ■ 

< <m 


■M B 

■a dm 


□ &» 
_ ™« 


p to 
o ■ 



Cor. ISth St., New York 

ni a |R|AQ RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms 

~ 1 fm W W Lsrseat Katablinbinciit In Sew York. 


Assets, ia U. S„ Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 



193 Montague Street, Brooklyn 
, No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

1 Juactior. cf Atlaitx & XtaOt im. 

$2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 


2 O 


«5 ■ 

Geo. T. Lain. Ciias. J. Healy 

Xj^_X3ST cfc CO., 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

U Willoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

BassettChas. R. jeweler, 173 B'way, h 96 Macon 
Bassett Edward, elk. h 190 Bergen 
Bassett Edward M. elk. h 96 Macon 
Bassett Edwin P. strawgds. 560 B'way N.Y. h 

1487 Pacific 
Bassett Francis, h 20 8th av 
Bassett Frank E. broker, Wall N.Y. h 77 7th av 
Bassett Frank P. elk. h 80 Joralemon 
Bassett Frank T. batter, h 336 Kosciusko 
Bassett Frederick B. drygds. 376 B'way N.Y. h 

121 Gates av 
Bassett George, driver, h 594 Grand 
Bassett George W. compositor, h 213 Liberty 

av E.N.Y. 
Bassett Harry W. elk. h 460J Hart 
Bassett Henry, lamplighter, h 594 Grand 
Bassett Horton B. nier. 119 B'way K.Y. h 77 

7th av 

Bassett James, shoemkr. h C63 Van Buren 
Bassett John, finisher, h 62 Java 
Bassett John R. driver, h 107 Meeker av 
Bassett John S. rodmkr. h 229 S. 5th 
Bassett Patrick, lab. h 8S1 Pacific 
Bassett Robert, hfurng. 259 Bridgo 
iBassett Robert, lab. h 107 Meeker av 
| Bassett "William, leather, h 513 Myrtle av 
IBassett "William, printer, h 422 17th 
iBassett Wyatt M. shoes, 545 Fulton, h 60 
I Clark 

jBassey William shipchandler,h. 267 Lorimer 
[Bassforil Frank, artist, h 256 Fulton 
iBassiiig Caroline, wid. Peter, h 394 B'way 
jBassing Jacob, boxes, 138 Delancey N.Y. h 28 
] Fayette 

iBassing Margaret, wid. Philip, h 28 Fayette 
Bassing Nicholas, boxes, 138 Delancey N.Y. h 

28 Fayetto 
Bassler Gustav, machinist, h 379 Grand 
Bassler Jacob, jewelrvcasos, h 258 Ellery 
Bassler John, cigarmkr, 669 De Kalb av 
Bassler Louis, mechanic, h 120 Hopkins 
Basso Andrew, watchcasenikr. h old No. 560 

Kent av 

Basso Ferdinando, shoemkr. 1679 Fulton 
Bast August W. plumber, h 968 Atlantic av 
Bast George, architect, h 260 Livingston 
Bast George, tinsmith, h 190 Huron 
Bast John, peddler, h r 142 Meserole 
Bast Louis P. lab. h 260 Livingston 

[Bast Marv, tobacco, 968 Atlantic av 

'Bastable Edward, mason, h 110 Baltic 

: Bastedo John E. butter, 425 Hicks 

;Bastedo Nelson H grocer, 5th av c 8th, h 294 

j 18th 

Bastedo Simon, butter, 266 Grand & 1626 Ful- 
ton, h 191 Ross 
Baston Peter, hriekmkr. h 161 Bushwick av 
Baster Henrietta, wid. Peter, h 100 Hopkins 
Bastian Alice M. wid. Wash'n, h 149 Wash'n 
Bastian Andrew, carpenter, h 201 N. 7th 
Bastian Chas. pianopolisher. 354 Evergreen av 
Bastian Philip, seaman, h 112 Hamilton av 
Bastianscn Henry, shoemkr. 91 Kent 
jBastiblo Daniel I. bkkpr. h 74 Myrtle 
iBastido William, elk. h ]C59 Laf av 
Baswick Benjamin, leather, h 193 Roebling 
Baswick Charles, leather, h 193 Roebling 
Batailley Alexander, machinist, h 169 Hopkins 
Batalitzky Charles, lab. h 478 N. 2d 
Batalitzky Henry, bkbndr. h 436 Busbwick av 
Batalitzky Leonard, carpenter, h 436 Bush- 
wick av 

Bat by Joseph F. printer, b 653 Grand 

Batch Ferdinand, lab. h 818 Hicks 

Batcheler Henrv K. auditor, N.Y.C. &H.R.R. 

N.Y. h 210 10th 
Batcheler Kate, wid. Henry, h 318 Stockton 

Bate heller Washington A. h 135 17th 
Batcbelor Alice, wid. h 81 Kyorson 
Batch elor Benjamin L. mason, li 831 Park av 
Batchelor Charles, pres't, 407 Berry, h 214 E. 
18th N.Y. 

Batchelor Charles, wiremkr. h 194 Union av 
Batchelor Charles I), elk. It 314 Clermont av 
Batchelor Hiland G. lawyer, h 18 Garden pi 
Batchelor Mary A. wid." Charles, h 314 Cler- 
mont av 

Bate James, machinist, h 351 Atlantic av 
Bate Joseph C. painter, 833 Atlantic av, h 539 

Bate Mary J. wid. Robert, h 371 Hudson av 
Bate Paul H. lawyer. Temple Court N.Y.h 378 

Bate Thomas H. coal, b 415 Myrtle av 
Bate & Lund, painters, 833 Atlantic av 
Bateman Charles E. contractor, h 679 Quincy 
Bateman James J. salesman, h 237 Baltic 
Bateman John F. bkkpr. h 389 Lee av 
Bateman Joseph T. hatter, h 612 Laf av 
Bateman Patrick J. sailmkr. h 237 Baltic 
Bateman Wm. shipcarpenter, h 96 Franklin 
Bateman William, truckman, h 405 Hart 
Bates Aaron P. lawyer, h 431 State 
Bates Abraham, fish, h 199 Withers 
Bates Alice, dressmkr. 99 Lawrence 
Bates Andrew, bkkpr. h 318 Sackett 
Bates Andrew J. shoes, 122 Church N.Y. h 3 
Spencer pi 

Bates Arthur W. salesman, h 557 Herkimer 
Bates Benjamin, peddler, b 190 Withers 
Bates Benjamin R. oysters, 153 Roebling 
Bates Calvin F. carpenter, h 1246 Do Kaib av 
Bates De Witt C. mining, 11 Wall N.Y. h 36 

Ormond pi 
Bates Edgar It. h 308 Gates av 
Bates Edmund O. (Rev.) h-iai State 
Bates Edward G. supt. h 295 8th 
Bates Edward J. bkkpr. h 295 8th 
Bates Ellen, wid. James, h 190 N. 7th 
Bates Ernest F. milk, h 249 Floyd 
Bates Frank, cigarmkr. h 237 Smith 
Bates George, bkk]>r. h 6th av n 39th 
Bates George, editor, h 365 Pearl 
Bates George, printer, h 71 Patchen av 
Bates George A. carman, 66 South N.Y. h 668 


Bates George H. elk. h 1552 Pacific 
Bates George W. doormkr. Union n 3d av, h 
337 Pres't 

Bates narry, drygds. N.Y. h 58 S. Portland av 
Bates Henry B. conductor, h 112 Nassau av 
Bates Ilezekiah I), shoes, 193 Myrtle av 
Bates Isaac, carman, 66 South N.Y. h 668 War- 

Bates Isaac F. bkkpr. h 635 Warren 
Bates James, h 3194th E.D. now Bedford av 
Bates James A. newsagt. 48 Park pi N.Y. h 206 

Bates James T. teacher, h 381J Pulaski 

Bates Jerome E. pugarmer h lr98 Laf av 

Bates John, lab. h 182 Front 

Bates John, lab. h 601 Vand't 

Bates John, oils. 318 4th E.D. now Bedford av, 
h 319 4th E D. now Bedford av 

Bates Joseph, lab. h 138 John 

Bates Joseph, ins. Nassau N.Y. h 18 Tomp- 
kins pi 

Bates Joseph N. elk. h 20 Pres't 
Bates Joseph R. peddler, h 199 Withers 
Bates Levi T. h 158 Letferts pi 
Bates Louis, shipmaster, h 351 Bridge 
Bates Margaret, wid. h 102 Warren 
Bates Martha, wid. William, h 186 Bond 
Bates Mary, wid. h Shepherd av n Atlantic 
av E.N.Y. 

Bates Mary E. wid. Lyman W. h 36 Ormond pi 
Bates Michael, lab. h 2275 Pacific E.N.Y. 
Bates Nelson, lab. h r 38 Scholcs 
Bates Norval E. cigars, 24 Ralph av 
Bates Richard, painter, h 309 Gold 
Bates Robert S. broker, 10 Old si. N.Y. fh 280A 

Bates Thomas, bkkpr. b 318 Sackett 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 18S5. 

Send for Quotations. 



Successors lo WYLLYS H, WARNER, 

Steam Heating Apparatus, 




ThB attention of architects and owners of buildings, and thB 
trado generally, is dirBctBd to a-r specialties for warming 
buildings by steam and especially to our hcrusB-hBGting 
boilers and automatic regulating apparatus. 

We aro prapcrBd to furnish BxpBriBncBd men to erBct 
apparatus in any part of tho UnitBd States, end to do work of 
any description whBro EtBam is used for hBating, Bithsr with 
high or low prBssura, or for power. 

Partiss wishing our BstimatB of cost, and spBcificatiors for 
work, should, if possible, furnish a tracing of thB plans of thB 
building to bs hsatBd, stating thB hBight of Bach story, and the 
hBight in thB cBllar auailablB to SBt a boiler, 1hB point of tha 
compass to which thB building faces, and thB material of 
which it is conrtruciBd, the range of the thBrmomater in 
wintBr, and such general information es may influBncs thB 
temperature cf tha building. WhBn not convenient to furnish 
tracing of plans, EBnd the accuxatB dimensions of apartments 
to bB hBatrd. . - . 

JUso statB thB dimBnsions of thB chimnBy fluB to bs usBd 
for thB boilEr. 












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Successors to WYLLYS H. WARNER, 

Steam Heating Apparatus, 




1 A 


TAlso see previous page.] 




Bates Thomas, elk. h 99 Lawrence 

Bates Thomas, oysters, 198 Union av 

Bates Thomas, tinsmith, h r 95 Hopkins 

Bates Thomas B. elk. li 6th aT n 39th 

Bates Thomas H. coal, 400 Myrtle av, h 415 

Myrtle av 
Bates Thomas R. grocer, 15 Tiffany pi 
Bates "Walter G. teacher, h 36 Oriiimwl pi 
Bates Wells II, mining, 11 Wall N.Y. h «6 Or- 


Bates William, h 120 Berkeley pi 
Bates William, h 709 Pacific 
Bates William, elk. h216 S. 3d 
Bates William H. elk. h 6th avn 39th 
Bates William H. physician, 175 Kemsen 
Bates William L. cigavmkr. h 58 Sands 
BATES & JOHNSOX, heating apparatus, 
114 Leonard X.Y. 


Successors to WYIXYS H. WARXEB, 

Steam Heating Apparatus 

114 I^conard Street, New York. 

Brooklyn OfRoe Oiseontinnecl 

Bateson Eoliert, lab. h 137 Cornell's al 

Batey John, butcher, h 395 Pulaski 

Batey John J. patternrnkr. h 291 Division av 

Bath Frank, lab. h 802 Park pi 

Bath George, tobacco, h 79 wash'n av 

Bath James, elk. h Schenck av n B'way E.N. Y, 

Bath John H. moulder, h 665 Bergen 

Bath Peter, printer, h 186 Ewen 

Bath Kichard, feed, 138 11th 

Bath William, elk. li 1132 Laf av 

Bath & Hayward, feed, 138 nth 

Bather Fannie, wid. George, h 137 Putnam av 

Bather William T. engraver, h 400J Decatur 

Bathgate James, bkkpr. h 245 Halsey 

Bathrick Louis E. agt. h 1209 Fulton 

Batlye Jacob F. lab. h 85 10th 

Bathje .Jacob M. chandcliemikr. h 85 10th 

Bathj© John, clocks, h 278 16th 

Batista Seberino, cigars, 331 Henry 

Batiste Charles, elk. h 1637 Bergen 

Batley h. K. matron, h 396 Herkimer 

Batlle , h 80 Pleasant pi 

Batsch John, shoemkr. 282 16th, h 591 6th av 

Batsche Otto, butter, 521 5th av 

Batsele George, driver, h 161 9th 

Batsford Richard, engraver, 192 B'way N.Y. h 

1148 Fulton 
Batsford William F. milk, h 24 Verona pi 
Batt Charles F. agt. h 412 Monroe 
Batt William, lab. h 42 Kockaway av 
BATTAILE JACOB, locksmith, h Sheppard 

av n Union av E. X.Y. 
Battaloea Felix, painter, h 822 De Kalb av 
Battam Cornelius, lab. Bwight c Dikeman 
Battam Jeremiah, stevedore, h 188 Partition 
Battcher Deidrich, produce, 79 East av, h 560 

Manhattan av 
Battcher George, h 556 Manhattan av 
Battefeld John, broker, h 928 B'way 
Battel Matthew, weigher, h 452 Van Brunt 
Battell Kichard, elk. Ti 387 Wil'by av 
Battel! William B. carman, h 387 Wil'by av 
Battelle Felix, elk. h 646 Herkimer 
Batten Mary A. wid. William, h old No. 42 

Bedford av 
Batten William, locksmith, h 95 Driggs 
Battenberg Charles F. cornicemkr. h 146 Court 
Battenfeld Ernst, liquors, 85 Leonard 
Battenfeld John, baker, 69 Scholes 
Battenhauser Christopher, porter, h r 88 Gerry 
Batterby Charles, painter, h Schenck av n 

Baltic avE.N.t. 
Battermann Ann, wid. Fred'k C. h 253 Berry 
Battermann Christina, wid. Henry, h 488 

Flushing av 



Wardrooms, - STEINWAY HAIX, 

Nos, 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

Battermann Frederick, lab. h 'Z§3 lierry 
Battermann George E. furniture. 84Bartlett& 

581 BVav, h 841 Wirby av 
Battermann Henry, drygds. G39 BV&y, h 12<6 

Keid av 

Battermaim John h 841 Wil'by av 
Battermann William, c&rpetings, 587 BVay, h 
585 B'way 

Battersby A. H. supt. 406 Jay, 3i Sheepshead 

Battersby David, machinist, h 97 Hth E.D. now 

Battersby John, lab. h 22 Herbert 
Battersby Julia, wid. h 369 Manhattan av 
Battershall Sanford W. produce, 13 New N.Y, 

h 95 S, Oxford 
Battershall Samuel S. broker, 11 New N.Y. h 

95 S. Oxford 
Batterson John F. printer, h 640 3d av 
Batterson Jobn H. paperhanger, b 113 Debe- 


Batterson Lincoln S, photos, 635 3d av, h 158 

Battey Anna, -wid. Jonathan, b 162 St. James 1 

Bat tey William J. woolens, 70 & 72 Worth N.Y. 

b 162 St. James 1 pi 
Battie William W. shipbroker, N.Y. h 187 

Colombia hgts. 
Battilana Joseph, musician, b 122 Bergen 
Batting Millard F. fireworks, h 473 Grand 
Battison George K. sawyer, It 238 S. 5th 
Batting Sarah, wid. William, ii 348 2d E,D, 

now Wythe av 
Battison John, sawyer, h 141 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Battle Martin V. supt. h 452 Van Brunt 
Battle Thomas, h 406 Bergen 
Battles Neil, lab. h 353 Flushing av 
Batts Jeremiah, cook, h r 34 9th E.D. now 


Batts Thomas, lab. h 97 Partition 
Batty Carrie, fcygds. 193 Hoyt 
Batty John, lab.* h 11 Stryker ct 
Batty Mary K. matron, hSteriingplnYand ; tav 
Batt'z Philip, tailor, h 297 Navy 
Baturnel Frederick, h 120 Fort Greene pi 
Batz Frank O. elk. h 254 Lynch 
Baubel John, casemkr. h 984 Myrtle av 
Bauben James, painter, li 704 Atlantic av 
Bauch Paulina, wid. Francis, h 12 Wall 
Baucher Augusta, baker, h 663 Wash'n av 
Baucher Barbara, "wid. Valentine, b 12 Ham- 
burg av 

Baucher Charles, machinist, h 75 Stagg 
Baucher Michael, machinist, b 86 Walton 
Bauchle Bosina, wid. Thomas, h 80 S. 4th 
Bauchle Thomas IL licorice, 60 S. 5th, h318 W. 
56th N.Y. 

Bauchman Curtis, cigars, 169 Franklin, h 174 

Bauckhain Mary, wid. Henry, h 66 Prince 
Bauder William, ice, h 116 4th av 
Bauemfiend Joseph, carpenter, b 65 Gerry 
Bauenfeind Jobn, varnisher, b 138 Wyckoff 
Bauer Adam, b 832 Park av 
Bauer Adam^ h 70 Stagg 
Bauer Adam jr. tailor, h 70 Stagg 
Bauer Adam, icemam, h 392 Wallabout 
Bauer Adam, liquors, 378 Wallabout 
Bauer Adam, potter, h 94 Scholes 
Bauer Adolpb, harneesmkr. b 6 Busbwick a 
Bauer Albert, brassfinisher, b 81 Johnson av 
' Bauer Albert, tailor, b 94 Ten Eyck 

BUTLER'S SAFES, 79 ?™£J™ KT - 



182 Mangin St., near Houston 

BAU 52 


East Kiver, Few York. 





17 TOsoglty St., eor. Pearl, BpooSJji. 

Bauer Andrew, met-, h 87 Seigel 

Bailor Andrew, lab. h v 65 Varet 

Bauer Andrew, peddler, h r 93 Throop av 

Bauer Archibald, plumber, li 12 Boerumpl 

Bauer August, hairdresser, '234 Union av, It 8 

SkiUman av 
Bauer August, cooper, h 93 Montrose av 
Bauer August, cutter, h 111 Eckford 
Bauer August, gilder, h 19a 12tli 
Bauer August, horseradish, h 110 Hopkins 
Bauer August, pat. med. li 202 High 
Bauer Augusta, wid. William, ii B'way c Wyck- 

offavl. N.Y. 
Bauer Augustus H. F. ins. It 14 Myrtle 
Bauer Bernard, grocer, 1082 De Kalb av 
Bauer Charles, h 102 S. 2d 
Bauer Charles, butcher, h 786 B'wav 
Bauer Chas. butcher, 218 Union av, h 119 N. 1st 
Bauer Charles, buttottholemkr. h 171 Floyd 
Bauer Charles, elk. h 91 Varet 
Bauer Charles, coachman, h 47 Seigel 
Bauer Charles, trimmings, h 199 12th 
Bauer Charles, painter, h 48 Bartlett 
Bauer Charles jr. painter, h 48 Bartlett 
Bauer Charles A. butcher, 218 Union av 
Bauer Charles F. act. N.Y. h 146 Baltic 
Bauer Charles P. elk. h 12 Boerum pi 
Bauer Christian J. grocer. 296 Bond, h 298 Bond 
Bauer Christine, wid. Detlef F, h 263 S. 5th 
Bauer Christopher, lab. h 122 Cook 
Bauer Christopher, liquors, 1281 Bush-wick av 
Bauer Clements, confectioner, h 1 York 
Bauer D. wid. D. G-. S. baker, 115 Smith, shoos, 

117 Smith, h 117 Smith 
Bauer Dora J. wid. George, h 47 Sumnor av 
Bauer Edouard, carpenter, h 87 Ewen 
Bauer Edward, machinist, h 92 Dupont 
Bauer Effie, wid. Henry, li 47 Throop av 
Bauer Elizabeth, wid. Charles, h 119 N. 1st 
Bauer Emil C. bldr. 6 Stanhope, It 10 Stanhope 
Bauer Ernest, agt. h 32 Humboldt 
Bauer Frank, h St. Mark's av n Boekaway av 

E. N.Y. ' 
Bauer Frank J. paints, 37 Bushwiek av 
Bauer Frank W. elk. h 228 Adams 
Bauer Frederick, grocer, 594 B'way, h 52 Sum- 
ner av 

Bauer Frederick W. clerk, h 145 Driggs 
Bauer George, hairdresser, 1365 B'way 
i Bauer George, cabinetmkr. h 62 Morrell 
'Bauer George, carpenter, h 400 Pulaski 
Bauer George, lab. h 91 Varet 
Bauer George, provisions, 18641; Fulton 
Bauer George, realestate. 2 Eivington N.Y. h 

28 Lee av 
(Bauer George, tailor, h 115 Stags 
jBauer George N. cabinetmkr. h" 148 Seholes 
: Bauer Gastav, mason, h23 Lorimer 
jBauer Henry, h 31 Troutman 
■Bauer Henry, bartender, h 107 Montrose av 
I Bauer Henry, cabinetmkr. h 346 Wallabout av 
iBauer Henry, furs, h 171 Montrose av 
'Batter Henry, goldbeater, h New Jersey av n 
! B'way E.N.Y. 
'Bauer Henry, lab. h 235 Floyd 
iBauer Homy, lab. h 124 Grand 
[Bauer Henry, marblecutter, h 192 Kent 
jBauer Henry, musical insts. h 30 Seholes 
JBauer Henry, shoes, 1230 De Kalb av 
: Bauer Henry C. bldr. Stanhope o Evergreen av, 
| h 841 Busbwick av 

Bauer Henry P. lawyer, 2 Eivington N.Y. h 28 
{ Lee av 

jBauer Henry W. salesman, h 291 9th av 
Bauer Jacob, brewer, It 32 Central av 
iBauer Jacob, butcher, b 476 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Bauer Jacob, bkkpr. h 437 Pulaski 
Bauer Jacob, moulder, h 10J Myrtle 
Bauer Jacob, musician, h 170 Boorttm 
Bauer Jacob, tinsmith, h 80 Graham av 
Bauer Joint, baker, 114 Union av 
Bauer John, baker, It Central av 
Bauer John, blacksmith, It r 24 Tompkins av 
Bauer John, brassfinislter, h 216 Boerum 
Bauer John, buttonholetukr. h 171 Floyd 
Bauer Jolm. cooper, h 127 Montrose av 
Baiter Jolin, glassblower, li 46 Seigel 
Bauer John, grocer, 1082 DeKaib av 
Bauer John, lab. h Bush n Clinton 
Bauer John, lab. h 594 Fiushing av 
Bauer John, shoemkr, h Baltic av n Penn av E. 
N. X. 

Bauer John, tailor, It B'way n Sheffield av E. 
N. Y. 

Bauer Joint, tailor, h 180 Ten Eyck 
Bauer Joint B. carpenter, h 12 Boerum pi 
Bauer John C. printer, 26 Frankfort N. Y. h 
261 S. 3d 

Bauer Joseph, carpenter, h 1 57 Myrtle 
Bauer Joseph, elk. h 228 Adams 
Bauer Joseph, furniture, 609 Busbwick av 
Bauer Joseph, lab. b Eldert av n New Lots av 

E. N. V. 
Bauer Joseph, lab. h 1 York 
Bauer Joseph G. elk. h 12 Boerum pi 
Bauer Julius, grocer, 9 Jamaica pk rd E. N.Y. 
Bauer Kaspar, grocer, 69 Montrose av, h East 

New York av n Atlantic av 
Bauer Kathleen, dresstnkr. it 199 12th 
Bauer Leo, carpenter, h 270 Ellery 
Bauer Leonhard, slioes, 452 Carroll 
Bauer Louis, driver, It 75 Montrose av 
Bauer Louis, engraver, it 59 Montrose av 
Bauer Louis, supt. 1248 Fulton, h 548 B'way 
Baue. Mary, wid. Edward, It 137 Dupont 
Bauer Mary, wid. h 42 Varet 
Bauer Max', carpenter, h 111 Central av 
Bauer Max, hosiery, b 102 Mclvibbtn 
Bauer Max, tailor, 9 7th E. D. now Bedford av 
Bauer Maximilian J. carpenter, b 12 Boerum pi 
Bauer Michael, cutter, li Wyckoli' av n At- 
lantic av E. N. Y. 
Bauer Otto, h 1349 Myrtle av 
Bauer Peter, lab. h 145 Throop av 
Bauer Peter, lab. h r 98 Stagg 
Bauer Peter, liquors, 340 B'way 
Bauer Peter, tailor, h 28 Meeker av 
Bauer Eudolph, confectioner, It 184 Harrison av 
B titer Sebastian shoemkr. h 823 PaVk av 
Bitter Simon, carpenter, h 122 MiddletOD 
Bauer Valentine, liquors, 757 Fulton 
B titer Valentine, milkman, It 287 Wallabout 
Bater "William, dentist, h 248 2d E. II. now 
Wythe av 

Bauer William, driver, b 173 Harrison av 
Bauer William, furniture, 1229 Myrtle av, h 

1226 Myrtle av 
Bauer Wiliam jr. musical insts. h 22 Seholes 
Bauer Bros, grocers, 1082 lie Kail) av 
Bauer & Zimmerman, furniture, 669 Bushwiek 


Bauer's Patent Life Preserver & Distributor 
Manufacturing Co. Office 804 Flushing av 
Bauorlin Henry, salesman, h 789 B'way 
Bauerttsmitt Anna, wid. Geo. h 194 Jefferson 
Bauers George, lab. It 89 Debevoise 
Batters Peter, lab. h 200 Seholes 
Baugest George, baker, 027 Park av 
Batigher Oscar, publisher, 424 Lewis av 
Battgher William J. elk. It 201 MeDonough 
Baughn Milton, supt. 130 Bergen 
Bauhnt Joseph, lab. h 219 Wythe av 
Baulback AVtn. undertaker, It 270 Atlantic av 
Baulch Anna, wid Kicliard, h 552 4th av 
Baulch Edward, carpenter, h 522 Otlt av 
Baulch Elizabeth, wid. Charles, h 296 Union 
Baulch William E. carpenter, h 290 11th 
Baulo Henry, bartender, h 72 Nassau 
Baulke August, shoemkr. b 232 Hopkins 
Baulsir Augustus W. It 282 11th 
Baulsir Charles, painter, h 61 Himrod 
Baulsir Daniel J. butcher, h 486 Degraw 



Send for Circular. 

175 State Street, Cor. Court Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Kirers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 

BAU 53 


I28& I30 FULTON ST., 



Baulsir Edward B. actor, h 84 Meet pi 
Banish - E. E. engineer, h 486 Degraw 
Baulsir Frank, painter, h 62 Harman 
Baulsir James G. pilot. h 282 11th 
Baulsir James Y. casliier, li 15 Warren pi 
Baulsir John, pilot, h 384 Bergen 
Baulsir John V. pilot, h 84 Fleet pi 
Baulsir M. ferry master, h 55 Stanhope 
Baulsir Nimrod, pilot, h 253 Lorimer 
Bavlsir Robert J. fruit, h 84 Fleet pi 
Baulsir Richard S. ferryman, h 118 Prince 
Baulsir "William, pilot, h 374 Bergen 
Baulsir William V. pilot, li 127 Milton 
Baura Abraham, salesman, h 218 5th av 
Baum Adam, driver, h 293 Floyd 
Baum Adam,, porter, h 1005 Flushing av 
Baum August, lab. h 313 Stockton 
Baum August, liquors. 329 Evergreen av 
Baum Caspar, pocketbkmfr. li 99 Cook 
Baum Casper, tailor, h 171 Troutman 
Baum Edwin, h 392 S. 1st 
Baum Frederick, gilder, h 175 Dean 
Baum Gabriel, millinery, 131 Myrtle av, h 358 

Baum George, liquors, 154 Graham av 
Baum George, patternmkr, h 126 Java 
Baum Helen M. millinery, 131 Myrtle av, h 358 

Baum Jacob, blacksmith, h 241 Hoyt 
Baum Jeanette. wid. Nathan, h 456a 9th 
Baum Kate, wid. Carl, h 272 Stagg 
Baum Leopold, elk. b old No. 82Hooper 
Baum Louis, lab. h r 168 Meserole 
Baum Louis, liquors, 241 N. 7th 
Baum Max, liquors, 924 Flushing av 
Baum Meyer, salesman, h 3S2 S. 1st 
Baum Nathan, iner. h 125 Hancock 
Baum William, foreman, h 192a S. 9th 
Bauman Albert, engineer, h Snetliker av n At- 
lantic av E. X. Y. 
Bauman Frank, tailor, h 112 Humboldt 
Bauman Henry, conductor, h 114 Myrtle 
Bauman John, grocer, 960 De Kalb av 
Bauman John, conductor, h 94 Cedar 
Bauman John, jeweler, It 397 Bush wick av 
Bauman Kilian, sboemkr, h 94 Eagle 
Bauman R. lab. h 70 Boerura 
Bauman Susan, wid. Francis, h r 509 Grand 
Bauman Urban, porter, h 73 Grand 
Bauman & Gerken, grocers, 960 3>e Kalb av 
Bauman n Adolph N. cutter, h 722 Madison 
Baumann Albert, butcher, Division av c Sth 

Baumann Alexander, cutter, h 3 Aberdeen 
Baumann Bernhardt, butcher, 8th c Division 

av, h 247 Henry N.Y. 
Baumann Charles, goldbeater, li Butler av n 

BVay E.N.Y. 
Baumann Charles, lithographer, b 245 Perm 
Baumann Charles, silverbeater, h Van Sinticrm 

av n Atlantic av E.N.Y 
Baumann Charles, tailor, b Georgia av n Bav 

av E.N.Y. 

Baumann David, cigarmkr, h 192 Graham av 
Baumann Edward, silverbeater, h Bntler av n 

BVay E.N.Y. 
Baumann Elizabeth, tailoress. h 187 S. 3d 
Baumann Franz, shoemkr, 175 Franklin 
Baumann Frederick, cabinetmkr, b Jamaica 

pk rd n Market E.N.Y. 
Baumann Frederick, elk. h 263 15th 
Baumann George, musical insts. 112 2d E.D. 

now Wythe av 
Baumann Henry, h 181 King 
Baumann Henry, lab. h 253 Powers 
Baumann Jacob, dyer, h 259 Ellerv 
Baumann John, driver, h 61 Woodhull 
Baumann John, lab. h 53 N. 6th 
Baumann John, supt. b 722 Madison 
Baumann John H. elk. h 119 Lynch 
Baumann John M. grocer, 227 Montrose av 
Baumann Joseph J. cutter, h 722 Madison 
Baumann Joseph, lab. b 124 Ewen 
Baumann Julius P. shirts. N.Y. h 187 S. 4th 
Baumann Lewis, grocer, 278 Devoe 
Baumann Lucas, blacksmith, h 83 Graham av 

Baumann Martin, lab. h 175 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Baumann Mary, h 562 Graham av 
Baumann Molehior, machinist, h 187 S. 3d 
Baumann Michael J. silkspinner, h r 228 

Ha vein oyer 

Baumann Peter, blacksmith, h 208 Havemeyer 
Baumann Peter, woodturner, h 57 Union av 
Baumann Thomas, lab. h 205 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Baumann Valentine, carpenter, h 327 Lorimer 
Baumann William, hairdresser, h 76 Leonard 
Baumann Xavier, foreman, h 84 Met av 
Baumbach William F. undertaker, h 270 At- 
lantic av 

Baumberger Catharine, h 720 Flushing av 
Baumbusch Charles, hairdresser, 103 Degraw 
Baumbuych John, cabinetmkr. h 93 Herbert 
Baumbusch Martha, wid. Louis, b 126 Fulton 
Baumeister Gottfried, tailor, b 264 Humboldt 
Baunier Gottfried, painter, h 203 Ewen 
Baumert Jacob, lab. ii 380 Pulaski 
Baumgaertner George, liquors, h 184 Boerum 
Baumgaertner John." liquors, Leonard c Sekoles 
Baumgardt George, liquors, 97 Debevoise 
Baunigardt WiUiain, iab. h 99 Cook 
Baumgarner Jacob, cabinetmkr. li 92 Central av 
Baumgart James J. florist, 17 Humboldt, h 446 

Baumgart Josephine J. florist, 646 BVay 
Baumgart Robert, machinist, h 140 Warren 
Baumgarten August, realestate, Nassau N.Y. 

h 42 Woodhull 
Baumgarten August, lab. h 93 Throop av 
Baumgarten Henry, peddler, h 65 Walton 
Baumgarten Philip, tailor, h 33 fcjeholes 
Baumgarten William, moulder, li 83 Hopkins 
Bauuigartener Josopti, lub. li 20'i Scheie** 
Baumgartner Conrad, h 537 .Flushing av 
Baumgartner Elizabeth, wid. tailoress, h 281 


Baumgartuer Hornnan, driver, h 1108 De Kalb 

Baumgartner Isador, lab. 733 Flushing av 
Baumgartner Joseph, satchoimkr. h 417 S. 4th 
Baumgartner Philip, brewer, h 37 Central av 
Baumgartner A. carpenter, h 874 Park av 
Baumiiler Leo, engineer, li 367 Palmetto 
Bauuach Frank, siioemkr. h 82 Johnson av 
Bauuach George, Ii 112 Central av. 
iiaunich John, lab. h 178 Greene 
Baur August, hairdresser, 54 Pearl N.Y. h 140 

Baur Charles J. Iiairdresser, h 12 Private way 
Baur Christian, bidr. 17 Hull 
Baur floury, h 86 7th av 
Baur Jacob, mason, h 206 McDougal 
Baur John, mason, St. Mark's av n Rockaway 

av, h Monroe n BVay 
Baur John & Co. masons, St. Mark's av n Rock- 
away av 

Baur William, foreman, h 98 Drigga 
Barn-eat Frame, tailor, h 196 Jefferson 
Baurmann Michel, milk, h Bergen n Rocka- 
way av E. N.Y. 
Bausch Jacob, lab. h 277 Stagg 
Bausch John S. lab. h 118 Varet 
Bausch Martin E. cigars, h 729 BVay 
Bausch Mary, wid. Siophcn, grocer, 196 Trout- 

Bausch Peter, driver, h 144 Johnson av 
Bauscher William H. bkkpr. h 433 Quincy 
Bausehlicher Frederick, wheehvrigiit, h 188 1 

Meseroie \ 
Bausewein Paul, coal, 118 Classon av, h 180, 

Franklin av j 
Bausher Cliarles L, drygds. 62 Leonard N.Y. h! 

44 Lefferts pi | 
Bausher Dauiel Y. com. 384 BVay N.Y. h 44 

Lefferts pi j 
Bausher Henry, h 351 Macon j 
Bausher John, cutter, h 266 Fioyd j 
Baussmann John, restaurant, 116 Grand, h 140^ 


Baussmann John, washingmachinos, 184 4th: 
E.D. now Bedford av, h 140 Driggs j 








CO -a 
P 1> 

^ m 


r > 

a> ■ 

-~ PI 
.« 30 


Broadway, cor, Prince. N EW YORK. Ho. 1 fall St., cor. Broadway, 



Assets, in U, l, Jan, 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & f cath Aves. 

LiaMI., $2,377,171.27, SnrplUS, $2,335,427,89. 
54 BAY 



LAIN «fc CO'S 

City Directory Printing House, 
17 willoughfcy St., cor. Pearl, E'kljm. 

Baussmann & Taylor. washingmachines, 184 

4th E.D. now Bedford av 
Bauwmann John, carpenter, h 31 Delmonieo pi 
Bave James, printer, h 45 Henry 
Baven Joseph, hatter, h 924 Green av 
Bavendam Ahreud II. grocer, 336 Franklin av 
Bavendan Henry, police, h 1135 Laf av 
Baverstock James B. driver, h 198 Oakland 
Bavier Maria A. boarding, h 462 Henry 
Bavier Win. elk. City Hall N.Y. h. 462 Henry 
Bawden George, ins. 106 B'way 
Bawldin Frank M. h 944 Fulton 
Bawnian Jacob, painter, h 86 Navy 
Bawns John E. seaman, h 321 12th 
Bawns Marv, wid. John G. h 321 12th 
Bawns William H. oik. h 321 12th 
Bawser Peter, lab. h 22 Montrose av 
Bax Andrew, tailor, h 301 Humboldt 
Bax William, tailor. 307 B'way 
Baxter Alexander, peddler, h 17 George 
Baxter Alfred T. h 64 Fort Greene pi 
Baxter Alfred T. stationery, h 427 Herkimer 
Baxter Andrew, moulder, h 132 Summit 
Baxter Archibald, provisions, 35 to 39Degraw, 

h 21 Piorrepout 
Baxter Augustus C. elk. City Hall N.Y. h old 

No. 275 Hooper 
Baxter Belle, will. George H. h 140 N. Oxford 
Baxter Chauning, eloctrioalgds. 40 Fulton, h 

273 Henry 
Baxter Charles, carpenter, h 260 5th av 
Baxter Charles, ironmoulder, h 464 Degraw 
Baxter Conrad, h 114 14t,h 
Baxter Harvoy, h 427 Herkimer 
Baxter Henry, Bailnikr. h Orient av n Liberty 

av E.N.Y. 
Baxter Hugh, elk. h 51 S. 1st 
Baxter Irwin B. carpenter, h Pacific n Sack- 

man E.N.Y. 
Baxter James X. h 273 Henry 
Baxter John, h 240 Bridge 
Baxter John, carpenter, h 260 5th av 
Baxter John, feed, h 308 N. 2d 
Baxter John, printer, h 5th av n 44th 
Baxter John B. drvgds. 33 Wooster, N.Y. h 

100 Taylor • 
Baxter John H. shipchandler, h 28 Lawton 
Baxter John J. janitor, h 66 Court 
Baxter John T. jewelry, 306 Wash'n, li 119 

Baxter Madison, realestate, b 68o Pres't 
Baxter Margaret, wid. Robert, h 132 Summit 
Baxter Maria A. wid. Timothy, h 139 Fort 
Greene pi 

Baxter Maw, wid. Ervin, h Orient avn Liberty 
av E.N.Y. 

Baxter Marv E. wid. Daniel, h 293 Clinton 
a Baxter Micliael, carpenter, h 103 Tillary 
<IBaxter Michael F. printer, b 159 Baltic av 

I E.N.Y. 
Ill Baxter Patrick, printer, h 485 Myrtle av 
U Baxter Philetns K. mason, h 193 13th 


Baxter Richard, barber, b r 143 Concord 
Baxter Robert, moulder, h 132 Summit 
Baxter Robert M. journalist, b 15 Snydam 
Baxter Thomas, h 711 Hicks 
Baxter William B. elk. h 420 Grand 
Baxter William D. pumpmkr. h 825i Madison 
Baxter William J. bldr. h 1013 Laf av 
Baxter William M. white lead. 37 S. 3d, b 47 St. 

Baxter William M. & Co. white lead, 37 S. 3d 

& 252 Pearl N.Y. 
Baxtrnm William, .jeweler, h 131 18th 
Bay Frederick C. framemkr. h 116 S. 5th 
Bay Louis, machinist, b 153 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Bayard Charles, elk. b 32 S. Oxford 
Bayard Ellen, wid. John, h 106 Van Dyke 
Bayard George D. journalist, 34 Fultun, b 492 

W. 105th N.Y. 
Bayawl Mary P. wid. b 195 21st 
Bayard Michael, engineer, b 108 Van Dyke 
Bavard John, furrier, h 639 Park av 
Bayard John W . h 202 Berry 
Bayard Thomas B. driver, h 202 Berry 
Bayer Abram H. elk. b 16 S. Portland av 
Bayer Andrew, tailor, h 29 Stagg 
Bayer Arthur J. elk. b 83 Myrt le av 
Bayer Charles, bakery, 171 Flatbush av 
Bayer Charles, tailor," h 238 Hopkins 
Bayer Daniel, buaigmkr. h Kingsland av a 


Baver Dora, wid. Valentine, h 10*2 Meserole 
Bayer Edward, h 342 Bridge 
Bayer Frederick, tailor, b 324Atlantic av 
Bayer Frederick, watchman, h 324 Stockton 
Bayer George, tailor, b 168 Leonard 
Bayer Goltick, butcher, h 324 Stockton 
Bayer Hermann, brewer, h 89 Central ar 
Bayer Jacob, elk. h 58 Grand 
BaVer Jacob, lab. h 2»5 Harrison av 
Baver John, tailor, 233 Ellery 
Bayer Joseph, interpreter, h 83 Myrtle av 
Bayer Josephine, wid. Adolpb, h 89£ Stuyves- 
ant av 

Bayer Leonard., sashes, 902 5th N.Y. h 116 

Bayer Martin, h 16 S. Portland av 
Bayer Nicholas, bkkpr. h 144 Pres't 
Bayer Theodore, tailor, 170 Atlantis av 
Bayer Walter A. bkkpr. h 16 S. Portland av 
Raver William, cigars, h 22 Adams E.D. 
Bayerlein Andrew, baker, 110 Bnshwick av 
Bayorlein Frederick, spinner, B'way u Van 

" Sicleu av E. N.Y. 
Bayorlein Michael, baker, 110 Bushwick av h 

822 Flushing av 
Baycrlein Bros, bakers, 110 Busbwick av 
Baves Thomas P. driver, h 120 High 
Bayos William H. watebcasemkr. b 120 High 
Baj ersgoerfer Charles, salesman, h 190 Boe>- 

' rum 

Bayha Edwin, livery, 30 Boerura pi. li 219 At- 
lantic av 

Bayha Edwin, undertaker, 1890 Fulton 
Bayha Louis E. butcher, Livingston c Boerura 

* pi. h 42 Boerum pi 
Baylcs Havens B. physician, 494, 3d av, li 442 

Bayles Kate, wid. N. Harvev, b 140 Putnam av 

Envies Sydney, pilot h 223 Sober 

Bayles V. 1). supt. 200 Grand 

Bayles William S. elk. h 191 Flatbush av 

Bayless Albert J. broker, 96 B'way N.Y. h 685 

St. Mark T s av 
Bayley D. K. letterer, h r 509 Grand 
Bavley Geo. sign painter, h 17801 Atlantic av 
Bayley Henry, conductor, h237 Franklin av 
Bayley John," paints, 106 Fulton N.Y. h 308 

YV ash'n av 

Bayley John A, com. 30 Water N.Y. h 306 

Wash'n av 

Baylies Gustavns, bkkpr. b 64 Skillman av 
Baylis Abiah, teacher, b 55 Jefferson av 
Baylis Abraham B. broker, 44 Exchange pi 

N.Y. h 82 Remsen 
Baylis Americas V. W. fish, Fulton mkt. N.Y. 

li 60 Vernon av 
Baylis Charles, elk. h 570 B'way 
Baylis Chester, elk. h 267 Maujer 
Baylis David B. comptroller, Atlantic av e 

" Clinton, h 252 Henry 
Bavlis Deblev, wid. Abraham B. h 76 Remsen 
Baybs Eliza Ann. wid. Peter, h 129 Nassau 
Baylis George C. crape, b 224J 19th 
Bavlis William, ins. h 98 Sands 
Baylis William H. grocer, 1073 Fulton 
Ba'yliss Benjamin,!!, lawyer, h 129 Park pi 
Ba'vliss Richard, plumber, h 160 Johnson 
Bayly Daniel Y. drugs, 1831 Fulton 
Baynard Thomas, carriages, b 21 Putnam av 
Bayne George, blacksmith, h 135 India 


J. A. WEBB & SON, j 165 Bi^Vo S R T K R . EET ' ! Established 1835. 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. Send for Quotations, 





Bavne Richard, tobacco, h 589 Baltic 
Ba'yne William II. birds, 358 Fulton, li 353 Jay 
Baynon Bethuue B. carpenter, h 141 HcDou- 

Bayr August, advertisingagt. h 25 India 
Bazal Joseph, lab. h r 522 Manhattan av 
Bazin John II. elk. li 240 Steuben 
Bazing George W. jeweler, 3G Tillary 
Baziro Charles, watch cases, h 1565 Pacific 
Bazley John F, carpenter. li 26 Margaretta 
Beach August, lab. h 197 Boerum 
Beach Charles, elk. 444 Fulton, K1153 Pacific 
Beach Charles II. salesman, h 188 S. 4th 
Beach Daniel, elk. h 149 S.. Elliott pi 
Beach David, jeweler, h 106 Kosciusko 
Beach George, bldr. h Locust av n Jamaica pk 

rd E. N.T. 
Beach George H. elk. li 9 Herbert 
Beach Henry, lab. ii 205 Ten Eyck 
Beach Hoffman, cashier, h old "No. 38 Bedford 


Beach James F. elk. h old No. 314 Bedford av 
Beach John, moulder, h 107 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Beach John, physician, 128 Cambridge pi 
Beach John X. drygds. h 178 S. Oxford 
Beach John T. h 360.^ Madison 
Beach John W. furng.gds. 427 B'way N.T. h 14 

Hanover pi 
Beach La France T. sMpjoiner, li 141 S. 8th 
Beach Lucy, h 447 Henry 
Beach Lydia J. h 207 Prospect av 
Beach Mary, wid. Ezra, h 9 Herbert 
Beach Moses S. h 96 Columbia lights 
Beach Oren M. acct. h old No. 38 Bedford av 
Beach Pefer, carman, li 1235 Flushing av 
Beach William II. h 182 Herkimer 
Beach WiUard P. physician, 128 Cambridge pi 
Beach William S. elk. h 154 Noble 
Beach William W. supt. N. 12th, h 154 Noble 
Beacham Frederick, boatman, h 182 Huron 
Beacham John, chemist, h 150 Bayard 
Beaeham John, publisher, 7 Barclay N.T. h 

203 Bergen 

Beacham William J. bkkpr. h 289 Clermont av 
Beachau Charles G-. elk. h 102 Prince 
Beachmann Henry, brashmkr. lir 280 Powers 
Beader Louis, baker, 569 G-rand 
Beader Louise, wid. Ferdinand, h 569 Grand 
Beaderbeck Benjamin, engineer, h 559 Grand 
Beaderbcck Peter F. plumber, h 559 Grand 
Beaderdick Bonne N. engineer, h 559 Grand 
Beadle Harry H. bkkpr.'h 320 Union 
Beadle Harry W. bkkpr. h 320 Union 
Beadle Louis, elk. h Wash'n n B'way E. N.T. 
Beadle William, sampler, h 791 Halsey 
Beadle William A. bkkpr. h 320 Union 
Bead well William, salesman, h 387 Jefferson av 
Beady Joseph, stonecutter, li 769 Bush wick av 
Beady Robert, millwright, h 173 Court 
Beagen George W. bkkpr. h 17 Douglass 
Beagen John, shoes. 295 Court, h 17 Douglass 
Beagler Paul, agt. h 584 Bush wick av 
Beagley George H. machinist, h 155 Wythe 

Beahan Nicholas, lab. h 112 Sullivan 
Beake Thomas J. lithographer, h 136 Nelson 
Beake William II. mason, h 136 Nelson 
Beakes Charles H. milk. 157 Court, h Middle- 
town, L.I. 
Beakes C. H. C. & J. E. milk, 157 Court 
Beakes Joseph E. milk, 157 Court, h 145 Amity 
Beakey Henry F. elk. h 552 Quincy 
Beal Annie, wid. George, h r 145 14th 
Beal Byron A. ins. 120 B'way N.T. h 1014 Dean 
Beal Georgs W. painter, h 347 17th 
Beal Henry, carpenter, h r 467 6th av 
Beal Henry 1). painter, h 124 Pulaski 
Beal Joseph, furniture, h 60 Fleet pi 
Beal Joshua H. photographer, 278 Pearl N.T.h 

118 St. Mark's av 
Beal Lany A. wid. George, h 118 St. Mark's av 
Beal Mary, wid. Laban T. h 583 Grand 
Beal Robert T. painter, 1U24 Pulaski 
Beal William S. ins. h 682 De Kalb av 
Beale Abner L. printer, 341 Decatur 

Bealo Charles, carpenter, h Jamaica plk rd n 

Miller av E.N.T. 
Beale Elizabeth, wid. Daniel, h 9 Garnet 
Beale Henry C. conductor, h 276£ 14th 
Beale Isaac, elk. h 192 Wilson 
Beale John, brass finish or, h 93 Nassau 
Beale William P. stationery, 155 Fulton N.T. 

h 283 Pres't 
Bealer John. lab. h 553 Manhattan av 
Bealer Philip, inventor, h 223 Maujer 
Beales Albert, cashier, h 18 Stuyvesant av 
Beales Frank, bkkpr. h 150 Skilmian av 
Boalea Henry, h 056 Groeue av 
Beales William W. cashier, h 277 Evergreen av 
Bealetnv Carl, blacksmith, h 158 12th 
Bealey Catherine M. drygds. 678£ Do Kalb av 
Boaley George, printer.' h 184 Hudson av 
Boalev Thos. W. compositor, li 184 Hudson av 
Boall 'William H. sailmkr. h 163£ 14th 
Beals Angelo. broker, 23 Orient av 
Beals John S. h 23 Orient av 
Beam Charles, awningmkr. 117 7th E.D. now 

Havomeyer. h 267 S. 3d 
Beam Henry, h 105 Sober 

Beam Isaac, cutter, h 213 2d E.D. now "Wythe 

Beam James, lab. h 126 Dikeman 
Beam James, lab. h 109 N. 4th 
Beam Kate F.h 162 State 
Beam Peter M. h 178 Carlton av 
Beaman Charles F. foreman, h old No. 752 Bed- 
ford av 

Beaman Walter, machinist, 7 th av n 39th 
Beaman William H. engraver, b 794 Quinny 
Bournes Franklin, lawyer, 183 B'way N.T. h 43 
Reid av 

Beamish Frank, machinist, b 404 Kosciusko 
Beamish Henry L. liqpurs, Hudson av c Do 

Kalb av. h 603 Fulton 
Beams Alfred, elk. b 807 Dean 
Beams George H. watchcasemkr. h 807 Dean 
Beams Patrick, lab. h r 708 Myrtle av 
Bean Thomas, lab. b 218 N. 6th 
Bean William, h Georgia av n B'way E.N.T. 
Bean William, h 181 Macon 
Beanan Edward, shoemkr. li 92 Elm 
Beane David, lab. h 863 Park av 
Beano David ir. stonecutter, h 863 Park av 
Beaney George, lab. h 135 Meserole av 
Bear John, tailor, h 489 Bush wick av 
Bear Michael, tailor, h 489 Bushwick av 
Bear Samuel, acct. h old No. 85 Marcy av 
Bear Sebastian, lab. h 71 Bartlett 
Beard Charles, coffee, N.T. h 221 Jefferson av 
Beard Francis D. storage, 16 Beaver N.T. & 

Erie Basin, h 140 Amity 
Beard George R. elk. h 103 St. James' pi 
Beard Isabella O. wid. Ira, h 103 St. James' pi 
Beard James R. sec. 37 Wall N.T. b 204 Hart 
Beard John, engineer, b 308 14th 
Beard Mary, wid. h 451 Bergen 
Beard Marv A. wid. William, b 140 Amity 
Beard Robert, lab. b 332 Park av 
Beard Robert B. bkkpr, b 218 Harrison 
Beard Samuel S. teas, 180 Duano N. T. h 265 

Wash'n av 
Beard Selina, wid. William, h 331 5th av 
Beard Thomas, engineer, h 108 Degraw 
Beard Thomas A. drugs, 163 Rutledge, b 170 

Beard William, h 281 Jefferson av 
Board William H. dockbldr. Hamilton av c 
Clinton, h 184 Clinton av 
, Beard William J. elk. h 727 DeKalb av 
i Beard & Kimpland, timber, Hamilton av c 
i Clinton, telephone call 497 Bklyn 

Beardall William A. foreman, h 416 Carlton a.v 
i Beardsloy Abraham C. painter, h 1030 Gates av 
! Beardsley Charles H. pilot, h 109 11th 
' Beardsley Chas. W. engineer, h 221 Walworth 
Beardsley Edmund, printer, h 23 Hicks 
Beardsley Edward, compositor, b 23 Hicks 
Beardsley Edwd. H. tinsmith, h 177 Division av 
Beardsley Frank, elk. h 29 Debevoise pi 
Beardsley George F. tea, h 203 Stockton 
Beardsley Harriet, wid. Henry, h 164 Pacific 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 

Dog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. leaf opp. 


857 Broadway, cor. 17th St., New York, 

BEA * 56 BE A — BEE 



Lain's Directory Office, 

17 Willtmgtoy St., cor. Pearl, BTdyn. 

Beardsley James H. h 1134 Fulton 
Beardsley Jesse T. brassfinisher, it 136 "Wood- 

Beardsley John E. salesman, h 93 Marion 
Beaitlsley Louis W. elk. h 724 Laf av 
Beardsley Sarah C. "wid. Abrain C.h 136 Wood- 

Beard-well Walter E. printer, h 63 Jefferson 
Beardsley William E. physician, h 101 Taylor 
Beare E. B. h 242a Steuben 
Beare Henry, carpenter, h 767 Herkimer 
Beare Saiah, wid. Henry, h 767 Herkimer 
Bearent Julius, peddler* h 210 Middleton 
Bearhope George, currier, h 282 18th 
Bearhope John, carpenter, h 154 S. 4th 
Beannan Thomas, bartender, h 42 Jay 
Bearnes Joseph H. liquors, 253 Wash n N.Y. h 

119 Lefferts pi 
Beams Edmund, sltippingclk.h G5i Skillman av 
Beams Henry 11. newsagt. h 221 Rutledgo 
Beams II. M. wid. Henry, h 80 Lee av 
Beams James S. pres't, il3 B'way, h 80 S. 10th 
Beams William J. G. lawyer, 115 Nassau N.Y. 

h 80 S. 10th 
Bearse Charles E. supt, h 167 Waverly av 
Bearthy Patrick, lab. h 123 Jay 
Bearzo Yantz, lab. h 110 Front 
Beaseley Edward, bkkpr. h 282 Nostrand av 
Beasley Adeline, wid. Edwd. h 570 Wil'by av 
Beasley Alfred W. banker, 37 Wall N.Y.Ii 582 

Wash'n av 
Beasley Cyrus, elk. h 619 De Kalb av 
Beasley C. I), physician, 460 Marcy av 
Beaseley David 8. bldr. h 39 Pulaski 
Beaseley Edward, painter, h 570 Wil'by av 
Beasley George, gardener, h 570 Wil'by av 
Beasley John, h 570 Wil'by av 
Beasley Joseph, liquors, 120 Driggs 
Beasley Leonard, carpenter, h 619 He Ivalb av 
Beasley Leonard jr. salesman, h 550 Quincy 
Beasley Lester W. lighterage, N.Y. h 591 

Wil'by av 

Beasley Lester W. jr. lighters, N.Y. h 501 

Wil'by av 
Beaslev Samuel R. carman, h 65 Berry 
Beasley William, lab. h 679 Henry 
Beasley William II. h 1339 Pacific 
Beaston George, elk. h 960 Gates av 
Beatie Catharine, wid. Chas. h 14 Skillman av 
Beatie Edward J. lab. 14 Skillman av 
Beatie Thomas, machinist, h 189 Floyd 
Beaton Charles, steamfitter, h 93 Nassau 
Beaton Peter, furniture, 126 Grand, h 730 Jef- 
ferson av 
Beatteys George H. h 381 Macon 
Beattie Augustus, h old No. 682£ Bedford av 
Beattie Edwd. cutter, h old No. 342 Bedford av 
Beattie George, h 537 Flushing av 
Beattie James, shoemkr. h 537 Flushing av 
Beattie Jas.l). conductor, h old No. 365 Kent av 
Beattie Jennie, wid. Fred'k, h 24 "Verandah pi 
Beattie John, coachman, h 577 Vand't av 
Beattie John, driver, h 367 Flushing av 
Beattie Lawrence, dopy, h 194 Raymond 
Beattie Mary. wid. Hugh, h old No. 365 Kent av 
Beattie Sarah, wid. Jacob, h 537 Flushing av 
Beattie Theodore C. elk. h 620 Bedford av 
Beattie William J. elk. h 69 Lawrence 
Beatty Alonzo, supt. h 633 Pacific 
Beatty Charles cabinetmkr. 452 Atlantic av 
Beatty Charles W. elk. h 127 40th 
Beatty Christiana, wid. h 32 Park pi 
Beatty Claudius F. trimmings, h 694 Nostrand 

Beattv David, furniture, 931 De Kalb av, h 32 
Park pi 

Beattv Dennis, feed, h 117 Water 

Beatty Elisa, wid. John, h 61 Laf 

Beatty George, plasterer, h 58 Rogers av 

Beatty George, printer, h 32 Poplar 

Beatty George A. photographer, h 364 18th 

Beatty James, h 76 Oak 

Beatty James, glassblowcr, h 346 Devoe 

Beatty James, lab. h 76 N. 5th 

Beatty James, watchman, h Jamaica pk rd is 

Railroad av E.N.Y. 
Beatty James B. lithographer, 126 Read© N.Y. 

h 694 Nostrand av 
Beatty James N. lawyer, 204 Montague, h 32 

Park pi 

Beatty James S. hkbinder. h 431 Quincy 
Beatty John, carpenter, h 55th n 2d av 
Beatty John, plasterer, h 943 St. Mark's av 
Beatty John W. drugs, 1(1-27 3d av 
Beatty Lincoln, janitor, 299 Bridge 
Beatty Lou, cigars, 764 Fulton, h 390 Carlton av 
Beatty Mary A. wid. faneyifds. 230 Van Brunt 
Beatty Michael, mason, h 382 Pulaski 
Beatty Pat'k, liquors, Water c Main, h 63 York 
Beatty Rebecca, wid. Bogert, h 74 Manhattan 

Beatty Rebecca, wid.RoVt W.h431Hn.daon av 
Beattv RoVt, hostler, h 159 Liberty av E. N.Y. 
Beatty Hubert W. ins. 28 Pine N.Y. h 62 Jeffer- 
son av 

Beattv William, lab. h 503 Myrtlo av 
Bcaty Alexander, h 126 High 
Beaty Charles M. paperhanger, h 349 Frank- 
lin av 

Bcaty James, liquors, 58 Front & 55 Main, h 55 

Beaty Joseph B. cigars, 738 Fultou,'h 398 Carl- 
ton av 

Beaty Mary, wid. Wm. h N. 7th c navemeyer 
Beaty Will'iam A. hkbinder. li 126 High 
Beauehord John, lab. h 204 Boeruni 
Beauke Charles, glazier, h 94 Scholea 
Beamnan Frank, cabinetmkr. h 145 8th E.D, 

now Marcy av 
Beauman Jacob, peddler h 212 Elm 
Beauman John, shoes, 377 Oakland 
Beaumann Albert, butcher, li 1 8th E.D. now 

Marcv av 
Beaumann Jean P. tailor, h 317 Devoe 
Beaumann Joseph, h 371 N. 2d 
Beaumont Charles, stonecutter, h 173 Frost 
Beaumont Edward, moulder, h 522 Graham av 
Beaumont Frederica, wid. Robert, h 826 At- 
lantic av 

Beaumont John, mechanic, h 406 N. 2d 
Beaumont Mary E. dressmkr. h 41 Ormond pi 
Beaumont Richard li. salesman, h 219 Madison 
Beaumont Thos. C. brassflnisher, h 110 Huron 
Beaumont Thomas M. h 110 Huron 
Beaumont William, li r 45 Spencer 
Beauvais Jireh S. h 51 Stanhope 
Beavan Charles, engineer, h 76 Steuben 
Beavan George H. h 76 Steuben 
Beavan William W. painter, 19 Gates av 
Beaven Edw. P. ])ainter, h 166 S. Portland av 
Beaver Elbert, lab. h 95 N. 7th 
Beaver Georsje, cigarmkr. h B'way n Sheffield 

av E.N.Y. 
Beaver John, driver, h 430 Humboldt 
Beaver John, lab. h 162 Columbia 
Beaver Joseph, painter, 568 Manhattan av 
Beaver Nicholas, tailor, h 206 Ten Eyck 
Bebbe Dora, wid. Henry, h 539 Paoiiic 
Bebee Charles H. mer. 65 Worth N.Y. h 243 

Carlton av 

Bebee Edward S. artist, 26 Court, h 112 Henry 
Bebee Foil en, artist, 26 Court, h 112 Henry 
Bebee William H. tea, N.Y. 62 Cambridge' pi 
Bebell Elizabeth, wid. David, h 1921 Atlantic 
Bebell William F. h 1921 Atlantic av 
Bebler Peter, painter, h 128 Throop av 
Bebon Charles, tailor, h 53 Monteith 
Bebon George, tailor, h 297 Stagg 
Bebon Philip, tailor, h 55 Adams E. D. 
Bebra Charles, pumpmkr. h 618 Atlantic av 
Bebreck Jacob, lab. h 39 Bushwick av 
Bebzor George, reporter Brooklyn Eagle, h But- 
ler av n Fulton av E. N.Y. 

WillioJn JL Tyler, 

no & H2 Broad St., 
Cor. Water St., New York. 

Beaverwyck Rye and Galatea Bourbon Old 
Whiskies, Wm.Tarr & Co's Kentucky Sour Mash 
Bourbon, Gibson, Guckenheimer, Sherwood, 
Megibben, and Westmoreland Rye Whiskies. 





11 E. 14th St., Sew York. 

Becar Alfred, real estate, 5 Dey N. Y. h. 317 

Bech John, lab. h 146 Maujer 
Beeh Peter G. weigher, h 403 Jefferson av 
lieclier Catherine, will. Henry, h 58 Bartlett 
Becber Gn stave F. upholsterer. 380 Gates av 
Bee her Joseph, shoemkr. h 128 Throop av 
Becher Peter, elk. h 295 Stags 
Becber William, lab. li r 187 Greene 
Becherer Charles, cabinetmkr. h 206 Stagg 
Becberer Josepli. cabinetmkr. b 206 Stagg 
Becbert Conrad, tailor, h 132 Floyd 
Becbert Emtl, hardware. 683 B'way 
Bechler Frances, wid, Valentine, h 53 Adams 

E. I). 

Bechler Theodore, tailor, h 1690 Pacific 
Bechley Jacob, carpenter, h 306 Floyd 
Bechlof Annie M. bakor, 126 Franklin, h Mil- 
ton c Franklin 
Bechman Catharine, grocer, 81 N. 2d 
Bechrer Cbarlos. lab. h Chestnut n Kidgewood 
av E. N Y. 

Bechrer Christopher, lab h Chestnut n Kidge- 
wood av E. N.Y. 

Bechrer Gottlieb, contractor, h Chestnut n 
Kidgewood av E N.Y. 

Bechrer Gottlieb jr. lab. b Chestnut n Kidge- 
wood av E.N. Y. 

Bechrer John, mason, h Chestnut n Kidgewood 
av E.N.Y. 

Bechrer Martin, lab. h Chestnut n Kidgewood 
av K.N.Y. 

Bechrich Christina, wid. John, h 169 Scboles 
Bechrich Michael, giassblower, h 169 Scboles 
Becht Amelia V. wid. Christian, b 169 Warren 
Becht Christian, tailor, h 241 Ellery 
Becht Frederick, cigars, 410 Baltic'av E.N.Y. 
Becht George, cigarinkr. h Schonck n Liberty 

Becht John, tailor, h 87 Gerry 
Becht Joseph, engineer, h 223 Franklin 
Becht Michael, vavnishmkr. h 96 Eagle 
Becht Peter, lab. h 153 Gwinnett 
Becht Sebastian, mason, Monroe n Blake av E. 


Bechtel Cbarlos H. broker, 63 B'way N.Y. b. 
259 Sackett 

Bechtel Elizabeth, wid. Anton, h 176 Hopkins 
Bechtel Ernst E. mason, h Liberty av n Mon- 

tank avE.N.Y. 
Bechtel Frederick, music, h 109 Adelphi 
Bechtel John, lab. h 253 Scboles 
Bechtel Sophia, wid. John, h 55 Varot 
Bechtel William H. supt. 32 Hamilton av, h 34 

3d pi 

Bechtels George, lab. b 132 Hamilton av 
Bechter Henry, h 220 Calyer 
Bechter Henrv K. musician, h 220 Calyer 
Bechter Lottine, wid. Cbarlos. h 326 18th 
Bechthold Charles, cigarmkr. h 325 Kalph av 
Bechthold John, liquors, h Kockaway n E.N.Y. 
av E.N.Y. 

Bechthold Julius, machinist, h 182 Moserole 
Bechtlof Frank C. baker, h 91 Eagle 
Bechtlof Peter, bakery, 163 Franklin 
Bechtloft Conrad, tinner, h 208 Stagg 
Beehtluft Conrad, driver, h 22 Conselyea 
Bechtold Adolph, optician, h 883 Park av 
Bechtold Edward, printer, h 129 Elm 
Bechtold Frederick, cigars, h 299 Graham av 
Bechtold George, cigarmkr. h r 29 Boerum 
Bechtold Henry, baker, h 10 Oldwood Point rd 
Bechtold Jacobs, b 430 N. 2d 
Bechtold John, cabinetmkr. h 47 Bushwick av 
Bechtold Peter, grocer, 377 Oakland 
Bechtold Philip, pianomkr. b 76 Newell 
Bechtold Philip, shoos, h 235 York 
Bechtold William, tailor, b 130 Met, av 
Bechtold Conrad, grocer, 137 Walton 
Bechtold Henry, shoemkr. h 66 Morrell 
Beck Abraham Y. carpenter, h 22 Bond 
Beck Adolph, pilot, h 184 Kichardson 
Beck Albert, tailor, h Washington n Baltic av 

Beck Albert, tailor, h 62 McKibbin 
Beck Alfred, porter, h 30 Woodhull 

Beck Andrew, butcher, 31 Bogart 
Beck Andrew, elk. h 191 Boerum 
Beck Andrew, glaasblower, h r 22 Ten Eyck 
Beck Anthony, glassblower, h 15 YanCottav 
Beck August, lab, h 155 Hopkins 
Beck August C. plumber, 260 Grand, h 331 S. 

Beck August F. tailor, 237 Wasb'n, b 230 

Beck August J. brushmkr. h 84 Johnson av 

Beck A. teacher, h 205 Madison 

Beck Barbara, wid. Jacob, h r 37 Debevoise 

Beck Benedict J. machinist, li 195 Division av 

Beck Bertha, fancygds. 676 Park av 

Beck Charles, cabinetmkr. h 145 Graham av 

Beck Charles, elk. h 96 3d av 

Beek Charles, lithographer, h 51 B'way 

Beck Charles, tailor, 137 Ivy 

Beck Charles E. seaman, b 144 Driggs 

Beck Charles F. cutter, h 160 Myrtle av 

Beck Christian, tailor, u 769 Park av 

Beck Christina, varieties, 152 Marion 

Beck Conrad, tailor, 138 Court, li 99 Sober 

Beck David F. broker, h 18 Wil'by av 

Beck Eberhard, tailor, h 245 Moserole 

Beck Edward, police, h 520 8th av 

Beck Edward, seaman, b 648 Henry 

Beck Eva. wid. h 56 Bergen 

Beck Eva, wid. Charles, h 23 Boerum 

Beck Frank, cigarmkr. h 79 Manhattan av 

Beck Franz, elk. h 185 Stagg 

Beck Frederick, paver, b 75 Central av 

Beck Frederick, steward, h 809 Myrtle av 

Beck Frederick J. engraver, b 230 Adama 

Beck Frederick K. elk. h 308 Pacific 

Beck Fred'k S. nibbergds. h 403 Jefferson av 

Beck Frederick W. hairdresser, h 25 Hull 

Beck George, bricklayer, h r 384 S. 4th 

Beck George, lab. h 63 Montrose av 

Beck George, machinist, h 53 Johnson 

Beck Gcorgo, peddler, h 117 Debevoise 

Beck George, tailor, h r 53 Cook 

Beck George, willowware, 325 B'way 

Beck George E. roofer, li 648 Henry 

Beck George F. printer, h 200 Middleton 

Beck George S. carpenter, h 21 Sumner av 

Beek Helina, wid. Gustav, h 130 Fulton 

Beck Heller, glass, h 124 N. 5th 

Bock Henrietta, b 18 Montrose av 

Beck Henry, baker, h 24 Melrose 

Beck Henry jr. pipemkr. h 24 Melrose 

Beck Henry C. gasfixtures, 418 Fulton, h 156 

S. Elliott pi 
Beck Henry V. bkkpr. h 22 Bond 
Beck Herman, varnisher, b Vermont av n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Beck Hugh, carpenter, b 307 Stockton 
Beck Jacob, baker, h 231 Cook 
Beck Jacob, blacksmith, h old No. 301 Marcy av 
Beck Jacob, stonecutter, h 55 Ellery 
Beck James T. buffer, h 239 Pearl 
Beck John, basketmkr. h 24 Melrose 
Beck John, carpenter, b 299 Stockton 
Beck John, driver, h 111 Fleet pi 
Beck John, grocer, 24 Bogart 
Beek John, hairdresser, 1410 B'way 
Beck John, lab. b 67 Magnolia 
Beck John, liquors, Jamaica Plank rd n 

Cypress av E.N.Y". 
Beck John, tailor, h 158 Harrison av 
Beck John. tel. oper. h 520 8th av 
Beck John, wood carver, h 104 Skillman av 
Beck John jr. lab. b 104 Skillman av. 
Beck John C. lithographer, b 230 Adams 
Beck John F. artist, h 287 Front 
Beck John G. agt. h 29 Stuyvesant av 
Beck John H. h 21 Wall 
Beck Joseph, bronzer, b 97 Eagle 
Beek Joseph, glass polisher, b 95 Commercial 
Beek Joseph, liquors, 91 Graham av 
Beck Kilian, music insts. h 81 Walton 
Beck Kunig, wid. Henry, h 95 Moore 
Beck Lenhardt, machinist, b 295 Bushwick av 
Beck Leonard, cigarmkr. h 167 Boerum 
Beck Leonard, lithographer, b 241 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 


Manager for N.Y.&N, J. 

271 Broadway, H. Y. 




ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

®Assets ii U. f ,o " 1 ,99fi *' 171 ' 800 1R TlQhiI 

Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantis & Fourth Aves. 

LlaMl,, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
58 BBC 

CD f-* 


s * 


oS o 


i — ® 

| i>a irv & co., 


17 'Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, B'Hyn. 

Beck Louis C. elk. h 676 Park av 
Beck Ludwig, lab. h 20| Braston 
Bock Martin, liquors. 143 Central av 
Beck Mary, wid. h 73 Adams E.D. 
Beck Matthew, tailor, h 21 Cedar 
Beck Michael, mason, h r 200 Scholes 
Beck Michael, scissors, h r 155 McKibbin 
Iieck Michael, tailor, 152 Marion 
Beck Peter, tailor, h 203 Varet 
Beck Phillip, batcher, 138 Jay, li 92 Prospect 
iieck Phoebe A. wid. h 46 Division av 
Beck Richard, elk. h 91 Lorimer 
Beck Kichard, vamisher, h 951 Gates av 
Beck Kobert B. cutter, li 224 S. 5th 
Beck Rudolph J. cutter, h 166 Sands 
Beck Simeon, cutter, h 22 Bond 
Beck Theodore, elk. h 167 Hovt 
Beck William, machinist, h 68 Sullivan 
Beck William, police, h 225 Ross 
Beck William, tailor, h Eldert av n Blake av 

Beck William H. elk. h 287 Front 

Beckard John, elk. h 86 4th pi 

Beckel Charles, potter, li 175 Groono 

Beekel Henry, shoemkr, h 29 Moore 

Beckel Louis', baker, h 425 Atlantic av 

Beckel Peter, poddler. li 183 Varet 

Becker Adam, lab. h 21 Woleott 

Becker Adam, liquors, 681 Do Kalb av, h 231 

Nostrand av 
Becker Adolph, barkpr. h 99 Meserole 
Becker Adolph, cabinotmkr. li 137 Central av 
Becker Adolph, diamondoutter, h 137 Ever- 
green av 
Becker Adolph, liquors, 441 Court 
Becker Adolph, packer, h 499 Carroll 
Becker Andrew W. grocer, 354 Hicks, h 91 

Becker Ann, wid. John, h 652 Warren 
Becker August, boilermkr. h 65 Freeman 
Becker August, printer, h 277 Graham av 
Becker August, sugar refiner, h 28 Bogart 
Becker August, tailor, h 220 Ten Eyck 
Becker August C. boilermkr. h 182 1st E. D. 

now Kent av 
Becker Augusta, wid.Edward, h 46 Division av 
Becker AugustusC. plumber, 260 Grand, h 331 

S. 5th 

Becker Benjamin, printer, 121 Stagg 

Becker Bernhard, baker, h 231 Ellery 

Becker Carl, mason, h2037 Atlantic "av 

Becker Charles, li 584 Hicks 

Becker Charles, carpenter, h 37 Throop av 

Becker Charles, cooper, li 380 Magnolia 

Becker Charles, fruits, 258 Grand 

Hecker Charles, lab. h 487 Carroll 

Becker Charles, lithographer, h Smith avn Bay 

av E. N. Y. 
Becker Charles, tailor, h 18 Conselyea 
Becker Charles, tailor, h 151 Van Sicklen av E. 

N. Y. 

Becker Charles E. carpenter, h 258 Columbia 
Becker Charles L. salesman, h 441 9th 
Becker Charles P. physician, Hale av n Atlan- 
tic av E. N. Y. 
Becker Christian F. elk. h 258 Columbia 
Becker Conrad, turner, h 47 Graham av 
Becker Conrad, wheelwright, h 297 Ainslie 
Becker Daniel C. coal. 840 Fulton, h 394 Vand't 

Becker Dietrick, elk. h Smith av. n Liberty av 

Becker Edward, cigarmkr. 132 Scholes 
Becker Ernest, hairdresser, 183 4th E.D. now 
Bedford av 

Becker Ernst A. watchmkr. h 283 2d E.D. now 
/ Wythe av. 

Becker Francis, tobacconist. 509 BSvay 
Becker Franklin C. lithographer, h 181 Prince 
Becker Frederick, lab. h 204 Ten Eyck 
Becker Frederick, musician, h 754 Myrtle av 
Becker Frederick, shoes, 737J Myrtle av 
Becker Frederick, varnishmkr. h 157 Eagle 
Becker George, butcher, h 28 Hopkins 
Becker George, capnifr. it 335 Liberty av E.N.Y 
Becker George, elk. h 96 Maujer 
Becker George, porter, h 137& McDougal 
Becker George, tailor, h 18 Conselyea 
Becker George, tailor. 230 Graham av 
Becker George jr. tailor, 560^ Grand 
Becker Gilbert, L. bkkpr. h 380 Degraw 
Becker Gustav, tailor, 330 Grand, h old No. 159 

10th, now Keap 
Becker Henry, h 32 Eldert 
Becker Henry, fireman, h 99 N. 6th 
Becker Henry, foreman, h 7 Nassau 
Beckor Henry, grocer, 117 N. 2d 
Becker Henry .locksmith, 379 Henry.b Beach pi 
Becker Henry musician, h 77 Seigel 
Becker Henry, shoemkr. h 1025 Fulton 
Becker Henry, tailor, h 143 Walton 
Becker Henry C. pianomkr. h 109 Clinton av 
Becker Jacob, h 169 Ten Eyck 
Becker Jacob, buttonholemfr. h 406 Baltio av. 


Becker Jacob, capmfr. h 335 Liberty av E.N. Y 

Becker Jacob, carpenter, h 96 Mayer 

Becker Jacob, gardener, h 87 Magnolia 

Becker Jacob, liquors, 100 Humboldt 

Booker Jacob, tinsmith, h 402 Central av 

Becker Jacob F. printer, 121 Stagg 

Becker Jacob H. shoemkr. h 1740 Atlantic av 

Becker James, engineer, h 89 Java 

Becker Jamos, nier. police, h 117 Pearl 

Becker Johan, peddler, h 21 McKibbin 

Becker John, boicmkr. h 547 Morgan av 

Becker John, cooper, h 167 Ten Eyck 

Becker John, driver, h 652 Warren 

Bocker John, lab. h 341 Stockton 

Becker John, liquors, 740 Myrtle av 

Becker John, shoemkr. h l»8i Meeker av 

Becker John, shoemkr. 339 N. 2d 

Becker John, tailor, h 28 Boenvm 

Becker John, tailor, h 84 Hopkins 

Becker John, tailor, h 23 Humboldt 

Becker John, tailor, h 441 Liberty av E. N. Y 

Becker John, tailor, h 144 Seigel 

Beckor John, tailor, h r 216 Ten Eyck 

Becker John E. elk. h 129 Wil'by 

Becker John F. h 42 Throop av 

Becker John F. brewer. Beaver c Bolvidere, h 

25 Belvidere 
Becker John F. grocer, Fulton c Front N. Y. 

h 78 S. Elliott pi 
Becker John J. musician, h 115$ Ellery 
Becker Joseph, lab. h 96 Maujor 
Becker Joseph, liquors. 281 S. 4th 
Becker Joseph, mer. 53 Park pi. h 218 Union 
Becker Joseph A. artist. 218 Union 
Bocker J. F. & Sons, printers, 121 Stagg 
Becker Casper, liquors, 146 Varet 
Beckor Louis, lithographer, h 216 Stockton 
Becker Margaret, wid. John, h 111 Moore 
Becker Martin, restaurant, 701 Myrtle av 
Bocker Martin, tailor, h r 206 Ten Evck 
Becker Mary, wid. Christian, h 51 Ten Eycke 
Becker Mary E. wid. D. Edgar, dressmkr. 152 

S. 7th 

Becker Michael, cooper, 279 2d E. D. now 
Wythe av,h 268 2d E. D. now Wytho av 



279 & 2SI WYTHE AVE., 

Formerly Second St., BROOKLYN, E. D. 

AH kinds of Liquor ami lieer Work. 
Also, Tubs and Tanks Made and Repaired, 

J. A. WEBB & SOSM, I 165 K1^yo S r T k R . EET ' i Established 1835. 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout tlio world. Bend for Quotations. 

CO.,94 B 





Becker Otto, elk. h 17 Webster pi 
Becker Otto, tailor, 188 Adams E. N. T, 
Becker Peter, butcher, h 41 Debevoise 
Becker Peter, liquors, 308 Floyd 
Becker Peter, printer, li 116 Varet 
Becker Peter, tinsmith, h 102 Ten Eyck 
Becker Philip, carpenter, h 481 Humboldt 
Becker Philip, engraver, h 7 Stanhope 
Becker Philip, slioemkr. 591 De ICalb av 
Becker Kheinhart, lab. h 176 Maujer 
Becker Stephen S. manager. 223 Grand 
Becker Valentine, h 660 Wil'by av 
Becker Valentine, tailor, li 45 Montrose av 
Becker Win, blacksmith, h 169 Greenpaint av 
Becker "William, elk. h 338 S. 4th 
Becker William, crockery, 308 Myrtle av, h 

15 N. Portland av 
Becker William, ice, h 102 Gold 
Becker William, liquors, 253 Nassau 
Becker William, mason, h 161 Melrose 
Becker William, peddler, h 1752 Dean 
Becker William, printer, 121 Stagg 
liecker William F. grocer, 4 1st av 
Becker & Fetten, liquors, 681 De Kalb av 
Beckerman John C. elk. h 31 1st 
Beckert Charles A. drugs, Atlantic av c Shef- 
field av E.N\Y. 
Beckert Dominions, mason, h Liberty av n 

Schonck av E.N.Y. 
Beckert Frederick, mason, h 143 Gwinnett 
Beckert Mathias. h 202 Ellery 
Beckert Nicholas, ropemkr. h 153 Bush wick av 
Beckert William, cabinetmkr. h 331 Ellery 
Beeket Henry, shoemkr. h 694 Park av 
Socket Jolm, h 76 Smith 

Beckett Jan. bkmfr. 35 Vosey N.Y. h 193 Scher 
Beckett William, liquors, li 176 Wash'n 
Beckingham Emma, wid. John, h 105 Ellory 
Beckinham Tkos. blacksmith, h 106 Ten Eyck 
Beckley Benjamin, weigher, h 61 Butler 
Beckliffe John, carpenter, h 153 Elm 
Bookman August, collector, old No. 293 Bed- 
ford av 

Becktnau August, painter, h 149 11 tli 
Beekman Catharine, wid. Cliarles J. grooer, 81 

N. 2d, o 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Beekman Charles, porter, h 315 Stockton 
Beckman Christian, grocer. 64 S. 3d 
Beekman Ernest, lab. h 27 Sumner av 
Beckman Frank, lab. h 78 Johnson av 
Beekman Frederick, turner, 14 Lorimer, h 150 

Beckman Herman, elk. h 1165 Fulton 
Beckman John, driver, h 49 S. 11th 
Beckman Peter, basketmkr. Troutman, h 14 


Beckman Richard, liquors. 151 Grand 
Beckmann Elizabeth, wid. Fred'k. h 358 N. 2d 
Beckmann Ferdinand, lab. h 548 Hicks 
Beckmann Henry, lab. h 126 N. 2d 
Beckmann John H. grocer, 89 Throop av 
Beckmann Win. paperboxmkr. h 235 Seholes 
Beckmer Theodore J. elk. h 459 5th av 
Beckner Ellen, schoolteacher, h 506 Pacific 
Beckofen Louisa, wid. August, h Baltic av c 

Adams E.N.Y. 
Beckroge John, bakery, 379 Flushing av 
Beckwith Andrew. Icttercarrier, h 238 24th. 
Beckwith Arthur H. reporter, h 235 Scher 
Beckwith Charles E. knitter, h 726 Jefferson av 
Beckwith Edwin, salesman, b 38 Willow pi 
Beckwith Henry S. engraver, old No. 349 Bed- 
ford av 

Beckwitli James T. advertising, Tribune bldg. 
N.Y. h 363 Pacific 

Beckwith Joseph, carpenter, h 36Bushwickav 

Beckwith Mercy, wid. Abel, b 123£2dpl 

Beckwith Minnie, h 272 Clinton 

Beckwith Samuel C. agt. 154 Nassau N.Y. h 
229 Berkeley pi 

Beckwith Thomas T. bkkpr. h 232 6th av 

Bectel William H. supt. Atlantic Sugar House, 
Hamilton av, h 34 3d pi 

Beddell Emma, wid. James H. dry gds. Atlan- 
tic av n Williams av E.N.Y, 

Beddell William, painter, b 91 Grand av 

Bedell Abram, driver, h 120 Withers 

Bedell A Ibert. engineer, b Seigel av n Fulton av 

E. N.Y. 
Bedell Alice A. b 11 Cranberry 
Bedell Amy, wid, Samuel D. h 121J Court 
Bedell Andrew C. milk, Liberty av c Sackman 

E. N.Y. 

Bodell Augustus C. cooper, 107 Broad N.Y. h 

877 Gates av 
Bedell Augustus S. realestate, h 132 Park pi 
BedeU Austin M. upholstery, 395 Flatbush av 
Bedell Benjamiu P. driver, h 257 Wyekoff 
Bedell Benjamin S. carpenter, h 444 Adelphi 
Bedell Caleb C. realestate, 340 4th av. N.Y. b 

132 Park pi 
Bedell Charles, printer, b 207 S. Portland av 
Bedell Charles H. police, h 11 N.Y. av 
Bedell Charles W. realestate, h 398 State 
Bedell Chatham F. realestate, 905 Gates av. b 

551 Monroe 

BEDELL C. F. & BRO. realestate, 905 Gates 

av. Telephone No. 40 B. Bedford 
Bedell Daniel E. cooper, h 55 N. 2d av 
Bedell Daniel R. leather, h 148 Sumpter 
Bedell David, cooper, h 675 De Kalb av 
Bedell David T. trimmer, h 38 4th E.D. now 
Bedford av 

Bedell Edwd. shipcarpenter, b 604 Jefferson av 
Bodell Edward E. tel. oper. h old No. 74 Mas 
petit av 

Bedell Elizabeth C. wid. John, h 397 S. 2d 
Bedell Elmira, wid. Henry, b Dean n Stone av 

Bedell Emily, wid. William, h, Suediker av n 

Atlantic av E.N.Y. 
Bodell Frank W. driver, h 14610th 
Bedell George, lab. h 48 Met. av 
Bedell George C. h 199 Dovoo 
Bedell George C. jr. foreman, h 199 Devoo 
Bedell George H. supt. h 74 Maspetb av 
Bedell Gilbert S. li 300 15th 
Bedell H. Gillson, shipmaster, h 924 Gates av 
Bedell Henry, cooper, h Maspetb av n Vander 

voort av 

Bedell Henry, painter, h 165 Maserole av 
Bedell Henry P. cooper, h 924 Myrtle av 
Bodell Hiram, realestate, 921 B' way & 446 Gates 

av, h 925 Greene av 
Bedell Isaac, engineer, h 85 Classon av 
Bedell Isaac, milk, b 803 Gates av 
Bedell Isaac E. supt. b 346 Tompkins av 
Bedell James, milk, b 168 Decatur 
Bedell James E. lawyer, 35 William N.Y. b 280 

Laf av 

Bedell James O. dry gds. b 65 Hancock 

Bedell Jane, dressmkr. b 121£ Court 

Bedell Jesse, h 300 15th 

Bedell Jesse S. express, h 26 Webster pi 

Bedell John, foreman, h 18 Canton 

Bodell John jr. boxmkr. h 99 4th 

Bedell John A. weigher, b 151 N. Oxford 

Bedell John W, carpenter, old No. 11 Marcy 

av, b 88 Hooper 
Bedell Joseph, driver, b 313 Stockton 
Bedell Joseph, foreman, h 69 Conselvea 
Bedell Mary, h 28 Stags 

Bedell Mary. wid. Benjamin C. h 658 Greene av 
Bedell Menzies R. h 3 Orient av 
Bedell Oscar T. ice, ft Division av, b 49a Pu- 

Bedell Ozias E. mason, h 726 Madison 
Bedell Richard, salesman, h 31 Park pi 
Bedell Robert S. porter, b Bergen n Stone av 
Bedell Samuel, lab. b Seigel avn Ridgewoodav 

Bedell Sidney G. realestate, h 973 Laf av 

Bedell Stephen, elk. b 64 Tillary 

Bedell Stephen, planer, h 557 Grand 

Bedell Stephen, printer, h 199 Devoe 

Bedell Sylvan us, carpenter, h Maspetb. av n 

VaniWvoort av 
Bedell Thomas, lab. h 711 Hicks 
Bedell V. A. wid. William T. h 193 Powers 
Bedell Walter H. watchman, h 151 N. Oxford 
Bedell Wesley C. packer, b 124 Division av 
Bedell William, boatman, h 420 Van Brunt 



FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF, new -stoirjs:- 





o o 

O r3 



132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 

cfe CO., 


City Directory Printing Souse, 

1" >TiIloughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bedell William, painter, 203 Eckford, h 165 

Meserole av 
Bedell William A. fish, 110 Lee av, h 55 Howes 
Bedell William F. realestate, 337 Smith, h 265 


Bedell William H. electrotvper, h 2252 Pacific 

Bedell William J. painter, h 105 Meserole av 
Bedell William M. feed, 10 Bushwick av, h 
199 Devoe 

Bedell William S. physician. 265 Sackett 
Bedell Wilson A. fish, 116 Lee av, h 55 Hewes 
Bedford Alfred, oils, h 251 Laf av 
Bedford Av. Beef Co. old No. 404 Bedford av 
Bedford Chemical Co. 1206 Fulton 
Bedford Dispensary, 1568 Fulton 
Bedford Edward T. oils, 128 Pearl N.Y. li 181 
Clinton av 

Bedford Frederick, oil, 26 B'way N.Y. h 165 

Clinton av 
Bedford Henry E. printer, h 251 Laf av 
Bedford John G. showcases, Reade & Hudson 

N. Y. h 37 St. Felix 
Bedford John E. elk. h 312 Throop av 
Bedford John S. bkkpr. h 20 Woodbine 
Bodford Mary, wid. John, h 312 Throop av 
Bedford School, Bedford av c Fulton 
Bedford William, realestate, 461 Graham av, h 

26 Orient av 
Bedford William H. elk. h 50 S. Portland av 
Bedford W. & Co. realestate. 461 Graham av 
Bcdnall Geo. W. harnessmkr. h 1211 Park way 
Bednall John, hardware, 20 Fulton, h 104 

Bedner August, carpenter, h 139 Cook 
Bedson Susan A. wid. Win. H. h 231 Raymond 
Benson William, jeweler, h 63 Cook 
Bedwin Israel, bkkpr. h 229 Hancock 
Bee George W. cotton, 16 Exchange pi N.Y. h 

157 Warren 
Bee Peter A. elk. h 31 2d 
Beebe Allen H. paper, h 481 Dean 
Beebe Alonzo, h 1017 Fulton 
Beebe Alonzo H. pilot, h 69 Clinton av 
Beehe Catherine, wid. Leonard, tailoress, h 495 
N. 2d 

Beebe Chas. oil, 44 B'way N.Y. h 205 Hancock 
Beebe Clarence, painter, h 205 Java 
Beebe Clement E. bkkpr. h 151 Madison 
Beebe Darius W. supt. h 11 Broome 
Beebe Edwin F. supt. h 548 Leonard 
Beebe Frank G. ins. h 946 Gates av 
Beebe George J. diecutter, h 28 Devoe 
Beebe Henry, ferryman, h 108 Lynch 
Beebe Henry C. glasspresser, h i49 Powers 
Beebe Herbert H. editor, Fulton c Front, h 709 

Beebe Hiram F. hatter, 129 Greene N.Y. h 149 

Beebe Horace H. printer, h 390a Monroe 
Beebe Howard F. elk. h 149 Madison 
Beebe John J. carpenter, h 407 1ST. 2d 
Beebe Joseph W. hairdresser, h 1 20 Wythe av 
Beebe Joseph W. engineer, h 13 Driggs 
Beebe Leonard, broker, 94 Front N.Y. h 209 

Sterling pi 
Beebe Orin A. h 206 Sandford 
Beebe Rachel M. wid. George, h 128 Berry 
Beebe Richard W. blacksmith, 138 Powers, h 

136 Powers 
Beebe Theophilus, deckhand, h 83 Prospect 
Beebe WaiTen, teas, N.Y. h 14 Garden pi 
Beebe William, glassblower, h 306 Humboldt 
Beebe William H. butcher, 492 Fulton, h 424 


Beebe William W. foreman, h 739 De Kalb av 

Beeber Christina, wid. h r 191 Kent 
Beech Alice, wid. William, h r 173 Scholefl 
Beech Thomas, woodphotographer, 127 Fulton 

N.Y. h 328 Stuyvesant av 
Beeeham Frederick, h 145 Hamburg 
Beecham Joseph AV. plate, 690 B'way N.Y. h 

289 Clermont a v 
Beeeher Chas. cabinetmkr. h 120 Evergroen av 
Beecher Charles G. C. tel. oper. h 92 Adelphi 
Beeeher Christian, driver, h 322 Gates av 
Beecher Clarence Y. police, h 316 18th 
Beeeher Edward (Rev.)h 182 Macon 
Beecher Eugene F. manager, S23 Wash'n, h 

1341 Pacific 

Beecher Henry B. ins. Court c Montague, h 124 

Beecher Henry Ward (Rev.) h 124 Hicks 
Beecher John B. grocer, 170 Stuyvesant av 
Beecher John J. carpenter, h 98 S. 10th 
Beecher Laura F. supt. 80 Wil'by 
Beecher Philip, engineer, h 72 Main 
Beecher Robert, wiredrawer, h 11 Sullivan 
Beecher William C. lawyer, Park id & B'way 

N.Y. h 123 Columbia hgts 
Beecher & Benedict, ins. Court c Montague 
Beeching William H. butcher, 1027 Fulton, h 

610 Herkimer 
Beede Daniel Francis, cotton, N.Y. h 69 B'way 
Beedermaim August, cigars. 72 Tompkins av 
Beehler Charles, lab. h 169 Trontman 
Beehler George, doorman, h 180 Bushwick av 
Beeken Allred D. stationer, 13 Park row N.Y. 

h 420 Cumberland 
Beeken William A. elk. h 420 Cumberland 
Beeking Henry, elk. h 98 Sands 
Beeking John, shoes, 222 Nassau 
Beeking William, barkpr. h 222 Nassau 
Beekman Abram J. v, pres't, Court c Romson, 

h Babylon L.I. 
Beokman Albert, boatman, h 146 Sackett 
Beekman Catherine L. h 100 Greene av 
Beekman Charles, lab. h 97 Pikeman 
Beekman Edward L. supt. h 360 Clifton pi 
Beekman George A. waiter, h r 371 Hudson av 
Beekman Henrietta, wid. h B'way n Miller av 

E.N. Y. 

Beekman Henry, carman, h 108 Underbill av 
Beekman HenrV, fireman, h47 Wvtlie av 
Beekman John'N. bkkpr. h 360 Clifton pi 
Beekman John V. supt. 96 Liberty N.Y. h 383 

Beekman Peter T. foreman, h 134 3d pi 
Beekman Thomas H. broker, 32 Liberty N.Y. 

h 543 Franklin av 
Beekman AValter C. machinist, h 101 Degraw 
Beekman William W. agt. h 938 Atlantic av 
Beener John. lab. h 316 Devoo 
Beeny Stephen, bleacher, 211 Manhattan av 
Boer Anton, furrier, h 186 Hopkins 
Beer Edith C. typewriter, h 382 Pearl 
Beer George, upholsterer, 535 Atlantic av 
Beer Henry, shoemkr. h 97 Myrtle av 
Beer Louis' R. elk. h 569 Warren 
Beer Peter, gardener, h 42 Joralemon 
Beer Thomas, h 85 4th av 
Beere Ellen, wid. Joseph, h 108 Bridge 
Beere Joseph, elk. h 108 Bridge 
Beerman George M. cashier, h 214 S. 4th 
Beers Andrew, driver, h44 Moore 
Beers Anna. wid. William, h 100J 9th E.D. 

now Rodney 
Beers Catherine E. wid. Jas. H h 222 Sandford 
Beers Charles, driver, h 289 Driggs 
Beers David, driver, h 245 Havemoyer 
Beers Edwin, lumber, Flushing av c Wash'n 

av, & pres't, 21 B'way, h 210 Clinton av 
Beers E. Le Grand, " lumber, Wash'n c 

Flushing, h 219 Clinton av 
Beers Frank B. broker, 16 Court, h 311 Carl- 
ton av 

Beers Henry J. tailor, 577 Fulton, h 555 Pacific 
Beers Isaac, driver, h 289 5th E.D. now Driggs 
Beers James B. publisher, 36 Vesey N.Y. li 390 

Beers James L. publisher, 36 Vesey N.Y. 390 


East 14th St., N. Y. 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Go. 


Kepolislilng a Specialty. 





Scale. r>0(> feet fo the inch. 

Revised Edition. 


J. B. BEERS & CO., 

3© Vesey 3 tireet;., 

New York. 

Send for List of oilier Publications. 











Specially Designed for Summer Tourists. 

Among their other publications are 

Send for Ca 

atalogne to 

J. B. BEERS & CO., 

36 Vesey Street, 

New York 




128 & 130 FULTON ST., 



Beers James M. publisher, 22 Duane N.Y. h 50 

Beers John, cutter, h 109 Suydam 
Beers, John A. conductor, h 743 Monroe 
Beers John J. hay, h 236 Quincv 
Beers John Z. feed, old No. 123'Kent av. h 236 


Beers Joseph, carpenter, h 283 Penn 
* BEERS J. B. & CO. map publishers, 36 Yesey 

Beers Marv, wid. Jonathan, h 16 Gallatin pi 
Beers M. G. tailor, 577 Fulton, h 555 Pacific 
Beers Nathan T. broker, 203 Montague, h 311 
Carlton av 

Beers X at ban T. jr. broker, 1 New N.Y. b 97 

Gates av 

Beers Rowland, lawyer, h 248 Clifton pi 
Beers Sarah F. wid." James E. h 222 Sandford 
Beers Sidney A. engineer, h 370 Halsey 
Beers William H. architect, Tribune bldg. N.Y. 

h 16 Gallatin pi 
Beers & Kesseguie, saw mill, Wash'ii av c 

Flushing av 
Bees Charles T. porter, h 166 Marion 
Bees Margaret, wid. Robert, h 84 Gwinnett 
Beese Herman G. carpenter, h 31 Jefferson 
Beesley Elizabeth, wid. Geo. N. h 856 Wil'by av 
Beesley Francis L. lab. h 85 Myrtle av 
Beesley Itielmrd, patternmkr. h 40 7th E.D. 

now Havemever 
B^eson Euth, wid. Henry, grocer, 1800 Fulton 
Beester Louis, painter, h.90 Navv 
Beester Otto J. painter, 150 Jay,' ii 126 Jay 
Beeston Samuel, macliiuist, h 126 N. 5th 
Beeston "William It. bungmfr. N. 1st c 1st, h 

292 S. 5th 

Beeswanger Frederick, lab. h r 55 S. 1st 
Beet Johii, salesman, h 204 "Wash 'n 
Beet William, caTpeiitor, Pearl N.Y. h. 46 3d av 
Beetle Charles, lab. h 42 Grand 
Beetle Frank, painter, b. 37£ Jamaica Pk rd 

Beetle George L. agt. 15 Cortlandt N.Y. h 52 
7 th av 

Beets Simon T. bkkpr. h 372 Baltic 
Beety William, driver, h 298 Bond 
Beetz Joseph, h 182 Johnson av 
Beetz Peter, brassworker, h 182 Johnson av 
Beezlv William, painter, h 108 Soholos 
Betlenbach John, lab. h 108 Montrose av 
Began Edmund, tailor, 232 Johnson av 
Began Edward, barkpr. h 174 Eagle 
Began George, tailor, b 332 Johnson av 
Began Michael, lab. h 66 Steuben 
Begbie James S. brasstinisher, h 95 Douglass 
Begbie Jennie, wid. Richard, h 95 Douglass 
Begbie John, manager, h 628 Herkimer 
Beggemann Frederick, shroudmfr. h 27 Park 
Begger Nicholas, roofer, b 68 Morrell 
Beggley Thomas, engineer, h 197 Spencer 
Beggs Alexander J. salesman, h 209 5th av. 
Beggs Eben, chemist, 141 Maiden la N.Y. h 122 
2d pi 

Beggs Francis V, musician, h 209 5th av 

Beggs J times, musician, h 326 Saekett 

Beggs James, shoos, 209 5th av 

Beggs John 35. chemist, h 122 2d pi 

Beggs Mary, wid. Nathaniel, tin, Water N.Y. 

h 99 St." Mark's av 
Beggs Hubert, teas, 495 Grand, 193 Columbia, 

397 Manhattan av & 381 8th av N.Y. h 

320 W". 33d N.Y. 
Beggs Thomas P. letterer, h 214 Degraw 
Beghen John, rubber, h 41 Navy 
Begi John, fruits, 63J Greenpoint av, h 15 

Greenpoint av 
Begler Joseph, brewer, h 31 Central av 
Begley Ann, wid. James, h 110 Fleet pi 
Begley Catherine, wid. Thomas, h r 398, S. 2d 
Begley Hugh, baker, h 181 Jay 
Beglev Hugh, bricklayer, h 926 Atlantic av 
Begley Hugh J. lawyer, h 188 Lincoln pi 
Begley James, mason, h 110 Fleet pi 
Begley John J. engineer, h 201 12th 
Begley Patrick, hatter, h 186 Sandford 
Begley Robert, lab. h 106 Sullivan 

Beglin Catherine, wid. h 401 "Warren 
Beglin Daniel, lab. h 103 Hamilton av 
Begnon John, machinist, h 329 Livingston 
Begouin Peter, eloekmkr. h 412 13th 
Beguelin Henry E. impr. 21 Maiden la N.Y. h 

403 Clinton 
Begy George, tailor, h 966 Flushing av 
Beh' Otto, shoemkr. h 413 Oakland 
Beh William, watchman, li 413 Oakland 
Behan Edward, lab. h 97 Commerce 
Behan John, lab. h 476 Pres't 
Behan John, lab. h 220 N. 8th 
Behan John W. clothing, h 29 Monroe E.N.Y. 
Behan Lawrence, mason, h 89 Hall 
Behan Mary, wid. Patrick, h 1002 Myrtle av 
Behan Michael, glass, h 201 Centre 
Behan Michael, lab. h r 198 20th 
Behan Patrick, conductor, h 40 Met. av 
Behan Thomas, liquors, 86 Flushing av, h 14 

Vand't av 

Behan Thomas F. painter, hold No. 3] 0 Marcy 

Behan Thomas W. lab. h r 377 Baltic 
Behan & Kiernan, liquors, 86 Flushing av 
Bohcim Betsy, wid. Eiias, h 175 N. 7th 
Beheim Levy, cigarpaeker, h 175 N. 7th 
Beheim Nathan, shoeinkr. h 175 N. 7th 
Behel Louis, turner, h 566 Manhattan av 
Behen May, wid. h 142 22d 
Behen Patrick, hosteler, h 135 Kingsland av 
Behcrne Ferdinand, varnisher, h 73 Dupont 
Behier Henry, blacksmith, h 127 Eagle 
Behkcn John, liquors, 219 Van Brunt 
Belli Joseph, driver, h 169 Harrison av 
Behl Peter, baker, h 123 Ewen 
Behlen Anton, baker, 141 Hudson av 
Bohlen George W. spinner, h 94 Newell 
Behlen Phillipiue, wid. Peter, h 82 Cook 
Behlen Theresa, wid. John, stationery, li 39 

Brooklyn av 
Behlendortf Johanna, wid. Fritz, h 323 Living 


Behling William, cigarmkr. h 554 B'way 
Behier Charles, tailor, h 79 Saekett 
Behier Frank, elk. h 307 Stockton 
Bohler Henry, oarpentor, h Stockholm nWyck 
off av 

Bohler Mary, wid. Michael, li 201 Novlns 
Behling Charles, grocer, 70 Hudson av 
Behling John C. liquors, 55 Central av 
Behm Henry, lighterman, h 8 Beach pi 
Behman August, elk. h 48 S. Portland av 
Behman Christopher, grocer, 24 Wil'by 
Behman Edward, treas'r, h 48 S. Portland av 
Behman Frank, heaters, h 37 Sumner av 
Behman Henry, treas'r, h 48 S. Portland av 
Behman Louis' C. theatre, 342 Adams, h 48 S. 

Portland av 
Behmer Adam, tailor, h 193 Johnson av 
Behmer Max, driver, h 193 Johnson 
Behn Hannah, wid. John, h B'way c Penn av 


Behn John, driver, h 200 Kent 

Behn John C. carpenter, h 21 Douglass 

Behn Julius, grocer, 182 Tompkins av, h 176 

Tompkins av 
Behn Peters, carriage trimmer, h 209 Frost 
Behne Edward, weigher, h 117 Court 
Behne Esther, dressmkr. 117 Court 
Belming John, lab. h 243 Scholes 
Behnke Christian, lab. h 100 Ten Eyck 
Behnke Louis F. elk. h 177 Flatbush av 
Behnken Henry, h 466 5th 
Behnken Henry, barkpr. h 219 Johnson av 
Behnken Henry, grocer, 1339 Fulton 
Behnken Henry, grocer, 17 High 
Behnken Henry, grocer, 62 Nassau 
Behnken Theodore, barkpr. h 51 Ewen 
Behnken & Weimeister, grocers, 1339 Fulton 
Belmstahl John, h 44 Montrose av 
Behr Andrew, shoemkr. 339 17th 
Behr Andrew, varnisher, h 299 Stockton 
Behr Andrew, truckman, h 134 Throop av 
Behr August, cigarmkr. h 31 Morton 
Behr Conrad, moulder, h 192 Throop av 
Behr Edward, carver, h 117 Jefferson 


554 to 562 W. 25th St., New York. 

ROYAL [fire] INS, GO. 

Assets, ii U. S„ Ian. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 




193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Aves. 

LiaML, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
62 BEH— BEK 


& CO. 

Job Printing of Every Description. 

17 Willoughiy St., cor. Pearl E'klyn. 




Behr Edward, pianos, 15 E. 14th N.Y. h 426 


Behr E. elk. h 59 10th E.D. now Keap 
Behr Gustav E. h 421 Henry 
Behr Henry, furng. gds. 625 3d av 
Behr Henrv, moulder, h old No. 255 Bedford av 
Behr Henry, pianos, 11th av c 29th N.Y. h 138 

Behr Henry C. gild or, h 211 Prospect av 

Behr Herman, sandpaper, 33 Titlany pi & 75 

Beekman N.Y. h 331 Clinton 
Behr Herman & Co. sand <fc emery papermfrs. 

33 Titlany pi & 75 Beekman N.Y, 
Behr John, tailor, h 126 Bush wick av 
Behr J. John A. hairdresser, 163 Flatbush av. 

h 211 Prospect av 
Behr Julia, wid. Edward, h 426 Henry 
Behr Robert, furrier, h 875 Park av 
Behr Robert, sandpaper. 33 Tifiany pi & 75 

Beekman N.Y. h426 Henry 
Behre Frederick A. grocer, 255 Wash'n N.Y. 

h 76 Morton 
Behre John H. grocer, 255 Wash'n N.Y. h 76 


Behra Rachel, wid. August, h 76 Morton 
Behrends Adolphue J. F. (Rev.) h 131 Her- 

Behrends Wm. E. F. tailor, 65 Delmonico pi 
Behrenger Leonard P. lab. h 173 S. 4th 
Behrens Anton, gardener, h 492 Atlantic av 
Behrens August, broker, 96 Atlantic av 
Behrens August W. liquors, 120 Boerum 
Behrens Augustus F. h 122 Vernon av 
Behrens Charles, elk. h 186 S. 9th 
Behrens Charles H, confectioner, old No. 731 

Bedford av 
Behrens Christian N. tailor, h 765 Park 
Behrens Dora, wid. John, h 443 Grand av 
Behrens Dorothea, wid. Henry, h 765 Park av 
Behrens Emil, machinist, h 96" Grand 
Behrens Frederick, h 98 Degraw 
Behrens Frederick, carpenter, h 664 Douglass 
Behrens Frederick, carpenter, h 14 Scholes 
Behrens Frederick, tailor, h 154 Bridge 
Behrens George G. driver, h 95 Gwinnett 
Behrens Henry, bartender, h 57 S. 6th 
Behrens Henry, grocer, 409 Gates 
Behrens Henry, nfurnggds. 24 Graham av 
Behrens Henry, liquors, 1231 Atlantic av, h 

1229 Atlantic av 
Behrens Henry, liquors, 334 Furman 
Behrens Henry, soap, h 731 3d av 
Behrens Herman, grocer, 153 High & 409 Gates 

av, h 153 High 
Behrens John, grocer, 713 Prospect pi 
Behrens John H. liquors, 2 "Wythe av, h 40 
I Division av 

iBehrens Joseph, elk. h old No. 250 Bedford av 
! Behrens Louis, liquors, 57 S. 6th 
IBehrens Paulina, varieties, 315 2d E.D. now 
j Wythe av 

JBehrens Peter, liquors, 1727 Atlantic av 
IBehrens Richard, grocer, 109 N. 5th 
Behrens Kichard, pilot, 104 South N.Y. h 21 

IBehrens Rudolph, liquors, 477 Atlantic av 
Behrens Thomas, elk. h 397 Hoyt 
Behrens "William H. cooper, h 315 2d E.D. now 
"Wythe av 

Behrens Bros, grocers, 153 High &409 Gates av 

Behrer Armand, foreman, h 278 Penn 

Behrer Arnold, plumber's supplies, 47 Cliff 

N.Y. h 278 Penn 
Behring Susan, wid. William, h 63 Wilson 
Behringen Ehardt, tinsmith, h 84 Adams E.D. 
Behringer Charles, painter, h 173 Myrtle 
Behringer Ernest, cigars, 117 Ewen 

Behringer Friederieh, porter, h 169 Myrtle 
Behringer George F. (Rev.) h 258 S. 5th 
Behringer John G. tailor, h 26 Stagg 
Behringer Joseph, elk. Ii 187 Johnson av 
Behringer Margaret, wid. h 187 Johnson av 
Behrles Anton, tailor, h 135 av 
Behrman Henry, com.mer. 257 Wash'n N.Y. h 
201 Ross 

Behrman Henry H. butcher, h 50 Garfield pi 
Behrman John H. butcher, 321 Nevins, h 50 
Garfield pi 

Behrmann Chas. H. grocer, 428 Classon av, h 

205 Gates av 
Behrmann Henry, salesman, h 148 Humboldt 
Behrmann John, groceries, 111 Sheffield av 


Behrmann John, liquors, 1560 Fulton 
Behrmann Wm. elk. h 23 10th E.D. now Keap 
Behrns Frederick, watchman, h 804 Park pi 
Behrs John, butcher, h 175 Richards 
Behrs Mary, wid. Herman, li 175 Kiohards 
Behs Henry, tailor, h 141 Stagg 
Beiehert Charles, barber, 43 Tompkins av 
Beier Carrie, wid. h 87 Warren 
Beier Ferdinand, cabinetmkr. h 228 Graham av 
Beier Frank, elk. h 235 Leonard 
Beier Frederick, h 87 Warren 
Beierlein August, hack, h 238 26th 
Beierlein George, boxmkr. h 36 Montrose av 
Beifus George, baker. 229 Johnson av 
Beifue George, lab. h 80 Union av 
Beigan John W. shoes, 599 Fulton, h 23 Hano- 
ver pi 

Beigel Catharine A. -wid. John N. h 162 Butler 
Beigel George W. mason, h 167 Rockaway av 
E. N.Y. 

Beihl Charles, cooper, h 108 N. 1st 
Beihler Christopher, shoes, h 296 Water 
Beil Dora, h 260 Pres't 
Beil George, tailor, h 85 Eagle 
Beil Henry C. jeweler, h 85 Eagle 
Beil Hugo, bkkpr. h 394 Bergen 
Beilby Electa, wid. Charles, h 158 Heyward 
Beilby Rebecca, wid. Thomas, h 113 S. 4th 
Beilemeier Frank, painter, h r 41 Debevoise 
Beiler Samuel L. (Rev.) h 229 Prospect av 
Beilermever Jacob, carpenter, h 312 Floyd 
Bailing Henry, framer, h 153 Eagle 
Beilman Henry, milk, 318 Powers 
Beilman Jacob, lailor, h 318 Powers 
Beilman Peter, liquors, 63 Bushwick av 
Beilstein Henry J. tailor, h 17 Boerum 
Beilstein Philip, tailor, h 17 Boerum 
Bein John, lab. h 580 Manhattun av 
Beine Maria, wid. Charles, h 464 Park av 
Beindrinke William, cigarmr. h 205 Ewen 
Beinke Frederick, cigars, 197 23d 
Beir Leopold, salesman, h 331 S, 5th 
Beir Theodore, architect, 321 Evergreen av 
Beirical Hannah, wid. Charles, h 198 Conover 
Beirne Thos. salesman, old No. 561 Bedford av. 
Beischer Christian, vinegar, h 65 Suydam 
Beisel Charles, blacksmith, h 50 Monitor 
Beisel George, lab. h 142 Meserole 
BeiserChas. W. hair, 16 Pell N. Y. h 330 Macon 
Beiser George H. real ostate, 1004 Fulton, h 32 

Beiser Jolin,tailor,h Baltic avn Wash'n E.N.Y. 
Beisilen William A. stairrodmkr. h 33 Park 
Beisland Samuel, truckman, h 121 Prospect 
Beisline Joseph, cooper, h 190 1st E. 1). now 
Kent av 

Beisswanger John, wheel wright, h 104 Johnson 

Beiswinger Jacob, brewer, h 26 Central av 
Beith James, brassfounder, h 274 15tU 
Beith James sawyer, h. 39 Carlton av. 
Beith Thomas, foundry, h 107 Prospect ay 
Beitsbein Frederick, stoves, 49 Ewen 
Beittner Leo, tailor, h 21 Melrose 
Beitz Conrad, framer, h r 134 Graham av 
Beixedon Daniel K. h 93 Hancock 
Beizmeiim Andrew, lab. h 57 S. 1st 
Bejbom Franz D. watchmkr. h 255 Carroll 
Beken William, bkbinder, h 195 15th 
Bekker George H. polisher, h 23 India 

. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout toe world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 





Bekkevold Adolph,h 3 Douglass ct 

Bela Jose, hairdresser, li 9 Private way 

Belando George, fruit, 357 Grand 

Belar Frank, lab. h 33 Bean 

Belby James, lab. h 131 Stuyvesant av 

Belch. Emma O. wid. John, h 987 Fulton 

Belcher Edward H. K. leather, Gold N.T. h 

176 Clinton av 
Belcher Edwin W. cashier, h 174 Putnam av 
Belcher Edwin AV. Jr. elk. h 174 Putnam av 
Belcher George, painter, h 621 Myrtle av 
Belcher Henry W. agt. h 1C6 Montague 
Belclier John, tinsmith, h r 80 Met av 
Belcher Samuel E. ins. broker, 111 B'way N.T. 

h 25 S. Portland av 
Belcher Thomas, blacksmith, h 126 Keyerson 
Belcher Win. N. physican, 25 S. Portland av 
Belchler Annie, wid. h 172 Franklin 
Belden Alfred G. oils, 145 Maiden la N.T. h 

453 Franklin av 
Belden B. P. scales, h 127 Vernon av 
Belden George H. h 625 St. Mark's av 
Belden George M. lawyer, 45 Fulton N.T. h 

445 Franklin av 
Belden George W. farnacemfr. h 83 Maujer 
Belden George W, tel. h 1S2 Ainslie 
Belden Henry, bkkpr. h 253 Steuben 
Belden Henry, manager, h 71 Orange 
Belden Henry A. elk. h 705 De Kalb av 
Belden Milton B. paper, Pulton N.T. h 272 

Clinton av 
Belden Robert, tinsmith, h 182 Ainslie 
Belding Louis H. drygds. 491 Atlantic av 
Belding Milo jr. elk. h 135 6th av 
Belding Milo M. silkmfr. h 135 6th av 
Beldon Joseph, carpenter ,h 95 Jackson 
Beldy Daniel, gardener, h Pellington pi E.N.T. 
Beldy Lawrence, 81 Sumpter 
Beldzer Charles, driver, h 163 Varet 
Belenske Andrew, fireman, h 170 Harrison av 
Belfer Lazarus, furng. 233 Myrtle av, h 167 


Belfino Nicolo, shoes, 115 5th av 

Belford Alex'r, carpenter, h 37 Brooklyn av 

Belford Edward J. cashier, 26 Broad N.T. b. 

457 Carroll 
Belford James, lab. h r 404 Union 
Belford James, truckman, h 193 Pearl 
Belford James A. engraver, b 433 Gates av 
Belford John, h 457 Carroll 
Belford John, ongineer, h 463 20th 
Belford John, truckman, h 825 Bergen 
Belford Mary, confectioner, 256 Hoyt 
Belford Matthew, coachman, b 457 Carroll 
Belford Michael, lather, h r 404 Union 
Belford Patrick, carman, 61 Wyckoff, h 27 


Belford Philip, tobacco, h 240 Hamilton av 
Belford Philip J. tinsmith, h 154 Baltic 
Belford "William, b r 404 Union 
Belford William H. butter, 202 Wash'n inkt. 

N.T. h 2 Willow 
Belford William H. depy sheriff, h r 404 Union 
Belford William jr. lab. h r 404 Union 
Belford Wm. J. ice, 61 Wyckoff, b 27 Wyckoff 
Belgard Abraham, tailor, 426 Grand 
Beige Katharine, wid. h 59 3d av 
Belger Benjamin F. manager, 431 Fulton 
Belin James J. salesman, h 261 Fulton 
Belin John F. salesman, h 261 Fulton 
Belin Mary, wid. James J. h 261 Fulton 
Beling Anna S. wid. George, h 294 Grand av 
Beling George A. broker, li 471 8th 
Belisle John H. elk. h 99 S. 8th 
Belitz August, shoes, 88 Court, h 239 Dean 
Belke Charles, lab. h 236 Humboldt 
Belknap Byron C. barkpr. h 803 Fulton 
Belknap K. C. wid. Frederick, dressmkr. h 580 

l)e Ivalb av 
Belknap Mercy, h 316 10th 
Bell Abram E. salesman, h 524 Herkimer 
Bell Addle, teacher, h 127 Franklin av 
Bell Amelia, paperboxea, 335 Adams, h 401 


Bell Andrew W. cigars, 47 Dey K. T. h 198 




Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

Bell Ann, wid. Thomas, h 300 4th E. I), now 
Bedford av 

Bell Arthur, ins. 203 Montague, h Mansion 

Bell Arthur G. watchman, h 31 Garnett 
Bell Arthur J. acct. h 70 Pannetto 
Bell August, machinist, h 101 N. Elliott pi 
Bell A. N. physician, h 119 2d pi 
Bell Beatson j. drugs, 3 Vesey N. T. h 81 Han 

Bell Benjamin, cocoamfr. 14 Dunham pi, h 81 

Bell Beterson, drugs, h 81 Hancock 
Bell Charles, colormkr h 121 Pulaski 
Bell Charles, shoecutter, h 80 Bushwick av 
Bell Charles A. salesman, h 8 2d 
Bell Charles C. foreman, h 230 S. 4th 
Bell Charles E. elk. h 124 Lynch 
Beli Charles G. h 493 Classonav 
Bell Daniel W. bldr. Greene av c B'way, h 702 

Bell David, painter, h 479 Union 
Bell David, printer, h 173 Prospect 
Bell Edward, weigher, h 106 Atlantic av 
Bell Edwin J. collector, h 515 Vand't av 
Bell Eliza, h 334 Vau Brunt 
Bell Eliza, wid. John, boarding, h 334 Yan 


Bell Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, h 291 Hudson av 
Bell Ellen, wid. Hugh, h 47 Hudson av 
Bell Emalia, baker, 751 Gates av 
Bell Esther, wid. Alex, boarding, h 55 N. 2da\ 
Bell Esther wid. Thomas, h 179 Eagle 
Bell Francis, painter, h 04 Taylor 
Bell Francis W. pilot, h 558 Laf av 
Bell Francis, peddler, h 118 Sackett 
Bell Frank, realestate, 121 5th av, h 58 Put- 
nam av 

Bell Franklin, paints, h 58 Sterling pi 
Bell Garrettjfionr, h 9 8th E. D. now Marcy av 
Bell George, artist, h 629 Bushwick av 
Bell George, cooper, h 129 Grand 
Bell George, engineer, h 45 Cumberland 
Bell George, engraver, 271 17th 
Bell Geo. letter canier, h old No. 148 Marcy av 
Bell Geo. machinist, h 269 Macon 
Bell George, mechanic, h 22 Bolivar 
Bell George, printer, h 13 Doughty 
Bell George, ropemkr. h 300 S. 2d 
Bell George, seaman, h 61 Harman 
Bell George A. h 295 Gates av 
Bell George A. bkkpr. h 58 Monroe 
Bell George F. elk. h 61 Harman 
Bell George H. printing presses, 18 Spruce 

N.T. h 582 Henry 
Bell George W. bkkpr. h 652 Warren 
Bell George W. elk. h 153 Division av 
Bell George W. manager, 39 B'way, h 53 Di- 
vision av 

Bell George W. shoes, 368 Atlantic av 
Bell Hannah, wid. h 337 Humboldt 
Bell Harvey, collector, h 99 S. 2d 
Bell Henry, depy sheriff, h 457 Grand 
Bell Henry, machinist, h 269 Macon 
Bell Henry, polisher, h 125 2d 
Bell Henry H. shotmkr. h 141 Woodbine 
Bell Henry J. E. elk. h 202 Wythe av 
Bell Hugh, stonecutter, h 151 20th 
Bell Hugh P. liquors, 47 Hudson av 
Bell Hunting H. conductor, h Fulton av n Mil- 
ler av E.N.T. 
Bell H. K. physician, b 119 2d pi 
Bell James, h 232 Dean 
Bell James, h 471 6th av 










" few YorK 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

i Fire-PIaccs, 


Seaadvt leaf opp. name. 

PK FIYTIIM W. C. Yosburgh M 

Uxi IJ 1 1 A 1 U ILL 0 . 418 & 420 Fulton St., 



g. bG., Limited, 

Brooklyn, H. Y. 

Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

LAIN «fc CO., 

City Directory Printing House, 

II Vdlloughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. T. 


C9 * 

08 £ 







Bell James, h 571 Warren 

Bell James, machinist, h old No, 283 Kent av 

Bell James, painter, h 115 Oak 

Bell Jas. slioefttter, h 240 5th E.D. now Driggs 

BELL J AMES D. supervisor 19th ward, lawyer, 

16 Court, h old No. 85 Keap 
Bell James H. porter, h 115 Myrtle 
Bell Jay J. millstones, N.Y. h 41 Lex av 
Bell John, carpenter, li 691 De Kalb av 
Bell John, elk. h 47 Hudson av 
Bell John, conductor, h 1278 I)e Kalb av 
Bell John, fruits, h 64 Columbia pi 
Bell John, lab. li old No. 808 Bedford av 
Bell John, moulder, li 80 Greene 
Bell John, physician, h 283 Warren 
Bell John, -watchman, li 29 Grand av 
Bell John I), elk. li 53 10th E.D. now Keap 
Bell John F. collector, h 127 Franklin av 
Bell John H. agt. h 264 S. 4th 
Bell John H. foroman, hl73 Flatbush av 
Bell John J. h 41 Lox av 
Bell John J. painter, h 061 Pacific 
Bell John J. engineer, h 507 Clinton av 
Bell John W. jeweler, h 415J 18th 
Bell John W. watchman, h 13 Doughty 
Kell Joseph, lime, 3d av n Degraw, h 398 6th 
Bell Joseph, stevedore, li 702 Hancock 

Joseph, -watchman, h 128 Huron 
Bell Joseph H. (Eov.) 23 Sumpter 
Bell Josephine, -wid. James, h 370 Pearl 
Bell Louis H. h 10 Kossuth pi 
Bell Lucian T. vet.surgeon, old No. 717 Bod- 

jrd av, h 245 Putnam av 
Bell Lucius, mer. N.Y. h 85 St. James' pi 
Bell Lucius M. porter, h 57 Talmau 
Bell Mary, -wid. h 134 3d av 
Bell Millie A. laundress, 23 Sumpter 
Bell Peter, bkkpr. h 230 McDonough 
Bell Philip, gardener, h 151 21st 
Bell liobert, driver, h 180 Magnolia 
Bell Kiehard S. printer, h 568 Lex av 
Bell Robert, mechanic, h 99 Sehenek 
Bell liobert, stationer, 324 Smith 
Bell Kobert E. machinist, h 99 Sehenek 
Bell Kobert (i. carpenter, h 473 Manhattan av 
Bell Kobert J. h 283 Warren 
Bell Koseoe It. printer, h 245 Putnam av 
Bell K. Walter, ins. h 60 Monroe 
Bell Samuel A. agt. h 57 Withers 
Bell Samuel IJ. drvgds. N.Y. h 407 Bergen 
Bell Sarah, wid. William, h r 369 B'way 
Bell Thomas, grocer, Havemeyer c Hope, h 213 
S. 4th 

Bell Thomas, realestate, 453 5th av, h Parkville, 

Bell Thomas L. elk. h old No. 343 Kent av 
Bell Thomas M. papor, 160 William N.Y. h 53 

Fort Greene pi 
Bell Thos. P. steward, old No. 502 Bedford av 
Bell Walter, realestate, h 24 Debevoise pi 
Bell William, h 1083 Laf av 
Bell William, carpenter, h 148i 16th 
Bell William, bottler, h 401 Halsoy 
Bell William, driver, h 129 Grand 
Bi ll Win. ironfoundcr, 14 S. 11th, h 230 S. 4th 
Bell William, 'longshoreman, h 145 Union 
Bell William, printer, h 176 Prospect 
Boil William, tailor, h 447 Bergen 
Bell William, tailor, h 498 B'way 
Bell AYilliam, watchman, h 201 Sands 
Bell William F. h 233 Franklin av 
Bell William H. carpenter, li 326 Bergen 
Bell Wm. II. realestate. 22 Court, h 318 Bergen 
Bell William J. elk. h 129 Grand 
Bell William J. elk. h 401 Halsey 
Bell William R. bldr. h 80 Halsey 
Bell William R. carrier, h 99 Sehenek 

Bell William W. teamster, h 154 Devoo 
Bell & Clark, grocers, 199 7th E.D. now Have- 

Bell & Fyfe, ironfounders, 14 S. 11th 

Bell & Hunt, cocoa, 14 Dunham pi 

Bella Abraham, carpenter, h 200 12th 

Bellam Anton, ice. h 26 Spencer 

Bellamy Charles W. britannia, h 160 Kverson 

Bellamy Frederick P. lawyer, 204 Montague, h 

50 Garden pi 
Bellamy AViiliam, salesman, h 301 Pearl 
Bellear Christian, painter, h 213 Scholes 
Belief August, driver, h 169 Johnson av 
Bellem Harriot, wid. Abram, h 121 N. Oxford 
Beller George, baker, 514 Park av 
Bellevue Loran, engr aver, h 558 Loriinor 
Bellow James, shoes, 708 Myrtle av 
Bellew Lawrence, steward, L. I. College Hos- 

Bellow Patrick, liquors. 273 Gold 
Belli Frank, lab. h 324 Plymouth 
Bellinfanti Alexander, cook, h 269 Marion 
Belling Fred'k, machinist, h 35 Tompkins av 
Bellinger George, tailor, h 552 B'way 
Bellinger Henry, porter, h 112 Sackett 
Bellinger Henry It. carpenter, h 3 Keid av 
Bellinger Peter, lab. h 426 B'way 
Bellinger Ithinhohl H. shademkr. h 625 Baltic 
Bellingham Edward, mer. h 14 S. Oxford 
llellington Edwd. plasterer, h 263 St. Mark's av 
Belliugton Kobert, undertaker, h 366 Myrtle av 
Bellman William, butcher, 313 Evergreen av 
Bellmann Jolm, lab. h 290 Chaimcey 
Belhner Louis, liquors, 304 N. 2d 
Bellmer Pauline, wid. John (i. h 202 Maujer 
Bclloff Conrnd, butcher, 225 Chauncoy 
Belloff William, elk. h 286 Patchen av 
Bellou Margaret, wid. Thos. h 101 Hamilton av 
Bellows Charles, liquors, 20 Broad N.Y. h 216 

Bellows Charles, salesman, h 40 Driggs 
Bellows Charles jr. wine impr. 50 Broad N.Y. 

h 6D3A Pres't 
Bellows Charles M. i>hysician,442Nostrand av, 

h 313 Halsey 
Bellows Charles R. elk. h 37 Prospect 
Bellows Edward, foreman, h 302 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Bellows Mdward P. salesman, |h 162 Hart 
Bellows Edwin S. ins. h 463 Pulaski 
Bellows Elbert Y. fern-master, h 129 Eckford 
Bellows Elzada, wid. Joseph K. h 434 State 
Bellows Hartwell H. washboards, ft Wilson, h 

220 Penn 

Bellows Henry S. lawyer, 44 Court, h Halsey 
Bellows John, watchman, h 8 Madison E.N.Y. 
Bellows Joseph P. elk. h 1187 Fulton 
Bellows Martha P. h 41st n 7th av 
Bellows Smith S. salesman, h 41st n 7th av 
Bellows Standford H. lawyer, 44 Court, h 313 

Bellows Theodore A. bkkpr. h 463 Pulaski 
Bellwidt William, cigars, 702 5th av 
Bellwood George, shoomkr. h 201 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Belmen Herman, turner, h 42 Tbroop av 
Belmont Frances, cigarmfr. h 165 Madison 
Belon Marc A. dyeing, 303 Adaina 
Belott Philip, lab. h 44 Front 
Bels Joseph, tobacco, 323 Atlantic av 
Belsky A. cigars, h 703 Park av 
Beltion John, boxmkr. h 68J Hope 
Beltman Morris, peddler, h r 127 Nassau 
Belton Andrew A. elk. h 272 12th 
Bolton George, elk. h 272 12th 
Belton Thomas, painter, 81 Bridge N.Y. h 272 

Belton Thomas, painter, h 292 Water 
Beltzer Henry, cooper, h 527 B'way 
Belus Adolpb, carpenter, h 110 Hamilton av 
Belvin Henry, elk. 340 Prospect av 
Belvin John A. h 372 Halsey 

j Belwin Henrv, clothing, h 340 Prospect av 

I Belz John, tailor, h 356 S. 3d 
Bolzer Barbara, wid. George, h Baltic av n 

I Barbey E.N.Y 

Mutual Life Insurance Go. 

A DDT TO A MTC iNO A (~Z T7 7M r T'C 

Richard A. McCordy, Pres't. 

RODNEY C. WARD, Genera! Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 



BEM— BEN 65 

near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Bemar Valentino, h 113 10th E.D. now Keap 
Bemarcour Frank, v/agonmkr. h 372 Hudson av 
Bemer Ann, wid. Michael, h 108 N. 7th 
BemlfcT Charles, blacksmith, h 347 Ewen 
Bena Sebastian, driver, h 62 Freeman 
Benard Anton, lab. h 104 N. 9th 
Benard Antonio, lab. h 84 Middleton 
Benard Margaret, wid. Antonie, dressmkr. h 

84 Middleton 
Benard Zachary, newsagt. h 245 Bridge 
Benas Benjamin, artist, h 25 Clermont av 
Bene Charles, metal spinner, 402 Warren 
Bench Abraham, tinner, h 63 Troutman 
Bench Charles, lab. h 29 Bogart 
Bench Charles J. mouldai, h 182J Consolyea 
Bench Josesh, rooter, h 207 Skillman av 
Bench Thomas, painter, h 192 Wyckoff 
Benckle Daniel, cooper, li 62 Troutman 
Benckle Eva, wid. Powell, li 62 Trontman 
Benckle Michael, cigarmkr. h 62 Troutman 
Bend Frederick, machinist, h 182 X. 9th 
Bendall Albert li. carpets, 212 Fulton N.Y. h 

312 12th 

Bendall Henry J., carpets, Fulton n New 

Church N.Y. h 430 Greene av 
Bendall William H. printer, h 247^ Magnolia 
Bendeke Charles L. painter, h 170 Boerum 
Bendell A. N. millinery, 398 Gates av 
Bendell Christopher, baker, h 44 Beaver 
Bendem Frank, painter, h 166 Central av 
Bender Amanda, wid. Alexander, h 115 Fleet pi 
Bender Andrew, collector, h 25i Berry 
Bender Benjamin, stairbldr. h 85 Norman av 
Bonder Bernard, butcher, 503 Humboldt 
Bender Charles, porter, h 104 Graham av 
Bender Charles, shoemkr. h 105 Seholes 
Bender Cyrus, teacher, h 109 Evergreen av 
Bender C. h 320 Monroe 
Bender Daniel, tailor, h 11 Judge 
Bender Elizabeth, h 337 Prospect av 
Bender Elizabeth, wid. Stephen, h 356 Degraw 
Bender Eugene, starchmfr. h 12 St. Mark s av 
Bender Frank, cooper, h r 127 Eagle 
Bender Frederick, aibummkr. li 259 Boerum 
Bender Frederick, harneasmkr. h 380 S. 5th 
Bender Fritz, candy, h Jamaica plank rd n 

Bender George, butcher, 260 Bainbridgo 
Bender George, machinist, h 136 Hart 
Bender George W. hatter, h 318 Floyd 
Bender Henry, butcher, 579 Grand 
Bender Henry, carman, h 33 Stagg 
Bender Henry, embroidery, h 411 S. 4th 
Bender Henry, grocer, h 325 Prospect av 
Bender Henry, tailor, h 203 Ellevy 
Bender Henry V. sewing machines, 282 Court 
Bender Herman, cooper, h 51 Ten Eyck 
Bender Herman P. physician, 849 Wii'by av, 

office hours at 9, 2 to 3, & 7 to 8 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, h 1005 Park pi 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, h 309 Wallabout 
Bender Jacob, machinist, h 299 Pearl 
Bender Jacob A. blacksmith, h 99 Freeman 
Bender John, brushmkr. h 104 Shedield av E. 


Bender John, cabinetmkr. 112 Butler, h 159 

Bender John, cigars. 45 Boerum 
Bender John, driver, h 95 Commercial 
Bender John, engineer, h 532 N. 2d 
Bender John, express, h 31 Boerum 
Bender John, lab. h 73 Johnson av 
Bender John, liquors, 34 Grand, h 442 1st E.D. 

now Kent av 
Bender John, peddler, h 95 Debevoise 
Bender John, shoemkr. h 84 Marion 
Bender John, shoemkr. 207 2d E.D. now Wythe 


Bender John, tailor, h 263 Ellery 
Bender John J. lace cutter, h 58 Hope 
Bender Leonard, driver, h 254 Berry 
Bender Lewis, haiidTesser, h 98 Humboldt 
Bender Louis, elk. h 246 Tompkins av 
Bender Louis, lab. h 201 2d E D. now Wythe 

Bender Ludwig, lab. h 337 Magnolia 



Bender Margaret, h 260 Bainbridge j 
Bender Martin, brassfinisher, h 106 Walton. | 
Bender Mary, h 337 Prospect av 1 
Bender Mary, wid. John, h 95 Commercial \ 
Bender Michael, shoefitter, 61 4th E.D. n-owj 

Bedford av, h 1138 Laf av 
Bender Peter, elk. h 145 Wii'by j 
Bender Philip, butcher, 721 Atlantic av, h 723. 

Atlantic av j 
Bender Philip, shoemkr. 181 Clyiner ' 
Bender Philip, shoes, 211 Grand ; 
Bender Philip J. machinist, 92 Ann N.Y. h 299 

Bender Solomon, confectionery, 42 Meserole j 
Bender Sophie, wid. John B„ h 442 let E.D. now * 
Kent av 

Bender Theresa, wid. Henry, h 201 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Bender William, brass finisher, h 95 Commer- 

Bender William, elk. h 973? Myrtle av 
Bender William, lab. h 5 Cook" 
Bender William, liquors, 58 Montrose av 
Bender William, shoemkr. h 211 Grand 
Bender William G. butcher, h 1902 Fulton 
Bender & Gross, shoes, 211 Grand 
Bendernagel Catharine, wid. John, h 94 S. 4th 
Bendernagle James F. cashier, n 128 Boebling 
Benders Alexander, mason, h 517 Warren 
Bennetto Frank, shoes, h 893 Dean 
Bendheim Mever, cigarpacker, h 118 Ewon 
Bendick William M. h 277 Putn am av j 
Bendickson Andrew, smith, h 129 Baltic 
Bendit Henry, glass, 38 Henry 
Bendit Jacob, driver, h 57 Vernon av 
Bendix Mary E. wid. John E. nurse, h 526J 

Bendixon Christopher, seaman, h 441 Hicks i 
Bends Benjamin, glass, 103 Raymond, h 25 
Clermont av j 
Bendter Henry, confectioner, h 43 Humboldt | 
Bend zig Alexander, grocer, 304 4th E.D. now; 
Bedford av 

Bene Charles W. machinist, h 109 Carroll | 
Bf '3 Henry, liquors, 122 1st E.D. now Kentav 
Bei. j John, hairgds. 279 Fulton, h 314 Pearl 
Bene William, engineer, h 109 Carroll 
Bene William E. elk. h 109 Carroll 
Bonecko Henry, grocer, 656 Classon av 
Benedict Adolphus, reporter, h 72 Nassau av 
Benedict Alfred K. housesinith, li 72 Nassau av 
Benedict Andrew C. cashier, Court c Monta- 
gue, h 124 Hicks I 
Benedict Benjamin G. teacher, h 168 Clifton pi 
Benedict B. Lincolo, u.s. comr. 168 Montague, : 
h 86 Hancock j 
Benedict Charles L. judge, Montague c Clinton, ! 

h 120 Pierrepont j 
Benedict, Charles M. driver, h 115 Calyer I 
Benedict Coleman, mer. h 61 S. Portland av j 
Benedict Coleridge H. foundry, h 235 Mth i 
Benedict Edward, 32 Liberty N.Y. h 282 
Vand't av j 
Benedict Edward G. lawyer, 64 Wall N.Y. h' 
363 Adelphi ~ I 

Benedict Edwards S. broker, h 181 Gates av I 
Benedict Edwin H, pianos, 50 Court, h 84 
Sterling pi i 
BENEDICT EBASTUS D. lawyer, Atlantic 
av n Alabama av, h East New York av n 
Williams pi E. N.Y. j 
Benedict Ezra, slippers, h 112 Macon 
Benedict Frank, moulder, h 72 Nassau av j 
Benedict Frank W. jeweler, 109 B'way, h 61 S. i 
Portland av I 
Benedict George, ballmfr. 81 Murray N.Y. h 
767 Gates av | 
Benedict George C. bkkpr. h 488 Grand \ 
Benedict Helen F. wid. Delolme, h 346 11th ! 
Benedict Henderson, lawyer, room 30, 26 Court, : 

h 73 S. Oxford 
Benedict Henry M. h 282 Vand't av I 
Benedict H. E. H. niusietoacher, h 141 Cam- 
bridge pi 

Benedict James E. grocer, 124 Eckford j 
Benedict James T. bkbinder, h 102 Bleocker 

33 SB 


m 3 


H go- 


19 00 




< O 



> gm 



D s 

o v> 

■ a 

o ■ 


v. 12tli St., STew York. 

RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

I*arse»t J£stabli»limeiit in Kew York- 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO 

Assets, in If. S, M 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16, 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flaibusii Ave, Brooklyn, 

■ Junction of Atlantic S Fourth Area. 

liaML, $2,377,471.27. SlimlES, $2,335,427.89. 
66 BEN 

O Jt4 
» S 

o « 


CD * — * 





Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 Willoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

[ Benedict Jas. T. railroad, 26 Court, h 262 Henry 

! Benedict John J , moulder, h 68 2d 
Benedict John R. foreman, h 350 Pres't 
Benedict Joseph H. porter, h 68 Sumpter 
Benedict Joseph S. (tier.) h 68 Sumpter 

I Benedict Ilenrv, cashier, h 387Clawson av 

j Benedict Louis, butter, Chambers N.Y. h 94 

] Taylor 

| Benedict Louis C. jeweler, 3i Maiden la N.Y. 
| h 43 Monroe pi 

Benedict Lyman E. moulder, li 72 Nassau av 
: Benedict Mary B. wid. h 120 West 
Benedict Robert D. lawyer, 64 Wall N.Y,h 363 

Benedict Bos well S. h 43 Monroe pi 

Benedict Russell, lawyer, 18 Wall N.Y. h 35 

Benedict Seelyc, ins. Montague c Court, h 

Clinton c Remsen 
Benedict Stanley, engineer, h 72 Nassau av 
BENEDICT STEPHEN N.bkbinder, Mission 

pi c Worth N.Y. b 177 Adelphi 
Benedict Wilber R. printer, 69 Bond, b 549 


Benedict William Do L. mmingengineer. 22 
Liberty N.Y. b 282 Vand't av 

Benedict William M. lawyer, 26 Court, bold 
i No. 412 Marcy av 
[Benedict William T. porter, h 26 Fleet pi 

Benedict WiJston II. paper, 118 William N.Y. 
I h 111 St. James' pi 

Benedict Wyllys, lawjer, 64 Wall N.Y. h 363 

Bener Adam, furrier, h 179 Jackson 
Benett James, shoos, 1*78 Gates av 
Benevento Caudeloro, hairdresser, h 112 Boe- 
rum pi 

iBentield Charles R. engraver, h 610 Bergen 
!Benfield H. carpenter, h 486 Warren 
jBenlicId Thomas, emimeler, 14.0 Greenpoint av 
I & 60 Beekman N.Y. h Newark N.J". 
Bengel Conrad, vestmkr. h r 65 Walton 
Bengert John F. jeweler, 527 Myrtle av 
Bengser George, lab. b 147 Stagg 
Benguerel Matilda, wid. Albert, b 43 Bush 
Bengur Samuel W. butcher, h 133 Prospect 
Benbam Charles, elk. b 638 Fulton 
Benham Edward, machinist, h r 238 Gold 
Benbam George A. h 58 S. 8th 
Benham James B. com.mer. Produce Ex- 
change N.Y. h 91 Bern sen 
Benham Victor, music, h 317 Jay 
Benhan George, machinist, b 143 Powers 
Benhan John, ropemkr. h 143 Powers 
Benhouse Louis, painter, b 132 Tliroop av 
Benice Sarah A. wid. James I), h 126 Byerson 
Benidict Wilbur R. printer, b 549 Paeihc 
Beniert Frederick, butcher, 343 Atlantic av 
Benig John, liquors, 678 Flushing av 
Benin ger David, moulder, h 89 Hopkins 
Beniseb Joseph, butcher, 326 Manhattan av, h 

28 Diamond 
Beniseb & Kronbeim, beef, 326 Manhattan av 
Beniston William, lace kr. h 92 Wash'n 
Benito Joseph M. cigarmkr. h 346 Sackett 
Benitt Peter, grocer, h Wyekoff av c Liberty 
av E.N.Y. 

Benjamin Ann D. wid. William, h 1199 Dean 
Benjamin Ann E. wid. Madison, h old No. 82 

Benjamin Arthur, broker, h 196 St. John's pi 
Benjamin A. M. h 8 Macon 
Benjamin Benjamin,, elk. h 529 B'way 
Benjamin Carrie M. wid. Birney G. b 210 Wal- 

Benjamin Charles H. pilot, b 508 Myrtle av 

Benjamin Coleman, cigannf'r. 743 Myrtle av, br 

old No. 366 Marcy av 
Benjamin Frank, glasshlower, b 03 Commercial 
Benjamin Frank T. music. Si 249 Gnmd av 
Benjamin George A. bkkpr. b old No. 82 Keap 
Benjamin James H, drugs, 493 Tompkins av. 

h 203 HalHey 
Benjamin Joseph, cigarmkr. b 19 Stockton 
Benjamin Joseph, see. 8 Court House & 18ft 

Bushwick av, h 24 Ten Eyek. 
Benjamin Joseph, diamond cutter, h old No. 

366 Marcy av 
Benjamin Lewis A. music, h 249 Grand av 
Benjamin Louis A. musician, h 119§ Sumnerav 
Benjamin Me-lisse, h 220 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Benjamin Meyer, mfr. cigars, 529 B'way 
Benjamin Morris, tailor, h 1/9 Union av 
Benjamin Moses J. bkkpr. h 285 Franklin av 
Benjamin Nathan, tinsmith, 341 N. 2d, b 24 

Ten Evek 

Benjamin Park, lawyer, 32 Park pi N.Y. h 793 

Benjamin Pulaski, fish, 1 Fulton mkt. N.Y. h 

251 Prospect pi 
Benjamin Robert, electrician h 364 Graham av 
Benjamin Bose, wid. Alex, h 240 Livingston 
Benjamin Samuel, hatter, h 133 Steuben 
Benjamin Samuel, grocer, 419 Madison, h 417 


Benjamin Simeon, cigars, 494 Fulton 
Benjamin Simeon T. bkkpr. h 181 Quincy 
Benjamin Solomon, tobacconist, h 266 13th 
Benjamin Stacy, marble, h 340 Hancock 
Benjamin Thomas, elk. h 275 Myrtle av 
Benjamin Vandervoort M. elk. h 669 De Kalb av 
Benjamin William cigarmkr. h old No. 366 
Marcy av 

Benjamin's Win. collector, h old No. 258 Hooper 
Benjamin William II. hats. 129 Greene N.Y. h 

149 Madison 
Benjamin William T. shoes, N.Y. h 859 Laf av 
Benjamin Bros, music school, 398 Fulton 
Benjamin Bros, musicians, 118 S. 8th 
Benjattrit John, h 116 Prospect 
BENJES CHRISTIAN W. butcher. 662 Ful- 
ton, b 660 Fulton 
Benjes David, confectioner, 505 Myrtle av 
Benjstrom Oscar, salesmen, h r 343 Baltic 
Benk William P. grocer, 772 B'way, h 774 

Benkelman August, driver, h 487 Carroll 
Benken Anne, wid. h 210 Johnson av 
Benken John D. grocer, 261 Lorimer 
Benken Joseph, baker, li 210 Johnson av 
Benkert George, shoes, 44 Newell 
Benlay William, lab. h 99 Walworth 
Benloasa Aliasa, lab. h Schenectady av n Union 
Bennar Anthony, mason, h 65 Cook 
Bennart August, ahoemkr. h 18 Seigel 
Benne August, sexton, h 569 DeKalb av 
Benne &, Co. strawwks. 196 20th 
Bennecker Frederick, elk. b 115 Stagg 
Benedict James H. elk. h 678 Gates av 
Benneditti Leon, teamster, h old No. 104 Wythe 

Benneis George, cooper, h 244 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

BENNEM WILLIAM L. supervisor 20th 
ward, solicitor of patents 19 Park pi N. Y . 
h 176 Adelphi 
Bennen Michael, lab. h Meeker av c Monitor 
Bennorga Battista, sboemkr. h 61 Withers 
Benner Andrew, shipcarpontcr, li 239 Elm 
Benner Charles H. realestato, 171 B'way N. Y. 
li 461 8th 

Benner Frank W. musical insts. 372 B'way 
Benner George M. printer, h 1279 De BalD av 
Benner Henry, h 133 N. Oxford 
Benner John, carpenter, b 75 Johnson av 
Benner John, tailor, h Bushwick av c Ten Eyck 
Benner John B. refiner, 32 Wall N. Y. h 205 S. 

Benners Charles H. elk. b 219 Dean 
Benners Edward, soap, h 150 Decatur 
Bennet Augustus, grain insp.9 S.William N.Y. 
h Miller av n Liberty av E. N. Y. 

J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by DrogKists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1836. 

Send for Quotations. 


let KM AN ST. 



Bennet Chun, liquors, 206 Atlantic av E. K.T. | 

Beimet Charles XI. b. 05 St. Felix > 

Bennet Frank, lather, h 734 Gates av 

Bennet George H. It. physician, 95 St. Felix 

Bennet George AV. engineer, h 105 Oak 

Bennet Henry, driver, h 686 5th av 

Beimet Henry, upholsterer, 755 Gates av h 684 

Gates av 
Bennet Isaac, elk. h 328 Hancock 
Bennet James H. lawyer, 1463 Fulton av h 27 

Butler avE.N.Y. 
Bennet John, lab. h 122 Clay 
Bennet John, porter, h 51 Varet 
Bennet John A. undertaker, 120 Tfflary, 233 

Bridge & 682 lie Kail) av, h 233 Bridge 
Bennet Joseph, milk, h 239 Bridge 
Bennet Joseph 11. signwriter, 1219 B'way, h 

853 Madison 
Bennet Ludovic, lawyer, 170 B'way N.Y. h 124 

Columbia hgts. 
Bennet Samuel, undertaker, 120 Tillarv, 233 

Bridge & 682 Be Kalb av, h 369 Pearl" 
Bennet S. & Son, undertakers, 120 Tillarv <fe 

233 Bridge & 682 DeKalb av 




Undertakers & Embalmers, 

Telephone Call, Brooklyn, 837. 
2To, £33 BEIE5S DT„ No. 632 22 XA1B AVE., 

Near Concord Street. Near Marcy Avenue. 

Bennot "William, produce, 76 Bushwiek av, h 

78 Bushwiek av 
Bennet William, jr. produce, h 78Bushwickav 
Bennet William A. insp. 1 City Hall, h 375 


Bennet William T. ferryman, h 110 S. 5th 
Benncts Valentine, h 2610th E.D. nowKeap 
Bennetson Anthony, lab. h 21 Luquer 
Bennett Aaron, janitor, h 362 Graham av 
Bennett Abel, milk, b. 749 Atlantic av 
Bennett Abraham 1). livery, li 391 DeKalb av 
Bennett Abraham L. elk. h 79 Madison 
Bennett Abraham V. agt. h 211 Powers 
Bennett Abram, glass, 530 Myrtle av 
Bennett, Abram, jr. elk. h 32 Butler 
Bennett Abram F. jeweler, h 211 Powers 
Bennett Adam, confectioner, 137 Ellery 
Bennett Adoiphus B. painter, h 80 Keid av 
Bennett Adrian, elk. h 173 Johnson 
Bennett Alexander, photographer, 3d avN.Y. 

h 18 Broome 
Bennett Alfred, milk, 467 Sackett 
Bennett Alfred A. cigarmkr. h 334 S. 2d 
Bennett Alfred G. teas, h 304 Macon 
Bennett Alfred W. carpenter, h 832 Dean 
Bennett Alvah, insp. c.h. N.Y. h 507 Clinton 
Bennett Alvin M. broker, 55 Dey N. Y. h 483 

Hera y 

Bennett Andrew, baker, 2144 Fulton 
Bennett Andrew, engineer, h 111 Harrison 
Bennett Andrew, realestate, 2150 Fulton 
Bennett Andrew jr. lib. b2144 Fulton 
Bennett Ann, wid. James, h 457 Bergen 
Bennett Ann, wid. John, h 196 S. 1st 
Bennett Annie, wid. Thomas, h 64 Powers 
Bennett Arthur, molder, h 361 S. 5th 
Bennett Asa, bkbinder, h 239 Havemeyer 
Bennett Angustin, furniture, 111 Manhattan av 
Bennett Augustus, h 634 Kosciusko 
Bennett Augustus, framer. 1396 St. Mark's av 
Bennett Baruardus L. furniture, 402 Bridge, h 
327 Jay 

Bennett Benjamin, grocer, Seigel av n Jamaica 

Bennett Benjamin F. cooper, h 79 3d av 
Bennett B. L. elk. h 152 Jefferson av 
Bennett Catharine, drygds. 286 Smith 
Bennett Catharine, wid. John, h 307 Nevins 
Bennett Catharine, wid. Edward, h 266 Ellery 

Bennett Catherine, h 172 8th E.D. now Marcy av 
Bennett Catherine, wid. Frod'k, h 431 Carroll 
Bennett Catherine, wid. Michael, b 369 B'way 
Bennett Ceiia A. confectionery, h 1193 B'way 
Bennett Charles D. oper. h 155 Luquer 
Bennett Charles E. h 130 Berkeley pi 
Bennett Charles F. B. supt. h 377 Monroe 
Bennett Charles G. vice pres't, h 16 Magnolia 
Bennett Charles H. drugs, h 206£ Chauncey 
Bennett Charlotte, wid. Stephen, li 94 N. 1st 
Bennett Christiana, wid. James, It 832 Dean 
Bennett Christopher, liquors, 227 4th, E.D. 

now Bedford av, h 175 N. 7th i 
Bennett Clarence, h 287 Nostrand av ■ 
Bennett Cornelius, caulker, h 239 7th E.D. now 


Bennett Cornelius, cellarbldr. 14 Vesey N.Y. h 

165 N. 6th 
Bennett Daniel, carpenter, h 59 Hicks 
Bennett Daniel, carpenter, h 176 Partition 
Beunett Daniel, gardener, h 77 Pacific 
Bennett Daniel W. milk, li 84 N. Oxford 
Bennett David S. c.h. N.Y. h 190 State 
Bennett Duncan E. salesman, h 266 12th 
Bennett Edgar, toolmkr. h 121 Sands 
Bennett Edgar H. liquors, h 266 12th 
Bennett Edward, h 231 Smith 
Bennett Edward, butcher, h 176 Partition 
Bennett Edward, carpenter, h 445 Court 
Bennett Edward, c.h. N.Y. h 61 2d 
Beunett Edward, stonecutter, h 2144 P'ulton 
Bennett Edward G. broker, h 304 Maeon 
Bennett Elbert H. milk, h 101 Cumberland 
Bennett Eli G. wiremi'r. 42 Cliff N.Y. n 320 

Putnam av 
Bennett Eli S. salesman, li 320 Putnam av 
Bennett Elizabeth, music teacher, li 433 Court 
Bennett Elmer E. butter, 357 Smith, h 169 

Bennett Emeline, wid. J ames, h 1682 Pacific 
Bennett Emeline, wid. Thomas, h 201 Wilson 
Bennett Ezra, rubber-stampntkr. li 239 Have- 

Bennett Frank, elk. h 122 Throop av 
Bennett Frank, confectioner, 137 Ellery 
Bennett Frank, driver, h 203 N. 7th 
Bennett Frank, painter, h 349 B'way 
Bennett Frank J. liquors, 1215 Atlantic av 
Bennett Frank R. elk. 411 Cumberland 
Bennett Frank T. printer, h 171 Devoe 
Bennett Frederick J. traveler, h 93 Fulton ' 
Bennett Frederick W. elk. h 62 S. 4th 
Bennett Frederick AV. surgeon, h 268 12th 
Bennett Fremont E. milk, 455 Sackett 
Bennett George, elk. h 221 Grand 
Bennett George, elk. h 137 N. Elliott pi 
Bennett George A. milk, Liberty av c Stone 
av E.N.Y. 

Bennett George D. compositor, h old No. 306 

Bedford av 
Bennett George H. ferrymaster, h 217 Grand 
Bennett George H. insp. h 219 Berry 
Bennett George H. machinist, h 555 17th 
Bennett George H. jr. brassfmislier, h 183 Skill- 
man av 

Bennett George H. jr. elk. h 217 Grand 
Bennett George J. engineer, h 922 Pacific 
Bennett George ~W. sodawaterfbnntains, Elm c 

Franklin N.Y. h 82 Lee av 
Bennett George W. carpenter, h 182 Partition 
Bennett George W. express, h 551 4th av 
Bennett George W. musician, h 322 S. 2d 
Bennett Gideon C. collector, h276 Franklin a' 
Bennett Harmanus, elk. h 408 13th 
Bennett Henry, carpenter, h 431 Carroll 
Bennett Henry, oils, h 89 S. 1st 
Bennett Henry C. foreman, h 32 Auburn pi 
Bennett Henry W. watchman, h old No. 306 

Bedford av 
Bennett Humphrey, butcher, h 290 N. 6th 
Bennett Isaac, machinist, h 996 Herkimer 
Bennett Isaac L. driver, h 62 Bergen 
Bennett Jacob, h 144 S. 8th 
Bennett Jacob, brushmkr. 211 Liberty av 

Bennett Jacob, lab. h 223 Berry 










132 Hangm St„ near Houston, East River, New York. 





17 WilloBgibj St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

Bennett Jacob, liquors, 122 Tbroop v 
Bennett Jacob, tailor, h 329 S. 3d 
Bennett Jacob F. stevedore, li 123 Division 
Bennett Jacob I. Jab. h 399 Graham av 
Bennett James, carpenter, h 457 Bergen 
Bennett James, clockmkr. h 385 5th av 
Bennett James, farmer, h New Lots av e Wyck- 

off av E.N.Y. 
Bennett James, lab. h 110 Van Dyke 
Bennett James, machinist, h 122 'Wil'hy 
Bennett James, printer, h 138 Noble 
Bennett James, roalestato, 121 Hewes 
Bennett James F\ lawyer, h 221 Madison 
Bennett Jas. H. eartrimmer, h 108 Norman av 
Bennett James P. grocer, 69 Vesey N.Y. h 270 


Bennett James P. teas, Yesey c Greenwich N. 

Y. h 361 Wash'n av 
Bennett James K. salesman, h 372 Lewis av 
Bennett James R. stationer. 369 B'way 
Bennett Jaques, broker, h 262 18th 
Bennett Jesse, elk. h 3S1 State 
Bennett Job W. h 279 19th 
BENNETT JOHANNA, grocer, Eulton av n 

Eldert av E.N.Y. 
Bennett John, barkpr. h 274 Adams 
Bennett John, carpenter, Fulton av n Eldert 

av E. N.Y. 
Bennett John, cigars, old No. 380 Kept av 
Bennett John, elk. 2 Court House, h 244 Van 


Bennett John, engineer, h 432 Park av 
Bennett John, harnessnikr. h 89 Saekett 
Bennett John, lab. h 122 Clay 
Bennett John, lab. h 127 Jay 
Bennett John, mason, h 30 Hope 
Bennett John, milk, h 153 Baltic av E.N.Y. 
Bennett John, painter, h 146 Sumpter 
Bennett John, police, h 57 Skillman 
Bennett John, realestate, 22 Court, h 365 Put- 
nam av 

Bennett John, speculator, N.Y. h 373 Clinton 
Bennett John, undertaker, 153 Division av, h 
35 Lee av 

Lee Ave. Livery Stables, and 

Furnishing Undertaker, 


Telephone Call, 389, Williamsburg!!. 
Opp. Lee Avenue, BROOKLYN, E. D. 

Residence, 35 Lee Avenue. 

Bennett John, varnisher, h 35 Meeker av 
Bennett John, waiter, h 465 Humboldt 
Bennett John, woodturner, h 123a Sumpter 
Bennett John A. conductor, h 21 Newell 
Bennett John H. sailmkr. 26 South N.Y. h 491 

Bennett John A. salesman, li 102 Wash'n av 
Bennett John C. h 229 Jefferson 
Bennett John D. jeweler, 218 Atlantic av 

Bennett John E. carriagemkr. Nassau n Hud- 
eon av, h 56 Duffield 
Bennett John F. coppersmith, h 95 Douglass 
Bennett John H. elk. h 81 Johnson 
J Bennett John H. driver, h 333 17th 
Bennett John H. news agt. h 369 B'way 
J Bennett John S. h 88 Cumberland 
(Bennett Jonathan, h 229 Jefferson av 
! Bennett Joseph, ferryman, h 150 N. Elliott pi 
^Bennett Joseph, fireman, h 1121 Greene av 

Bennett Joseph, salesman, h 264 Prospect av 
Bennett Joseph B. h 198 Columbia 
Bennett Joseph D. brassfouiider, 41 Saekett, h 
129 19th 

Bennett Joseph E. elk. h 265 Greene av 
Bennett Joseph H. typenikr. h 70 Nassau av 
Bennett Joseph T. confectioner. It 336 Quincy 
Bennett Joseph, hkkpr. h 523 Pacific 
Bennett Joseph J. stationery, 234 l)e Kalb av,h 

164 Clormont av 
J:eDntttICate, stationery, 211 Smith 
LeLi.ttt Lawrence, lab. h 187 John 
Bennett Lawrence, lab. h 300 12th 
Bennett Lettie II. dressmkr. h 399 Graham av 
Bennett Lizzie, wid. h 99 Graham 
Bennett Lorenzo, driver, h 257 20th 
Bennett Louis C. h 287 Nostrand av 
Bennett Ludwig, lab. h 405 Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Bennett Maggie, drygds. 286 Smith 
Bennett Martin, jeweler, 29 Jamaica pk rd 


Bennett Marvin, carpenter, h 591 Carroll 
Bennett Mary, wid. George, h 196 Fulton 
Bennett Mary, wid. John, h 276 Quincy 
Bennett Mary, wid. Mathew, h 706 6th av 
Bennett Mary, wid. William, h 56 S. 10th 
Bennett Mary A. h 266 12th 
Bennett Mary A. wid. Joseph, h 296 Henry 
Bennett Mary A. wid. Michael, h 43 15th 
Bennett Mary E. wid. h 257 Kosciusko 
Bennett Matilda, drygds. 1121 Greene av 
Bennett Michael, liquors, 182 Flatbush av, h 53 

St. Mark's av 
Bennett M. & K. drygds. 286 Smith 
Bennett Nathaniel G. printer, h 420 Herkimer 
Bennett Neliemiah K. physician, 142 Wilson, 

office hours 8 to 10 & 7 to 9 
Bennett Nicholas II. engineer, h old No. 33 

Orient av 
Bennett Orlando, elk. h 16 Magnolia 
Bennett Oscar, clk.h 366 Lee av 
Bennett O. F. agt. h 125 Hope 
Bennett Patrick', driver, h 146 N. 4th 
Bennett Patrick, driver, h 126 25th 
Bennett Patrick, fireman, h 302 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Bennett Paul H. brasefinisher, h r 37 Scholes 
Bennett Peter, elk. h 371 S. 4th 
Bennett Peter, cooper, h 245 Van Brunt 
Bennett Peter, lab. h 845 Pacific 
Bennett Peter, painter, h 69 Jay 
BENNETT PETER, supervisor, 12th ward, 

cooper, 2 Coenties si. N.Y. h 345 Van Brunt 
Bennett Peter A. elk. h 15 Prospect pi 
Bennett Peter J. painter, h 35 Scholes 
Bennett Peter L. vet. surgeon, 318 Warren, h 

307 Baltic 
Bennett Peter W. h 189 13th 
Bennett Phebe, wid. William, h 120 Kyerson 
Bennett Philander, mer. h 411 Cumberland 
Bennett Philip B. plumber, 1616 Fulton 
Bennett Ralph, hatter, h 43 Kyerson 
Bennett Richard, gardener, h'2150 Fulton 
Bennett Richard, lab. h 207 Conover 
Bennett Richard S. machinist, h 108 Norman av 
Bennett Robert, h 385 Saekett 
Bennett Robert, elk. h 12 Driggs 
Bennett Robert, hatter, h 92 Maujer 
Bennett Robert jr. salesman, h 385 Saekett 
Bennett Robert J. plasterer, h 211 Smith 
Bennett Roger W. salesman, h 387 Lewis av 
Bennett Rose, wid. Joseph, h r SO Geeeno 
BfcNNETT RiiLOFF R. livery, 261 & 

263 Greene av, telephone call 684, h 79 


Bennett Samuel, carpenter, 600 be Kalb av, h 
1159 Fulton 

Bennett Samuel jr. carpenter, 600 De Kalb av, 

h 1159 Fulton 
Bennett Samuel J. glazier, h 173Classon av 
Bennett Samuel M. elk. h 136 Quincy 
Bennett Samuel V. mason, h 483 Hudson av 
Bennett Sarah, wid. George C. h 16 Magnolia 
Bennett Sarah, wid. George H. h86 Carlton av 
Bennett Sarah A. wid. William, h 223 Berry 
Bennett Sarah J. wid. George, h 222 N. 8th 



Send for Circular. 

175 State Street, Cor. Court Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Eirers' Book on Modern Dancing 1 . Price, 25 Centa. 


128 & 130 FULTON ST., 

Bennett Selina, drygds. 385 5tli av 
Bennett Set h, machinist, h 184 York 
Bennett Sidney S. ix. h 450 Putnam av 
Bennett Theo. machinist, li 171 Prospect av 
Bennett Thomas, carpenter, Fulton av n Eldert 

av E. N. T. 
Bennett Thomas, carpenter, h 115 12th 
Bennett Thomas, cooper, h 146 N. 9th 
Bennett Thomas, foreman, h 132 Partition 
Bennett Thomas, plumber, h 176 Harrison av 
Bennett. Thomas', police. It 169 Prospect av 
Bennett Thos. (J. broker. 247 Front It 304 Macon 
Bennett Thus. E. collector, h 386 St. Mark's pi 
Bennett Thomas F. foreman, h 15 Prospect pi 
Bennett True-man, elk. h 398 State 
Bennett Van Brunt W. i ea-Iestate, 525 5th av, 

h 355 9th 
Bennett Walter, h 16 Magnolia 
Bennett Waltor, conductor, h 1128 Be Kalb av 
Bennett Walter E. h 160 Eckford 
Bennett Walter L. h 366 Eckford 
Bennett Walter T. h 16 Magnolia 
Bennett William, h 266 Wil'by av 
Bennett William, carpenter, h 469 Herkimer 
Bennett William, carpenter, h Snediker av n 

Libert v av E. N. Y. 
Bennett William, elk. h 147 Lawrence 
Bennett William, elk. h 373 St. Mark's pi 
Bennett William, confectioner, 137 Ellery 
Bennett William, engineer, h 162 4th E. D. 

now Bed ford av 
Bennett William, hay, 76 Bushwick av, h 78 

Bush wick av 
Bennett William, florist, h 342 Prospect av 
Bennett William, lab. h 491 Hicks 
Bennett William, lab. h 2.20 Withers 
Bennett William, liquors, h 333 Quincy 
Bennett William, mason, 14 Vesey N.Y. h 165 

N. 6th 

Bennett William, peddler, h 59 Walworth. 
Bennett William, plumber, h 457 Bergen 
Bennett William, polisher, h 833 Dean 
Bennett William A. insp. h 469 Herkimer 
Bennett William A. waiter, h 163 Roeblins 
Bennett William I), manager, h 380 VandT av 
Bennett William E. elk. h"2i7 Grand 
Bennett William F. compositor, h 370 Degraw 
Bennett William F. patternmkr. h 64 Powers 
Bennett William II. agt. h 176 Jay 
Bennett William H. carman, h 122 Division av 
Bennett William H. carpenter, h 169 Wil'by. 
Bennett William H. elk. h 07 N. Portland av 
Bennett William H. elk. h 15 Prospect pi 
Bennett William H. physician, 1*?8 6th av 
Bennett William H. fish, h 491 Myrtle av 
Bennett William H. lab. h r393 fiumboldt 
Bennett William H. truckman, li 135 Douglass 
Bennett William J. elk. h 59 Jefferson av 
Bennett William J", town elk. h 218 Atlantic 

Bennett William P. cigars, h 819 3d av 
Bennett William S. elk. 8 Municipal bldg. h 

Hempstead. L.I. 
Bennett William W. milk, 437 Sackett 
Bennett Wynant H. drugs, 323 Van Brunt 
Bennett Bros, confectioners, 137 Elierv 
Bennett Zelotes It. job printer, TGCortlandt N. 

Y. h 297 B'way 
BENNETT & SON", carpenters, Fulton av c 

Eldert avE.N.Y. 
Benney George, machinist h 50 Bushwick av 
Benney John, bkbinder, h 784 Monroe 
Benney Lillie A. fancygds. 4t7£ Hicks 
Benning Joseph, lab. h 62 Wolcott 
Benning Louis, tailor, li 70 Graham av 
Benning Margaret, wid. Thomas C. h 393 3d 
Benninger Henry, milk, h 185 Johnson av 
Benninger Joseph, carpenter, h 254 Lynch 
Benningham Charles, lab. h 102 Clay 
Benninghaus Franz, moulder, h 133§ Suydam 
Bennis William E. fish, 1840 Fulton 
Bennit George S. elk. h 17 Irving pi 
Bennit Henry C. foreman, h 285 Nostrand av 
Benoit Alp'ioiiso V". drawingmtls, 146 Ful- 
ton N.Y. h 424 Franklin av 
Bens Henry, printer, h 95 Harrison av 

Bense Emil, tailor. 16 Central av 
Bense Frederick W. tailor, it 16 Central av 
Bensel Joseph, agt. 101 Water, N.Y. h 422 

Clinton av 
Benseman Albert, barkpr. h 326 N. 2d 
Bensen Charles, grocer, 87 S. 5th 
Benson Henry, seaman, h 267 Stockton 
Bensen Michael, lab. h 43 Clymer 
Bensiuger Eustachius, h 313 Clifton pi 
Bensungor John M. h 1102 Fulton 
Benson Alfred. Ins. h 34 Johnson 
Benson Alfred B. elk. h 86£ Diamond 
Benson Alpheus H. painter, h 47 Lynch 
Benson Anna, tobacco, 193 Hudson av 
Benson Arthur, broker, 114 Water N.Y. h 69 

Jefferson av 
Benson Arthur W. h 214 Columbia bgts. 
Ben sou August, driver, h 193 Hudson av 
Benson Benjamin, seaman, h 231 Van Brunt 
Benson Benjamin I>. stationer, 49 John N.Y. h 

117 Lefferts pi 
Benson Bernard, carpenter, h 110 Baltic 
Benson Catharin, wid. William J. h 95 Floyd 
Benson Charles, conductor, h 35 Beaver 
Benson Charles O. elk. h 70 Rush 
Benson Edward J. engineer, h 223 Sackett 
Benson Edwin, hats. N.Y. h 29 Sterling pi 
Benson Enrich, steward, It 233 Conover 
Benson Ernest W. com. mer. 19 B'way N.Y. li 

431£ Waverly av 
Benson Frank, oil insp. b r 733 Leonard 
Benson Frank S. lawyer, li 214 Columbia hgts. 
Benson Frank X'. bkkpr. h 207 Livingston 
Benson Frederick, ship carpenter, h 159Luouer 
Benson Frederick S. engineer, old No. 58 Kent 

av, h 79 Wilson 
Benson George, driver, li 415 S, 4th 
Benson George W. bkbinder. h 187 Varet 
Benson George W. physician, h 244 S. 3d 
Benson G. Robert, u. s. ui. c. h Flushing av 

n Clermont av 
Benson Henry C. poncilmfr. h 152 S. 3d 
Benson Isaac, lighter, 130 42d 
Benson Jacob T.~ trackman, h 237 Cumberland 
Benson James, blacksmith, h 45 Skillman 
Benson James, undertaker, 397 Atlantic av 


Eaasral Fiwataliing ffaiMUkeff, 

Sexton St. Peter's P. E. Church, 

State St., near Bond St., BROOKLYN, 

Warerooms, 397 Atlantic Avenue. 

h 208 

Benson John H. liquors, 12 B'way 
Benson John J. mason, 232 State, h 346 Bergen 
Benson John S. lawyer, N.Y h 219 Dean 
Benson Joseph, lab. h 24 High 
Benson Magnus, mason, h 81 Wyckoff 
Benson Major S. deckhand, h 108 Devoe 
Benson Margaret, wid. James, h 175 Clinton 
Benson Margaret, wid, William, h 106 Java 
Benson Maria E. wid. William, h 210 N. 4th 
Benson Michael, oilcloth, h 119 Bushwick av 
Benson Nelson C. shoemkr. h 297 Smith 
Benson Nelson H. teas, 97 Front N.Y. 

Lofferts pi 
Benson Nicholas, driver, h 86 N. 5th 
Benson Nils, tailor, h 320 Franklin av 
Benson Oliver E. shipmaster, h 86^ Diamond [ 
Benson Patrick, lab. h 60 State ' 
Benson Patrick F. acct. h 65 2d 
Benson Richard H. flour, 5 State N.Y. h 111 | 

.Lefferts pi j 
Benson Robert, elk. h 458 6th av I 
Benson Tillman C. elk. h 117 Lefferts pi ! 
Benson William, grapler. h 86 N. 5th j 
Benson William, lab. h 155 Vandyke 
Benson William, restaurant, 633 Fulton, h 527 1 

Atlantic av } 
Benson ■&. Cashman, restaurant, 633 Fulton ( 




30 r 

> TJ 

2 m 

D =0 

m 3 

■ o 

!2} "H 

g c 

to 30 

w mm 

to Z 

Si ^ 

^ m 


r > 

n oof 

-~ PI 

* 30 

H} CO 


ve«,ta S i 5g9 Broaflway, cor. Prince. NEW YORK. MA Wall St., cor. Broadway. 

Assets, in U 



1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

NS. GO. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flafbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

tactics cf Atlantic h fetxth Ares. 

Liatil., $2,377,471.27. SarplUS, $2,335,427.89. 
70 BEE 





LAIN <fc CO'S 

City Directory Printing House, 
17 Willougliby St., cor. Peari B'klyn. 

Boasted Charles B. elk. h 299 Iflth 

Bent Anton, seaman, h 92 Carroll 

Bent Jacohsen. shoemkr. h 238 Van Brunt 

Bout John, machinist, h 53 Bridge 

Bent William G. calcium light, 77 Adams, h 23 

Goerick N.Y 
Bente Charles, painter, h 223 Be Kalb av 
Bente Charles, painter, h S3 Fleet pi 
Benter Edward H. grocer. 352 Franklin av 
Bentley Annie, milliner, 515 Fulton, h 154 S. 
! Portland av 

Ben tie v Charles E, needlework. 330 Fulton, h 
i 215 W. 12th N.Y. 

Bentloy Frederick J. machinist, 131 25th. h 144 
i 17th 

Bentley George, cooper, h 172 Franklin 
Bentloy George S. drugs, 179 Adams 
Bentley George W. supt. h 271 Graham 

■ Bentlev Henry, dredging, ft 23d, h 77 W r ood- 

j hull 

j Bentley Hiram S. c. h. N.Y. h old No. 141 
j Rofrney 

j Bentley Isaac L. wheelwright, h 245 S. 2d 
Bentloy John, agt. h 265 Nassau 
Bentloy John, foundry, 63 & 65 Boeknian N.Y. 
! h 1228 Fulton 

.Bentley John B, salesman, h 170$ Garfield pi 
'Bentlov Norman S. vice-pres't, 45 William N. 
1 Y.'h 271 Hicks 

Bentley Rich'd W. engraver, h 409 McDonough 
Bentley Thomas, stationery, 50 Meserole 
Bentley Thomas H. flour, 20 South N.Y. h 244 
Ad am a 

Bentley Washington, cooper, h 142 N. 7th 
Bentley William H. carpenter, 29 Love la, h 71 

Bentley William H. supt, 118th. h 5 Hanson pi 
Bentley & Adams, machinists, 129 25th 
Benton Albert B. printer. N.Y. h 167 lOfcli 
Benton, Albert 13. watchcasemkr. h 129 Kos- 
1 o 

Benton Charles, lab. h 415 Do Kalb av 
Benton Chelsea, elk. b 163 Fort Greene pi 
Benton Eliza, wid. John, h old No. 764 Bedford 

Benton James H. salesman, b 220 S. 4th 
Benton Jennie T. wid. Leverich L. b 163 Fort 
! Greene pi 

Benton Stuart H. phvsieian, 546 Franklin av 
Benton William H. carpenter, h 329 17th 
Benteimuller Herman, butcher, h 17 Fayetto 
Benty Abraham, lab. h 597 Manhattan av 
Bentz Elizabeth, wid. Jacob, h 105 Stagg 
Bentz George, barkpr. h 253 Floyd 
Bentz Jacob, lab. h 58 Van Brant 
Bentz John, peddler, h 155 Buffalo av 
Bentz Maria, wid. Matthias, h 313 19th 
Bentzen John S. mason, 232 State, h 346 Bergen 
Bentzinger Edward, liquors, 43 Harrison av 
Eenz George, lab. h 25 Fayette 
Benz Franz, lab. h 261 Powers 
Benz John C. tailor, h 41 Sumner av 
: Benz Wm. cloth cutter h old No. 184Marcy av 
Benzen August, b 309 Floyd 
Benzer George, glass cutter, h 7 Sumnor av 
, Benzie Alexander, machinist, h 193 Sumner av 
I Benzie James, conductor, h 234 Hudson av 
Benziger Blasius, painter, 694 Flushing av 
jBenzigar Jolin, elk. h 157 Johnson av 
j Benziger Joseph, liquors, h 157 Johnson av 
! Benziger Xavier, painter, h Jefferson n Liberty 
| av E.N. Y. 

iBonzmillcr John, blacksmith, 259 Johnson av, 

i b 248 old Bush wick av 
Beplatt Frederick, baskets. 482 Manhattan av 
Bepplor Charles, baker, h 509 B'way 
Bequat John, brewer, h 162 Evergreen av 

Berans Frederick, elk. h 589 Hfeks 

Berard Eugene M. lawyer, h 57 2d pi 

Berard Julia, wid. J. P. h 305 Hicks 

Berau Henry, conductor, 393 Fulton, h 683 

Bushwiek av 
Berau Henry, supt. li 23 Harm an 
Berau Henry jr. com. mer. ft Maspoth av, h IS 

Law! on 

Beraud E. M. driver, h 39 Charles 
Beraud William W. h 287 Carlton av 
Berber Frank, shoemkr. h 17)9 Fulton 
Berberieh August, eartender, li 58 Montrose av 
Berberich Chas. jewelrycasemkr. h 108 Myrtle 
Berberieh Frank, upholsterer, h 108 Myrtle 
Berberich John, lab. h 89 Meserole 
Berberich Wen del in, liquors. 68 Met av 
Berberich William, upholsterer, h 108 Myrtle* 
Berbert Henry, cigars. 269 Bushwiek av 
Berbert Philip, cigars, 269 Bushwiek av 
Berbrieh Anthony J. upholsterer, h 316 Hart 
Berbrich John A. cooper, h r 43 Bushwiek av 
Berbrick Jacob, grocer, 222Calyer 
Berch Anthony, butcher, h r 65 Stagg 
Berch Anton, lab. h 8 Flushing av 
Berch John P. clothier, 527 Mvrtje av 
Berchardt John, turner, h 480 N. 2d 
Berekmeier Albert, stairbklr. 102 Bleecker 
Berdan William, fireman, h 739 Hancock 
Beidu Manuel, cigars, 342 Court 
Berdux August, cigarpacker, h 22 Diamond 
Berdux Charles, musician, b 22 Diamond 
Berendsolm Rudolph, physician, h 85 Tomp- 
kins av 

Berendsolm Siegmund, lamps, 86 Fulton N.Y. 

h 598 Carlton av 
Berendsolm William, h 598 Carlton av 
Berens Frank, pocketbkmkr. h 160 Central av 
Berens John, cigarmaker, h 160 Central av 
Berens John jr. cigurmkr. h 160 Central av 
Berens Joseph, tailor, h Smith av n Atlantic av 


Bcrents Charles N. cutter, h 16 Locust 
Borer Charles, tailor, h 54 Union av. 
Beres Valdino, lab. h 144 20th 
Beresford John H. elk. h 678 Laf 
Beresford Thomas, insp. h 102 Summit 
Borg Adolph W. elk. h 105 Flatlmsh av 
Berg An tone, carpenter, h 93 Hamilton av 
Borg Axel W. casemaker. b 69 Hope 
Berg Carrie, wid. Gustavo, h 362 S. 4th 
Berg Charles E. carpenter, 496 Waverly sv t h 

h 884 Atlantic av 
Berg Charles J. carpenter, 496 Waverly av, 

h 884 Atlantic av 
Berg Chiistian, realestate, 230 Graham av 
Berg Fred'k, blacksmith, h 72 Adams KD. 
Berg Frederick, confectioner, 522 3d av 
Berg Frederick, liquors, 361 Grand, h 54 Un- 
ion av 

Berg Frederick, stationery, 153 Division av. 
Berg Henry, liquors, 56 4th av 
Berg Herman, baker, h Atlantic av n Hale av 

Berg Jacob, coal, 332 3d av, h 186 5th av 
Berg James, lab. h 79 AVarren 
Berg John, boatman, h 327 Van Brunt 
Berg Louis, lab. h 100 Degraw 
Berg Ole, tailor, h 157 WiPby 
Berg Peter, baker, 156 3d av 
Berg Richard, carman, h 191 Nassau 
Berg Samuel, stoves, 408 Grand 
Berg Solomon, salesman, h 66 11th E. D. now 
3L >oper 

Berg X. C. variety. 288 Graham 
Berg William, cutter, 296 S. 4th 
Berg William, engraver, h 271 Pacific- 
Berg William, lab', h 155 Hopkins 
BERG & OAKLEY, coal, 332 3d av 
Bergan Patrick, lab. h 66 Freeman 
Bergan Thomas, glasscutter, h 63^ Dupont 
Bergdorf C. barkpr. h 91 S. 4th 
Berge Anton, shoes, 224 Johnson av 
Beige Gustav, bkkpr. h 315 S. 4th 
Berge Henry, grocer, h 586 Atlantic av 
Berge Jacob R. blacksmith, h 63 Melrose 
Beige John, carpenter, b 171 Buerum 

WEBB & SON, [ 165 SI^ r Vo s r t k r . eet ' 

- Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

. Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations* 



BEE, 71 BEK 

Berge John, mer. 191 Greenwich N. Y. h 214 

Berge John H. grocer, 582 Atlantic av c 4th av 

h 586 Atlantic av 
Berge Peter, mech. li 185 Ellery 
Berge William, bkkpr. h 20 Locust 
Bergemann Otto C. grocer, 178 Hall, E.N.Y. b. 

592 Grand 
Bergen Adam, tailor, h 318 Devoe 
Bergen Adrian V. c. h. h 391 Bridge . 
Bergen Annie, h 178 Hamilton av 
Bergen Anthony, h 542 Greene av 
Bergen Catharine, wid. John J. li 247 S. 1st 
Bergea Catherine J. wid. Cornelius B. h 149 


Bergen Charles, realestate, 5th av, h 200 6th 

Bergen Charles C. elk. h old No. 231 Rodney 
Bergen Charles H. realestate, li 682 Gates av 
Bergen Cornelia M.. wid. Jacob I. h 360 Union 
Bergen Cornelius J. h 200 6th av 
Bergen Cornelius L. cigarmfr. 65 4th E.D. now 

Bedrord av, h 297 Division av 
Bergen Daniel, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Bergen David A. brushmkr, h r 24 Ainslie 
Bergen Deborah, wid. John, h 328 Pearl 
Bergen DeHart, truantoffieer, Red Hook la b 

Fulton, h 411 Sackott 
Bergen Dennis T. carpenter, h 123 Congress 
Bergen Edgar, lawyer, 177 Montague, h Flat- 
bush L.I. 

Bergen Edward E. elk. h 586 Atlantic av 
Bergen Edward J. lawyer, 2 Court House, h 
360 Union 

Bergen Elizabeth, wid. John G. li 927 3d av 
Bergen Everett, realestate, 22 Court, h. 526 

Atlantic av 
Bergen Francis, h 889 3d av 
Bergen Frank, lab. 922 B'way 
Bergen Freder ick, driver, h 383 Yan Brunt 
Bergen Garrett, catsup, h 6 Sheffield av E.N.Y, 
Bergen Garrett, ins. 26 Court-, h 305 Pres't 
Bergen George, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Bergen George J. engineer, h 166 Plymouth 
Bergen George P. grocer, 15 Fulton, b. Free- 
port, L. I. 

Bergen George W. grocer, 15 Fulton, h Free- 
port, L. I. 

Bergen Hannah, wid. Frederick, h 30 Bogart 
Bergen Henrietta, wid. Samuel, h old No. 231 

Bergen Henry, stevedore, h 55 Sackett 
Bergen Henry D. contractor, h Jamaica Plank 

rd n Monroe E. N. Y. 
Bergen Jacob C. elk. h 23 Hanover pi 
Bergen Jacob D. H. realestate, 315 Court, h333 


Bergen James, engineer, h 27 Hamilton av 

Bergen James, finisher, h 71 N. 7th 

Bergen James C. lawyer, 189 Montague, h 145 

Hem sen 
Bergen James P. h 8 16th 
Bergen Jeremiah, h 270J 9th 
Bergen Jerome L. realestate, 1463 Fulton, h 

Bergen John, h 889 3d av 
Bergen John, driver, h r 113 King 
Bergen John, harnessmkr. h 509 Hamilton av 
Bergen John, painter, h 488 Graham av 
Bergeu John, printer, h 143 Gonover 
Bergen John, produce, h Myrtle n Chestnut E. 

Bergen John C. machinist, h 220 Prospect av 
Bergen John H. foreman, h 66 Adelpbi 
Bergen John J. contractor, h Jamaica Plank 

rd n Schenek av E. N.Y. 
Bergen John J. printer, h 247 S. 1st 
Bergen John L. S. realestate, 1055 3d av, h 927 

3d av 

Bergen John W. shoes, 599 Fulton, h 23 Han- 
over pi 

Bergen Leflert L. sec. 177 Montague, h 369 

Bergen Leonard F. H. mer. h 95 Quincy 
Bergen Martin, driver, h 43 Wallabout 
Bergen Mary A. wid. h 297 Division av 

Bergen Michael, harnesarrkr. 509 Hamilton 
av h 8 16th 

Bergen Milos H. searcher, 1 Municipal bldg. h 

31 5| Pres't 
Bergen Nicholas F. elk. h 5l£ Ross 
Bergen Patrick, engineer, h 170 3d av 
Bergen Patrick, lab. h 78 Nelson 
Bergen Patrick, liquors, h 166 Huntington 
Bergen Peter J. h Williams av n Atlantic av 


Bergen Robert, h 57 th n 4th av 
Bergen Robert C. cutter, h 141 N, Portland av 
Bergeu Rufus S. carpet cleaning, h 104 Oak 
Bergen Samuel, elk. b Myrtle n Chestnut 

Bergen Samuel, elk. h old No. 231 Rodney 
Bergen Sam'l R. butcher, 64 Gold, h 130 Bridge 
Bergen Sarah, wid. John, h 74 Halsey (old Mar - 

garetta No.) 
Bergeu Sarah, wid. Tunis, h 4 Laf av. 
Bergen Susan A. wid. Charles M. h 356 Macon 
Bergen Theodore V. seeds, 114 Chambers N.Y. 

h 3d av n 61st 
Bergen Thomas, elk. h 84 Atlantic av 
Bergen Thomas, plumber, 401 Gold 
Bergen Tunis G. pres't, Red Hook la n Fulton, 
& lawyer, 51 Liberty N.Y, h 127 Pierrepont 
Bergen Tunis H. h 270^ 9th 
Bergen Yan Brunt, asst. engineer, 29 Municip- 
al bldg. h Bay Ridge L.I. 
Bergen Walter J. bkkpr. h 247 S. 1st 
Bergen William, confectioner, 83 Ewen, h 922 

Bergen William, elk. h 60 Joralemon 
Bergen Win, coal, Uuion c Bond, h Flatbush 
Bergen William, com. mer, 99 Prince N.Y. h 

565 Warren 
Bergen William, lab. h 1990 Bergen 
Bergen Zaccheus, lumber, West c Noble & N. 

Y.H38 8th av 
Bergen & Dykman, lawyers, 189 Montague 
Bergendahl Gustav A. tailor, h 167 Flatbush av 
Bergendahi John A. tailor, h 175 t Nevins 
Be rgener Julius, butcher, li old No. 76 Hooper 
Bferger Alwin, tel. opor. h Pacific o Stone av 


Berger Andrew, conductor, h 530 15th 
Berger Antonia, h 542 Greene av 
Berger Charles, h 44 S. Oxford 
Berger Charles, cutter, b 444 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Berger Charles, restaurant, 37 Union av 
Berger Charles A. h 44 S. Oxford 
Berger Charles W. furrier, h 162 Withers 
Berger David, tailor, h 177 Smith 
Berger Edward, butcher, 492 Mvrtle av 
Berger Edw'd, mfr. 75 1st av N.Y. h 73 Monroe 
Berger Elizabeth, wid. h 166 Ellery 
Berger Emil, tinsmith, h 287 B'way 
Berger Ferdanend E. baker, 474 Smith 
Berger Frederick, liquors, 390 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Berger Frederick, printer, h 310 Powers 
Berger George, tailor, h 166 Boerum 
Berger Gorman B. jewclor, 27 Wil'by 
Berger Henry, machinist, h 361 S. 4th 
Berger Henry, salesman, h 96 Clinton 
Berger Henry, u.s.n. h 452 Atlantic av 
Berger Hermann, h 247 Rockaway av E. N.Y. 
Berger Herman, butcher, 700 B'way 
Berger Jacob, machinist, h 287 B'way 
Berger Jacob M. truckman, h 225 Humboldt 
Berger Jacob S. manager, 27 Leo av. h 129 S. 2d 
Berger Jesse, tailor, h 210 Montrose av 
Berger John, cigarmkr. h 1847 Fulton 
Berger John, conductor, h Jamaica pk rd n 

Vermont av E. N.Y. 
Berger John, tailor, h 166 Boerum 
Berger John J. insp. h 239 Nassau 
Berger Josex>h, tailor, 101 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Berger Louis, tailor, h 247 Bockaway av E. N.Y. 
Berger Paul, blacksmith, h 704 Flushing av 
Berger Robert, cashier, h 304 Ellery 
Berger Theodore, bkkpr. h 394 State 
Berger William H. broker, h 73 Monroe 







Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-PIaces, 
Bog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. leaf opp. name. 




857 Broadway, cor. 17th St., New York. 

BEE 72 BE 11 

> u' 

O o 

DC £ 

« r 

r o 

h s 

(» * 

z 2 

h £ 

z > 



Lam's Directory Office, 

17 Willougtoy St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Berger "William, cigarmkr. h 309 Roebling 
Berger & Price, managers, 27 Lee av 
Bergermaester Philip, confectioner, 89 Central 

Bergerson Charles, lighterman, h 109 Java 
Berges John, lab. h 86 Front 
Berggren John, baker, h 194 Flatbush ay 
Berggren Oscar, h 584 "Warren 
Bergh Richard, truckman, It 191 Nassau 
Bergheim George L. surgl. insts. 83 Boerum, h 

85 Boerum 
Bergheim Gustav, h 240 Central av 
Bergheim Louis G. supt. 81 Boerum, h 85 Boe- 

Bergher Fenton, buttonmkr. h 60 Dean 
Bergius Fridolf, shoenikr. 232 Pacific 
Bergler George T. hairdresser, 151 Fulton 
Bergler Ignatz J. cutter, h 322 Union 
Berglund Edward, artist, h 369 4th E. D. now 
Bedford av 

Berglund Phar W, awnings, 108 De Kalb av 
Bergman Anthony, liquors, li 156 Manhattan av 
Bergman Benjemin 11. machinist, h 123 4th E. 

D. now Bedford av 
Bergman Charles, painter, h 515 Grand 
Bergman Edmund, carpenter, h 254 Stagg 
Bergman Frank, stableman, h r 127 Eagle 
Bergman Frederick, h 43 Ewen 
Bergman Lars J. tailor, h 368 Baltic 
Bergman Kichard, elk. h 29 Kossuth pi 
Bergman Samuel/gents furng. 656 B'way, h 22 

Columbia N.Y7 
Bergman & Cohen, gentsfurng, 856 B'way 
Bergmann Ann, boarding, h 229 22d 
Bergmann August, grocer, 140 Wythe av 
Bergmann Charles, foreman, h 586 Pacific 
Korgiuann Charles C. h 32 Fayette- 
Bergmann Edward, liquors, 335 Court 
Bergmann Ferdinand, h r 96 19th 
Bergmann Francis A. H. manager, h 572 Gates 


Bergmann Frederick, driver, h 109 Wyekoff 
Bergmann Frederick, stableman, li 91*Eaglo 
Bergmann George, salesmann, h 781 B'way 
Bergmann Henry, cik. h 1156 Myrtle av 
Bergmann Herman F. salesman, *h 572 Gates av 
Bergmann John, tailor, h 735 Flushing av 
Bergmann Morris, drygds. 190 Scholes 
Bergmann Sebastian, tobacco, 282 Powers 
Bergmann William F. hairdressers' supplies, 48 

Cortlandt N.Y. h 102 Douglass 
Bergner Adam, confectioners', "914 Flushing av 
Bergner Charles, watchman, h 104 Clay 
Bergold Henry, casemkr. li 62 Ewen 
Bergquist Frederick, machinist, h 140 Baltic 
Bergquist Herman, janitor, h 38 Willow pi 
Bergquist Samuel W. moulder, h 449 1st E.D. 

now Kent av 
Bergqyest Oscar, tailor, h 126 8th 
Bergren Charles, pianos, h 398 Myrtle av 
Bergstrand Otto, shoemkr. h 3 Prospect ter 
Bergstrom Gustave, eigarmkr. h 120 Bergen 
Bergstrom Peter L. coppersmith, 179 Plym- 
outh, h 164 High 
Bergstrom Rudolph, bkkpr h 291 Pacific 
Bergstrom Svante, tailor, h 70 Boerum pi 
Bergstron Charles E. tailor, h 228 Pacific 
Berhac Emil M. baker, h 122 Dufheld 
Berlinickr Jonathan, salesman, h 268 Ewen 
Berlund Freder ick, lighterman, h 114 King 
Berian Ferdinand, boxinfr. r old No. 342 Kont 

av, h old No. 444 Kent av 
Berigan James, lab. h 88 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Berinate Giuseppe, fruits, 132 Court, h 211 Pa- 

Bering William, lab. h 166 Stagg 

Beriuger August, brassfiiiisher, li 317 5th E.D, 

now Driggs 
Beringer Charles, brassfiiiisher, h 317 5th E.D.. 

now Diiggs 
Beringer Charles, ci^armkr. h 346 B'way 
Beiinger Frederick, lab. h 317 5th E.D. now 


B dinger Frederick W. elk. h 317 5th E.D. now 

Berhiger Herman, butcher, h 317 5th E.D. now 

Beringer Walter H. butcher, h 312 Graham av 

Bering Charles, lumber, h 160 S. 3d 

Berk Conrad, plumber, h 289 Wallaboat 

Berk George, tailor, h 225 Bush wick av 

Berk Henry, elk. h 30 Canton 

Berk ©le Henry, firearms, 77 Chambers N.Y. h 

427 "Van B'uren 
Bcrkemei^r Annie M. wid. h 310 Chanacey 
Berkemeier August, driver, h 199 Johnson av 
Berkenieyer Augustus H. jeweler, 1 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 176 Baltic 
Berker Barbara, wid. buttonholemfr. 250 

Graham av 
Berker Charles, machinist, h 169 Suydam 
Berkhemer Mary, wid. Win. h 219 Graham av 
Berkhoff Adrian, bkbinder, h 10th E.D. now 

Keap e B'way 
Berkmeyer Rudolph, h 12 Bremen 
Berkowitz Henry, shoes, 63 Fulton, h 143 Con- 




The Massachusetts $ cm-Forfeiture Law 


Of Pittsfiielu, Mass. 
N. Y. Sc X. J. State Agency, 271 BROADWAY, 
Cor. Chambers St., New York. 

GEO. W. ENGLISH, Manager. 

Berkwich Thaddeus W. drugs, 32 Warren N.Y. 

h 396 Bergen 
Berl John, shoemkr. h 99 Scholes 
Berlage Louis H. hairdresser, 740 Classon av 
Berlambaek Frank J. watchman, h 75 Seigel 
Berlanz Charles, driver, h 221 Smith 
Beriein Max, peddler, h 139 Leonard 
Berienbach Franz J.jr.architect,2'iU Graham av 
Berlenbach F. X. carpenter, 174 Meserole 
Berlett Julius, principal, h 338 Franklin av 
Berlin Frederick, butclier, h 17 Graham av 
Berlin Gustavus, cooper, 272 Atlantic av 
Bei'lin William, liquors, 423 Graham av 
Berlinbach George J. bkkpr. h 69 Boerum 
Berliner Henry, drygds. 571 Wash'ii av 
Berliner Jacob, butter, 290 Columbia, h 645 


Berliner Louis, confectionery, 973 Pacific, h 

971 Pacific 
Berliner Philip, hats, 571 Wash'n av 
Berlinghoff Louis, musician, h 184 Middleton 
Berlioz Alexander, liquors, 58 Flatbush av 
Berlowitz Felix, hatUir, h 193 Ellery 
Berman George, tobacco, 199 Montrose av 
Berman Isaac, cutter, 13 White N.Y. h 91 


Berman Leon, tincans, 179 South N.Y. b 272 

Berman Orlando, hatfinisher, h 128 Jefferson av 
Berinann Ditmar, cik. h 227 9th 
Bermann Henry, horses, h 140 Bush wick av 
Bermann Louis, cooper, h 70 Scholes 
Bermas Edwd, fruit, 5th av c 15tli, h 509 5th av 
Beimel Charles, tailor, h 143 Sumpter 
Bermel Christian, tailor, 2067 Bergen 
Bermel John, tailor, h 2067 Bergen 
Bermer John, broomkr. h lO09FJushing av 
Bonnes Maurice, fruiter, h 465 6th av 
Bermess & Co. fruit, 5th av c 15th 
Bermingham Michael, carpenter, h 345 Baltic 

William Jl Tyler, 

Holder of Pennsylvania and Maryland Rye 
and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskies in Bond and 
XIO & 112 Broad St., Tax Paid. See Business Directory — Liquors, 

Cor. Water St., New Yorlc Wholesale. 




1 1 East 14.tli Street, 



Designer for Embroidering, 



4=01 Canal Street, 
Near Thompson Street, NEW YORK. 



Bermingham Michael, lab, h 227 Johnson 
Boriningham Sarah, wid. John, h 122 Wil'by 
Bernabo Louis, engineer, h 153 Nevins 
Bernard Alexander, carpenter, h 123 13th 
Bernard Alphonzo, h 486a 8th av 
Bernard Archibald, express, h 131 26th 
♦BERNARD AUGUST, designs for em- 
broidery, 401 Canal N.Y. 
Bernard Charles, watchman, h 179 28th 
Bernard Daniel, shipjoiner, h 991 4th av 
Bernard Daniel P. lawyer, 16 Court, h 158 

Bernard Edward, hkkpr. h 566 Lex av 
Bernard Edward, hardware, 97 Chambers N.Y. 

h 98 N. Oxford 
Bernard Frank, packer, h 24 Powers 
Bernard George W. engineer, h 206 12th 
Bernard Henry, (M.D.) asst. insp. 21 Munici- 
pal bldg. h 384 Jay 
Bernard Henry F. driver, h 279 17th 
Bernard Henrv O. strawmfr. 573 B'way N. Y. 

h 1256 Pacifle 
Bernard Hermann, tailor, h 30 Melrose 
Bernard James A. carpenter, h 279 17th 
Bernard John, artist, h 362 S. 1st 
Bernard John I. lawyer, 16 Court, h 158 Mon- 

Bernard Joseph, carpenter, h22 Clay 
Bernard Joseph II. salesman, h 233 Madison 
Bernard Knudsen, shoemkr. h 201 2d E. D. now 
Wythe av 

Bernard Paul D. strawmfr. 573 B'way N. Y. h 

1256 Pacific 
Bernard William, hatter, h 209 High 
Bsrnart George, spices, h 82 Luquer 
Bernauer Constantine, cutter, h 253 Stockton 
Berndes Louis, machinist, h 18 Green la 
Berndt Gustav, h 187 S. 5th 
Berneke Henry, iron, h 552 Leonard 
Bernel Christian, tailor, h Bergen n Rockaway 

av E. N. Y. 

Bernenger Charles J. hairdresser, h 51 Morrell 

I Berner Barbara, grocer, 348 Seigel 

' Berner Caspar, h 93 Ten Eyck 
Berner Charles, elk. h 112 Myrtle 
Berner Charles, shoemkr. h 45 Withers 
Berner Frederick, brewer, h 279 Boerum 
Berner John, cigars, 295 Smith 
Berner Nichols, shoes, h 393 Bridgo 
Berner William, speculator, h 36 Kossuth pi 
Bernerd John, tinsmith, h 180 Maujer 
Bernerd Matthias, tinsmith, li 180 Maujer 
Bernerd Peter, tinsmith, h 180 Maujer 
Bernot Katherina, h 79 Manhattan av 
Bornet Philip, liquors, Wyckoffav c Liberty av 

Berney Francis, lab. h 23 Tiffany pi 
Berney William, h 334 Oakland ' 
Bombard Charles, baker, h 327 Henry 
Bernhard Fred'k, pianomkr. h 156 Eckford 
Beruhard Grafe. elk. h 266 Navy 
Bernhard Henry, elk. h 25 Lee av 
Bernhard Jacob, upholsterer, h 28 Meserole 
Bernhard Richard, china, h 156 Eckford 
Bernhard Theodore, agt. h 853 Herkimer 
Bernhard Win. T. carpenter, h 853 Herkimer 
Bernhardt Adolph, elk. h 116 Ewen 
Bernhardt Alfred, clocks, h 156 16th 
Bernhardt Alfred, machinist, h 13 Jackson pi 
Bernhardt Charles, elk. h 36 Grand 
Bernhardt Conrad, carman, 284 Marion 
Bernhardt Edmond, stairbldr. h 156 16th 
Bernhardt Eliza, varieties. 284 Marion 
Bernhardt Emma. wid. Charles, h 110 Marion 
Bernhardt Frederick, shoemkr. h 750 Park av 
Bernhardt George, agt. h 167 Luquer 
Bernhardt Gustave, clockmkr. h 156 16th 
Bernhardt Johanna, wid. h 101 Bergen 
Bernhardt John, tailor, h 172 Stagg 
Bernhardt Joseph, carpenter, h 172 Ceutral av 
Bernhardt Louis, lab. h 139 Leonard 
Bernhardt Max, cigarpaeker, h 79 Huron 
Bernhardt Valentine, driver h 82 William 
Bernhardt William, driver, h 64 Wilson 


>• 39 

§ 2 

S3- i 

© i 

ts I 





&E0.I. EI&LISH, 


'ill uroaaway, H. r. of Massachusetts. 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

Assets, in U. S, Iai, 1, 1886,14,712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flstbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Focith Avss. 

LiaMl, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
74 BEE 


LAIN & CO., 


27 Willougfcby St., cor. Pearl, B'Myn. 

Bernbart Daniel, seaman, h 369 Columbia 
Bernheim August, jeweler, h 168Patchen av 
Beraheimer Jacques, pres't. 197 Humboldt, h 

22 E. 57th N.Y. 
Bernheimer Simon, maltster, 245 N. 7th, h 122 

E. 57th N.Y. 
Bernie Abraham, elk. h 26 Wyckoff 
Berning Bernard, watchea, h 693 Park av 
Berning Frank, watches, h 693 Park av 
BeraingerJosephjr. news, h 280 Burkwisk av 
Bernis James, turner, h 516 Park av 
Bernishcosta Constance, carpenter, k 117 Ever- 
green a v 

Bernius John P. blacksmith, 670 3d av, h 112 

Bernius Philip, blacksmith, h 100 20th 
Bernkopf Frank, mechanic, 5 McKibbin, li 148 

Greennutt av 
Bernkopf Isaac, lawyer, 736 Flushing av, h 116 

Sumner av 

Bernkopf Jacob H. lawyer, 736 Flushing av 
Bernnan Patrick, mason, h 145 12th 
Bernonia Joseph, lab. h 44 Front 
Bernonia Michael, lab. h 44 Front 
Bonis Geo. H. vet. surg. 74 Adams, h 100 Adams 
Berns Henry, milkman, h 177 Pearl 
Berns Joseph H. liquors, N.Y. h 119 Lefferts pi 
Berns "William 11. milk, 18 Hicks Christian D. h 440 Lewis av 
Bernsey Adelixia, wid. Fred'k, h 210 Wash's av 
Bernstein Isaac, clothing, 691 B'way 
Bernstein Levi, cigais, 96 Spring N.Y. h 224 S. 

Bernstein Maurice, cigars, 96 Spring N.T. h 

2*4 S. 9th 
Bernstein Mendell, tailor, 72 Clymer 
Bernstein Nathan, butcher, 263 Roobling & 

Johnson av c Waterburv, h 190 S. 9th 
Bernstein Robert, cigars, 22 B'wav, h 224 S. 9th 
Bernstein Robert, shoemkr. h 214 N. 6th 
Bernstein Solomon, clothing, 691 B'way, h 100 


Berny Alois, cabinetmkr. li 42 Ten Eyck 
Berraens Frederick, stonefinisher. h old No. 51 

Berrall Charles jr. broker, h 258 13th 
Berre George, cutter, h r 27 Scholes 
Berrell Charles, broker, h 258 13th 
Berrell Eliza, wid. John, h 577 Vand't av 
Berrenstein Abraham coffinmkr. h 27 Stockton 
Berres Theodore, driver, h 35 Debevoise 
Berresford John H. h 678 Laf av 
Berrett Anna E. wid. John, h 389 St, Mark's pi 
Berrett John W. elk. h 389 St. Mark's pi 
Berrey Ellen, wid. h 1090 Greene av 
Berri' Eugene I). carpets, 526 Fulton, h 489 
Classon av 

Berri William, carpets, 526 Fulton, h 401 

Grand av * 
Berri's William Sons, carpets, 526 Fulton 
Berrian Andrew A. elk. h 183 Berry 
Berrian Anna M. wid. Andrew J. h 21 Marion 
Berrian A. F. h 1122 Laf av 
Berrian Charles M. lawyer, 78 Wall, N.T. 1748 

Berrian George W. bkkpr. h 14 St. James' pi 
Berrian Hannah, wid. Geo. h 169 Wash'n pk 
Berrian John C. elk. h old No. 62 Marcy av 
Berrian J. Nelson, salesman, h 50 Debevoise pi 
Berrian Lewis H. drygds. h 480 Wil'by av 
Berrian Margaret, wid. Jas. h 50 Debevoise pi 
Berrian Walter B. elk. h 183 Berrv 
Berrian William, engineer, h 92 Meeker av 
Berrie Alexander A. drugs, 44 Stone N.T. h 

116 Montague 
Berrien Charles, paperruler, h 212 S. 2d 
Berrisch Andreas, lab. h 178 Ellery 


Berrkel Joseph., furniture, 351 Hamilton av 
Berroth John, cigars. 295 Bushwick av 
Berry Abraham, elk. n 81 Laf av 
Berry Alexander, h 420 Warren 
Berry Alfred R. agt. h 105 Wash'n av 
Berry Arthur, hairdresser, h 136 Baltic 
Berry Arthur, carpenter, h Union av n Schenck 

av E.N.Y. 
Berry Asa C. bkkpr. h 185 Franklin av 
Berry Benjamin, mason, h 198 Kent 
Berry Carroll, lawyer, 73 William N.T. h 78 


Berry Charles, boatman, h 33 Pres't 
Berry Charles, boatman, h 42 S. 9th 
Berry Charles, carpenter, h 810 B'way 
Berry Charles, in -, h 225 S. 3d 
Berry Charles F. harnessmkr. h8 Underbill av 
Berry Chas. Ii. painter, 144 B'way. h 158 Taylor 
Berry Charles P. machinist, h 179 S. 8th 
Berry Daniel G. hatter, h 376 Throop av 
Berry Edward, painter, li 300 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Berrv Edward, salesman, h 151 Eagle 
Berry Ellen E. h 116 Ho\ t 

Berry Floyd T. contractor, ii Evergreen av e 

Berry Frank A. manager, 89 Atlantic av, h 1C5 

Berry George, machinist, h 82 Eagle 
Berry George, salesman, h 344 Dean 
Berry (ieorge G, elk. h 331 J Laf av 
Berry Geo. H. pilot, 40 Burling si, h 211^ Bergen 
Berry George W. tailor. 210 B'way, h 74 8th E. 

D. now Marcy av 
Berry Harriet C. wid. Thomas, boarding, h 383 

S\ 4th 

Berry Harry, carpenter, h 1C5 Classon av 
Berry Harry, elk. h 81 Laf av 
Berry Henry, ice, h 439 Atlantic av 
Berry Moratio, decorator, It 708 De Kalb av 
Berry James, lab. h 8 Soiibring 
Berry James G. pattornmkr. h 478 Sackott 
Berry James M. elk. h 376 Throop av 
Berry James N. elk. h 116 Ho.vt 
Berry Jano, wid. John, h 777 Bergen 
Berry John, h 21 Bremen 
Berry John, h 104 Nassau av 
Berry John, h r 72 Underbill av 
Berry John, h 222 8th 
Berry John, butcher. 708 De Kalb av 
Berry John, cigars, 137 Bridge 
Berrv John, engineer, h Baltic av n Henry av 

E. N.Y. 

Berry John, engineer, h 678 4th av 
Berry John, lawyer, 73 William N.Y. h 78 

Morton , 
Berry J ohn, supt. h 1115 Bergen 
Berry John, supt. h 230 Poarl 
Berry John, watchmkr. h old No. 237 Marcy av 
Berry John A. hostler, h 1083§ Fulton 
Berry John W. supt. ft Pacific, h 1115 Bergen 
Berry Judah, elk. h 359 18th 
Berry Lester D. agt. h 380rmond pi 
Berry Lloyd W. h 533 Macon 
Berry Margaret, h 1 2 L Henry 
Berry Martin H. carpenter, h 165 Classon av 
Berry Mary, wid. James, h 182 Johnson 
Berry Mary, wid. Joseph, h 215 14th 
Berry Michael, mechanic, h 273 Water 
Berry Michael F. bkkpr. h 116 Hoyt 
Berry M. F. agt. 6o B'wav N. Y. h 129 Lincoln 


Berry Oscar M. bkkpr. h 143 Lawrence 
Berry Peter, engineor, h 104 King 
Berry Peter, tinsmith, h 103 Nelson 
Berry Philip, carpenter, h r 118 12th 
Berry Phines T. coal, h 538 Greene av 
Berry P. Viceut, artist, h old No. 393 Marcy av 
Berry Richard, shipbldr. It 86 Jtvorson 
Berry Richard C. bkkpr. h 13 Butler 
Berry Robert surveyor, h r 148 Tillary 
Berry Sarah, wid. James, h 376 Union 
Berry Silas II. librarian, h 167 Wil'by av 
Berry Thomas, h 144 Union av 
Berry Thomas, compositor, h 652 Gates av 
Berry Thomas, compositor, h 93 Vand't av 


J. A. WEBB & SOU, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations, 





Berry Thomas, (Rev.) h 1683^ Fulton 

Berry Thomas D. printer, h 408 Laf av 

Berry Thomas J. salesman, h 185 Franklin av 

Berry Warren, police, h 1830 Fulton 

Berry William, art. h 973 Laf av 

Berrv William, ice, 233 Bedford av, h 332 

Flushing av 
Berry William, machinist, h 25 Church 
Berry William, pcmnkr. li 31 Joralemon 
Berry William IE. painter, h 117 Cumberland 
Berrv William AV. elk. h 328 Decatur 
*Bei*ry Bros, varnishmkrs. 252 Pearl N.Y. 
Berrv , wid. li 127 2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Berryman Mary, wid. John, li 262 8th 
Berryman Otway C. u.s.m.c. h Flushing av 

n Clermont av 
Bersch John, lah. It 17 Scholos 
Bersch Jolm, shoenikr. h 183 Maujer 
Bcrsch Jolmj tailor, Ji 224 Ellery 
Bersch Leonkard. brewer, h 22 George 
Berseay Jolm. confectionery, h 150 W. 9th 
Bertaux Charles W. broker, 6 Stone N.Y. h 7 

Cambridge pi 
Bertchy Frederick, designer, li 244 Lvnch 
Bertes Elizabeth, wid. Casper, h 86£ Middleton 
Bertges Annie, wid, John, h 136 Meserole 
Bertges George, ehairmkr. h 138 Meserole 
Bertges John jr. ehairmkr. 203 Meserole, h 261 


Berthelon Kichard, actor, h 36 S. 11th 
Berthelon Richard jr. elk. h 36 S. 11th 
Berthelson Charles C. provisions, 677 5th av 
Berthelson Emil, butcher, h 995 3d av 
Berthelson Wm. provisions, 1715 Atlantic av 
BerthlofJames, bottler, h 153 N. Portland av 
Bcrthof Elmina, wid. John J. h 665 DeKalb a v 
Berthold Charles, cigarpaeker, h 395 Pulaski 
Bertholf Anna, artist, h 139 Madison 
Bertholf Daniel, h 369 Carlton av 
Berti Alexander, upholster. Ii 63 Van Brunfc 
Berti Alexander, waiter, h 129 Baltic 
Bertie James, maehinest, h 397 Pres't 
Bertiua Joseph, wine impr. h 674 Flushing av 
Bertina Mary A. wid. Josh, h 86 Tompkins av 
Bertine Paschal I), fancygds. 139 William N. 

Y. h 261 Clifton pi 
Bertine Samuel D. cooper, h 172 Classon av 
Bertine Samuel W. foreman, h 653 Van Burexi 
Bortlayer Michael, lab. h r 113 Johnson 
Bertling Theodore, carpenter, h 119 10th 
Bertling Theo. leathermkr. h 215 Hudson av 
Bertman Frederick, cigarpaeker, h 22 Fayette 
Bertolen David, com. mer. 308 Atlantic av 
Berton Charles A. mason, h 581& Lorimer 
Ber^fn Christian, wid. James, h 708 Leonard 
Berton Henrietta, restaurant, h 1076 DeKalb av 
Bertraham Bridget, wid. h 187 Butler 
Bertram Charles^ cigars, 21 Boerum pi 
Bertram Francis, drugs, 315 Leonard 
Bertram Hawlew W. bkkpr. h 251 S. 4th 
Bertram Henrv, lab. h Sheffield av n B'way 


Bertram John, cook, h 118 X. 9th 

Bertram John L. preserves, hold No. 76 Hooper 

Bertram Joseph, pocketbkmkr. h Sheffield av n 

B'wav E. N. Y. 
Bertram Louis, gilder, h 144 N. 4th 
Bertram Louis G. physician, h 257 9th 
Bertram Louis J. elk. h 375 St. Mark's pi 
Bertram Matthias, shoes, 314 Gold 
Bertram Michael,' farmer, h Sheffield av n B'way 

E. IS'. Y. 

Bertram Patrick, shoemkr. h 164 Johnson av 
Bertram Theresa, wid. Jolm, laundress, h 573 

Bertram William, painter, h 324 Jay 
Bertram Zacariah, stonecutter, h Sheppard av 

n B'wav E. N. Y. 
Bertrand Alex, manager. N. T. h 2 St. James' 

P l 

Bertron Edward, painter, r, 97 Skillman av 
Bertron John, lab. h 14 Skillman av 
Bertron Rose, wid. David, h 97 Skillman av 
Bertoch Fredrick, butcher, 614 6th av 
Bertsch George A. tailor, h 137a Ivy 
Bertsch Henry, salesman, h 181 Ainslie 



Warerooms, - STEINWAY HAIL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14tii St. 

fcj W I »CH Kfc'j'ttH ca. n.igc & wagon 

painting & japanning, 374 B'way 
Bertschinger S. h 165Scher 
Bervane William, bkhinder. h213 Fulton 
Berwald Herman, mer. li 148 Tillary 
Berwin Gustavus n. pictures, h 132 Dean 
Berwin Sigfried. furdresser. h 45 Maujer 
Berwin Thersa, wid. Isaac, h 521 Henry 
Bery George H. pilot, h 211£ Bergen 
Bery Hans H. E. blacksmith, 575 4th av 
Besant Thomas, engineer, h 219 Sackott 
Besbv Martin, shoemkr. h 21 Lawrence pi 
Besch Conrad, h 28 Wall 
Bescher Henry, cabinetmkr. h 228 Ellery 
Besclier Henry jr. r>ianomkr. h 228 Ellery 
Besemer John, lab. h 43 Hudson av 
Besk Mathew, cigarmkr. h 02 MoKibbin 
Besker Charles, printer, h 101 20th 
Bosky Anton, cigarmkr. h 701 Park av 
Beslein John, porter, h 208 Hudson av 
Healer Matthew, glaws. h L73 York 
Besmer John, blacksmith, u 479 Adelphi 
Bosollo Hippolvte, designer, 343 St. Mark's pi 
Besosa Celedoiiio. h 147 11th 
Besosa Manuel, d\ T er. h 512 5 av 
Bessell Charles, engineer, h 120 Linden 
Bcsaer Goorge W. boilermkr. h 61 Butler 
Besser Isabella, wid George, h 35 Rapelze 
Bessey Charles A. carpenter, h 230 Lorimer 
Bessey Charles A, jr. collector, h 20 Newell 
Bessey George H. elk. h 345 Grand av 
Bessey Henrv, printer, 47 Cedar N. Y. li old 

No. 172 Bedford av 
Bessey Hiram, printer, h 236 Hart 
Bessey Samuel E. drugs, h 236 JfaH 
Bessiiig Margaret, wid. Philip, h r 28 Fayette 
Bessinger Frederick, butcher, h 46 Montrose av 
liesmnger John, carpenter, h 266 Bo rg on 
Bessler Frederick, tailor, h r 28 Debevoise 
Bessler L. F. cabinetmkr. It old No. 382 Bed- 
ford av 

Best Alexander T. h 161 Fort Greene pi 

Best Andrew I), sec. h 219 Howard av 

Best Charles lab. h 17 State 

Best Christina, h 12 Wyckoff 

Best Cuthbert, printer, h 262 B'way 

Best Edward, shoemkr. h 206 Boerum 

Best Ellen, h 98 Conseiyea 

Best Emelia, wid. H'ry' restaurant. 33 Whipple 

Best Frederic, cigarmfr. h 991 Flushing av 

Best Geo. roofer. 231 Lorimer, h 98 Conselyea 

Best Jacob, gardener, h 186 Boerum 

Best James, coppersmith, 284 Van Brunt, h 161 

Best James, janitor, h 48 Grace ct 
Best Lizzie, wid. John, writer, h 198 Devoe 
Best Louis, hairdresser, 107 Court, h 12 Wyckoff 
Best Louis, cigars, 427 Bushwiok av 
Best Nicholas, engineer, h 255 Ainslie 
Best S. Fulton, agt. li old No. 132 Keap 
Best Timothy L. elk. li 161 Fort Greene pi 
Best Walter J. supt. h 3d av n Wyckoff 
Best William, lab. h 193 Bush 
Best William H. tailor. 1252 Fulton 
Bestelmeyer John, bakor, 149 Stagg 
BestenheiderChas. blacksmith, li 100 TenEyck 
Bostenheider John, mason. It 146 Ten Eyck 
Bester Frederick, grocer, 459 Atlantic av 
Bester John, lab. It 57 Boss 
Besterman John, coal, 30th n 4th av 
BesthofF Abram. manager, 643 IV wa v,h 3S7 S. 2d 
BesthoffElias, drygds. 168 4th E.D. now Bed 

ford av 

BesthoiF Elias, salesman, h 207 B'way 







132 Mangin St., near Houston^ East Eiver, New York. 



It Cures Diseases, Builds Up the Constitution, Makes the Weak Strong, 


Jlecp g^ock JUincval jipritig ^Slater. 


Chloride of Sodium 308. 183 Crs. 

Chloride of Potassium 149.084 " 

Chloride of Magnesium 10.244 " 

Carbonate of Lime 18.101 " 

Silica 71.698 " 

Sulphuric Acid Trace 

Protoxide of Iron Trace 

Free Carbonic Acid, Not determined, 

Loss I.78 Q " 

Total Solids in the Callon 559.180 " 

Temperature, 50°. 


Ann Arbor, Mich., April 11, 1871. Professor of Chemistry, University of Michigan. 

For Sale at all First-Class Drug Stores. 

X31 33 OXT RY 3Lm. BETTS, 

Sole Agent and Bottler for Long Island. 

Trade Supplied. Send for Circular containing References. 

Office, 1319 & 1321 FULTON STREET, near Nostrand Avenue. 

Residence, Fulton Street, cob. Verona Place. 

Besthoff E. drygds. 168 4th E.D. now Bedford 

Besthoff R. drygds. 168 4th E.D. now Bedford 

! av 

Bestmann Henry, boxmkr. k 11 Jackson 
; Bestmann John, h 100 Seigel 

Beswick George T. horseshoor, h 334 S. 4th 
■Beswick James, blacksmith, h 234 S. 4th 
i Beswick John E. driver, h 47 HarrisoTi av 
I Beswick Thomas, leather, N.Y.h 193 Roebling 
[Betancourt Ramon, cigars, 756 & 1171 Fulton, 

h 750 Fulton 
iBetch Christopher, tailor, li 734 Leonard 
'Betcher John, lab. h 193 Floyd 
iBetchlof Annie M. baker, 126 Franklin 

Eetcold Frederick, butcher, h 302 Bushwick 

Betermann Mary, wid. Frederick, tobacco. 108 

Beth George, shoemkr. h 103 Walton 
Bethel Charles 1). cigarnikr. h 58 Sands 
Bethel! William, elk. h 64 Tillary 
Bethon Frank lab. h 628 B'way 
Bethon Henry, butcher, h 253 Maujer 
Betjeman Christopher, grocer, 236 Navy 
Betjemann William H. grocer, 112 Union av 
Betken William, bkbinder. h 219 S. 5th 
Betsch Fredricke, wid. Christian, h 45 Lynch 
Bctsch Joseph, carpenter, h r 200 Ewen 
Betsch Lawrence A. grocer, 669 Flushing av 
Betta Raphael, fruit, 109 Ewen 
Betten Henry, lab. h 44 Grand 
Bettonhausser John, hatter, h 30 Scholes 
Bettetini Paul, glassstainer, h 75 Lynch 
Bettger Charles, boxmkr. h 309 Stockton 
Bettie Charles E. h 187 Columbia hgts. 
Bettie William W. h 187 Columbia hgts. 
Bettin Frederick, peddler, h 220 Throop av 
Bettingev Frank, compositor, h 75 Meserole 
Bettinger, Jacob, sawyer, h 201 Meeerole 
Bettinger Marie, wid/Jacob, h r 67 Scholes 
Bettiuter Adam, blacksmith, h 259 Powers 

Bettke Pauline, h r 67 Montrose av 
Betts Adalbert 0. compositor, h 102 Reid av 
Betts Augustus, fish, N.Y. h 288 Graham av 
Betts Barbara, wid. John, h 229 EUery 
Betts Benjamin, bkkpr. h 40 Bond 
Betts Carlton H. lawyer, 26 Court, h G9 Colum- 
bia hgts. 

Betts Charles H. shipsmith, 263 Conover, h 134 

Betts Charles L. foreman, h 352 Pacific 
Betts Charles M. engineer, 134 Dikeman 
Betts Charles T. rodmkr. h old No. 28 Kent 

Betts Charles W. realostate. h 1292 Fulton 
Betts Cornelius A. ins. 100 B'way N.Y. li 219 

Botts Edward, broker, 60 B'way N.Y. h 1233 

Betts Frank, driver, h 149 Leonard 
Betts Frank M. h 136 Berkeley pi 
Betts Frederick, elk. li 375 S. 1st 
Betts Frederick, engineer, h 179 Stuyvesant av 
Betts Fletcher W. newsdealer, h.122 Linden 
Betts George A. broker, 60 B'way N.Y. h 1267 

Betts George D. cashier, B'way c 1st E.D. h 

587 Greene av 
Betts George L. stenographer, Tribune bld'g. 

N.Y. h 36a Rochester av 
Betts George W. surveyor, h 90 Driggs 
Betts George W. tuner,' 398 S. 5th 
Betts Henry L. Fulton c Verona pi 
Betts Hickson S. elk 273 Putnam av 
Betts James, h 2287 Pacific E. N. Y. 
Betts Jessie R. bkkpr. h 36 Consclyea 
Betts John, h Knickerbocker av e Schaeffer 
Betts John, bkkpr. h 545 Monroe 
Betts John, conductor, h 149 Leonard 
Betts John, driver, h 91 Floyd 
Betts John, restaurant, 33 Willoughby, h 51 

New York av 
Betts John, shipmaster, h 345 Bergen 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Go. 


Kej>olisliing a Specialty. 

BET— BEV 77 


128& 130 FULTON ST., 



Betts John, tailor, h 90 Sumpter 

Betts John A. (M.D.) realestate, 16 Court, b. 

181 St. John's pi 
Betts John Hunt, lawyer, 16 Court, h 181 St. 

John's i»l 

Bette Leonard J. engineer, h 30 Willow 
BottS Martha, wid. Robert, h 426 Grand 
Betts Marcellus P. newsdealer, h 271 Grand 
Betts Mary, wid. Christopher, h 16 Bogert 
Betts Mary D. wid. Nathaniel C. h 303 Ray- 

Betts Mary F. wid. Theodore, h 49 4th av 

Betts Morris, h 155 State 

Betts Philander, h 347 Cumberland 

Betts Rebecca, wid. William, h 398 S. 5th 

Betts Samuel, barkpr. h 350 4th F.D. now 

Bedford av 
Betts Sophia, wid. Thomas, h 36 Coiiselyea 
Betts Stephen C. librarian & lawyer, 4 Court 

House, h 468 Pacific 
Betts Theodore, h 33 S. Oxford 
Betts Thomas J. agt. h 1054 Bushwick av 
Betts Walter, lab. h N. 1st cDriggs 
Betts William, engineer, h 299 Van Brunt 
Betts William, lab', h 16 Bogert 
Betts William C. rubbergds. Beaver N.T. h 

116 2d pi 

Betts William H. shipsmith, h 134 Dikeman 
Betts William X. oysters, 71 Wythe av, h 398 
S. 5th 

Betts William W. pilot, h 30 Willow 

Bettz August, lab. h 761 Myrtle av 

Bettz Jacob, bricklayer, h 261 Scholes 

Betz Andrew, carman, h 111 Scholes 

Botz Andrew, tailor, h 109 Central av 

Betz Anthony, tailor, h 76 Cedar 

Betz Anton, taxidermist, h 3076£ De Kalb av 

Betz August, fish, li 288 Graham av 

Betz Casper, tailor, h 94 Stagg 

Botz Emma, wid. Joseph, h 164 Boerum 

Betz Frederick, elk. h 5 5 J- Division av 

Betz Frederick, cutter, h 120 Bergen 

Btstz George, conductor, h 959 De Kalb av 

Betz George, tailor, h r 35 Moore 

Betz Henry, baker, h 42 Bartlett 

Betz Henry, baker, h 33 Scholes 

Botz Henry, physician, h 187 Stagg 

Betz Jacob, porter, h 82 Fulton 

Betz John, lab. h r 133 Meserole 

Betz John, seaman, h 186 Jefferson 

Betz John C. undertaker, h 329 S. 1st 

Betz Joseph, varnish er, h 140 N. 3d 

Betz Joseph W . tailor, 3 McDougal 

Betz Martine, tailor, h r 187 Meserole 

Betz Michael, lab. li 735 Flushing av 

Betz Michael, lab. b 104 Walton 

Betz William, cloth cutter, h 211 Jackson 

Betz William, tinsmith, h 105 Stagg 

Betz William jr. mat mfr. h 211 Jackson 

Betzel Casper, carpenter, h 137 Ten Eyck 

Betzel Richard, supt. h 53 Scholes 

Betzler Jacob, tailor, h r 57 Cook 

Betzler Sebastian, tailor, h 314 Stockton 

Betzold Loui^, liquors, 466 3d av 

Boucher Theodore, tailor, h 1207 Myrtle av 

Beueke August, watches, h 671 Park av 

Beuecker John, furrier, h 812 Park av 

Beuler James, farmer, h 44th n 8th av 

Beuning Henry showcasemkr. h 201 Bond 

Beuning John,' lab, h 877 Park av 

Beuning Joseph li. baker, h 201 Bond 

Beusher Fred, tailor, h 18 Monteith 

Beusse Christian, elk. h 547 Court 

Beutemiller Jacob, tailor, h 10 Myrtle 

Beuter E. H. grocer, 295 Park av & Lexington 

& Franklin, h Lexington & Franklin 
Beuter John F. driver, h 180 Lynch 
Beuth Charles, boxmkr. h 207 8th E.D. now 

Marcy av 
Beutncr John, elk. h 159McDougal 
Bevell Frank, stevedore, Duane N.Y. h 38 De- 


Bevell John G. cook, h 140 Degraw 
Beveridge George, bkkpr. h 657th av 
Beveridge Jas. B. manager, h 129 Berkeley pi 
Beveridge Jemima, wid. Tiros, h 307 Adelphi 

Beverly Joseph, stonecutter, h 66 Laf 
Bevief Charles, lodgings, 2315 3d av X. Y. & 

Orange c Fulton, h 268 Carroll 
Bevine Michael, hostler, h 1425 Fulton 
Bevington Charles F. editor, 40 W. ii'vvay N. 

Y. h 48 Henry 
Bevins Sarah, wid. h 565 Warren 
Bevins Sophia, wid. h 121 Wash'n 
Bevis Cornelius J. lab, 95 Pacific 
Bewley George, engineer, h 722 B'way 
Bewley Thomas B. millwriglit, h 715 B'way 
BexonEmma, wid. Frederick, h 10U8 B'way 
Beyea George, salesman, h 62 S. 10th 
Beyer Adam, engineer, b 245 Wallabout 
Bever Adolph, 19 Fulton 
Beyer Archer, peddler, h 148 29th 
Beyer A. employment agt. 185 Montrose av 
Beyer Charles, brooms, h 1984 Fulton 
Beyer Charles, cigars, 547 Manhattan av 
Beyer Charles, lab. It 207 Scholes 
Bever Charles, machinist, h ]34 Bus'awick av 
Beyev Charles, peddler, h 148 29th 
Beyer Charles F. liquors, 4 42d 
Beyer Christian, grocer, 226 Montrose av 
Beyer Christian G. tailor, h Ten Eyck c 

Graham av 
Bever Ferdinand, tailor, h 535 Atlantic av 
Beyer Frank W. transportation, 90 Wall X. Y. 

h 380a Clinton 
Beyer Frederick, hairdresser, h 160 FUcry 
Beyer Frederick, ropemkr. h 64 Morvoil 
Beyer Frederick, undertaker, h 2lSclfoles 
Beyer George, carpenter, h 483 Manhattan av 
Beyer George, lab. h 362 Flushing av 
Beyer George, liquors, 216 Stagg 
Beyer George, machinist, h 409 Myrtle av 
Beyer George, salesman, h 192 Ross 
Beyer Geo. H. jr. liquors, 282 S. 9th, li 192 Ross 

Gm H. BEYEU, Jr., 



Cbamsa£ne Ale, Porter & Laser Beer, 

Late Ninth, BROOKLYN, E. D. 

Telephone Williamsburgh. 475. 

Beyer Geo. R. hay, 98 Downing, h 1C'5 Gates av 
Beyer Henry, h Rockaway av c Wyckolf av 

Beyer Henry, h 148 29th 
Beyer Henry, cigarboxmkr. h 35 Stagg 
Beyer Henry, watchmkr. h 107 Floyd 
Beyer Jacob, cabinetmkr, li 492 X. 2d 
Beyer John, painter, h 85 Butler 
Beyer John A. 161 Clymer, h 125 57th N". Y. 
Beyer John A. & Co. grain elevators, ft. Taylor 
Beyer John P. (Rev ) li 195 Maujer 
Beyer Joseph, peddler, h 148 29th 
Beyer Lena, wid. Frank, li 76 McFubbin 
Beyer Max, liquors. 602 Atlantic av, h 157 

Flatbush av 
Beyer Michael, driver, h 164 Ellery 
Beyer Theodore, hairdresser, h 564 Grand av 
Beyer William, feed, h 165 Gates av 
Bever William, hairdresser, 49 Van Cott av 
Beyer William, lab. h 413 Oakland 
Bever William, lighterman, h 10 16th 
Bever AVilliain, peddler, h 148 29th 
Beyer William J. peddler, h 148 29th 
Beverlein Robert, provisions, h 122 39th 
Beyers Adam, lab. h 292 20th 
Beyers George, painter, h 818 5th av 
Beyers John, lab. h 65 Bowne 
Beyers Robert, carman, h 274 Howard av 
Beykufer August, agt. h 97 Gwinnett 
Beyl John, driver, h 212 Stagg 
Be\lich Louis, buttonholemkr. h 28 McKibbin 
Bezhstein William, varnisher, li 159 Boerum 
Bezing Ann, wid. William, h 119 Franklin av 
Bezler Charles, carpenter, h 1003 Flushing av 
Bezts William, glasscuttor, h 136 Dupont 


> U 

z m 

m 2 
co m 

■ o 







so ^ 

a X mm 

H § W 
?J > 

o> 8 

-~ m 

Kj 0) 

554 to 562 W. 25th St , New York, 


NS. GO. 

Assets, ia U. S„ Jan, 1, 1888, $4,712,899 16. 

\W6 Montague sires:, Brooklyn. 
No, 128 Flat bush A?e., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atliitic Js Foirth Aves. 

LlaML, $2,377,471,27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
78 BIE-1UF 


XuA.ITi «fc CO. 

Job Printing of Every Description, 

17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl B'Myn. 

Bezzenberger Ferd. drugs, h 1299 Do Kail) av 
Bezzenberger Philipiun, wid. Henry, li 1299 l>e 
Kalb av 

Bfugcr Ibert, mason, ]i 75 Johnson 
Bhayen Albert, machinist, h 74 9th E.D. now 

Bhermaim Frederick, elk. h 45 Chapel 

Bhlen Charles, machinist, h 16 Wall 

Bhonke Mox, lab. h 211 Columbia 

Bianehi Charles, stonecutter, h 179 27th 

Bibbra John A. butcher, h 638 Atlantic av 

Bibby George, plumber, h 446 Pacific 

Bibrim William, h 119 Putnam av 

Bichner George, smith, h 354 Hamilton av 

Bick Albert, drygds. 47 Van Cott av 

Bick Garrett H. h 55 Nassau 

Bick Hannah, wid. Joseph H. drygds. 620 

Wash'n av 
Bick Henry, drygds. 177 Hudson av 
Bickel August, drygds. 141 Ewen 
Biekel John, lab. h 306 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Bickehnann Conrad O. photographer, 397 


Bickers Robert, boilermkr. h 275 Bergen 
Bickerton Charles X. engineer, h 84 Bleecker 
Bickerton Irene, wid. Charles J, h old No. 190 
Marey av 

Bickerton William J. fish, Flatbushc 5th av, h 
451 Bergen 

Bickford Charles, carpenter, h 121 Franklin av 
Bick ford Edwd. M.carpenter,h 164 Franklin av 
Bickford John L. mfr. gates, h 306 Clermont av 
Bickford Robert I. produce, Wash's nikt. N.Y. 

h 417 Grand 
Bicklo Peter, railings, h 65 Melrose 
Bicklein Jacob, tins'mith, h 84 Eagle 
Bickmann George, basketmkr. li Jamaica plk 

rd n Miller av E.N.Y. 
Bicknell Jonathan, tinplates, h 219 Gold 
Bicknell Robert M. brushmfr. h 131 Lynch 
Bicknell William J. bkkpr, h 642 De Kalb av 
Bickner Alexander, h 146 Driggs 
Bicrow Louis, agt. h Nicolas av n Jamaica 

pk rd E.N.Y. 
Biddell Rose, toys, h 181 Conselyea 
Biddle Edward/h 411 10th 

Biddle Emma, milliner, 60 5th av, h 10 St. 
Mark's pi 

Biddle John, dental inst. mkr, h 150 prospect 
Biddle John, pianos, 557 Fulton, h 108 17th 

Biddle Robert D. pianos, 557 Fulton, h 108 17th 

Biddle Thos. W. colormixer, h 890 Atlantic av 
Biddle William, h 493 Myrtle av 
Biddle William, u.s.m.c. h Flushing av n Cler- 
mont av 

Biddle John &, Son, pianos, 557 Fulton 
Biddlecorn Anson, foreman, h 487 Clinton 
Biddulph William, ovenman, h 314 Carroll 
Biden Edward A, h 43 Prospect pi 
Bidgood George, lawyer, N.Y. h 185Pres't 
Bidgood Richard, blacksmith, h 248 S. 2d 
Bidgood W r alter H. elk. h 351 Pres't 
Bidstrup James F. insp. tel. insts. h 20 New 

Jersey av E. N.Y. 
Bidwell Alfonso P. caulker, h 88 Norman av 
Bidwell Charles K. supt. h 70 Conselyea 
Bidwell Moses, sawyer, h 70 Freeman 
Bidwell Nathan, clothing. N.Y. h 87 Wilson 
Bidwell Susan M. wid. W. H. h old No. 536 

Bedford av 

Bidwell Wm. E. salesman, h 387 Jefferson av. 
Biebel George, baker, 562 B'way 
Bieber Charles, liquors, 236 Graham av 
Biel>er George, machinist, h 39 Meserole 
Bieber Gerso n, drygds. Ill Bridge 

Bieber William, drygds. Ill Bridge 
Bieber Bros, drygds. Ill Bridge 
Biedenkapp John, cabiuetmkr. It 91 Gerry 
Biederman Augustus E. Mipt. 32 Graham, h 

30 Vernon av 
Biederman Edward, ropemkr. h old No. 38G 

Kent av 

Biedei-man Frank B. salesman, h 171 Hart 
Biederman Simon, trimmings, 05 S. 5th 
Biederraann Louis, cigars, 1G2 Atlantic avE. 

Bieg Henry, sewerpipes, 361 Flushing av, h 

257 Vernon av 
Bieg Mary, wid. Frederick, h 361 Flushing av 
Biegan William, peddler, h 52 Nostrand av 
Biegiu Agatha, wid. Henry, h 207 Ton Eyek 
Biegard (Joseph, brewer, h 34 Central av 
Biehing Max, stonecutter, h 131 4th x>l 
Biehl Charlotte, wid. Charles, h 391 Sackett 
Biehler George, trussmkr. h 184 Carlton av 
Biehusen Charles, agt. h 1001 B'way 
Biehusen John, grocer, Atlantic av c Butler av 


Biel Frederick H. cooper, h r 55 S. 1st 

Bielenberg Henry, liquors, 1039 Myrtle av 

Biclenberg John, eigarmfr. 5 Pres't 

Bieler Charles, driver, h 89 Central av 

Bieler John, cigars, h 189 Hopkins 

Bieler John; cigars, li 158 Throop av 

Bieling Alfred C. wagomnkr. 1147 Be Kalb av, 

h 11 Patch en av 
Bieling Robert, wheelwright, 916 B'way, h 

Shaffer n Central av 
Biemer Michael A. salesman, h 200 N. 4th 
Bien Joseph, carpenter, h 40 Bremen 
Bier George, liquors, 28 Melrose 
Bier Jacob, porter, h 3 Ferry pi 
Bier John, butcher, 200 Marion 
Bierach Simon, elk. h 213 Grand av 
Bierbideler Michael, cabinetmkr. fa 151 Cen- 
tral av 

Bierck Adolph, h 104 Prospect pi 
Bierck Alfred, h 104 Prospect pi 
Bierdenprl Katharine, li 34 Johnston av 
Bierdimpfe Charles F. casemkr. h 93 Mont- 
rose av 

Bierds John T. sashmfr. h 538 Pres't 
Bierds Thomas H. sashmkr. h 296 Dean 
Bierds "William H. sashmfr. 530 Pres't, h Gar- 

den Citv pk L.I. 
Bieringer John, plasterer, h 24 Melrose 
Bierlein Frank, painter, 194 Johnson av 
Bierlein Joseph, painter, h 194 Johnson av 
Bierman Charles F. cutter, h 462 6th av 
Bierman Joseph H. artist, h 606 Myrtle av 
Bierman Joseph M. tailor, 606 Myrtle av 
Bierman Lena, dressmkr. 88 Livingston 
Bierman Mark, hairdresser, h 360 S. 1st 
Bierman Michael, h 196 Pres't 
Bierman Otto, brash mkr. h 31 Hopkins 
Bierman Victor, tailor, h 93 Throop av 
Biermaim Henry, tailor, h 78 Seteel 
Biernau Wilhelima, wid. Frederick, h 524 3d av 
Biernsteel Gustavo, blacksmith, 152 Schoies 
Biersack William, tobacco, 304 Tompkins av 
Biershenk John, meat, old No. 734 Bedford av 
Biershenk Wm. elk. hald No. 734 Bedford av 
Bierwirth Julius, physician, Raymond n He 

Kalb av 

Bies Charles P. elk. h r 835 Park av 
Bies John, glassblower, h 885 Park av 
Bies Philip, glass, h r 835 Park av 
Biese Ernst, lab, h 46 Meserolo 
Biesel John, peddler, h 247 Schoies 
Biessel George, messenger, h 144 N. 9th 
Biessel Jacob, packer, h 144 N. 9th 
Biessel Rosalia, wid. George, h 144 N. 9th 
Biester -John, painter, 150 Jay, h 126 Jay 
Biesterfeldt Hermann, shipmaster, h 94 Degraw 
Bietenger Jolm, shoemkr. h 76 Boorum 
Bieter Michael, tinsmith, r h 274 Devoe 
Bieterman Michael, cutter, h 9 Beaver 
Bietz Henry, hairdresser, 62 Morrell 
Bietz Hermann, polisher, h 67 Powers 
Birlar Augustus,- photographer, h 151 Heyward 
Biffar Augustus, porter, h 71 Conselyea 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Us«a by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 

: URNACEC0.,94BH. 



H, T, CASWELL, Pres't. A. BIGELOW KELLOGG, Gen'l Manager. H. BOGARDUS, Sec'y, 



And Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of 

North River and Pennsylvania Blue Stone, 



Telephone Call, Murray 396. 

Biffar Bernard T. photographer. 516 B'way 
Biffar Honrv W. photographer, 109 -1th E.D. 

now Bedford av, h 188 Rutledge 
Biffar John, h 151 Hey ward 
Biffar Melchior P. photographer, h 151 Hey- 


Bifou James, carpenter, h 28 Bremon 
Bigby Richard, brass, h 150 Luqner 
Bigby Win. S. machinist, 90 Pearl, b. 216 Adams 
Bigelow Annie C. h 85 Hall 

Bigelow Chas. E. shoes. 93 Chambers N. Y. h 

121 Columbia hgts. 
Bigelow Chorlus R. machinist, h 25 Hanover pi 
Bigelow Edwin \V. shoes, 93 Chamber* N.Y. h 

121 Columbia hgts. 
Bigelow Elliott, ooui.mor. 49 Leonard N.Y. h 

105 State 

Bigelow George N. school. Clinton c Atlantic 
av, h 367 Clinton 


A'thenjBiim Seminary 

(Nineteenth Year.) 


Bigelow John, police, h 147 Powers 
Bigelow J. W. h 88 3d pi 

Bigelow Mary A. wid. William H. h 291 Baltic 
Bigelow Thomas, elk. h 27 Lefferts pi 
Bigelow Timothy, stenographer, 22 Court 

House, h 80 4th av 
Biget Mary A. wid. Andrew, varieties, 343 

Flushing av 
Biggar William J. baker, 1600 Fulton 
Biggart Georgo W. steanitittor, h 417 Fulton 
Biggart Henry, dentist, 417 Fulton 
Biggart Hugh", sailmkr. h 87 Canton 
Biggart James, depy. 170 Montague, h 286 

Myrtle av 
Biggart Mary, grocer, b 87 Canton 
Bigger Mary A. wid. David, nurse, h ,577 


Bigger William G. compositor, b 385 Pulaski 
Biggers William J . drygds. 219 Columbia 
Biggerson John H. bkkpr. h 192 Bond 
Biggerson Peter, steward, h 192 Bond 
Biggert Alexander, h 20 Carlton av 
Biggert Ann. wid. James, h 20 Carlton av 

Biggin Henry, handlemkr. 302 Bainbridge 
Biggin Thomas, supt. h302 Bainbridge 
Biggs Edward, carman, h 194 N. 5tli 
Biggs Francis A. realestaie, 156 Flatbush av. b 

Parkville L.I. 
Biggs Henrv, canvasser, h 194 N. 5th 
Biggs Henry, pottery, Smith c Bush 
Biggs John's, elk. h 336 St. Mark's pi 
Biggs Mary, wid. Nathaniel, li 99 St. Mark's av 
Biggs Nellie M. milliner, b 330 St. Mark's pi 
Biggs Thomas 11. conductor, h 374 18th 
Biggy Mary, wid. Martin, bakery, 358 Hicks 
Biglem John, candies, h 337 N. 2d 
Bigler Frederick, barkpr. h 994 Jefferson av 
Bigler Jacob, hairdresser, 67& 6th av 
Bigley John, lab. h 35 Garnet 
Biglev Mary, wid. h 84 Wash'n 
Biglin Charles, lab. h 34 Humboldt 
Biglin John H. framor, h 89 Eagle 
Biglow Georgo AY. physician, h 88 3d pi 
Biglow Henry, engineer, h 138 Partition 
Biglow Lucius E. oik. b 198£ Scher 
Biglow Lucius H. h 32 S. Elliott pi 
Bignar Albert, elk. h 379 Flushing av 
Bignar Lewis, c k. li 379 Flushing av 
Bignar Martha, wid. John L. h 379 Flushing av 
Bignardi Pedro, musicteacher, b 199 Gates av 
Bigner Charles, tailor, h 266 Stagg 
Bigot Eugene, tailor, h 226 N. 5th 
Bigsby Jesse W. publisher, 113 Fulton N.Y. h 

old No. 528 Bedford av 
Bigwood Edward, elk. h 186 Duffield 
Bibin Joseph S elk. li 315 Hicks 
Bibler Frederick, cigars, 1258 Fulton 
Bihler Joseph, b 21o Johnson av 
Bikel Antonetta, wid. Gottlieb, b 259 Grand 
Biker Frederick, engineer, b 177 Harrison av 
Biland Joseph, tailor, b Liberty av c John E 


Bilberl Johan, lab. h r 88 Ewen 
Bilder Henry, lab. h 225 Johnson av 
Bildstein Joseph, cooper, h 99 Moore 
Bilfmz William, lab. b 314 lstE.D. nowKentav 
Bilfuss Ernest, furrier, h 413 S. 4th 
Bilian Louis, carpenter, h 134 Harrison av 
Bill Annio M. wid. Francis, h 391 Grand 
Bill Charles, b 11th E.I>. now Hooper c Grand 
Bill Charles E. li 147 Columbia hgts. 
Bill Charles E. jr. h 147 Columbia hgts. 
Bill Francis X. leather, 140 vStagg 
Bill Joseph, hairdresser, 326 Bushwick av 
Bill Mary A. wid. Francis X. h 391 Grand 
Bill Paul, mechanic, h 298 S. 3d 
Bill Theresa, wid. Francis X. b 67 Bushwick 

Billa John, tailor, h 171 Myrtle 
Billerd Sarah C. h 629 Lorimer 


Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

Ra* advt. leaf opp. name. 








n a e FTYTTTRF^ w - G - vosburgh mg. ug„ Limited, 

U li O ' l 1A 1 U iLJj 0 . 418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y- 

















Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

IiAI "N «fc CO., 

City Directory Printing House, 

1J Willoughby St., cor. Pear], Brooklyn, If. T. 

Billewe Charles, "wine mer. h 216 Hancock 
Billnardt Catbern, wid. Anthony, h 53 Cook 
Billhiirdt Charles F. printer, li 26 Weirfleld 
Billhanlt Philip, baker, 114 Middleton 
Billin George, printer, h 221 Spencer 
Billing Gustaf A. locksmith, h old No. 51 Eod- 

Billing "William, mfr. h 1745 Dean 
Billinge Samuel, ins. h 5B0 Herkimer 
Billin'ge Sanmel D. h 12 Utica av 
Billingham Francis, mechanic, h 267 S. 2d 
Biliingliam "William, gratemkr. li 121 Myrtle 
Billiugheiiner Victor, cigannfr. 569 Grand 
Billings Andrew; manfr. -76 5th av N.Y. h 432 

Billings Andrew W. h old No. 537 Bedford av 
Billings Ansehn H. curtaincleaner, h 258 Skil!- 

Billings Charles, watchmkr. h 301 Carroll 
Billings Charles H. bkkpr. h 180 De\oe 
Biilings Daniel, lab. Maspeth av n Morgan av 
Billings Edward K. lab. h 216 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Biilings Eliza W. wid. Samuel, h old No. 76 

Billings Elmer M. cashier, 120 B'way N.Y. h 

53 Monroe 
Billings Ernest, basketmkr. h 7 Beaver 
Billings Fanny, wid. li 779 Fulton 
Billings George, sawyer, h 135 India 
Billings Geo. "S. lawyer, 26 Court, h 230 Seher 
Hillings George "W. milk, h 450 .Bergen • 
Billings James, acet. h 2H9 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Billings James A. h 373 Grand av 
Billings Jeremiah, baker, h 380 Graham av 
Billings John N. h 241 Putnam av 
Billings Joseph, driver, h 59 Dupont 
Billings Mary, wid William, h 41 Boss 
Billings Natbanael, pianomkr. h Itapelye n Ful- 
ton av E.N. Y. 
Billings William, Produce Exchange N.Y. h 

223 Wash'n av 
Billington Frederick, elk. h 98 William 
Billington GeorginaW. h 775i Halsey 
Billington John, elk. b 106 Sands 
Billington Matltew T. carpenter, h 106 Sands 
Billin i'ton Peter, elk. h West n Hunterrly r oad 
E'N. Y. 

Billon Louis, watchmkr. h 576 Hicks 
Bilious Charles, li r 238 Gold 
Billott John, carpenter, h 358 Hicks 
Billott Joseph, tr unks, h 992 Atlantic av 
Bills James A. realestate, 74 B'way, h 401J 


Successor to JOHN TKARB, 


Houses for Sale, Moncv Loaned on Bond and 
Moi-t^aK*'- Kt-uls Collected, and Houses Cared 
For. Agent- for Fire Insurance Co's. Aj^ent 
for MutUiil Ti'U>t Fund Life Association. 

Office, 74 




Bills John, lab. h 14 Stagg 
Bills Johu A. baker, 294 S. 3d 
Bills Joseph, packer, k 77 Adams E.D. 
Bills Sarah J", wid. Josex>h, h 94 Meeerolo av 
Bills William, sailmkr. h 94 Meserole av 
Billwiller Charles J. embroidery, 17 White N. 

Y. h 77 Morton 
Billy Joseph, resta urant, 94 Water & 128 Pearl 
N.Y. h 382 Decatur 

Billv Mary, notions, 456 Atlantic av 
Bily John', lab. h 140 N. 0th 
Bilyen Jeremiah jr. mason, h 207 9th 
Bindawald Conrad, painter, h (34 Lorimer 
Bindomaim George C. haUrr, h 91 Tompkins av 
Binder Chris, shoemkr. (ill 4d a\'. h 008 3d av 
Binder Edward, butcher, li 1163 Fulton 
Binder George, tailor, li r 380 Maujer 
Binder George jr, cutter, h r 166 Maujer 
Binder Jacob, cigars, 181 Throop av 
Binder William, oabmetmkr. h 147 Waterbury 
Binderheim William, blacksmith, h India c 

Bindernagel August, cutter, h 244 Hopkins 
Bindert Jacob, pianomkr. h 506 Lorimer 
Bindhart George, machinist, h 397 17th 
Bindner John, robes, h 183 Boernm 
Bindrim George F. stone, Wythe av c Rut- 
ledge, h 178 Lynch 
Bindrim Henry, liquors, 133 Meeker av 
Bindrim Joseph, polisher, h 28 Bennett 
Bindrim Julius, bluestone, 47G Flushing av bet. 

Spencer & Walworth, h Long Island 
Bindrim MatMas. stone, Wythe av e Kutledge. 
li 227 N. 2d 

Bindrim M. &. Son, stone, Wythe av c Kutledge 
Bindrim Robert G. physician, 67 Hopo 
Bindrum Michael, painter, h 56 Morrrell 
Bindtloy Charles, architect, h 196 B'way 
Bingav Win brassiinishcr, h LS0 Prospect av 
Bingel Frederick, furniture. 191J Flatbush av, li 

191 Flatbusn av 
Bingel Frederick, watchmkr. li 7 Hicks 
Binge! Gustavus A. phvsieiaii, h 96 Ten Evck 
Bingel Henry 0. h 441 1 licks 
Bingcr George, baker, h. 21 Lorimer 
Bingor George jr. boxmkr. h 21 Lorimer 
Bingham Ahmzo E. salesman, h 181 Macon 
Bingham Arthur, painter, h 050 6th av 
Bingham Calvin C. physician, h 411 Carlton av 
Bingham Charles T. cashier, h 381 Macon 
Bingham Eliza, wid. Charles, h 93 Johnson 
Bingham Emily C. wid. W. H. II., h 275 Tomp- 
kins av 

Bingham E. A. baker, It 154 ftockaway av 
Bingham Francis, u.s.n. h 21 Cumberland 
Bingham Isaac, carpenter, li 650 6th av 
Bingham John, patternmkr. h 487 Henry 
Bingham John, stationery, 84 Wall N.Y. h 11 
Bui a ski 

Bingham John H. watchman, h 338 Navy 
Bingham Samuel, cooper, h 147 N. 3d 
Bingham Sarah A. wid. Ira F. h 171 Grand 
Bingham Simeon K. cooper, li 160 N. 3d 
Bingluim Thomas, produce, W. Wash'n mkt. 

N.Y. h 1131 Herkimer 
Bingham Thomas \V. elk. h 389 Cumberland 
Bingman Philip, musician, h 105 Varet 
Bini Antonio, mnsicannst.mfr. 982 Myrtle av, 

li 59 Cedar 

Bininger Jacob, pres't, 63 Fuiinan & N.Y. h 

21tit u 4th av N.Y. 
Binkla Philipp, lab. h 31 Met av 
Binks (leorge \V. elk. h 468 7th av 
Binks Rupert, chaser, h 488 7th av 
Binney William, foreman, h 110 I'cnn 
Binnie Thomas, stonecut{er, h 167 8th 
Binninger Andrew, newsagt. h 597 6th av 
Binns David V/. ironibnnder, h 455 Bedford av 
Binns George, lab. h Henry av n Atlantic av 


Binns George, machinist, h 503 Flushing av 
Binns George, mfr. 257a Madison 
Binns Geo. supt. 14th n Brings, h 260 Madison 
Binns Joseph, chemicals, I'oarl N. Y. h old 

No. 156 Hewes 
Binns Julian, hatter, h 153 Sldllman 
Binns L. art. flowers, Atlantic n Henry av E. 

N. Y. li Henry av n Atlantic av E. N . Y. 
Binny Mary A. wid. Hugh, h 118 Skillman av 
Binseel Hugo, bkbinder. h 376 Wallabout 
Benson George, stevedore, h 133 Kingsland av 
Binsse Edward, c. h. N. Y. h 555 Atlantic av 
Bintrum Frank, painter, h 150 Suydam 
BinzerMary, wid. Josei)h, h 173 Sumpter 
Biot Joseph, blksmith. h ^83 Herkimer 


onr 1 jsr'ED'w yokk, 

Richard A. HoCukdt, Pres't. 

re uu, 


RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Biot Peter F. blksmith. h 43 Herkimer pi 
Biquet John, brewer, h 162 Evergreen av 
Biri erman John, compositor, ii 189 13th 
Eirbinham James, lab. h 586 6th av 
Birch David, lawyer, h 146 4th E. B. now Bed- 
ford av 

Birch Italia, wid. Benjamin, h 143 Throop av 

Birch George L. carpenter, h 52 1st 

Birch George O. fireman, h 118 Rochester av 

Birch Gustavus V. shipwright, h 35 Woodhull 

Birch Henry O. sailmkr. h 506 Pres't 

Birch Isaac E. cashier, h 282 Livingston 

Birch James 0. machinist, h 203 Middleton 

*BIECH J. S. & CO. watehkeys, 38 Dey N.Y, 

Birch Oliver, lab. h 116 Rochester av 

Birch Phebe, wid. Daniel, h 401 Van Buren 

Birch Thomas, barkpr. h 100 Jay 

Birch William, spinner, h 139 Palmetto 

Birch William H. agt. 11 Wil'by, h 1213 

Atlantic av 
Birch William L. cooper, h 52 1st 
Birch William M. u.s.n. h 502 Halsey 
Birchall Jane, wid. John, h 387 St. Mark's pi 
Birchall William, grainer, h 98 Douglass 
Birchill Thomas, elk. h 260 Jay 
Birck Peter W. carpenter, h 798 Nostrand av 
Bird Ann, wid. Terrence, h 1104 De Kalb av 
Bird A. Clinton, housefurug. 584 5th av, h 224 


Bird Charles, carpetlayer, h 93 Bntledge 
Bird Edwin If. carpenter, h 155 Wil'by 
Bird George, elk. b 470 Degraw 
Bird George H. W. music, 25 Union so.. N.Y. h 

145 Harrison 
Bird George W. carpenter, 103 Concord, h 73 


Bird Harvey S. elk. h 289 Wyckoft 
Bird Henry, h 505 Warren 
Bird Jacob F. earriagemkr. h 362 Manhattan av 
Bird James Ii. physician, 120 Putnam av 
Bird James E. rubbergds. h 101 Devoe 
Bird James S. furniture, 84 Eeade N.Y. h 101 

Bird Jasper, mason, h 180 Ainslie 
Bird John, blacksmith, h r 264 Manhattan av 
Bird John, jeweler, h 298 S. 1st 
Bird John, shoemkr. h Baltic av n Henry av 

Bird Joseph, carpenter, h 71 Maujer 
BIRD JOSEPH M. confectionery, 594 5th av 
Bird Louisa, wid. Henry, h 364 Baltic 
Bird Mary, h Eldort av n Union av E.N. Y. 
Bird Peter, carpenter, h Eldert av n Union av 

Bird Peter, lab. h r 680 Bergen 
Bird Philip, h 579 Warren 

Bird Richard, hatter, 340 Atlantic av, h 336 

Atlantic av 
Bird Samuel, carpenter, h 485 Lex av 
Bird Susan, drossmkr. h 106 Gwinnett 
Bird Theodore L. iron, 35 Dey N.Y. h 315 Jef- 
ferson av 

Bird Theo. S. carpenter, ft India, h 101 Kent 
Bird Thomas, blacksmith, h 202 Sands 
Bird Thomas, plumber, b 1104 De Kalb av 
Bird Thomas, tailor, h 135 28th 
Bird Thomas li. hatter, h 336 Atlantic av 
Bird Thomas J. pressmkr. h 58 Norman av 
Bird Wm. E. iron, 35 Dey N. Y. h 110 Clifton av 
Bird William E. A. iinpr.4 Maiden la N.Y. h 

411 Herkimer 
Bird William H. M. cigarmkr. h 594 5th av 
Bird William J. porter, h 338 Prospect av 
Birdman Charles, lab. h 201 A If. 9th 
Birds Michael, junk, h r 152 Conover 
Birdsall Albert, lab. h 147 N. 1st 
Birdsall Amos L. elk. h 272 Franklin av 
Birdsall Asahel H. physician, 546 Bedford av 
Birdsall Clarence \V. sewing machines, 455 


Birdsall Daniel, realestate, 319 B'way N.Y. h 
194 Carroll 

Birdsall Ernest E. milk, 554 Manhattan av, h 
98 Norman 

Birdsall Ernest W. flour, 107 Broad N.Y. h 150 

Birdsall George H. salesman, h 663 Madison 
Birdsall George N. storage, h 18 Hancock 
Birdsall George W. elk. h 711 Leonard 
Birdsall Hannah, h 353 Bridge 
Birdsall Henry D. lawyer, 105 B'way, h 150 

Birdsall Hiram L. elk. h 578 Atlantic av 
Birdsall James A. furrier, h 298 Navy 
Birdsall James W. baker, h 56 Tillary 
Birdsall Eeubea L. salesman, h 711 Leonard 
Birdsall Samuel S. driver, h 509 Hicks 
Birdsall Stephen T. physician, old No. 546 Bed- 
ford av 

Birdsall Thomas H. elk. h 801 Wil'by av 
Birdsall William, lab. h 135 Navy 
Birdsall William E. agt. h 317 Stockton 
Birdseye Clarence F. lawyer, h 386 Clinton 
Birdseye Henry E. mfr. 13 Old si N.Y. h 238 

Birdseye Lucien, h 238 Warren 
Birge John T. 19 Coenties si, N.Y. h 161 Cum 

Birgel Henry F. engraver, h 501 Grand 
Birgel John C. jeweler, h 433 Grand 
Birgen Michael, lab. h r 63 Bolivar 
Birgner Charles, butcher. 402 Court, h A3 3d 
Birhaming Michael, elk. h 69 Maujer 
Biringham Edward, realestate, h 552 Quincy 
Birk Charles, baker, 12 Graham av 
Birk Fted'k, restaurant, 142 Grand, h 140 Grand 
Birk John, baker, h 180 Hewroie 
Birk Joseph, fancygds. 215 Montrose av 
Birkbeck Elizabeth H. fanevgds. 214 Hoyt 
Birkbeck George, sec. ft Bridge, h 229 W. 
128th N.Y. 

Birkbeck John, manager, 32 Hamilton ay, 

Great Neck L.I. 
Birkbeck John, Co. (Lmtd.) Atlantic Sugar Re- 
finery, 32 Hamilton av 
Birke Henry, carpenter, h 26 Bogert 
Birkel Joseph, basketmkr. h 148 Johnson av 
Birkel Joseph, shoeiukr. h 231 Cook 
Birkenhofl' Adolph J. elk. h 835 B'way 
BirkenhoffJohn, shoos, 835 B'way 
Birkenhopf Adam, tailor, h 31 Humboldt 
Birkett John, lab. h Atlantic o Cypress av E. 

Birkett Henry M. lawyer, 16 Court, h 91 India 
llirkett Henry M. jr. plumber, h 91 India 
BIRKETT JAMES W. alderman, City Hall 

steam litters' supplies, 67 Smith, & plumb 

er, 68 Myrtle av, h 120 Lawrence 
Birkner Joachim, impr. 139 William N.Y. li 

Grove n Evergreen av 
Birkland Alfred, tailor, 277 Atlantic av 
Birkland Tore, tailor, 281 Atlantic av 
Birkle Edward, printer, h 699 4th av 
Birkle Henry, cigarmkr. h 411 Warren 
Birkle Herman, printer, h 624 5th av 
Birkman Benhart, mechanic, h 73 Elm 
Birkmier John A. h Centre n Sackett E.N.Y. 
Birmele Gebhart, tinsmith, 129 Lorimer 
Birmeli William, confectionery, 295 Atlantic 

av, h 306 Atlantic av 
Birmingham Alice, h King n Columbia 
Birmingham Charles, h old No. 464 Marcy av 
Birmingham Edward, hats.N.Y. h 464 Marcy av 
Birmingham Francis, carpenter, h 183 Skiliman 
Birmingham Matthew, conductor, h 1223 De 

Kalb av 

Birmingham Matthew, lab. h 314 Bergen 
Birmingham Michael, coifee, 143 N. 4th 
Birmingham Peter, pressor, h 102 Hudson av 
Birmingham P. optician, 90 Manhattan av 
Birney Arthur W. ins. h. 828 Hancock 
Birney Bernard, lab. h 85 Columbia 
Birney John, stonecutter, h 581 Prospect pi 
Birney Peter, stonecutter, h 581 Prospect pi 
Birney William, carpenter, h 53 Dean 
Birnie John, bkbinder. h 101 Walton 
Birnstiel Lonis, lab. h 92 Scholes 
Birong Ferdinand, tailor, h 365 St. Mark's pi 
Birstoph James, elk. h 172 Leonard 
Birtner William, butcher, 402 Court 
Birtsch Andrew, carpenter, h 77 Walton 
Bisbee Clarence L. dentist, h 2024. 17th 



m -o 



o w 


™ QB 
Z go 



m 0 



pi o 


H =! 




Cor. 13th St., New To*. 


RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

Lanreil E»t»bliilunsat in Sew York. 


INS> g 

Assets, ii U. 5., Jan. 1, 1886, $1,712,899 16. 


193 Montague street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flafbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Tunotioa of Atlantic & Fourth Ayes. • 

$2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 


3 525 
°- ^ 

•a o 


ca lo 

■— * 

OS . 


House, Yacht & Ship 


Coppersmitli & Steam Fitter, 


Combination Yacht Pump and Water Closet. 


g Bisbee Henry H. supt. h 193 Calyer 

Bisbee John F. ins. 98 B'way, h 827 Greene aT 
Bisbv George E. engineer, h 83 Devoo 
Biscii Otto, lithographer, h 199 S. 3d 
Bischafboger Christopher, painter, h 125 Wal- 

Bischoff Augustus, conductor, b. 1908 Fulton 
Bischoff Bernhard, gr ocer. 388 Court 
Bischoff Carl, baskets, 22 Carroll 
Bischoff Charles, liquors, 773 3d ay 
Bisohoff Frederick, liquors, 90 Fulton N.Y. h 
I 28 «h E. D. now Bedford av 
Bischoff Frederick, piilmkr. h 172 Vermont ay 
E. N.Y. 

! Bischoff Henry , salesman, h 177 Stagg 
: Bischoff Henry 31. com. mer. Wallabout mkt. 
j h old No. 72 Hewes 
'Bischoff Mary, wid. Charles, h 115 Bapelye 
iBisdorf Augustus, baker, h 649 Hicks 
iBisell-Peter, glassblower, h 176 N. 8th 
jBisgen Andrew, mason, h IK! Meserole 
i Bishoff Christian, driyer, h 924 Flushing ay 
j Bishoff Edmund, agt. h 237 Warren 
j Bishoff Jacob, framer, h 122 Cook 
'Bishoff Joseph, cook, h 19 Wash'n ay 
I Bishop Addie, wid. Henry, h 301 Myrtle av 
Bishop Albert T. engineer, h 328 Hudson av 
Bishop Alexander B. bkkpr. h 500 Greene av 
I Bishop Allen, blacksmith, c St. James & Ful- 
ton, h 928 Fulton 
I Bishop Annie E. enamelimpr. 18 Nassau N.Y. 
I h 194 10th 

'Bishop Bancroft, h 231 Clinton 
Bishop Charles, butcher, h 238 Johnson av 
Bishop Charles, fruits, 506 Myrtle av 
Bishop Charles, printer, h 220 S. 3d 

■ Bishop Charles, rubber, 343 Canal N.Y. h 226 
: Halsoy 

Bishop Charles, grocer, 506 Myrtle av 

■ Bishop Charles E. manager, h old No. S07Keap 
Bishop Charles F. lawyer, 55 Liberty N.Y. h 
j 22 Lefferts pi 

Bishop Charles H. stationer, 60 Liberty N.Y. 
; h 779 Monroe 
! Bishop Baniel, milk, h 445 Ijex av 
I Bishop Edward, tel. h 296 Union 
iBishop Edward, fish. h326 Hart 

Bishop Eli H. mer. 477 Monroe, h 477 Monroo 
IBishop Elizabeth J. wid. George W. h 66 10th 
! E.D. now Heap 
'Bishop Elmer H. milk, h 310 Throop av 

■ Bishop Emeline, wid. William G. h 1054 Bush- 
> wick av 

: Bishop Ernest, pocketbkmkr, b. 68 Johnson av 
Bishop Eugene E. h 108 Vernon av 
Bishop Frank B, elk. h 312 Laf av 
j Bishop Frederick, painter, h 325 Kosciusko 

Bishop Gcorgo O. carpenter, h r 400 Grand 
Bishop George C. jr. carpenter, h r 400 Grand 
Bishop George H . painter, 131 1st E.D. now 

Kent av, h 415 Humboldt 
Bishop George S. cashier, B'way c Boerani, h 

310 Throop av 
Bishop George W. locksmith, c bt. James & 

Fulton, h 689 Herkimer 
Bishop George W. shoenikr. h 739 Hancock 
Bishop Georgia, stenographer, h Hicks c Pine- 
apple m 
Bishop Gertrude G. physician, 310 Throop av 
Bishop Harmon I). stevedore, h 268 Carroll 
Bishop Henry, organmkr. h 205 Eokford 
Bishop Hen-'y C. elk. h 41 Lincoln pi 
Bishop Henry M. physician, 338 9th, h 323 9th 
Bishop Howard W. elk. h 219 Herkimer 
Bishop Hubert B. printer, h 306 Tompkins av 
Bishop James L. elk. h 112 Clermont ay 
Bishop James L. engineer, h 158 Powers 
Bishop John, h 253 Bainbridge 
Bishop John, dentist, h 215 Bridge 
Bishop John, engineer, h 66 10th E.D. now 

Bishop John, printer, h 480 N. 2d 
Bishop John, upholsterer, h 48 Beaver 
Bishop John jr. salesman, h old No. 89 Keap 
Bishop Joseph, printer, h 12 2d 
Bishop Joseph, sexton, h 85 Henry 
Bishop Joseph M. machinist, h 61 Adelphi 
Bishop Josephine, enamels, 80 Nassau N.Y. h 
194 10th 

Bishop Joshua, seaman, h 310 8th 
Bishop Julia A. wid. GuerdeonB.h310 Throop 

Bishop Leonel T. realestate, 916 Gates av, h 838 

Bishop Louis, billposter, h 109 Bntledge 
Bishop Louis C. gunsmith, Atlantic av n V ll- 

liams av E. N.Y. 
Bishop Louisa, enamelimpr. 18 Nassau N.Y. n 

194 10th 

Bishop Mary, wid. Bobert, h 319 Degraw 
Bishop Mary V. wid. h 428 4th ar 
Bishop Michael H. baker, h 211 Tillary 
Bishop Nicholas, supt. Front c Adams, n 57 

Bishop Peter, salesman, h old No. 262 Hewes 
Bishop Phoebe, h Butler c Albany av 
Bishop Bichard A. bkkpr. h 312 Laf av 
Bishop Susan, wid. Thomas, h Butler c Al- 
bany av 

Bishop Sydney M. painter, h 518 Graham av 
Bishop Thomas, h 37 Quincy 
Bishop Thomas, driver, h 1463 Fulton 
Bishop Thomas, teller, h 611 Wil'by av 
Bishop Ulysses S. G. h 313a Palmetto 



J. A, WEBB & SON, I 165 RI& r yo S r T k r . eet ' 1 Established 1SS5- 

Usad by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. Send tot QuoUUons. 

EEfCtm ST. 



Bishop William, Tbasketmfc. h 406 Kth 
Bishop "William, embosser, h 439 Franklin av 
Bishop "William, lab. h307 S. 3d 
Bishop "William, printer, h 12 lid 
Bishop ¥m. A. millwright, h 1960 Atlantic av 
Bishop William H. elk. Ii 641 Wil'by av 
Bishop William H. crockery, 675 De Kalb av 
Bishop William IT. house furng. 675 De Kalb av 
BISHOP WILLIAM H. plumber, 210 South 

N.Y, h 63 Poplar 
Bishop William L. paper, h 730 Laf av 
Bishop Wm. S. elk. h 66 10th E.D. nowKeap 
Bishop Winfield S. com. mer. Duane n Wash- 
ington N.Y. h 566 Quincy 
Bishop Bros, locksmiths, c St. .Tames & Fulton 
Bishoprick Henry, ins. h 1078 Pacific 
Bishoprick Nicholas, furs, 54 Mercer N.Y. h 

343 Decatur 
Bisikiewiez Felix, lab. h 102 Montrose av 
Bisland John K. painter, h 288 Ainslie 
Bissam John, liquor, 665 Grand 
Bissell Charles A. newsagt. h 22 Putnam av 
Bissell Edward H. drvgds. Reade N.Y. h 63 
8th av 

Biefiell Eugene, hardware, Park pi 3ST.T. h 257 

Bissell Frederick W. tobacconist, 390 5th av, 

h 396 5th av 
Bissell George, printer, h 106 Nassau av 
Bissell James, auction. N.Y. h 257 Clinton 
Bissell John, h 390 5th av 
Bissell Mary E. wid. Robert S. h 204 Madison 
Bissell William L. agt. h 22 Putnam av 
Bisset William, blacksmith, h 117 Nelson 
Bissett Anthony T. hkkpr, 142 Duane N.Y. h 

139 Concord 
Bissett Mary M. wid. h 165 Concord 
Bissett Robert H. engineer, h old No. 450$ 

Marcy av 

Bissick Charles, tailor, h 184 McDougal 
Bissinger Conrad, jeweler, h 133 Leonard 
Bissland Andrew, h 655 Myrtle av 
Bissland John, shipjoiner, h 127 S. 1st 
Bisson Jacob A. mason, h 285 Penn 
Bisson John, barkpr. h 214 Frost 
Bisson Joseph F. plumber, h 157 N. 4th 
Bisson Margaret, wid. Ambrose, h 214 Frost 
Bithart Alois, mason, h r 141 Meserole 
Bithner William, driver, h 140 Boerum 
Bitley Benjamin, dockbldr. h 103 Imlay 
Bitner John, mason, h 244 Floyd 
Bittel Alphus, painter, h 84 Boerum 
Bitter Henry, confectioner, h 1101 Fulton 
Bitter Philip, mfr. spring beds, h 94 Withers 
Bitterer John, watchman, h 375 Oakland 
Bitterich John, musician, h Liberty av n Penn 
av E.N.Y. 

Bitterman, Peter, liquors, 137 Montrose av 
Bitters Abby, h 151Scher 

Bitterwolf Joseph, peddler, h 44 Van Cott av 

Bittlemier Louis, lab. h 233 Cook 

Bittles John, pavior, h 89 Hamilton av 

Bittlingmaier Ludwig, milk, 270 Ten Eyck 

Bittman Frederick, lab. h 320 Manhattan av 

Bittner Atton, tailor, h r 134 Maujer 

Bittner Ernest, ice, h 42 Humboldt 

Bittner Frederick, butcher, h 33 Morrell 

Bittner John, cigarmkr. h 22 Maujer 

Bittner John, shoemkr. li 142 Boerum 

Bittner John, tailor, h r 134 Maujer 

Bittner John F. pickles, 390 Liberty av E.N.Y. 

Bittner Lewis, tailor, h 33 Morrell ] 

Bittner Paul, basketmkr. h 1433 Dean 

Bitz Daniel, shoemkr. h 13 Sumner av 

Bitz George, mason, h 193 Meserole 

Bitz Jacob, mason, h 261 Scholes 

Bitz Lorenz, tailor, h 542 Graham av 

Bitz Philip, mason, h 122 Graham av 

Bitzar John, lab. h 163 W. 9th 

Bixby Charles H. fireman, h 217 Graham av 

Bizzard Andrew, lab. h 14 Nelson 

Bizzart James, cigars, 286 Myrtle av 

Bjelkgoest Alfred, lab. h 148 Navy 

Bjonson Tliorleka, cooper, h 1 375 Fiirman 

Bjorkman Herman Godtfried, tailor, h 268 State 

Bjorkman Jacob, blacksmith, h 136 Hig"h 

Blaber Oliver J, printer, h 273 22d 
Blach James, carpenter, h 72 Adams 
Blachhose Joseph, lab. h r 226 26th 
Blackly Sarah, wid. Jacob, h 420 Halsey 
Blachly Theodore H. cashier, h 243 Monroe 
Blachman Edward J. elk. h 391 St. Mark's pi 
Black Albert, fruits, Greenwich N.Y. h 142 

Black Albert, stereetyper, n 733 Bushwick av 

Black Alex, lumber, ft 25th & 3d av, h 250 0th 

Black Alexander, police, h 179 28th 

Black Alexander R. journalist, h 60 Linden 

Black Archibald, police, h 142 Suydain 

Black Anstin, publisher, 21 Park row N.Y. h 

old No. 160 Keap 
Black Catharine,wid. Patrick, h r 136 N. Port- 
land av 

Black Charles, lab. h 121 Conover 

Black Charles T. engineer, h 498 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Black David, artist, h 92 Stanhope 
Black David F. inventor, h 23 Cleveland pi 
Black David J. salesman, h 148 Spencer 
Black Duncan, wire weaver, h 14 Jackson 
Black Edward, weigher, h 59 Ross 
Black Edward H. conductor, h 946 Herkimer 
Black Elizabeth D, wid. h 142 Pres't 
Black Emil, boatman, 352 Van Brunt 
Black Frances, wid. h 90 Taylor 
Black Francos, wid. Francis L. h47 Nostrand 


Black Francis, h 45 Halsoy 

Black Francis jr. bkkpr. h 45 Halsey 

Black Frederick, liquors, 23 Ferris 

Black Hugh, newsagt. h 55 Front 

Black Jas. carpenter, h old No. 316 Maroy av 

Black James, carpenter, h 269 53d 

Black Jas. painter, h 84 2d E. D. now Wythe av 

Black James, trimmer, h 251 Clifton pi 

Black Joseph, umbrellas, 291 Grand 

Black James F. h 732 Bushwick av 

Black James L. printer, h 349 Wavorly av 

Black John, barkpr. h 168 Leonard 

Black John, brakoman, h 145 Union 

Black John, carpetlayer, h 745 Atlantic av 

Black John, elk. h 711 Myrtle av 

Black John, elk. 175 Smith 

Black John T. stevedore, h 889 Herkimer 

Black John T. butcher, h 38£ 11th 

Black Joseph, knitter, h 599 Kosciusko 

Black. Joseph, wax flowers, 841 B'way 

BLACK J. JEFFERSON, alderman, 1 City 

Hall, h 612 Bushwick av 
Black Leonard, peddler, h Johnson av n Varick 


Black Linzzy, painter, h 711 Mvrtle av 
Black L. E. printer, h 152 Bridge 
Black Mary, wid. William G. h 164 Pres't 
Black Mary, wid. h 107 Pres't 
Black Maurice H. billiards, 295 Sackett, h 293 

Black Pauline, wid. Frank, h 31 S. 10th 
Black Phebe A. wid. Charles C. h 81 Tillary 
Black Peter, conductor, h 212 43d 
Black Peter, lab. h 212 43d 
Black Rachel, dressmkr. h 335 Dean 
BLACK ROBERT, Collector U.S. Internal 

Revenue 44 Court, & drugs 264 Bridge, h 

278 Bridge 
Black Robert, salesman, h 98 Cedar 
Black Robert, tailor, h 184 Wythe av 
Black Robert N. haycutter, h 711 Myrtle av 
Black Roland A. piano tuner, h 501 Fulton 
Black Samuel, librarian, h 325 S. 3d 
Black Sarah E. h 190 Hamburg av 
Black Thomas, engineer, h 218 Lorimer 
Black Thomas A. elk. h 221 Division av 
Black Thomas J. conductor, h 263 Bridge 
Black William, brakeman, h 343 4th E.D. now 


Black William, elk. h 191 Carlton av 
Black William, conductor, h 62 Pres't 
Black William, cooper, h 89 Grand av 
Black William, insp. h 221 B'way 
Black William, lab. h 206 Hamilton av 
Black William, lab. h 195 Powers 

cS" o 

€3 CO 

m 3 1 

CD S ' 





o3 g 

TTFfW r 




162 Mangin St., near Houston, East Kiver, New York. 

BLA 84 13LA 




17 Willoigliby St., cor. Ptarl, Brooklyn. 

Black William, machinist, h 86Stanhope 
Black William, ehoemkr. h r 493 Flushing aT 
Black William, painter, h 197 Gold 
Black William, watebeasemkr. h 93 Bergen 
Black William B. hardware. 5 Gates av 
Hl»t'k William 3. drags, 417 Hicks, h 278 

Black WilliamW. pilot, h 176 Wil'by av 
Blackall James, gardener, h 867 Jefferson av 
Blackburn Charles, tel. h 170 Jay 
Blackburn Edward, driver, h 106 Clinton 
Blackburn George, engineer, h Sheppard av n 

Blake av E.N.Y. 
Blackburn John, printer, 301 Ainslie 
Blackburn Sarah, wid. h 1*20 Division av 
Blackburn Thomas, agt. h 507 Grand 
Blackburn William, lab. h 64 Ten Eyck 
Blackburn William, machinist, h 546 Hicks 
Blackett Lillias I. h 374 Graham av 
Blackford Andrew, lab. h 87 Myrtle av 
Blackford Avard W. awnings, 73 Myrtlo av, h 

335 Jay 

Blackford Charles E. foreman, h 87 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Blackford Eugene, fish. 80 Fulton mkt. K.Y.h 

old No. 809 Bedford av 
Blackford James, stevedore, h 484 16th 
Blackford John, foreman, h 87 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 

Blackford Mary A. wid. Gilbert, h 13 Herkimer 
Blackford Phillip, mechanic, h 392 N. 2d 
Blackball George E. brassflnisher, h 50 India 
Blackham Job W. skirtrofr. 100 Sober, h 33 8th 
j av 

I Blackham William, manager, h 294 McDonough 
I Blackham William J. salesman, h 33 8th av 
Blackball George W. lab. h 829 Oakland 
Blackhurst John, pottery, h 273 Adams 
Blackledge Pheobe, wid. nurse, 127 Graham 
Blackley George, stevedore, h 118 York 
Blackman Catherine, wid. George, h 136 Frost 
Elackman Charlotte, wid. James, h Fulton av 

c Butler av E.N.Y. 
Blackman Dora J. typewriter, h 202 9th 
Blackman Ehenezer, lamps, 93 Maiden la If .Y. 

h 435 Franklin av 
Blackman George W. cabinetmkr. h Fulton av 

c Butler av E.N.Y. 
Blackman John, plumber, h 361 6th 
Biackman William, printer, 520 Myrtle av 
Blackman W. W. physician, 88 S. Oxford, 

office hours 8 to 10 & 5 to 7, telephone 204 
Blackman & Smith, printers, 520 Myrtle av 
Blackmer George A. earner, h 62 Lawrence 
Blackmer Henry C. h old No. 73 Kodney 
Blackmore George, grainer, b 830 Monroe 
Blackmore Lawrence, tiler, h 52$ Middleton 
Blackmore Kob't A. painter, 208 Greenpoint av 
Mackmur Horace A. manager, h 855 Monroe 
Blaekston Sophia, wid. James, h 84 Schenec- 
tady av 

Blaekstone Tracy K. snpt. h 95 Milton 
Blackwell C. E. h 501 Atlantic av 
Blackwell Fannie, wid. Wm. H. h 119 Grove 
Blackwell John, milk, h Barbrie n Union av 

Blackwell Louis E. h 75 Wilson 

Blackwell Eussell W. S. shoemfr. 104 Duane 

N.Y. h 246 Raymond 
Blackwell Thomas L. h 75 Wilson 
Blackwell Tunis C. salesman, h 550 Lex. av 
Blackwell Tyler F. journalist, b 257 Halsey 
Blackwell William, painter, h 60 Fleet pi 
Blackwell William H. painter, 772 B'way, h 

119 Grove 

Blackwell William E. elk. h 439 Bergen 

Blackwood Ernest, tobacco, 335 Atlantic av 
Blackwood E. &. T. tobacco, 335 Atlantic av 
Blackwood James, lithographer, h 60 Middagb 
Blackwood John, oiler, h 236 Plymouth 
Blackwood Kobert, barkpr. h 3 Columbia pi 
Blackwood Eobert A. salesman, h 616 Madison 
Blackwood Sarah, wid. James, h 210 Prince 
Blackwood Tage, tobacco, 335 Atlantic av 
Blacraan John, lab. li 121 Conover 
Bladder Peter, printer, h 57 15th 
Bladden Thomas, h 31 New York av 
Bladen John T. engineer, h 78 Palmetto 
Blades Joel A. baker, 62 5th av 
Blades John, seaman, h 392 ]21h 
Blades Walter J. tilelayer, h 88 Wash'n 
Bladman J ames, h 37 Bergen 
Bladon Thomas, decorator, h 158 Butler 
Bladwin Charles, blacksmith, h 47 Wilson 
Blafs Martin, driver, h 19 Bnshwiek av 
Blagbrough Walter, machinist, h 146 14th 
Blogbrough Joseph, elk. h 271 17th 
Blaieh George, baker, 938 Fulton 
Blaich John, miller, h 108 Hamilton av 
Blair George W. broker, N.Y. h 320 Baltie 
Blair Goorge, driver, h 7 Cleveland pi 
Blair Hall, tobacconist, 187 Fulton 
Blair Hall & Co. tobacconists, 187 Fulton 
Blair John, h 1252 Union 

Blair Julia A., wid. William T. h 247 Madison 
Blair Louis K. sailmkr. h 112 3d pi 
Btair Louisa, wid. Eich'd, diessmkr. h 281 Gold 
Blair Mary E. wid George C. h 320 Baltic 
Blair Samuel, h 317 Smith 
Blair Walter, conductor, h 312 18th 
Blair William, agt. h 761 Bergen 
Blair William, cigars, 187 Fulton 
Blaisdell Alfred O. dranghtinan, h 268 Cler- 
mont av 

Blaisdell Joseph W. kindlingwood, ft N. 5th, h 

1081 Bushwick av 
Blaisdell Silas C. physician, 126 Eoebling. Of- 
fice hours 7 to 9, "12 to 2 & 6 to 8 
Blaisdell Walter F. wood, N. 4th & Kent av, li 

1075 Bushwick av 
Blaisdell Bros, wood, N. 4th & Kent av 
Blaise Charles, liquors, 41 Main 
Blaise Henry, lab. h 425 Atlantic av 
Blaise Joseph, liquors, 225 Central av 
Blak Maurice, tinsmith, h 41 Main 
Blake Albert, bkkpr. h 590 Franklin av 
Blake Albert, elk. h 46 5th av 
Blake Albert, plumber, h 638 Fulton 
Blake Albeit H. salesman, h 642 Laf av 
Blake Alfred S. newsagt. h 107 Lynch 
Blake Alice, h 945 Herkimer 
Blake Bridget, wid. Michael, h r 225 N. 9th 
Blake Catherine, wid. James, h 582 Sackett 
Blake Charles E. physician, »2i Eeid av 
Blake Charles H. wi'rerope, 52 Dey N.Y. h 230 
Wash'n av 

Blake Charles W. salesman, h 216 Sumner av 
Blake David, printer, h 246 1st E.D. now Kent 

Blake Ellen, wid. Michael, h 197 N. 2d 
Blake E. C. h 461 Gold 
Blake Flank, janitor, h 40 Pacific 
Blake Frank, molder, h 366 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Blake Frank, tinsmith, h 638 Fulton 
Blake George, brushmkr. h 317 Central av 
Blake George, painter, h Danforth n CypreM 

av E. N.Y. 
Blake George E. elk. h 960 De Kalb av 
Blake George W. weigher, N.Y. h 642 Laf av 
Blake George W. reporter, h 678 Yan Buren 
Blake Henry, driver, h 48 Hope 
Blake Henry, driver, h old No. 535 Kentar 
Blake Henry, lab. h 1689 Atlantic av 
Blake Hugh, plumber, h 227 N. 9th 
Blake James, supt. h old No. 534 Marcy av 
Blake James A. physician, 194 Putnam av 
Blake John, lab. h r 9 5th 
Blake John, planer, h 582 Sackett 
Blake John, produce mer. h 109 Lynch 
Blake John A. porter, h old No. 203 Marcy av 
Blake John B. harnessmkr. h 69 S. 2d 



Send for Circular. 

175 State Street, Cor. Conrt Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

BiTers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 

BLA 85 


128 & 130 FULTON ST., 



Blake John E, h 721 Quincy 

Blake John M. wire, h 396 Grand av 

Blake Julia M. wid. Charles F. li 87 Pierrepont 

Blake Katie, wid. h 100 Wythe av 

Blake Lawrence W. manager, 7 Brooklyn av, h 

19 St. Andrew's pi 
Blake Margaret, wid. h 8 'Cou.seJ.yea 
Blake Margaret, wid. Patrick, li U2 N. 5th. 
Blake Maria E. wid. Alexander, h 222 Henry 
Blake Michael, elk. li 228 Bridge 
Blake Michael, clock, li 304 11th 
Blake Michael, fireman, h 360 B^ay 
Blake Michael, lab. h 477 Hicks 
Blake Michael, lab. h 131 Troy av 
Blake Michael, twiner, h 399 2d E. D, now 

"Wythe av 

Blake Milred, stenographer, h 35 Pulaski 

Blake Nicholas, elk. h 1842£ Atlantic av 

Blake Patrick, lab. h 97 Harrison 

Blake Peter, liquors. Driggs c N". 3d 

Blake Peter, contractor, h 227 N. 9th 

Blake Peter A. grocer. 22 Rochester av, h 8 

Hunterfly id 
Blake Richard, lab. 45 Atlantic av 
Blake Samuel, framerakr. h 251 Wash's 
Blake Sarah, wid. Mathias, h 1685 Atlantic av 
Blake Spencer C, wallpaper, h 563 Qaincy 
Blake Stephen, lab, h 338 S. 5th 
Blake Thomas, lab. h 110 Greenpoint av 
Blake Thomas H. compositor, h 246 Union av 
Blake Thomas S. conductor , h 294 B'way 
Blake William, caulker, h 559 Warren 
Blake- William H, driver, h old No. 535 Kent av 
Blake Woodruff, manager, 14th c B'way N.Y* 

h 68 Lincoln pi 
Blakelfee George EL physician, 20 Rose N.Y. h 

123 Wil'by av 
Blakeley William, musician, h 177 Driggs 
Blakeley William, salesman, h 673J Van Bnren 
Blakelock Jane, wid. Thomas, h 580 Leonard 
Blakelock Ralph A. artist, 58 W. 57th N.Y. h 

118 Milton 
Blakely Henry, lab. h 61 Graham 
Blakely Jesse, crockery, 1443 Fulton, h 235 


Blakely John, sedawatcr, Aster House N.Y. h 

394 Claeson av 
Blakely John, express, 7 John N.Y. h 422 Lex 


Blakelv Mary A, wid. h 322 Oakland 

Blakely William H. hfurnggds. 1115 B'way, h 

947 Gates av 
Blakely & YanderbiJt, hardware, 1115£ B'way 
Blakeman Frederick R. brassfounder, 22 Dun- 
ham pi, h 285 Clifton pi 
Blakeney Benjamin F. h 147 St. James' pi 
Blakeney Edward, oper. h 856 WiFby av 
Blakeney George w. harnessmkr. h 701 Bergen 
Blakeney Stella, wid. Benjamin F. h 147 St. 
James 1 pi 

Blaker John H. salesman, h 47 2d E.D. now 
Wythe ay 

Blakes'lee Cornelius, toys, 297 B'way, N.Y. h 

139 St. Mark's av 
Blakeslev Edward, elk. h 52 Sands 
Blakesly"K h 160 Wash'n 

Blakey William T. salesman, h 302 Livingston 
Blaksl&e Henry A. broker, h 29 Lefferts pi 
Blarney William H. u.s.n. h 16 Brevoort pi 
Blamm Joseph, tailor, 207 Johnson av 
Blanch William W. shoes, h 39 Little 
Blanchard Alice, wid. Charles, h 387 Adelphi 
Blanchard Alvah P. shipmaster, h 992 Dean 
Blanchard Ann, wid. h 136 Nassau 
Blanchard A. F elk. h 1171 Fulton 
Blanchard Blanche, wid. Stephen, h 148 Mese- 
role av 

Blanchard Claude, elk. h 113 Lynch 
Blanchard Dudley, architect, h 96 Java 
Blanchard Elias, foreman, h old No. 312 Bed- 
ford av 

Blanchard Food Cure Co. 282 Fulton 
Blanchard Francis L. mfr. 26 Pearl N. Y. h 
311 State 

Blanchard George, mason, h 148 Meserole av 
Blanchard George, tailor, h 79 Central av 

Blanchard George P. carman, 84 South N.Y. h 

636 Carlton av 
Blanchard George W. elk. h 457 Pacific 
Blanchard Henry W. H. storage, 84 South N Y. 

h 638 Pacific 
Blanchard James A. salesman, h 992 Dean 
Blanchard John, h 437 Hudson av 
Blanchard Lorenio D. lawver, 239 B'way N.Y. 

h 633 Carlton av 
Blanchard L. B. wid. Calb, h 132 Lincoln pi 
Blanchard Mary R. wid. William, h 470 State 
Blanchard Nathan, h 151 6fch av 
Blanchard Robert F. oils, 6 4th pi 
Blanchard Sallie F. wid. h 245 St. James 1 pi 
Blanchard Sophie M. teacher, h 148 Meserole 


Blanchard Stephen, stairbldr.h 148 Meserole av 
Blanc-hard Wallace, bkkpr. h 457 Pacific 
BLANC IIFIELD WILLIAM, supervisor 18th 

ward, shipstores & chandlery, 50 South N. 

Y. h 73 Herbert 
Blanck August, elk. h 29 Park 
Blanck August F. manager, h 351 Monroe 
Blanck Charles C. driver, h 181 Wil'by av 
Blanck Ethan S. h "223 Manhattan av 
Blanck George, elk. li 307 15th 
Blancke Charles E. restaurant, 376 Wash'n N. 

Y. h 176 Baltic 
Blancke John F. liquors, h 81 Bremen 
Blanekmeister Charles, elk. h 237 Marion 
Blanco Antonio, cigars, h 104 Albany av 
Blanco Ferando cigarmkr. h 217 Jay 
Bland Edward, salesman, h 913 Herkimer 
Bland Frederick W. mechanic, h 152 Eckford 
Bland Joseph "W. furniture, 158 Myrtle av, h 

146 Prince 
Bland Robert B. h 403 Putnam av 
Bland Theresa, furniture, 158 Myrtle av, h 140 


Bland William, lab. h r 222 Navy 
Blandin Charles A. tailor, h 498 Atlantic av 
Blanding John, ice, h 680 Flushing av 
Blandthorn Jaa. brassftnisher, h 138 Jefferson 
Blandy Graham, broker, 16 Broad N.Y. h 4-18 

Wash'n av 
Blaney Catherine, wid. Daniel, k 98 Tillary 
Blanoy Charles, driver, h 644 Myrtle av 
Blaney Charles, lab. h 228 York' 
Blaney Daniel, h 222 High 
Blanev Daniel, elk. h 98 Tillary 
Blaney David H. liquors, 102 Hudson av, h20(* 


Blaney Dennis, boatman, h 184 Huron 
Blaney Edward J. police, h 2S Cumberland 
Blaney George B. elk. h 65 Putnam av 
Blaney James, plasterer, h 202 Flatbush av 
Bianey James, stonecutter, h 720 Gates av 
Blaney John, lab. h 496 Warren 
Blaney John, shoos, 210 Bond 
Blaney Thomas, carpetlayer, h 720 Gates av 
Blanev Thomas, liquors, 32 Myrtle av, h 98 

Blaney William, elk. h222 High 
Blaney William J. bkkpr. h 2138 Fulton 
Blang John, stonecutter, h 25 Adams E.D. 
Blank Andrew, shoemkr. h 122 Johnson av 
Blank Andrew, framer, h r 216 Stagg 
Blank Charles H. plumber, h 118 Wythe av 
Blank Edward S. furrier, h 71 Nassau 
Blank Emil. grocer, 82 Fulton, h 100 Pineapple 
Blank Frank A. shoemkr. 186 Pearl 
Blank Henry, shoemkr. h 193 Ewen 
Blank Henry, feathers. 298 Myrtle av 
Blank Jacob, brushes, 32 Wall, h 113 Walton 
Blank Jacob, carpenter, h 293 Lorimer 
Blank Joseph, mason, h r 229 Bnskwick av 
Blank Max, elk. h 71 Nassau 
Blank Peter, brushes, 32 Wall, h 316 S. 4th 
Blank Philip, elk. h 71 Nassau 
Blank Philip, driver, h 315 Devoe 
Blank Philip, grocer, 82 Fulton, h 100 Pineapple 
Blank Samuel, varieties, 141 Franklin 
Blank Seymour, feathers, 298 Myrtle av 
Blank Bros, brushmkrs. 32 Wall 
Blank & Son, feathers, 298 Myrtle av 
Blank & Voelbel, brushmkrs. 316 S. 4th 













i Broadway, cor. Priice. N EW YORK. So. 1 Wall St,, cor. Broadway. 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO, 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction sf Atlantic & Paerth Aves- 

Assets, il U. 5,, M. 2, 1886, $4,712,889 16. LiaMl, $2,277,471,27. SHTOlns. $2,335,427.89. 


e lit 
• * s 

• .a 



| I.AXrV As CO'® 

City Directory Printing House, 
I 17 WfllougMiy St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Blanke George C. lawyer, 55 Pine N.Y. li 115 

Brooklyn av 
Btankenfeict Lours, electrotyper, 6 2d av n 55th 
Blankenhorn Fred'k, weaver,!* 139 Harrison av 
Blankley Thomas S. restaurant, 518 Fulton, h 
20 Bond 

Blankmeyer Henry, engineer, h 100 Classon av 
Blankney Frank, sash, h 232 Spencer 
Blanten John, drugs, 224 William K. T. h 104 

S. Elliott pi 
Blstnthorn Charles E. carpenter, h 153 Elm 
Blanthorn Louis K. ice, B'way e Myrtle av, h 
113 Suydam 

Blanthorn Eob't, truckman, h 190 Evergreen av 

Blanthorno Mary, wid. Henry, yarieties, 514 
Flushing av 

Blanting George, shoes, 1255 Myrtle av 

Blanz Joseph, elk. h 229 Grand 

Blaira Joseph M. elk. h 229 Grand 

Blard Carl M. framor, h 130 Wyckoff 

Blag August, lab. h 171 Cook 
, Blasdell James H. h 179 Macon 
iBlasdell Jane, wid. Scott, h r 314 Eckford 
I Blasdell Sam'l H. confectioner, h r 314 Eckford 
iBlaseus Frank, mason, h 45 Humboldt 

Blashfleld Abram B. teas, 135 Front N.Y. h 37 
I St. Felix 

i Blashfleld Albert, elk. h 18 2d pi 

I Blashfleld Eliza, wid. William H. h 18 2d pi 

[Blask William, machinist, h 126 2Ud 

Blaskstock Harrys, mouldor, h 7 Canton 

' Blass August^peddler, h 109 Debevoise 

jBlass Conrad F. upholsterer, 264 Carlton av 

I Blass Frank, varnish ar, h 187 Throop av 

' Blass George, tailor, h Jamaica pk rd n Pelling- 

I tonpl E.N.Y. 

Blass Henry, peddler, h 41 Central av 
' Blasa Jacob, waiter, h 364 Carlton av 
Blass John, painter, o 128 Magnolia 
Blass John.polislier,128MagnoIia,h 32 Nostrand 
jBlass John, weaver, h 74 Yaret 
: Blass, William, cutter, h 128 Magnolia 
I Blass Giefer & Co. polishers, 32 Nostrand av 
i Blaszkiewig Hipolit, baker, h N. 8th c Berry 
IBlatchford Alfred J. elk. h 495 Myrtle av 
Blatchford Annie, wid. John, h 711 Myrtle av 
r Blatchford George H. c.h. N.Y. h 314 Laf av 
. Blatchford George H. jr. h 314 Laf av 
! Blatchford Henry, sec. 200 Montague, h 318 
; i Laf av 

• 'Blatiche Marqnis, salesman, h 175 McKibbin 
Blatt Frederick, furniture, 274 Leonard, h 93 

• ! S. 10th 

; Blatt Max, clothing, 275 Grand, h 417 Grand 

1 Blatt Nathan, butcher, h 417 Grand 

, Blatt Theressa, wid. Joseph, h 417 Grand 

• Blatteis Solomon, buttonholemfr. 64 Boerum, h 
1 1 58 Leonard 

» Blattmach'r Herman W. butcher, 389 Flatbush 
■ | av, 

. Blattmach'r Leopold, butcher, 235 Flatbush av 
J Blattner Philip, conductor, h 1557 Bergen 
I Blatts Gotfried. tailor, h 197 Johnson av 
, Blatz David, machinist, h 174 Harrison av 
[Blatz Ferdinand, baker, h 205 Hopkins 
Blatz Frank, tailor, h 33 Middagh 
i Blatz Henry, collector, h 318 Decatur 
I Blatz Jacob, lab. h 295 Stockton 
(Blatz Jacob, mason, h 220 Boerum 
j Blatz Joseph, brasefmisher, h Schenck c At- 
j lantic av E.N.Y. 
i Blatz Joseph, plasterer, h 220 Boerum 
; Blatz Thomas, tailor, h 28 Thornton 
i Blatz William, engineer, h 111 Sackett 
^Blau Morris, crockery, 407 Graham av 
jBlau Moses, peddler, h 203 Johnson av 
] Blau Nathaniel, gardiner, h 997 St. Mark's av 

Blaum John, chemist, h 107 S. 8th 
Blaum Philip A. liquor, Myrtle av c Wyckofl 

Blanss John, lithographer, h 206 EHeTy 
Blauth Bros, butchers, 354 Johnson av 
Blauvelt Andrew T. engineer, h 1436 B'way 
Blauvelt Alfred, ice, h 54 4th av 
Blauvelt Charles A. ins. h 22 St James' pi 
Blauvelt Charles W. driver, li 12 Hicks 
Blauvelt Daniel, mason, h 457 Madison 
Blauvelt Daniel, sawyer, h 188 Kent 
Blauvelt Francis T. artist, h 16!) Wil'by 
Blauvelt Frederick, carpenter, h 23 Flint pi 
Blauvelt Frederick E. printer, 72 Gold If -Y. 

h 974 Dean 
Blauvelt Garry, agt. h 389 Cumberland 
Blauvelt George, h 514 Bergen 
Blauvrlt George W. elk, li 20 Fleet pi 
Blauvelt George W. printer, h 974 Dean 
Blauvelt George W. sugar, 56 Columbia, h 14S 


Blauvelt nenry, fish. 231 Court, h 527 Macon 
Blauvelt James C. elk. h 314 Baltic 
Blauvelt James T. machinist, h 172 Clymer , 
Blauvelt John H. h 514 Bergen 
Blanvelt John H. K, weigher, h 527 Macon 
Blauvett Joseph, ice, 3d c 3d av, h 514 Bergen 
Blauvelt Joseph, mason, 111 6 1 B'way 
Blauvelt Mary E. wid. James F. h 974 Dean 
Blauvelt Orlando W. butcher, 235 4th avN.Y. 

h 157 Newell 
Blauvelt Peter H. elk. h 390 Waverly av 
Blauvelt Peter I. engraver, 66 Beade, h 482 

Classon av 
Blauvelt llemsen I. bkkpr. h 404 Monroe 
Blauvelt Samuel, h 81 2d pi 
Blauvelt Samuel, foreman, h 323 Norman av 
Blauvelt William A. milk, 686 Atlantic av, li 

401 Dean 

Blauvelt William G. farmer, h 51st n 8th av 

Blauvelt William H. h 91 B'way 

Blauvelt William H. salesman, 174 Hancock, h 

157 Newell 
Blauvelt William M. elk. h 211 Nassau 
Blauvelt & Co. molasses, 56 Columbia 
Blay Frederick S. police, h 44 Fleet 
Blaynev Charles, driver, h 304 Monroe 
Blaynev Edmund J. police, h 29 Cumberland 
Blazier B. W. carpenter, h 107 Sands 
Bleach Theodore, plumber, h 3S8 Mvrtle av 
Bleakley Harriet J. wid. Oliver F. h 219 Frank- 
lin av 

Bleakney Albert, elk. h 86 Meserolo 
Bleaknev Charles H. Mdr. 387 Nostrand av, b 

208 Skillman 
Bleam George, jeweler, h 80 Tillary 
Bleck Frederick, foreman, h 63 N. 6th 
Bleck Herman, liquors, 118 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Blecken Job W. h S3 8th av 
Bleckwedel Henry, conductor, h 149 Stanhope 
Bleckwehl Erich A. cutter, h 586 Kosciusko 
Blee Joseph, stationery, 1605£ Fulton 
Bleecker Catharine A! wid. Nicholas, b. 805A 

Laf av 

Bleecker Cornelia A. h 290 Carroll 
Bleecker Elizabeth, wid. h 161 State 
Bleecker George E. cashier, h 345 Laf av 
Bleecker Joseph, salesman, 1: 355 St. Mark's pi 
Bleecker Russell, broker, N.Y. h 161 State 
Sleeker Herman, elk. h 268 Bond 
Bleekman Henry L. skylightmfg. 4 Ked Hook 

la, h 55 Bond 
Blees Kichard, h 80 Boss 
Bleieher Ambrose, liquors, 460 N. 2d 
Bleichnor Charles, tailor, h 20 Humboldt 
Bleidorn Charles, broker, 25 William N.Y. h 52 

Strong pi. 
Bleil Charles, blacksmith, h 65 Walton 
Bleiroann Edward, varnisher, h 87 Ewen 
Bleistein Barbara, wid. Christian, h 242 Stagg 
Bleistein George, miller, h 384 Hamilton av 
Blem Frederick, milk, h Jamaica pk rd & Ver- 
mont av E.N.Y. 
Blem Louisa, wid. h 1195 Fulton 
Blemk Joseph, pipemkr. h 272 Stagg 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotation*, 





Blemke Eranke, shoes, h. 224 Johnson av 

Blend John, baker, h 149 Smith 
Blend John, cutter, h 105 Lynch 
Blend Leonard, cashier, h 149 Smith 
Blend Martin, upholsterer, h 95 Bergen 
Blend Alary, win. b. 95 Bergen 
Blend Susan, wid. Leonard, baker, 149 Smith 
Blenderman Albert H. constable, h 791 B'way 
Blendenaaim Frederick W. driver, h 353 S. 5th 
Blendermaim George H. elk. h 353 S. 5th 
Blendermaim Louis, elk. h 22 Brooklyn av 
Blende rmann Louis A. janitor, h 353 S 5th 
jBIenderniayri Sophia, wid. Lotus, h 353 S- 5th 
Blendow Gustof 0 salesman, li 982 Laf av 
Blenk Sebastian, tailor, h 280 Bush wick av 
Blemiertiassett Herman, banker, h 210 Quincy 
Blennerhaasett Margaret, h 186 S 8th 
Bleunerhassett William "VP. h 210 Quincy 
Blennon James, engineer, h 123 Cong.eas 
Blenweiss Joseph, tailor, h 363 Hudson av 
Bleoo Jennie, wid. John, h 492 4th E D. new 
Bedford av 

Bleser Charles, marble, Meeker av n Penny 

Bleser Wm liquors, Meeker av n Gardner av 

Blessing Alarv, h 136 Evergreen av 

Blessing William T. mfr. 9G Beokmau jST.Y. h 

290 Herkimer 
Blessington James, roofer, h 242 Hamilton av 
Blessington John, lab. h 129 12th 
Blessington Mary, dressmkr k 129 12th 
Blessington Michael, lab. h 129 12th 
Biessmann Elizabeth, wid. Frederick, b. 239 


Blethen Clark, vicepres't, 471 18th, h California 
Blette John, hairdresser, h 71 3d 
Bieuel John, driver, h 2 Bremen 
Slews Thomas, machinist, h 17 Patches av 
Bley Helena, wid. Louis, h 465 Henry 
Bleyer Kudolph, engraver, h 111 Stagg 
Bleyer Sigmund, h 11.1 Stagg 
Bleymanu Charles, cabinetrnkr. h 151 Harrison 

Bleymann Charles J. upholsterer, h 151 Harri- 
son av 

Bleymann Theodore A. cabinetrnkr. h 151 H*r- 
'rison av 

Bleymulier John, lab. h 114 Central av 
Blhtbeig Maria, wid. h 24 Canton 
Blie Henrv, baker, h 120 12th 
Bliestin Frank, lab. h 162 Maujer 
Bligh Addison, exchange, 40 Whitehall N.Y. 
h 92 llfch 

Bligh Dominick, lab. h 529 Lorimer 

Bligh Edwin F. elk. h 92 11th 

Bligh John, peddler, h 207 Johnson av 

Bligh John H. elk. h 108 2d 

Bligh Patrick, lab. h 171 Greenpoint av 

Bligh Kobert, h 12 Webster pi 

Bligh Robert W. elk. h 108 2d 

Blighe Thomas, liquors, 140 Manhattan av, h 

524 Lorimer 
Blighe & Cassidy, liquors, 140 Manhattan av 
Blight Elizabeth, wid. John, h 252 Kosciusko 
Bah Michael, driver, h 158 26th 
Blind Christopher, sawyer, h 97 Moore 
Blind Jacob, carpenter, h 24 Melrose 
Blindenhofer Catherine, fancy gds. 431 Atlan- 
tic av 

Blindenhofer Julius, bkkpr. h 179 Bergen 

Blindenhofer William, cigarmkr. h 1036 3d av 

Blinkhorn Thomas J. baker, 292 Ewen 

Blinn Charles, baker, h 109 Scholes 

Blinn Christ, lab. h 157 Central av 

Blinn Daniel, collector, h 105 Montrose av 

Blinn Frederic S. scales, 311 B'way N.Y. h 54 

Putnam av 
Blinn George, mason, h 185 Johnson av 
Blinn Jacob, printer, h 109 Scholes 
Blinn James, barkpr. h 313 Eckford 
Blinn John H. pictures, 614 Fulton 
Blinn Joseph, lab. h 184 Varet 
Blinn Michael, machinist, h r 109 Soholes 
Blinn Michael, tailor, h 109 Scholes 
Blinn Philip, tailor, h 397 Evergreen av 
Blinn Robert, painter, h 1099 Herkimer 



Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. Utk St, 


Blint Jolm F. pressman, li 392 4th 
Blisard Theodore brakenian, h 1211 B'way 
Biish Jolm S. h 154 Clinton av 
Bliss Ann, wid. Thomas, h 250 Floyd 
Bliss Archibald M. h 1082 Myrtle av 
Bliss Arthur J. elk. h 49 St. Felix 
Bliss Arthur T. butcher, h 505 Quincy 
Bliss Charles, elk. h 695 Flushing av 
Bliss Charles F. lawyer, 02 University pi N.Y. 
h 349 7th 

Bliss Edward E. mfr. suspenders, 221 Smith 
Bliss Eliphalet W. presses, 17 Adams, h Bay 

Bliss lihza, drygds. 221 Smith 

Bliss Everitt, salesman, h 232 5th av 

Bliss E. \\ r . Co. presses, 17 Adams 

Bliss Flavel N. drugs, 500 Henry, h 241 Sackett 

Bliss Frederick, truckman, h old No. 550 Bed- 
ford av 

Bliss George, rugs, h 349 7th 

Bliss George H. chronometers, 128 Front 
N.Y. h S01 Pres't 

Bliss Henry, lawyer, 219 Fulton N.Y. h 222 I 
Dean ! 

Bliss Henry D. physician, 1588 Fulton, h 57 

Bliss James, mason, h 452 5th 

Bliss James W. plumber, 145 Java 

Bliss James W. plumber, 100 5th av, h 452 5th 

Bliss John, chronometermfr. 128 Front N.Y. h 
24 Irving pi 

Bliss John II. editor, 218 Fulton N.Y. h 222 

Bliss John E. h 432 Throop av 

Bliss John L. chrononietennfr. 128 Front N.Y. 

h 404 Jeffer son a.v 
Bliss Leon, ins. 26 Court, h 349 7th 
Bliss Marv A., wid. Heziah, h 196 Wash'n pk 
Bliss Sarah L. wid. Franklin, h 196 Joralemon 
Bliss Solon F. physician. 652 Herkimer, office 

hours, 8 to 9, 12 to 2 & 6 to 8 
Bliss Walter B. elk. h 452 5th 
Bliss William, elk. h r 289 B'way 
Bliss William, truckman, h 106 Degraw 
Bliss William A. physician, h 218 11th 
Bliss William It. collector, h 280 Grand 
Bliss William M. express, h 203 Division av 
Bliss William W. lawyer, Temple et N.Y. h 

294 Carroll 

Blistern Margaret, wid. Anton, h69 McKibbm 
Blitz William S. h 118 Hoyt 
Bliven A. Perry, sunt. N.Y. h Pres't n 7th av 
Bliveii Courtland H. yachts, 63 South N.Y. h 
308 Scher 

Bliven Harriett A. fancygds. 504 Gates av 
Bliven Jeremiah P. physician, h 491 Quincy 
Bliven John B. F. oils, 257 Front N.Y. h 407 

Classon av 
Biix Frederick, elk. h 570 Clinton 
Blix John, gents' furug. 146 Partition, h 570 


Blix John C. sailors' gds. 146 Partition, h 570 

Blix Ludwig W. shipmaster, h 570 Clinton 

Blixt Peter, mechanic, h 291 Pacific 

Blizard Jolm, h 562J Gates av 

Blizzard Furuian, seaman, h 445 Hicks 

Bloces Abraham, lab. h 187 Franklin 

Bloch Abraham, jeweler, h 183 Hey ward 

Bloeh Achille, butcher. 253 Bridge 

Bloch Asher. butcher, 66 Grand 

Bloch A. C. impr. 62 White N.Y. h 108 Pacific 

Bloch Benjamin, com. mer. h 150 Maujer 





go 4 



31 E, 17 

Foundries and Shops. East 28th St. and Socond Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Beg ({rates, Etc. 

See advt. I«af opp. name. 


857 Broadway, cor. 


17th St., New York. 


>" * 

sS si 

O o 

ft £ 

O r 

r o 

to s 

Z o 

o ° 






Lain's Directory Office, 

17 WfflougM>y St., cor. Pearl, BTdyE. 

Koch Benoit, photographer, 179 Mvrtle av 
Koch Cbas. hair, 491 B'way N.Y. h 305 S. 

Koch Gustav, com. mer. h 150 Maujer 
Bloeh Henry, butcher, 268 Hudson av, h 306 
Bridge " 

Bloeh Heyman. butcher, h 150 Mauler 
Bloeh Jacob, lab. h 314 1st E.I), now Kent av 
Bloeh Joseph, butcher, 427 Warren, h 193 

Bloeh Leopold, butcher, 332 Grand 
Bloeh Leopold, butcher, 60 Front, h 68 Wash's 
Bloeh Louis, butcher, h 293 Columbia 
Block Max, elk. h CO G rand 
Bloeh Rosalie, wid. .Andreas, h 56 K. 9th 
Block Samuel, butcher, 281 Smith, h 367 Union 
Blocii Samuel, butcher, 366 Van Brunt 
Bloeh Samuel E. lace impr.62 White N.Y.h 168 

Bloeh Solomon M. laces, 62 White K.Y. h 168 

Blochle Adolph, tailor, h 103 Middleton 
Block Abraham, butcher, 84 Bridge, h 231 

Block Abrnm. tailor, h 183 Johnson av 
Block Adam II. shoemkr. h 588 B'way 
Block Charles W. salesman, h 280 Rutlodge 
Block Diederich. elk. h 694 Hicks 
Block Gustftve. butcher, h 255 Humboldt 
Block Henrietta, wid. John, cigars, 310 Bush- 
I wick av 

Block Henry, elk. h 330 4th E. D. now Bed- 
i ford av 

Block Henry, liquors, 192 Wash'n 
Block Herman, elk. h 181 Bridge 
Block Jacob, butcher, h 304 4th" E. D. now Bed- 
i ford av 

Block Johannes, mechanic, h 153 Hopkins 
Block John W. h 308 Livingston 
Block Joseph, butcher, 427 Warren, h 193 
I Wyckoff 

Block Josexih. realestate, h 1149 B'way 
Block Jules, butcher, 701 B'way 
Block Leo, collector, h 221 Park av 
Block Leopold, butcher, Wash'n mkt. K.Y. h 

259 Rutlodge 
Block Leopold jr. elk. h 259 Rutledge 
Block Louis, fancygds. 180 Graham av 
Block Mary, wid. Henry, h 25 Garfield pi 
Block Rebecca, wid. Samuel, h 214 Elm 
Block Robert C. jeweler, h 279 Vand't av 
Block Rosalie, wid. Aaron, h 221 Parkav 
Blocker Frank, lab. h 192 Plymouth 
Blodget Charles W, sec. 157 4th E.I), now Bed- 
i ford av 

Blodgett Herman, c. h. N.Y. h 394 State 

Blodgett Herman P. lawyer, h 394 State 

Bloede Gertrude, h 287 Scher 

Bloede Gustave, physician. 287 Scher 

Bloede Indiana, h 287 Scher 

Bloeth John B. furniture, 891 Park av & 668 
! B'way, h 189 Throop av 

Blohm August, liquors, 282 1st E.D. now Kent 
I av 

Blohm Charles A. butter, K.Y. h 72 Wilson 
v Blohm Conrad, elk. h 602 Myrtle av 
Blohm Edwd. E. paints, 127 'B'way, h 138 S. 9th 
Blohm Edward T bkkpr. h 138 S! 9th 
Blohm Frederick, com mer. 278 Wash'n K.Y. h 
20G S. 4th 

Blohm Hermann, grocer, 283 Hudson av 
Blohm Isaac, elk. h 104 Heyward 
Blohm John, h 758 3d av 
Blohm John, barkpr. h 329 Wash'n 
Blohm Louis, realestate, 467 B'way, h 23 Park 
Blohm Robert T. hardware, 758 3dav 
Blohm WiLlliam. liquors, h363 Halsey 

William JL Tyler, 

no & ii2 Broad St., 
Cor. Water St., TsTew Yorlc 

Blohm© A brand, salesman, h 466 B'way 
Blohme Theodore, packer, h 43 Gwinnett 
Blomberg August, upholsterer, h 344 Court 
Blomberg A. tailor, h 742 Fulton 
Kooiberg Charles, carpenter, h 827 Herkimer 
Blomberg Emil, seaman, h 131 Sands 
BSomberg Franz, tailor, h r463 Dean 
Blomeko Frederick, liquors. 51 Grand 
Blomqnist David, machinist, h 254 Wyckoff" 
Blomquist J. tailor, b 399 Classou av 
Blomquist S. bricklayer, h 492 Warrwn 
Blomquist William, cigars. 551 Atlantic av 
Blomovist August, real estate, Tribune bldg. 

NA\ h495 Halsey 
Bloncio Fernandez, cigarmkr. h ISO Wash'n 
Blond A Ton. tailor, h Smith av c Liberty av E. 

Blondel Charles, paints, 57 Barekw K.Y. hi 

50a Laf. av. 
Blondel Mary M. wid. Charles, h 687 Gates av 
Blondell Alfred, shipmaster, h 109 Pros' t 
Blondglalm Henry . driver, h 136 Stagg 
Blondglahn Mary, fancy gds. liifi Slagg 
Blondheim Solomon, leadpipe, Driggs n K.llth 
Blonsky Michael, china, 989 B'way & drygds, 

091 B'way, h 643 Kosciusko 
Blonsky & lierlikofer dryads 691 B'way 
Blonstein Emil, shoemkr. h 148 Hudson av 
Blood Alfred H. groceries K.Y.h 118 Lefferts 

Blood George A. sec. N Y. h 189 Lefferts pi 
Blood John H. bldr. h 711 Madison 
Blood Michael, cobbler, h 144 Wytho av 
Blood Richard, paper, h 467 Park av 
Blood Sylvester, broker, 30 Broad N. Y. h 572 
Wash'n av 

Blood S. William. N.Y. & Perry Coal & Iron 

Co. h 189 Leflerts pi 
Bloodgood Andrew I), blankbks. 168 William 

K7Y. h 101 Wilson 
Bloodgood Edward C. elk. h 120 Dovoe 
Blood good Edward D. realestate, h ii08 Tom- 
kins av 

Bloodgood George, h 543 Gates 
Bloodgood James, lather, h r 24 Cook 
Bloodgood Lewis F. steamships, h 218 S. 4th 
Bloodgood Mathias, h 4-13 6th 
Bloodgood Sidney, carpenter, h 75 Oakland 
Bloodgood Winfield, steamheating, h 443 6th 
Bloodgood William A. liquors. 1372 Fulton 
Bloodgood William H. driver, h 1769 Fulton 
Bloom Albert, collector, h 397 St. Mark's pi 
Bloom Annio, wid. Josepli, h 512 Grand 
Bloom Charles, machinist, h 86 S. 6th 
Bloom Charles, printer, h 1362 Pacific 
Bloom Cornelia, wid. Richard, h B'way n Wil- 
liams pi E.K.Y. 
Bloom Edward, gilder, h 694 Gates av 
Bloom George, saddlemkr. h 262 Ewen 
Bloom Gustavus, grocer, 37 Flatbush av 
Bloom Jacob, paper-hanger, h 511 Myrtle av 
Bloom James C. asst. treas. h old No, 69 Hewes 
Bloom John, lab. h 84 Troy av 
Bloom John, tinsmith, h 260 Eliery 
Bloom Mary, wid. E. AV. h old No. 455 Kent 

Bloom William H. elk. h 397 St. Mark's pi 
Bloom Winfield S. elk. b 23 Douglass 
Bloomburg Fritz, machinist, li 12 Adams 
Bloomberg Gustave W. painter, h 97 18th 
Bloomer Francis, painter, h 233 Grand 
Bloomer George, bldr. h Herkimer c Sackman 
E.N Y. 

Bloomer George P. bldr. Herkimer n Sackmam 

h Herkimer c Sackman E.K.Y. 
Bloomer Henry F. upholsterer, h 233 Grand 
Bloomer James, carpenter, h 241 Ewen 
Bloomer James, foreman, b 764 Gates av 
Bloomer John, brassfmisher, h 55 Adams 

Bloomer John, stevedore, h 8 Tiffany pi 
Bloomer Julia, wid. John M. h &M Lex av 
Bloomer Margaret E. wid. Charles R. h 1015 

Bloomer Phebe, dressmkr. 62 Cheever pi 
Bloomer William, cigars, 257 Smith 

Importer of Hennessy, Mar tell, Otarci, and 

Blussard Cognac Brandies, Knickerbocker and 

Crown Schiedam Gins, Polo and Duff Gordon 

Sherries, and Oporto Port Wines. 





11 E. 14th St.,]VewYorIi. 

Bloomer William J. shirts, 212 B'way N.Y. li 

172 St. James' pi 
Bloomfeld Ralph, tel. oper. h 52 Sands 
Bloomfiold Ellis S. drygds. h 311 Nostrand av 
Bloomfield George A* carriagebldr. 219 Frost, 

h 186 Calyer 
Bloomfield George W. carpenter, h 80 Newell 
Bioomlield Henry F. shipjoiner, h 179 Freeman 
Bloomfield Jacob, tailor, 9 Hicks 
Bloomfield John, lab. h 97 Ferris 
Bloomfield John E. bkkpr. h 71 Greene 
Bloomfield Joseph, tailor, 75 Wythe av 
Bloomfield Myer, tailor, 75 Wythe av, h 30 -4th 

E.D. now Bedford av 
Bloomfield Robert, police, li 195 Spencer 
Bloomfield Sarah, wid. AlexV, h 88 Nassau av 
Bloomfield Thomas F. h 389 De Kalb av 
Bloon Henry, foolmkr. h 6 Hope 
Blooner John, lab. h 222 N. 2d 
Bloor Henry P. glass stainer, 380 Atlantic av, 

h 400 6th 

Bloor & Tuckhorn, stained glass, 380 Atlantic 

Bloshek Clements, lab. h 199 Stagg 
Blosnan Michael, furrier, h 22\) St. Mark's av 
Bioss Adam, furniture, 598 Manhattan av 
Bloss Richard, sawyer, h 176 West 
Blossfekl Charlea H. tailor, 611 Fulton, h. 457 

Blossteld Frederick C. tailor, N.Y. h 215 Bean 
Blossfeld Herman, carpenter, h 106 Boerum pi 
Blossius Frederick, lab. h r 145 Concord 
Blossom Benjamin, elk. h 54 Remsen 
Blossom Charles C. elk. h 54 Eemseu 
Blossom Charlea W. mer. h 54 Reraaen 
Blossom Frederick A. h 193 Amity 
Blossom Frederick W. mer. HO Water N.Y. h 
54 Rem son 

Blossom Jos. R. com. mer. N.Y. h 190 Clinton 
Blossom Josiah B. mor. 60 New N.Y. h 440 

Blott Benjamin W. carpenter, 328 15th 
Blotz Andrew, blacksmith, h 198 Boerum 
Bloumai Jack, machinist, h 204 Front 
Bloankermey Joseph, baker, h 190 Middleton 
Blow John, carpenter, h 17 Van Cott av 
Bloxham Kate, wid. John, li 103 Henry 
Bloy George, driver, h 123 Nassau 
Bluuo John, stonesetter, h 187 Wythe av 
Blue James, elk. h 209 Greenpoint av 
Blue James D. boilermkr. li 182 Oakland 
Bluel Elizabeth, wid. Frank, h 23 Thames 
Bluenienstack Geo. harnessinkr, h 1111 Fulton 
Bluementhal Hannah, wid. h 109 Graham av 
Bluett William, salesman, h 554 Clinton 
Bluhdorn William H. mer. h 327 Laf av 
Bluhdorn William H. jr. h 327 Laf av 
Bluhni Margarotho, h 135 Montrose av 
Bluhm Margarethe, h 139 Montrose av 
Bluhni William, lab. h 90 Richards 
Blum Albert, cutter, h 235 Ellery 
Blum Charles S. hatter, h 259 Qdincy 
Blum George, machinist, h 189 Park av 
Blum Henry, stonecutter, h 512 B'way 
Blum Hippolyte, cloak trimmings, 105 Sheffield 
av E.N.Y. 

Blum Jacob tailor, h E.N.Y. av n Rockaway 

av E.N.Y. 
Blum Joseph lab. li 207 Johnson av 
Blum John, engineer, h 331 Ellery 
Blum Louis, butcher, 197 Ewen 
Blum Max, butcher, 131 Ewen & c Broome & 

Orchard N.Y. h c Broome & Orchard N.Y. 
Blum Moses, peddler, li 207 Johnson av 
Blum O. R. teacher, h 189 Park av 
Blum Philip P. shoemkr. 427 18th 
Blum Si^mund, cigarmkr. h 22 Kossuth pi 
Blum Theophilus, butcher, 131 Ewen, h 159 


Blum Thomas, butcher, 131 Ewen & c Broome 

& Orchard N.Y. h 139 Ewen 
Blum Bros, butcher , 131 Ewen 
Blumberg David, conductor, h 16 Alabama av 


Blumberg Hannah H. wid. Max. cigars, h B'way 
c Schenck av E.N.Y. 

Blumberg Wolf, fancygds. 523 Court 

Blume David, butcher, h 200 Grand 

Blume Ferdinand, cutter, h 438 Humboldt 

Blame George M. elk. h 193 Columbia 

Blume Henry, brakeman, h 670 4th av 

Blume Henry, batcher, 19 J Mvi t'e av 

Blume Hermann, potmkr. h 229 Hudson av 

Blume John, h 620 4th av 

Blume John D. shoemkr. h 69 Navy 

Blume Nellie, hfurng. 37 Myrtle av, b 178 

Myrtle av 
Blume Richard, painter, h 190 Moore 
Blume William, elk. h Sackett c 5th av 
Blumehart Charles, billiards, h 320 Stockton 
Blumenan Levi, realestate, 101 Smith 
Blumenan Max, gloves, 463 Fulton, h 113 Dean 
Blumenfeld Julius, cutter, h 126 N. 5th 
Blumenrother Bonivaduro, varnisher, h 190 


Blumenrother Charles, varnisher, h 190 Huron 
Blumenrother Frank, varnishor, h 190 Huron 
Blumenrother John, varnisher, h 190 Huron 
Blumenstein Eckhardt G. carpenter, S. 5th c 

3d E D. h 778 Monroe 
Blumenstein Gottlieb, shoemkr. h 139 N. 9th 
Blumenstein Robert, moulder, h 138 Graham av 
Blumenetetter Carl, boxmkr. h 60 Whipple 
Blumenstetter Joseph, music, h 766 Park av 
Blumenstetter Theresa, wid. Jos. h 76 Park av 
Blumenstock Leonhard, shoes, 103 Wil'by 
Blumenstock Samuel, liquors, 14 Union av, h 

50 Montrose av 
Blumenstock Solomon, liquors, 14 Union av, h 

179 Hewes 

Blumenthal Jacob, glazier, h r 56 Graham av 
Blumer Andrew, hairdresser, Locust av n 

Ridgewood av E.N.Y. 
Blumer James, colormixer, h 880 Atlantic av 
Blumer Jane, wid. cigars, 890 Atlantic av 
Blumer Jacob, chemist, h 127 Java 
Blumhardt Herman, barkpr. h 708 3d av 
Blumko Rudolph, tailor, 248 Graham av 
Blumleim Albert, tailor, h 136 Maujer 
Blumleim Christian, tailor, h 136 Maujor 
Blumleim Robert, tailor, h 136 Maujer 
Blumlein John, tailor, h 274 Stagg 
Blumm Frank, tailor, h 158 Grab am av 
Blummer Helena, wid, John H. h 185 S. 3d 
Blumner Frederick, artist, 91 Troy av 
Blundell Walter, h B'wav n Monroe E.N.Y. 
Blunden William, lab. h 263 Palmetto 
Blunston Samuel, carpenter, h 79 Wvckoff 
Blunt Edgar S. realestate, 52 B'way N.Y. h 150 


Blunt Edmund, paints, 151 Maiden la N.Y. h 
134 Amity 

Blunt John, lab. h 256 Ten Eyck 

Blunt John, h 46 Gates av 

Blunt Margaret, wid. Edward, h 58 Morton 

Bluxoin John D. mer. h 188 S. Oxford 

Bly James, lab. h 652 Butler 

Blydenburgh Frank, broker, 60 B'way N.Y. h 
494 Greene av 

Blydenburgh George B. carpenter, h 14 Stock- 

Blydenburgh Wilford I. elk. h 276 B'way 
Blydenburgh William, fireman, h 413 Myrtle av 
Blye George, carpenter, h r 10 Bedford 
Blye William, mason, h 150 York 
Blyer Moritz, cigars, 284 4th E.D. now Bedford 

Blylich Louis, bnttonholemkr. 186 Richardson, 

h 28 MoKibbin 
Blyn Isaac, shoeinfr. 330 1st E.D. now Kent av 

&. 16!) Columbia, h 100 Columbia 
Blyn Louis, shoes, 274 Grand 
Blyth David, carpenter, h 160 3d av 
BIyth George, hatter, h 110 38th 
Blyth James, machinist, h 670 Park av 
Blyth William, shoemkr. h 753 Gate:-* av 
Blyth William M. laces, h 670 Park av 
Bly the Catharine, wid. h 845 Pacific 
Blythe Mary, wid. James, h 218 N. 3d 
Boag Edward T. sec. N.Y. b 951 Greene av 
Boag Thomas H. h 588 Henry 
Boald Luno, lab. h 4 Jackson ct 



Manager for N.Y. & N.J, 

271 Broadway, N. Y, 




a < 
3 [ 

<-t- . 

P ' 

g OS 

H « 






Assets, in U. S., Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,8 



193 Montague Street, Brooklp. 
. No, 128 Fiatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

™ Junction of Atlantic^ FcKrih Aves. 

LiaML, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
90 BOG — BOD 


» & 

s * 

«5 ° 


LAIN «fc CO., 


17 WillougMiy St., cor. Pearl, E'kljm, 

Boam Joseph, cigarmkr. h 394 5th av 
Boamin Martin, Tab. h 175 4th 
Boanck Charles, baker, h 194 EHery 
Board of Aldermen, 2 City Hall 
Board of Assessors, 20 Municipal bldg 
Board of Audit's Office, 11 City Hall 
Board of City Works, 7 Municipal bldg 
Board of Elections, 8 City Hall 
Board of Health, 21 Municipal bldg 
Board of Pharmacy, 9 City Hall 
Board of Supervisors, 12 Court House 
Boarding Clarcnce,hiardresser,h r 143 Concord 
Boardman Alphonso F. clockmkr. h 234 Flat- 
bush av 

Boavdnian Casper, h 106 Lawrence 
Boardman E.Henry, sale sman.h 24 St-Jaroes' pi 
Boardman Fred. H. h old No. 373 Bedford av 
Boardman Gorhan, lumber, 115 Wall N.Y. h 

134 Gates av 
Boardman HenrvM. drugs, 689 He Kalb av, h 

619 Wil'by av 
Boardman Jason E. S. plumbers' mtls. 54 Cliff 

N.Y. h old No. 373 Bedford av 
Boardman John J. machinist, h 66 "Willow 
Boardman Mary, wid. Thomas, b. r old No. 

413 Kent av 
Boardman "Walter, clockmkr. h 455 6th av 
Boardman "William F. clockmkr. li 234 Flat- 
bush av 

Boardman & Davis, drugs, 689 De Kalb av 
Boasa Max F. 416 2d E. D. now 

Wythe av 
Boate Richard B. elk. h 352 Dean 
Boaz Eichard B. shipmaster, h 787 Wil'by av 
Bobbett Albert, engraver, h 369 Cumberland 
Bobbett "Walter, artist, h 369 Cumberland 
Boben right Eichard, baker, h 326 Myrtle av 
Bobensiehn Oscar, brewer, h 55 Beaver 
Boberowsky Harris, tailor, h 107 Montrose av 
Bono Angus L. mfr. h 337 Quincy 
Bob3t Theresa, wid Adam, h 139 Hudson av 
Boeart Emil, lab. h 143 12th 
Boch Christian, lab. h old No. 51 Eodney 
Boch Gustav, tailor, h 13G Bayard 
Boch Henry, tailor, h 136 Bayard 
Boch Joseph, driver, h r 157 Smith 
Boch Oscar A. undertaker, 1014 B'way 
Boch Sophia, wid h 22 Graham av 
Bochat Augusta, wid. Emil, shoes, 415 Grand, 

h 22 Powers 
Bochat Charles S. elk. h 22 Powers 
Bochat Ferdinand S elk. h 22 Powers 
Boche William, compositor, h 111 Scholes 
Bochlen Joseph, insp. h 110 Wyckoff 
Bock Anna K. wid. Adam, h 68 Diamond 
Bock August, tailor, h lSUThroop av 
Bock Augustus, carpenter, h 133 Jefferson 
Bock Emel, soapmfr. h 390 S. 3d 
Bock Emma M. h 89 Eagle 
Bock Frank, shoemkr. h 257 Powers 
Bock Frederick, baker, 378 Atlantic av 
Bock Frederick, mfr. h Schenck av c Baltic av 

E. N.T. 

Bock Frederick G. bkbinder, h 68 Diamond 
Bock Gottfred, grocer, 27 Fleet 
Bock Henry, cook, h r 87 Eagle 
Bock John H. elk. h 65 Livingston 
Bock Louis, gardener, h B'way n Vermont av 
E. N.Y 

Bock Mary, wid. Luder, h 65 Livingston 
Bock Solomon, tailor, h 288 Floyd 
Bock Theodore, machinist, h 81 Bartlett 
Bock William, silverbeater, h Baltic av n Van- 

sicklen avE. N.Y. 
Bocke John, grocer, h 60 Boerum 
Bocke Louis, cigarmkr. h 60 Boerum 

Bockee Isabella, wid. h 48 1st pi 
Bockel Louis, carpenter, h r 288 Dcvoo 
Bockelman Frederick, grocer, 132 Navy 
Bockelman George, brassfmisher, h 488 16th 
Bockelman Louisa P. wid. Charles A. h 99 

Bockelmann Henry, lab. h Vermont av n Ja- 
maica pk rd E. N.Y. 
Bocklen George, liquors. 224 Union av 
Bocklet John, 'paints. 165 Montrose av 
Booklet Michael, tailor, 108 Montrose av 
Bockman Charles, h 248 Hoyt 
Bockman Ferdinand, shoemkr. h 112 Gerry 
Bockman Johanna, wid. Chas. h 133 Douglass 
Bockman William, barkpr. h 805 Classon av 
Bockmann Henry C. driver, h 519 5th av 
Bockmann Mary, wid. Clous, h 519 5th av 
Bockmyer Michael, varnish er, h 463 Atlan- 
tic av 

Bockold Henry, lab. h 1918 Dean 

Bockover Edward I. com.mer. 3) 373 Vand't av 

Bockus Edward, cooper, h 136_N. 1st 

Bockus John, painter, h 136 N. 1st 

Bockwell Mary, wid. Jason, h 294 Laf av 

Bole Hanover," lab. h 230 N. 7th 

Bodde Henry, lab. h 198 Greene 

Boddy Edward, elk. li 567 Warren 

I3oddy John H, casemkr. h 222 18th 

Bode Henry, elk. h 138 Newell 

Bode Henry, ice, 49 Diamond 

Bode Henry, lab. h 244 2d E. D. now Wythe av 

Bode John, h old No. 708 Bedford av 

Bode John, grocer, 298 Powers 

Bode John, hatter, h 194 Sandford 

Bode Martha, wid. Diederich. h 194 Sandford 

Bode Nicholas H. grocer, li 67 Morroll 

Bode Phillip, lab. h 25-4 Havemeyer 

Bode William, ins. h 395 Bergen 

Bode William, tailor, h 299 Marion 

Bode William jr. tailor, h 299 Marion 

Bo-decker John, jeweler, h 54 India 

Bodell Frank, plasterer, h 188 Johnson av 

Boden Andrew J. gas, h 214 Classon av 

Boden Edward, plasterer,, h 729 Gates av 

Boden Frederick, C. vinegar, 44 Dean, h 24 

Strong pi 
Boden George, casemkr. h 22 Canton 
Boden John J. tel. oper. h 47 Prince 
Boden Joseph, florist, h 433 Degraw 
Boden Patrick, police, h 124 Harrison 
Boden & Lacey, vinegar, 44 Dean 
Bodenbender Henry, tailor, h 209 Ten Eyck 
Bodensclmtz Frank, pianomkr. h 37 S. 4th 
Bodensted Thomas, baker, h 86 Gerry 
Bodenstedt Chas. carpenter, h 147 Skillman av 
Bodenstein Otto hardware, 725 B'way, h 328 


Bodenstein William, hardware, 725 B'way, h 
328 Floyd 

Bodenstein & Son, hardware, 725 B'way 
Bodes Henry, shipwright, h 82 S. 3d 
Bodest Hance, mechanic, h 415 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Bodger Henry, florist, h 201 S. Portland av 
Bodie William, mason, h 587 6th av 
Bodigheimer Joseph, shoemkr. 119 Sumpter 
Bodine Abijah E. mer. 28 Merchant How, W. 

Wash'n mkt. N.Y. h 277 Cleimont av 
Bodine Arthur W. stencilmkr. h 184 Nostrand 


Bodine David C. elk. h 184 Nostrand av 
Bodine Henry, seeds, h 62 5th av 
Bodine Howard A. ice, h 337 Cumberland 
Bodine John, police, h 353 Grand av 
Bodine Peter 1). agt. h 353 Grand av 
Bodine Victor, architect, 141 Centre N.Y. h 
633 3d av 

Bodine William N. painter, h 606 Classon av 

Bodinski Joseph, lab. h r 137 Dupont 

Bodkin Dominick G. phvsician, 92 Sands, office 

hours before 10, 2 to 3 & 7 to 9 
Bodkin James, h 223 Hoyt 

Bodkin James, tailor, 340 Atlantic av, h 101 

Bodkin John, plumber, N.Y. h 184 Penn 
Bodkin Lawrence P. coal, 87 Bridge, h 92 Sanda 


J. A. WEBB & SON, I "» Ei«PVo s ffi SET - 1 »mi.w lsns. 

Dsed by Drujjgists and Manufacturers throughout tho world. Send for Quotation!. 



BOD - BOE 91 BOE — BOG- 

Bodkin Martin R. mfr. 128 Maden la N. Y. li 
481 3d 

Bodlaski C. & Co. skins, 68 Ellery, h old No. 

304 Marcy av 
Bodlaski Jacob, skins, 68 Ellery, h old No. 304 

Marcy av 
Bodle Samuel, h 123 Classon av 
Bodmann Jnhn, lab. li 200 N. 5tli 
Bod well W illiam, printer, h 207 McDonough. 
Body Frank, gardener, h 1059 Greene av 
Bodye Frederick, eigarmkr. h 31 Gwinnett 
Boe Peter J. carpenter, h 50 Nassau 
Boecher Conrad, tailor, h 108 Middleton 
Boecher George., milk, h 198 Middleton 
Boecher Louis, hardware, 30 Throop av 
Boeck Holder, ins. 316 Fulton, h 164 9tli 
Boeckel Charles H. painter, h 579 Warren 
Boeckel Louis F. painter, Flatbush av, h 583 


Boeckel William, lawyer, 122 B'way N.Y. h 
164 S. 2d 

Boeckel William A. lawyer, 115 Nassau N.Y. 

h 437J Pulaski 
Boeckler Charles, cabinetmkr. h 100 Jackson 
Boeckmann Charles, driver, h 28 N. Oxford 
Boede Andrew, mason, h 265 15th 
Boedecker Frederick J. grocer, 1021 3d av 
Boedeker John F. liquors, Meeker av c Moni- 

Boegel Andrew, lab. h 133 Jefferson 
Boegel Frederick, cigars, h 133 Jefferson 
Boeger Annie, wid. Frank, shoemkr. h 189 

Boeger Charles, gilder, h 189 Devoe 
Boegner Frank, foreman, h 36 Scholes 
Boehler Joseph, shoemkr. h 236 Ellery 
Boehler Peter, lab. h 198 Boerum 
Boehler Simon A. machinist, h 70 Throop av 
Boehni Aucrust, bkbinder, h Baltic av n Madi- 
son E.N.Y. 

Boehm Chas. hairdresser, h 78 N. Portland av 

Boehm Charles F. cigars, 157 Bushwick av 

Boehm Charles R. liairdresser, 61 Park av 

Boehm Elvira, h 42 Boerum pi 

Boehm Ernest, tailor, h 179 Devo© 

Boehm George, bkkpr. h 46 Bartlett 

Boehm John, fish, 125th c 3d av N.Y. h 1109 

Bushwick av 
Boehm John, shipmaster, h 189 2d av 
Boehm Joseph, h 260 McDougal 
Boehm Max, metal worker, h 485 18th 
Boehm Peter M. u.s.a. h 328 Macon 
Boehm Uobert, liquors, B'way n New Jersey 

av E.N.Y. 

Boehm Rudolph, hairdresser, B'way n Ver- 
mont av 

Boehm William, designer, h 664 Jefferson av 
Boehme Hermann, druggist, Atlantic av o 

Georgia av E.N.Y. 
Boehmer Alois, cabinetmkr. h 195 Boerum 
Boehmer Peter, mechanic, h 252 Hopkins 
Boehinitz Ernest, shoemkr. h 119 Hopkins 
Boelin Albert, carpenter, h New Jersey av n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Boehn Frederick, cashier, h old No. 248 Hooper 
Boelin Herman, foreman, h 502 Van Buren 
Boehringer Christopher, foreman, 470 Pacific 
Boehringer Herman, painter, h Jamaica pk rd 

n Vermont av E.N.Y. 
Boehringer Margaret, wid. Leonhard, h Jamai- 
ca pk id n Vermont av E.N.Y. 
Boeklen Kienhold, engineer, h 781 Union 
Boelger Conrad, shoemkr. n 118 N, 9th 
Boelkow Charles, baker, 45 Central av 
Boell Albeit B. bkkpr. h 409 Pacific 
Boell Charles, painter, h 137 Johnson 
Boell Charles P. h 409 Pacific 
Boell Henry K. painter, h 97 Eckford 
Boell M. J."wid. Frederick, h 209 Congress 
Boemermann George, liquors, 1155 Fulton, h 

131 Madison 
Boemermann Herman, liquors, old No. 657 Bed- 
ford av 

Boemermann John, barkpr. h 1155 Fulton 
Boenan Charles, grocer, 561 4th av 
Boenau Theodore, elk. h 561 4th av 

Boene Philip, cabinetmkr. h 101 Moore 
Boenig Edward, baker, h 180 Harrison av 
Boeninghaus Frank, jeweler, h 23 Park 
Boenitsch John P. h 37 Sumpter 
BoeraBiel, corks, 100 Maiden la N.Y. h 5Q2£ 
6th av 

Boera George, corks, 100 Maiden la N.E. h 502J 
6th av 

Boerckel John, crockery, 31 Tompkins av 
Boercker John, engraver, h old No. 300 Marcy 

Boerke Arno, pipemkr. h r 192 Ewen 
Boerke William C. liquors, 94 Maujer 
Boerman Charles, tailor, h 21 Bogart 
Boerman Lewis, tailor, h 295 Devon 
Boero August, fireman, h 155 McICibbin 
Boers William J. printer, h 11 Hicks 
Boerum Charlotte, wid. John, h 113 State 
Boerum 1). H. wid. Stephen, nurse, h old No. 

345 Kent av 
Boerum Edward, fireman, h 13 Walworth 
Boerum F. Bapelje, h 155 Nostrand av 
Borum Henry, fireman, h 107 Walworth 
Boerum James, carman, h 202 Clifton pi 
Boerum James, produce, h 98 Graham av 
Boerum Jeremiah, polisher, h 29 Mesorole 
Boerum John, carpenter, h 35 Tompkins av 
Boerum Richard, painter, h 45 Grand av 
Boesce Andrew, shoemkr. h726 Flushing av 
Boerum William, coal, h 173 Nostraud av 
Boeseh Frank, barkpr. h 56 Clymer 
Boeseh Franz, liquors, 193 Graham av 
Boeschen John H. agt. h 221 23d 
Boese Carl, liquors. 762 5th av 
Boese Emil C. cashier, h 312 S. 4th 
Boese Rachel, drj'gds. 283 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Boese Robert "W. bkkpr. h 312 S. 4th 
Boese William, lithographer, h 102 Adams 
Boese William, pianomkr. h 312 S. 4th 
Boese William A. jeweler, li 283 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Boesen Frederick, sec. h 178 Wil'by av 
Boesenberg Louis, liquors, 67 4th av 
Boesh Mathias, carpenter, h 142 Central av 
Boeshott Gottfried, shoemkr. h 58 Throop av 
Boesse Frederick J. jeweler, 64 Nassau N.Y. h 

64 S. 6th 

Boest William, cigarmfr. old No. 240 Marcy av 
Boetcher August, stevedore, h 12 Fulton 
Boetcher Herman E. lithographer, 259 Maujer, 

h 157 Prince 
Boettcher John G. L. brassfoundry, 132 1st 

E.I), now Kent av. h 331 N. 11th 
Boetticher Max A. liquors, 177 Atlantic av 
Boetticher Otto, consular agt. 2 Bowling green 

N.Y. h 98 Madison 
Boettinger George, painter, h 178 Throop av 
Boettinger Gottlieb, painter, 238 John.son av. 

h 178 De Kalb av 
Boettjer Frederick, liquors, 79 Harrison av 
Boettke August, tailor, h 230 Smith 
Boetyel Fredricka, wid. Jules, h 1241 Myrtle 


Boetzel Fred'k, tailor, h Warren n Rockaway 
av E.N.Y. 

Boetzel John, cabinetmkr. h r 176 Ten Eyck 
Boevie August R. cabinetmkr h 405 18th 
Boewig Frederick, lab. h 9 Whipple 
Bogaczynski Frank A. tailor. 23 Putnam av 
Bogaczynski Frank A. &, Bro. tailors, 23 Put 
nam av 

Bogaczynski Ignatius, tailor, 23 Putnam av 
Bogan Bernard, realestate, 65 Court, h 166 

Bogan James, plasterer, h 403 Lex av 
Bogard Charles, cigars, 643 De Kalb av 
Bogard James, machinist, h 357 Jay 
Bogardus Egbert E. hardware, 405 5th av, h 

425 5th av 
Bogardus Helen M. wid. h 799 Pacific 
Bogardus Robert, dentist, 312 Fulton, h 179 


Bogart Abby L. restaurant, 160 B'way, h 133 
S. 9th 

Bogart Adrian, carpenter, h 134 20th 




132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy, 

LA-IKT tie OO., 
City Directory Printing House, 

17 TYillougliby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, H. Y. 

Bogart Ambrose, grocer, 100 Franklin 
Bogart diaries P. barkpr. h 643 De Kalb av 
Bogart Cornelius, porter, h 107 S. 8th 
Bogart Edward J shoecutter, h 239 Devoe 
Bogart Edwin S. bkkpr. 14 Court House, h 683 

Bogart Elias S. conductor, h 294 17th 
Bogart. Elizabeth A. wid. h 221 Cumberland 
Bogart Ellsworth E. chaser, h 212 Guernsey 
Bogart Emma, h 220 Walworth 
Bogart Frank E. bkkpr. h 764 Quincy 
Bogart, Henry, li 1151 Fulton 
Bogart Henry N. porter, h 334 S. 2d 
Bogart James, cooper, h 315a 11th 
Bogart John A. bldr. h 179 13th 
Bogart John H. moulder, h 145 Elm 
Bogart J. Bvon, physician, h 225 Greene av 
Bogart Laviuia, wid. Peter, h 294 17th 
Bogart Lizzie, li 122 Montague 
Bogart Louisa, wid. Peter, ii 286 Pearl 
Bogart. Nellie, wid. Andrew, h 8 Ten Eyck 
Bogart Nicholas, h 563 Wan-en 
Bogart Philip E. stationer, h 764 Quincy 
Bogart William, shoecutter,h 315 Palmetto 
Bogeart Christopher A. printer, h 39 Meokerav 
Bogeart Theodore A. shoecutter, h 112 Linden 
Bogel August J. oils, h 45 Skillman 
Bogel Claus H. grocer, 312 Leonard 
Bogel Henry, confectioner, 47 B'way 
Bogel Henry L. liquors, 288 Manhattan av 
Bogel John w. glassblower, li 47 Heyward 
Bogel Orville N ." h 249a Madison 
Bogemann Frederick, upholsterer, h 139 43d 
Bcgen Annie, wid. George, li 257Itoebling 
Bogen Jacob, hairdresser, h 26 Conselyca 
Bogcnhardt Frederick, lab. h Seholes 
Bogensehuetz John, liquors, 244 Humboldt 
Bogonsperger Joseph, driver, h r 08 Clinton av 
Boger Nicholas H. h 25-1 Skillman 
Boger Rudolph N. elk. h 553 Laf 
Boger William A. elk. h 254 Skillman 
Boger William H. h 481J Wil'by av 
Bogi-rcheski Peter, lab. h 56 Box 
Bogert Albei t, missionary, li 17 Halsey 
Bogert Ambrose, broker, h 646 Monroe 
Bogert Chas. liquors, 176 Fleet pi, h r 129 Tillary 
Bogert Charles J. salesman, h 248 Lex av 
Bogert Cornelius, carpenter, h 276 Grand 
Bogert Cornelius, carpenter, 1.1 1055 Laf av 
Bogert Edward S. physician, 135 Joralemon 
Bogert Frank A. elk. li old No. 277 Hooper 
Bogert Frank S. elk. h 17 Halsey 
Bogert George A. moulder, h 197 Freeman 
Bogert Henry, driver, h 316 S. 1st 
Bogert Henrv, sexton, h 357 Smith 
Bogert Jacob B. bldr. 115 Clifton pi, h 127 Clif- 
ton pi 

Bogert, James B. mer. B'way c Prince N.Y. ll 

173 Livingston 
Bogort James H. elk. h 17 Halsey 
Bogert JohnS. contractor, h 163 Putnam av 
Bogert John W. elk. h 840 Van Buren 
Bogert Lawrence, elk. h 646 Monroe 
Bogert Louis, broker, 18 New N.Y. h old No. 

740 Bedford av 
Bogert Orlando G. bkkpr. h 322 Scher 
Bogert Rudolplms It. room 38 Tribune bldg. 

N.Y. h 681 Fulton 
Bogert Samuel B. architect, 3d av n 43d, h 1045 

3d av 

Bogert Stephen F. conductor, h 957 Do Kalb 

Bogert Walter II . bkkpr. h 173 Livingston 
Bogert William, h 100 Smith 
Bogert William E. elk. h 27 Cedar 
Bogert William F. cutter, h 646 Monroe 
Bogert William O, printer, h 197 Freeman 

Bogey* Alexander, watchman, h 949 3d av 
Boggart. Eugene, salesmrvn. h 74 Wil'by 
Bogg3 George, elk. h ,100 Franklin av 
Boggs James, horseshoer, h 30 Dullield tor 
Boggs Ninian, blacksmith, h 42 Gold 
Boggs Seth D. physician, 255 Tompkins av 
Poggs Sophia S. wid. William, h 178 Clinton 
Boggs Susan, wid. William, h 73 Dupont 
Boggs Walter D. C. bkkpr. h 192 17th 
Boggs William G. B'way o Fulton N.Y. h 123 
Gates av 

Boggs William H. boatman, h 73 Dupont 
Boggs AVilliam P. elk. h 234 Greene av 
Bogle Lincoln P. elk. h 71 Loit'erts pi 
Bogoline Frank, hairdresser, 259 Bond 
Bogomer Dora. wid. August, h r 519 Grand 
Bogordes Frorick, mason, b 117 2d 
Bogota Coffee & Spice Mills, 2020 Fulton & 

55 Pine N.Y. 
Bogrcn Alfred, cabinetmkr. h 125.V 12th 
Bogue Charles A. ins. 81 B'way, li 141 Berry 
Bogue George C. h 267 Quincy 
Bogue Louise J. wid. John H. h 667 Quincy 
Bogue Mortimer, drygds. h 836 Union 
Bogue William H. watchman, h 482 7th av 
Bolian Daniel H. bricklayer, h 78.! Dean 
Bohan John, lab. h 46 Green la 
Bohanan James, h old No. 566 Kent av 
Bohanna John, coal, 8th n 2d av, h 121 9th 
Bohanna John, liquors, 358 Hamilton av, h 364 


Bohanna John }r. elk. h 121 9th 

Bohanna Michael, elk. ll 121 9th 

Bohannan George H. carpenter, h 73 Palmetto 

Bohannan William, locks, li 859 Putnam av 

Bohannan Wilson, locknifr. 1013 B'way, h 898 

Greene av 
Boliag James, fireman, h 72 Vand't av 
Bobbredt Henry, lab h 375 Oakland 
Bohe Henry, lab. h 82 Boerum 
Bohecke Ciiristian, elk. h 150 Ewon 
Bohen Cornelius, paver, h r 790 Dean 
Bohen Cornelius J. F. bricklayer, h r 790 Dean 
Bohen Daniel, contractor, h r 788 Dean 
Bohen Daniel F. foreman, h r 7110 Dean 
Bohen Daniel H. bricklayer, h 782 Dean 
Bohen George C. butcher, h 336 S. 4th 
Bohen James, express. 26 Fulton & 60 Waverly 

av, li 88 Waverly av 
Bohen Lawrence, lab. h 60 Canton 
Bohen Patrick, liquors, 317 Hicks, h 17 State 
Bohen Patrick, paver, h 782 Dean 
Bohen Peter F. shoeunisher, h 614 Classon av 
Bohl Andrew, h 97 Seholes 
Bohl Charles, lab. h 217 Boerum 
Bohl Henry, cigars, 267 Manhattan av 
Bohl Louis, cigarmkr. h 422 Grand 
Bohl William, carpenter, 73 Ten Eyck, h 157 

Central av 
Bohland Andrew, mechanic, h 26 Adelphi 
Boliland Catharine, wid. Nicholas, h 209 Harri- 
son av 

Bohland Henry, ovsters, li 387 Yan Brunt 
Bohland John,* hairdresser, h 94 Roid av 
Bohlander Philip, shoemkr. 355 De Kalb av 
Bohle Charles H. shoes, 177 Grand 
Bohle Henry, lab. h 135 B'way 
Bohleber George, ehandeliermkr. h 185 Ellery 
Bohlobor George, tailor, h 27 Stagg 
Bohleber Michael, cigarmkr. h 143 Kichardson 
Bohlen Andrew, seaman, h 145 Prospect av 
Borden Ernest A. grocer. 172 N. 8th 
Bohlen George, bottler, 358 Hart 
Bohlen Henry, fireman, h 746 Park av 
Bohlen Henry, seaman, h 145 Prospect av 
Bohlen Henry jr. seaman, h 145 Prospect av 
Bohlen Henry F, grocer, 119 Evergreen av 
Bohlen H. N. grocer. 275 Evorgroeu av 
Bohlen John, grocer. 280 Central av 
Bohlen Newton, conductor, h 28 Cedar 
Bohlen William, shipmaster, li 14 Beach pi 
Bohlender Alexander, butcher, h 61 4th av 
Bohlender Constantino, painter, h 61 4th av 
Bohler Charles, grocer, 74 Gerry 
Bohler Frederick, tailor, h 588 6th av 
Bohlort John, tailor, h r 103 Stagg 

WOriH I f* i A DDET The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor C 



5 East 14th St., N.Y. Bepolishing a Hpecsialty. 


128 & (30 FULTON ST., 



Bolilig Annie, wid. Charles, h r 21 Luquer 
Bohlig Henry, -wheelwright, h 139 18th 
Bohling John, h 110 Taylor 
Bohling "William, agt. li 510 Park av 
Bohlman Frederick, hrewer, h 12 Central av 
Bohlman Henry H. cigaimfr. h 117 Hopkins 
Bohlmann Frederick J H. carpenter, 165 Van- 

Bohlmann Henry, barkpr. h 498 Falton 
Bohlmann Henry L. elk. h 204 Keid av 
Bohm Anthony, tailor, h 11 Bremen 
Bohm Frederick, express, h 4 Beach pi 
Bohm Henry, plumber, h 227 Ellery 
Bohm John, carpenter, li 175 Ten Eyck 
Bohm John, cigarmkr. h 434 Graham av 
Bohmeke Paul, glass-stain er, h 118 Lawrence 
Bobmennann Henry, grocer, 1809 Fulton 
Bohn Adam, lab. hVil Hopkins 
Bonn Adam, lab. h 181 Middleton 
Bohn August F. grocer, 85 Suydam 
Bohn August W. grocer, 78 Fulton, h 305 Navy 
Bohn Christian, tailor, h 740 Myrtle av 
Bohn Frederick, moulder, h 806 Park av 
Bohn George F. notions, h 85 Suydam 
Bohn Heinrieh, patternmkr. h 165Ewen 
Bohn Henry, elk. b 305 Navy 
Bohn Henry, shoomkr h 466 
Bohn Jacob, lab. li 135£ Kevins 
Bohn Jacob, sawyer, h 916 Flushing av 
Bohn Jacob, stonecutter, h 665 3d av 
Bohn Joseph, cooper, h r 110 N. 1st 
Bohn William, cabinetmkr. h 157 Central av 
Bohn "Wiiliam, salesman, h 610 3d av 
Bohne Conrad, baker, h 14 N. Henry 
Bohne Edward, cigarmkr. h 257 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Bohne Ernest W. cigars, 20 Grand 

Bohne Henry, tailor, h 26 Rock 

BOHNE LOUIS J. grocer, 815 Fulton & 402 

Carlton av, h 828 Fulton 
Bohnemann August, liquors, 234 Flushing av 
Bohner Frederick, bkkpr. h 216 Ten Eyck. 
Bohner Joseph, loungemkr. h 112 Union av 
Bohner Philip, harnesamkr. 18 Warren N.Y. h 

319 Pres't 

Bohnet John, butcher, 188 Monroe N.Y. h 74 
Lewis av 

Bohnet William, conductor, h 1128 De Kalb av 
Bohnhoff August, lab. h 57 S. 1st 
Bohnholdt Charles, varnisher h 108 Dupont 
BolmhoU Charles, foreman, h 201 N. 2d 
Bohnlander George, lab. h 44 Montrose av 
Bohnsack Christian, carpenter, h 145 Greene 
Bohnscheier John, lab. h 70 Graham av 
Bohnsen Nanning, driver, h 107 Newell 
Bohnson Chailes, lab. h 6 Harrison av 
Bohnson Charles F. feed, 282 Division av, h 2 

Han-ison av 
Bohnson Henry, fead, 293 Briggs 
Boholder Albert, lab. h 21 Humboldt 
Boholifink Samuel, mason, h 399 Warren 
Bohr Frank, driver, h 206 Richards 
Bohr George, tailor, 609 6th av 
Bohren Fred, watchcasomkr. h 73 Sumner av 
Bohringer John, fruit, 610 Atlantic av 
Bohringer John, liquors, 311 Atlantic av 
Bohringer Otto, liquors, 226 1st E.D. now Kent 


Bohy Anthony, liquors, h 165 Prospect 
Boic'e Elizabeth, wid. James, h 106 Devoe 
Boice Hattie, wid. Cornelius, h 350 Laf av 
Boice Henry, produce, h 84 Pacific 
Boice Martin B. auctioneer, h 483 Fulton 
Boice Oscar, cooper, h 116 Java 
Boice Philip H. bakery, 578 Atlantic av 
Boid Harrison, pat. light, h 101 N. 4th 
Boiian Philip, stable, h 164 N. 4th 
Boillot Charles E. engraver, h 203 8th 
Boin Emii V. machinist, h 295 S. 4th 
Boin Louis E. elk. h 62 Georgia av E.N. Y. 
Boin Louis T. infr. needles, 62 Georgia av E. 

Bois Joseph, musician, h 46 Butler 
Boitel Andrew, cigars, 474 5th av 
Boither John A. carpenter, h 172 Graham av 
Boivie Alfred, seaman, b 1181 Herkimer 

Boivie Jane, wid. Herman, h 1025 Pacific 

Bok Edward W. sec, h 258 Carroll 

Bokee Frederick W. broker, 57 South N.Y. h 
145 Amity 

Bokee Joseph M. sec. h 620 Carlton av 

Bokee William B. collector, It GO 5th av 

Bokin Delia, wid. Michael, h 233 Plymouth 

Bokle Caroline, wid. h 144 Wythe av 

Bokkmd Gustaf, paperhanger, li 336 Smith 

Boksenborger Reinholt, tailor, h r 229 Bush- 
wick av 

Bolan August, tailor, 106 N. 6th 

Bolan A. K. pres't, Humboldt c Paidge av & 26 
B'way N.Y. 

Bolan Frank, carman, h 188 N. 7th 

Bolan Frank, hatter, h 912 Bergen 

Bolan Jacob, h 180 Bergen 

Bolan James, lab. h 151 Centre 

Bolan James jr. trackman, h 151 Centre 

Bolan John, driver, h 378 Hicks 

Bolan John, trackman, 3i 378 Hicks 

Bolan John, lab. h 65 Laf 

Bolan John, lab. h 223 26th 

Bolan Lorenzo W. physician, 150 Pres't 

Boland Charles F. salesman, h 477 Herkimer 

Bolaud Frederick, patternmkr. h 93 S. 6th 

Boland James, h 200 22d 

Boland James, hatter, h 143 Classon av 

Boland James, lab. h 15 Rapoiye 

Boland James T. conductor, h 596 6th av 

Boland John, steward, h 212£ 17th 

Boland Joseph, elk. h 32 York 

Boland Mary, dressmkr. h 200 22d 

Bobtnd Thomas, driver, h 593 3d av 

Boland William P. clothing, li 167 Adams 

BolauderCarl G. h 230 6th av 

Bolaiider John G. broker, 15 Stato N.Y. h 419 

Bolander William H. agt. h 98 Prospect pi 

Bolckmer Charles T. printer, h 469 Quincy 

Bolcome Wilson, elk. h 368 Baltic 

Bold August, baker, h 248 Hopkins 

Bold Frederick, coufectionor, h 266 Bergen 

Bold Jacob, baker, 248 Hopkins 

Bold Jacob, baker, 157 Meserole 

Bold John, painter, h 818 Bergen 

Bold LouiH, elk. h 127 Jefferson 

Boldbrinson Hans, mechanic, h 613 4th av 

Bolden Isaac H. clothoscleanmg. 560 Fulton, 

& 296 Degraw, h 560 Fulton 
Boldowick Jacob, framer, h 268 Ellery 
Boldrof Frederick, lab. h 21 MeKibbin 
Boldt Charles, rubberturner, 132 Leonard, h 121 


Boldt Ernst, upholsterer, h 255 Withers 
Bole Andrew C. salesman, h 289 17th 
Bole George, cutter, h 142 Central av 
Bolen Charles T. salesman, h 120 Devoo 
Bolen George W. carpenter, h 120 Devoe 
Bolen Jacob, b 180 Bergen 
Bolen M. Eraser, manager, 160 Atlantic av. 
215 11th 

Bolender Frederick, candlcrakr. h 383 S. 5th 
Bolenms Ernst W. tobacco, Bond N.Y. b 4 Dean 
Boler John, lab. h 259 Grand 
Boles John, boilermkr. h 623 Clinton 
Boles Thomas, lab. h 475 Degraw 
Boles William, lather, li 457 B'way 
Boleschka Charles F. jeweler, h 62 Wyckoff 
Boleschka John W. jeweler, h 62 Wyckoff 
Boleschka William E. musician, h 62 Wyckoff 
Bolet Peraza N. pat. medicines, h 43 Tomp- 
kins pi 

Bolfe John, carpenter, h 145 Columbia 

Bolgar Mary, wid. Dennis, h 110 Nelson 

Bolger Alice, varieties, 128 3d av 

Bolger Charles, h 417 6th 

Bolger Edward J. elk. h 37 Oakland 

Bolger Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, h 9 Hamilton av 

Bolger F. Thomas, undertaker, 387 Court, h 13 

Market N.Y. 
Bolger Henry, elk. h 417 6th 
Bolger James, agt. h 59 Degraw 
Bolger James, seaman, h 417 6th 
Bolger James jr. elk. h 417 6th 
Bolger John, barkpr. h 59 Degraw 





> "D 
2 PI 

o 2 
in "n 

go n 
" o 



P 9 

W 0 A 


3 H 

-~ m 

« 70 

K) CO 


554 to 562 W. 25th St., New York. 

■oo « 

-S 3 

-53 S 

1=3 — -T 

«=M S3 






ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

Assets, in U. S., Jail. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. LiaMl., $2,377,471.27. 

BOL 94 BOL- 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No, 128 Flatbush Ave,, Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Avos. 

Snrjlns, $2,335,427.1 

j-aix & co. 

Job Printing of Every Description. 

17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl BTslys. 

Bolger John, liquors, 304 Court, a 275 Degraw 
Bolder Patrick, h Baltic av n Jefferson E.N.Y. 
Bolger Patrick, shoes, 54 5th av 
Bolger Michael, horseshoer, 132 Butler, h 145 

Bolger Thomas, machinist, h 33 Woodhull 

Bolder Titos. undertaker,387 Court, h 59 Degraw 

Bolger William, elk. h 33 Woodhull 

Bolgers Lndwig, lab. h Kentav 

Bolhvies Franz, shoemkr. h 184 Harrison av 

Boligan Alfred, cigars, h 50 N. Elliott pi 

Bclm John, elk. h 115 Hall 

Bolind Cornelius, lab. h 78 Franklin av 

Boliner George, cooper, h 211 Manhattan av 

Bolinger Leo, cooper, h 371 Lorimer 

Bolitho Edwin, puhlisher, Temple ct N.Y. h 

209J Eckfoi'4 
Bolivar George, carpenter, h 62 Huron 
Bolk Frederick AV. driver, h 14 Carlton av 
Bolkon Heurv, lab. h 205 Ewen 
Boll Conrad, walletmkr. h 251 N. 7th 
Boll Emil, elk. h 140 Lorimer 
Boll Max, printer, h 113 Union av 
BollMever, mfr. whitegds. 23 Ten Evck 
Boll William, elk. h 5081 6th av 
Bolland James, ironmoulder, h 205 10th 
Bollaud Simpson, moulder, h 251 18th 
Bollander Carl, oik. h 2306th av 
Bollas Walter O. lllemfr. 60 Skillman av, h 84 


Bollbach Anthony, potter, h 63 Freeman 
Bollbach Hugo, bkbinder. h 119 Harrison 
Bolleoch John, tailor, h 36 Met. av 
Bolle James, furniture, 364 3d 
Bolle Lambert, confectionery, 911 MyrOe av 
Bollen William, diiver, h r 216 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Boiler Charles, shoemkr. h 203 Varet 
Boiler Edward, turner, h 152 Varet 
Bolles Charles E. carpenter, h r 150 Bridge 
Bolles Charles E. photographer, 242 Euiton 
Bolles Fred'k A. upholsterer, h 126 Meserolo av 
Bolles George B. purser, h 71 Irving 
Bolles Henry, watc hman, h 594 16th 
Botles James, engineer, h 1 Waldron pi 
Bolles Margaret, wid. John, h 728 Leonard 
Bolles Thomas N. gum, 88 if. 12th & 71 Pine 

N.Y. h 29 E. 74th N.Y. 
Bollett Fred'k, supt. 468 Grand av, h 812 Dean 
Bollhofer John, foreman, h 1122 St. Mark's av 
Bollidge G eorge, lab. h 379 Columbia 
Bollier Albei t, hairdresser. 708 Flushing av 
Bollingen Margaret, wid. J ohn, 519 Atlantic av 
Bollmann C. August, butcher, 688 B'way 
Bollmann Frederick, seaman, h 152 Elizabeth 
Bollmann George, tanner, h 71 Tompkins av 
Bollmann John, restaurant, 17 Main 
Boilmann John H. butcher, 1163 Fulton 
Bollmann Peter, hairdresser, h 398 Ewen 
Bollot Mary, dressmkr. h 13 Butler 
Bollou Kichard A. painter, 693 Atlantic av 
Bolls Louis, tailor, h 186 Marion 
Bollten John C. grocer, 367 S. 4th 
Bolman Edward, janitor, h 101 Ainslie 
Bolmes Edward A. agt. h 366 Madison 
Bols Conrad F. elk. h 876 Atlantic av 
Bols Elizabeth, wid. Henry, h 876 Atlantic av 
Bolshaw William, collector, h 37 Ten Eyok 
Bolson George, lab. h old No. 141 Wythe av 
Bolstridge Caleb, engineer, h 283 Lorimer 
Bolstridge George F. lab. h 283 Lorimer 
Bolsrridge Julia, h 2n Conselyea 
Bolstein Julius, glazier, 692 De Kalb av 
Bolstin Morris, glass, 750 Gates av 
Bolt Frank, lab. h 23 Catharine 
Bolt Robert, hairdresser, h 631 Atlantic 
Boltman Charles, blacksmith, h 33 Locust 

Boltman Herman, elk. h 147 Conover 
Boltman John, elk. h 147 Conover 
Boltman John II. lab. h 147 Conover 
Boltman Margaret, wid. Win. h 147 Conover 
Boltman William, lab. h 147 Conover 
Bolton Amelia, wid. John, h 95 Eckford 
Bolton Andrew C. machinist, h 181 Oakland 
Bolton Catherine, drygds. 257 Bond 
Bolton Edwin, finisher, h 296 B'way 
Bolton Eliza, wid. John, h 78^ Jackson 
Bolton George, driver, h 21 (Canton 
Bolton George, engraver, h 356 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Bolton Henry, confectioner, h 61 N. 6th 
Bolton Henry, frarner, li 69 Freeman 
Bolton James, machinist, h 10 Coles 
Bolton James, bkbinder. h 59 N. 1st 
Bolton John, drygds 522 5th av. h 229 11th 
Bolton John, shipwright, h 106 Clymor 
Bolton J. & S. drygds. 522 5th av 
Bolton Michael, police, h 103 Rogers av 
Bolton Patrick, lab. h 503 Humboldt 
Bolton Sarah, drygds. 522 5th av, h 229 11th 
Bolton Stephen C. drugs, 105 Myrtle av 
Bolton William, lab. h 103 Kogery av 
Bolton William, lab. h 633 Vand't av 
Bolton William A. police, h 125 Nassau av 
Bolton William C. drugs, 264 Fulton, 137 Myr- 
tle av, <fc 227 Columbia, h 268 Fulton 
Bolton William H. dyer, h 257 Bond 
Bolton William II. storage, 471 Hudson av, h 

326 Clermont av 
Bolton William J. supt. h 67 Ryerson 
Boltz Adam, engineer, h 157 Miujer 
Boltz Anthony, cabinetmkr. h 190 Scholes 
Boltz George, 'tailor, h Funuan pi n Bushvrick 

av Y. 
Boltz Jacob, tailor, h 96 Humboldt 
Boltz John, plumber, li 159 Maujer 
Boltz Margaretha, tailoress, h Furman pi n 

Bushwick av E.N.Y. 
Boltz Koso, wid. Leonhardt, h 255*. 19th 
Bolz Frederick, watchman, h r 173 Java 
Bolz Michael, cabinetmkr. h 142 Graham av 
Bolz Michael jr. cabinetmkr. h 142 Graham 

Bom Casper, refiner, h 80 Bogart 

Boman Charles, cooper, h 187 Oakland 

Bonian George, mason, h 861 3d av 

Boman George P. lab. h 187 Oakland 

Bomann George A. elk. n old No. 491 Bedford av 

Bomann Joseph. salesman, old No. 491 Bedford av 

Bomann Joseph K. dentist, old No. 643 Bedford 

av, h old No. 491 Bedford av 
Bombach Christinah, wid. Jacob, h 135JNevins 
Bomby Niccola, liquors, 62 Union 
Bomer Frederick, machinist, h 416 Graham av 
Bomermann Henry, liquors, h 407 Gates av 
Bombard Adolph, artist, h 116 Myrtle 
Bomhoff Deiderick, butcher, old No. 733 Bed- 
ford av 

Bomhoff Ernest, lab. h 25 Bush 
Bomhoff William, restaurant, 130 ChurckN.Y. 
h 178 S. 8th 

Bommarshaeim George, baker, h old No. 432 

Bedford av 
Bommer Emil, elk. h 50 Wil'by 
Bommer Lorenz, springs,84 Pearl, h 50 Wil'by 
Bon Isidore M. tobacco, 178 Water N.Y. h 217 

Clermont av 
Bonacci Tomassi, restaurant, 160 3d av 
Bonacum James, elk. h 78 Carroll 
Bonager Henry, cigarmkr. h 14 Central av 
Bonar Ann, wid. William, h 188 Plymouth 
Bonar Lottie A. wid. h 62 S. 10th 
Bonar Thomas, editor, h 173 Taylor 
Bonaventura Elizabeth, wid. Christopher, con- 
fectionery, h 247 Bridge 
Bonawitz Chas. tailor, 495 Fulton, h 239 Dean 
Bonawitz David, tailor, h 15 Stagg 
Bond Addison, agt. h 7 Monroe pi 
Bond Albert A. lab. h 273 Kingsiand av 
Bond Albert L. photo, artist, h 38 Troy av 
Bond Alfred C. elk. h 50 Clay 
Bond Ann, wid. Edwd.h old No. 238 Bedford av 
Bond Anna, wid. George, h 247 Butledgo 

J. A. WEBB & SON, 

tTeed by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Established 1835- 

Send for Quotations. 





Bond Benjamin TP", books, 17 E. 33d N.Y. h 117 

Berkeley pi 
Bond Charles, cooper, h 79 Johnson av 
Bond Charles F. stenographer, h 202 Dean 
Bond Edward, lao. li 41 Main 
Bond Elizabeth, wid. Oliver, h 379 St. Mark's pi 
Bond Eugene, painter, h 67 Schenck 
Bond Frank, physician, h 27 Scher 
Bond Frank J. conductor, h 122 Somers 
Bond Fred'k S. butter, 37 Hicks, h 93 Pineapple 
Bond George, printer, li 247 Butledge 
Bond George A. cik. h 455 9th 
Bond Henry, confectionery, h 221 Bridge 
Bond Hugh, manager, h 396 Hamilton av 
Bond Jacob T. carpenter, h 301 Bridge 
Bond James, mfr. 3d av c 39th, h 264 5th av 
Bond James, oysters, 10 Water, h 104 Fulton 
Bond James, leather finisher, h 503 6th av 
Bond Jane IX millinery, 1343 Fulton 
Bond John, lab. h r 343 Van Brunt 
Bond John F. elk. h B'way n Schenck av 

Bond John L. elk. h 52 Sands 
Bond John W. steward, h 461 12th 
Bond Josephine, wid. George II. h 252 12th 
Bond Lorenzo, bkkpr. h 214 Halsey 
Bond Thomas A. elk. h 455 9th 
Bond Thomas F. lab. h 157 Prospect av 
Bond William, carman, 96 Liberty N.Y. h 242 

S. 5th 

Bond William, decorator, b 1354 Bergen 
Bond William, liquors, 134 Ewen, h 49 Fulton 
Bond William A. ■journalist, h 158 Conselyea 
Bond William H.clk. h 57 4th av 
Bond William L. liquors, 104 DeKalb av, h 76 

S. Elliott pi 
Bond William W. camagelming, 11 Murray 

N.Y. h 383 11th 
Bond© Hans, blacksmith, 253 19th, b. 6th av n 22d 
Bonden Michael, birds, 448 B'way 
Bonds Charles, elk. h 550 Qaincy 
Bonds Charles, elk. h 623 St. Mark's av 
Bonds John, h 623 St. Mark's av 
Bonds John jr. lawver, h 623 St. Mark's av 
Bonds Robert G. h *l>50 Quiney 
Bonell A. M. com.mer. N.Y. n 588 "Warren 
Bonen John, lab. h r 222 26th 
Bonerfordi Philip, fraoier, h 119 Ellery 
Bonert Louis, bldr. h 338 Smith 
Boness Wm. G. carpenter, h 287^ Kingsland av 
Boness Wm. G. jr. driver, h 287£ Kingsland av 
Boness John, carpenter, h 286 Bushwiek av 
Boness John, machinist, h 95 Ralph av 
Bonesteel John N. 310 Carlton av 
Bonestill James H. elk. h 156 Cumberland 
Bonestill Peter, lamps, h 158 Cunberland 
Bonfield Alfred, c. h. N.Y. h 458 Myrtle av 
Bonfield John Iv. insp. h 564 State 
Bongaards William H. butcher, 593 3d av, b 

594 3d av 

Bongard Herman, carpenter, b 232 16th 
Bongard James, conductor, h 413 19th 
Bongards Dora, wid. Theo. varieties, 1011 3d av 
Bongartz Frank, drugs, 90 Graham av 
Bonheur Paul, fireman, h 260 Leonard 
Boniface Jacob, lettercarrier, h 213 Java 
Boniface Jacob jr. carver, h 213 Java 
Bouington Charles, pilot, b 6916th 
Bonles Lewis, liquors, 74 Jay 
Bonn Anton, crockery, Liberty av, John E.N.Y. 
Bonn Frederick C. cigarmkr. h 12 Judge 
Bonn George, shoemkr. h 42 Moore 
Bonn John, moulder, h 101 N. 9th 
Bonn William H. tobacconist, b 103 Park pi 
Bonnabeau Alexander, glassbeveler, h 73 Ewen 
Bonnabeau John, oysters, 107 Montrose av 
Bonnabeau Julius, oysters, h 123 Ewen 
Bonnar Margaret, h 438 Manhattan av 
Bonne John, farmer, 92 Christopher E.N.Y. 
Bonne Soren, paints, 77 Manhattan av 
Bonnel Mary A. wid. Bob't, b 319 Cumberland 
Bonnell Amelia, wid. William, h 219 Degraw 
Bonnell Arthur H. elk. h 86 Sterling pi 
Bonnell Benjamin S. h Van Sicklen av n Fulton 
av E.N.Y. 

Bonnell Charles L. physician, 3 Hanson pi 

Bonnell Henrv, tinsmith, h 396 Myrtle av 
Bonnell John S. elk. h 49 S. 8th 
Bonnell William F. h 34 Garden pi 
Bonnell William H. painter, h 298 Lex av 
Bonner Alexander, liquors, h 469 N. 2d 
Bonner Annie, wid- Wm. h 35 N, Portland av 
Bonner Anthony J. printer, h 5 • Wil'by 
Bonner Bernard, driver, h 303 Water 
Bonner Celestine, wid. Lionel, li 384 Putnam av 
Bonner Charles, goldleaf beater, h 60 S. 10th 
Bonner Charles W. elk. h 384 Putnam av 
Bonner Eliza, wid. Wm. h 197 S. Portland av 
Bonner George P, police, h 69 Powers 
Bonner James, nurse, h 427 Atlantic av 
Bonner John, coal, h 10 Gates av 
Bonner John, scavenger, h 14 Varet 
Bonner John, tailor, li 141 George 
Bonner John jr. scavenger, h 14 Varet 
Bonner J. Paul, supt. 273 State, h 173 Penn 
Bonner Margaret, crib & cradlemfr. George n 

Central av, h Ozone Park, L.I. 
Bonner Michael, driver, h 262 Water 
Bonner Neil, liquors, 97 Flat bush av 
Bonner Patrick, lab. h Liberty av n Shep- 
herd E. N.Y. 
Bonner Peter, barkpr. h 97 Flatbush av 
Bonner Titus, machinist, h 272 B'way 
Bonner William, fireman, h 260 Leonard 
Bonner William, goldbeater, 661 Myrtle av 
Bonner William, liquors, 277 Myrtle av 
Bonner William, machinist, h 156 Wyckoff 
Bonner Wm. H. driver, h 197 S. Portland av 
Bonner Bros, liquors, 277 Myrtle av 
Bonner & Paepke, erib & cradlemfrs. George n 
Central av 

Bonnert Chas. lithographer, h 41 Delmonico pi 
Bonnert John, driver, h 6 Flushing av 
Bonnerwith Jacob, cigars, 967 Do KLalb av 
Bonnet Frank F. jeweler, 21 Maiden la N.Y. 
h 59 Hart 

Bonnet Jacob N. jeweler, 21 Maiden la N.Y. 
h 59 Hart 

Bonnet Louis, decorator, h 157 Franklin 
Bonnetier Felix, enginoer, h 85 Flatbush av 
Bonnett Charles E. ins. h 83 11th 
Bonnett Christian, ilonst, h 338 Atlantic av 
Bonnett Daniel D. shoes, 487 3d av 
Bonnett Edward A. V. salesman, h 83 11th 
Bonnett James A., inventor, h 419 7th av 
Bonnett Theodore, shades, h 338 Atlantic av 
Bonnewitz Charles, grocer, 843 Flushing av, h 
3 Morrell 

Bonney Bernard, porter, h 435 Hicks 
Boimey JohnH. coppersmith, h 9 N. Henry 
Bonney Margaret, wid. Eugene, b 497 Henry 
Bonning Friedrich, baker, 45 Ewen 
Bonnington Geo. brassfinisher, h r 230 Eckford 
Bonnington John H. broker, 39 Nassau, N.Y. 

h 113 Noble 
Bonnington Webster, joiner, h 210 Butledge 
Bonnington William, ii 143 Calyer 
Bonnlander Nicolaus, cutter, h 34 Devoe 
Bonnor Lucy, wid. Harry, h 602 Doan 
Bonny Frank C. realestate, 632 Gates, h 689 


Bonny Frank S. realestate, 1357 Fulton, b 1350 

Bonny Howard B. realestate, 632 Gates, h 689 
Gates av 

Bonny & Bro. realestate. 632 Gates av 
Bonsall Edgar, realestate, h 1918 Atlantic av 
Bonsall Engel, lab. h 154 Greenpoint av 
Bonsall Thos. hatter, h old No. 41 Maspetb av 
Bonscheu William, elk. h 103 Ten Eyck 
Bonsey Julia, wid. William J. h 60 Keid av 
Bonsmith Adam, baker, h 146 Union av 
Bont Henry V. h 84 Diamond 
Bonteau Eliza, wid. Joseph, h Nostrand av c 

Bonteau Samuel R. starter, h 696 Nostrand av 
Bontems Aloys, satchelmkr. h 110 Throop av 
Bontete Charles D. elk. h 13 Duffiold 
Bontz George, baker, 214 Howard av 
Bontz Lawrence, baker, h 17 McDougal 
Bonwell James A. supt. h 419 7th av 
Bonzel Edward, painter, b 112 Grand 



Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Dog Grates, Etc. 

Sea ftdTt leaf opp. namt. 

p 1 0 PTyipTTDrC W. C. Vos&urgil Mfg. CO., Limited, 

UH U 1 1 A 1 U lllj 0 . 418 & 430 Fulton St., Brooklyn, ST. Y. 



h CD 


08 £ 













Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

LAIN & CO., 

City Directory Printing House, 

17 IViUoughbv St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Boock Henry, butcher, h 206 7th E.D. now 

Boock John,' blacksmith, h 141 20th 
Boocock Julia D. h 431 Clinton 
Boocoek Samuel W. broker, 30 Broad N.Y. h 

87 Joralemon 
Boode Henry, driver, h 643 Classon av 
Booden Patrick, varnishmfr. 243 N. 9th, h 192 

N. 9th 

Booden Peter, elk. h 192 N. 9th 
Booden Thomas, varnish, 243 N. 9th, h 314 

Booden & Son, varnishmfrs. 243 N. 9th 




213 to 251 NORTH NINTH ST., near KoeMlBg SI. 

Particular attention given to Gold-sizing, 
Flock-sizing, and Bronzing for Paper- 
hangiug Manufacturers. 


Boody David A. banker, 58 B'way N.Y. b. 206 

Berkeley pi 
Booes John, lab. h 225 N. 9th 
Boogaardts Mary, laundress, h r 213 Adams 
Book George, cigarmkr. h 119 Wyckoff 
Book George M. u.s.n. h 111 St. Felix 
Book Henry T. h 132 Ainslee 
Bookbinder Charles, engraver, h 343 IT. 2d 
Bookbinder Jacob, hairdresser, 343 N. 2d 
Booker Bernard W. supt. li 252 Cumberland 
Booker Fields, coachman, h 43 Chapel 
Booker George W. lab. h 704 Atlantic av 
Booker Henry C. painter, h 193 Wil'by av 
Booker Henry C. undertaker, h 168 Bond 
Booker William, lab. h 115 Fleet pi 
Bookley Daniel, barkpr. h 185 12th 
Bookley John, h 185 12th 
Bookley Margaret, dressmkr. h 185 12th 
Bookley Mary, dressmkr. h 185 12th 
Bookley Michael, moulder, h 185 12th 
Bookman Adolph, drygds. h 13 & 15 Jamaica 

pk rd E.N.Y. 
Bookman Charles, carpenter, h New Lots av n 

Monroe E.N.Y. 
Bookman Henry J. liquors, Atlantic av c Geor- 
gia av. h Fulton av c Georgia av E.N.Y. 
BOOKMAN MOBKIS, clothing, 11 Jamaica 
pk rd, 174 Atlantic av, & 23 Fulton av. h 
E.N.Y. av n. Williams pi E.N.Y. 
BOOKMAN M. & A. drygds. 13 & 15 Jamaica 

pk rd E.N.Y. 
Bookmuller Anton, cooper, 173 Greenpoint av 
Bookstaver Daniel S. printer, h 202 Wilson 
Bool Francis J. li 437 Gold 
Booman Andrew, lab. b Garnet n Clinton 
Boom an Charles, butcher, h 745 Park av 
Booraann George, bldr. h 896 Park av 
Boomer Hngh, hardware, 248 Hoyt, h 108 Dong- 

Boomer H. & Bro. hardware, 248 Hoyt 
Boomer John, broker, h 108 Douglass 
Boomer John H. grocer, 510 Flushing av 
Boomer William T. hardware, 248 Hoyt, h 108 

Boon Johannes C. elk. h 259 Carroll 
Boon Samuel O. printer, h 350 Carlton av 
Boone Agnes T. n 201 8th 
Boone Ann, wid. "William, h 175 Keid av 
Boone Frederick, salesman, h 130 39th 
Boone John, elk. h 195 Nassau 
Boone John, screwmfr. h 444 Hart 

Boone Thomas E. police, h 114 Carlton av 
Boone Thos. G. screws, 61 Sandford, h452Hart 
Boone William C. sec. 162 B'way N.Y. h 127 
Lincoln pi 

Botme Wm. C. screws, 61 Sandford, h 444 Hart 
Boone William C. jr. mfr. c Park av & Sand 

ford, h 555 Greene av 
Boone W. C. & Son, screws, 27 Sandford 
Booraem Harry, liquors, Elm pi c Fulton 
Booraem Henry, liquors, h Deann Sackinan E. 


Booraem John V. Y. sugar refiner, h 204 Lin- 
coln pi 

Boorman J. Marcus, lawyer, h 410 Jefferson av 
Boorum Eliza, wid. John, h 126 Jefferson av 
Boorum William B. blaukbks. 28 Keade N.Y. 

h 458 Clinton av 
Boos Charles, driver, h 497 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Boos Jacob, eabinetmkr. h r 218 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Boosey George, N.Y. h 832 Union 
Boos John, baker, h 100 Buffalo av 
Boos Joseph, engineer, h 39 McKibbin 
Boose Frank A. bkkpr. h 371 5th 
Booae Henry, conductor, h 206 Grand 
Booser Edward, baker, h 1014 De Kalb av 
Boosman Frederick, carpenter, h 209 27th 
Boot William, painter, h 168 S. 2d 
Boot-ay Edgar S. broker, h 118 Cumberland 
Booth Abraham J. oper. N.Y. h 47 Concord 
Booth Alfred, h 11 Lee av 
Booth Alfred R. machinist, h 128 N. 5th 
Booth Allen, tinsmith, h 45 Frost 
Booth Amelia, wid. Charles S. h 213 Boss 
Booth Andrew, machinist, h 392 12th 
Booth Anna, wid. Maurice, h 12 Driggs 
Booth Arthur W. stonecutter, h 166 23d 
Booth Charles, awnings, 1680 Fulton, 2097 At- 
lantic av 

Booth Charles, stones, 269 Court, h 203 Baltic 
Booth Charles D. elk. h 157 Prince 
Booth Charles H. sailmkr. h 2096 Atlantic av 
E. N.Y. 

Booth Charles W. machinist, h 151 Lawrence 
Booth Constant W. brass. 13 Adams, h JB1 

Booth Daniel A. elk. h 347 Prince 
Booth Daniel B. carpenter, h 149 Prince 
Booth Edwin, regalia, 217 Atlantic av 
Booth Edwin, sailmkr. h Schenectady av c Ful- 

Booth Emery T. chemist, 214 Fulton N.Y. h 

1610£ Atlantic av 
Booth Frederick, driver, h 62 Dupont 
Booth George, elk. h 326 Sackott 
Booth George, gardener, h 232 Clinton av 
Booth George, painter, h 2097 Atlantic av 
Booth George, salesman, h Snediker av n Baltic 

av E.N.Y. 
Booth George A. elk. h 44 Cheever pi 
Booth George A. jr. elk. h 44 Cheever pi 
Booth George F. o.h.N.Y. h 1169 Bush wick av 
Booth Henry, elk. h 86 4th av 
Booth Henry O. h 149 Prince 
Booth James, blacksmith, h 243 Hoyfc 
Booth John, lather, h 65 Central av 
Booth John, liquors, 565 Manhattan av 
Booth John, supt. h 330 De Kalb av 
Booth John, supt. 486 Myrtle av, h 3 St. James 


Booth John H. silkmfr. Paterson & 54 Howard 

N.Y. h old No. 44 Marcy av 
Booth John J. driver, h 160 Wolcott 
Booth John W. engineer, h 137£ 28th 
Booth Joseph M. h 256£ Hewes 
Booth Lewis, driver, h 236 Magnolia 
Booth Louisa, wid. John, h r 172 Prospect 
Booth Mary, nurse, h 1150 B'way 
Booth Mary, wid. Hugh, h 154 Hope 
Booth Mary, wid. Lewis, h 724 Flushing av 
Booth Peter, plasterer, h 188 Adams 
Booth Keuben, machinist, h 128 N. 5th 
Booth Richard, painter, h 1329 Myrtle av 
Booth Samuel, bldr. h 50 S. Portland av 
Booth Samuel, engineer, h 233 Hull 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. 


RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 



BOO— BOK 97 

near City Hall, Brooklyn, 


Booth Samuel, printer, 201 Centre N.Y. h 407 

Bootli Samuel A. trapmkr. h 121 Wolcott 
Booth Thomas G. elk. li old No. 73 Rodney 
Bootli Walter, engineer, li 95 Graham. 
Booth William, mason, li 543 "Warren 
Booth Win. painter, 3d n BVay, h 168 S. 3d 
Booth William, plasterer, li 362" Van Brunt 
Booth William, signs, 84 Berry, h 168 S. 2d 
Booth William, supt. h 539 Lorimer 
Booth William A. bras-sfounder, 1249 B'way, h 
524 Evergreen av 



No. 1249 BROADWAY, 


Brass Composition and Hydraulic Castings of 
all kiuds. Jobbing in all Branches 
promptly attended to. 
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work. 

Bootli William C. bldr. 70 Myrtle av, n 

253 Carleton av 
Booth William E. ins. 21 Ann N.Y. h 460 Nos- 

trand av 

Booth & Brabson. brassfin'g, 13 Adams 
Boothe Edgar, printer, h 70 Jefferson 
Boots Andrew, glass, h 478 N. 2d 
Booz Vineenz, blacksmith, h 163 Varet 
Booz Winfield S. oil, 507 Grand av, h 549 Grand 

Bopp Anthony, cutter, h 135 Montrose av 

Bopp Caroline, wid. h 9 Melrose 

Bopp Charles, boxnikr. h 160 Bayard 

Bopp Charles, boxnikr. b 27 Newell 

Bopp Christopher, sawyer, h 182 Java 

Bopp Conrad, h 11 George 

Bopp Prank, carpenter. It 27 Newell 

Bopp Frank, tailor, h 19 Scholes 

Bopp Frank jr. boxinkr. h 27 Newell 

Bopp John, supt. h 81 Greenpoint av 

Bopp 'Louis, sawyer, h 153 Huron 

Bopp Margret, wid. Frank, h 241 Greenpoint av 

Bopp Michael, chairmkr. h 11 George 

Bopp Wilhelmine, wid. August, rosettes, 110 

Bopp William, lab. h 22 Union av 

Boraer George, engineer, h 12 McKenney 

Borb ridge T nomas, carpenter, h 139 24th 

Borchardt Albert, cigarmkr. h 25 Garden 

Borcher William, barkpr. h Cypress av n Ja- 
maica pk rd E.N.Y 

Borcherding A. dressmkr. old No. 348 Bedford 

Borchers Henry, grocer, 179 Lee av 
Borchers Nicholas, grocer, 222 McDonough, h 
960 Dean 

Borchers & Hagedorn, grocers, 222 McDonough 
-Borchert Charles, tailor, h 144 Fioyd 
Borchert George, cutlery, h 289 Floyd 
Borchert Max C. leathergds. h 266 Stockton 
Borcino Eugene, cigarmkr. h 81 Douglass 
Borcino Eugene G- cigars, 228 Smith, h. Smith c 

Borden Charles E. cordage, h 341 Wavorly av 
Borden James, mechanic, h 972 4th av 
Borden John M. driver, h 162 Eagle 
Bordenheimer Jacob, printer, h 711 3d av 
*BordeuS <.;«> nidensed Milk «Ju. 98 to 

108 Sterling pi 
Borea Jas. tiorist, Shaeffer n Knickerbocker av 
Borecki Anthony, hairdresser, 488 Manhattan 


Boreg John A. carpenter, h 706 Atlantic av 
Boreham Emma, wid. Theo. h 179 Putnam av 
Boren Elijah B. foreman, h 58 St. Felix 
Borenan John, wagonmkr. h 398 "Wallabout 
Borer George, driver, h 51 Grand 
Bores William, wheelwright, h 394 Wallabout 
Boresh Frank, tailor, h 200 Jefferson 
Borg Stova, wid. h 618 Pacific 
Borger Frederick, ck. h 998 Laf av 





Borgerson Peter, filer, h 14 Carlton av 
Borgert Girard, coppersmith, h 105 Varet 
Borges Emil, teacher music, 163 S. 4th 
Borges Henry, beltmkr. li 350 S. 5th 
Borghman Frederick, liquors, 132 B'way 
Borgsfcede William, farmer. Eldert Ia n New 

Lots rdE.N.Y. 
Borhan Fritz, watchcasemkr. 73 Sumner av 
Bori George, foreman, h 596 Kosciusko 
Borieson John, h 278 14th 
Borjais Charles, barkrir. h 19 Adama 
Boiieson John, tailor, h 49 Columbia 
Boijszaom Lawrence, machinist, h 167 Eliza- 

Bork George, h 367 Central av 
Bork George, carpenter, h 227 Ellery 
Borkassky'Pred^k, lighterman, h 211 Sackett 
Borko Cecilia, wid. Edmund, h 691 1)e Kalb av 
Borknian Gnstav, woodworker, 125 Fulton N. 

Y. li 312 Throop av 
Borland Catharine M. wid. h 167 Warren 
Borland David L. engineer, h 183 High 
Borland Elizabeth N. h 174 Amity 
Borland John, driver, h 1218 Myrtle av 
Borland Marv. wid. Andrew, ft 105 Johnson 
Borland Peter M. banker, 7 Wall N.Y. h 167 

Borland Wm. L. printer, h 54 Cambridge pi 
Borling William, coffees, old No. 126 Kent av 

h 772 Greene av 
Borlmann William, scalemkr. h 313 Stockton 
Borm Conrad, stonecutter, h 101 20th 
Borman George, lab. h 398 Wallabout 
Bonnan Herman li. grocer, old No. 686 Bed- 
ford av, h 506 Do Kalb av 
Borman John, lab. h 443 Warren 
Borman Joseph, lab. h r 385 S. 2d 
Bonnan Manuel, tailor, h 28 Seigel 
Borman Tomeon, lab. h 99 Central av 
Bonnann August, baker, 263. Powers 
Bormaim John, tailor, h 233 Cook 
Borm&nn Nettie, wid. Herman, milk, 

Lots rd n Kailroadav 
Bormuth Peter, lab It 303 Wallabout 
Born Henry, stonecutter, h 236 Floyd 
Bornbusch Frederick W. lab. h 238 Navy 
Borne John, boatman, h 321 Van Brunt 
Borne John E. oilmfr. 224 Front N.Y. h 

Borne Milton, foreman, h 130 Borgon 
Boraeman James, elk. h 527 5th av 
Boniemann Edwd. A. tobacco, 97 Greenpoint av 
Bornholdt John, butchers'fixtures, 221 Hudson 

av, h 84 Navy 
Bornholdt Jurgen, carpenter, h 84 Navy 
Bornholdt & Kleinsohmidt, butchers' fixtures, 

221 Hudson av 
Bomkamp Frederick, fireman, h 184 Bayard 
Bornkamp Wm. grocer, Howard av c Jefferson 
& Patchen av c Madison, h 127 Patchen av 
Bormnann Charles G. bkkpr. h 271 Putnam, av 
Bornmuller Kino, barkpr. h 57 Bartlett 
Bornschein Charles, cigarmkr. h 69 Dean 
Bornscheuer Henry, cigars, 212 Bond 
Bornshein Elizabeth, h 105 Wyckoff 
Borosinski John, florist, h 780 DeKalb av 
Boroto A. H. cigarmkr.' Atlantic av. h n Van 

Boroto Frank, cigarmkr. h 66 Miller avE. N.Y. 
Boroviski George, lab. h 54 Box 
Borowiak Andrew, tailor, 24 Hamburg av 
Borowick Charles, tailor, h 84 Cook 
Borowick Frank, tailor, h 84 Cook 
Borowick Julius, lab. h 84 Cook 
Borowsky Frank, tailor, h r 832 Flushing av 
Borquaret Peter, carpenter, 358 Atlantic av 
Borrell Victor, cigars, h 147 Wil'by 
Borren Jules A. bkkpr. h 440 Sackett 
Borren Jules A . jr. elk. h 440 Sackett 
Borren Robert, elk. h 440 Sackett 
Borrero Louis, cigarmkr. h 478 Warren 
Borriell Louis, hairdresser, 413 Graham av, h 
272 Ewen 

BorrieHo Louis, marblecntfer, h 372 Ewen 
Borries Henry, grocer, 127 21st 
Borroian Louis, liquors, 462 5th av 

S3 32£ 


CO g_ 

m 5 

* -3 



g GO 

P m 



m © 

CO £» 

5 S 
P s 

o «/> 

• ■ 

o ■ 


Cor. 12th St., New York. 

RENTED, Sold on Easy Terms. 

ROYAL [fire; INS. GO. 


!„ ia U. S„ la 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. LiaBi], 
BOR— BOS 98 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flaibush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic Js Fourth iw. 

2,377,471.27, Surplus, $2,335427.89. 


O i- - ; 




a» to 

Geo, T. Law. Chas. J, Healy. ! 

Xjjj\.i]Kr tfc co., | 

Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 Willoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 


Borraian Lmtwig, liquors, 462 5th av 
Borraian William, liquors. 462 5th av 
Borrman W. & L. liquors, 462 5th av 
Borruiu Jerome T. jeweler, h 358 12th 
Bora Michael, hardware, 1866 Fulton 
Horsdorf Clemens, tailor, h r 675 B'way 
Borsdorf John, harnessmkr. li 675 B'way 
Borsmann Henry, janitor, h 13 Hicks 
Borsmann Hermann, grocer, SOI Graham av. 

li 299 Grali am av 
Borsmann Kobert W. machinist, h 13 Hicks 
Borst Ada, h 197 12th 
Borst Asaph, upholsterer, 329 Hudson av 
Borst Charles, butcher, h 199 N. 8th. 
Borst Clayton, milk, 164 Franklin av 
Borst Frank, carver, h 199 N. 8tli 
Borst George, liquors, 177 Gwinnett 
Borst Jacob, engineer, h 381 Palmetto 
Borst Jacob, fireman, h 91 Montrose av 
Borst John, surgl. insts. h 82 Boerum 
Borst Joseph, mason, h 253 EUery 
Borst Wiiliam, tinsmith, h 87 Even 
Borstleman Jacob, cooper, h 582 Bwav 
Burt Vi Cente, h 126 EUery 
Borthelson Wilhelmine, provisions, 781 Myr- 
tle av 

Borthwick Frederick, ahoeinkr. h 29 Broome 
Borthwick Isabella, library, 491 Tompkins av 

h 1140 Laf av 
Borthwick John A. bkkpr. h 1140 Laf av 
' ' L-tle Isaac, agt. li 423 State 
Bortman Helen, laundress, h r 652 Atlantic av 
Boi ton Solomon, supt. h 516 Henry 
Bortr Adam, wheelwright, h 06 Stagg 
Bortzner John P. butcner, 898 Myrtle av 
Borwegen William, elk. h 90 S. 4th 
Borwegen "Wiiliam F. elk. h 347 Prospect av 
Borynge Edward W. elk. ii 202 Park pi 
Bor/.ner Christian, n 72 Graham av 
Bos George, cabinetmkr. h 176 Evergreen av 
Boscawen George, treas. 120 B'way N.Y. h 27 

S. Oxford 
Boscdow Frank, lab. h 100 N. 3d 
Bosch Adolpb, butcher, b 25 Bushwick av 
Bosch Adolph, butcher, h 338 Devoe 
Bosch Anton, butcher, 1) 25 Bushwick av 
Bosch August, machinist, b 51 Adams E.D. 
Bosch Charles, blacksmith, 386 S. 1st, h 105 
Union av 

Bosch Charles, liquors, old No 569 Bedford av 
Bosch Charles, liquors, 731 B'way 
Bosch Charles F. porter, h 10 Sumner av 
Bosch Christina, wid. Richard, toys, 663 5th av 
Bosch Frederick, drugs, 192 Throop av & 196 

Ewen, h 192 Throop av 
Bosch Frederick, grocer, 1703 Fulton 
Bosch Frederick jr. drugs, 192 Throop av & 

196 Ewen, h 192 Throop av 
Bosch Frederick P. b 352 6th 
Bosch Frederick & Sen, drugs, 192 Throop av 

& 196 Ewen 
Bosch George, butcher, 31 Bushwick av, h 181 


Bosch G. & H. jr. butchers, 31 Bushwick av & 

N. 8th c 5th 
Bosch Henry, batcher, h 25 Bushwick av 
Bosch Henry, grocer, 59 4th av 
Bosch Henry jr. butcher, 31 Bushwick av & N. 

8th c 5th, b 200 N. 8th 
Bosch Henry C. driver, h 417 2d E.D. now 
! Wythe av 

(Bosch John, grocer, 163 Ellery 
i Bosch John, lab. h Ralph av n Park way 
Bosch John, liquors, 1701 Fulton 
i Bosch John, paperbagmfr. h 592 De Kalb av 
BOSCH JOHN, plumber, 696 Flushing av, tel. 
call Williams burgh 257 

Bosffih Joseph, liquors, 790 Hicks 
Bosch J. William, elk. h 59 Sunnier av 
Hosth Met a, hold No, 301 Masey. av 
Boschen Charles N. butter, 162 Washington: 

mkt. N.Y. h 403 Union 
Boschen Frod'k. carpet layer, h 1115 Green* av 
Boschen Henry C. butcher, 211 Sackett, h 501 


Boschen Isabel, wid. Harniau, h 280 Humboldt 

Boschen Jennie, siioehtthig, h 280 Humboldt 

Bosch iindt John. lab., h 34 Seholes 

Boscbpler Caroline L.. wid. Tobias, nutrse, h 
1683 Fulton 

Eosco Antonio, shoemkr, h 66 Adams 

Bosco Vincenz, hairdresser, 15 Clinton 

Bose Fred, grocer. 67 Tillarv 

Bose Jehu, grocer. 458 Do Sail) av & 1046 Pa - 
cific, h 4C8 De Kalb av 

Bosemann Fred, machinist, b 151 High 

Bosend Adam, tailor, h Smith av n Unicro av 
E.N. Y. 

Boser Albert, baker, h 144 N. Elliott pi 
Boser George, t ins-mi t h, li 178 Ewen 
Bosh Charles, peddler, h 34 Monteith 
Bosh Henry, cider, 191 Spencer, h 189 Spencer 
Bosli Henry jr. cider, 191 Spencer, h 189 Spen- 

Bosh & Woelher, liquors. 249 De Kalb av 
Bosh en g Herman, elk, h 322 20th 
Bosher Charles li. broker. 52 B'way N.Y. h 
286 Pres't 

Bosikovtski Frederick, shoes. 42 Prince 
Bosikorski John, shoemkr. 224 Pearl 
Boslee Peter, varnishes.', li 72 Throop av 
Boslet Adam, mill;, h 791 Gate-s av 
Bosley Frank, vamisber. h 114 Hopkins. 
Bosnian Peter, cigariokr. h 1238 Myrtle av 
Bosman Samuel, cutter, h 113 Prospect 
Bosuer Herman, lab. h 286 Pacific 
Bosom Charles, lab. h 102 Conover 
Boss Charles, blacksmith, Ia 12 Lombard 
Boss Joseph, conductor, h Baltic n Miller av 

Boss Louis, driver, h 663 Grand 
BossN. K. (Kev.) li Van Sicklen av n Fulton 
av E.N.Y. 

Bess Samuel, lab. h 3t?6 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Bossardet John, confectioner, 536 N. 2d 
Bossardet Louis C. drugs, 371 N. 2d 
Bossaw Henry, lighterman, h 115 Van Brunt 
Bosse August, cutter, h 309 Central av 
Bosselman Hermann, milk, h 660 De Kalb av 
Bossemonu Carl, carpenter, h 55 Dupont 
Basser Charles, lab. h 36 Jolinsou av 
Bossert Bertha, wid. John, h 97 Degraw 
Bossert Frederick, cooper, h 864 Dean 
Bossert Henry, carpenter, h 15 Fayette 
Bossert Henry jr. driver, li 15 Fayette 
Bossert Jacob, moulding mill. 229 Hey ward, h 

284 Kutledgo 
Bossert Louis, sashes, 6 Union av, h 144 Hey 



Lumber, Moulding, Sashes, BKnds and 
Doors. Ceiling. Mding, Pine and Spruce 
Flooring, etc, etc. 
Mill, 18 to 30 JOHNSON AVIS. 

Office and Salesroom* 6& 8 Union Ave.; Lumber Vords, 
Harrison Ave, bet. Kiitiedge &. Hevwaid Sts, ? 

BfOeklyn^ t, D, Telephone Cull, WLUiuu»buiu«i A. 

Bossert Philip, sashinkr.. h 112 Middleton 
Bossert John, peddler, 198 Varet 
Bosshard Theodore, confectioner, h 323 Clif- 
ton pi 

Bossi Luigi, lab. h 556 Pres't 

Bossing John H. mason, h 5 McDougal 

Bosslet Adam, lab. h 227 Devae 

Bossmann Ferdinand, tailor, h 370 De Kalb av 
; Bossnet Thomas, elk. b 119 43d 
1 Bossoch Sabine, h 38 Alonirose av 


J. A. WEBB &. SON, I '« Cli'VAV" 7 - 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations, 




Bosson.g Adam, roalegtate, 1136 Myrtle av, li j 

G40 Hancock 
Bossong Charles, wlkweaver, h 390 S. 3d 
Bossong Jacob, ins. b 171 Suydam. 
Bossong Joseph, cabinetmkr. li 594 Grand 
Bossing Joseph F. salesman, h 198 Raymond 
Bossing William., varnisher, h 27 Humboldt 
Bost Herman, baker, h r 57 Moore 
Bustelni&tm Henry, liquors, 462 B'way 
Bostelmaim Lewis, stenographer, h. -8 Warren 


Bostering Thomas, lab. h 250 1st F.D. cow 
Kent av 

.Boston Catherine, wid. Clement, h £0 Middagh 
Boston Edward, .cutter, h £22 Atlantic av 
Huston Frederick J. designer, li 76 Wilson 
Boston Hurry, collator, h 322 Atlantic av 
Boston John A, nmcldnist, h 261 21s£ 
Boston Joseph JJ. designer, li 76 Wilson 
Boston Sarah, wid. h 248 High 
Boston William, h 70 Wilson 
Boston & Albany Railroad, 4 Court &> K.X. 
Boston & Shore Line R R„ Co. 4 Court 
Bost row Hermau. tailor. 169 Flat bush av 
Bostwick Amm, elk. h 402 Bergen 
Bostwick Charles, elk- h 321 B'way 
Bostwick Charles M. brass-founder, 4lSavekett, 
h 455 6th 

Bostwick C vnia B. drygda. B\vay ~N.Y. b 46 
1st pi 

Boat wick Edward B. elk. h 678 Fulton 
Bostwick Edward L. butcher, 298 Columbia 
Bostwick Emerson C jeweler, l\ 4.02 Bergen 
Bostwick Ernst, printer, h 171 Franklin av 
Bust wick. George W. com. uier. 10 Bridge N.X. 

h £44 Grand ar 
Bostwick George W. painter, h 425 Hicks 
Bostwick ll*3i rv P- ncct 9 City Hall h 455 6th 
Bostwick James, lauudrv. 110 Moserole av, h 

684 I^naier 
Bostwick James SI. c. Si. N\Y. h 528 Pacific 
Bostwick Josephus B. foundry, 41 Sackett, h 

455 Gth 

Bostwick Orlanna H. wid. Salmon, h29 Spencer 

Bostwick Rirliard S. bkkpr.. h 316 St. Mark's pi 
Bon t wick Thaddcus, carpenter, b .234 N. 11th 
Bostwick Thomas. elk. h 402 Bergen 
Bos t wide William F. carpenter, h 198 Powers 
Boswald Francis il- machinist, h 231 Division 

Boswell Bridget G, wwL Patrick, h r 111 Navy 
Boswell Joseph, seaman, li 305 Rochester av 
Bosweil Patrick il. engineer, h266 Funnan 
Boswell William, lawyer, 52 William N.Y, b. 70 

Bos wile k Thomas, leather, li 193 R-oebling 
Bosworth B. H. printer, h .240 Court 
Bos worth Charles, manager, h 499 Greene av 
Bos worth David C. iancygds. h 263 Cumberland 
Bosworth Hiram, conductor, h 259 Macon 
Bosworth Magdalemt, h 436 Franklin av 
Bosworth Percy, machinist, h 191 High 
Botcludr Martin, shoenikr. h 95 Hopkins 
Botey David W. sashmkr. li 54 Meeker av 
Both Albert W. cigars, 361 Division av 
Both Conrad, painter, h 630 Cla«son av 
Both William, boatman, h 239 Columbia 
Bothe August, hairdresser, h old Ko. 382 Bed- 
ford av 

Bothe August, hairdresser, h 22 Leonard 

Bothe .August, tailor, h 18 Wall 

Bothe Win. hairdresser, 11 Ewen, h 22 Leonard 

Botbe William, cabiuetmkr, h 22 Leonard 

Both enga tier Max, baker, h 325 Eliery 

Bothmaim Fred'k, hairdresser. 235Nostrand av 

Both ne i' Peter, silversntitli, h 319 Bergen 

Both well Jam?, fancygds. 847 Bergen 

Both well -Robert, porter, h 73 3d 

Bothwell Thomas E. tinsmith, h 349 Wyckoff 

Botlander Annie, wid. John. h51 Graham 

Botsch Michael lab. h 12 N. Henry 

Botstbi'd John E. realestate, 60 B'way 

Bott. Albert, tailor, 243 Boerum, h 304 Moore 

Bolt Christian, carpenter, h 98 Graham av 

Bott C. h 502 Clinton av 



"Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

Bott Frederick, cooper, h 91 Hope 
Bott George, h 98 Graham av 
Bott George, batcher, h 870 Park av 
Bott Tlieodore, brashes, b 894 Park 
Bottoher Fredonek, elk. h 307 Floyd 
Bottcaer John, butcher, 643 Hicks | 
Boti-es William, barkpr. h 86 M'ontrosc av j 
Bottinger Jacob A. painter, h 1900 Fnltoa j 
Bottjer Diedrieh, grocer, 127 Franklin i 
Bott j or Frederick, liquors, old No. 174 Marcyj 
av, h Harrison av c Ratledge j 
Bottjer John, givcer, It 189 T! troop av j 
Bottjer liichard, grocer, h 584 Hicks 
Bottles August, lab. h 36 Alabama av 33.1\ r .Y. ; 
Bottmaim George, ins. 131 Harrison av | 
BotUnann George, realestate. h 28 Wall | 
Bottmasm Geo. jr. 131 Harrison av, b 38 AYall 
Bottinann G. & Co. in-s. 133 Harrison av j 
Bottner Adolph, teacher, h 341 Pit>spectav | 
Bottner Gustave A, painter, 322 9th, h 7 Adams 
pi Windsor ter. i 
Botts O-ooi'ge, composiior, li 100 Carlton av j 
Botts Josepli W. ijrinter, h 100 CatU m av | 
BoUsJStovens K. surveyor, h 144 .Flat bush AV| 
Botty Antbony, liquors, 223 Wash'n, h 165 

Prospect ' I 
Botty Bernard, cutter, h r 260 Plymouth | 
Botty & Tossiny, liquors, 123 Wash'n ; 
Botty er John H. liquors, 1057 Fulton 
Botum« George, instructor, li 947 Butler I 
Botz Christopher, carpiiiter, h 333 Warrea i 
Bouchar James, lab. h 394 Schenck 
Bouclier Anton, tailor, h r 077 B'way 
Boucher Hcnrv. manager, h 30-9 Hicks 
Boucher Phili]), 'baker, h 306 Ellery j 
Boucher Philip H. h 11 Locust | 
Boucher Stetihen, carpenter, h 1022 Pacific j 
Boue-houx Mari S. h 790 Qumcy 
Boucite Frank, lab. h 310 Devoe j 
Bouck James B. pi-ovisions, h 394 Grand av i 
Boudreau Joseph E. R. broker, h 77 Oakland j 
Bouer Charles H. driver, h £5 Cumberland 
BoufUer James, shoemkr. 266 Jay | 
Bouffler John, carver, h 368 Classon av ; 
Bougartz Frederick, drugs, 90 Graham av j 
Bougey Dennis, lab. h 103 John j 
Bou gey Mary, grocer, 103 John i 
Bough'an James A. agL h 1108 Dean j 
Bough ton Anna, wid. F. K. h 35 Vernon av 
Boughton Chauncey K. compositor, h old No. 
( 747 Bedford av ■ 
\ Boughton Edward C. furrier, h 739 Laf av 
Boughton Frank, machinist, h 215£ Lee av : 
Boughton .las. v. preset, 48 B'way, b 207 Keap | 
Boughton Jesse S. engineer, h 86 S Cth 1 
Boughton Joseph, painter, h 319 Degraw ! 
Boughton William H. lawyer, 59 Liberty !N\Y. 

n 161 Columbia hgts I s 

Bouhei James, elk. h 289 Graham ; " 

Boulay Francois, h 226 Skillman j 
Boulder Michael, blacksmit h, b 145 Butler 
Boulger Catherine, wid. James, h 414 Baltic . 
Boulger Thomas, lab. h 414 Baltic | 
Bouloiseau Alfred, feathers, 557 Kosciusko 
Boultbee Frank, mer. h 82 Pierrepont ; 
Boulter Frank, shoecutter, h 54 Poplar j 
Boulter Jam«s, maclnnist, h 499 Gates av \ 
Boulter William, machinist, h 499 Gates av j 
Boulton Cliristopher, stonecutter, h Centre c 

Columbia i 
BOUI.TON CORNELIUS, stationery, 172 At-; 

lantic av E.N. Y. 
Boulton Jesse, carpenter, h 330 Bergen 





132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Elver, Hew York. 





27 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

Boulton William, cloakmkr. 14 Do Ktdb av, h 

38 Rochester av 
Boulware Henry J . h 106 Putnam av 
Bouman John, ruekelplater, h 208 Floyd 
Bonmgart Joseph, lal>, h 329 Livingston 
Boumgart William, painter, h y*29 .Livingston 
Boune"Archiha.Ul, lab. h Stone avn Vanderveer 

Bourdy Constantino, cook, h 77 Graham 
Bourdy John A. tinsmith, h 211 Prospect 
Bourdy Nicholas, butcher, b 204 McDongal 
Bourses George, elk. h 94 Union av 
Bonrgouin Alfred, ropomkr. li 402 Bush wick av 
Bourguen Alfred, carpenter, b 433 Bushwiekav 
Bourguignon Edward, brewer, b 34 Met av 
Bourgtriguou Knmia, wid. Ferd.h 474 Myrtle av 
Bourguignon George, hairdresser, !K0 (5 rand 
Bourguignon Jos. hairdresser, li 28 Jackson 
Bourguignon Lewis M. cigars, 133 Union av, h 

2«3 N. 2d 

Bourguignon Nicholas, liquors, 293 X, 2d 
Bourguignon & Gleason. cigars, 133 Union av 
Bourk John J. blacksmith, 7(i Congress 
Bourke Alexander, elk. h 1016 Greene av 
Bourke Annie, wid. Edwin, b 427 5th av 
Bourke Ellen, wid. Michael, h 577 Sackett 
Bourke John, stonecutter, h 577 Sackett 
Bourke Martin, priutei-, h 547 "Warren 
Bourke Michael J. elk. h Pens av n Liberty av 

Bourke Thomas, grocer, 10 Carlton av 
Bourke William, mason, h B'way e Smith av 

Bourke William G. lab. h r 184 Havemeyer 
Bourne Ansel, pilot, li old No. 201 Hooper 
Bbunio Benjamin, eaws, h 69 Moore 
Bourne Christopher S. elk. b 759 Madison 
Bourne Frank K. grocer, 423 5th av, h 318a 11th 
Bourne Henry A. shipmaster, h 427 7th 
Bourne Philip F. dentist, h 793 Madison 
Bourne William G. drugs, 373 Lewis av 
Bours Frederick, eigartnkr. h 12 Judge 
Bonrsaud Eliza, wid. Augustine li 23 LefFerts 


Boury Edward A. liquors, N.Y. b 190 Colum- 
bia hgts. 

Boury Louis G. elk. h 190 Columbia hgts. 

Bousack John, coachman, b 917 Atlantic av 

Bouseher Thomas, boilermkr, li 154 Java 

Boussier Joseph, tailor, h 124 Middleton 

Boutcber William F. jeweler, h 7 Dehevoise pi 

Boutelle Caroline, dressmkr. li 212 Calyer 

Boutelle Rebecca, b 212 Calyer 

Boutier Joseph T. bkbinder, h 38 Douglass 

Bon tie Matilda, dressmkr. b 716 B'way 

Bouton Arthur A . mechanic, h 45 Adelpbi 

Bouton Charles W. elk. b 1st av c 55th 

Bouton Edward, designer, b 1st av c 55th 

Bouton Elizabeth, It 1st av o 55tli 

Bouton George H. bkkpr. h 260 Tompkins av 

Bouton George M. elk. h 207 Hail 

Bouton George W. engineer, h 128 B'way 

Bouton Irving H. elk. h 207 Hall 

Bouton John, elk. b 207 Hall 

Bouvier Benjamin, ins. 36 Nassau N.Y. h. 331 

Stuyvesant av 
Bovee John, watchman, b 13 Skillman av 
Bovenizer George, lab. h 136 Myrtle av 
Bovenizer Peter, lab. b 136 Myrtle av 
'Boves Joseph J. h 141 Concord 
Bow Edward H. clothier, 26 Whitehall N.Y. h 

583 Pacific 
Bow Eurilla, h 172 S. Oxford 
Bow John, bkkpr h 159 Wash'n av 
iBow William A. furng. b 583 Pacific 
I Bowden Anne, wid. Thomas F. h 261 18th 
iBowden Charles N. carriageinkr. b 101 Adelpbi 

Bowden Edward, carpenter, h U)\ Adelpbi 
Bowden Edward 1,. printer, h 317 Madison 
Bowden James, painter, h 92) Myrtle av 
Bowden Jeremiah, driver, h 157 Nassau av 
Bowden Joseph, hoottitter, h 192 Degraw 

! Bowden Joseph B, jeweler, 1 Maiden la N.Y. 

i h 65 Monroe 

j Bowden M. Luther, jeweler, 1 Maiden la N.Y. 
i h 20 Spencer pi 

. Bowden Nellie, dressmkr. b 750 Myrtle av 
| Bowden Reuben, printer, b 208 IPfch 
i Bowden Robert, hairdresser, It 571 Baltic 
I Bowden Samuel, lab. h 12.1 (i rah am 
j Bowden Samuel, notary, h 19} Graham 
j Bowden Sophia, b 323 Wash'n 
Bowden William C printer, li 101 Adelpbi 
; Bowdery J*:nnie, wid Geo. R, h 23 Fillmore pi 
j Bowdery William II. fish, 411a Gates av 
i Bowdish Isaac S. salesman, b 100 Pate hen av 
i Bowdish Richmo-ud A. salesman, h lOOPatcherc 
i av 

j Bowtloin Harriet, ai'tist, li 142 Madison 
i Rowdoitt Henry A. bkkpr. h 342 Madison 
j Bowdoin AVilliam G. bkkpr. b 142 Madison 
I Bowe Annie, wid. h 417& Carlton av 
: Bowe Charles L>. h 417 Carlton av 
i Bowe Edward, conductor, b 820 Myrtle av 
| Bowe Margaret, wid. Michael, b 112 12th 
: Bowe Michael, cooper, b 132 12t'ii 
j Bowe Thomas, conductor, h 295 Reid av 
! Bowe William H. liquors. 314 Gwinnett 
' Bowel Marcus, tailor, h 247 Dgtoo 
Bowell Frederick W. broker, 25 Broad N.Y. fa 
144 Quincy 

Bowell William L. bldr. h old No. 390 Marcy av 
Bowely Edward J. painter, h 291 Graham 
Boweii Asa, livery, 226 State, h 28 Boerum pi 
Bowen Charles, sec. h 9£) S. Oxford 
Bowon Charles J. elk. h 33 St. Felix 
Bowon Charles M. tinsmith, 59 Franklin 
Bowen Clarence W. publisher, 251 B'way N.Y,. 

h 90 Willow 
Bowen 1). F. h 285 "Front 
Bowen Edward, jeweler, h 67 Somen* 
Bowen Edward E. dopy, h 11 Willow 
Bowen Edward H. publisher, b 46 New York av 
Bowen Edward J. engraver, h 128 N. 4th 
Bowen Frank I), b 90 Willow 
Bowen Frederick, billiards, h Hooper c Grand 
Bowen George, hostler, h 19 Lorimer 
How en George, painter, h 70 Fleet 
Bowen Henry C. editor, 251 B'way N.Y. h 90 


Bowmen Henry J. h 140 Park pi 

Bowen Henry J. elk. b 219 Bergen 

Bowen James, carpenter, h 31 N. Elliott pi 

Bowen James, cigars, old No. 506 Marcy av 

Bowen James, foreman, h 74 S. 2d 

Bowen James B. express, b 307 Dean 

Bowen James H. paints, 703 De- Kalb av 

Bowen John, bkbinder, b 48 WoodhuH 

Bowen John E. journalist, N.Y. h 90 Willow 

Bowen John H. physician, 193 Classon av 

Bowen John I. drugs, b 317 S. 3d 

Bowen Joseph S. restaurant, 600 Flushing a"<r 

Bowen Martha, wid. James, h 662 B'way 

Bowen Mary wid. h r 761 Bergen 

Bowen Mary B. wid. Thomas C. h 110 Myrtle 

Bowen M.E. dressmkr. b 918 Gates av 

Bowen Samuel, drugs, 475 Flushing av 

Bowen Schuyler, b 164 Clinton 

Bowen West, vet. surgeon, 226 State 

Bowen William, needlemkr. h 561 Warren 

Bow-en William, printer, li 74 Huffield 

Bowen William C. elk. h 286 Livingston 

Bower Adam, lab. h 232 Boerum 

Bower Alexandrine P. b old No. 312 Bedford av 

Bower Arthur F, elk, h 192 Guernsey 

Bower August, lab. b 594 6th av 

Bower Charles R caulker, South n Pike si 

N.Y. h 122 S. 1st 
Bower Daniel, carpenter, Ralph n Myrtle av 
BowerElvinA. broker, 52 Beaver N.Y. hold 

No. 31 2 Bedford av 
Bower Francis, electrotyper, h St. Mark's av 

n Roekaway av 


Send for Circular. Rivers' 


175 Slate Street. Cor. Court Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 



\j I 28 & I 30 FULTON ST., 


101 BOW 

'Bower Frank, "lab. h 128 Central av 
Bower Frank, paints, 37 Bush wick av 
Bower George, elk. h Pacific n StoneavE N.Y. 
Bower George, fiumer, h 15 Melrose 
Bower Gustavo, haidresscr, 171 Division av, h 
7 Bflerum 

Bower Henry, liquors, 416 Graham av 
liowcr Jacob, h 42 Maujer 
Bower James, carpenter, h 268 52d 
Bower John, h 93 Seigel 
Bower John, lab. h 961 Bergen 
Bower John, lab. h 210 Montrose av 
Bower Joseph, baker, h 146 Central av 
Bower Julia, wid. John, h old No. 209 Hewes 
Bower Louis, lab b 48 Beaver 
1 tower Louis, teacher, 9 Clinton 
Bower Martin, brewer, b 7f> Adams E D, 
jiower Martin, carpenter, h 42 Maujer 
Bower Martin jr. metalspinner, h 42 Maujev 
Bower Sanmei. milliner, 173 Grand 
Bower Samuel, plumber, 880 Gates av, h 90S 
Gates av 

Bower Samuel W. lawyer, b 770 Laf av 
Bower Sebastian, engineer, h 22 Fayette 
Bower Theodore, baker, 238 Montrose av 
Bower Willia n, engineer, h 192 Guernsey 
Bower William, engineer, h 110 Nassau av 
Bower William B. drugs, 83 B'way 
Jiower William J. broker, N.Y. h 276 Carroll 
Bowerhan Charles, salesman, h 288 N. 6th 
Bowerhan John, engineer, li 333 B'wav 
Bnverhan William H. polisher, h 13 Fillmore pi 
Bowerman Frank, sugar, N.Y. h 250 Carlton av 
BOWJSR8 ALFRED, painter, 682 Flushing av, 

h 279 Greene av 
Bowers Ahnena. wid. Michael, h 188 S. 4th 
Bowers Benjamin F. photographer, 340 Fulton 
Bowers Bridget, wid. Irving, h 37.1 Furnian 
Bo wot s li. F. & W. F. photographers, 340 


Bowers Cecilia, wid. Jacob, h S2 N. Oxford 
Bowers Charles, silkmkr. h 06 Ileid av 
Bowers Charles A. paper-hanger, h 63 Eyerson 
Bowers Charles C. elk. h 220 17th 
ISowers Edward, weigher, h 195 Baltic 
Bowers Geo. F. vet. surgeon, h 999 Atlantic av 
Bowers George W. lab. h 753 Madison 
Bowers Henry, conductor, h 146 Trov av 
Bowers Henry jr. broker, N.Y. h 86 7th av 
"Bowers Henry C. elk. h 217 Division av 
Bowers Jacob, brewer, h 32 Central av 
Bowers James, lab. li 753 Madison 
Bowers James, ropemkr. h 159 Cook 
Bowers James J. driver, b 478 Baltic 
Bowers John, hairdresser, h 12 Franklin pi 
Bowers John, lacemkr. h 1207 B'way 
Bowers John, polisher, h 753 Madison 
Bowers John, watchman, h 652 Warren 
Bowers KilHan, lab. 12 Central av 
Bowers Lester 1). salesman, h 447 Laf av 
Bowers Mary M. h 294 Clinton 
Bowers Philip, driver, h 16 Mont-eith 
Bowers T nomas, ropemkr. b 118 Debevoise 
Bowers Thomas B. plumber, old No. 599 Bed- 
. ford av 

Bowers Walter, engineer, h 101 Grand av 
Bowers William, designer, h 413 Dean 
Bowers William F. pliotographer, h 340 Fulton 
Bowers W. salesman, h 447 Laf av 
Bowevsmith Peter, machinist, b 809 Park av 
Bowes Charles, b 1331 Myrtle av 
Bowes Charles, laundry, 33 Tompkins av 
Bowes Patrick H. police, h 177 Java 
Bowick George, h 183 Powers 
Bowie Alfred, bkkpr. b 455 Carlton av 
Bowie Allen, bkkpr. h 221 20th 
Bowie Archibald, machinist, h 73 Jewell 
Bowie George, machinist, h 292 Jay 
Bowie Hugh, engineer, h 221 20th 
Bowie John, brassfounder, 112 Front, h 65 

Bowie J. Franklin, slurtmkr, 34 Myrtle av, h 

247 St James' pi 
Bowie Robert C. brassfounder, h old No. 134 

Marcv av 

Bowie William, patternmkr. h 227 20th 

Bowie William H. machinist, h 132 Woieott 
Bowie & Co. shirtmkrs. 34 Myrtle av 
Bo wit z Charles, eigarmfr. 53 Meserole ; 
Bowker Daniel R. paper, h 274 Laf av \ 
Bowker J. C. physician, h 97 2d pi ! 
Bowker Richard It. editor, 31 Park row N.Y. 

li274 Lafav 
Bowbly Benjamin S. bkkpr. h 778 Laf av 
Bowlen James, marbleoutter. h 263 Flovd 
Bowler George T. fejd, ft Quay, h 172 St. 

Mark's av 

Bowler James, lab. b 3!) Litile \ 
Bowler Joseph, liquors, 145 Franklin ! 
Bowles Alfred J. carver, li old No. 633 Bed- 
ford av I 
Bowles Ann, wid. h. 281 21st 
Bowles Austin T. driver, h 80 Eagle 
Bowles Calvin C. s.-st. h 241| Putnam av 
Bowles Elizabeth M. wid. Alfred J. h old No. 

633 Bedford av 
Bowles Ferdinand, carver, h 171 Norman av 
Bowles Frank A. bkkpr. Mills bldg. N. Y. h 574 
Clinton ; 
Bowles Isaac printer, h 876 Atlanticav \ 
Bowles James, hostler, h 34(t Schenectady av [ 
Bowles James A. hostler, h 140 Schenectady av 
Bowles John, engineer, h 15 Garnet 1 
Bowles John, steamfitter, h 281 21st ! 
Bowles Joseph J. printer, 89 Court, h 123 Dean 
Bowles Samuel J. printer. 648 Atlantic av j 
Bowles Louis, liquors, 163 Front 
Bowles Timothy, plasterer, h r 180 N. 9th 1 
Bowles William li. feed, 1643 Fulton, h 635 

Bowling Edgar R. h 117 Columbia hgts ! 
Bowlsby William, physician, h VaiKiicklen av 

n Atlantic E. N.Y. j 
Bowman Alfred, coal, h 151 9 th 
Bowman Alfred, shipmaster, h 49 Poplar ; 
Bowman Andrew, milk, h 151 9th i 
Bowman Deborah D. wid. Thomas, h 39 4th av 
Bowman Frank, blankbks. 119 William N.Y. h 

345 9th 

Bowman Frank, chairmkr. h 24 Stagg ' 
Bowman George, blockcutter. h 51 Cheevor pi 
Bowman Harriet, wid. h Baltic av n Jeii'erson 
E.N.Y. i 
Bowman James, mechanic, h 20 Devoe ' 
Bowman Jerome, blclr. h 40th n 3d av 
Bowman John, bkkpr. old No. 489 Bedford av j 
Bowman John, broker, li 203 Baltic 
Bowman John, plumber, 8 4th pi 
Bowman John A. realestate, 177 Montague, h 

221 Dutheld 
Bowman John G. truckman, h 151 22d 
Bowman Joseph, carpenter, b 580 6th av 
Bowman Joseph (Rev.) h 385 S. 2d 
Bowman Mary, wid. h 34 Main 
Bowman Meli'nda, h 156 21st 
Bowman Phillip, machinist, h 347 N. 2d 
Bowman Thomas, driver, h 131 28th 
Bowman Willett, painter, h 150 22(1 
Bowman William, peddler, h Johnson av n 

Varick av 
Bowman William, tailor, h 7 Henry 
Bowtnann Charles, driver, h 252 Floyd 
Bowmann Jacob, framer. h 147 Stags 
Bowmann John, tinsmith, h 381 Oakland 
Bowmann Margaret, wid. Louis, h 1069 Fulton 
Bown Alfred A. accountant, h 75 Gates av 
Bown Annie I. wid. Thomas, b 347 Throop av 
B')wn William h 110 Boerrm 
Bowne Andrew W. feed, 673 3d av, li 162 Pros- 
pect av 

Bowne Charles E. machinist, h 43 S. 4th 
Bowne Francis C. lawver, Astor House N.Y. h 

9 S. Elliott pi 
Bowne Frank, h 50 Sands 
Bowne Frederick W. h 29 Spencer pi 
Bowne George F. agt. h 29 Spencer pi 
Bourne Henry F. bkkpr. h 151 Luquer 
Bowne Isabella, wid. Milton, h 24 Maujer 
Bowne John I), salesman, h 88 Milton 
Bowne John F. h 9 4th 
Bowne John H. carpenter. 548 Prospect pi 
Bowne Joseph, engineer, h 144 16th 















, cor. Prince. NEW YORK. So. 1 fall St., cor. Broalway. 

OYAL [fire] !NSi GOi 

:, in II. S., Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,230' 16, 


[93 Montague Street, BrooRfyir. 
Mo, 128 flaiksh /.»3„ Brooklyn, 

JuE;*ii3i d. .ItUr.-.;.; t r;r.rth Aves.- 



LAIN «fc CO« 

«>8 iyi. City Directory Printing House, 
' -~ 17 V7illoughl7 St., cor. Pearl, BTdyn. 

© * 

3 is- 



' HlH-S 

if", ir i!.", St. .I,Ym<3s' pi 
fit 1) nv 

. h i'57 5th 1!. D. now 

* tint firm* ur 
Ii 41 r> l-:wi:n 
]0f> Mtli 
i sis Aclfcinlii 

Bowne Mary E. wid. AVm. h 219 Berkeley pi 
Bowne Philip H. h Hicks 
Bowne Rodman, ferxy master, li K50 Grand 
Bowne Samuel, collector, h 236" Monroe 
Bowne- Samuel C. carpenter, h 340* Decatur 
Bowne S.iiniiol C\ jr. tailor, N.Y. h 57 Bainbridge 
Bowne Samuel "W. grain, Smith n Sigouriaey,h 

211 Berkeley pi 
Bowne Sudgefield D. Uiroker, 194 Front N.Y, h 

152 Aiuslio 
Bowne Thomas G. hkkpr. h 40*,) Park av 
Bowne William B. feed, 073 3d av, h 102 Pros- 
poet av 

Bowne William Ti, enohreer. h 251 I.nquer 
Bowne "William AY. agt. h 50Saa:ls 
BowiwJohn E. pilot, h 321 12th 
Bowns Mary A. wM. John, h 321 12th 
Downs William H. bkkpr. b 321 12th 
Bowra William F. boxmkr. h 718 12th 
Bowling Thomas B. mex. IS IV way, N.Y. h 128 
I Columbia hgts 

Bowron Francis AV. plivsicnan. 259 Tompkins 
i av, oiHco hours until 10, 1 to 2 & Ota 8, tel- 
! ephone 08 WilliamsbnTgh 
Bowrosen Julia, wid. It 130 N\ 4th 
Bow sky Jeremiah, machinist, h r 65> X. 6th 
Box Geoi'Hu, lab. h 929 St. Mark's av 
Box Hurry, ghissblowor, li 107 Eagle 
Box Washington, diiver, h 929 St. Mark's av 
Boxohl George, moulder, h 118 15th 
Boy Alfred, bkkpr. li 442 Thmop av 
Boy an John, driver, h r 143 Tiflarv 
Boy an Thomas, tailor, h 145 N. 6th 
Boyan AVillinm M. glass, li 117 Waverly av 
Bo'veo Adeline E. wid, Peter, h 09 Oak 
Boy <to Alfred J. paints, 29 MeDougaL 
Bovce Arthur, liquors, 45 Whitehall N.Y. b 
I 1 808 8th 

Boyce Charles, h old No. 220 Ilewea 

Bovce Ohafi. A. i)apei'h»n#er, h 687 Herkimer 

Boyce Daniel T). »upt. It 101 Oak 

Boyco Eliza, vrid. Fredoriek. h 190 Johnsoif 

, Boyce (ieor'jie, produce, AV". AVaslrn ixtkt.N.Y. 

1 Ii 12 Ilurriaon av 
Boyce George, n.a.n. h 20 s A r aiuVt av 
Boyce, (ieorge P. salesman, li 059. Loiimer 
Bwyee Gilbert, elk. h 328 Flalsey 
B:;>y<;t! JsuvfCR, elk. li (562 Bergen 
Boycft J"an:es A. y/ainter, h 214 York 
Boy co John, rarpenter, h V>0 f^'iiith 
Boycft John, coachman, h 123 (7;u-n>ll 
Boy oo John, engineer, h 284 Flushing av 
Boyce John, ^asfitter, h 8 Nassau pi 
Bo> t;<' John I). carpenter, It 549 Grand 
Boyce John H. salesman, b 27 MeDougal 
Boyce. Josf^ph, sashes, h 154 Censelyea 
Bovc© Martin 15. auctioneer, b 483 Fwltoit 
Boyce Mnrv, wid. Edward. Ft 130 Smith 
Boyce Melissa, wid. Frank, li 329 St. Mark's pf 
Bo ye© Nellie, h 87 Carlton av 
Boyce Peter, bras smoulder, h 7 4th E. D. now 

Bedford av 
Boyce Itichard. iron, ft 328 Halsey 
lioyee Tlieodore AV. conductor, h lOONassan av 

. Bov€c Thomas, paperh anger, Chriatoj>hop n 

! ' Baltic av E. N.Y. 
Boyce Witliam, carpenter, h 214 S. 2d 

■ Boyev"! AVilliam, daiver. h 284 Fiiashing-av 
Boyce AVilliam, salesman, h 328 Halsey 
Boyce AVilliain A. lifwiery, 330 B'way N.Y. Ii 

• ciid No. 0~;7 M'ai-cy av 

■Boyce AVilliam A. watohinkr. h 12 HaiTison av 
Boyce AVilliam IT. truckman, b 156 S. 1st 
Boyck Harry, boatman, h 55 Van Brunt 
Bo'veott Adam, varnisher. b 168 Mauier 
Boyd Adelaide J. wid. AVilliam, h 4265th 
Boyd Alexander B. lett.ercarrier, h 698 5th av 

Boy-(? Artd'rew 0. h 313 
Bovd Andrew J hkkp?: 
Boyd Andrew AV. ft 212 
.Boyd Ann, wid. Patrick 

Boyd Benjamin' F'„ p1uw< 
Boyd ("uarles, shoemkr. 
Boyd Charlw* "F. plater, i 
Boyd (Jh^rles 8. broker, 
Boyd Charles T' salesman, li 514 Classcffi &v 
Boyd Daniel, fireman, h 33 FrosC 
Bovd Darnel, lab. h 77 Funinm 
Boyd David, elk. Ti 144 Ln-quer 
Boyd Dolli'e, wid. Henrv, It r 605 Dearr 
Boyd EVtairS. depy. 170 Montague, h 128 K, 

Elliott pi 

Boyd Edward. 1«T>, h 257 5th E.D. nrAV Dring* 
Boyd Edwin J. elk. h old Nn 450 M arc v av ' 
Bovd Elizabeth, wid. Edward, h r350 S. 4th 
Bo'vd Enr:ene S.,.bl(f , r. 300 Nav>-. h 356" 1st 
Boyd E S. & Son, bides. 300 Navy 
Btvyxl Francis. Jan. h 534' Prospect pi 
Boyd Frederick J. broker, 121 Pearl Nf.Y. h35J 

Bovd Geoi-ge A. c?k. h 230 17th 

Boyd Harry AV. milk, h 411 Carlton av 

Bo>'d Helena, wid, Joseph, h 25 Eawreoce- 

B'oyd HeTiry, drygds. 325 Smith 

Boyd Henry, lorensan. h 16') Eckford 

Boyd Henry, machinist h Somen* ir Conway 

iX Henrr roofer, Tr r 605 Dean 
Boyd Henry B. impr, N.Y. h 175) Amity 
BoyTl Hugh, drygds, 126 Atlantic av, h 179 

A Euit.v 
Jioyd H. Tr 302 FWt 
Boyd J«mes, h 21 a Berry 
J?oyd James, p(?rter. h BridffO' 
Boyd James, n>pe/mkr. h 473 Adelphi 
Boyd James, salesman, h 153 Nelson 
Boyd J'anres. teas, Ti if37^ Tninjr av 
Ifoyd Jameajr. contposifor, h 473 AdelpIifi 
Bovd John, elk. Ti 646 Leonard 
Ifoyd John. lab. h 115 Dikeman 
BoVil John lab. h K-f5 Donglasw 
Boy<i John. lab. h 192 Eagfe 
Boyd John, lab. h 153 Nelson 
Bovd John, mechanic, h 192 Eagfe 
Boyd Join, printer, h 337 S. 4tb 
Boyd John C. paints, 50© 3d av, & crockery. 

' 504 5r,h av, h 504 5th av 
Bovd John G printer, h 6i)8 5th hv 
Boyd John II. plumbe-r, 40) Myrtle av 
I'joyd John S shipmaster, h 175 UnioTf 
Boyd John AV. elk. h 984 Fulton 
Bovd John W. paperfsanger. h (Hi Gates av 
Bovtl Joseph H. elk. h 179 Harrison 
Boyd J. Frederick,, broker, 121 Pearl N\Y. fa 

5:>1 Clinton 
Tioyd Louis, lab. h 14 Division 
Boyd Marcellus A. blacksmith, b E10 Skillman 
ISoyd Margaret, wid. Tlimnas, b 43 Kapelye 
Boyd Maria, wid. Simon, dre^sinkr. 698 5th av 
Boyd Martha F. h 8i0 Nostrand av 
Boyd Melville (Kcv.- h 42f> 7th- 
Boyd* Oscar E. see. h 375 Jeftersorr fev 
Boyd Peter J. driver, h 414 2d E.I>. bow 

AVy the av 

B'ovd iiichard K. salesman, h 514 Classen av 
Bovd Robert, carpenter, h 33 Ross 
Boyd Robert, c.h. N.Y. h 588 Hancock 
Boyd Rolwrt, dnver, Ii Romers n Conway 
Boyd Robert, jeweler, 22?) C«wr« 
Bovd Robert, Ifth. h 108 Baltic 
Boyd Robert R. conductor, h 351 S. 1st 
Boyd Robert R. hosiery, 50-M^arra.y N.. Y. b 1& 
Strong pi 

Boyd Samuel A. salesmafii, h 467 A r aJ2 Bnien 

Boyd Samuel L. b 313 Adelp''i 

Bovd Samuel N,. pianos. 71 iSercer- N. Y. h 313^ 

' Adelphi 
Boyd Sarah, ft 77 Front 

Bovd Sarah! wid.. James, laundry, 67 S. 8th, h 
" 78 S. 8ih 

Boyd Stephen M. orwrin«er, h41&'l»t KJD. now 

" Koiit av 
Boyd Thomas, lah.h 176 N. lOtli 


Used by Druggists and. Manufacturers throughout the world* 

Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations,. 





BOY 103 BOY 

Boyd Thomas, shoes, h 650 Greene av 

Boyd Thomas II. carpenter, h 26 Hanover $1 

Boyd Thomas H. jr. engraver, h 26 Hanover pi 

Boyd Waiter, elk h 314 11th 

Boyd Willard, shoes, h 880 Hancock 

Boyd William, baker, 188 Manhattan av, li 150 

Manhattan av 
Boyd William, blacksmith, fe. 149 Hamilton av 
Boyd William, elk. h 340 9th 
Bovd William, conductor, h 337 Magnolia 
Boyd William, lab. h 85 Sackett 
Boyd William, moulder, li r 44 Fleet pi 
Boyd William, painter, h 285 Jay 
Boyd William, shoemkr. 135 Douglass 
Boyd William E- shipmaster, h 331 Nostrand av 
Bovd William J. h 106*- Douglass 
Boyd William J. elk. Is 67 Carlton av 
Boyd William J. elk. h 532 Prospect pi 
Boyd William J. seaman, h 327 Madison 
Boyd William L. blacksmith, h 77 Tillary 
Boyd & Earle. plumbers, 1006 Fulton 
.Boy den Charles A. elk. li 386 Qnincv 
Boy den Elmer E conductor, h 386 Quincy 
Boyden Evelyn M. teacher, h 408 Macon' 
Boyden Joseph A. mer. NVY. h 023 Wil'by av 
Boyden William A engineer, li 'CSS Quincv 
Boyden William A. jr. machinist, h 386 Quincy 
Boye Carl, tailor, h 90 Stanhope 
Boyer Amelia F. wid. Lawson, h 389a Clinton 
Boyer Charles 11. lighterage, 90 Wall N.Y. h 

142 Lefferts pi 
Boyer Frank, liquors. 255 Atlantic av 
Boyer Frank & Co. liquors. 255 Atlantic av 
.Boyer F. Howard, h 828 Laf av 
Boyer Henry, moulder, h 13 Hovt 
Boyer Jacob, dressmkr. 1663 J Fulton 
Boy orach mitt Joseph, cook, 562 Graham av 
Boyes Alfred L. elk. h 120 High 
Boyes Joseph, shoemkr. 1254 Fulton 
Boves Maria, wid. William, h 120 High 
.Boyko George, lab. h S90 Van Brunt 
Boylan Charlotte A. h old No. 248 Rodney 
Boylau George 11. elk. h old No. 243 Rodney 
Boylan Hugh, cooper, h 161 Bntlor 
Boylan James, matmkr. h 196 Sandford 
Bovlan James P. elk. li 488 De^raw 
Boylan John, h 71 Raymond 
Boylan John, eik. h 37 Joralemon 
Boylan John, plater, h 218 Bridge 
Boylan John, porter, h 23 Walworth 
Boylan John, sampler, h 348 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Boylan Margaret, wid. li 488 Berrraw 
Boylan Martin, lab. h 42 Hudson av 
Boylan Mary A. wid, fancy gds. 173 Franklin 
Boylan Matthew W. gents' f urng. 328 Fulton, 

h 60 Wyckotf 
BOYLAN MICHAEL F. blacksmith, 26 

Wash'n, h 205 Hudson av 
Boylan Owen, conductor, h 551 Manhattan av 
Boylan Owen, lab. h 361. 15th 
Boylan Philip, cooper, h 164 Butler 
Boylan Philip jr. lab. h 164 Butter 
Boylau Thoman, trunks, h 977 Gates av 
Boylan Thomas, engineer, h 783 4th av 
Bovlan Thomas, lab. h 456 Carroll 
Boy-Ian William, elk. h 303 4th E.D. now Bod- 
ford av 

Boylan William, lab. h 313 Tillary 
Boyland Frederick, carpenter, h 627 Park av 
Bo viand Josephine, wid. li r 100 Trenton t 
U tile Alexander, tailor, h 30 Underbill av 
Boyle Andrew, driver, h 1347 Myrtle av 
Boyle Andrew, liquors. 676 Atlantic av 
Boyle Andrew, sugar boiler, h 56 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Bovle Angelino, wid. Robert, h r 38 Scholea 

Boyle Ann, wid. John, h 452 12th 

Boyle Ann, wid. Owen, h 323 St. Mark's pi 

Boyle Anne, wid. John, h 46 Amity 

Boyle Annie, droswnkr. 91 Pacific 

Boyle Annie, wid. Robert, h 253 Sackett 

Boyle Arthur, mason, h 81 Tompkins av 

Boyle Bella, dressmkr. 97 Commerce 

Boyle Bernard, barkpr. h Clasaon c Flushing 

Boyle Bridget. M id. Bernard, h 491 W arren 
Doyle Catherine, wid. James, li 97 Commerce 
Boyle Charles, carpenter, h 219 Eckford 
Doyle Charles, toys. 993 3d av, h 40 Mott N. Y". 
Doyle Charles C. musician, h 51 Albanv av 
Boyle Coimelius, butcher, h 169 Bntlor 
Boyle Cornelius, fireman, h 69 N. 1st 
Doyle Daniel, carpenter, 122 Prince, h 125 Clif- 
ton pi 

Boyle Daniel, lab. h 83 Gold 
Doyle Daniel, stevedore, h 64 Atlantic av 
Doyle Daniel J. elk. h 323 St. Mark's pi 
Boyle David, conductor, h 556 Lorimer 
Boyle Edward, janitor, h 83 Congress 
Boyle Edward, lab. li 88 1st E 1). now Kent av 
Doyle Edward, sewingmaohines, h 585 Grand. 
Bovle Edward A galvanizes , h 77 Adams E.D. 
Boyle Edward J. elk h 668 Dean 
Bo'vle Eliza, varieties, h 198 19th 
Boyle Elizabeth, wid. h 184 Wil'by 
Bovle Ellen, wid. Folix, h 109 G-reenpoint av 
Boyle Erama, wid. Joseph, h 76 Rogers av 
Boyle Ferdinand T. L. artist, 198 Wash'n, h 53 
Prospect pi 

Boyle Frank, elk. 16 Court House, h 374 Cum- 

Boyle Frank, batter, h 819 Park av 
Bovle Frank, packer, h 172 Con over 
Boyle Frank, plumber, h Herkimer n Sack man 

Bovle Gardner, hardware, 106 Smith, h Flat- 

" bush L I. 
Boyle Groorge. driver, h 32 Division 
Boyle Geo horseshoer, 58 4th av, b 123 Nevins 
Boyle George G. porter, h 15 McKenney 
Boyle Henry, elk. It 83 Congress 
Boyle Henry, foreman, h 165 Baltic 
Boyle Henry A. carrier, h 11 Butler 
Boyle James, eabinetmkr. h 97 Norman av 
Boyle James, driver, h 120 Boermu pi 
Bovle James, driver, h 1S6 Bushwick av 
Boyle James, lab. h 169 Butler 
Boyle James, lab It 102 Grand 
Boyle James, lampmkr. h 148 Concord 
Boyle James, milk, h 266 Bergen 
Boyle James E. elk It 62 Pineapple 
Boyle James F elk. h 21 Carlton av 
Boyle James F. lab b 83 Congress 
Boyle James H police, h 455i- Mvrtle av 
Boyle James J. packer, h 105 Baltic 
Boyle James P. furniture, 86 Mvrtle av, h 01 

Boyle James P. lab. h r 270 Herkimer 
Boyle Jeffrey C electrician, h 86 Suydam 
Bovle Jeremiah, driver, li 212 Moore 
Boyle John, h 580 Carroll 
Boyle John, blksmith. h 72 Vandyke 
Bovle John, bldr. h 380 Jtalsey 
Bovle John, boilermkr. h 259 Eckford 
Boyle John, canvas, 203 Fulton N. Y.b. 71 Lef- 
ferts pi 

Boyle John, carpenter, h 61 Rapelye 
Boyle John, eigarmkr. h 422 N. 2d 
Boyle John, foreman, h 173 B'way 
Bovle John, grocer, 120 Boerum pi 
Boyle John, grocer, h 25 16th 
Boyle John, lab. li 97 Co amerce 
Bovle John, lab. h r 254 Plymouth 
Boylo John, lab. li 54 Underbill av 
Boyle John, lab. h 393 Warren 
Bovle John, lab. h 38 S. 5th 
Bovle John. lab. h 139 23d 
Boyle John, marblecutter. h 324 9th 
Boyle John, watchman, h 60 Newell 
Boyle John C. bldr. 9 Brooklyn av, h 277 Frank- 
lin av 

Bovle John J. tinsmith, h 93 N. Portland av 

Boyle John L. oper. h 439 Gold 

Boyle Joseph, coachman, h r 270 Herkimer 

Boyle J. P. & Co. furniture, 80 Mvrtle av 

Boyle Louis C. driver, h 177 Division av 

Boyle Margaret, wid. William, h 253 Ten Eyck 

Boyle Martin, carman, h 351 Grand 

Boyle Mary, wid. h 21 Main 

Boyle Mary, wid Charles, h 113 Nassau av j 

Boyle Mary, wid. James, h 296 Bond ! 


, 31 E. 175 


Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

icn Fire-Places, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

See a<3vt. leaf opp. nam 




857 Broadway, cor. f 7th 

BOY 104 

, i F 

233 ika If'Lsa 8 

St., New York, 
BOY — HE A. 

J s 

O o 

Q£ £ 

0) - 

«© 2 

2 2 

O o 

2 * 



Lain's Directory Office, 

17 Willoughty Si, eor. Pearl, BTtlya. 

Boyle Mary. wid. John, h 20 Clinton av 
Boyle Mary, will Micliael, li r 270 Herkimer 
K<n !(' Miclucel, driver, 1? 2:iH NeviTis 
Boyle Michael, fireman, li 193 Pearl 
Boyle Michael, lab It r 100 jfavy 
Boyle Micliael, la"b. h 570 Pres't 
Boyle Michael, plasterer, h 54 XTnderhiM av 
Boyle Michael, shoes. 275 Van Brunt 
Boyle Michael H. liquors, 557 8th av 
Boyle Patrick, conductor, h 54 Underbill av 
B03-I0 Patrick, driver, h 1347 Myrtle av 
Boyle Patrick, driver, h 144 AVaterbury 
Boyle Patrick, horseshoer, 19 Hoyt. h 217 Ijv- 

Boyle Patrick, lab h r 469 Baltic 
Boyle Patrick, lab. h r 862 Dean 
Boyle Patrick, lab. h 154 Hope 
Boyle Patrick, lab. h 334 Oakland 
Boyle Patrick, lab. li 124 4th av 
Boyle Patrick, lumber insp. h 83 Congress 
.Boyle Patrick, painter, h 249 St. Mark's av 
Boyle Patrick, shipfastener, h 686 Dean 
Boyle Peter, lab h 182 Hamilton av 
Boyle Peter M. seaman, li 177 Division av 
Boyle Philip, weigher, li 91 Pacific 
I Boyle Robert, dri ver, h 521 18tli 
Boyle Sarah A. wid .James, li S59 Prospect av 
Boyle Thos. driver, h Classon av c Prospect pi 
Boyle Thomas, driver, h 1347 Myrtle av 
;Boyle Thomas, peddler, h 203 Johnson av 
IBovle Thomas, plumber, h 91 Pacific 
■Boyle Thomas, slioemkr. h 249 St. Mark's av 
Boyle Thomas, watchman, h 82 Degraw 
Boyle Thomas I\ steamfitter, li 15J Moffat 
Boyle Thomas P. elk. h 149 Laf av 
i Boyle William, baker, 166 Water 
'Bovlo William, ci^armkr. h 119 Huron 
1 Boyle William, driver, h 439 18th 
jjloyle Wil!i:*ra, jrrocer, 148 RoeMing 
I Boyle William, fab. h 14 Carroll 
IBoyle William, lab. h 84 Dikeman 
I Boyle William, lab. li Prospect pi n Classon av 
Boyle William, moulder, h 362 Van Brunt 
Boyle William, produce, h 23 Gwinnett 
IBovle William, stonecutter, h 198 19th 
! Boyle Wilson L. supt. h 337 St. Mark's pi 
Boylen John, engineer, h 84 Degraw 
Boylen Joseph, boilermkr. h 108 Newell 
Boyles Henry H. salesman, old No. h 500 Bed- 
ford av 

Boylhart William H. fruit, h 13 Fort Greene pi 
Boylser Mary A. wid. Michael, li 63 Melrose 
!Bo,\ lston John, agt. h 220 Ross 
iBoyri John, cabinetmkr. h 336 Scher 
|Boyno Francis, plumber, h 110 Myrtle 
IBovne James, machinist, h Atlantic av 11 Van 
I Sieklen av F.N.Y. 
jBoyne John, driver, h 503 IlHroholdt 
Boyne John, plumber, h 6 Seabring 
iBoyne Margar et, wid. Patrick, h 1467 Dean 
Boyne Thomas, driver, h 466 Park pi 


Furnaces and Ranges, 

Established 1849. 

232 & 234 Water St., N. Y. 

Boynton Alice, stenographer, li 590 Halsey 
Boynton Arthur, nmbreilaa, 85 Franklin N.Y. 
h 83 Macon 

Bovnftm Frank A. elk:, li 296 Clifton p\ 
*EOYNTOK FU11N AC K CO. furnaces. 

Beekirian, N. V . 
Boy ii ton George A.brooor. h Laf av 
Boynton Henry, lab. It 80 Wythe av 
Boyitfon Henry C. furnaces, lUBuiLnittn '1 
li 503 Qaimy 

■i ames, drygd: 

V. li 17 

A. furniture, 522 IV way, h 296- 

2 B'way, h 

Boy nt on 

land av 
Bovnton Julh 

Clifton pi 
Boynton William B. fumik; 

' 20C Clifton j>1 
Boynton & Co. furniture, 522 B'way 
Boyquist Adnlph. machinist, h 26l'SimSb 
Boysen AniofrT, tailor. S32 B'way 
Boyeon John, elk. h 131 Ten KvVk 
Boyson Edward, dienikr. h 36 N. Oxford 



. 8th 

oyzkesky Michael, confectioner, h 214 N". 
Bo^ania Andrew, h 4 Ferry pi 
Bozra Daniel, pUimbfcr, h 70 liapeTyo 
Braaek Henry, grocer, 189 Mestjrole 
Braase Jchn 'A. driver, h 07 Trontmau 
Braaach Frederick, elk. h 128 Floyd 
Braband John, huttonholefnkr. h 318 Dev*^ 
Braband Margaret, wid. John, h 292 Powers 
Braband Michael, bntt&nholemkr. 292 Powers 
Brahand i'etor, h r 86 Met. av 
lirahand Peter-, biii'k})r. h 235 Seholca 
Brabel Paul, baker, h Sheryhat'd s Baltic av E.. 

Brabson Tho-mas brass, IS Adnma, h 72 Poplar 
Brabyn John L. polish, 213 Nary, h 149 Ray- 

Brace James, finisher, h r 41 Gold 
Braeewel] Harry, compositor, h 11 1st 
Brachell Frank', la"b. h 321 Xovitih 
Bracbtman Charles, lab. h 574 B'way 
BraclmM Jacob, engineer, Ii 15 Forrest 
Bracken Frank, peddler, li 101 Jackson 
Bracken Jnmes, lab. h r 115 Navy 
Braekwi James, liqoors, 357 Hicks, h 88 Pacific 
Bracken Jotin, butcher, h 76*8 Dean 
Bracken John, plumper, h 550 J 15th 
Bracken Margaret, wid. h 217 Colombia 
Bracket Michael, ciM>por, ii 440 B'way 
Bracken Peter, contractor, h 556 15th 
Bracken, contiuctoi 1 , h 83 JT. Elliott pJ 
Bracken Thomas, woilej'mkr. h 251 "Van Bmnt 
Bracken Thomas, lawyer, li 90 6t.Ii av 
Bracken Thomas, liqraoi'S, 558 15th 
Bracken Thomas, watchman, 7th av n 39th 
Bracken "Willism S. brokoi', li 15 Madison 
Brack enbi-id go Frank, polisher. It 190 ISth 
Bi-ackenbrary Louise, wid. John J.h 147 Hnroi? 
BrackeniTdge Daniel, fireman, h 104 Gwinnett 
Brackeii?idge Fannie, wid . h 150 23d 
Bracken i'kige Thomas-, lab. h 104 Gwinnett 
Brackenridgo William A. civil engineer, 22 

Hansen pi. h 166 De Kalb av 
Bracket* Charles P. carpenter, h J 588 Pacific 
Braeketf: Geoi'geC. teacher, h 227 Clinton 
BrackeU Ira L. cooper, h 138 Adeiphi 
Bim-kett Mary, wid. George, h 1588 Pacific 
Bracket! Samuel L. plumber, h 1588 Pacific 
Bracket! TSiomas. rairsxj, h 154 Kaymond 
Brackett William H. plumber, h 1588 Pacific 
Brackett William ^Y. flour, 11 South N.Y. It 

159 Willow 
Brackin J-iliza A. h 55 Pearl 
Brackin Marv, h 55 Pearl 
Braeling Mary, wid. Nitrl, h 22 Flint 
Bracling William, oper. h 22 Flint 
Bradazon John. mer. h 466 Smitli 
Bradbury Charles, carpenter, h 130 9th 
Bradbury Charles H caip enter, h 315 Columbia 
Bradbury Daniel, caiijenter, h 364 Hicks 
Bradbury Edward, carpeiitoiv h 462 Degraw 
Bi'adbnry James, driver, h 137J 9th 
Bradhnry Joseph F. car]>enter, h 134 9th 
Bradbury William V. bkbinder. h 325 S. 3d 
Bradefish Christian, lab. h 310 Bushwick av 
Bradel Valontine G. elk, h 947 Gmone av 
Braden Arthur, carpenter, 15 Hoyt, h 189 Liv- 

Braden George, trunkmkr~ h 174 Johnson 

Villi'ejn Ji Tyler, 

no & ii2 Broad St., 

Beaverwyck Rye and Galatet Bourbon Old 
Whiskies, Wm.Tarr& Go's Kentucky Soar Mash 
Bourboi?, Gibson, Guckenhcinicr, Sherwood, 
Cor. Water St., New York. Megibben, and Westmoreland Rye Whiskies. 


94 Beekman and 58 Cliff Sfs., New York, I 

75 & 77 Lake St., Chicago. I 

N. A. BOYNTON, President, II. O. BOYNTON, Sec'y and Treas. C. B. BOYNTON, Vice President. = 



Ranges. Baltimore Heaters, Etc., | 

With Latest Patent Improvements. " 

m (Boynton's "Danube" Range, with Wrought Iron Quick Baking Ovens.) " 





75 and 77 Lake St., Chicago. 

{Boynton's "'Newport" Range.) 




For Hotels, Restaurants, and Public Institutions, 

Remember our address as we have no connection with any other Company. 




X 1 East X4rtlx Street, 





Bradcn Thomas, carver, li 351 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Bradfisch Louis, photographer, 227 Fulton 
Bradford Charles H. in at tresses, W. 4lst N.Y. 

h old No. 192 Bedford av 
Bradford 35. A. wid. Seth, h 219 Be Kail) av 
Bradford Edward A. editor, 41 Park rowN.T. 

h 398 Madison 
Bradford Eliza, wid. William, li 230 Baltic 
Bradford Frank R. bk binder, li 232 Lorimer 
Bradford George, elk. 460 Central av 
Bradford George, collector, h 644 Dean 
Bradford George W. horsetrainer. h r 155 22d 
Bradford Henry C salesman, h 24 Cumberland 
Bradford James, engineer. 326 Atlantic av 
Bradford James, milk, h 106 Kosciusko 
Bradford John. pianotinicr. li 80 Wilson 
Bradford Joseph, coachman, h 201 Concord 
Bradford Lillie, wid. George, dressmkr. old 

No. 687 Bedford av 
Eradford Richard J . hkbinder, 55 Vesey, N.Y. 

h 265fr S. 2d 
Bradford Samuel, painter, h 72 Middagh 
Bradford Stephen T. coal. 271 Atlantic av, h 34 

Sterling pi 

Bradford Thomas J. blockmkr. h 32 Howard av 
Bradford Thomas, blacksmith, h 192 Kent 
Bradford William H. springbedmkr. N.T. h 192 

Bedford av 
Bradheis Samuel, lab. h 71 Met. av 
Brad hi Charles, coachman, h 171 Clymer 
Bmding Robert, sadier. h 47 Graham 
Bradish Charles S. clk.'h 255 S. 4th 
Bradish Eliza, wid. h 74 Hall 
Bradle Jacob, brushmkr. h 745 Flashing av 
Bradle Jacob, hatter, h 27 Jefferson 
Bradlo Joseph, brushmkr It 303 Floyd 
Bradlor Anton, tailor, h 45 Central av 
Bradley Albert I), printer, h 80 Palmetto 
Bradley Alox'r J. bkkpr. h old No. 251 Hooper 
Bradley Alexander J. elk. h 247 Dean 
Bradley Ann, wid. James, h 622 Dean 
Bradley Arthur C. leadmfr. h 70 Johnson 
Bradley Benj. lithographer, h old No. 256 Keap 
Bradle'v Bernard, shoes. 369 Van Brunt 
Bradley Blanche, wid. Charles R. nurse, h 1108 

DeKalb av 
Bradley Catharine, wid Hugh, h 60 N. 8th 
Bradley Catharine, confectioner, 45 Debe- 

voise pi 

Bradlev Charles, cigars. 92 Bridge 

Bradley Charles, elk. h 201 Myrtle av 

Bradlev Charles, elk. li 518£ 6th av 

Bradley Charles, driver, 25 Pearl 

Bradle'v Charles, lab. li 18 Denuet pi 

Bradley Charles, lab. h 87 X. 6th 

Bradley Claudius, elk. h 201 Myrtle av 

Bradley Daniel, ins. 92 Bridge 

Bradley Daniel A. cigars. 05 Bond, h 247 Dean 

Bradlev Dudley W. horologist. h 762 Quincy 

Bradley Edward, lab. h 91 Graham 

Bradley Edward T. machinist, 1l 153 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Bradley Edwin M. fruits, 458 5th av, h 488fc 

7th av 

Bradley Eliza, wid. Benjamin, h 183 Oakland 
Bradley Esther, wid. William, h 377 S. 4th 
Bradley Felix, shipsealer. h 79 Woleott 
Bradley Frank B. electrician. 116 Atlantic av 
Bradley Frederick C. h 832 Monroe 
Bradley Frederick K. bkknr. b 42 New York av 
Bradley Frederick M. h 235 Monroe 
Bradley George, plasterer, h 191 Bergen 
Bradley George A. broker, 111 Water N.Y. h 

154 Madison 
Bradley George C. iron, h 132| Noble 
Bradley George I), lab. li 102 Gold 
Bradley George I). h 406 Pacific 
Bradley Hannah E. wid. h 170 Concord 
Bradley Henry, driver, h 198 Clifton pi 
Bradley Henrv, lab. h 199 Montrose av 
Bradley Henry W. h 1193 Fulton 
Bradley James, cooper, h 225 Conover 
Bradley James, driver, h 29 Newell 
Bradley James, lab. h 117 Grand av 
Bradlev James, lab. h 87 N. 6th 

Bradley James, lab. h 55 N. 10th 
Bradley James, lab. h 228 York 
Bradley James, tinsmith, h 991 Pacific 
Bradley James C. carpenter, h 185 Stagg 
Bradley James J. porter, h 102 Cold 
Bradley Jas. L. furniture, 295 Grand, h 160 S 

Bradley Jane. wid. Patrick, confectionery, 404 

2d E.D. now Wythe av 
Bradley Jerome, goldbeater, h 773 Gates av 
Bradley John, barkpr. h 20 Woleott 
Bradley John, bkbinder, h old No. 256 Keap 
Bradley John, brasspolisher, h 67 Greene 
Bradley John, engineer, h 119 Prospect 
Bradley John, fireman, h 96 Plymouth 
Bradley John, farfinisher, h 126 Steuben 
Bradley John, grocer, B'wav c Bennett av 
Bradley John, lab. h 5 Phillip's al 
Bradlev John, lab. h 195 Plymouth 
Bradlev John, lab. h 232 N.' 12th 
Bradley John, lab. h 285 21st 
Bradley John, machinist, h 531 h Lorimer 
Bradley John, matmkr. !i 351 Clifton pi 
Bradley John, painter, h ('40 Henry 
Bradley John, roller, h 20 Monitor 
Bradley John, shoemkr. h 241 Johnson 
Bradley John, tanner, h 346 Oakland 
Bradley John A. driver, h 39 Carlton av 
Bradley John B. ironrailing, 93 Wy ckoff, h 47 3d 

Bradley John E. pilot, h 85^ Summit 
Bradley John J. drygds. 201 Myrtle av, h 


Fleet pi 

Bradley John J. u.s. marshal, 170 Montague, 
h 5-4 N. 1st 

Bradley John M. mason, h 450 Do Kalb av 
Bradley Joseph, lab. h 133 Dikeman 
Bradlev Joshua, shipsmith, 119 Couovcr, h 117 

Bradley Julia, wid. h 12 Clinton av 
Bradley Kate, wid. Bernard, h 247 Dean 
Bradley Lizzie, wid. h 29 2d E. D. now Wythe av 
Bradley Margaret, wid. h r 36 Cliapel 
Bradley Marion D. h 762 Quincy 
Bradley Martin, elk. h 92 Bridge 
Bradley Mary B. drygds. 97 Myrtle av, h 340 
Bi ldge 

Bradley Mary A. wid. Sam'l, nurse, h 76 Prince 
Bradley Michael, lab. h r 204 N. 8th 
Bradlev Michael J. elk. li 35 Pulaski 
Bradley Michael L. elk. h 53 S. 4th 
Bradley Millard, mechanic, h 480 Bergen 
Bradlev Moses M. elk. h 285 Monroe 
Bradley Nelson, elk, h 108 Noble 
Bradlev Oscar F. toys, 116 Atlantic av 
Bradley Patrick, h 54 N. 1st 
Bradley Patrick, bkbinder, b 130 Gold 
Bradley Patrick, elk. h 102 Gold 
Bradley Patrick, driver, h 192 Water 
Bradley Patrick, lab. h 132 York 
Bradley Phineas M. engineer, h 519 Clinton 
Bradley Robert, machinist. N.Y. h 3 St. Felix: 
Bradley Sabina. wid. William, h 78 Atlantic 

Bradley Sam'l, stationery, 33IIoyt. h 124 Hoyt 
Bradley Samuel B. decorator, b 519 Lorimer 
Bradley Stephen, lab. h 250 1st E.D. now Kent 


— ■ 


Manager for N.Y, & N.J. 

271 Broadway, fJ, Y, 

Bradley Stephen 11. pres't, 174 Front, h 

Greene av 
Bradley Susan, wid. William, h 3211 Gold 
Bradley Thomas, packer, h 302 Hicks 
Bradley Thomas, salesman, h 385 13th 
Bradley Warren, lab. h 528 Leonard 
Bradley William, gas, h 311 Water 
Bradley William, matweaver, h 351 Clifton pi 
Bradley William, stone, Nevins o Butler, h 175 
S. Oxford 

Bradlev William D. bkkpr. b 42 New York av 
Bradley William F. cigarmkr. h 249 18th 
Bradley William H. stone, Nevins c Butler, h 

175 S. Oxford 
Bradley William J. machinist, h 54 New-ell 
Bradley W. & S. stone, Nevins c Butler 
Bradley White Lead Co, 174 Front 
* Bradley & Currier Co. (Limited) 
sashes, etc. Hudson c Spring N.Y. 





• 69 

>■ SS 


G> ■ 
3 I 


Su > 


© TO 




Assets, ia U, s, Ian. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Ffaibush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic I; Fcurth Avca. 

LlaMI., $2,377,471.27, Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
106 BRA 

O M 


C cS 

0» LO 

• PS 

■ £S 

3 10 


Munuf.ioturers ami Importers rif 



Near Fulton. NEW ¥OKK. 

Bradmann John, packer, h 156 Gwinnett 
Bradmiller Charles, lithographer, h 780 B'way 
Bradner William, lab. h Gl Dean 
Bradorf C. baker, h 489 Warren 
Bradsall Richard, painter, h 173 Skillman av 
(Bradschaw Win. milk, h Degraw n Ralph av 
[Bradshaw Andrew, broker, h 4.85 Homy 
! Bradshaw Charles, lawyer, 213 Montague, h 
185& llth 

Bradshaw George- K. engineer, h 145 28th 
Bradshaw George T. machinist, h 145 28th 
Bradshaw Hamilton B. lawyer, 213 Montague, 

h nth 

Bradshaw James, engineer, 39tb n 8th av 
Bradshaw John, driver, h 2 McKenney 
iBradshaw John, liquors, 110 Franklin" 
[Bradshaw John, moulder, h 13 Dehnonico pi 
IBradshaw Michael, lab. h 199 Centre 
Bradshaw Kiehard, lab. h Huntington n Henry 
Bradskcy Louis, lab. h N. 6th c Kent av 
Bradt Daniel S. dk. h 169 Lee av 
Bradt Louis, butcher, 512 Fulton, h 17 Han- 
over pi 

Bradt Merritt, boxnikr. 59 Gold N.Y. h 972 
Gates av 

Bradtitmmor "William J. ins. h 336 Stockton 
Bradtmumor, wid. Charles, h336 Stockton 
Brady Abbey, wid. Patrick, h 217 Walworth 
Brady Alexander, hatter, h 115 Skillman 
Brady Andrew Jackson, gluomkr. h 421 Ewen 
Brady Ann, wid. James, h 964 Atlantic av 
Brady Ann. wid. John, h 466 Smith 
Brady Ann, wid. Patrick, h 38U4 Prospect pi 
Bradv Ann, wid. Pliilip, h 264 5th E.D. now 
i liriggs 

Brady Anna, wid. James, h 306 Clifton pi 

Brady Ann E. wid. Bernard, h 1669 Fulton 
i Brady Annie, h r 831 Park av 
! Brady Ant Lion v 1). janitor, h 570 Atlantic av 
j Brady Bartholomew M. elk. h 168 Wyckoff 

Brady Bennett, foreman, h 238 Frost 
: Brady Bernard, lab. h r 74 Underbill av 
: Brady Bridget, wid. John, h 389 Berry 

Brady Bryan, grocer, old No. 354 Kent av 
IBrady Catherine, wid. John, h 279 1st E.D. 
j now Kent av 

Brady Charles, lab. h 63 Graham 
'Brady Charles, police, b 466 Smith 

Brady Charles E. drygds. 350 B'way N.Y. h 73 
! Orange 

Brady Charles F. elk. h 47 Division av 
Brady Charles ¥. elk. h 53 Pineapple 
i Brady Conrad, tailor, 285 Myrtle av 
Bradv Cornelius W. elk. h 30 Irving pi 
Brady Cornelius, lab. h 248 N. 5th 
Brady Daniel, lab. h 54 S. 2d 
Brady D.mnis. ]>orter, h 394 Leonard 
Brady Eben C- joiner, h 151 Eckford 
Brady Edward, blacksmith, h 254 Van Brunt 
Brady Edward, cooper, h 101 Rutledge 
I Bradv Edward, bib. h 109 Hudson av 
i Bradv Edward, lab. h 98 Wan-en 
! Brady Edward, tinsmith, h 89 High 
| Bradv Edward J. plumber, 60 Warren N Y. h 
! 69 Everson 

: Brady Eliza, wid. John, h 98 Noble 

j Brady Eliza, wid. Timothy, h 307 Kevins 

| Brady Elmer, confectionery, h old No. 150 

M'arcv av 
Brady Elmer E. elk h 100 Newell 
Brady Emma. wid. Cliarles, h 430 Greene av 
Bradv Felix, police, h 07 Hamilton av 
Bradv .Francis, lab. h 119 Underbill av 
Brady Francis E. boatman, h 191 W. 9th 

Brady Francis P. drygds. ti 229.^ Vernon av 
Brady Frank, phislerer, h 8 Lex av 
Brady Frank J. watchman, h 528 Grand av 
Brady Genevieve, h 728 Lafav 
Brady George, elk- h 320 Milton 
Brady George A. grocer, 17 Division pi 
Brady George S driver, li 239 (3 old 
Bradv Henry, supt. h 34 Cheover pi 
Brady Hugh, lab. h 318 Hicks 
Brady James, h 159 Classen av 
Brady James, h 250 N, 7th 
Brady James, h 475 Pacific 
Brady .ranies, driver, It 1954 Fulton 
Brady James, driver, h .1.00 Steuben 
Brady James, (estate of) 16 Court 
Bradv James, fireman, h 108 Dupont 
Bradv James, lab. h 250 Gold 
Brady James, lab. li 783 Hicks 
Bradv James, liquors Luquer c Hicks, h 726 

Brady James, machinist, York o Wash'n, h 
242 Raymond 

Brady Jas. manager. 328 Court, h 21.2 Nelson 

Brady James, printer, h 105 N. 8th 

Brady James, realestate, 517 Fulton, h 94 Cum- 

Brady James, tel. oper. b 202 Nelson 

Brady James, waiter, h 29 Navy 

Brady James II. crayons, 207 Centre N.Y. h 

224 Eckford 
Brady James J. plumber, li 129 Tillary 
Brady James M. salesman, h 48 St. Mark's av 
Brady James P. police, h old No. 354 Kent av 
Brady John, carpenter, h 159 Classen av 
Bradv John, elk. h 726 Hicks 
Brady John, elk. h 75 Manhattan av 
Brady John, contractor, h 288 S. 2d 
Brady John, driver, h 122 Clay 
Brady John, driver, li 170 Raymond 
Brady John, driver, h 306 3d 
Brady John, engineer, h 35 Garnet 
Brady John, foreman, h 29 Main 
Brady John, lab. b 295 Hivemeyer 
Brady John, lab. h 216 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Brady John, lab li 0 Lawrence 
Brady John, lab. h 119 Wyckoff 
Brady John, livery, 22 High, b 1.3 Liberty 
Brady John, mechanic, h 324 Olasson av 
Brady John, physician, 138 St. Felix 
Brady John,, 1848.^ Fulton 
Brady John, plasterer, b 223 15t h 
Brady John, police, h 200 Walworth 
Brady John, sfonosotter, h 332 Park av 
Brady John, tanner, h 129 N. 2d 
Brady John, truckman, h 132 Elm 
Bradv John F. hostler, h old No. 354 Kent a v 
Brady John H. elk h 94 Cumberland 
Bradv John II. engineer, h 150 S. 3d 
Brady John II. lab. li Pollinsrton pi E.N.Y. 
Bradv John J. truckman, 132 Mercer N.Y. h 

1338 De Kalb av 
Brady John J. mechanic, h 997 3d av 
Bradv John J. news, h 54 Have mover 
Bradv John J. stevedore, Old slip N.Y. h 389 


Bradv John M. plumber, h 50 Dlkoman 
Brady John T. barkpr. h 50 Smith 
Brady John T. painter, h 148 Baltic 
Brady John W. ice, h 7 Clifford pi 
Brady Joseph, lab b r 864 Dean 
Brady Joseph, plumber, h 76 Dikeman 
Bradv Joseph, waiter, h 109 King 
Brady Kate, h 193 IVjyt 

Brady Kate E. wid Muthew, Atlantic, av c 

Bradv Kate, wid. John, h 156 Butler 

Brady Margaret, wid. Farrell, h r 413 1st E D. 

now Kent av 
Brady Margaret, wid. James, h 109 King 
Bradv Margaret, wid. James, dressmkr. h 401 


Bradv Margaret, trimmer, Greene N.Y. h 91 

Bradv Martin, fireman, b 180 Jackson 
Brady Mary, wid. h 156 Franklin 
Brady Maria, wid. James, h 271. Water 

J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1835. 

Send for*Quotati«iiB. 





BRA 107 BRA 

Brady Mary, wid. h 101 Kutledgo 
Brady Mary, wid. John, dressmkr. h 73 4th. pi 
Brady Mary, wid. Patrick, h 235 Bond 
Brady Mary, wid. Patrick, b 34 Hudson ay 
Brady Mary, wid- Thomas, 1) 49 Herbert 
Brady Mary E. grocer. 120 N. 5th 
Brady Mary J. wid. Peter, ii 352 Flushing ay 
Brady Michael, li 115 Skillman 
Brady Michael, lab. h 1470 Bergen 
Brady Michael, lab. h 35 X^root 
Brady Michael, lab. li Huntington n Hicks 
Brady Michael, lab. h 531 Manhattan ay 
Brady Michael, harnessmkr. h 880 Pacific 
Brady Michael, lab. li 222 1st K.I), now Kent av 
Brady Michael, lab. h 218 Bridge 
Brady .Michael, liquors, 121 Pearl N.Y. h 1397 

Brady "Michael, roofer, h 242 High 
Brady Michael, salesman, h 154 Fulton 
Brady Michael F. plumber, h 110 Underbill av 
Brady Michael J. sales-nan. h 48 St. Mark's av 
Brady Nicholas, driyor. h 473 5th av 
Brady Olive W. wid. Jolm -V. h 141 Monroe 
Brady Owen, mason, h 125 N. Portland av 
Bradv Patrick, h 50 Dikeman 
Brady Patrick, h 327 Gold 
Brady Patrick, ballastmaster, h 175 Huron 
Brady Patrick, h 267 "Water 
Brady Patrick, bldr li 885 Pacific 
Brady Patrick, cutter, h 194 18th 
Brady Patrick, engineer, h 109 ST. 7th 
Brady Patrick, lab. h Park way n Ralph av 
Brady Patrick, lab. h 279 1st E.T). now Kent av 
Brady Patrick, plumber, 249 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av, h 237 Berry 
Brady Patrick, plumber, h 370 Berry 
Brady Patrick, shoes. 225 Hoyt 
Bradv Peter, driver, h 508 Grand 
Brady Peter, h 433 Manhattan av 
Brady Peter, blacksmith, h 374 Berry 
Brady Peter, grocer. 586 Gates av 
Brady Peter O. h 402 Union 
Brady Peter P. batcher, h 1163 Fulton 
Brady Peter T. salesman, h 89 Clifton pi 
Brady Philip, butcher, 611 Wash'u av, h 670 


Brady Philip, lab. h r 92 N. 5th 
Brady Philip, lab. h Jefferson n Fulton av E. 

Brady Philip, lab. h 264 Plymouth 
Brady Philip, liquors, 453 Dean 
Brady Philip, liquors, 211 Flatbush av 
Bradv Philip H. liquors. ISO Sands, h 156 Gold 
Brady P. P. realestate, h 82 Carroll 
Brady Richard, stonecutter, h 792 4th av 
Bradv Robert, publisher, 39 Park row N.Y. h 

166 St. James' pi 
Bradv Robert E. bkkpr. b 414 Halsey 
Brady Rose, h 267 K. 2(1 
Brady Samuel J. physician, 87 Division av 
Brady Thomas, ll 109a Sandford 
Brady Thomas, elk. b 384 Flushing av 
Brady Thomas, coachdriver, b 135 "Atlantic av 
Brady Thomas, conductor, b 172 Water 
Brady Thomas, foreman, b 159 Wvthe av 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 159 Columbia 
Bradv Thomas, lab. r 337 Nevins 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 90 N. 5th 
Brady Thos. lab. h Liberty av c Monroe E."N\ Y. 
Bradv Thomas, lab. h 147 Van Brunt 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 281 Van Brunt 
Brady Thomas, plumber, h 100 Luquer 
Brady Thomas, realestate. h 81 38th 
Brady Thomas J. elk. h 277 Wash'n 
Brady Thomas J. driver, li 14S Evergreen av 
Brady Thomas H. elk. h 47 Division av 
Bradv Walter, lab. h r 830 Park av 
Brady William, butcher, h 50 Smith 
Brady William, carman, h 143 Kosciusko 
Brady William C. cigarmkr. h 189 Frost 
Brady William, grocer. 726 Hicks 
Bradv William, horseshoer. li 146 Adams 
Bradv William, lab. h 48 4th 
Bradv William, lab. h r 101 Soigel 
Brady Wm. H. lithographer, h 200 Walworth 
Brady Mnufacturing Co. 83 Wash'n 

Braogg Edwin, bkkpr. li 119 Walworth 
Braehe August H. ins. h 224 Clermont av 
Braemtilt Alfred, machinist, h 93 Carroll 
Braerlon Patrick, glassnacker. h 207 Centre 
Braening Jacob, shoemkr. h 115 Jett'erson 
Braeuulieh Karl, musicteaeher, h 43 4th pi 
Braeutigam Conrad W. drugs. 15t Gold 
Bragaw Andrew, baker, h 22!) 9th 
Bragaw Cornelius, painter, h 217 Rutledgo 
Bragaw Jennett, wid. J'aqnos. h 40 Cedar 
Bragaw Townsend, oils, h 0K9 Leonard 
Bragaw Thomas L. salesman, h 124 Uutleduo 
Bragdon Edward O. weigher, h 012 Greene av 
Bragdon Irving L. broker, 17 Kew N.Y. h 223 

Greene av 
Braffg Isaac, h 201 12th 

Braham Elmo B. lamps. 214 B'way, h 39 Have 

Braham Emanuel, eiyarmkr. h 08 Degraw 
Braham Henrv. musician, h 190 Pacific 
BRAHAM JOHN B. lamps, 214 B'way, h 39 

Braham Joseph A. cigarmkr. b 308 Grand 
Brahams John R. supt. h old No. 551 Marev av 
Brahe August II. realestate, h 224 Clermontav 
Brahe Charles E. broker, h 175 Prospect pi 
Brahe C. Henry, clocks, 20 Murray N.Y. h 175 

Prospect pi 

Brahe C. Herman, ins. B'way N.Y. b 175 Pros 
poet pi 

Brahe Henrv W. leather. 13th c 3d av, h 109 N. 
Oxford ' 

Brahe Matilda, wid. Charles, h 295 S. 1st 
Brahm John, lab. h 186 W. 9th 
Brahm Peter. carpent"r. h 164 Mvrtle 
Brahu Jacob, cigarboxos. 212 Kent av, b 105 

Harrison av 
Brahnev James H. grocer. 997 3d av 
BRAHY JOHN N .jeweler, 69 Bnshwick a 
Braid Fountain S. h old No. 127 Hooper 
Braid Geo. ironfounder. hold No. 127 Hooner 
Braid George S com. mer. 137 Greeno N.Y. h 

115 Pcn'u 

Braiil William, ironfounder, Quay c West, h 

575 Lorimer 
Braid Robert, moulder, h 76 Java 
Braid Bros, ironfounders. 88 Quay 
Braidwood William .jr msehinist, h 198 S. 4th 
Braillard Frank F. h 234 Sober 
Brainard F h 31 S\ John's pi 
Brainard George B. h 23 Laf av 
Brainard George S. tinsmith li 412 Kosciusko 
Brainard Harry J salesman, h 5 Hanson pi 
Brainard John, lab h 1852 Prospect pi 
Brainard John L towing, Wnll c South N.Y. h 

150 S 8th 

Brainard William H. h 594 Atlantic av 
Brainard William P. shipmaster, h 293 Quincv 
Braine, Charles R broker, 210 B'way if.Y. h 

353 Dean 
Braine Clinton E elk h 71. 2d pi 
Braine Daniel L u s n. ii 71 2d pi 
Braine John II. broker, N.Y. h 352 Union 
Brainerd Allen W. elk. h 290 I af av 
Brainerd Cyprian S. drugs, 18 Cedar N.Y. h 

184 Lincoln pi 
Brainerd Edgar J gent'sfurng. h 47 Lee av 
Brainerd Edward C. stone, 243 B'way N Y. 

72 Lee av 

Brainerd E Burtis, drugs, 18 Cedar N Y. h897 

Clermont av 
Brainerd Fred. A dr.ygds. h 192 Hall 
Brainerd George 0. lawyer, 54 William N.Y. li 

47 Sidney pi 
Brainerd Harrio E elk. h 141 S 3d 
Brainerd John, a'lt. h 71 Woodbine 
Brainerd John, pipemfr h 290 Laf av j 
Brainerd John H. gent'sfurng 189 Grand, h; 

144 S 3d | 
Brainerd Marv. wid. h 192 nail j 
Brainerd Silas W. stone, 2d c S 1st, li 8 8th,! 

now Marey av 
Brainiard Morris F. dredging. X.Y. h 425 State 
Brainnard Herbert B. com. mer. 84 Tliomas N. | 

Y. h 683A Pres't j 
Braislin Edward (Rev.) h 300 St. James' pi j 


55T O 
-= C 

S3" — 

«= 3 x 
« 3 ' 
SL « » 
— SO 

a m 


CO jr 

— i r 






132 Mangin St„ near Houston, East Hirer, New York. 

Bit A 108 Ml A 

01 >-« 
sr. t--* 

Si 1 * 

H -h l~ . 

« © » r 

£ - 

o & 

^ 2 


© o 


Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 

City Directory Printing House, 

17 Wiiloughby St., cor. Fearl, Brooklyn, N. T. 

Braisted Catharine J. wid. Jarrett B. Ii 155 
Lee av 

Braisted Garrabrant, carpenter, h 313 S. 1st 
Braisted (Jarrett S. sparmkr. It 61 Pineapple 
Braisted Henry, foreman, Ii 1417 J? 1 way 
Braisted John, fireman, h 16 Meserole 
Braisted John W. jeweler, h WyekofF av n 

Fulton nv E X Y. 
Braisted Mary S. wid. William, h old No. 203 

Braiwted Otis P. photographer, 957 Fulton, h 
155 Lee av 

Braisted William IE. clothing, 11 E. 14th N.Y. 

h 115 Olymer 
Braitenu Amedeo L. hair, 286 Fulton, h 48 

Braitncr Charles, shoes, 92 Boenim pi 
Braive Louis P, teacher, h 3 Butler 
Brake-ley Cornelius, h 214 Berkeley pi 
Brakonian William,' lab. h 109 N 9th 
Brakemann Henry, fireman, h 335 Warren 
Brakensaw Henry, lab. h 131 23d 
Braker Conrad if. fertilizers. Smith c Hunting- 

ton & 215 Pearl NY. h 317 W 57th N.Y. 
Braker George, supt. Smith c Huntington, h 

348 15th ' 

Braker Henry J. fertilizers. Smith c Hunting- 
ton & 215 Pearl N.Y. h 317 W. 57th N.Y. 
Brakey James, machinist, h 33 Chauncey 
Brakey William, elk. h 939 Myrtle av 
Braley Arthur, boxmkr. h 97 Dupont 
Braman Hiram V. V. drygds, h 92 S. Oxford 
Braman Samuel L. impr. N.Y. {h old No. 225 

Brambas L. F. grocer, Sumner c Van Buren, h 
778 Laf av 

Bramberg Cliarles, macliinist, h 246 Atlanticav 
Bramberg Paul, lab. h 410 Atlantic av 
Brambu g Robert, shipmaster, h 450 Laf av 
Bramhall Charlotte O. regalias, r200 Franklin 


Bramhall Elizabeth .1. wid. h MansionlHouse 
Bramer Charles, tailor, h 108 Humboldt 
Bramer Philip, tailor, h 38 Sumner av 
Bramerloh Richard, confectioner, 965 B'way 
Braumi John, cigars, 32 Atlantic av, h 144 Itoyt 
Bramm Louis W. casliier, h 362 Henry 
Bramm Robert F. cashier, h 362 Henry 
Bran im Sarah, wid. George, h 362 Henry 
Bramman Frederick, h 356 Greene av 
Brawnier Frcd'k, driver, h r465 Manhattan av 
Branack Thomas J- jr. paperbags, 93 Front 

X. Y. h 166 Patchen av 
Branagan Bernard, stoves, 454 Gates av, h 210 


Branagan Frances, wid. John A. h 369 Carroll 
Branagan Frank, liquors, 232 Haveineyer, h 

246 Havemeyer 
Branagan John A. butcher, h 309 Carroll 
Branagan Tliomas. tailor, Atlantic n Henry 

av E.N.Y. 

Branaird George C. lawyer, 54 William N.Y. h 

47 Sidney pi 
Branaly Lawrence, lab. h old No. 184 Marcy 


Branhurg Emil, seaman, h 127 Pulaski 
Branherg Hubert, painter, h 392 12th 
Branch Edward H. salesman, h 451 6th 
Branch Harry, gilder, h 499 Atlantic av 
Branch James, lab. h 87 Schenectady av 
Brancli -Joseph, tailor, h 99 McKibbin 
Branch Mason M. salesman, h 451 6th 
Branch Stenhon R- elk. h 396 Jefferson av 
Branch William M. elk. h old No. 132 Reap 
Branchard Augustus, broker, 16 Spruce N.Y. 

h old No. 28 Marcy av 
Brand Albert, glass, h 155 McKihbiu 

Brand Alfred, butcher, 539 Myrtle av h 180 

Brand Charles, cabinetinkr. h 104 Montrose av 
Brand Christian, furrier, h 247 Johnson av 
Brand Christian, lab. h 76 N. 5th 
Brand Charles, mechanic, h 323 Ellery 
Brand David, lather, h 489 Baltic 
Brand Dora. wid. John, h 483 N". 2d 
Brand Esther, wid. Martin, h 252 Stockton 
Brand Edwin V. coal, h 690 Van Buren 
Brand Francis A. driver, h Liberty avn Orient 

av E.N.Y. 
Brand George, butcher, h 63 S. 3d 
Brand George, niodelmkr. h 68 2d E. D. now 

Wythe av 
Brand Henry, provisions, 704 Gates av 
Brand Herman, lab. h 41 Division av 
Brand Hermann, bkkpr. h 208 Rut ledge 
Brand Hermann, mechanic, h 119 Ellery 
Brand John, elk. h 452 Laf av 
Brand John, porter, h r 838 Park av 
Brand John H. coal, 316 Myrtle av, h 536 Laf 


Brand Joseph, grocer, 1657 Fulton 

Brand Martin, barkpr. h 33 Whipple 

Brand Michael, carpenter, h 838 Park av 

Brand Peter, cooper, h 20 Montrose av 

Brand Peter, engineer, h r 838 Park av 

Brand William, elk. h 536 Laf av 

Brand William, A vein sr. 102 Mvrtlo av & 421 

Grand N.Y. h 102 Myrtle av 
Brand William, painter, 'ii 147 N. 2d 
Brand & Co. coal. 316 Mvrtle av 
Brand & Wade, buiclnr's, 539 Myrtle av 
Braudago Edward H. h 40 Cambridge pi 
Brandau Barbara, wid. George, h 545 Warren 
Braudau Carrie, buttonholemkr. h 123 Sumpter 
Brandau Gussie, wid. h 465 20th 
Brandau Win. carriage finisher, li 123 Sumpter 
Brandegee John 0. h 50 Halsey 
Brandeis George O. iron, h 159 Warren 
Brandeis Leopold, plumbers'mtls. 46 Fulton, h 

159 Warren 

Brandeis Louis, plumbers'mtls. 46 Fulton, h 

159 Warren 
Brandeis L. & Son, plumbers'mtls. 46 Fulton 
Brand el George, boots, 43 Onnond pi, h 522 

Claseon av 

Braiidel Mary, wid. George, grocer, 396 Bush- 
wick av ' 

Brandell Henry, wire, 120 Front & 80 Pearl, h 
94 Adams 

Brandeman Henry, engineer, h 127 Grand 
Brandeman Sophia, nurse, h 127 Grand 
Branden Benjamin, lab. b 64 Prince 
Brandon David, cigarmkr, h 104 Floyd 
Brandenberg John N. drugs, 305 Van Brunt 
Brandenberg William, driver, h old No. 51 

Maspetti av 
Brandenberger John, lab. h 86 Moore 
Brandenherger . wid. Jacob F. h 16 Central 
Brandenburg Charles, lab. h 445 Hicks 
Brandenburg Charles W. hardware, 125 Cham- 
bers N.Y. h 423 Hart 
Brandenburg William, wagontnkr. 384 Hamil- 
ton av 

Brandenburger Simon, hairdresser. 177 Mon. 
trose av 

Brandenstein Christian, carman, Stockholm 

n Wyckoff av 
Brandenstein George, capmfr. h 113 Johnson 
Brandenstein Henry, bkkpr. h 113 Johnson 
Brandenstein Joseph, liquors, 18 Hamburg av 
Brandenstein Louis, elk. h 54 Wil'by 
Brandes Adolph G. jeweler, h 376 Court 
Brandos Amelia wid. Henry, b 184 York 
Brandes Charles, cigars. 192 York 
Brandes Gnstave. furrier, h 203 Fulton 
Brandes Henry, paperhangor, h 73 Graham 
Brandes Henry O. bks. h 406 Court 
Brandes Julia, dressmkr. h 406 Court 
Brandes Victor A. grocer, 73 Sehonectady av 
Brandhegen Herman, salesman, h 184 Greene 
Brandhorst Otto, cabinotmkr. h 408 S. 4th 
Brandhorst Louis, fireman, h Vermont av n 

Baltic av E.N.Y. 

The Holmes Parquet & Inlaid Floor Co. 


Repolisliing a Specialty. 




128 & (30 FULTON ST., 


Brandis Frederick E. instmkr. li 249 Ewen 
Brandis Louis, grocer, 530 Van Buren 
Brandis William, gilder, h 678 Lex av 
Brandle Adam, mason, h 176 Maujer 
Brandle Frank, elk. h 176 Maujer 
Brandle John, tinsmith, h 176 Maujer 
Brandley John, embroidery, 35 Throop av. k 

33 Throop av 
Brandner August, carpenter, h 80 Graham av 
Brandner Peter, framer, h 420 Wallabout 
Brandner Jos. peelmkr. 78 Gerry, h 85 Gerry 
Brando Louis E. engineer, h 270 Columbia 
Brandom John F. foreman, h 196 Wythe av 
Brandon Daniel, cigarmkr. 102 Floyd 
Brandon Henry, moulder, li 69 Hudson av 
Brandon William, stonecutter, h 30 15th 
Brandow Charles, pilot, h 138 N. Oxford 
Brando w Edwin, steamboats, 60 South ~N.Y. h 

74 Cumberland 
Brandow Edwin H. pilot, h 77 N. Oxford 
Brandow George, seaman, h 176 Jay 
Brandow Gilbert A. pilot, h 39 Cumberland 
Brandow Harry, seaman, li 198 Sands 
Brandow Jacob, pilot, h 100 Johnson 
Brandow Mary E. wid. Samuel, b 708 Laf av 
Brandow Peter W. cigars, 127 Oakland 
Brandow Walter, seaman, b 4 Willow 
Brandow William, shipmaster, h 367 Gold 
Brandstein Henry, cooper, b Stanhope n 


Brandstetter Frank, carpenter, b 310 Bush- 

wick av 
Brandt , wid. b 356 Degraw 
Brandt Adolph, carpenter, h 223 Stagg 
Brandt Alexander, cook, h 672 Hancock 
Brandt Annie, wid. Charles, h 107 N. 9th 
Brandt August, grocer, 93 Hopkins 
Brandt August, plumber, k Montauk av n 

Liberty av r .Y. 
Brandt Barbara, wid. Henry A. li 153 Throop av 
Brandt Carl. lab. h 146 N". 6th 
Brandt Caroline, wid. Bewiard, h 95 Stanhopo 
Brandt Caroline, wid. Henry J. h 131 Court 
Brandt Charles, paiuter, h 153 St, Mark's av 
Brandt Charles, tailor, h 310 Stockton 
Brandt Charles A. awnings, 510 Fulton 
Brandt Charles F. h 379 Union 
Brandt Christian, earriagemkr. 3d av c Warren, 

h 287 Wyekorf 
Brandt Daniel It. clothing, h 379 Union 
Brandt Frederick, foreman, h 110 5th 
Brandt Froderick. lab. h 172 Conor er 
Brandt Frederick, tel.oper. li 107 N. 9th 
Brandt George W. bakers' supplies, 195 Duane 

X. Y. h 385 Jefferson av 
Brandt George W. carpenter, 66th c 3d av, b 

162 55th 

Brandt Herman, barkpr. h 600 Court 
Brandt Herman, cigarpaeker, h 75 Central av 
Brandt Henry J. coal, h old No. 389 Marcy av 
Brandt Henry, tailor, b 138 Wash'n av 
Brandt Jacob, tailor, b 450 B'way 
Brandt Jacob H. elk. h 113 Ewen 
Brandt John, tel. oper. h 107 X. 9tli 
Brandt Lewis, watchman, h 290 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Brandt Martin, barkpr. b 33 Whipple 
Brandt Minnie, wid. Alfred, li r 312 Kosciusko 
Brandt Nicholas, li 30 Clinton 
Brandt Philip, lab. h 124 Ewen 
Brandt Valentine, oiler, b 970 Jefferson av 
Brandt Washington J. physician, 379 Union 
Brandt William, elk. b 107 N. 9th 
Brandt & Rickert, carriagemkrs. 3d av c War- 

Brandts-teder Peter, lab. h 139 Stagg 
Brandwood Joseph, carpenter, b 618 Myrtle 

Brandy Joseph P. liquors, 15 Dey N.Y. h 439 

Waverly av 
Brane John H. broker, Wall N. Y. h 352 Union 
Braneng Anna S. wid. William, h 44$ N. 2d 
Brangolf George, elk. b 157 Livingston 
Braniff Patrick, caulker, h 200 ]6tk 
Branigan Edward, lab. h Bergen n Stone av 


Branigan Edward, liquors, Pacific c Emmet, h 

Branigan James, agt. h 179 Wil'by 
Branigan James, lab. b 293 Van Brnnt 
Branigan James H. elk. 264 Roebling 
Branigan Thomas, h 180 Pearl 
Brankmann Adolphenia, wid. Henry, h 335 


Braim Louis W. cashier, li 362 Henry 
Brannan John, carman, b 39 Gold 
Braiman John, lab. h 53 16th 
Brannan John, lab. h 77 Pacific 
Brannan Lizzie, dressrnkr. h 196 Fulton 
Brannan Manfread, driver, h 327 Henry 
Brannan Michael, mason, hl41 Nelson 
Brannan Patrick, painter, 5th av c Warren, h 

604 Warren 
Branneis John, carpenter, b 96 M"ontrose av 
Branniek Agnes K, h 93 Prospect pi 
Brannigan Bernard, tinsmith, h 210 Monroe 
Brannigan Bridget, wid. Francis, h 21 Navy 
Brannigan Catherine, wid. Bernard, h 249 


Brannigan Edward, lab. h 196 Sackett 
Brannigan James, printer, li 111 Navy 
Brannigan James, trnnkmkr. h 519^ Lorimer 
Brannigan John, driver, b 13 Luquor 
Brannigan John, lab. h 21 Tahnan 
Brannigan Julia, wid. Patrick, It 255 Water 
Brannigan Susan, wid. dames, h 134 Bridge 
Brannigan Thomaa, ice, h r 86 4th 
Branning Artlmr L. manager, h 265 Manhat- 
tan av 

Brannon Dennis, butcher, h r 354 18th 
Brannon Michael, shoes, h r 481 Adelphi 
Brannon Richard, watchman, h 143 Union 
Brannon William, lab. h 247 State 
Brannsbery Henry, elk. h 239 16th 
Brano Fisher, grocer, 652 Wash'n av 
Bransere Adam, mason, b 179 MeKibbin 
Branson John, h 676 Myrtle av 
Branseheid August, com. mer. 16 Spruce N.Y. 

h 26 Marcy av 
Brant Andrew, tailor, h 341 Throop av 
Brant Ann, wid. George, baker, 1258 B'way 
Brant Dora M. dressrnkr. 280 Flatbush av 
Brant Edgar W. insp. 214 B'way N.Y. h 250 

Prospect av 
Brant Frederick, carpenter, b 306 12th 
Brant Frederick, seaman, h 306 12th 
Brant Henry, baker, h 181 Prospect 
Brant. Henry, baker, 206 York 
Brant -lames, bkkpr. h 59 Wilson 
Brant John 11. elk. h 1353 Bway 
Brant Joseph, driver, h 153 McICibbin 
Brant Margaret, wid. Randolph, b 209 Pres't 
Brant Robert H. machinist, h 122 E. New York 

av E.N.Y. 

Bran ton Adeline D. wid. John, variety, 450 
Park av 

Branz Joseph, barkpr. h 631 5th av 
Brasch Charles, fireman, h 28 16th 
Brasch Rosa, wid. b 87 Grand 
Brascber Henry, lab. h r 95 Union av 
Brash Jennie, h 230 Central av 
Brash aw John, carpenter, h r 211 Kent 
Brashaw Thomas, carpenter, h 215 Kent 
Brasher Laura A. wid. Philip, b 506 Clinton av 
Brasher Thomas M. u.s.n. h 182 Livingston 
Brasher William M. oilcloth. 8th av c 18th, h 
58 7th av 

Brasher Win. M. & Co. oilcloth, 18th c 8th av 
Brasier Ellen, wid. Thomas, b 49 Johnson 
Brask George, grocer. 143 Leonard 
Brasnanhan Thomas, boatman, h 134 Union 
Brason John, lab. h 137 Graham 
Brass Anton, h 41 Van Cott av 
Brass Julius, brassturner. h 212 Floyd 
Brass Louis H.. elk. h 92 Lewis av 
Brass Robert, brassgds. 139 Middle ton, b 95 
Reid av 

Brass Robert, machinist. 55 Scholes 
Brass Goods Mfg. Co 254 Stale 
Brasse John, hairdresser, 616 Fulton, h 15 Fort 
Greene pi 

Brasseil John, driver, b 131 Classon av 








z m 
O a? 

to Pi 
• o 


szj in 

° -• c 










ci o 
p. V 



. 554 to 562 W. 25th St., New York. 


Assets, ia U. S, 

Jan. 1, 188 

, $4,712,89: 

193 Mentcgts Street, Brooklyn. 
Kb, 130 F'stfcoch km,, Brookip, 

■ Junction cf Atkstic & Pccrth Am. 

LiaML, $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
110 BEA— BEE 







LAIN <fc CO. 

Job Printing of Every Description. 

17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl B'Myn. 










Brasseur Louis, lab. h 207 X. Oth 
Brassington H. B. salesman, h 1175 Bushwick 

Brassington Lottie, wid. William L. dreasmkr. 

li 129 Grand 
Brassington Walter J. agt. h 187 Freeman 
Brassman Nathan, clothier, SO Manhattan av 
Brasted Henry, conductor, h 1417 B'way 
Blaster Charles, sateheimkr. h 326 Floyd 
Brasz Herman M. drugs. 54 Flatbush av 
Brateliey James, lab. li" 61 Underbill av 
Brathwaite Elizabeth, -wid. William H. h 616 

Bratt John, cooper, h 84 S. 1st 
Bratt Patrick, h r 261 Wyckoff 
Bratton James, lab. b 59 Graham 
Bratt on William L. agt . 8 Thomas N.Y. b 941 

Greene av 
Bratzel Michael, carpenter, h 88 Ewen 
Brau Henry, elk. h 89 ft. Elliott pi 
Bran Johann, milk, h 321 Division av 
Branch August, brewer. 49 X. 3d 
Branch Christian, lab. h 175 Ten Eyck 
Brauer Jolm, lab. h r 62 Lorimer 
Brauor John, porter, b 284 Pacific 
Brault Lewis, machinist, li 35 2d 
Braumanu Charles, cutter, b 283 Gold 
BriHtmen Adolph. brasstinisber, h 84 India 
Braumuller Ott o, elk. h 268 15th 
Braun Adam, tailor, h 18 Locust 
Brauu Adolph., tailor, h 195 Elm 
Brauu Albert, cigars, 19 Scholes 
Braun Alfred, engineer, h 531 & Lorimer 
Braira Antou, printer, 173 Vermont av B.N. Y. 
Braun Arthur, hairdresser, 466 N. 2d 
Braun August , tailor, h 195 Ehn 
Braun Berhhard, hairdresser, 37 Sumner av 
Brauu Bernhard, porter, h Wyckoff av n 

Baltic av E.N.Y. 
j Braun Carl W. liquors, 154 Matijer 
I Braun Caroline, h 15 Parker 
! Braun Charles, lab. h Lorraine n Clinton 
Braun Cl aries, news, 151 Greenpoint av 
; Braun Charles, shoemkr. 422 Court 
; Braun Charles A. liquors, 209 Meserole 
| Braun Christian, grocer, 20 Central av 
i Braun Christian, insts. h 146 Ewen 
i Braun David J. tel. oper. h 203 Fulton 
IBi-aun Diederich, lab. h 95 N. 8th 
I Braun Edward T. driver, h Montauk av n 
I Liberty av E.N.Y. 

j Brau ii Elizabeth, wid. John, h 177 Hopkins 
] Braun Emanuel, hf'urng. 382 Thrcop av 
'Braun Emil, agt. h 326 is. 2d 
J Braun Emil A. painter, h 37 Hopkins 
iBraun Ernest, F. elk. h 151 Greenpoint av 
'Braun Ernst, liquors, 151 Greenpoint av 
■Braun Fidel, h 163 Montrose av 
Brauu Frederick, baker, h 257 Hopkins 
[Braun Frederick, machinist, h 64 Walton 
i Braun Fritz, liquors, 219 Manjer 
'Braun Haywood, stationer. 40 Beaver N.Y. h 
j 228 Clinton 

! Braun Henry, tinsmith, h 381 Oakland 
s Braun Jacob, confectioner, 5 Chauncey 
I Braun Jacob F. gardener, h 15 Parker 
! Braun John, h 166 Ellery 

'Braun John, jeweler, 128 Fulton, h 335 Bridge 
jBraun John, ship chandler, is. 10th c let E.D, 
'Braun John, tailor, h 303 X. 2d 
Braun John's, baker, 594 Myrtle av 
Braun -Joseph, dyer, h 70 Montrose av 
Braun Joseph, hotel. 724 5th av 
Braun Joseph G. hairdresser, h 18 Bolivar 
Braunherg Julius, oil. h 152 Greenpoint av 
Braun Louis, collector, h 305 Humboldt 
, Braun Louis, moulder, h 522 Manhattan av 

Braun Margaret, wid. Frank, h 300 Ellery 
Braun Mathaus, hairdresser, 17 Wil'by, ' h 335 

Brauu Max, photographer, c G rand &■ Union 

av, h 55 Ten Eyck 
Braun Max, pocketbknjkr. h 1221 B'way 
Braun Paul, hairdresser, h 79 Central av 
Braun Peter, contractor, h 144 Central av 
Braun Peter, grocer, 82 Central av 
Braun Peter, shoemkr. 186£ Classon av 
Braun William, elk. h 249 Ewen 
Braun Wm. liquors, 455 1st E l), now Kent av 
Braun William, newsagt. 151 Greenpoint av 
Braun William G. gilder, h 18 Wy the av 
Braun Bros, newsagt s. 151 Greenpoint av 
Braunnvardt Simplicius, mason, h 594 Flushing 


Braun s Heinrich, tailor, r 59J Wyckoff 
Brauu s Nicholas J . lab. h 72 Adams 
Braunsbery Charles, elk- h 239 16th 
Braunsehiedel Johannes, music, h old No 460 

Bedford av 
Braunwath Anton, driver, h 124 Middleton 
Braunwirtli Konrad, lab. h 91 Moore 
Brau sch Adam, chaiimkr. h 710 Flushing ay 
Brausch Clemence, catpenter, h rl99 Meseiole 
Brausch John, tinsmith, h 109 Montrose av 
Braut James, lab. h r 204 N. 8th 
Brautigam A dam. baker, 98 Wythe av 
Brautigam Conrad, W. drugs. 154 Gold 
Brautigam Hubert, bags, 54 Columbia lights. 

h 13 Doughty 
Brauwere Edward D. restaurant, 57 B'wav N 

Y. h 412 Henry 
Brauwn Henry, shoes. 517 B'way 
Braw Maigaret, wid. Henry, h 1015& 3d av 
Braw Paul, lab. h 182 Johnson av 
Brawe Chas. elk. h lialtiec Wyckoff av E.N. Y 
Brawe George II. salesman, h 121 Division av 
Brawe Henry, grocer, h Baltic av n Miller av 

E N.Y. 

Brawn Jolm, carpenter, h 15 Willow 

Brawn Elizabeth, wid Charles, h Montauk av 

n Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Brawnworth Charles, bk hinder h Chestnut n 

Ridge wood avE N.Y". 
Brawstell George W. shoes, h 178 S. 3d 
Bray David, coachman, h 23. College pi 
Bray Edwin W. pianos, 493 Fulton, h 1S5 Fort 

Greene pi 

Bray Elizabeth, wid. Arthur, h 19 Grove pi 

Bray Frank H. elk. h 422 Hart 

Bray Jacob, painter, h 106 Gerry 

Bray John, liquors, 72 Partition 

Bray Jolm J. contractor, h 244 Wyckoff 

Bray Joseph, lab. li 477 Baltic 

Bray Joseph M. elk. h 773 Bushwick av 

Bray Michael, lab. h 107 Wolcott 

Bray Patrick J. ins. h 152 Hoyt 

Bray Samuel, coachman, h 21 College pi 

Bray Stephen, lab. h 94 Partition 

Bray Thomas, shoemkr. h 03 Congress 

Bray ton James H. machinist, h 12th c Sdav 

B razee Ann, w id. h 108 8th 

Brazee Eugene, lab. b 108 8th 

Brazee George L. driver, h 136 2d 

Brazee Nicholas, moulder, h 108 8th 

Brazier John E. painter, h 121 Nassau av 

Brazil Dennis, lab. h 193 N. 9th 

Brazil Mary. wid. Edward, h 193 N. 9th 

Brazill Patrick \V. mason, h 78 Freeman 

Brazil! William P. mason, 335 Graham av. h 

414 Grand 
Brazlin John, furniture, h 184 Nelson 
I Brazneli George, mason, h 543 4th av 
j Breacelen Henry, engineer, h 103 N. 4th 
; Breacken Catherine, wid. James, h r 102 Prince 
j Broaden Henry, bartender, h 478 5th av 

■ Bready John K. conductor, h 304 Hart 

| Breakey Anna J. wid. Isaiah, h 24 Carlton av 

: Breakey John, grocer, 963 Myrtle av 

: Breakey William A. mason, h 11 Kane pi 

■ Breakey William G. jeweler, h 24 Carlton av 
I Breakspear Charles J. elk. h 489 Pacific 

i Breakspear Frederick C. elk. h 173 Spencer 
1 Breakspear Thomas, granite, h 489 Pacific 

... . _ J & SO*!, I 165 5!^o s r t k r . eet ' 

Dsed by Dnlggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

J. A. 

Established 1885. 

Send for Quotatie^s. 


13 UE 



ill BEE 

Breakspear Thos. E. lithographer, h 489 Pacific > 
Breakspear 'William II. mifr. li 489 Paciiio i 
Breast Thomas S. mechanic, h 117 5th av 
Breath Elizabeth, school, h 468 State 
Breazuell Joseph II. artist, h 719 Laf* 
Brecell Thomas F. lab. h 97 Myrtle av 
Brecht Albert, tailor, h 69 Moor* • 
Breelit Harm, carpenter, h Waah'n n Baltic av I 

E.N.Y. I 
Brocht Henry, upholsterer, h 211 Freeman 
Brecht Isabella, will. Adam, h 118 Nassau av 
Brecht John J. plumber, b 99 N. 9th 
Brecht Rudolph, lab. h 48 Woloott 
Brechtefeld Herman, foreman, h 8 Stuyvesant 


Brechtlein Frank, hardware. 101 Montrose av 

Brechts Caspar, liquors. 611 Park av 

Breck Matilda W. wid. William P. h old No. 

83 Bedford av 
Breekenridge William D. watehcasemkr, li 273 

Prospect pi 

Brecker Ernst, lab. h r 400 1st E.l). now Kent 
Breckinridge John S. (Rev.) h 211 Clermont av 
Brcekle Christian, baker, 126 Park av 
Breekles Samuel, collector, h 751 Crates 
Breckner Herman, butcher, h 172 JeiVerson 
Bredbury Benjamin, machinist, h old No. 101 
Marey av 

Brede Annie, fancy gds. li Butler av c Liberty 

av E.N. if. 
Brede Arthur, elk. h 481 Myrtle av 
Brede Charles, elk. h 55 New York av 
Brede George il. grocer, 481 Myrtle av 
Brede Henry, lab. b 75 N. 2d 
Bredohof't Louis, grower, 10 Rcid av 
Bredehust Wiliium, driver, h 401 2d E.I). 

now Wythe av 
Bredemeier William, wagonmkr. 72 Commerce, 

li 78 Commerce 
Bredon Amelia, wid. Jacob, h 68 S. 1st 
Breden Charles, ea-somkr. h 879 Park av 
Bred en Charles A. tailor, 646 Atlantic av 
Breden Henry, hatter, h 68 S. 1st 
Breden John, driver, h 08 S. 1st 
Breden Nicholas, barkpr. h 235 John -on av 
Bredenbech Powell, elk. h 668 ParK av 
Bredeuburgii Theodore, conductor, h Locust 

av n Ridgewood av E.N.Y. 
Brederly Katie, wid. Matthew, h 42 Scholes 
Brederman Augustus, supt. h 30 Vernon av 
Bredhauer Gustav, tobacco, 254 Haveroeyer 
Brednich John, liquors, 482 Carroll 
Bredy Peter, grocer, 584 Gates av 
Bree Patrick, compositor, h 140 Luquer 
Bree Peter, gasiitter, h 1256 Myrtle av 
Breed Dulton L. conductor, li 1469 Fulton 
Breed Joseph B. (Rev.) h 1469 Fulton 
Breed Orson, mer. 61 Coenties si N.Y. h 14 7th 


Breedlove John, waiter, h r 80 Fleet pi 
Breem Paul, paperhangor, h 750 Fulton 
Breen Alexander, livery, 167 Pacific, h 188 At- 
lantic av 

Breen Ann, wid. James, h 64 Monitor 
Breen Bridget, h 395 Pres't 
Breen Bridget, grocer, 50 4th 
Breen Edward, lab. h 112 King 
Breen Florence, lab. h 233 Columbia 
Breen James, barkpr. h 162 Hamilton av 
Breen James, lab. h 835 B'way 
Breen James, printer, h 432 Hudson av 
Breeu* James li. i>rinter. 58 Fulton N.Y. h 379 

Breen Johanna, wid. h 32 Tiffany pi 
Breen John, lab. h 188 Sackett 
Breen John J. liquors, 722 6th av 
Breen John T. salesman, h 243 Baltic 
Breen Martin, reaiestate, 214 Court, h 236 Bal- 

Breen Martin jr. reaiestate, 214 Court, h 236 

Breen Martin & Son. reaiestate. 214 Court 
Breen Maurice, machinist, h 73 Ross 
Breen Michael, machinist, h 188 Wythe av 
Breen Michael, mason, h 218 Freeman 
Breen Patrick, driver, h 180 Richards 


Pianofortes j 

Warerooms, ■ STEINWAY HALL, j 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 

BreCii A'at'iiek. lab. h 383 Manhattan av 
Breen Patrick, mason, h r 2u8 Greene 
Breen Patrick C. lab. h lOlSkillman 
Breen Philip, lab. 49 Front 
Breen Richard, barkpr. h 102 N. 6th 
Breen Thomas, liquors, 340 Parle av 
Breen Thomas, printer, h 133 Sleuben 
Breen William, machinist, h 227 Calyer 
Breen "William C. reaiestate, 214 Court, h 418 

Breenhaver Charles, lab. h 660 Classon av 
Breese George C. printer, h 32 Auburn pi 
Bregnar Michael, b r 168 Mesorolo 
Breheny John, lab. h 185 Greenpoiiit av 
Breher George, reaiestate &. ins. h 153 Gold 
Brehler David, machinist, 192 Bush wick av, h 
258 Stagg 

Brehm Andrew, glassblower. h 88 Moore 
Brehm Frank, tailor, h 55 Montrose av 
Brehm Frederick, boxmkr. h 581 B'way 
Brebm Frederick, jeweler, h r 99 Mesexolo 
Brehm George, conductor, h 303 Sackett 
Brehm George, foreman, h 830 Flushing av 
Brehm George, planer, h 60 (3 rah am av 
Brehm Henry, oigarboxmir. 212 1st E.D. now 

Kent av,'h 31 Trout man 
Brehm Ileury A. elk. h 294 N. 2d 
Brehm Jacob, cigarboxmfr. 211 1st E.I), now 

Kent av, h Harrison av 
Brehm John, cigars. 207 B'way 
Brehm John, liquors, 210 Johnson av 
Brehm John, notary public, 294 N. 2d 
Brehm John, peddler, h r 53 Morrell 
Brehm John, cigarboxmfr. 211 1st E.D. now 

Kent av, h McKibbin 
Brehm Margaret, wid. Geo. h 830 Flushing av 
Brehm Martin, h 70 Ten Eyck 
Brehm Mary, wid. Valentine, h 404 S. 4th 
Brehm Bros, cigar boxmt'rs. 212 1st E.I), now 

Kent av 

Breidenbach Sarah .!. h 252 Livingston 
Breidonbeck Henry, boxmkr. h 120 N, 5th 
Breiding William, tailor, li 754 Fulton 
Breiger Isaac, confectioner, h 35 Tompkins av 
Bieiling Arnold, h 387 Flatbush av 
Brcimann Adolph, tailor, h 117 Floyd 
Breimann Herman, tailor, h 148 Tompkins av 
Breiminger Henry tailor, h Graham av c 

Breiner Matthews, peddler, h 80 Graham av 
Broinhei/.en John, tailor, h 248 Floyd 
Breinig John, lab. h 20 Stagg 
Breinig Revere M. varnisher, 33Gohl. h 124 St. 

Breining John L. jeweler, 874 Gates av 
Breininser Conrad, cigars, 143 Montrose av 
Bre hunger Henry, cigars, 143 Montrose av 
Breininger & Son, cigars, 143 Montrose av 
Breisk Jacob, trunks, 445 Fulton & 102 Court, 
h 54 Wil'by 

Breisland Samuel, tailor, 2 W. 14th N. Y. h 
329 Gold 

■ Breit Andrew, watchmkr. h 9 Hicks 

; Breit Andrew, engineer, hll Hicks 

1 Breit Jolm, elk. h 671 B'way 

" Breit a Francis, lab. li r 50 Pearl 

i Breiteing William, shoemkr. 310 Atlantic av 

Breitenbach Conrad, grocer, 100 Sehoies 
! Breitenbach Jacob, machinist, h 109 Scholes 
i Breitenbach John, shoemkr. h Baltic av n 
i Wyekoff av E.N. Y. 

Breitenbach William, machinist, h 109 Scholes 
j Breitcnbruch John A. carpenter, h old No. 236 
Marcy av 

"31 E. 17s Open Fire-Places, 

{ffwYflrt.^ Dog Grates, Etc. 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. seeadvt. i«af opp. name. 



W. 0. VQSburgh Hfg. CO., Limited, 

418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, H. Y. 
112 BEE 

- | Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

^""^ ILAIN & CO, 

City Directory Printing House, 

17 WiUoughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, X. Y. 






Breitfeld John H. seaman, h 26;; 17th 
Breitfeld Peter 1ST. seaman, h 1329 3d av 
Breithaupt Charles, bartender, ^06 3d av 
Breithaupt Charles, tailor, h 43 Broome 
Breithaupt Fredrika J", wid. P. Augustus, h 

208 Classon av 
Breitheeker J, H, harness, h 808 Part av 
Breitheeker Louis C. ins. h 220 2d E.D, now 

Wythe av 
Breithut Chuiles, butcher, 281 Pearl 
Breitkopf Joseph, mason, h WyckofF av n 

jBreitmey er Julius, express, li 1114 DoKalb av 

| Breitncr M.athias, hairdresser, 88 "Wythe av 

'Breitung Emil, liqucrs, 12 Montrose av 

[Breivogcl Dennis, embosser, h 453 Sackett 

i Breivogcl John, cigars. 96 5th av 

; Breker Henry F. organist, h 463 Clermont av 

;BrelIe Christian F. hairdresser. 470 Smith 

iBrellor David, blacksmith, h 258 Stagg 

[Breller Michael, mason, b r 141 Meserole ■ 

'Brem living, collector, h 417 7th av 

[Bremen George, pianomkr. h 19 Broome 

! Bremen Henry, porter, h 19 Broome 

j Bremer August, tailor, h 796 Flushing av 

'Bremer Frank, tailor, h 256 Floyd 

! Bremer Frederick "\V. tailor, 182 Evergreen ax 

j Bremer Henry, tailor, 13 Beaver 

i Bremer Henrv. watchman, li 85 Flat bush av 

Bremer Isidore, hardware, 707 BVav N.Y. h 
114 Reid av 

Bremer Jacob, peddler, h r 12 Scholes 
( Bremer Jol.n, grocer, 174 lioss, H 64 Loe av 
\ Bremer Jolm, mineral water, h 45 Beaver 
IBromer John C. h 76 Oaklaud 
[Bremer Martin, elk. h 43 Grand 
j Bremer Michael, blacksmith, h 44 Graham aT 
[Bremer William J. elk. h 76 Oakland 
IBremly William, carpenter, h 699 Bergen 

Bremner Andrew A. bolts, 499 Water. N.Y. h 
j 385 ( j rand av 

Bremner Christian, driver, h 220 Boeruin 
Brums Hose, wid. Martin, h 190 Moore 
[Brenack L. M. dressmkr. b 285 Macon 
j Brenack Itichard G. bagroi'r. N.Y. h 93 Classon 
: av 

[Brenack Thomas, bagmfr. 285 Macon 
Brenalds Mary, wid. James, h 10 State 
jBrenan Daniel C. drugs, 757 Gates av James F. glassblower, b 550 Court 
iBrenberg Henry, lab. h 195Boerum 
iBrendel Barnard, cigarmkr. b Henry av n At- 
i lanticav F. N.Y. 
IBrendel Frank, cooper, b 93 Central av 
iBrendel Frank, liquors. 222 Jackson 
iBrendel Jacob, tailor, h Washington n Liberty 
! av E. N. Y. 

JBrendeil George, shoemkr. 43 Oimond pi, h 522 

j Ciasson av 

[Brender James, moulder, h 101 Bergen 

i Brendinali Powell, mechanic, h 4G7 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
iBrendle Henry, tailor, b 134 Tbroop av 
jBrendon Michael, moulder, h 298 Water 
[Breneman A brain A. chemist, 47 Water N.Y. 
I b 122 Columbia hgts 
[Brenenner Joseph, painter, h 157 Boerum 
iBrener Jolm, engineer, Ji 265 Maujer 
[Breniieck Leo. lab. h 91 S. 1st 
'Brengard Louis J. weaver, h 37 Meserole 
Breniea Anthony, carpenter, li 5 Chauncey 
Breninger John, elk. h 201 Bainbridge 
Breni^a John, carpenter, h 40 Scholes 
Breniser Charles, weigher, h 18 16th 
Brenk Daniel, butcher, h 87 Tkatford av E. 


Brennan Andrew, lab. h r 225 Pacific 

Brennan Andrew P. restaurant, 283 Wasb'n. h 

210 Wil'by av 
Brennan Ann, wid. John, h 22 Navy 
Brennan Barney, bartender, h Warren n Nev- 


Brennan Bridget, wid. Michael, b 627 Grand 

Brennan Catharine, wid. Bernard, b 134 loth 
Brennan Catherine, wid. John, h 169 India 
Brennan Catherine, wid. Micfiael, h 367 Flush- 
ing av 

Brennan Catharine, wid Thomas, li r 104 Navy 
Brennan Charles, barkpr. h 22 Navy 
Brennan Charles, tmpt, h 130 Concord 
Brennan Cornelius, brassnnisher, h 196 S. 4tb 
Brennan C. S. h 184 Lincoln pi 
Brennan Daniel J. upholsterer, h 939 Laf av 
Brennan Dennis, painter, h Seigel av n Fulton 

Brennan Edward, carpenter, h 113 Union 
Brennan Edward, compositor, h 188 Hudson av 
Brennan Edward, painter, h 1091 Fulton 
Brennan Edward, tailor, h 74 Carroll 
Brennan Eliza, wid. Luke, b 680 6t!i av 
Brennan Ellen, h 58 Joraieaiou 
Brennan Ellen, wid. James, h 165 N. 9th 
Brennan Frank, cik. h 168 Newell 
Brennan George, elk. h 013 Warren 
Brennan George, engineer, h 572 Hicks 
Brennan Henry, mechanic, h r 104 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Brennan Henrv, painter, b 191 Huron 
Brennan Hubert H. fdtoemfr. r 80 Grand & 6Q 

S. 1st, h Cypress Hills, L. I. 
Brennan Hugh, lab. h 60 Prince 
Brennan Hugh, stevedore, b 290 17th 
Brennan James, cooper, 349 Driggs, li 286 4th 

E.D. now Bedford av 
Brennan James, cooper, h 102 Clay 
Brennan James, janitor, b 208 Wil'by av 
Brennan James, lab. h 77 Pacific 
Brennan James, utpehanie, h 58 Little 
Brennan James, mechanic, h 144 38th 
Brennan James, optician, h 381 Baltic 
Brennan James, painter, h 22 Navy 
Brennan James, shoemkr. h r 79 Canton 
Brennan Jas. A. lithographer, h 151 Division av 
Brennan James C. elk. h 55 Butler 
Brennan James 11. liquors, 301 Myrtle av 
Brennan James V. printer, b 480 Grand 
Brennan Jeremiah, lab. h 78 Congress 
Brennan John, barkpr. b 468 Manhattan av 
Brennan John, barkpr. b 96 Tillary 
Brennan John, carman, h 117 Graham 
Brennan John, conductor, h 103 N. 9th 
Brennan John, cooper, b 290 Columbia 
Brennan Jolm, glassblower, h 480 Smith 
Brennan John, iab h 15 Bolivar 
Brennan John, lab. h 1.12 Spencer 
Brennan John, lab. h 276 VanBrunt 
Brennan John, liquors, 128 Flushing av 
Brennan John, ma.son, li 144 Tillary 
Brennan John, police, h 101 Kingsland av 
Brennan Jolm, police, h 151 Lee av 
Brennan John, porter, h 89 Carroll 
Brennan John, porter, h 21 Columbia 
Brennan John, potter, h 110 Norman av 
Brennan John, printer, h 79 McKibbin 
Brennan Jolm. restaurant, h 92 Prospect 
Brennan John, shoecutter, h Kailroad av n 

Fulton av E.N. Y. 
Brennan John, stevedore, h 113 Water 
Brennan John, u.s.a. h 153 Centre 
Brennan John, wheelwright, h 764 Monroe 
Brennan John E. blacksmith, h 2-10 Navy 
Brennan John F. lab. h 1868 Atlantic av 
Brennan John J. h 90 2d pi 
Brennan John J. carpenter, 108 Hoy ward, h 

Union av n Grand 
Brennan Joseph, bkbinder, h 164 Bayard 
Brennan Joseph, cotton, h 317 Graham av 
Brennan Joseph, machinist, b 480 7th av 
Brennan Joseph, manager, N.Y. h 253 Clinton 
Brennan Joseph, oil, h 171 Greenpoint av 
Brennan Joseph, waiter, b 2 Prospect ter. 
Brennan Joseph P. bkbinder, h 258 Graham av 


.118 InSlSfBOOB UOl Eichabd A. McCcedy, Pres't. 

RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 




Brennan Kate, wid. h 157 Union av 

Brennan Kate, wid. Joseph, h 171 Greenpoint 

Brennan Laurence, liquors, 468 Manhattan av 
Brennan Lawrence, carpenter, h Locust av n 

Kidgewood av E.N.Y. 
Brennan Lawrence, lab. h 373 Columbia 
Brennan Luke, moulder, h 111 N. 9th 
Brennan Margaret, wid. Terence, h 149 Frost 
Brennan Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 604 Henry 
Brennan Margaret, wid. Thomas, furniture, 

232 Pacific 
Brennan Margaret restaurant. 19 Hicks 
Brennan Martin, cooper, h 13 Conover 
Brennan Martin, driver, h 461 1st E.D. now 

Kent av 

Bjennan Martin, dyer, h 14 Clermont av 
Brennan Martin, lab. h 428 Hicks 
Brennan Mary, wid. Edward, h 252 Bond 
Brennan Mary, wid. Patrick, h 131 S. 2d 
Brennan Mary, wid. Peter, h 32 Skillman av 
Brennan Matthew, cooper, h 73 Degraw 
Brennan Matthew, lab. jh Johnson av c Gardner 

Brennan Michael elk. h 81 Pacific 
Brennan Michael, elk. 130 Tompkins av 
Brennan Michael, collector, h 437 Degraw 
Brennan Michael, lab. h Hale av n Fulton av 

Brennau Michael, lab. h 58 Little 
Brennan Michael, lab. h 20 Monitor 
Brennan Michael, lab. h 680 6th av 
Brennan Michael, mechanic, h 265 Prospect av 
Brennan Michael, shoemkr. li 176 Waah'n 
Brennan Michael C. shoemkr. h Locust av n 

Fulton av E.N.Y. 
Brennan Micha« i F. eabinotnikr. 192 Amity, h 

171 Column j 
Brennau Mortimer, glassmkr. h 41 Clymer 
Brennan Patrick, h 725 Hicks 
Brennan Patrick, h 613 "Warren 
Brennan Patrick, 293 17th 
Brennan Patrick, dockbldr. h 58 Joralemon 
Brennan Patrick, fruits, h 61 Franklin av 
Brennau Patrick, lab. h428 Hicks 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h 299 Kingsland av 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h Locust av n Ridge- 
wood av E.N.Y. 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h 96 Tillary 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h 206 Tillary 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h 106 Union 
Brennan Patrick, liquors, Locust av n Eagle 
av E.N. Y. 

Brennan Patrick, liquors, 208 5th av, b 479 
6th av 

Brennan Patrick, liquors, 553 6th av 
Brennan Patrick, mason, h 265 Prospect av 
Brennan Patrick, moulder, h 102 Schenok 
Brennan Patrick M. grocer, 691 5th av 
Brennan Peter, bkbinder, h 480 Grand 
Brennau Peter, elk. li 116 Stanhope 
Brennan Peter, lab. h 77 Gold 
Brennan Peter, lab. h 107 Harrison 
Brennan Philip, sec. h 34 Howard av 
Brennan P. J . peddler, h435 Baltic 
Brennan San u, grocer, 495 Pres't 
Brennan Th< odore, elk. h 437 Degraw 
Brennan Th< mas, bricklayer, h 93 Bridge 
Brennan Th uas, carpenter, h 40 J- 55th 
Brennan Th nas, conductor, h 625 Halsey 
Brennan Tl mas, cooper, h 424 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Brennan Tl, nas, driver, h 153 Harrison 
Brennan Th -mas, lab. h 324 Central av 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 856 Dean 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 1 Phillip's al 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 187 22d 
Brennan Thomas, liquors, h 60 Scher 
Brennan Thomas, painter, h 29 Front 
Brennan Thomas, polisher, h 199 23d 
Brennan Thomas jr. stonecutter, h 199 23d 
Brennan Thomas H. janitor, h 139 23*. 2d 
Brennan Timothy, lab. h 21 Luquer 
Brennan Timothy, painter, h 195 Huron 
Brennau William, h 93 India 
Brennan "William, h 77 Pacific 

Brennan "William, agt. h 51 Pres't 

Brennan "William, engraver, h Railroad av n 

Fulton av E. K.Y. 
Brennan "William, lab. h 185 is. 9th 
Brennan William, machinist, h 572 Hicks 
Brennan "William, mason, b 92 Bridge 
Brennan William, mason, h 167 Java 
Brennan William, mason, h 142 18th 
Brennan "William F. police, h 9 Stuvvesant av 
Brennan "William H. elk. h 20 Fleet pi 
Brennan & Colligan, coopers, 349 Driggs 




Tanks of every Description. 

349 to 355 DEI&&ist BROOKLYN, E. D, 

Brennan & "White, shoemfrs. r 80 Grand & 69 
S. 1st 

Brennar Patrick, lab. b 12th c 3d av 
Brennecke George, broker, 110 Pearl N.Y. h 

219 Congress 
Brennecke Henry, cotton, 110 Pearl N.Y. h 205 

Brenneis Zarer, grocer, 765 Park av 
Brenneiss August, baker, h 220 Ewen 
lirennen Catharina, wid. h 55 Atlantic av 
Brennen Charles, mason, h r 96 WyckorT 
Brennen Charles F. elk. h 308 Bainbridge 
Brennen Charles F. driver, h r 96 "Wyckoff 
Brennen ElsaC. h 550 Greene av 
Brennen Francis F. painter, h 296 Bainbridge 
Brennen James H. h 308 Bainbridge 
Brennen Jane, wid. Dennis, h 456 Warren 
Brennen John, florist, h 474 "Warren 
Brennen John, lab. h 117 Congress 
Brennen John, lab. h 276 Van Brunt 
Brennen John H. ins. 45 B'way, h 175 S. 9th 
Brennen Joseph, lab. h 96 "Warren 
Brennen Mary, n 57 Front 
Brennen Mathew, h 98 "Warren 
Brennen Michael, lab. h 117 Congress 
Brennen Michael P. shoemkr. h r 95 Fleet pi 
Brennen Miles, lab. h 117 Congress 
Brennen Owen, stableman, h 488 Adelphi 
Brennen Patrick, driver, h 288 Hudson av 
Brennen Thomas, engineer, h 139 1ST. 2d 
Brennen "William, mason, h r 96 "Wyckoff 
Brennen "William J. engineer, h Liberty av c 

Lincoln av E.K.Y. 
Brenner Andrew, engineer, h 22 Stagg 
Brenner Anthony, engineer, h 210 Freeman 
Brenner Benedic, turner, h 131 Ten Eyck 
Brenner Benedict, liquors, 120 Norman av 
Brenner Christian, liquors, 55 Bartlett 
Brenner Frederick, cigars, 140 Cook 
Brenner George, foreman, h 152 Varet 
Brenner George, lab. li 534 Flushing av 
Brenner George, lithographer, b 285 Maujer 
Brenner George, painter, 111 Atlantic av 
Brenner George, tailor, h 332 Stockton 
Brenner Jacob, lab. h 534 Flushing av 
Brenner Jacob, lawyer, 171 B'wav K. Y. h 234 


Brenner John jr. barkpr. h 265 Maujer 
Brenner John F. cabinetmkr, h r 26 Skillman av 
Brenner Leonard, cigars, h 216 Boerum 
Brenner Mary, wid. William, 216 Boerum 
Brenner Mas, foreman, h 170 Nassau 
Brenner Reinhard, shoemkr. 130 Stuy vesanfc av 
Brenner Simon, tailor, h 234 "Wyckoff 
Brenner "William, tailor, 620 Fulton, h 91 S. 

Portland av 
Brenning Frederick, tanner, h 27 Dodworth 
Brennon George, lab. h 47 Emmett 
Brennon Robert J. plasterer, h 401 20th 
Brennssar Josephine, wid- h 129 Graham av 
Brenskykie Frank, lab. h 326 Dikeman 
Brent Simon, cigarmfr. 35 Hudson 

ft. M. WALTERS, 


Cor. 12th St., Sew TorU 

73 Z 

c m 


09 ^ 


5 BO 


» -n 
m o 






O S3 

p CO 

PIANOS RENTED » S° ,d °r* Ea8 Y Terms. 

Iii>ree»t Eatablishment in Hew York. 



Assets, in U. S„ Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16 



193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No, 128 Ffatbush Ave,, Brooklyn, 

Jasotlsa of ACaitio Ponrth Avos. 

2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427,89. 

"J * 
« 3 

5» o 





Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 

Xj-A-IKT cfc CO., 


Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 Willoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 



Brentano Chas. H. upholsterer, h 148 Leonard 
Brentano Frederick, watchman, li 203 9th E.D. 

now Rodney 
Brentano John, chemist, Kent av c Keap, h 

237 Rutledge 
Brentano Maigarot, h r 394 Grand 
Brentley John, painter, h 123 Central av 
Brenton Thomas, lab. li 113 Van Cott av 
Brentzstedder Peter, driver, h 109 Stagg 
Breny Chas. machinist, h old In o. 201 Marcyav 
Brenz William, cigarmkr. h 99 Throop av 
Brenzel Gehhard, h 5 Sumpter 
Brereton Daniel, salesman, h 125 Partition 
Brereton George, driver, h 314 Eckford 
Brereton John, carpenter, h 314 Eckford 
Brereton John C. elevator, h 111 Nassau av 
Brereton Samuel, carpenter, h 314 Eckford 
Brereton William, elk. h 298£ 14th 
Breroor Henry, elk. h 26 Heyward 
Bresehard Bonis F. h 153 Central av 
.Brescht John, hl66 Ellery 
Bresfiehl Henry, machinist, h r 196 Water 
•Breslaucr Ralph, hairdresser, 322 Flushing av 
iBreslen Patrick, carver, h 171 Pearl 
iBreslien Thomas, conductor, h 1463 Fulton 
jBreslin Daniel S. livery, 50 Jay, h 94 Adams 
iBreslin James, carman, h 313 N. 7th 
jBreslin James, lab. h 194 N. 9th 
'Breslin John, glassblower, h 194 N. 9th 
jBreslin John, ins. broker, 171 B'way N.Y. h 
I 113 Albany av 

i Breslin John A. ins. broker, 171 B'way N.Y. h 

! 113 Albany av 

jBreslin Maria, h 107 Park pi 

Breslin Montague, clocks, n 311 16th 

Breslin Patrick, h 102 Adams 
iBreslin Patrick, lab. h 84 Dikeman 
jBreslin Peter, barkkpr. h 136 Wythe av 
iBreslin Peter, barkppr. h 152 Wythe av 
; Breslin William, lab. h 91 Bridge 
iBreslin William, h 24 Old Wood Point rd 
; Bresnan John, stevedore, h 42 Sackett 
[Bresnan Patrick H. founder, h 129 De Kalbav 

Biesnehan Catharine, wid. h 11 Bergen 
; Bresner John, lab. h255 Ten Eyck 

Bressert Frederick, tailor, h Ivy n Central av 
jBressingham John, blacksmith, h 360 Man - 
j hattan av 

Brestel Joseph, shoemkr. h 150 Varet 
i Bret Lizzie, h 428 Hoyt 

Bret Martin, lab. h 100 Prince 
jBretbacli John, lab. h old Ko. 307 Marcy av 
i Broth Andrew, brewer, h 176 Ten Eyck 

Brethauer Charles A. elk. h 179 Cook 
: Brethimer Josephine, wid. Otto, h 134 Scholes 
jBiethower Louisa, wid John, h 147£ Columbia 
j Breton Patrick, lab. h 181 Butler 
IBretscher George, tailor, h 133 Ten Eyck 
jBretshneider Rob't. upholsterer, h 107 Butler 
■Brett Albert agt. 37 B'way N.Y. h 586 Frank- 
i lin av 

: Brett Alphonse, pres't N.Y. h 95 Keap 
Brett Charles V. treas. N.Y. h 95 Keap 
| Brett George L. h 586 Franklin av 
i Brett James F. police, h 94 Schenck 
■Brett John, lab. h 649 Wash'n av 
'Brett Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 286 13th 
! Brett Peter, salesman, h 50 Vernon av 
Brett Peter J. provisions, 44 Skillman, h 255 

Brett Virginia, wid. William, h 35 Johnson av 
Brett William G. com. iner. 41 South N.Y. h 55 

Brettchneider Albin, hairdresser, 234 Manhat- 
tan av 

Brette John, reporter, h 16 Weirfield 
Bretting John, beltmkr. h 64 Franklin av 

Brettman John A. (-salesman, !i 53 S. 3d 

Bretz Charles, painter, h 13] Marion 

BRETZ GEORGE B lawyer & realestate, 26 

Court, h St. George Hotel, 60 Clark 
Bretz George Z. h 441 h'nlton 
Bretz George Z. physician. "20 Court 
Bretzer Jacob, carpenter, h 317 Stockton 
Breuckmann William, carpenter, h 94 Stagg 
Breuer Arnold, carpenter, h 101 India 
Breuer Elizabeth, wid. Gott'ried, ]i 630 3d av 
Breuer John II. V. cigarmkr. h 943 B'way 
Brouisa George, carpenter, h 40 Scholes 
Breves Frederick, grocer, 647 5th av 
Brevoort Henry L. engineer, h 36 Brevoort pi 
Brevoort House, old Ko. 499 Bedford av 
Brevoort James Carson, h 36 Brevoort pi 
Brevoort Rose E. wid. li 396 Degraw 
Brevoort Thomas, }i 396 Degraw 
Brew Arthur A. drugs, 989 Atlantic av, h 590 

Wash'n av 
Brew John H. elk. h 590 Wash'n av 
Brewer Alice B. h 210 Eyersou 
Brewer Anthony, conductor, h 328 18th 
Brewer A. T. machinist, h 38 2d 
Brewer Charles, boilermkr. h Fulton av c Van 

Sicklen av E N.Y. 
Brewer Charles, gas, h 252 High 
Brewer Charles, painter, 814 Myrtle av 
Brewer Charles E. brushmkr. h Baltic av n 

Snediker av E.N.Y. 
Brewer Charlotte S. wid. Rev. D. li. h 13 

Irving pi 

Brewer George W. roofer, h 343 Monroe 
Brewer Harriet, wid. Joseph I. h old No. 217 

Brewer Henry J. physician, h 478 18th 

Brewer Jane, wid. Robert, h 278 Greene av 

Brewer John, h 319 Jefferson av 

Brewer John, elk. h 198 Leonard 
, Brewer John, printer, h 13 10th av 
i Brewer John, trunkmkr. h Baltic av n Snedi- 
I ker av E.N.Y. 
i Brewer John jr. printer, h 13 10th av 
! Brewer John H. organist, 172 Montague, h 319 
| Adelphi 

\ Brewer Peter, h 198 Leonard 

j Brewer Peter, woodmolder, h 152 Chamicey 

i Brewer Richmond, sec. h 13 Irving pi 

i Brewer Thomas 11. diemkr. h 132 Jefferson av 

1 Brewer Walter, pilot, h 515 18th 

I Brewer William, h 319 Adelphi 

! Brewer William H. japanner, h 224 Lex av 

; Brewer William L. elk. h 174 Newell 

! Brewi Matthias, h 113 Bushwiekav 

i Brewr Matthias, grocer, 19 Stagg 

; Brewster Arthur w. physician, 107 S. Oxford 

; Brewster Charles, elk. h 99 Reid av 

1 Brewster Elbert 1). fish, etc. 219 Park av, h 448 

; Myrtle av 

! Brewster Frederick C. elk. h 370 Fulton 

! Brewster Fred'k W. jeweler, h 442 Putnam av 

! Brewster George S. elk. h 78 Duiheld 

■ Brewster (i . Elbert D. engineer,h 448 Myrtle av 

; Brewster Herbert R. bkkpr. h 107 S. Oxford 

' Brewster Hubert, soapmfr. 76 Kent av, h 107 

i S. Oxford 

! Brewster Jane, tobacco, 210 Gold 
i Brewster Jared, h 143 Amity 
! Brewster John, driver, h 50 6th av 
; Brewster John A. express, h 319 9th 
j Brewster John L. h 297 Putnam av 
j Brewster John M. elk. h 78 Dufiield 
Brewster Joseph, elk. h 359 Scher 
' *BREWSTER J. B. & CO. carriagemfrs. 145 
E. 25th N.Y. 
Brewster Marcus M. jeweler, h 442 Putnam av 
Brewster M. C. realestate, 1796 Atlantic av 
Brewster Nestor H. importer, 477 B'way, N.Y. 

h 294 Clifton pi 
Brewster Richard C. dentist, 134 Laf av 
Brewster Richard W. soapmfr. old No. 56 Kent 

av, h 107 S. Oxford 
Brewster Thomas, lab. h 338 Carroll 
Brewster We H. carpenter, h 98 Skillman av 
Brewster William H. elk. h 255 16th 
Brewster & Povie, soapmfrs. old No. 56 Kent av 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1815. 

Send for Quotation*. 




FIFTH AVE., corner 42d STREET, 









141 to 153 East Twenty-fifth Street, 

Near Lexington Ave., New York. 




■y— We have received the full owing letter from General McClkllan, In regard to the 


Used in the Axle Beds of all our Trotting and Road Wagons: 

NfeW York, June 1st, 1871, 

Gentlemen :-I have carefully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Plate Axle. I find that the addition of the ' 
Vertical Plate renders the Axle about two and a half (2i->) times as stiff as it would he without it. 


Very respectfully, 


I— I 



No. 1. 

No. 2. 

No. 3. 



No. l.-Hulf the wood removed from an Axle bed, showing the position of the plate, No. 2.- The Axle. 

No, -i. - The Axle and Axle bed combined. 



BEE — Bill 

GEGO.,94 BS' 


115 Bill 

Brewzen Henry, tailor, h AVasU'ri 11 Baltic av 

Bresendorff Max, supt. Lutheran Cemetery L.I. 

h 501 Wil'by av 
Brev Henrv, baker, 68 Nassau av 
Breyer Hugh, lab. h 26 Herbert 
Brevmann Henrv, sugarrenner, li 322 S. 4th 
Brez John D. 35'B'way > T .Y. h 22 Pierrepont 
Brezell Thomas, bootmkr. 12 Flatbush av 
Brezinsky Frank, lab. b 194 Seholes 
Briasco John J. painter, h 626 Classon av 
Brice Bertha, laundress, h 341 Gold 
Brice Daniel, lab. h 697 Bergen 
Brice Frank E. elk. h 75 Fulton 
Brice Hannah, wid. John, confectionery, 683 

5th av 

Brice Hugh, plumber, h 63 N, 2d 
Brice Israel B. drugs. 75 Fulton 
Brice John, liquors, 682 5th av, h 683 5th av 
Brice John E. liquors. 682 5th av, h 683 5th av 
Brice Joseph H. receiver, h 683 5th ar 
Brice Patrick, driver, h 996 Atlantic av 
Brice Patrick, painter, h 148 !N. 9th 
Brice Patrick, plumber, h 63 N. 2d 
Brice Robert, brass, h 96 Park av 
Brice Thomas F. plumber, h 683 5th av 
Brice William B. barkpr. h 148 9th 
Brice William H. elk. h 96 Park av 
Briceson William, lab. h 59UntierhiIl av 
Brichel Thomas, shoemkr. h 248 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Brick Julia E. wid. Joseph, h 200 Laf av 
Bricken John C. elk. h old No. 226 Hewes 
Bricken Phillip, porter, h 466 Kosciusko 
Brickermann Henry, lithographer, h 215 
Graham av 

Brickie Christian, baker, h 59 Cumberland 
Brickley Richard, lab. h 66 Monitor 
Brickley William, lab. h 116 Baltic 
Brickner Albert, cutter, h 262 Pacific 
Brickner Andrew, carpenter, h 89 "Van Cott av 
Brickner August, h 71 Cook 
Brickner Charles, bkbinder, h 74 Troutman 
Brickner George, stableman, h 150 Suydam, 
Brickner John, tinsmith, h 35 McKibbin 
Brickoius Charles AY. waiter, h 34 Yaret 
Brickton Henry, conductor, li 67 Elm 
Brickus Thomas, cook, h 98 Meserole 
Briddelwerth Conrad, tailor, h 185 Ewen 
Bride Edward, lab. h333 Warren 
Bride George H. grocer, 481 Myrtle av 
Bride Henry J. lab. h 133a Hail 
Bride James, coachman, h 573 Vand't av 
Bride James, jobber, h 872 Atlantic av 
Bride Michael, elk. h 87 Concord 
Bridenback Robert, driver, b 889 Pacific 
Bridermann Frederick, cabmetmkr. h Schenck 

av c Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Bridge Charles D. drugs, 111 Chambers N.Y. 

h 11 Montague ter 
Bridge Daniel A. elk. h 545 Dean 
Bridge Edward, realestate, h 306 State 
Bridge George, lab. h Dean n Sackman E.N.Y. 
Bridge John, agt. h 402 Union 
Bridge Wm. realestate, 13 Wil'by, h 306 State 
Bridgeman Charles, bkkpr. h 212 Adelphi 
Bridgeman Henry, painter, h 428 4th av 
Bridgeman Malcolm, bkkpr. h 212 Adelphi 
Bridgens Charles W. elk. h 403 17th 
Bridger Henry J. jeweler, 618 Fulton 
Bridges David, stevedore, h 231 Sackett 
Bridges Edward, liquors, Smith c Douglass, h 

259 Smith 

Bridges Edward J. liquors, Smith c Douglass, 

' h 259 Smith 
Bridges Ellen, wid. Richard, h 159 Butler 
Bridges Frank W. dentist. 199 Clinton 
Bridges George, carver, h 59£ Main 
Bridges James, elk. h 2S3 Front 
Bridges John, stevedore, h 225 Sackett 
Bridges Joseph M. elk. h 240 Court 
Bridges Mary, wid. Willard, li 240 Court 
Bridges Samuel W. dentist, 199 Clinton 
Bridges Sarah, wid. Joseph F. h Nassau n Ful- 
ton av E.N.Y. 
Bridges William, kpr. h 57 Skillman av 

Bridges William II. realestate, h Nassau n 

Fulton av E.N.Y. 
Bridges William J. (Rev.) li 683J Quincy 
Bridget George, machinist, h 211 23d 
Bridget John, oik, 154 Summit 
Bridget William, speculator, h 154 Summit 
Bridgett William, cigars, h 78 Seller 
Bridgham Edward H. designer, h old No. 758 

Bedford av 

Bridgham Reuben L. foreman, h 352 Prospect 

Bridgman Charles J. artist, 191 Clinton 
Bridgman Herbert L. journalist, h 604 Carlton 

Bridgman John, h 57 Taylor 
Bridgman John, provisions, 81 Atlantic av 
Bridgman William, elk. h 256 Laf av 
Bridley Benjamin, h 241 Monroe 
Bridon Robert, tailor, h 421 6th 
Bridson William, porter, h 11 CaiToll 
Brieckanader John, weaver, h 181 Middleton 
Briecke Edward C. elk. h 143 Tiliary 
Brieg Margaret, wid. Julius, h 119 McDougal 
Briel Daniel, wheelwright, h 217 Ewen 
Briel John, cigarmkr. h 217 Ewen 
Brielman Fhnil, kindling wood & meat chop- 
ping, 57-63 Yaret 
Brielmann Eniil, driver, h 22 Locust 
Brien John, elk. h 40 4th E.D. now Bedford 1 

Brien John D. bkbinder, h 99 Nassau 
Brien William, h 12 Bainbridge 
Brien William, engineer, h 1249 De 3£alb av 
Brient George, lab. h 245 Front 
Brient James, lab. h 245 Front 
Brier Jonathan, lab. h 172 Conover 
Brierdy Bridget, wid. Daniel, coal, 59 Amity 
Brierley John, machinist, h 123 Partition 
Brierley Samuel, lab. h 291 Throop av 
Brierton Henry, elk. h r 351 YanBrunt 
Brierten James, grocer, 351 VanBruut 
Brierton Sylvester, elk. h 351 YanBrunt 
Briesemeister Edward, bakery, 554 N, 2d 
Briest John W. W. compositor, h 205 Lee ay 
Briest Joseph I. printer, li 100 S. 10th 
Briet George, bushelman, h 166 Leonard 
Britfith William, lab. h 5 State 
Brig John, fish, 76 Hudson av 
Brigden Edward, clothing 255 Canal N.Y. h 

216 Raymond 
Briggemann Henry, lab. h 140 Stagg 
Briggemann William, elk. h 113 Lorimer 
Briggs Abraham, nifr. mats, h 101 Skillman av 
Briggs Adam, lab. h 674 Wash'n av 
Briggs Alanson T. photograi>her f Bedford av, 

h 120 S. 5th 

Briggs Alison, pilot, 69 South n Maiden la N.Y. 

h 630 Laf av 
Briggs Arrey D. hatter, b 251 Duffield 
Briggs Arthur L. salesman, N.Y. h 430£ Yan 


Briggs Augustus A. fish, Wash'n mkt. N.Y. h 

79 Clermont av 
Briggs Benjamin, h 116 Huron 
Briggs Benjamin, cooper, 3 Van Brunt, h 458 

Wil'by av 

Briggs Benjamin, riflerange, 9 Myrtle av 
Briggs Benjamin M. physician, 106 Wil'by 
Briggs Catherine, wid, James H. h 257 Steuben 
Briggs Charles, carpenter, h 140 West 
Briggs Charles A. h 421 Atlantic av E.N.Y. 
Briggs Charles D. elk. h 4 Driggs 
Briggs Charles E. ins. h 457 8th 
Briggs Charles H. elk. 638 De Kalb av 
Briggs Christopher S. (Rev.) h 7 Stanhope 
Briggs David, bldr. 156 Rockaway av, h 2256 

Briggs David R. fish, 11 4th E.D. now Bedford 

av, h 38 4th E, D. now Bedford av 
Briggs Edward W. machinist, h 40 Jackson 
B,iiggs Edwin, machinist, h 1221 De Kalb av 
Briggs Elizabeth, fancygds. 995^ Fulton 
Briggs Ferdinand S. elk. h 93 Stanhope 
. Briggs Frank, bkkpr. h 413 Monroe 
; Briggs George, carpenter, h 113 Manhattan av 
' Briggs George, coachman, h 92 Gwinnett 





m a. 

> mm 

* CO 

_ a to 

O en 

■= C 

3 I 

•c . 

a CO 
o O 

r x 




BUTLER'S SAFES 79 0UAHE street, 





1S2 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 

Bill 116 BRl 

S -3* 

« B i«6H 


§< S 


© o 

^ M 




17 WiHoughby St., cop. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

Briggs George, driver, li 396 S. 2d 
Briggs George, shipmaster, h 724 Hicks 
Briggs Grant L. plumber, h 410 Kosciusko 
Briggs Harriet R. h 17 Seller 
Briggs Henry, carpenter, h 116 Huron 
Briggs Henry, grocer, 888 Herkimer 
Briggs Henry (T. machinist, h 157 Clvmer 
Briggs Henry J. gasfitte-r. h 1169 Fulton 
Briggs Isaac W. elk. h 696 Lex av 
Briggs Jacob, carpenter, h 2256 Pacific 
Briggs James, driver, h 72 S. 1st 
Briggs Jas. machinist, h <; Lex av &. Reid av 
Briggs James, matmkr. h old No. 306 Marcy av 
Briggs James, shipping, h 121 Prospect pi 
Briggs James A. h 177 Wash'n 
Briggs James A. lawyer, 32 Nassau N.Y. h 413 

Briggs James E. elk. h 4th n 48th 
Briggs James H. stationery, 995£ Fulton 
Briggs James M. machinery, h 84 Oakland 
Briggs James II. h 145 Berkeley pi 
Briggs Jane, wid. Thomas J. h*24 Hope 
Briggs Joseph, foreman, h 112 Bushwick av 
Briggs Joseph T. cooper, h 120 S. 5th 
Briggs John, barrels, 280 N. 11th, h 522 Lori- 

Briggs John, ropemkr. h 230 .Bushwick av 
Briggs John W. engineer, h 82 S 10th 
Briggs LeanderW. elk. h 126 Patch en av 
Bi'iggs Luther J. d.p.w. h 49 Garden pi 
Briggs Lytton, h 187 Columbia hgts 
Briggs L. F. journalist, h 154 Montague 
Briggs L. J. jr. h 341 Laf av 
Briggs Manasseh, mer. 130 "Water N.Y. h 268 

Briggs Martha, wid. John N. h 16 Kane pi 
Briggs Martin, ins. h 86 Lewis av 
Briggs Marvin, cooper, 3 Beaver N.Y. h 149 

Briggs Mary A. wid. Francis, h 304 4th now 

Bedford a v 
Briggs Marv P. wid. Edgar, h 410 Kosciusko 
Briggs Mathias, supt. 66 B'way, h 9 Lewis av 
Briggs Miller, driver, h r 303 Briggs 
Briggs Milton K. pilot, h 393 6th av 
Briggs M. A. hfurng. 272 Pearl N.Y, h 229 


Briggs Pardon, h old No. 466a Bedford av 
Briggs Peter, upholsterer, h 42 Oakland 
i Briggs Phoebe A. wid John H. h 120 S. 5th 
jBriges Phehe D. biblereader, h 1112 Pacific 
iBriggs Phillip H. broker, B'way N.Y. h 56 
| Tompkins pi 
iBriggs Ken ben, h 1016 B'way 
'Briggs Richard, carpenter, h 543 4th av 
Briggs Richard, fish, Wash'n mkt. N.Y. h 79 
j Clermont av 

iBriggs Russell I. bkkpr. h 133 Stuyvesant av 
Briggs Samuel C. fireman, h 88 1st E. IX now 
Kent av 

Bi'iggs Sarah A. wid. Daniel D. h 56 Tompkins 

Briggs Stephen D. barrels, N.Y. h 120 S. 5th 
IBriggs Theodore B. elk. h 62$ Taylor 
IBriggs Walter, agt. h 28 Grove 
[Briggs Warren A. metalspiimer, h 205 Bridge 
I Briggs William, liquors, 371 Berry, h 146 N. 8th 
[Briggs William C. h 71 Columbia hgts. 
|Briggs William G. type-caster, h 46 S. 6th 
|Briggs Wiiiiam J. drygds. 1023 Gates av 
iBriggs William K. manager, h 340$ Monroe 

Brighani D. W. oils, 110 John N.Y. h 111 Har- 
I man 

! Brigham Harriett C. h 273 Hicks 

] Brig ham H. H. broker, h 446 Classon av 

.Brighani John, tiles, B'way N.Y. h 197 S. 5th 

Brighani Ward A. cooper, 181 Front N.Y. h 387 

Greene av 
Bright George, lab. h r 109 Johnson av 
Bright Isaac O. carpenter, 668 Be Kalb av, h 

659 Be Kalb av 
Bright Isidore, carpenter, h 659 De Kalb av 
Bright John, lab. h r 108 McKibbin 
Bright John, lab. h 55 Monteith 
Bright John, printer, h 550 Humboldt 
Bright John 1*. printer, h 49 Joralemon 
Bright Robert, brassfinisher. h 550 Humboldt 
Bl ight Robert, elk h 654 Baltic 
Bright William J. printer, h 49 Joralemon 
Brightman Marion, elk. h 101 Hicks 
Brighton Beach Improvement Co. 38 Court 
Brighton Beach Journal. 26 Court 
Brighton Beach Racing Associa'n, 

406 Jay. Robert Robinson, pres't ; George 

H. Engeman, manager; A. H. Battersby, 

supt; William H. Still well, treas'r; James 

McGown, sec. 
Brighton Charles, elk. h 640 Baltic 
Brighton Kate, wid. Charles, h 640 Baltic 
Brightson Charles, fish, 401 Manhattan avhlll 


Brightson John, pilot, h 67 Java 
Brightson John B. pilot, h 162 Eagle 
Brightson "William H. expressman, h 203 Java 
Brighter Conrad, glassblower, h 93 Commercial 
Brignati P. & Co. shipchandlers, 117 Van Brunt 
Brigttes William, printer, h 19 Columbia pi 
Brill Farrington W. ntilk, h 84 4th av 
Brill John, cooper, h 59 Stagg 
Brill John L. jeweler, h 399 17th 
Brill Martin, hairdresser, h 54 Bergen 
Brill Mary, wid. h 306 8th 
Brill Max, lawyer, 159 Meserole, h 690 Bush- 
wick av 

Brill William E. jeweler, h 329 S. 2d 
Brilliant Samuel, clothier, h 519 Court 
Brillint Lazarus, peddler, h 111 32d 
Brilting John, lab. h Barbey n Baltic av E.N. Y. 
Brimes Catharine, h 4 Tiffany 
Brimlow Charles E. elk. h 182 Wythe av 
Brimlow Deborah, wid. Wm. h 259 Division av 
Brimlow Elizabeth E. wid. h 182 Wythe av 
Brimlow Frederick, printer, h 2146 Fulton 
Brimlow George, painter, h 33 Carlton av 
Brimlow Henry, foreman, h 32 Jackson 
Brimlow John B. moulder, h 72 S. 8th 
Brimmer Daniel, dockbldr. h 304 Hicks 
Brinckeimhoff Frederick, baker, h 367 S. 4th 
Brinckei'hoff Alexander G. steam heating, 114 

Leonard N.Y. h 459 Putnam av 
Brinckerhoff Charles, bkkpr. h 180 Wil'by av 
Brinckerhoff Charles E. elk. h 218 Sandford 
Brinckerhoff Edward H. elk. h 218 Sandford 
Brinckerhoff George E. h 62 Havemeyer 
Brinckerhoff Henry G. h 41 Jefferson av 
Brinckerhoff Henry W. civil engineer, h 41 

Jefferson av 
Brinckerhoff John C. elk. h 180 Wil'by av 
Brinckerhoff Richard, publisher, h 317 Nos- 

trand av 

Brinckler John, baker, h old No. 168 Marcy av 
Brinckmann Martin, cigarmkr. h 35TenEyck 
Blinder John, mason, h r 170 Jackson 
Brindle Charles, elk. h 967 Myrtle av 
Brindley Charles W. h 189 Madison 
Brine A"nn, wid. James, h 83 Douglass 
Biinegan Margaret, wid. Henry, h 23 Stagg 
Briner William L. elk. it 530 Clinton av 
Bringemann John, bkkpr. h 147 Middleton 
Bringman Augustus, liquors, 102 Wythe av 
Bringmann Frank, liquors, old No. 41 Kent av 
Bringoef Daniel, tailor, h Georgia av n B'way 
E.N. Y. 

Brining J oh an, lab- h 128 Wythe av 

Brink Franz, buttonholenifr. Wash'n n Baltic 

av E.N Y. 
Brink Henry, driver, h 274£- Rut led go 
Brink Hermann, carpenter, h 100 India 
Brink Nathan, foreman, h 128 Bushwick av 
BRI NKERH OFF AARON, comptroller, 9 City 

Hall, h 179 Sclier 
Brinkerhoff Abraham, police, h 72 Devoe 



Send for Circular. 

175 State Street, Cor. Court Street. 

Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Rivers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 

BE I 117 


I28& 130 FULTON ST., 

Bill — BEO 

Brinkerhoff George, engraver, h 98 India 
Brinkerhff George W drugs, 615 De Kail) av 
BrinkerhorF Hannah, wid Xieholaa, h 98 India 
Brinkerh off Harry, oik. li 164 High 
Brinkerlioff Henry H. salesman, h 50 Herkimer 
Brinkerhoff Isaac," h 387 Putnam av 
Brinkerlioff John M. engraver, ~N.Y. h 10 Mc- 

Brinkerhoff John P h 10 McDonough 
Brinkerlioff .Mary G. wid. Isaac, (M.D.) h 459 

Putnam av 
Brinkerhoff Philip, lab. li 457 B'way 
Brinkerhoff Kit-hard, agt. h 248 Classon av 
Brinkerhoff Seba, feed, 74 Kent, h 143 Frank- 
lin av 

Brink] ey Jeanie, wid. Thomas, 491 Bergen 
Brinkman Albert, physician, h 150 Wycfcoff 
Brinkman Charles F.'clk. h 150 Wyckoff 
Brinkman Deidrieh, tailor, h 208 Johnson av 
Brinkman Ernst C. jeweler, 243 Fulton, h 9 3d 

Brinkman Henry F. elk. h 150 Wyckoff 
Brinkman Herman, elk. h 9 3d pi 
Brinkman Lena, li 348 Lorimer 
Brinkmann August, lab. h r 111 10th 
Brinkmann Bernbard, framer, h r 136 Graham 

Brinkmann Ferd. framer, h 120 Graham av 
Brinkmann Henrietta, wid. Henry, h 482 1st 

E.D. now Kent av 
Brinkmann Henry H. A. fireman, h 335 "Warren 
Brinkopf John, b'kkpr. h 746 Flushing av 
Brinley William M. hotel, h 298 Sumner av 
Brimi Cornelius, driver, h 154 Butler 
Brinnan James, fireman, h 161 Graham 
Brinnesholtz Frederick, glassblower, li 165 


Brinng John, tailor, h 22 Central av 
Brinni'ng James F. milk, h 128 Ainalie 
Brinsley Daniel, engraver, h 36 Butler av 

Brinsley George, painter, h 174 York 
Brinsley John, painter, h Is"ew Jersey av n 

Ful'ton av E.N.Y. 
Brinsniade Jennie N, wid. Jas. B. h 166 Colum- 
bia hgts 

Brinster Joseph, machinist, h r 40 Maujer 
Brinton Williaiu E. boxmkr. h 16 Oakland 
Briody Ann, wid. Henry, liquors, 12 Putnam 

Briody Catherine, wid. Henry, h 9 4th 
Briody Charles J.' printer, h 145 17th 
Briody John, driver, h 192 Butler 
Briody John, lab. h 296 Oakland 
Briody John P. stairbldr. h 190 Eagle 
Briodv Patrick, boilermkr. h 210 Hamilton av 
Briody Patrick K". driver, h 428 Baltic 
Briody Thomas, contractor, h 24 4th 
Briody Thomas, cutter, h 24 4th 
Briodv William, cigars, 158 Ki chard 
Briodv William, elk. h428 Baltic 
Brion' Frederick C. lithographer, h old No. 95 

Brion Henry, machinist, h 370 Wallabout 
Briordy Anna II. wid. Henry, h 450 Nostrand 

Briordy Bernard, peddler, h 52 Pacific 
Briordy Hugh, liquors, Coney Island, h 81 Pa- 

Briordy Henry jr. liquors, 1013 Fulton, h 450 

Nostrand av 
Briordv Patrick, liquors, Coney Island, h 483 


Briorty Patrick, lab. h 60 Amity 
Brisay John, ice, h 25 Adelphi 
Brisbaine Warren, cook, h 23Tahnan 
Brischoe Richard, painter, h Market n Ridg- 

wood av E.N.Y. 
Brisco Joseph, fireman, 369 Bedford av 
Brisco Peter, decorator, li 1023 Atlantic av 
Briscoe Edward, finisher, h 369 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 

Briscoe John, li Union av c Smith av E.N.Y 
Briscoll Isaac, brewer, li 14 Central av 
Briscols Hammon, bkbinder, h 39 Beaver 
Brision John, lab. h 353 Hicks 

i Brisk Jacob, trunks, 102 Court & 445 Fulton, h 
j 54 Wil'by 

| Brisk Simon, trunks, 98 Court, h 54 Wil'by 
| Briska Ferdinand, machinist, h 281 Stagg 
j Brison Henry, carpenter, h 800 Butler 
! Brissel John, findings, 162 Chatham N.Y. h204 
S. 9th 

i Brissel Marcus, leather, 162 Chatham, N.Y. h 

old No. 240 Kodney 
Brister John W. h 142 Montague 
Brister W. tel. oper. h 52 Sands 
Bristol Abram, janitor, h 287 Clifton pi 
Bristoll James E. foreman, h 301 Evergreen av 
Bristow Algernon T. physician, 234 Clinton 
Bristow Henry, sewingmachines, 294 Fulton 

& 27 Clinton, h 400 6th av 
Bristow Samuel J. steward, h 582 Warren 
Bristow William M. valet, h r 3H Flatbush av 
Brit en stein Frederick, h 1543 B'way 
Britenstein Lucas, h 1535 B'way 
Briting George, lab. h 127 Oakland 
Britner Frederick, lab. h 283 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Brito Joseph, cigarmkr. h 67 3d av 
Briton Archibald, engraver, h 1018 Myrtle av 
Britt Edward, agt. h 38 Conselyea 
Britt Edward, cooper, h 204 N.'Sth 
Britt Edward L. jr. teacher music, h 38 Con- 


Britt George A. porter, h 35 Johnson av 

Britt James, police, h 339 Park av 

Britt John, barkpr. h 342 Lorimer 

Britt John, lab. h 415 De Kalb av 

Britt Margaret, wid, Morris, h 204 N. 8th 

Britt Patrick, driver, h 28 Meeker av 

Britt Patrick, harnossmfr. 344 Flushing av 

Britt Pierce, grocer, h Columbia c Centre 

Britt Stephen, carpenter, h 450 Prospect av 

Britt Timothy, lab. h 215 Concord 

Britt William, agl. implt. mkr. h 295 S. 4th 

Britt William, mer. 3d av c 2d, h 242 7th 

Brittan Albert, elk h 306 Adams 

Brittian Fred'k, patternmkr. h 103 Norman av 

Brittian Hannah, wid. li 103 Norman av 

Britting August, provisions, h 263 Bridge 

Britting William, tailor, h Sheffield av, n 

B'way E.N.Y. 
Britting ifc Witzel, provisions, 263 Bridge 
Britton Alfred F. lawyer, 189 Montague, h 445 

Greene av 
Britton Amasa B. h 326 Pearl 
Britton Augustus, finisher, h 99 Wilson 
Britton Arthur, lather, h 119 Kosciusko 
Britton Caroline, wid. Winchester, h 210 Carroll 
Britton David, barkpr. h 289 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Britton Edward, elk. h 114 Huron 
Britton Edward, engineer, h 31 Gwinnett 
Britton Eugene, h 12 St. James' pi 
Britton George, boatman, li 209 Lee av 
Britton Henry C. pilot, h 143 Driggs 
Britton Jolin," h 119 Kosciusko 
Britton John, pilot, h 378 Pacific 
Britton Joseph, brewer, Jay o Front, h 339 
Laf av 

Britton Mary. wid. William, h 261 15th 

Britton Nathan, boatman, h 209 Lee av 

Britton Neil, lab. h r 174 Water 

Britton Patrick, blacksmith, h 102 Steuben 

Britton Patrick, lab. h 142 Degraw 

Britton Samuel, brassmoulder, h 65 Atlantic av 

Britton Thomas, engineer, h 430 Hovt 

Britton William, elk. h old No. 286 'Hewea 

Britton William, painter, h 3 Ferry pi 

| Britzlinayr Joseph, framer, h r 216 Stagg 

i Brizee Kohert, chairs, 149 3d 
Broach John, cashier, h 51 McDonough 
Broach John jr. elk. h 51 McDonough 
Broach Peter, elk. h 1069 Gi-eene av 
Broach William V. elk', h 186 Division av 
Broad Charles K. butcher, h 703 De Kalb av 
Broad Charles S. butcher, 103 Putnam av, h 45 
Lex av 

Broad Henry, milk, h 594 Dean 
Broad Henry K. iron, 251 Greenpoint av, h 
Hempstead L.I. 


71 S 
> U 

n 2 
• o 





**w (fi 

r > 

S H 

^ m 

* 7} 

Kj CO 






I BroaSwa?, cor. Prince. NEW YORK. So. 1 Wall St., cor. " 

[FIRE] biiwi 

Assets, in U, S,, Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16, 

BRO 118 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 FSaifciish Ave,, Brooklyn, 

fc:t:cn cf At!;:tic ft Fcurth Arcs. 

$2,377,471,27, Surplus, $2.3^5.427,89. 


© * 



i— i 

tad a 

X . 








LAIN <fe CO'8 

City Directory Printing House, 
17 Willougkby St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn, 

Broad John, elk. h 534 Herkimer 
Broad John, locks, h 98 Java 
Broad John, machinist, h 559 Lorimer 
Broad Robert W. bkkpr. h 534 Herkimer 
Broad William, butcher, 453^ Atlantic av, h. 
594 Dean 

Broader John, stonecutter, h 128 16tli 
Broadfoot John C. elk. h 65 4th pi 
Broadhursh Dennis, glasspresser, h320 Powers 
Broadhurst George H. brushuikr. Elm n Grand 

N.Y. h 328 S. 1st 
Broadhurst John 32. truckman, h4S0 N. 2d 
Broadhurst John K. salesman, h 222 Duftield 
Broadhurst John T. c.h. li 20 Prospect pi 
Broadhurst Thomas J. elk. h 328 S. 1st 
Broadhurst "William, machinist, h 401 12th 
Broadhurst William E. fireman, h 605 Grand 
Broadhurst William 11. driver, h 605 Grand 
Broadlev Roger, brushmkr. h Christopher n 

E. Sew York av E.N.Y. 
Broadnax Amos, lawyer, 7 Pine N.Y. h 423 1st 
Broadnax Francis, b 308 Greene av 
Broadnax Merry weather, fireman, h 193Luquer 
Broadnax William H. stationery, B'way n 

Howard N.Y. h 423 1st 
Broadrich Thomas, lab. h 121 Wyckoff 
Broadrich William J. painter, h 64 Dupont 
Broadway Beef Co. 795 B'way 
Broadway Railroad Co. 21 B'way 
Broad well Homer, printer, h 1356 I)e Kalb av 
Broberg Adolph F. tailor, h 170 Court 
Broberg Charles, cabinetmkr. h 246 Dean 
Broberg Charles, tailor, h 383 Atlantic av 
Broberg John A. tailor, h 146 Atlantic av 
Broborg Adolpkos, blacksmith, h 702 4th av 
Brobson Mary, wid. h75Eyerson 
Brobst Frederick W. lab. 442 "Van Brunt 
Broc Charles, upholsterer, h 182 Lynch 
Brocannon John, finisher, h 5 Clifford pi 
Brocaw Peter, plasterer, h 1806 Atlantic av 
Brocbe Jacob, h 168 Stagg W. liquors, 1.035 B'way 
Brocher Charles W. marble. Conway n B'way, 

h B'way c Conway E. N.Y. 
Brocher Charles W. & Son. marble. Conway n 

B'way E.N.Y. 
Brocher John A. marble, Conway n B'way E. 

K.Y. h B'way c Conway 
Brochhagen William, liquors, 185 Atlantic av 
Brochhegan Joseph, driver, h 435 Court 
Brock Frank W. painter, 156 Bridge, h 96 Carl- 
ton av 

Brock Jacob, carrier, h 468 Hudson av 
Brock James, lab. h 97 Harrison 
Brock John, porter, h 600 Yand't av 
Brock Joseph A. carpenter, h 205 Flatbueh av 
iBrock Marcus L. butcher, h 459 Quincy 
'Brock Margaret, wid. Michael, h 99 Harrison 
iBrock Margaret, wid. Patrick, h Partition n 

'Brock Mott. L. mkt. 642 Gates av.h 459 Quincy 
iBrock Nathaniel H. driver, h 604 Warren 
Brock Solomon W. baseballs, N.Y. h 228 Duf- 

Brock Walter, painter, h 70 Yand't av 

Brock William, boatman, h 122 38th 

Brock William, lab. h 145 Conover 

Brock William H. machines, Richards c 

Bowne, h 376 Clinton 
Brocker Leon, h old No. 212 Hewes 
Brockert Frank, carpenter, h r 229 Floyd 
Brockert Henry, lab. h 191 S. 3d 
Brockert George, machinist, h 46 S. 3d 
Brockett Charles, machinist, h 101 Newell 
Brockett Cornelius, elk. h 54 Oakland 
Brockett Ellen E. wid. Abrian. h 54 Oakland 
Brockett Isaac W. seaman, h HSfc Nassau av 

Brockett Leslie, elk. h 54 Oakland 
Brockett William J. printer, h 54 Oakland 
Brockett Linus P. editor, 49 Tribune bldg. N. 

Y. h 206 Quincy 
Brockington Henrv A. tailor, Beaver N. Y. h 

190 Wilson 

Brocklehurst ■ RoVr, foreman, h 152 Classen a v 
Broeklege Harmann, farmer, It Old Mill rd E. 

Brockley Lourna. wid. h 894 Atlantic av 
Brockman Diedrich, liquors, 88 1st E.D. 
Brockman Henry, tish. b 80 Snydam 
Brockman John, confectioner, 451 Manhattan 

av, h 474 Manhattan av 
Brockman John, lab. h 228 22d 
Brockman John, liquors, h 1 Jefferson 
Brockman John, liquors, 811 B'way, h 791 

B'way " j^'j 

Brockman John, painter, h 126 Moore *j 
Brockman Nicholas, fish, h 158 Evergreen av 
Brockmann Christian H. grocer. 285 B'way 
Brockmann George, u.s.a. h 182 Graliam av 
Brockmann Herman H. shoemkr. h r 299 B'way 
Brockmeyer Caroline, wid. Christian, grocer, 

156 Eagle 

Broekway Albert, architect, h 22 S. Elliott pi 
Brockway Albert H. dentist, 13 Greene av 
Broekway Charles, elk. h 26 Debevoiso pi 
Brockway Clara E. wid. Leveritt E. h 22 S. El- 
liott pi 

Brockway Frank, bldr. li 815.V Bergen 
Brockway Frank A. reporter, h 168 Hall 
Brockway George H. furniture, 113 Court, h 

351 Pacific 
Brockway George W. dentist, 408 Bridge 
Brockway James, h r 336 Degraw 
Brockway John N. reporter, li 339 Dean 
Brockway Lcyens I), elk. h 13 Greene av 
Broekway Robert, carpenler, h 393 Classon av 
Brod Henry, peddler, h 192 Marion 
Brod William, h 392 Marion 
Brodheek Christopher, lab. h 153 Richards 
Brode Christiana, wid, George, h 92 Eagle 
Brodell Frank, hairdresser, it 1435 Fulton 
Broden Bernard, tailor, h 175 Devoe 
Broden John, lab. h r 62 Franklin av 
Broden Patrick F. painter, h 578 Grand 
Broderick Anna, wid. Thomas, li 294 4th E.D, 

now Bedford av 
B,iodcrick Bartholomew, shoes, 393 Hoyt 
Broderick Catherine, wid. Richd, h 240 Johnson 
Broderick Edward F., drygds. 522 Court 
Broderick Hugh, coopnr, h 81 Columbia 
Broderick Jas.' carri;igenikr. h 100 De Kalb av 
Broderick John, h 302 Hicks 
Broderick John, sawyer, h 115 John 
Broderick John, u.s.n. h 21 Navy 
Broderick John, watchman, h 48 Amity 
Broderick John D. printer, li 204 N. 6tii 
Broderick John H. lab. h 4-12 Manhattan av 
Broderick John H. liquors, h 294 N. 6th 
Broderick John W. liquors, 280 5th E.D. now 

Driggs, h292 N. 6tli 
Broderick Lawrence, watchman, h 362 Hicks 
Broderick Martin, lab. h 63 Rapelye 
Broderick Mary, wid. Edward, h 196 Kent 
Broderick Michael, lab. h 81 Gold 
Broderick Michael C. police, h 420 5th av 
Broderick Patrick, carpenter, h 464 Hudson av 
Broderick Patrick driver, h r 424 Baltic 
Broderick Patrick, driver, h 741 Leonard 
Broderick Patrick, wrecker, h 120 Carroll 
Broderick Peter, driver, h 101 ^Nassau av 
Broderick Thomas, barkpr. h 32 Luquer 
Broderick Thomas, elk. h 374 Columbia 
Broderick Thomas, plasterer, h 108 Clay 
Broderick Thomas, printer, h 36 Division av 
Broderick Wm. cot ton sampler, h 132 Douglass 
Broderick William, lab. 124 Franklin 
Brodhead DeWitt, h 392 Jefferson av 
Brodie Allen, plumber, h 104 Norman av 
Brodie Catharine, wid. William, h 225 Eckford 
Brodie Christopher P. bk hinder, h 44 Walla- 

Brodie George, machinist, h 137 Dupont 
Brodie George, tinsmith, h 52 Navy 


J. A. WEBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists ami Manufacturers throughout tlie world 


Established 1835. 

Send for Quotations. 



BLO 1.1.9 BRO 

Brodie Tames, carpenter, h 99 Oakland 
Brodie James A. elk. h 70 Java 
Brodie Janies A. furrier, h 9-4 1 licks 
Brodie John, carpenter, h 226 Eekford 
Brodie John A. physician, h 205 Raymond 
Brodie Joseph, cigars. 257 Myrtle av 
Brodie Julius, shoeuikr. 86 Front 
Brodie Margaret, wid. Jas. G. li 5 Red Hook la 
Brodie Peter R. brassfounder. 90 Plymouth, li 

201 Division av 
Brodie William, hatter, h 225 Eekford 
Brodie & Campbell, brassfounders, 90 Plymouth 
Brodier James, tinsmith, h 643 Warren 
Brodigan Michael, watchman, h 10 Wolcott 
Brodiss William, stairbldr. h 559 Lorimer 
Brodman Lewis, hatmkr. h 130 Humboldt 
Brodmann Alexander, shoes, 122 Grand 
Brodnicki Leon, lab. It 13 Stags 
Brodrick Michael, lab. h 935 Atlantic av 
Brodrick Thomas, barkpr. h 27 Luquer 
Brodsky John, blacksmith, h 149 Leonard 
Brodv Anna. wid. Michael, h 391 Warren 
Brody Margaret L. wid. Patrick, hill 43d 
Brody Michael, h lab. h 03 Freeman 
Brody Patrick J. painter, li 111 43d 
Breeder George, baker, h 185 Throop av 
Broeesler Henry W. Ii 390 S. 2d 
Broer Herman, elk. h 167 23d 
Broer Herman B. collector, li 167 23d 
Broesler Eliza, wid. Jacob, h 110 Meserole 
Broesler Wililam, tailor, h 110 Meserole 
Brofater Jacob, lab. h 10 Monteith 
Broferv John. lab. h 1351 De Kalb av 
Brogan John. lab. b 47 Monitor 
Brogan John, weigher, h 886 Atlantic av 
Brogan John C. hatter, h Pacific n Vand't av 
Brogan Maggie L. dressmkr. 500 Fulton, h 

866 Pad lie 

Brogan Margaret, wid. John, h r 96 Hope 
Brogan Matthew, stevedore, h 47 Tiffany pi 
Brogan Peter, lab. h 244 Hamilton av 
Brogan William, li 625 Warren 
Brogan William, grocer, 250 Front 
Brogan William, lab. h 500 Warren 
Brogan William, tinsmith, h 243 Gold 
Broggelwirth Emil, cashier, h 183 Stagg 
Brogli Karl, slioemkr. li 83 Melrose 
Broglie Louis, liquors, 141 Montross av 
Broltel Mary, wid. Lewis, h 159 Sandford 
Broich Joseph, h 543 Warren 
Broidy John, lab. h 1012 Myrtle av 
Broistedt Caroline, wid. 'William, h 378 B'way 
Broistedt Henry, h 378 B'wav 
Brokate John H. grocer, 373 Berry 
Brokaw James li. elk. h 1146 Fulton 
Brokaw John 8. bkkpr. 1146 Fulton 
Brokaw Lewis I), butcher, h 391 Dean 
Brokaw- Morton V. sec. 92 William N.Y. h 140 

Berkeley pi 
Brokaw Theodore P. elk. h 316 Decatur 
Brokaw William D. manager. 280 Flatbnsh av, 

h 352 Pacific 
Brokaw Wm. S. printer, h 403 Manhattan av 
Brom Peter, lighterman, h 156 Degraw 
Broman August E. shoemkr. h 86 3d av 
Broman Julius, salesman, h 59 Whipple 
Broman Sandford, hay. Wall about, h 86 Wilson 
Bromann Charles, salesman, 15 Ewen, h 59 


Brombacher August F. hardware, 31 Fulton 

N.Y. h 88 Johnson 
Brombacher Max H. C. com.mer. 36 New N.Y. 

h 228 Cumberland 
Bromberck Joseph, lab. h 417 Oakland 
Bromberg Charles, hatter, h 13 Eldert 
Bromberg Samuel, waiter, h 185 Cook 
Broinbush Catharine, patterns, 242 Fulton 
Brome Charles, joiner, h 305 Evergreen av 
Broine Charles W. joiner, h 305 Evergreen 


Brome Levi, shipjoiner, h 241 Central av 
Bromel Frederick, musician, h 246 Humboldt 
Bromell John D. printer, h 476 De Kalb av 
Bromell Joseph, realestate, h 87 Wolcott 
Bromell Thomas, carpenter, 67 Sullivan, h 77 

Bromell William B. printer, 81 351m N.Y. h 396 

Franklin av 
Bromell Wililam II. h 87 Wolcott, 
Uromhead Adela, drygds. 798 Gates av 
Bromiiead George J. decoration, h 125 Court 
Bromhead George I. painter, h 125 Court 
Bromley Andrew, telephone, h 25 Douglass 
Bromley Avery, oil, 6i Water N.Y. h 445 

Wash'n av 
Bromley Charles, shoeeutter. h 54 Poplar 
Bromley George AY. caterer, h 64 Middagh 
Bromley Henry ("Rev.) h 23 2d 
Bromley Isaac W. Ii. h 105 2n pi 
Bromley James L. h 445 Wash'n av 
Bromley James L. jr. oil, h 445 Wash'n av 
Bromley John, gasritter, h 9 Hoyt 
Bromley Julia It. h 254 Vand't av 
Bromley Miles S. h 104 1st pi 
Bromley Richard J police, Ii 517 Clinton 
Bromley Thomas, shoemk 1 '. h 54 Poplar 
Bromley William S. elk. h 445 Wash'n av 
Broinm David, baker, h 301 Stockton 
Bromm Henry, leather, h 481 Park av 
Bromm John H. leather, h 481 Park av 
Bromm Louis J. leather, h 481 Park av 
Brommbauer Frederick T. slioemkr. l\ 171 Ten 


Brommer John, carpenter, h 973 Pacific 
Brommer John, elk. h old No. 189 Hooper 
Brommer Richard, slioemkr. h Sehenck av n 

Bat-bey 'E.N.Y. 
Brommerloh Maria, wid. Henry, h 517 5th av 
Bronard H. J. elk. h 265 Veniori av 
Bronard W. B. salesman, h 932 Gates av 
Bronbaehev Frederick, it 210 Moore 
Bronfield George, paints, h 437 Monroe 
Bronk David, cigarmkr. h 134 Ewen 
Bronnbauer Joseph lab. h 171 Ten Eyck 
Bronner Charles, stamper, h 28 Cook 
Bronner Joseph, h 108 India 
Broua 136 Sheffield av E.N.Y 
Brons Geo. butcher, h 136 ShefHold av E.N.Y. 
Broua Henry,, jeweler, h 136 Sheffield av E.N.Y. 
Bronson Austin, baker, h 66 Skilhnan av 
Broitson Charles H. physician, 438 Pacific av 

office hours, 8 to 10 & 3 to 4 
Bronson George AY. tailor, 537 Fulton 
Bronson James A. elk. h 132 Bergen 
Bronson John. lab. h Liberty av n Chestnut E. 


Bronson Samuel E. bkkpr. 129 Stockton 
Broockmanu John H. confectioner, 449 Man- 
hattan av, h 474 Manhattan av 
Brook Avvlen H. signs, 406 Bridge, li New 
Lots L.I. 

BROOK ERNEST P. lawyer, 62 ^Villiam N.Y, 

h 382 Degraw 
Brook Henry J, signs, 406 Bridge, li New Lots 


Brook John, machinist, h 84 Summit 
Brook John S. hotel, h 79 York 
Brook Mary, wid. John, h 79 York 
Brook William, h 107 St. James' pi 
Brook William W. bldr. h 102 S. Oxford 
Brooke Charles, agt. h 580 Atlantic av 
Brooke Charles A. h 89 AVillow 
Brooke Edgerton W. goldbeater, U 60 Putnam 

Brooke Edwin B. agt, 7 South N.Y. li 41 St. 
John's pi 

Brooke James, japanner, h 732 (rates av 
Brooke Joseph, cooper, h 732 Gates av 
Brooke Joseph jr. japanner, h 732 Gates av 
Brooke Mary A. wid. John H. li 60 Putnam av 
Brooke Robert F. broker, h 119 Clymer 
Brooke Stanley, milk, h 60 Putnam av 
BrookeAVallace G.advertising,N. Y.h 142Tavlor 
Brooke William C. stevedore' 42 South N.Y. h 
367 18th 

Brooke AVilliam, musician, h 60 Putnam av 
Brookfield James M. glass, Bushwick av n 

Grand, h 115 Taylor 
Brookfield AVilliam, glassmfr. Grand c Morgan 

av, h 516 Madison av N.Y. 
Brooklyn Academy of Music, 176 Montague 
Brooklyn Advertising Agency, 377 Fulton 





Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. leaf opjj. name. 

857 Broadway, cor. 17th St., New York. 

BEO 120 BRO 




r o 







A. B. SEE & CO., 


Superior Power and Hand Freight Elevators. 


116, 118, and 120 FRONT ST.. BROOKLYN. 

Between Adams and Pearl Sts.) 
Near Bridge terminus. )' 

Brooklyn Advertising Sign Co. sign painters, 
179 Gwinnett 

Brooklyn Advertising Im Go, 

F. W. SCHREIBBIS, Manager. 

MANiFFiC'L'l hKli.% OK 


Signs of Every Description, 



Near Broadway. BROOKLYN, E. D. 

Teie):lmnc Call. 3:S F. W'lHnmshnrgh. 

Brooklyn Agency Soeiety for Prevention of 

Cruelty to Animals, 415 Fulton 
Brooklyn Annex, ft Fulton 
Brooklyn Art Association, 174, Montague 
Brooklyn Art Guild, 201 Montague 
Brooklyn Artificial Stone & Faring Co. 229 


Brooklyn Athenaeum, Clinton c Atlantic av 
Brooklyn Bank, Fulton c Front 
Brooklyn Baptist Home, Greene av n Throop 

Brooklyn Base Ball Association, 5th av c 3d 
Brooklyn, Bath & West End E.E. Co. 5th av c 

Brooklyn Beef Co. 74 Atlantic 
Brooklyn Benevolent Society, 84 Amity 
Brooklyn Bicycle Co. 161 Clymer 
Brooklyn Brass & Copper Co. 127 Front & 100 
John N.Y. 

Brooklyn Business Directory, 17 

Wil'by c Pearl 
Brooklyn 'Calcium Light Co. 515 Fulton & 77 

Brooklyn, Canarsie & Rockaway Beach R.R. 

Howard House, E.N.Y. 
Brooklyn Catholic Review, 65 Court, 88 B'way, 

340 Manhattan av & 218 Pearl 


Is the foremost Catholic Paper published in America. 
It is recommended to the Catholirsof Brooklyn by Bishop 
Lonorii.iN. Advertisers will find it an admirable medium to 
reach the 300,000 Catholics of Brooklyn and Long Island. 
Our Business Manager will call. Speciment will lit tent on 
application by postal card to our Western Office at 

I 65 Court St., or to our E. D. Offices at 88 

T Broadway, E. D., 340 Manhattan Avenue, 
GreenpolDt, N. Y., and 218 & 220 Pearl St. 

Brooklyn Central Dispensary, 312 Raymond 
Brooklyn Chair Co. 47 to 73 Clymer 
Brooklyn Children's Aid Society, 61 Poplar 
Brooklyn City Bible Society, 201 Montague 
Brooklyn City Directory, 17 Wil'by 
c Pearl 

Brooklyn City Dispensary, 11 Hilary 
Brooklyn City Foundry, Smith c Grinnell 
Brooklyn City Mission & Tract Society, 201 

Brooklyn City R.R. Co. 8 Fulton 
Brooklyn City Safe Deposit Co. 177 Montague 
Brooklyn City & Newtown R.R. Co. De Kalb 

av c Central av 
Brooklyn Clean Towel Supply Co. 103 Pine- 

Brooklyn Club, 136 Piorrepont 

Brooklyn Collegiate & Polytechnic Institute, 

99 Livingston 
Brooklyn Cooperage Co. 85 Commercial 
Brooklyn Crosstown E.E. Co. 585 Manhattan av 


C York 

136 Fulton 

Brooklyn Diet Dispensary, 116 Tompkins av & 
870 1st 

Brooklyn Dispensary (Church Charity Founda- 
tion) Atlantic av c Waverly av 

Brooklyn District Tel. Co. 340 Fulton, 276 Flat- 
bush av & 4 Court 

Brooklyn E. I). Homeopathic Dispensary, 194 

Brooklyn E. D. Hospital & Dispensary, 108 S 3d 
Brooklyn Eclectic Dispensary. 144 Prince 
Brooklyn Electric Construction Co. 83 Wash'n 

& 71 B'way N.Y. 
Brooklyn Electric Time Co. clocks, 16 Court 
Brooklyn Elevated E.E. Co. 49 Fulton 
Brooklyn Elite Directory, 17 Wil'by o 


Brooklyn Employment Bureau, 29 Concord 
Brooklyn Examiner, 29 Fulton 
Brooklyn Excise League, 415 Fulton 
Brooklyn Eye & Ear Hospital, 100 Livingston 
Brooklyn Fastener Co. 36 Bridge 
Brooklyn Female Employment Sooiety, 93 Court 
Brooklyn Firebrick Works. 88 Vandyke 
Brooklyn Fire Ins. Co. 22 Court & 19 B'way 

Brooklyn, Flatbush & Coney Island R. E. Co. 
346 Fulton 


& 59 Montrose av 
Brooklyn Furniture Co. 563 Fulton 
Brooklyn Gas Fixture Co. mfrs. gasfixtures, 

Atlantic av n Cumberland 
Brooklyn Gas Light Co. 180 Rcmsen 

hardware, 571 Fulton 



5T1 Fulton St. <fc 26 DeKalb Ave., 


Builders' Hardware, House Furnishing Goods, 

Bar Iron and Wagon Makers' Supplies, 
Plumbers' Supplies, Gas Fixtures, Lamps, etc. 
Steam, Gas, and Water Pipe. 

Brooklyn Heights Seminary, 138 Montague 
Brooklyn Homeopathic Dispensary, 109 Cum- 

Brooklyn Hospital, Eaymond n De Kalb av 
Brooklyn Improvement Co. 3d av c 3d 
Brooklyn Institute, 198 Wash'n 

Brooiiyn Institute and Yoiitlf s Free Litory 

Terms to Adults, $2.00 yearly, or 50 cts, Quarterly t 

William fl. Tyler, 

no & 112 Broad St., 

Cor. Water St., New York. 

Holder of Pennsylvania and Maryland Rye 
and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskies in Bond and 
Tax Paid. See Business Directory — Liquors, 


" No abler paper is published on this continent. It is a credit to its 
conductors, a blessing to the community among whom it circulates; as 
Catholics we are proud of THE CATHOLIC REYIBW."-Montreal True 

That quotation expresses the universal opinion entertained by all competent critics, of the 
i >mit Brooklyn fninily Catholic newspaper 


This well known Brooklyn enterprise enters now on a new career of usefulness and 
iroRpority, having during the past year acquired a valuable comer property on Pearl Street 
»nd Gothio Alley, near Concord Street, adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge, the New Post Office, 
St. James' Cathedral nud the great Dry Goods Houses, a site that promises soon to be in the 
xery center of the business world of Brooklyn. Its Gothic Tower is visible from the Bridge, 
City Hall, "and all points of vantage. " 

Here it has established what is planned to be one of the complcte3t Nowspaper and Book 
itablishments in America. 


111 ud 120 Teul St.. mad Gothic Allty. Brooklyn. N. V 

Fifteen years ago The Catholic Review was founded in Brooklyn by the favor of the Vicar- 
rcneral of the Diocese, Very Bov. Father John F. Turner. Placed under oompetcnt jourual- 
stio and business talent, it at once attained success. From Brooklyn, recommended by a formal 
••ttorof Bishop Loughlin, its work and fame made the circuit of the world, everywhere recog- 
, zod as worthy of tho third city of America, aud as one of the ablest and handsomest papers 
i tblished in the English language. 

The Cardinal Archbishop of New York, Archbishop Corrigau, the Archbishops of Phila- 
Ulphiu, Boston, Cincinnati, etc., nil repented and strengthened Bishop Loughlin's favor and 
.pprovol. The Holy Fnlher, Popo Pius IX, blessed it more than once; the present 
'ope, Loo XIII, twice by PoutiBcal letters under tho 8eal of tho Fisherman, praised its con- 
lactors for their services to the Catholic cause. 

That blessiug, Loo XIII again repeated in 1886, when a prominent priest of Brooklyn 
i sited him in the Vatican, Rome. 

Nor is it in the Cntholic fold alone that The Catholic Review has won honor and popu- 
trity. The chief 8ecular nnd Protestant papers have largely recognized its power and ability. 

Some reasons why judicious advertisers should remember this prosperous and in- 
riauiial paper in making up their lists aro given in tho next page. 


i.ain's iwooKi.tK DiKRcrnnr. 


Who seek to place their advertisements where they will do the most good, 
know thnt the greater the success, the higher the character, tlie wider 
the reputation mid iuflueuco of 11 jouninl. nnd tlie greater the number* 
of the people whom it addresses, the more likely is their advertisement 
in it to bring them a return. 
Judged by thnt ride, The Catholic Review of Brooklyn, has already 
secured the best advertising patronage given to any Catholic pnpor in 

Fint, it is a gTcat and successful organ of public npiuon, and a first-clnsK 
nowspaper in every sense, and is so acknowledged by nil the great pnpers 
of America. 

•Tho wldo-awnkc iatuomc IIevikw."-.V. Y. '' The loading ( athollc Weekly In Now Vork."- 
Jln-nltl. , ,;,: s '", r - 

••Tlie best nnd best Informed Catholic paper of ' '*'St type of ot Catholic weeklies."— .v. Y. 
America."-*. Y. World. a ','.' '''"']■ . , 

•'Catholic In iHith senses of that word."— .V. r. " l-dlted with enr<3 nnd nl.lllly.— .v. r. rrlhiiur. 
ClirMinn Atlrncnte. " The ticsl rnlhiillr paper In I lie country."— 

• llnnlnn Tinnh i: 

., One of I lie ablest papers which we receive. No jmpw which we see hotraysn w ider rending and 

n more careful si udy of I he organs of rratestant thought."— lionlim CfmgreaattonauS. 
.SVvwirf, it has n Inrge, prosperous nnd dnily increasing audience. 

In Brooklyn alone it specially addresses the largest nnd most compact Its Well as n gen- 
erous section of the religious community. 


Every third or focio-h nmn, Woman nnd child Hint you meet in the great City of 
Brooklyn is a member of the Catholic Church ! Within the lifetime of the first Bishop of 
Brooklyn, and mostly under his rule, this mnrvelona community hns been organized 
here. We now number over 250,000 Catholics, for whom there are KM) churches attended 
by 10-1 priests ; we have 2 colleges, 1(1 nendemies, -15 parish schools— in Brooklyn Cit 
wo tench 20, -143 pupils— lfi asylums, and 1 hospitals. 

Do You Appreciate the Significant Lesson of These Figures 

The. trndc of thnt great, numerous, prosperous, intelligent, nnd generous people i: 
looking for 1 

"How and Where Shall We Win It?" 

The best wny to to rcneh Catholics is through their principal paper. Experience hns 
shown that tho weekly religious press is the surest nnd cheapest mode of reaching tho fitmiUa 
most likely to buy. 

Ditilirt art! chiefly rend for their line*. Numbers of our business men who linvd to uho 
them will not admit them into their households, for obvious reasons. Even their shape and 
blaukotlikc unwieldy form prevent advertisements beiug seen, without a painful search whiub 
few make. 

If yon want a Catholic medium widely circulated, taken, rend mid preserved by nmnlxirs 
of tho best fnmilies in Brooklyn nnd Long Island, by the Bishop. Clergy, Schools! Convent! 
and Institutions, use The Catholic ltF.view, (15 Court Street, Brooklyn. 

The only Catholic weekly commended by the Bishop of Brooklyn is Tub Catholic 
Keview, a fact that speaks volumes for its excellence nsa Catholic newspaper. 

The form of The Catholic Bkvif.w, a lfi pp. and 21 pp. octavo, i* admirably soiled to 
display advertisements. Rates are exceedingly reasonable. Drop a card to our nearest 
oflleo— iu tho Western District to 05 Court Street ; in the Eastern District to SS Broadway, 
E. D., or 340 Manhattan Avonue, Greenpoint, nnd n member of our staff will call on you 
for your business. 

We can bo of benefit to business men who use our columns. We nrn anxious to secure, 
nnd then retain by benctittiug, only the bat advertisers. 


THE CATHOLIC REVIEW BUILDING, 218 ft 220 Pearl St., or 

05 Court St., Brooklyn, JV. Y. 88 Broadway, Wllllamsburfh. 

:MO Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, \. v. 



I Sunday Edition in the Morning.) 


The "EAGLE" has a 

^Larger Circulation Than Any Other Evening Paper* 


Brooklyn has a population of 700,000 and Long Island of 
over three-quarters of a million. The " Eagle " was estab- 
lished when Brooklyn was a village. Advertisers who desire to 
reach this compact population can do so only through its columns. 

*' '*' ' * * ♦ * * A" * * * A A * * A * A * * * * A A 

A, A^ A. A. A » v .A .A .A A A. A A A A A A, . A A A A A A A A 






Book $ Job Printing 


3£, 38 & 38 FCITON ST. 

Engraving, Lithographing, 

Blank Beek Manufacturing, 


(yThis establishment has the LARGEST ASSORTMENT JgJ 
OF MODERN TYPES of any office in the city, withal 
press facilities to do anything in the printing line. 

Electrotypfng • $ • Stereotyping. 

| mwi\ jj^t&p printing in |olorj, 



Telephone No., Brooklyn 39. 






t- • ■-*>• •-A> A aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

A. .A A A A, A A. A A T A A A AAA A A A A W W W R 



Published on Long Island. 

Cbifl paper ia noto puMitbrli cnrrreoftillw for tbr laot 
l-J ttttntptojo years; ite circulation rrtmta obcr all •Broofclpn 
* ^ ant) tbc Counti' towns. (Tbcrf ib no brtttr mrtium for 






only G«i*man Daily apapep "XT 




atoncrtieintr among; tljr 1211,000 (Scrmans of -Brooklyn. 

2fn £ngli£t) ano German. 

30 Myrtle Ave., W. D.. and 59 Montrose Ave.. 

Brooklyn, E. D. 

-9* t£ 


tfr** -J- T> i t » 

Jj? eingige tdgfidje beutfdje IcttuitG, |$ 

fcir in orr g'taot -Broohlim rrfrbrtnt. Jri 

$ic lioftot mir IS 0enta bit TJPoiIh-. inctupoc 
jffii &*» $©untaj|oMattc». *f* 


3c&er IVutfdy, b«r miffon mill, ma? in bet 
StaM twacbt, jbflte fie lefen. 

T»cntfd>c ii it t* engltfcbc 

* ©rarharbpifon hIIpp 3£rt * 

urrbm prompt tmi btlltg; n|tfrrti|t. 


30 turtle •Xpchhc unit 59 ^Slonlrofe Avenue. 


mm- m^mm- m h &ie m . . m . - « 


Brooklyn Daily Standard 




Republican to the core, The Stan- 
dard is always in the van with pro- 
gress, and being alive to the in- 
terests of all the people, it is ever 
active and aggressive in the people's 
battle for good government. 



T H E 

B^ooklyn^ Daily Standard 



EVERY line in its four bright pages is readily 
seen, the advertisements standing out in bold 
relief instead of being buried out of sight as they 
are in large blanket sheets and eight page papers. 

The STANDARD'S circulation, large as it is 
already, is daily increasing, the steady growth fully 
justifying the belief that before the Fall its readers 
will outnumber those of all the Brooklyn papers 




"?t^_ ^if 


Brooklyn •♦• Daily Tinges 


Two New Walter Scott Perfecting Presses 









Handsomest Printed Daily 

//v yvrw 0/? Brooklyn. 


/ \ \ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \ ' 'X'.".Sc'. "VES;r;3vv *?v\"'v?3K 


Brooklyn Daily Times, 





The Leading Reptiblican Paper of j 
/ Kings County, and the best 2c. evening ^ 
J paper in the United States. % 

| The Saturday Edition of eight pages 

I is the largest and best paper published in | 

£j Brooklyn, and contains a large amount of % 

| original and selected reading matter, ar- 

| tides 07t Fashions, Music and the Drama, 

| the Household, Etc. Etc. 

/ {ESTABLISHED 1848.) 



/ Nos. 24 and 26 BROADWAY, BROOKLYN, E. D. 






^ S@*To meet the demands of our increasing circulation and growing v 


H business, and to add to the convenience of our patrons in the Western v 

A . . % 

% District, we have established a Branch Office at 136 Fulton Street, % 

Ai facing Sands, in the immediate vicinity of the Bridge terminus. K 

% % 
$ Orders for the regular delivery of the paper, or, for the insertion of |> 

r| advertisements, may be left with our Agent at the Branch Office. #* 

|f The Branch Office is supplied with a telephone, call "Brooklyn 66.'- % 

% ' I 

g We have also a Branch Office at Room 7, Sun Building, New York. % 

t I 



The Only Eight- Page Evening Newspaper ! 




Non-Partisan in Municipal Affairs ! 

Republican in National Politics. 

The Advocate of Administrative Reform 
.and Freedom from Ring Rule. 





[From Brooklyn Union, April 0, 1886.] 

A year ago to-day the Union made its first appearance as an eight-page 
newspaper. The wisdom of the change has heen sufficiently justified by 
ita results. No reader accustomed to the handling of a sheet compact in 
form, legible in type, and conveniently cut and pasted, is likely ever to 
take up one of the old-fashioned blanket sheets without protest, or to doubt 
that the movement in evening journalism begun by the Union is certain 
to become universal. The absolute novelty of the Union printing machine 
has not been without its drawbacks. Up to the date of starting this ma- 
chine in the Union press-room it had been stoutly maintained by experi- 
enced printers that it was impossible to print direct from type 84,000 per- 
fected copies of an eight-page paper per hour. We have been able to 
demonstrate that it is possible to do so day after day, and that at the end 
of a year the smoothness and accuracy of the working of the press are 
much greater than at the beginning. We have had occasionally to apolo- 
gize for delays, and frequently to send out editions that were typograph- 
ically below the standard which our readers had a right to expect. But 
taking into account the absolutely unique character of the printing ma- 
chinery of the Union, the results of the year have been as satisfactory to 
us as they have been creditable to Messrs. R. Hoe & Co., its inventors and 

But last year's history of the Union has been something more than a 
mechanical triumph. It has proved what is being demonstrated in a vari- 
ety of ways that Brooklyn people are ready to appreciate enterprise and to 
support it. Within forty-eight hours of the first issue of the eight-page 
Union we had evidence that the transformation thus effected placed this 
journal " in the ranks of the most valuable and most enduring newspaper 
properties in the country." We believe that fact has since become as ob- 
vious to the casual observer as it was to us on the 8th of April last. The 
Union daily addresses a public of whose character and numbers it has just 
cause to be proud. Its development is in the line of that of Brooklyn, and 
the enlargement of its influence proceeds with the same surety and rapid 
ity which characterize the growth of a public sentiment in favor of honest 
politics and responsible administration of public trusts. The Union is, by 
general consent, the best newspaper published in Brooklyn, and that is a 
distinction which it could not have attained without the reconstruction of 
its mechanical department, of which we have to record the first year's 
results. It has an easy superiority over its contemporaries, in its readiness 
for any emergency requiring " extra" issues, and it has an evident fitness 
to be a welcome guest in every family circle of this City of Homes. It has 
no enemies whose hostility is not a compliment to it, and its friends are as 
ardent as they are numerous. It owes a good deal to the activity of both, 
ami would like to thank the one class no less heartily than the other, while 
wishing for both unimpaired vigor and untiring devotion to the cause of 
honest, independent and progressive journalism. 

BRO 121 



11 E. 14th St., New York. 


Brooklyn Knitting Co. 942 Gates av 
Brooklyn Laltor Lyceum Association, 61 Myrtle 
Brooklyn Latin School, 185 Montague 
Brooklyn Library. 195 Montague &36 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
*BEOOKLXX LIFE INS. CO. 51 Liberty, 



51 Liberty Street, New York City. 





Medical Director. 

Consulting Actuary. 




William H. Wallace, 
William H. Lyox, 
Michael Ohait.vcky, 

AuGU3TC3 KoitD 

Jacob K. Olwi.vk. 
Jambs F. Whitnby, 

Da?TIBL AYKfCS, M ]>.. LL.D., 

GaoRGR A. Thoksk, 

Isaac Carhakt, 
Kblix Campbell, 

H. B. Bkundrbtt, 
Okas. T. Baknbt, 
Albx. Fo rm an, 
Edward W. Mascord, 
Alovzo Slotk, 


William Dutch er. 

Brooklyn Lyceum, 229 Wash'n 
Brooklyn Maternity, 46 Concord 

Atlantic av & Schenectady av 
Brooklyn Music Hall, Fulton c Flatbush av 
Brooklyn Needle Works, 21 Furinan 
Brooklyn News Co. 194 Fulton 
Brooklyn Nursery, Herkimer c Kingston av 
Brooklyn Odorless Excavating Co. 50 Court 
Brooklyn Oil Works, Ash n Manhattan av & 

26 B'way N.Y. 
Brooklyn Orphan Asylum Society, Atlantic av 

c Kingston av 
Brooklyn Painting Co. 782 Fulton 


782 Fulton Street, Cor. Adelphi Si 

G. SEFBOM, Manager. C. PETERSON, Supt. 

Brooklyn Park Theatre, 383 Fulton 
Brooklyn Philharmonic Society, 172 Montague 
Brooklyn Printing Co. 60 Bergen 
Brooklyn Protective Patrol Co. 463 Gold 
Brooklyn Provision Co Hamilton av c Bush 
Brooklyn Real Estate Review, 218 Fulton 
Brooklyn Republican League, 371 Fulton 
BROOKLYN REVIEW, 10 Boerum pi 

Brooklyn Riding Academy (limited)470 Pacific 
Brooklyn Roller Skating Rink, Bedford av o 

Atlantic av 
Brooklyn Roofing Co. roofers, ft Smith 
Brooklyn Rubber Works, 660 Atlantic av 
Brooklyn Sanitarian Hospital 129 Lawrence 
Brooklyn Savings Bank, 219 Fulton 
Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 

to Children," 141 Montague 
Brooklyn Specialty Co. hardware, 117 4th E.D 

now Bedfoi'd av 
Brooklyn Springbed Co. 42 Flatbush av 
Brooklyn Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. (Thomas 

Jordan), Baltic c Nevins 
Brooklyn Stove Works, 42 Sandford 
Brooklyn Steam Laundry, h 663 Fulton 
Brooklyn Street Guide, 17 Wil'by < 


Brooklyn Sugar House (limited), ft Bridge 
Brooklyn Sugar Refining Co. 1st E.D. c S. 2d. 

&98 Wall N.Y. 
Brooklyn Sulphur Works, old No. 152 Kent av 

& i63 Front N.Y. 
Brooklyn Sunday School Union (John R. 

Morris, sec ) h 154 Dean 
Brooklyn Theatre, Wash'n c Johnson 
Brooklyn Training School for Nurses, Ray- 
mond c De Kalb av 
Brooklyn Trust Co. Montague c Clinton 

Fulton o Front 
Brooklyn Watchcase Co. Warren c 4th *av & 

40 Maiden la N.Y. 
Brooklyn Waterfront Warehouse & Drydock 

Co.' ft 26th & 27 Coentis slip N.Y. 
Brooklyn White Lead Co. 91 Front 
Brooklyn Wire Nail Co. 124 Freeman 
Brooklyn Women's Homeopathic Hospital &. 

Dispensary, 534 Myrtle av 
Brooklyn Yaelit Club, '213 Montague 
Brooklyn M. Y. C. A. Fulton c Bond 
Brooklyn Young Republican Club, 201 Mon- 

Brooklyn & Crosstown R.R. Co. Manhattan av 
n Clay 

Brooklyn A Kings <<o. Businefts 
Directory, 17 Wilb'y c Pearl 

Brooklyn & Long Island City R.R. Co. Man- 
hattan av n Clay 

Brooklyn <fc N.Y. Bridge, office 22 Sands 

Brookman Henry D. 37 South N.Y. h 118 Rem 

Brookman Henry P. h 118 Remsen 
Brookman Stores, ft Vandyke & 19 Old si N.Y 
Brookner John. lab. h 91 Union av 
Brooks Abram V. S. engineer, h 175 Dean 
Brooks Albert H. salesman, h 119 S. 5th 
Brooks Alexander, lab. h 237 Navy 
Brooks Alfred, h 567 Kosciusko 
Brooks Alfred, elk. h 141 Rutledge 
Brooks Ann. wid. F. W.J. h 141"Rutledge 
Brooks Benjamin J. foreman, h 256 Ewen 
Brooks Byron A. inventor, h 37i Madison 
Brooks B. C. milk, E. New York av n Pacific 
E.N. Y. 

Brooks Cassandra, wid. Geo. h 440 Classon av 
Brooks Catharine, wid. Jacob, h 601 Halsey 
Brooks Catherine M. h 96 McDonough 
Brooks Charles A. W. hairdresser, 334 B'way 
Brooks Charles E. dentist, 131 S. Oxford 
Brooks Chas. F. weigher, 71 Broad N.Y. h 28 
8th av 

Brooks 0. Rosell : pilot, h 163 Hall 
Brooks Daniel, carpenter, h 160 Consclyea 
Brooks Daniel, elk. h 199 Penn 
Brooks Edward, rooter, h 905 St. Mark's av 
Brooks Edward, supt. Greenpoint av c Frank- 
lin, h 708 Leonard 
Brooks Edward H. cigars, 801 Fulton 
Brooks Edwin, tailor," h 372 B'way 
Brooks Edwin A. shipmaster, h 335 Degraw 
Brooks Elbridge S. editor, b 20 Clifton pi 
Brooks Eliza, wid. John, h 113 Lorimer 
Brooks Eliza, h 355 Atlantic av 
Brooks Elmer B. elk. h 163 Wilson 


Manager for N.Y. 4 M.J. 

271 Broadway, N. Y. 






"Asssls, ill U. S, Ian, 1, 1886, $4712,899 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No, 128 Flatbush Ave,, Brooklyn, 

■ taction of Atlantis - Frerth Aws. 

LiaML, $2,377,471.27, Surplus, $2,335,427,89. 
122 BRO 



« o 

j~ fin 
a> to 






! LAIN <fc CO., 


17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Brooks Emilia, li 329 Madison 

Brooks Frank L. silk gds. 5 E. 4th N.Y. li old 

No. 758 Bedford av 
Brooks Frank 11. compositor, h old No. 188 


Brooks Frederick, "butcher, Fulton mkt. N.Y. 

h 58 Walworth 
Brooks Frederick H. collector, li 180 Kaymond 
Brooks Frederick W. varnisher, h 378 State 
Brooks Frederick W. J. elk. h 857 Laf av 
Brooks George, li 639 Pacific j 
Brooke George, liquors, 68 Myrtle av 
Brooks George G. steam heating, 264 Water , 

N.Y. li 118 Pulaski \ 
Brooks George AV. conductor, h 222 9th 
Brooks George N. drugs, 1161 Myrtle av j 
Brooks Harry, h 37 Halsey 

Brooks Henry, conductor, li AVash'n n Atlan- ' 
I tic av E.N.Y. i 
■Brooks Ilenrv AV. provisions, Wash'n mkt. ; 
j N.Y. h 48 S. Elliott pi ! 
'Brooks Isidore, jeweler, h 307 15th i 
i Brook 8 Israel, oysters, Wallabout mkt. li 900 ; 
J Myrtle av 

Brooks James, driver, h 300 4th E.D. now ; 
Bedford av 

Brooks James, glassblower, li 45 "Withers ', 
Brooks James J. reporter, h 144 N. 9th \ 
Brooks Jane, wid. Herman, h 88 1st E.D. now 1 
Kent av 

Brooks John, cashier, h 243 Berry 
■Brooks John, confectioner, h 185 India 
Brooks John, confectioner. Smith av n Bay av j 

Brooks John, cooper, h 110 Skillman av 
Brooks John, lab. h 43 Taylor 
Brooks John, machinist, li 490 Laf av 
Brooks John, salesman, h 202 S. 8th \ 
Brooks John, ropemkr. h (Central av c Elm 
Brooks John, ropemkr. h 155 Elm 
Brooks John, h r 244 Dumeld 
Brooks John, li 406 Jefferson av i 
Brooks John F. engineer, h 349 Throop av 
Brooks John M. elk. h 601 Halsey ; 
Brooks John S. carpenter, h Bean n Sackman ■ 
1 E.N.Y. 

(Brooks John S. mfr. 321 B'way N.Y. h 100; 
I Berkeley pi 

'Brooks Joseph, livery, h 66 Steuben 
•Brooks Joseph D. collector, h 334 Kosciusko j 
; Brooks Joseph jr. japanner, h 732 Gates av ' 
i Brooks Josephine, li 226 Grand av ; 
IBrooks Joshua M, painter, h 52 S 3d 
iBrooks Lottie, wid h 406 Jefferson av 
jBrooks Louis 0. lab. h 264Ellory 
I Brooks Louisa C. M. h 302 Gates av 
jBrooks Mary E. wid. Salisbury, h 279 S. 3d ; 
iBrooks Michael, carpenter, h 48 Greenpoint av ; 
Brooks M. A. millinery, h 243 De Kalb av | 
! Brooks Nicholas A. artist. 161 B'way N.Y. h ; 
| 77 Ryerson i 
'Brooks Noble, ferrymaster, h 334 Dean 
i Brooks Paul F. paper, h 153 Hamilton av ■ 
jBrooks Philip F. carpenter. 811 7th avN.Y. h ■ 
I 15 Concord ! 
iBiooks Rebecca, wid. Stewart, li 139 Lvnch 
! Brook s Samuel, h 386 Hicks 
iBrooks Samuel, tea, 87 Water N.Y. h 312 8th' 
[Brooks Samuel, lawyer. Ii 242 Clermont av 
iBrooks Samuel, mer. old No. 323 Bedford 
(Brooks Samuel T. realestate, h 247 Magnolia : 
'Brooks Sarah, wid. David, h 103 Harrison ' 
Brooks Stephen H. machinist, h 91 .lohnson 
Brooks Susan, wid. Nicholas, h 77 Ryerson 
Brooks Villa F. woodbundler, h 1687 Atlantic , 

Brooks Vincent, supt. h 125 Oak 

Brooks Thomas, elk. h 0 3d av 
Brooks Thomas, sailmkr. h 45 Carroll 
Brooks Thomas J . elk. h 269 Putnam av 
Brooks T. Walter, compositor, h 214 Wilson 
Brooks Walter II. carpenter, li Dean n Sack- 
man E.N.Y. 
Brooks William, butcher, li 34 Lnquer 
Brooks William, carpenter, it 100 Dovoe 
Brooks William, elk. !: 291 Smith 
Brooks William H. mer. h 149 Division av 
Brooks William, shoecutter. h 191 Stockton 
Brooks William, printer, h 97 Prince 
Brooks William H. driver, h 95 2d 
Brooks William T. tishman. li 291 Smith 
Brooksbank George, painter, h 190 24th 
Broom Frederick, decorator, h 118 Lawrence 
Broom Terence, cooper, h 293 Kingsland av 
Broome Charles A. hatter, h 152 10th E.D. 

now Keap 
Broome Charles B. elk. h 1218 Fulton 
Broome John L. jr. elk. h 1218 Fulton 
Broome Joseph, lab. h 176 N. 10th 
Broome Sarah, wid. William C. dressmkr. h 
137 S. 8th 

Broome Thomas T. watchmkr. h 137 S. 8th 
liroomfield George H. elk. h 638 Hicks 
Broomfield James, painter, h 64 4th E.D. (now 
Bedford av 

Broomhall William H. saddler, h 395 Adelphi 
Broon John, police, h 310 17th 
Brophey Patrick, sailmkr. h 445 Degraw 
Brophey Thomas AV. painter, h 172 Hope 
Brophie Nellie, milliner, old No. 769 Bedford 

av. h 501 Franklin av 
Brophv Andrew J. drugs, h 94 Hevward 
Brophy Ann, h 99 Fleet' pi 
Brophy Daniel, hatter, h 36 Jackson 
BrophV Daniel K. elk. h 810 B'way 
Brophy Elizabeth, wid. S. B. h 159 Hicks 
Brophy Ellen, wid. John, h 5 Havemcyer 
Brojthy George S. teas. N.Y. h 159 Hicks 
Brophy James, lab. h 456 AVarren 
Brophy James, lab. h 239 1st E.D. now Kentav 
Brophy James, printer, h 510 Hicks 
Brophy John, carpenter, h 488 Pres't 
Brophy John, carpenter, h 628 Baltic 
Brophy John, hatter, h 309 Hudson av 
Brophy John, hostler, h 1431 Dean 
Brophy John, paper, h 510 Hicks 
Brophy John A. restaurant, 163 B'way N.Y. h 

46 St. Mark's av 
Brophy John C. painter, h 270 Manhattan av 
Brophy Julia, wid. Joseph II. h 88 Raymond 
Brophy Mary, dressmkr. 1431 Dean 
Brophv Mary, wid. Henry, h 510 Hicks 
Brophy Michael, moulder, h 196 Huron 
Brophy Michael E. sailmkr. h 451 Warren 
Brophv Michael J. varieties, h 810 B'way 
Brophy Patrick, carpenter, h 621 Wash'n av 
BrophV Patrick, police, h Liberty av n Miller 

Brophy Patrick H. porter, h 810 B'way 
Brophy Peter, lab. h 355 Hicks 
Brophy Thomas, lab. h 156 12th 
Brophy Timothy L. agt, h 307 Hart 
Brophy William, colormixer. h 510 Hicks 
Brophy William, iron, h 377 S. 2d 
Brophy William, lab. h 160 (3 rand 
Brorsen Julius, bkkpr. li old No. 289 Hewes 
Broschardt Henry, grocer, 185 Montrose av 
Broschart John A. tailor, h 101 Cook 
Broscher Andrew, liquors, 11 Fulton 
Broscher & Sprung, liquors, 11 Fulton 
Broshard Frederick, painter, h 139 Lawrence 
Brosnahan Catherine, wid. John G. h 138 Sum- 

Brosnan Catharine, wid. Wm. grocer, 88 Union 
Brosnan Cornelius, lab. h 524 Hicks 
Brosnan Ellen, oper. h 15 5th av 
Brosnan Fanny, h 15 5th av 
Brosnan George, engraver, h 136 23d 
Brosnan Jeremiah, (Rev.) h 149 McDonough 
Brosnan John, lettercarrier. h 455 Bergen 
Brosnan Joseph G. elk. N.Y. h 348 Clinton 
Brosnan Hugh, lab. h 524 Hicks 
Brosnan Patrick, furrier 1 , 111 Underbill av 


Established 1835. 

throughout the world. Send for Quotations. 




BKO 123 BEO 

Brosnan Timothy F. printer, h 109 Prospect 
Brosnan Timothv H. ins. 261 B'way N.Y. h 

348 Clinton 
Brosnen Patrick, lab, h 114 Sackett 
Bross Andrew, poultry, 216 Wash'n N.Y. h 28 

Tern on av 

Bross Frederick, hairdresser, h 321 Stockton 
Bross Henry, tailor, h 483 Graham av 
Bross John, butcher, 211 Bond 
Brossau Michael, lab. h 142 Butler 
Brossanwich Prospero, lab. b 200 Sackett 
Brossard Thomas, elk. h 57 Scher 
Brossett Cornelia T. wid. Chas. h 132 N. 5th 
Brossman William, cutter, h 216 N. 2d 
Brossmer Frank, painter, h 194 Humboldt 
Broste Henry F. hairdresser, h 8 Under hill av 
Brostrom Frank O. machinist, h 126 Bridge 
Brostrum Alfred, watchmkr. h 238 Howard av 
Brother Andrew, lab. h 18 Johnson av 
Brother Andrew jr. lithographer, h 18 John- 
son av 

Brother Emil. lab. h 18 Johnson av 
Brotherhood Alfred, engineer. Ii 71 S. Elliott pi 
Brotheridgo Joseph G. horseshoer. 161 Carlton 

av, h Irving av o Bleeeker 
Brothers John, shoes, 921 Pacific 
Brothers Joseph, cutter, h 347 S. 4th 
Brothers Joseph, lab. h 18 Johnson 
Brothers Lawrence, shoes, 931 Pacific 
Brothers Michael, engineer, h 545 Mvrtle av 
Brothers ffm. mason, h old No. 513 Kent av 
Brotherton Elizabeth A. h old No. 251 Keap 
Broth erton Emma, wid. boarding, h 470 Classon 


Brott Joseph, upholsterer, h 107 Putnam av 
Brotteau Mary, wid. Peter, h 345 Cumberland 
Brotzmann Conrad, lab, h 254 Floyd 
Brotzmann Emily, wid. Fred'k, h*380 Pacific 
Brotzman George F. grocer', 292 Atlantic av 
Brotzman William, painter, h 30 Tompkins av 
Brough Robert, elk. li 308 Hicks 
Broughton Christiana, wid. Warren, h 341 

Broughton Edward T. paperstainer, h 811 Bean 
Broughton John, machinist, h 301 B'way 
Broughton John, tinner, h 331 S. 4th 
Broughton John €. hotelkpr. h 453 Gold 
Broughton John C. printer, h 482 Fulton 
Broughton Jos. shipcarpenter, h 557 Clinton 
Broughton M. A. dentist. 572 Fulton 
Broughton William, printer, h Dean n Stone 

av E.N.Y. 
Brortillard Joseph, watchmkr. h 7 Hicks 
Broun Delamore C. h 458 Classon av 
Brounberg Albert, ropemkr. h 43 Debevoise 
Brounberg Anna, wid. John, h 43 Debevoise 
Brounberg John jr. weaver, h 43 Debevoise 
Brounrigg James, boxmkr. h 256 Bergen 
Brouse Bernard, cooper, h 687 Flushing av 
Broussard Frank, mason, h 1 Adams E.D. 
Brouthers Michael, furnaces, h 141 Steuben 
Brouwer John H. jeweler. 377 Grand 
Brouwer Samuel A. brassfinisher, h 30, Hop- 
kin son av 
Brouwer Theodore, jeweler, 377 Grand 
Brouwer Theodore & Son, jewelers, 377 Grand 
Browe Edwin S. jeweler, h 338 Grand av 
Brower Abraham, com. mer. 248 Wash'n N.Y. 

h old No. 819 Bedford av 
Brower Albert W. shoemkr. h 39 Powers 
Brower Alendo F. goldleaf, Fulton, h 84 Hoyt 
Brower Alexander, carpenter, h 485 Herkimer 
Brower Alexander, hatter, h 79 Clinton av 
Brower Alexander G. cabinetmkr. h 950 3d av 
Brower Andrew S. com. mer. 248 Wash'n N.Y. 

h old No. 138 Hewes 
Brower A. A. wid. George, h 837a Van Boxen 
Brower Charles A. cooper, li 15 Talman 
Brower Charles F. salesman, h 236 Clermont av 
Brower Charles F. iettercarrier, h 88 Johnson 
Brower Charles L. lawyer, h 98 Driggs 
Brower Christina A. "wid. William E. h 361 

Putnam av 
Brower Conrad, porter, h 299 Pacific 
Brower Cornelius, lab. h 214a Chauncey 
Brower C. M. h 63 Putnam av 



"Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St. 


Brower David S. civilengineer, 29 Municipal 

bldg. house old No. 185 Keap 
Brower David S. salesman, h 247 Livingston 
Brower Daniel, fishmkt. h 203 Concord 
Brower Daniel K. salesman, h 47 11th 
Brower Delia, li 187 Dupont 
Brower Elizabeth, wid. li 40 Adelphi 
Brower Eliza, wid. William, b 15 Doughty 
Brower Francis, wid. li 310 22d 
Brower Francis A. wid. Charles, h 15 Talman 
Brower Frank, printer. It 91 Elm 
Brower Frank, sec. h 744 Lat'av 
Brower Frank A. foreman, h 460 Carlton av 
Brower Frank B. shoemkr. h 68 Powers 
Brower Frank I. miller, h 45 Dnf field 
Brower Garrett, clerk, h 154 17th 
Brower George, gasfitter, h 282 Raymond 
Brower George V. lawyer, 44. Court, h Park pi 

e Kingston av 
Brower Gilbert H. carpenter, h 47 11th 
Brower Henrietta, h 282 Raymond 
Brower Henry, produce, h 470 Dean 
Brower Henry, h 48 St. Elliott pi 
Brower Henry I. ear-penter, h 301. S. 4th 
Brower Henry V. milk, h old No. 371 Kent av 
Brower Holmes T. stonecutter, h 273 17th 
Brower Ida L. teacher, h 361 Putnam av 
Brower Irving, elk. h 242 S. 3d 
Brower James, lab. h 77 N. 9th' 
Brower James C. realestate, 10 Ralph av 
Brower Jane, wid. Isaac, h 456 Sackett 
Brower John, h 123 S. Elliott pi 
Brower John. elk. h 242 S. 3d 
Brower John E. elk. h 572 Herkimer 
Brower John L. presses, 208 Wythe av & 160 

William N.Y. 
Brower John S. deckhand, h 556 Henry 
Brower John S. oysters, 312 Adams 
Brower Lawrence, elk. h 767a Madison 
Brower Lyman D. mfr. h 254 De Kalb av 
Brower Margret. wid. Charles H. h 1639 Bergen 
Br6wer Mary, wid. James, h 182 Eagle 
Brower Marshall, com. mer. 94 Barclay N.Y. h 

163 17th 

Brower Martin V. B. shoemkr. h 378 S. 2d 
Brower Michael, tinsmith, h 197 Montrose av 
Brower Olander F. goldbeater, N.Y. h 84 

Brower Peter, engineer, h 200 Spencer 
Brower Rem. L. com. mer. 94 Barclay N.Y. h 
163 17th 

Brower Richard H. machinist, h 155 Park av 

Brower Selah W. o. h. h 59 Hicks 

Brower Stephen J. mer. Greenwich N.Y. h 90 

St. James' pi 
Brower Valentine, agt. h 48 Chauncey 
Brower Vanpelt, cooper, 82 Schenck, h 96 


Brower Walter, elk. h 190 Wilson 
Brower Wilber F. salesman, h 460 Carlton av 
Brower William H. elk. h 28 St. James' pi 
Brower William J. machinist, h 112 Prospect 
Brow T er William L. shoemkr. h r 364 S. 2d 
Brower William W. h 222 Clermont av 
Brower Willis, elk. h 106 Devoe 
Browers John, glass, h 454 Hicks 
Browhel Joseph, perfumer, li 227 Ryerson 
Browley George, mason, h 250 Steuben 
Brown Aaron, waiter, h 456 Adelphi 
Brown Abrain. gasfitter, h 65 Schaeffer 
Brown Abrara, porter, h 87 Fort Greene pi 
Brown Abraham, driver, h 526 Hicks 
Brown Adam, broker, 24 Broad N.Y. h 340 9th 
Brown Adam, tinsmith, li 87 Eagle 

BUTLER'S SATES, 79 Dmi street, 




132 Mangin St., near Houston, last River, New York. 

BRO 124 BRO 

► as 


•c o 

3 . 

was r 

o o 








Geo. T. Lain. Chas. J. Healy. 


City Directory Printing House, 

17 Willongliby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, If. T. 

Brown Adam T. carpenter, h 73 Waverly av 
Brown Adrian G. printer, h 106£ Skillman 
Brown Albert, engineer, b 525 .Manhattan av 
Brown Albert, storage, Jay N.Y. h 332 S. 2d 
Brown Albert E. elk. h 244 Scher 
Brown Alexander, bricklayer, b Baltic av n 

Van Sicklen av E.N.Y. 
Brown Alexander, elk. h 58 Taylor 
Brown Alexander, liquors, 696 Wash'n av 
Brown Alexander, metal, 46 John N.Y. h 271 

Vand' t av 

Brown Alexander, painter, b 156 Ctmselyea 
Brown Alexander, tailor, b 82 Sullivan 
Brown Alexander C. salesman, h 237 Vernon av 
Brown Alfred, hairdresser, h 88 Gwinnett 
Brown Alfred, elk. b 765 Madison 
Brown Alfred, painter, h 568 3d av 
Brown Alfred J. laundry, 316 Gold 
Brown Alice, wid. George, b 162 Grand av 
Brown Alice, wid. John, h 313 Eckford 
Brown Allen, elk. b 107 39th 
Brown Alpheua L. ieweler, 2 Maiden la N.Y. 

b 274 Gates av 
Brown Alvah G. shoes, 53 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av, h 191 Wilson 
Brown Andrew, bkkpr. h Myrtle n Chestnut 

Brown Andrew, ironfounder, Marcy av c 

Hope, b 145 Penn 
Brown Andrew, ieweler. b 456 DeKalb av 
Brown Andrew, lab. h 40 Pacific 
Brown Andrew D. toolmfr. 139 3d av. h 678 


Brown Andrew M. stenographer, h Bergen n 

E. New York av E.N.Y. 
Brown Ann, b 392 State 
Brown Ann, wid. John, b 216 Conover 
Brown Ann, wid. Richard, h 189 Steuben 
Brown Ann, wid. William B. h 59 Moore 
Brown Ann A. wid. David, h 273 Degraw 
Brown Ann C. wid. David, h 84 Waverly av 
Brown Anna E. wid. David, dressinkr. h old 

No. 56 Rodney 
Brown Anna, dressmkr. b 98 Court 
Brown Anna, wid. John, b 11 Beaver 
Brown Anna H. artist, li 356 Adelphi 
Brown Annie, wid. Charles \\ r . h 331 S. 4th 
Brown Annie, b 625 Warren 
Brown Annie, wid. David, h old No. 138 Marcy 


Brown Annie, wid. E H. h old No. 141 Keap 
Brown Annie, wid. James G. h 132 N. 5th 
Brown Annie, wid John, h 217 Johnson 
Brown Annie, wid. b 83 Congress 
j Brown Annie, wid. b 116 Varet 
Brown Annie A. wid. Frederick, h 397 Jeffer- 
son av 

Brown Annie M. physician, 488 Bedford av 
Brown Anthony, lab. h 357 Maujer 
Brown Anthony, peddler, h 1.5 Rock 
Brown Anthony If. blacksmith, b 702 4th av 
Brown Aphre E. h 44 Monroe 
Brown Arion, driver, h 210 Jackson 
Brown Arthur, printer, Dnane N.Y. h 200 

Brown Arthur L. collector, h 166 Halsey 
Brown August, lab. r 216 Calyer 
Brown August, lab. b 205 2d E.D. now Wythe 


Brown August, machinist, h 72 Dele van 
Brown August E. engraver, b 212 Wil'by av 
Brown A. G. P. c.b. N.Y. h 382 Bergen 
Brown A. L. h 178 St, James' pi 
Brown Barnett, cutter, h 371 S.4th 
Brown Benjamin, bSdr. b 239 Monroe 
Brown Benjamin, elk. li 340 9th 
Brown Benjamin, peddler, b 104 Navy 


5 East 14th St., N. Y- 

Brown Benjamin, physician, b 92 Greene av 
Brown Benjamin E. seaman, li old No. 218 

Brown Benjamin F. carman, li 221. Berry 
Brown Benjamin J. hatmfr. 52 Kosciusko & 92 

Spring N.Y. h old No. 4H8 Bedford av 
Brown Benjamin J. jr. hatmfr. 4.4 Kosciusko, 
h 57 Hart 

Brown Benjamin L. porter, h 166 Marion 
Brown Benjamin T. fruit, 221 Fulton N.Y. h 

316.* Monroe 
Brown Bennett, clothing, 257 Grand & 622 

B'way, h 245 E. 60th N.Y. 
Brown Bernard, clothing, 257 Grand, b E. 60th 

Brown Bernard J. upholsterer, 800£ Myrtle av 
Brown Bridget, wid. Patrick, h 282 16th 
Brown Bromley, h 82 Pierrepont 
Brown Campbell C. broker, 56 Exchange pi, h 

20 Strong pi 
Brown Caroline, wid. b 78 S. 9th 
Brown Caroline C. wid. Wm. E. h 171 Devoe 
Brown Carrie, wid. George, h r 277 2d E.D. 

now Wythe av 
Brown Cassius, elk. h 916 Fulton 
Brown Catharine, wid. George, h 122 S. 1st 
Brown Catherine, wid. John, h 134 Summit 
Brown Catherine M. wid. John F. b 638 Greene 

Brown Charles, h Atlantic av c Scbenck av 
E N Y 

Brown Charles, impr. 198 Church N.Y. h 124 

Lincoln pi 
Brown Charles, barkpr. b 34 Willow pi 
Brown Charles, bkkpr. h 612 Lorimer 
Brown Charles, bkkpr. h old No. 345 Kent av 
Brown Charles, carver, 20 James si N.Y. h 644 

Brown Charles, cigars, 681 Fulton 
Brown Charles, elk. h Georgia av n Liberty av 

Brown Charles, elk. h 413 B'way 
Brown Charles, colomrixer, h 31 Johnson av 
Brown Charles, contractor h 1634 Dean 
Brown Charles, driver, h 516 Dean 
Brown Charles, driver, h 104 Clinton 
Brown Charles, gilder, li 99 Borgon 
Brown Charles, Tab. h 75 5th av 
Brown Charles, lab. h 179 Conover 
Brown Charles, lab. h 488 Flushing av 
Brown Charles, lighterage, h 411 Smith 
Brown Charles, machinist, h 229 Manjer 
Brown Charles, machinist, h 42 Bartlett 
Brown Charles porter, h 59 Moore 
Brown Charles, sawyer, h 282 16th 
Brown Charles, seaman, h Park pi n Ralph av 
Brown Charles, seaman, b 45 Lai 
Brown Charles, ship carpenter, h 240 S 1st 
Brown Charles, stip't, b 194 John 
Brown Charles, watchman, h 55 Sackett 
Brown Charles A. b 384 Adelphi 
Brown Charles A. wirefencemfr. 33 Leonard, 
b 391 12th 

Brown Charles A. driver, h 188 Hudson av 
Brown Charles C. oil iusp. h 146 S. 2d 
Brown Chas. D. dockbldr. h r 180 Havemeyer 
Brown Charles E. carpenter, h 17 Gwiuett 
Brown Charles E. cashier, 147 South N.Y. h 

103 Wilson 
Brown Charles E. lab. h 149 Huntington 
Brown Charles E, painter, b 129 Baltic 
Brown Charles E. patterns, 347 1st E.D. now 

Kent av, h 40 4th E.D. now Bedford av 
Brown Charles E. porter, h r 81 Tillary 
Brown Charles E. salesman, h 474 Putnam av 
i Brown Charles E. tel. h 95 N. Portland av 
I BROWN CHARLKSF. judge, 19 Court House, 
i b Newburgh N.Y. 

1 Brown Charles F. miller, li 248 Prospect av 
i Brown Charles IT. h 470 Van Buren 
i Brown Charles H. elk. b 47 Albany av 
; Brown Charles H. lab. li 331 S. 4th 
' Brown Charles H. salesman, b 156 S. 2d 
j Brown Charles J. watchman, h 206 Maujer 
Brown Charles J. jr. tinsmith, h 386 N. 2d 
' Brown Charles L. 'bkkpr, h 816 Prospect pi 

The Holmes Parquet & inlaid Floor Co. 


Kepolisliing a Specialty. 

BRO 125 


128 & 130 FULTON ST., 



Brown Charles L. police, h 218 44th 
Brown Charles P. elk. h Atlantic av n Stone 
av E.N.Y. 

Brown Charles R. editor, 19 S. William, h 232 

Brown Cliarles R. provisions, 172 Grand, h 158 
S. 2d 

Brown Charles S. elk. h 147 Luquer 
Brown Charles T. carpenter, h 368 S. 2d 
Brown Charles W. fruit, h 556 Quincy 
Brown Charles W. patternmkr. 347 1st E.D. 

h 40 4th now Bedford av 
Brown Charlotte A. li 167 Washington pk 
Brown Chauncey W. sec. h 166 Halsey 
Brown Christian, instsmkr. b 146 Ewen 
Brown Christian N. cooper, 273 Tillary 
Brown Clarence, ins. h old No. 62 Hooper 
Brown Clarence J. elk. h23 S. Elliott pi 
Brown Clark T. elk. h 128 Pulaski 
Brown Clinton, lab. h r 774 Dean 
Brown Constantino, com. mer. 47 Pearl N.Y. h 

432 Grand av 
Brown Cornelius H. bkkpr. h 11 Fillmore pi 
Brown Cornelius N. elk. h 30 Irving pi 
Brown Cornelius W. acct. h 356 Halsey 
Brown C. Alonzo supt. h 71 Kosciusko 
Brown C, M. h 256 Steuben 
Brown Daniel, painter, 39 Park pi 
Brown Dauiel, print-cutter, h 94 4th pi 
Brown Daniel D. pilot, h 298 Hart 
Brown Daniel L. salesman, b 138 Prospect av 
Brown Dauiel W. tailor, b 138 Prospect av 
Brown David, h 288 S. 5th 
Brown David, bldr. b 2 Bremen 
Brown David, engineer, h 336 20th 
Brown David H. wallpaper, 285 Grand, & 339 

Manhattan av, h 143 Bedford av 
Brown David R. conductor, h 141 23d 
Brown David S. shoemkr. h 99 Union av 
Brown Deborah G. matron, 141 S. 3d 
Brown Dennis, housesniith, h 417 Manhattan 


Brown Dennis, oper. h 364 Baltic 
Brown DeWitt C. lawyer, 82 Nassau N.Y. h 
67 1st pi 

Brown DeWitt C. photographer, Fort Lee, h 
398 S. 5th 

Brown Dora, wid. Henry, h 715 De Kalb av 
Brown Dora, wid. William, h 71 Dean 
Brown Dunning J. dockbldr. b r 180 Havemeyer 
Brown D. Rollins, physician, h Vand't c 

Greene av 
Brown Edmond, police, h 453 Laf av 
Brown Edmond C. lawyer, 181 B'way N.Y. h 

140 Franklin av 
Brown Edmund, engineer, b 298 Wyckoff 
Brown Edmund H. salesman, b old No. 94 Rod- 

Brown Edward, boatman, h 106 Vandyke 
Brown Edward, carpenter, h 367 Hoyt 
Brown Edward, driver, h 24 N. Henry 
Brown Edward, mason, b 640 Bush wick av 
Brown Edward, mechanic, b 352 S. 3d 
Brown Edward, packer, h 473 Manhattan av 
Brown Edward, painter, h 1009 Pacific 
Brown Edward, porter, h 223 Atlantic av 
Brown Edward, printer, h 344 St. Mark's pi 
Brown Edward, silver plate, b 121 3d 
Brown Edward C. elk. h old No. 178 Hewes 
Brown Edward D. elk. h 19 Tompkins pi 
Brown Edward G. supt. h 354 Bergen 
Brown Edward H. grain, Lewis c Broome N.Y. 

h old No. 180 Hewes 
Brown Edward H. jeweler, 16 Maiden la N.Y. 

h 103 State 

Brown Edward J. agt. b Montauk av n Baltic 

av E.N.Y. 
Brown Edward J. engineer, h 139 39th 
Brown Edward J. G. lab. h 93 Hamilton av 
Brown Edward L. bkkpr. h 104 Wash'n av 
Brown Edward P. teller, h 430 State 
Brown Edward S. elk. h74 Sands 
Brown Edward S. salesman, h old No. 316 Bed- 
ford av 

Brown Edward T. artist, h 356 Adelphi 
Brown Edward W. driver, b 219 Spencer 

Brown Edward W. waiter, h 59 Fleet pi 

Brown Edwin, supt., h 15 Grove pi 

Brown Edwin A. com. mer. 183 lieade N.Y. h 

109 Hancock 
Brown Edwin H. asst. supt. h 15 Grove pi 
Brown Edwin H. lawyer, 32 Park pi N.Y. h 225 

Eincoln pi 

Brown Edwin T. painter, h 184 Sumner av 
Brown Elizabeth, wid. William, h 77 N. 9th 
Brown Eliza, wid. h r 358 Gold 
Brown Eliza, wid. Charles, h 937 Myrtle av 
Brown Eliza, wid. John, h 572 Clinton 
Brown Eliza D. dressmkr. old No. 334 Bedford 

Brown Eliza J. wid. h 170 Division av 
Bi'own Elizabeth D. wid. William, h 542 Lex av 
Brown Ellen, wid. John, h 380 De Kalb av 
Brown Ellen, wid. Richard, h 126 Noble 
Brown Elmer R. provisions, 172 Grand, h 158 
S. 2d 

Brown Emery, elk. b 38 Wil'by 
Brown Emma, wid. Jacob, h 929 Atlantic av 
Brown Emma, wid. Thomas H. h 214 Ryerson 
Brown Emily, wid. Silas, b 192 Havemeyer 
Brown Emily J. wid. Morgan, h 417 Adelphi 
Brown Enoch S. printer, 28 Beekman N.Y. h 
197 Hart 

Brown Erastus, oysters, 81 De Kalb av 
Brown Erick, grocer, 455 Warren 
Brown Ersula, wid. h 261 High 
Brown Eugene, machinist, b 43 Duffield 
Brown Eugene, moulder, h 650 4th av 
Brown Eugene, salesman, h 202 5th av 
Brown Falk, tailor, li 257 Grand 
Brown Francis C. wid- John, h 174 Taylor 
Brown Francis W. printer, h r 10 Hall 
Brown Frank, carpenter, 40 Kosciusko, h 2258 

Brown Frank, china, 115 4th av 
Brown Frank, elk. h 181 Baltic 
Brown Frank, elk. h 60 Hope 
Brown Frank, driver, h 144 Leonard 
Brown Frank, engineer h 127 King 
Brown Frank, glassblower, h 101 Debevoise 
Brown Frank, hatter, h old No. 141 Keap 
Brown Frank, housefurng. h 115 4th av 
Brown Frank, lab. h 200 Greene 
Brown Frank, steamfitter, h 243 Greenpoint av 
Brown Frank, tinware, 21 Park 
Brown Frank C. artist, h 72 Oakland 
Brown Frank H. pumpmkr. 38 South N.Y. h 
306 14th 

Brown Frank J. sashmkr. b 143 High 
Brown Frank L. elk. h 753 Putnam av 
Brown Frank O. engineer, h 402 Wil'by av 
Brown Frank W. elk. h 458 Greene av 
Brown Franklin, shoemkr, h 31 Wythe av 
Brown Franklin H. painter, h 261£ 19th 
Brown Franz Bruno, h 268 Front 
Brown Fred W. salesman, b 551 Herkimer 
Brown Frederick, broommkr. b Degraw n Nos- 
trand av 

Brown Frederick, driver, b 512 16th 
Brown Frederick, salesman, b 328 Degraw 
Brown Frederick C. butter, 734 Myrtle av, 1; 

197 Pulaski 
Brown Frederick T. sawmkr. h 279 Ewen 
Brown Gabriel, carpenter, h 77 Dikeman 
Brown George, h 62 10th E.D. nowKeap 
Brown George, b 122 Park av 
Brown George, hairdresser, b 76 Wash'n av 
Brown George, hkbinder, h 163 Luquer 
Brown George, elk. h 87 Clermont av 
Brown George, elk. h 26 Douglass 
Brown George, elk. h 233 Gates av 
Brown George, elk. h 174 Kosciusko 
Brown George, conductor, b 873 Park av 
Brown George, driver, h 101 Flatbueh av 
Brown George, driver, h 340 18th 
Brown George, furniture, 379 W. 12th N.Y. 1 

14 Cambridge pi 
Brown George, harnessmkr. b 259 Eckford 
Brown George, ice, h 280 Atlantic av 
Brown George, jeweler, h 99 Throop av 
Brown George, lab. h 39 N. 8th 
Brown George, lab. b 175 Seigel 


7t S 

2 m 

O 50 

m n 

0) pi 

■ o 










554 to 562 W. 25th St, New York. 

nnvm i&io nn 193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

Assets, is U. S„ Jail. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. LiaML, $2,377.47127. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
BRO 126 BRO 


I^VXIV <fc CO. 

Job Printing of Every Description. 

27 Willoug&by St., cor. Pearl B'klyn. 

Brown George, machinist, h 101 Java 
Brown George, mechanic, h 50 Bremen 
Brown George, painter, li 644 Myrtle av 
Brown George, painter, h 5£ "Webster pi 
Brown George, plaster, h Jefferson n Liberty 

av E.N.Y. 
Brown George, salesman, h 728£ Union 
Brown George, shoelaster, li 122 S. 1st 
Brown George, shoemkr. k 97 Schenck 
Brown George, seaman, h 57 Front 
Brown George, shipsmith, h 288 1st E.D. now 

Kent av 

Brown George, stairbldr. h 95 Adams E.D. 
Brown George, tailor, h r 51 Morrell 
■Brown George, waiter, h 445 Hudson av 
Brown George, wallpaper, h 476£ State 
Brown Georsre, watchman, h 421 2d E.D. now 

Wythe av 
Brown* George A. h 310 Quincy 
Brown George C. engineer, h 492 Fulton 
Brown George E. engineer, h Locust av n Fulton 

av E.N.Y. 

Brown George E. ins. 131 William N.Y. h 114 

Colombia hgls. 
Brown George F. stationer, 29 Murray N.Y. h 

626 Greene av 
Brown George G. bondclk. 9 City Hall, h 843 

Bushwick av 
Brown George G. painter, N.Y. h 965 Fulton 
Brown George II. cabinetmkr. 59 Ann N.Y. h 

288 S. 5th 

Brown George H. elk. 281 Wash'n, h 195 Dean 
Brown George H. milk, 327 Graham av 
Brown George H. snpt, h 195 Dean 
Brown George H. tinsmith, h 197 Pulaski 
Brown Geoi'ge J. machinist, 65 Freeman, h 101 

Brown George M. buyer, h old No. 127 Hewes 

Brown George M. h 307 Carlton av 

Brown George O. milk, 266 Smith 

Brown George E. bkkpr. h 209 Hall 

Brown George E. lawyer, 26 Court, h 34 S. 

Portland av 
Brown George E. salesman, h 536 Clinton av 
Brown George S. elk. h 19 Tompkins pi 
Brown George S. lawyer, 32 warren N.Y. h 

728£ Union 
Brown George S. salesman, h 362 Madison 
Brown George T. elk. h 19 Fort Greene pi 
Brown George T. elk. 124 S. Fifth av N.Y. h 

378 Tompkins av 
Brown George T. ins. h 269 McDonongh 
Brown George W. bkkpr. h old No. 324 Bed- 
ford av 

Brown George W. broker, h 63 Hancock 
Brown George AV. realestate, 26 Court, h 345 

Portland av 
Brown George W. elk. h 26 Clifton pi 
Brown George W. elk. h 200 27th 
Brown George W. ins. N.Y. h 144 Wilson 
Brown George W. mason, h 90 India 
Brown Geo. \Y. realestate, h 34 S. Portland av 
Brown George W. painter, h 5^ Webster pi 
Brown George W. porter, h 455 Adelphi 
Brown George W. truckman, 620 Bergen, h 

103 Flatbush a v 
Brown Gilbert, varieties, 36 Eeid av 
Brown Gordon, mason, h 294 Bergen 
Brown Gustav, elk, h 258 S. 4th 
Brown Harnet, engineer, h 176 Myrtle av 
Brown Hannah T. wid. Wm. H. h 120 Sands 
Brown Harlow E. tables, 53 Elizabeth N.Y. h 

old No. 78 Rodney 
Brown Harriet, wid. Daniel, h 354 Quincy 
Brown Harriet, wid. Eldridge, h 159 Dulheld 
Brown Harriet D. wid. Hampton, h 660 Monroe" 
Brown Harry L. sawnikr. b 279 Ewen 

Brown Henrietta, wid. Albert, h 49 Valid' t av 
Brown Henry, brewer, li 31 Seigel 
Brown Henry, brussfinisher, h 10 Skillman av 
Brown Honfv, cigitnnfr. 315 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 

Brown Henry, coffee roaster, h 109 Tillary 
Brown Henry, dentist, h 2 Brevoort pi 
Brown Henry, fireman, h v 418 Baltic 
Brown Henry, lab. b 121h c 3d av 
Brown Henry, lab. h 135 Dikeman 
Brown Henry, lighterman, h 520 3d av 
Brown Henry, moldor, It 53 N. 2d 
Brown Henry, painter, li 515 Waverly av 
Brown Henry, paperhanger, h 515 Waverly av 
Brown Henry A. conductor, h 501 N. 2d 
Brown Henry C. safes, 768 B'way N.Y. h 274 
Gates av 

Brown Henry C. sec. 81 3d av, h Northport, 
L. I. 

Brown Henry J. bldr. 1534 Fulton, h 311 Her- 

Brown Henrv J. carman, h 462 Monroe 
Brown Henry M. h 232 Lex av 
Brown Henry S. confectioner, h 383 Atlantic av 
Brown Henry S. ins. 32 Nassau N. Y. h 195 

Brown Henry T. patents, 262 B'way N. Y. h 

192 Lincoln pi 
Brown Henry W. elk. h 389 State 
Brown Henry Z. carpenter, h 122 Nassau, av 
Brown Herman, shoes. 517 Walton, h 444 B'way 
Brown Herman L. shipmaster, b 242 Sackett 
Brown Hersev, stationer, 59 Maiden la N.Y. h 

8 Clark 

Brown Hiram C. carpenter, h 238 Bedford av 
Brown Howell S. elk. h 244 Seller 
Brown Horace E. elk. h Montauk av n Baltic 
av E.N.Y. 

Brown Hugh, carpenter, b 1260 Myrtle av 
Brown Hugh, painter, h 393 35th 
♦Brown H. B. pension agt. 12 Centre N.Y. 
Brown Isaac, engineer, h 111 Wolcott 
Brown Isaac, furrier, n 630 B'way 
Brown Isaac M. h 1075 Herkimer 
Brown Jacob, caulker, h 351 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Brown Jacob, kalsominer, h r 356 Gold 

Brown Jacob, lab. It 15 L Hamilton av 

Brown Jacob I), driver, h 373 Hudson av 

Brown Jacob H. elk. h 196 Eutledge 

Brown Jacob M. elk. h 452 Gates av 

Brown Jacob M. mason, h 527 Quincy 

Brown Jacob E. butler, h 945 Heckimer 

Brown Jacob W. elk. h 732 Laf av 

Brown James, h 156 Hoyt 

Brown James, Herkimer n Stone av E.N.Y. 

Brown James, b 27 Cranberry 

Brown James, bag sewer, h 555 Warren 

Brown James, bkbinder. h 100 Powers 

Brown James, carpenter, b 1808 Atlantic av 

Brown James, carpenter, h 177 Park av 

Brown James, elk. h 476 Clermont av 

Brown James, driver, h 176 Flushing av 

Brown James, engineer, h 416J13th 

Brown James, hay pier, 2 Wallabout,h old No. 

67 Bedford av 
Brown James, fireman, h 50 S. 5th 
Brown James, foreman, h 127 Grand 
Brown James, furnacebldr. h 34 Poplar 
Brown James, hatter, h 815 Myrtle av 
Brown James, hatter, h 193 Navy 
Brown James, lab. h 317 16th 
Brown James, lab. b 24 Carroll 
Brown James, liquors, 456 De Kalb av 
Brown James, mason, h 977 Pacific 
Brown James, mason, h r 32 Fleet 
Brown James, moulder, b 160 Luquer 
Brown James, printer, h 783 Laf 
Brown James, sealing wax, h 331 Franklin av 
Brown James, sboemkr.old No. 414 Bedford av 
Brown James, shoemkr. h 262 Carlton av 
Brown James, shoemkr. h 195 Sands 
Brown James, stationer, h 242 High 
Brown James, truckman, h 142 39th 
Brown James A. h 109 India 
Brown J as. A. ins. 51 Liberty N.Y. h 295 S. 5th 


J. A. WEBB & SON, I "> s BI4,"Vo 8 « t k".« t ' I ww isss. 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. Send for Quotations. 





BRO 127 BRO 

Brown James A. painter, h 290 15th 
Brown James B. bkkpr. b 753 Putnam av 
Brown James C. statistician, Produce Exchange 

N.Y. h 181 Putnam av 
Brown James E. lab. h 317 Plymouth 
Brown James D. lawyer, k 125 St. Felix 
Brown James E. plumber, h 75 S. 6th 
Brown James E. realestate, N.Y. h 109 India 
Brown Jas. H. driver, old No. h 578 Bedford av 
Brown James H. toolmfr. 139 3d av, h 416 17th 
Brown James J. penmkr. h 127 Grand 
Brown James J. tailor, li 100 Wyckoff 
Brown James L. cigarmkr. h 577 Warren 
Brown James M. salesman, h 748 Monroe 
Brown James N. salesman, h 303£ Madison 
Brown James li. elk. h 236 Adams 
Brown James E. watchman, h 253 Pacific 
Brown James 8. lab. h. 46 S. 5th 
Brown James T. elk. h 150 Laf av 
Brown Jane, grocer, 485 Warren 
Brown Jane, wid. Charles, b 559 16th 
Brown Jane, wid. James D. b 169 Keid av 
Brown Jane A. wid. Daniel, b 976 Myrtle av 
Brown Jeannette Gr wid. John, b 475Clinton av 
Brown Jennie, ins. agt. h 257 S. 1st 
Brown Jennie, wid. George, b 277 Greene av 
Brown Jenny M. wid. James L. b 204 20th 
Brown Jeremiah, moulder, h 224 Frost 
Brown Jesse C. agt. h 274 11th 
Brown Joanna, wid. John, b 46 S. 5th 
Brown John, h 624 Myrtle av 
Brown John, b 835 Pacific 
Brown John, h 65 Rapelve 
Brown John, b 167 24th * 
Brown John, agt. h 34 Bergen 
Brown John, butter, Fulton, h 1874 Atlantic av 
Brown John, boxmkr. b 520 Manhattan av 
Brown John, carpenter, h 11 Beaver 
Brown John, carpenter, h 601 Hancock 
Brown John, elk. h 377 Atlantic av 
Brown John, elk. h 34 Lawton 
Brown John, elk. h 192 Meeker av 
Brown John, cutter, h 148 Degraw 
Brown John, driver, h 60 Oakland 
Brown John jr. driver, h 167 24th 
Brown John, editor, h 258 Clifton pi 
Brown John, engineer, h 150 N. 7th. 
Brown John, engraver, h 282 Rutledge 
Brown John* ferryman, h 278 Graham av 
Brown John, fireman, h 151 Eagle 
Brown John, foreman, h 203 Ten Eyck 
Brown John, harnessmkr. 95 N. 5th 
Brown John, lab. b r 654 Atlantic av 
Brown John, lab. b r 13 Chapel 
Brown John, lab. b 143 Ewen 
Brown John, lab. b 169£ Floyd 
Brown John, lab. b 244 Johnson 
Brown John, lab. b 203 Navy 
Brown John. lab. h 3 Prospect ter. 
Brown Jolmj lab. 382 Pulaski 
Brown John, lab. h r 591 Vand't av 
Brown John, liquors, 377 S. 5th 
Brown John, machinist, b old No. 576 Bedford 


Brown John, machinist, h 154Hope 
Brown John, machinist, b 523 Manhattan av 
Brown John, machinist, b 56 5th av 
Brown John, mer. h 20 3d 
Brown John, painter, b 824 Quincy 
Brown John, paints, h 38 Carlton av 
Brown John, plasterer, h 691 B'way 
Brown John, plasterer, h 653 6tb av 
Brown John, plumber, 857 Fulton 
Brown John, plumber, b 510 Myrtle av 
Brown John, printer, b 105 Wash'n 
Brown John i printer, h 159 Wil'by 
Brown John! provisions, h 34Powers 
Brown John, provisions, 179 Havemeyer, h 156 
S. 2d 

Brown John, salesman, b 442 3d av 

Brown John, sawyer, h 102 N.7th 

Brown John, cigarboxmkr. 8 Columbia hgts, h 

101 Lex av 
Brown John, sexton, b 98 York 
Brown John, shoes, h 405 "Warren 
Brown John, shoefitter, h 316 Driggs 

Brown John, shoemkr. h r 168 Classon av 

Brown John, tailor, h 395 Atlantic av 

Brown John, tinsmith, b Smith av n Bay av 

Brown John A. h 69 2d pi 

Brown John A. carpenter, 143 Clermont av, h 
87 Cumberland 

Brown John B. butter, 1838 Fulton, h 1874 At- 
lantic av 

Brown John B. elk. h 225 Division av 
Brown John B. driver, b 498 Henry 
Brown John B. tinsmith, h 146 Sands 
Brown John B. waiter, h 11 Stryker et 
Brown John C. h 371 5th 
Brown John C. engineer, h 210 Sandford 
Brown John C. m'fr. 8 Columbia hgts, b 103 
Lex av 

Brown John C. salesman, b old No. 127 Hewes 
Brown John C. stevedore, 49 South N.Y. h 368 

Clifton pi 
Brown John D. elk. N.Y. b 336 20th 
Brown John D. painter, h 11 Stryker ct 
Brown John D. painter, Wash'n c Tillary, h 

1221 Atlantic av 
Brown John E. elk. b 659 Carroll 
Brown John E. machinist, h 29 Conselyea 
Brown John E. plasterer, h 863 Dean 
Brown John E. elk. h 147 Wyckoff 
Brown John F. finisher, b 68 S. 6th 
Brown John H. driver, b 132 N. 5th 
Brown John H. hatter, 143 Harrison av 
Brown John II. paperhanger, 711 Fulton 
Brown John H. varieties, 710 Myrtle av 
Brown John J. cabinetmkr. b 240 S. 1st 
Brown John J. elk. b 34 Powers 
Brown John J. cooper, h 46 S. 5th 
Brown John M. bkkpr. 1 Municipal bldg. h 

601 Hancock 
Brown John M. salesman, h 452 Pacific 
Brown John P. sailmkr. h 143 Nelson 
Brown John R. T. broker, B'way N.Y. hold 

No. 212 Bedford av 
Brown John II. confectionery, 294 Division av 
Brown John S. pat. h 258 Clifton pi 
Brown John S. salesman, h 45 Brovoort pi 
Brown John T. carpenter, h 330 Marion 
Brown John T. elk. h 43 Pulaski 
Brown John G. watebman, h 441 Adelphi 
Brown John W. artist, h 242 Sober 
Brown John W. pres't, 81 3d av, h 174a 6th av 
Brown John W. tailor, b 26 Carlton av 
Brown Johnson, watchman, b 104 Park av 
Brown Joseph, carman, b 1882 Fulton 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, b 217 Freeman 
Brown Joseph, engraver, h 646 Hicks 
Brown Joseph, engineer, h 170 Harrison av 
Brown Joseph, bats, 366 Hudson 
Brown Joseph, ironmoulder, h 494 Sackett 
Brown Joseph, lab. h 389 Pres't 
Brown Joseph, livery, 172 Duffield 
Brown Joseph, milk, b 15 Kingsland av 
Brown Joseph, plumber, h 100 Cumberland 
Brown Joseph, seaman, b 133 Powers 
Brown Joseph, shoemkr. 462 Manhattan av 
Brown Joseph, tinswith, h 87 Eagle 
Brown Joseph A. insp. N.Y, h 655 Baltic 
Brown Joseph A. blacksmith, 331 Bond 
Brown Joseph B. dentist, 391 Pacific, h J 


Brown Joseph C. elk. h 439 Van Buren 
Brown Joseph C. printer, b 171 Devoe 
Brown Joseph E. banker, 18 Wall N.Y. h 123 
Hem sen 

Brown Joseph L. butcher, b 154 Spencer 
Brown Joseph L. elk. h 154 Spencer 
Brown Joseph L. ins. h 451 Gold 
Brown Joseph M. cutter, h old No 248 Rodney 
Brown Joseph W. bkkpr. h 18 Butler 
Brown Josephine, b 309 S. 2d 
Brown Josephine, dressmkr. b 417 Manhattan 

Brown Joshua, b 167 S. 9th 

Brown Judson A. caipenter, b 61 Johnson 

Brown Judson, h 122 Sands 

Brown J. Brownlee, lawyer, h 82 Pierrepont 

Brown J. E. elk. h 601 Hancock 




31 £ t |7> Open Fire-Places, 
New York- i Dog Grates, Ete. 

Foundries and Shops, East 28th St. and Second Ave. 

See advt. leaf opp. name. 

p A 0 PTyfJlTTDpe W. G. Vosburgh Mfg. Co., Limited, 

U il U f 1 A 1 U III] l). 418 & 420 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 












Mercantile Printing of Every Description. 

TuA.TT$ <fc CO., 

City Directory Printing House, 

17 Willoughby St., cor. Pearl, Brooklyn, N. 1. 

Brown J. W. (Rev.) h 358 S, 3d 
Brown J. C. & Co.cigar boxes, 8 Columbiahgts 
Brown J. Sanford, h 82 Pierrepont 
Brown J". S. & W. malt, Taylor o Kent av 
Brown Kate L. wid. Jos. notions, 471 5th av 
Brown Kate, wid. Michael, h 11 Herkimer pi 
Brown Kate, wid. William, li 498 Clermont av 
Brown Katharine, wid, h 176 Maujer 
Brown Kenneth, elk. h 20 3d 
Brown Kersliall, bkkpr. h 350 9th 
Brown LaGrange, h 100 Hicks 
Brown Lazarus, cattle, h 277 Humboldt 
Brown Leavitt, mechanic, h 276 S. 2d 
Brown Leonard, baker, h 601 Grand 
Brown Leonard, printer, h 252 Kosciusko 
Brown Leonard, tinsmith, h Wash'n n Liberty 

Brown Leonard J", coachman, h 236 Vand't av 
Brown Leonard W. driver, h 601 Grand 
Brown Levi, mason, h 711 Fulton 
Brown Levi O. real estate, 40 5th & 1187 Fulton 

av, h 275 Prospect pi 
Brown Louis M. stevedore, 49 South N.Y. h 

368 Clifton pi 
Brown Lionel E. realestate, 40 5th av & 1187 

Fulton, h 390 10th 
Brown Lizzie, dressmkr. h 427 Gold 
Brown Lorenzo I). teacher, h 341 Grand av 
Brown Louis A. seaman, h old No. 578 Bedford 


Brown Louis F. manager, h. 227 Columbia 
Brown Lowell V. chemist, h 367a Quincy 
Brown Lucy, wid. Edward, h 397 McDonougb. 
Brown Luella G. wid. Chas. F. W, h 7 Pulaski 
Brown Lyman I), suspenders, 70 Franklin N. 

Y. h 254 DeKalb av 
Brown Madge, wid. Jackson, h 176 Myrtle av 
Brown Margaret, h 7 Perry pi 
Brown Margaret, confectioner, 115 Hudson av 
Brown Margaret, wid. h 12 Canton 
Brown Margaret, wid. Charles, h 59 Moore 
Brown Margaret, wid. Daniel, h 20 Wolcott 
Brown Margaret, wid. James, h 27 Grace ct 
Brown Margaret, wid. Joseph, h 435 Warren 
Brown Margaret, wid. Thos. h 167 Sterling pi 
Brown Margaret, wid. Walter, h 40 Pacific 
Brown Margaret, wid. William, h 173 Union 
Brown Marion, h 984 Myrtle av 
Brown Marion, wid. h 51 Emniett 
Brown Martin, carpenter, li 148 Seigel 
Brown Mary, h Park pi n Rochester av 
Brown Mary, dressmkr. 523 Clinton 
Brown Mary, dressmkr. h 250 Grand 
Brown Mary, shoefitter, h 177 N. 8th 
Brown Mary, tailoress, h 179 N. 8th 
Brown Mary, wid. h 268 Leonard 
Brown Mary, wid. Adam, h 87 Eagle 
Brown Mary, wid. David, h 735 Laf 
Brown Mary, wid. Geo. W. h 726 Flushing av 
Brown Mary, wid. John, h 36 Carroll 
Brown Mary, wid. John, h 107 Roebling 
Brown Mary, wid. John, h 203 Wash'n pk 
Brown Mary. wid. John, h Wyckoff av n Baltic 

av E.N.'Y. 

Brown Mary, wid. William, h 352 Nostrand av 
Brown Mary, wid. Thomas, h 217 Sackett 
Brown Mary A. seamstress, h 91 Maujer 
Brown Mary A, wid. h 128 Lincoln pi 
Brown Mary C. wid. h 454 Laf av 
Brown Mary E. wid. Michael, 280 Atlantic av 
Brown Mary J. wid. John, h 19 Tompkins pi 
Brown Matilda, dressmkr. h 250 Grand 
Brown Matilda, wid. Asa, h 177 9th E.D. now 

Brown Maurice, hairdresser, 11 Ewen 
Brown Max, elk. h 257 Wash'n 
Brown Mehitable, wid. h 17 Concord 

, Brown Melvin, lawyer, 160 B'way N.Y. h 25 

' Cambridge pi 

j Brown Michael, baker, 155 Tillary 

I Brown Michael, brewer, h 60 Central av 

: Brown Michael, elk. h 154 J Chauneey 

! Brown Michael, cooper, h 304 Van Brunt 

j Brown Michael, driver, h 135 Boerum 

| Brown Michael, farmer, h Christopher n Bal- 

i tic av E.N.Y. 

I Brown Michael, lab. h 258 Nassau 

i Brown Miles A. supt. h Madison n Atlantic av 

i E.N.Y. 

1 Brown Millard F. lawyer, h 177 Clymer 

| Brown Mortimer S. elk. h 795 Greene av 

j Brown Moses S. 46 S. 5th 

i Brown Munson S. locksmith, 5 Myrtle av, b. 

I 77 Adelphi 

; Brown M. Hudson, mfr. h 417 Adelphi 
j Brown M. S. & P. C. locksmiths, 5 Myrtle av 
! Brown Nancy, tailoress, h 179 N. 8th 
; Brown Nicholas, lab. h 279 N. 6th 
I Brown Newton, driver, h 389 Pres't 
Brown Oliver, h 5 11th E.D. now Hooper 
Brown Oliver C. cashier, 32 Warren N.Y. h 

410 Franklin av 
Brown Oliver E. painter, h 67 Stockholm 
Brown Otto, painter, h 21 Newell 
Brown Otto, pianoteacher, h 28 Ditmars 
Brown Palmer, sec. Eagle n Provost, h 146 

Brown Patrick, lab. h 559 Court 
Brown Patrick, lab. h 384 Van Brunt 
Brown Patrick, mason, h 115 Hudson av 
Brown Patrick, pictureframes, h 138 Union 
Brown Patrick, restaurant, 137 Columbia 
Brown Patrick, shoemkr. h 28 Chapel 
Brown Paul, lab. h 9 Prospect av 
Brown Peter, barkpr. h 36 Van Cott av 
Brown Peter, bricklayer, h 872 De Kalb av 
Brown Peter, driver, n 177 Park av 
Brown Peter, driver, h 20 Talman 
Brown Peter, engineer, h 134 West 
Brown Peter, seaman, h 8 Talman 
Brown Peter, tinsmith, h 34 Gold 
Brown Peter A. h 200fc loth 
Brown Peter C. locksmith, 5Myrtle av, h 421 

Brown Phebe, writer, h 71 Maujer 
Brown Phoebe, wid. Elijah T. h 120 Flatbuah 

Brown Philip C. perfumer, h 216 S. 2d 

Brown Phillip, tailor, h 457 Graham av 

Brown Pierson, elk. h 267 Grand 

Brown Pierson, watchman, h 601 Hancock 

Brown Place, truckman, h 529^ Leonard 

Brown Prince A. hairdresser, h 88 Gwinnett 

Brown Raney, roofer, h 182 Wyckoff 

Brown Ransom, elk. h 222 Halsey 

Brown Rebecca, wid. h 288 Bergen 

Brown Rebecca wid. Alex'r, h 827 Classon av 

Brown Richard, elk. h 126 Noble 

Brown Richard, lab. h 559 Court 

Brown Richard, lab. h 553 Warren 

Brown Richard, lab. h 181 Sumpter 

Brown Richard, com. mer. Wash'n mkt. N.Y. 

h 270 Union 
Brown Richard, compositor, h 468 Sackett 
Brown Richard, plumber, h 99 Hoyt 
Brown Richard, salesman, h 299 S. '4th 
Brown Richard A. stoveinkr. h 147 High 
Brown Richard C. turner, h 596£ 5th av 
Brown Richard F. sec. 365 Fulton, h 15 Cran- 

Brown Richard H. carpenter, h 172 Stockton 
Brown Richard L. hairdresser, 361 Fulton, h 
508 Fulton 

Brown Richard P. plumber, 394 Atlantic av 
Brown Richard W. mason, h 60 Harmon 
Brown Robert, h 303 Madison 
Brown Robert, bricklayer, h 163 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Brown Robert, butcher, 384 Manhattan av 
Brown Robert, carpenter, h 542 Warren 
Brown Robert, elk. h 250 Grand 
Brown Robert, elk. h 628 Leonard 
Brown Robert, dockbldr. h r 180 Havemeyer 

Mutual Life Insurance Co, izmzz 0 ^ 


RODNEY C. WARD, General Manager for Long Island, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn. 


NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST,, near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

BRO 129 BRO 

Brown Robert, musician, li 205 4th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Brown Hubert, painter, li 75 Tompkins av 
Brown Robert, peddler, li 178 Harrison av 
Brown Hubert, porter, h 398 Bridge 
Brown Robert, porter, h 24 Lawton 
Brown Kobert, sunt, h 280 Carlton av 
Brown Robert, tailor, 148 Noble, h 680 Lorimer 
Brown Robert B. oils, N.Y. & St- Louis, h 785 

Pies' t 

Brown RobeH J. bldr. 19 Hoyt, b 303 Madison 
Brown Robert J. janitor, b 324 Smith 
Brown Kobert T. electric tel. h 271 Adelphi 
Brown Robert J. shijsstmth, b 105 N. Elliott pi 
Brown Rose, wid. James, b 88 S. 6th 
Brown Rosannu, b old No. 321 Marcy av 
Brown Samuel, driver, b 217 Jay 
Brown Samuel, attorney, 206 B'way N.Y. h old 

No. 415 Bedford av 
Brown Samuel, carpenter, b 211 Elm 
Brown Samuel, carpenter, b 154 Harrison av 
Brown Samuel, carpenter, h 480 Sackett 
Brown Samuel, elk, h 54^- Cbauncey 
Brown Samuel, elk. b 129 Be Kalb av 
Brown Samuel, driver, h 438 Hudson av 
Bi-own Samuel, engineer, a 16 Douglass 
Brown Samuel, fish, 289 B'way 
Brown Samuel, ice, h 44 Clermont av 
Brown Samuel, ice, h 193 Park av 
Brown Samuel, pianoroover, h 441 Bambridge 
Brown Samuel, salesman, b 316 L-ex av 
Brown Samuel, vet. surgeon, h 135 Walton 
Brown Samuel C. carpenter, h 166 S. Elliott pi 
Brown Samuel C salesman, h 43 4th av 
Brown Samuel E. manager, h 411 Myrtle av 
Brown Samuel GL mason, b 823 Herkimer 
Brown Samuel N, salesman, h old No. 249 


Brown bamael P. watchman, h 172 Adams 
Brown Samuel S. engineer, h 106 10th E. D. 

now Keap 
Brown Sanford, agt. b 340 St. Mark's pi 
Brown Sarah, h r 277 St. Mark's av 
Brown Sarah, Aressmkr. h 345 Franklin av 
Brown Sarah, wid. Andrew, h 158 Fulton 
Brown Sarah, wid, Henry J. h 27 Butler av E. 


Brown Sarah, wid. Patrick, h 203 Varet 
Brown Sarah, wid. William, b 316 8th 
Brown Sarah A. dreasmkr. h 771 Fulton 
Brown Sarah E. wid. Frank, b 263 3th 
Brown Sarah E. wid. Kobert T. b 11 Hoyt 
Brown Sarah M. wid. h 340 Humbolt 
Brown Sarah M. dressmkr. 662 DeKalb av 
Brown Sarah T. wid. James, h Montauk av n 

Baltic av E.N. V. 
Brown Seamen, tinsmith, h 128 Manjer 
Brown Sebastian, elk. h Wyckoff av n Baltic 

Brown Silas G. sawmkr. h 279 Ewen 
Brown Stephen, mason, h 127 Skillman av 
Brown Stephen J. elk. h old No, 760 Bedford av 
Brown Susan, wid. h 11 Green la 
Brown Susan L. wid. Charles H. h. 448 7th av 
Brown Susan H. wid. Cbauncey, h 166 Halsey 
Brown Sylvauus, lawver, 173 Baltic 
B: own'S.'E. artists'mtls. h 41 Irving pi 
Brown Theodore, h 135 Dikeman 
Brown Theodore, engineer, h Montauk av n 

Atlantic av E.N.Y. 
Brown Theodore, salesman, b 88 1st E.D. now 

Kent av 

Brown Theodore, stairbldr. h 61 Adelpbia 
Brown Theodore, B. com. mer. 65 Wail N.Y. h 

128 Montague 
Brown Theodore N. dentist, 104 Park pi 
Brown Theresa, wid. Robeit,h 354 St. Mark'spl 
Brown Theron Hins, li 170 Carroll 
Brown Thomas, h 68 Clermont av 
Brown Thomas, artist, 429 Eulton, b 284 Clas- 

son av 

Brown Thomas, carpenter, 549 Classon av, h 

154 5th av 
Brown Thomas, clocks, b 393 15th 
Brown Thomas, conductor, b 112 Sullivan 
Brown Thomas, cook, h 142 Tiliaxy 

Brown Thomas, driver, h 186 4th E D, now 

Bedford av 
Brown Thomas, driver, b213 N 10th 
Brown Thomas, gardener, h 418 Classon av 
Brown Thomas, glassbiower, b 313 Eckford 
Brown Thomas, lab. h r 22 Coles 
Brown Thomas, lab. h 2 Eleet 
Brown Thomas, lab h 140 N. 3d 
Jkown Thomas, painter, h«91 6th av 
Brown Thomas, painter, 57 Grand & 420 Grand. 

h 420 Grand 
Brown Thomas, speculator, li 103 N". 6th 
Brown Thomas, undertaker, 192 Bivington N. 1 

Y. h 816 Laf av I 
Brown Thomas A Lab. b Snediker avn Liberty 

E.N. Y. 

Brown Thomas E. driver, b Morse av n Liberty 
av E.N.Y. 

Bixswn Thomas H. salesman, h 344 Halsey 
Brown Thomas J. h 863 Greene av 
Brown Thomas 232 Livingston 
Brown Thomas J elk. h 340 St. Mark's pi 
Brown Thomas J. elk. h 101 S. 0th 
Brown Thomas J. sampler, h 702 4th av 
Brown Thomas S. salesman, h 617 Baltic 
Brown Thomas S. W. driver, b 205 S. 1st 
Brown Thomas W. artist, h 83 Waverly av 
Brown Treddle, engineer, h Orient av n Liberty 
av E.N. Y. 

Brown T. B. mer. 05 Wall N.Y. b 128 Montague 
Brown T. D. tailor, h 48o Graham, av 
Brown Thomas & Son, painters, 57 &. 420 Grand 
Brown Valentine, lab. h r 24 Maujer 
Brown Valentine H. blacksmith, h 40 Sackett 
Brown Walter, h 130 Berkeley pi 
Brown Walter, elk. h 20 3d 
Brown Walter, coachman, h 104 Gwinnett 
Brown Walter, lab. b 175 Seigle 
Brown Walter C. engines, 16 I)ey N.Y. h 67 1 

Brown Walter M, lumber, N.Y. h 83 Rodney 
Brown Walter T. elk. h 871 Gates av 
Brown Warren, elk. h old No. 597 Bedford av 
Brown Wesley, carpenter, b 632 Fulton 
Brown William, li 210 Concord 1 
■ Brown William, h Baltic n Monroe E.N.Y. 
Brown Wm. morocco dresser, h 41 Wallabout 
Brown William, h r 206 Wyckoff 
Brown William, h 369 8th 
Brown William, boatman, h 106 Van Dyke 
Brown William, bldr. 253 Raymond, h 381 11th 
Brown William, butcher, h 516 Dean 
Brown William, carman, h r436£ Hudson av 
Brown William, carpenter, h 45 Oakland 
Brown William, elk. h 986 Dean 
Brown William, elk. h 250 Grand 
Brown William, elk. h 98 10th E.D. now Keap 
Brown William, clocks, h 282 16th 
Bro-nn William, cooper, h 471 Columbia 
Brown William, cooper, h r 181 N. 7th 
Brown William, driver, h 196 S. Portland av 
Brown William, ice, 1121£ B'way 
Brown William, engineer, h 22 Hope 
Brown William, engineer, h 294 S. 1st 
Brown William, framer, h 72 Humboldt 
Brown William, lab. h 465 Carroll 
Brown William, lab. h 632 Eulton 
Brown William, lab. h 74 Gwinnett 
Brown William, lab. h old No. 3S0 Kent av 
Brown William, lab. b 3 Pres't 
Brown William, lab. h 121 Pres't 
Brown AViliiam, lab. h 96 Warren 
Brown William, lab. h 163 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Brown William, malt, Taylor c Kent av & 125 

Produce Ex. N.Y. h Flatbush L.I. 
Brown William, moulder, h 95 N. 7th 
Brown William, painter, h 253 High 
Brown William, painter, h 184 13th 
Brown AViliiam, plasterer, h 608 Vand't av 
Brown William, printer, h 674£ Gates av 
Brown William, printer, h 180 Prince 
Brown AViliiam, printer, h 106£ Skilhuan 
Brown AViliiam, printer, b 135 N. 3d 
Brown AViliiam, salesman, b 127 AVii'by 
Brown AViliiam, salesman, h 153 Withers 




PI __j 

m -n 



o) "D 





Cor. 12lh St., New York. 

PIANOS RENTED > ®° ,d ?d Ea . 8 .y Jerms. 

Xancest Establishment in New Tort. 

ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

Assets, ill U. S, Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,889 16. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbusn Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic & Fourth Aves. 

LiaDil., $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427.89. 
130 BKO 

O ^ 

■g J 
;g o 


, pa 






Geo. T. Lais. Chas. J. Hbaly. 

LAIN" cfc CO., 


Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, etc., 

17 WHoughby Street, cor. Pearl, Brooklyn. 

Brown W illiam, seaman, n 19 Carroll 
Brown William, shoes. 419 Manhattan av 
Brown William, varieties, 53 Union av 
Brown William A. acct 11 City Hall h 88 Berry 
Brown William A. baker, 545 Myrtle av. h 

165 Wil'by av 
Brown William A. carpenter, h old No. 138 

Marcy av 

Brown William A. com. mer., Prodace Ex- 
change N.Y. hSDlstpl 
Brown William A. driver, h 176 West 
Brown William A. hatter, h 117 Kyerson 
Brown William A. Jan. h 223 Gold 
Brown William A. lithographer, li 240 S. 1st 
Brown William A. A. manager, 946 Dean, h 

Flatbusli L.I. 
Brown William B. express, h 117 43d 
Brown William D li old Ko. 334 Bedford av 
Brown Wm. E. agt. Am. express, h 542 Lex av 
Brown William E. elk. h 233 Flatbusli av 
Brown William E. oik h 189 Guernsey 
Brown William E. mer. ft. E. 34th N.'Y. h 270 

Brown William E pilot, h 144 Newell 
Brown William E. salesman, h 08 Horry 
Brown William E. sawmkr. h 279 Ewen 
Brown William P. elk h 280 Noatrand av 
Brown William F. lighterage, h 574 4th av 
Brown William F. produce, N.Y. h 63 7th av 
Brown William F. supt. h 103 Conselyea 
Brown William H. h 214 Carroll 
Brown William H. hairdresser, h old No. 296 
Marcy av 

Brown William H. bootblack, h 43 Prince 
Brown William H. butcher, 384 Manhattan av 
Brown William H. lawyer, h 140 Clifton pi 
Brown William H. lighter, h 106 Kapelye 
Brown William H. rodnikr. h 197 Pulaski 
Brown William H. salesman, h 311 Madison 
Brown William H. sec. 12 Court & 13 B'way, h 
Flat bush 

Brown William H. shoemfr. h 274 Floyd 
Brown William H. truckman, h 159 Maujer 
Brown William H. C. police, h 242 S. 3d 
Brown William J. bkkpr. li 1221 Atlantic av 
Brown William J. elk. h 20 3d 
Brown William J. engineer, h 551 Herkimer 
Brown. William J. painter, 1187 Fulton, hold 

No. 334 Bedford av 
Brown William J, painter, 57 & 420 Grand, h 
420 Grand 

Brown William J. plumber, h 19 Debevoise pi 

Brown William J. salesman, h 99 3d 

Brown William L. butter, 734 Myrtle av, h 197 

Pulaski t 
Brown William M. artist, h 394 2d 
Brown Wm. M. ins. N.Y. h 114 Columbia hgts. 
Brown William M. machinist, h old No. 193 


Brown William M. plumber, h 863 Dean 
Brown William N. liquors, 108 Canton 
Brown William S. bkkpr. h 182 Wyckoif 
Brown William T. jeweler, h 316| Monroe 
Brown William T. manager, h 589 Monroe 
Brown Wyman S. realestate, 16 Court, h Dun- 
ellen, N.J. 

-W - - i=- BROWN, 



jPhenix Building, Room "IV Basement. 

I Commissioner of Deeds for' the City. 
jLife Insurance Family Fund Society, Jr. T. 

Country Property rur Sale, Exchange, or 
j To Kent a specialty . Loans negotiated. 

Brown W. Jay, painter, 140 Devoo. li L.I. 
Brown W. Palmer, bkkpr. h U40A Laf av 
Brown , h 767 Wash'n av 
Brown Bros, butchers, 384 -Manhattan av 
Brown Bros, butter, 734 Myrtle av 
Brown Bros, realestate, 40 5th av & 1187 Fulton 
Brown & Co. realestate, 2(5 (Join t 
Brown & McLeau, paints, 285 Grand 
Brown & Patterson, ironfjunders, Marcy av © 

Cor. Marcy Ave. & Hope Street, 


Grates. Fenders, Summer Pieces, Pipes, Plumbers* 
Ironware. Piano-Forte Plates, and a.l kinds of Fan- 
cy, Ornamental, and Machinery Castings on hand 
and made to order on the most reasonable terms. 

Brownbridge John S. hardware, h S5S Quincy 
Browne Altdnso D. millwright, h 227 S 3d 
Browne Alfred J. printer, h 218 Adams 
Browne August J. glassblower, h 102 Graham 
Browne Catiiarine, wid. Jeremiah, h 131 S. 2d 
Browne Charles, lab. h 196 Nelson 
Browne Charles F. elk. h 713 Pacific 
Browne Charles L. elk. b 612 Carroll 
Browne Daniel, shoes, 99 Flatbusli av 
Browne Denis, tailor, h 268 Clinton 
Browne Edward, h 295 DeKalb av 
Browne Edward A. carpenter, h Montauk avn 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Browne Edmund C. teacher, h 295 DeKalb 
Browne Ellen, wid. Patrick, h 86 Van Cott av 
Browne George, brushmkr. h Johnson av n 

Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Browne George, machinist, h 130 Union 
Browne Harriet E. physician, 440 Franklin av 
Browne Henry B. bkkpr. h 1539 Pacific 
Browne Henry E. organiBt, h 42 4th av 
Browne Henry H. lawyer, h 513 Gates av 
Browne James T. furniture, 223 Court, h 155 


Browne. James, salesman, h 131 S. 2d 
Browne James B. lab. h 58 Hudson av 
Browne James N. carpenter, h 58^ Shaffer 
Browne James B. bkkpr. h 219 Kosciusko 
Browne James W. gardener, li 69 Sands 
Browne Jeremiah, lab. h 13 Luquer 
Browne John, lab. h 60 Nelson 
Browne John H. carpenter, h 268 S. 2d 
Browne John H. grocer, 65 Front 
Browne John L. jr. elk. h 1218 Fulton 
Browne Josiah, elk. h 56 Irving pi 
Browne Joseph M. physician, h 165 Luquer 
Browne Mary A. varieties, 69 Sands 
Browne Mattie, wid. John I. h 296 Hicks 
Browne Michael, carpenter, h 123 Lynch 
Browne Michael B. elk. h 55 N. 11th 
Browne Peter, wheelwright, h 513 Gates av 
Browne Kichard hatter, h 219 Kosciusko 
Browne Kichard K. com. mer. 26 Burling slip 

N.Y. h 82 S. 9th 
Browne Kobert, elk. h 268 Clinton 
Browne Kobert W. elk. h 39 Lincoln pi 
Browne Samuel, compositor, h 289 Eckford 
Browne Thomas, conductor, h 67 Huron 
Browne Thomas, engineer, h 245 Johnson av 
Browne Thomas, hotel, Wash'n c Sands, h 

Lake Konkonkoma L.I. 
Browne Thomas K. com. college, 306 Fulton, b 

295 De Kalb av 
Browne Valentine, machinist, h 131 S. 2d 
Browne William, carpenter, b 119 S. 2d 
Browne William B. bkkpr. h 255a Clifton 
Browne William E. com. mer. 26 Burling [slip 

N.Y. h 82 S. 9th 
Browne William F. elk. h 612 Carroll 
Browne William H. heaters, 642 E. 14th N.Y. 

h 86 S. 10th 

Brownell Asa C. bldr. 169 Front N.Y. b 200 


J. A. WEBB & SON, I '•' KkW'i&f! 1 "- 

Used by Druggist* and Manufacturers throughout the world 

Established 1885. 

Send for Quotation*. 




Brownell Charles A. bicker, 36 Broad N.Y. h 
107 Montague 

Brown ell Edward, bkkpr. h 200 Halsey 

Brownell Edward II. h 200 Halsey 

Brownell Elizabeth L. wid. Isaac A. h 59 Liv- 

Brownell Herbert K. bkkpr. h 274 Putnam av 
Brownell John, elk, h 64 Skillman av 
Browne! Uonat ban, broker, 7 Wall N.Y. h 48 
8th av 

Brownell Josiah, painter, b 121 Bergen 
Brownell William B. printer, 81 Eiai N.Y. h 

396 Franklin av 
Brownell William H. artists' nitls. N.Y. b 213 


Brownell William M. elk. b 59 Livingston 
Brownell William W. rcalestate, t 480 Grand, b 
421 N. 2d 

Browner James, hemp, b 542 Warren 
Browner Jobn, h 680 6th av 
Browner Jobn, speculator, b 22 Verandah pi 
Browner William, lab. b 121 32d 
Brownhaut Frank, supt. b 149 Stagg 
Browning Alexander, b 330 Prospect av 
Browning Aaron, b 39 Berry 
Browning Charles, salesman, h old No. 193 

Browning Hannah, wid. Hull, b 330 Prospect 

Browning William, physician, 54 Lefferts pi 
Browning William H. bldr. 1424 av A, N.Y.h 
1091 3d av 

Browning William W. physician, 669 Monroe 
Brownlee William J. supt. h 53 Butler 
Brownley Frank, elk. h 167 Java 
Brownley William A. coppersmith, b 83 
VanA't av 

Brownlie James, laundry, 107 Fulton, h 96 

Wash'n av 
Brownlow Archibald, tobacco, 230 Pacific 
Brownne Robert H. drugs, 1607 B'way 
Brownruither Jobn, tailor, 241 Humboldt 
Brownson Christopher, elk. h 62 Pineapple 
Brownson Edward, banker, N.Y. Ii49 Garden pi 
Brownson James M. printer, h 338 Clifton pi 
Bruce Charles A. grocer, 206 Flatbush av & 

451 Bergen, b 178 St. Mark's av 
Bruce Charles E. mer. 103 Franklin N.Y. h old 

No. 154 Hewes 
Bruce Clark, com. mer. 224 Wasb'n N.Y. h 10 

4th E.D. now Bedford av 
Bruce David, typefounder, h 182 S. 4th 
Bruce Elijah, b 105 N. Portland av 
Bruce Geo. H. lawyer, 33 Pine N.Y. b 424 9th 
Bruce Harry, seaman, li 98 Summit 
Bruce James, machinist, h 490 Lorimer 
Bruce James \V. photographer, h 192 Flatbush 


Bruce John E. elk. b 204 Wilson 
Brace Joseph, artist, 600 B'way N.Y. h 424 9th 
Bruce Joseph A. actor, h 382 12th 
Bruce Peter, driver, h 43 Willow 
Bruce Robert, chandeliermkr. h 398 Dean 
Bruce Robert, engraver, 133 Havemeyer, h 182 
S. 4th 

Bruce Robert, theatre, 166 Grand, h 194 S. 1st 

Bruce Robert, plasterer, h 422 Flushing av 

Bruce Robert, printer, 9 High 

Bruce Robert, stonecutter, h 219 26th 

Bruce Robert A. engineer, h 699 Greene av 

Bruce Samuel, hatter, h 574 B'way 

Bruce Sheldon B\ elk.' h 216 S. 5th 

Bruce Thomas G. machinist, h 34 Cheaver pi 

Bruce Wallace, typefounder, b 182 S. 4th 

Bruce William, li 206 Prospect pi 

Brace William, painter, h 967 De Kafb av 

Bruce William, varieties, h 77 N. 7th 

Bruce William W. fiour, h 22 Spencer pi 

Bruce & Haviland, grocers, 206 F'iatbush av & 

451 Bergen 
Brucb Charles, tailor, h llSBushwick av 
Bruch Conrad, peddler, h r 68 Varet 
Bruch Frederick, hairdresser, 218 Ewen 
Bruch Henry, tailor, h 253 Scholes 
Bruch Jacob, moulder, h 253 Scholes 
Brucb William, tailor, h 253 Scholes 

Brucher Charles W. elk, h 103Conselyea 
Bracher George, paints, h 13 Evans 
Bruchhaeuser V. mason, h 739 Park av 
Bruchhausen Hermann, musicteacher, h 211 

Bruchhausen Hugo, mer. 58 Greene N.Y, h 109 

Garfield pi 
Bruchhauser Anton, mason, h 226 Ellery 
Brachley Barbara, wid. Fred'k, h 35 Taylor 
Bruok Barbara, wid, Nichols, b 66 Ten Eyck 
Bruck John, lab. h 187 Wythe av 
Bruckbauer Frederick, bkkpr. h old No. 99 


Bruckbauer Jobn L. drygde. 550 5th av, h old! 

No. 99 Rodney I 
Bruckbauer Margaret, wid. George, h old No- 1 
99 Rodney 1 j 

Brucke Maria, wid. Edward C. h 143 Tillary 
Bruckor Christian, tailor, h 7 Cook 
Brucker Eugene, upholsterer, h 67 Johnson av 
Bruckert Joseph, tailor, h 185 Sumpter 
Bruckheimer Edward, elk. h 535 Grand 
Bruckheimer Moses, pawnbroker, 535 Grand 
Brucklachor Joseph, cabinetmkr. h 205 Middle- 

Bruckman Augustus, foreman, h r 218 1st E.D. 

now Kent av I 
Bruckmann Matbias, rectifier, h 108 Degraw j 
Bruckner Berahard, printer, h 208 Graham av; 
Bruckner Christian, mechanic, b 44 Wythe av 
Bruckner George, baker, 72 Humboldt 
Bruckner George, lab. h 150 Suydam 
Bruckner John, liquors, 192 Middleton 
Bruckner Kunigunda, wid. h 208 Graham av 
Bracks August, cigarmfr. 58 Union av 
Bracks Louis, hairdresser, 426 Graham av 
Bruden Herman, lab. h 516 Hicks 
Bruder William, tailor, h 36 Montrose av 
Bruderman Michael, lab. h 141 Meserole 
Brueckner Charles, bkbinder. h 91 Suydam 
Brueke Edward, engraver, h 810 Hancock 
Bruel Clement H. mer. 68 Greene N.Y. h 134 2d 

pl I 
Brueman Edward, elk. h 238 7th 
Bruen Albert, drugs, 214 Fulton N.Y. h 256' 

Brnen Andrew, lab. b 95 Partition 
Bruen Charles A. elk. h 359 Manhattan av 
Bruen Charles C. h 256 Cumberland 
Bruen David S. crackers, 92 Elizabeth N.Y. h 

64 Patchen av 
Bruen Francis, plumber, 268 14th 
Bruen George E. truckman, h 5 Clifford pi 
Bruen George W. joiner, h 359 Manhattan av 
Bruen Harriet, wid. Peter, h 268 14th ; 
Bruen Hey ward C. stationer, N. Y. h 228 Clinton 
Bruen James, conductor, h 554 Leonard j 
Bruen John, barkpr. h 475 5th av 
Bruen John, lab, h 315 Franklin av ! 
Bruen Oscar, drugs, 214 Fulton N.Y. h 77 Jef- 
ferson av 
Bruen Patrick J. lab. h 268 14th 
Bruen Sophier, h 988 Pacific 
Bruen William, h 315 Franklin av 
Brueninghausen Edward W. pictureframes, 34 
Bond N.Y. h 373 8th ! 
Bruer Albert, broker, h 244 Clinton i 
Bruesdell William E. mer. Produce Exchange' 
N.Y. h 373 Clinton i 
Braetsch Quirin, carpenter, 208 9th E.D. now 

Bruey Fiank, h 301 12th 
Bruff Charlas, elk. h 40 S. Portland .av 
Brurf Richard P. hardware, h 40 S. Portland av 
Bruff William, elk. h 40 S. Portland av 
Bruff Wm. J. salesman, h 40 S. Portland av 
Bruggemann August, confectioner, 201 Flat- 
bush av 

Bruggemann Henry, tinsmith, h 48 Maujer 
Bruggemann Minnie, wid. August, h 10 Union 
Bragtnan August, cabinetmkr. 370 18th 
Brum Christopher, butcher, 288 Eckford 
Bruhn Johanna, wid. Hans, h 11 Delmonico pi 
Bruhns Arnold, musical insts. Liberty av n 

Schenck av E.N.Y, 
Bruhns George, woodcarver, h 15 Sullivan 

Bram sapes, 



132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 
BEU 132 BKU 

Bruich Emil, tobacco, fc Adams c B'way 
Bruin Rosa, wid. John, h 72 Meeker av 
Bruland Christian, bkkpr. h 130 3d pi 
Brumaghim. Albert M. salesman, h 327 Hoyt 
Bromder J. Lewis, drags, 131 Central av 
Bromley Charles H. cotter, h 149 Lorimer 
Brnniley John J. sawyer, h 149 Lorimer 
Bromley, James L. h 445 Washington av 
Bromley Schoyler E. floor, 12 Front N.Y. h 200 
Carroll " 

Brommell Fred'k, sugar, h old No. 184 Hooper 
Brommell Irene, wid. William, h 463 Wil'byav 
;Eittmmer Joho, driver, h 335 Ewen 
j Brummerloh Fred, grocer, 375 9th, h 517 5tli 
> av 

■Brummerloh Geo. grocer, 375 9th, h 517 5th av 
i Brummerloh Henry, grocer, 375 9th, h 517 5th 
I av 

'Brummerloh Brothers, grocers, 375 9th 
IBron Delamore C. oil, h 458 Classon av 
iBrunagel John, tailor, h 185 Harrison av 
Brunck Christina, wid.h 109 Union av 
Brunck Kate, wid. Jacob, h 102 Stagg 
Bruodage Albert H. physician, h 666' Gates av 
Bruudage Amos H. physician, h 666 Gates av 
Brundage Edward H. twine, h 101 Reade N.Y. 

h 40 Cambridge pi 
Broodage Eugene F. salesman, h 405 14th 
Brundage Fremont N. elk. h 61 St. John's pi 
{Brundage H. L. h 421 Cumberland 
: Brundage J ames H. h 110 Jackson 
1 Brundage James T. broker, h 421 Cumberland 
'Brundage William M. broker, h 279 Macon 
I Brundage William T. draughtsman, h 421 Cum* 
I bei'land 

Brunditch Joseph, driver, h 270 Leonard 
Brune John E. painter, h 111 Clermont av 
Brunell FranciB, basketmkr. 661 B'way, h 16 
Yates pi 

Bronemann Charles W. foreman, h 79 Withers 
Brunemann William, cigarmkr. h 79 Withers 
Brunengraber Gerhard, lab. h 263 Powers 
Burner X>aniel A. blankbks. 53 Maiden la N.Y. 

h 165 llth 
Biunesburg John, elk. h 155 llth 
Brunger Arnold, silversmith, h 158 9th E.D. 

now Kodney 
Brunger Charles, mer. h 16 Ten Eyck 
Brunges Henry O. F. grocer, 195 Graham av 
Brnnhnber William, h 201 Manhattan av 
Brunig Charles, grocer, h 156 Clymer 
Bruning Henry, grocer, 280 Tompkins av, h 299 

Tompkins av 
Bruning Henry N. elk. h 247 Columbia 
Broning H. & W. grocers, 280 Tompkins av 
Bruning John, driver, h 29 Fulton av E.N.Y. 
Bruning John N. grocer, 247 Colombia & 386 

Hicks, h 7 Warren pi 
Broning. Peter, elk. h 115 Bush wick av 
Broning Peter C grocer, 439 Hicks, h 150 Baltic 
Broning Rodolph, Dottier, 340 Atlantic av 
Bruning William, conf ;ctioner, h 298 Pearl 
Bruning William, groeer, 280 Tompkins av, h 

29D Tompkins av 
Bronings Herman H. grocer, 78 Wythe av 
Brunish Jacob, lab. h 146 20th 
Brunjes Arend, salesman, h 220 Kosciusko 
Bronjes Charles H. elk. h 55 New York av 
Brunjes Charles M. butter, h 18 Clermont av 
Bronjes Diedrich H. grocer, 55 New York av 
Brunjes Frederick, elk. h 224 Lorimer 
Brunjes George, 224 Tompkins av 
Brunjes Henry, h 118 Stanhope 
Brunjes Herman, milk, 76 N. 7th 
Brunjes Herman H. elk. h 16 Starr 
Bronjes H. O. F. grocer, h 17 Bremen 
Bronjes John, grocers, 195 Graham av 
Brunjes J. & 1>. grocer, 195 Graham av 
Brunjes Martin, grocer, 219 Lee av 
Bronjes Martin H. feed, 1577 Myrtle av, h 1581 
Myrtle av 

Brunjes Richard, grocer, 195 Graham av 
Brunkhorst George, grocer, 139 Wythe av 
jBrunkhorst J. grocer, 181 LM vision av 
iBrunkkurst George, lab. h 38 Clymer 
iBrunn Armin E. h 430 Grand av 

Bnron Constantino F. mer. 47 Pearl N.Y. ft 

430 Grand av 
Bronn F. W. mer. 47 Pearl N.Y. h 430 Grand 


Bronn Hogo. lab. h 252 Colombia 

Brunn Julius W. com. mer. 47 Pearl N Y. h 

430 Grand av 
Bronn Lincoln, elk. h 430 Grand av 
Brunn Michael, tailor, h 192 Graham av 
Bruunan Bari'ington, L. tel. oper. h 505 Clinton 
Brunnel Joseph, shoes, 75 Seigel 
Brunnemer Fred'k. mineralwaters, h 669 Grand 
Bronnemer John, lawyer, 99 Nassaii N.Y. h 4 


Brunner Adolph, compositor, h 15 Locust 
Brunner Andrew, lab h 147 N. 2d 
Bronner August, lab. h 316 1st ED. now Kent 

Bronner Charles, lab. h 251 Bushwick av 
Bronner Charles W. drugs, 121 Wythe av 
Brunner Cyrus G. refiner, h 588 Wil'by av 
Brunner Ferdinand H. jeweler, 186 Fulton &■ 

178 B'way N.Y. h 408 Henry 
Bronner George AV. milk, 255 Baltic 
Bronner Henry, driver, h 108 Franklin 
Brunner Jacob, instmkr. h 39 Tompkins av 
Brunner John, botcher, h 175 Seigel 
Brunner John, fireman, h 32 Division av 
Brunner John N. lithographer, h 214 Prospect 


Brunner Leonard, cigarmkr. h 298 Ellery 
Bronner .Rudolph, carpenter, li 165 Varet 
Bronner li, S. drugs, 121 Wythe av 
Brono Charles, musical insts. 54 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 76 Lefforta pi 
Bruno Charles C. musical insts. 54 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 248 S. 9th 
Bruno George, fireman, h Williams av n East 

New York av E.N.Y. 
Bruno Philopene, wid. Conrad, h 18 Fleet pi 
Bruns Charles, baker, 165 Greenpoint av & 548 

Manhattan av, h 548 Manhattan av 
Bruns Charles 1). liquors, 62 N. 3d 
Bruns Frederick, bottler, h 1049 Atlantic av 
Bruns Henry, confectioner, old No. 765 Bed- 
ford av & 329 Nostrand av, h old No. 765 

Bedford av 
Bruns Herman, confectioner, li 1065 Pacific 
Bruns Herman F. h 116 Union av 
Bruns Herman H. confectioner, 653 Fulton 
Bruns John, blockmkr. h 70 S. 8th 
Bruns John N. cigarmkr. h 456 S. 5th 
Bruns Joseph, mer. Grand c Crosby N. Y. h 

364 1st 

Bruns Loder, porter, h 52 Union 

Bruns Minnie, intelligence office, 116 Union av 

Bruns Otto, porkpacker, h 55 Prospect 

Brims Theodore, hairdresser, 196 Seholes 

Bruns , wid. h 811 Fulton 

Brunssen Herman, liquors, 222 Union av 

*itriiiiswlck - Balke - <oileiider Co. 

billiardtables, B'way & 37th Union sq N.Y. 
Brunswick Suit & Cloak Co. 506 Atlantic av 
Brunswig Ludwig J. candy, h 838 Madison 
Brunt Wilhelmina, wid. Hubert, h 750 Park av 
Brunton Henry J. butcher, 97 Atlantic av, h 

22 Berkeley pi 
Bronyes Martin, teamster, h 231 Palmetto 
Brunz Henry, lab. h 290 Van Brunt 
Bruorton William, lawyer, 206 B'way N.Y. b 


Bruorton Wm. T. civil engineer, h 394 Dograw 
Brurghardt John N. carman, h 1555 B'way 
Brus Christian, lab. h 144 Lorimer 
Brus Otto, driver, h 144 Lorimer 
Brus Richard, buttonholemkr. h 144 Lorimer 
Brusch Marks, tailor, 193 Koebling 
Brusch Martin, tailor, 193 Koebling 
Brusch Morris, elk. h 193 Koebling 
Brush Abner, fruits, 60 Bey N.Y. h 49 Madi- 

Brush Arthur C. physician, 244 Carlton av 
Brush Augusta, wid. h 25 Ewen 
Brush Benjamin, h 187 Raymond 
Brush Charles, awningmkr. h 201 2d E.D. now 
Wythe av 


Send for Circular. 


, 175 State Street, Cor. Conrt Street. 

J Open from September 1st to June 1st. 

Rivers' Book on Modern Dancing. Price, 25 Cents. 

BRU 133 


J28& 130 FULTON ST., 


Brush Charles, driver, h 77 S. 8€h 
Brush Charles, lawyer, h 94 S. Oxford 
Brush Charles E. carpenter, h 50 Oakland 
Brush Charles E. carpenter, h 25 Stockton 
Brush Charles E. shipmaster, h 281 Sumner av 
Brush Chas, W. blacksmith, h 423 Sumner ay 
Brush Clarissa, wid. P. h 27 Be Kalb av 
Brush Daniel S. salesman, h 467 Putnam av 
Brush Edgar A. hardware, h 282 Skillman 
Brush Edward H. realestate, h 741 De Karb av 
Brush Eliza, wid. William, h 233 MeDonough 
Brush Elizabeth, wid. James, ~h 299 Van Brunt 
Brush Emma, wid. Henry, h 145 Harrison av 
Brush Eugene, elk. h 46 Garfield pi 
Brush George, elk. h 81 Laf av 
Brush George A. grainer, 405 Evergreen av 
Brush George M. fruit, h 282 Skillman 
Brush George S. artesian wells, h 81 Laf av 
Brush George S. fruit, h 282 Skillman 
Brush George W. lawyer, 140 Nassau, h 414 

Brush George W. physician. 2 Spencer pi, 

office hours until 9 & 6 to 7, 144 Lawrence 

10 to 12, & 2 to 4 
Brush Gilbert, h 97 Wilson 
.Brush Goold L. elk. Snedeker av n Liberty av 


Brush Hanford A. neektiomfr. 121 Elm N.Y. 

h 265 Division av 
Brush Henry, painter, h 144 X. 3d 
Brush Henry M. pres't. 177 Montague, h 201 


BruBh Henry S. h 255 Putnam av 

Brush Herbert P. h 244 Carlton av 

Brush Jacob, clothier, 531 Manhattan av, h 532 

Grand N.Y. 
Brush, James, carpenter, h 119 Meserole av 
Brush James K. h 301a Monroe 
Brush Jesse, oik., h 105 S. 1st 
Brush John, carpenter, h 1059 Fulton 
Brush John, roofing, 72 Kutledge, h 80 Graham 


Brush John F. lawyer, 26 Court, h 337 Clifton pi 
Brush John M. painter, h old No. 326 Kent av 
Brush John N. deckhand, h 45 Adelphi 
Brush John S. hardware, 598 Atlantic av, h 56 
Lincoln pi 

Brush Joseph E. confectionery, 266 Bond 

Brush Joseph F. hardware, 598 & 600 Atlantic 
av, h 56 Lincoln 7)1 

Brush Joshua M. h 246 Monroe 

Brush Luther H. feed, 1380 Fulton, h 263 Put- 
nam av 

Brush Mary B. wid. h 244 Carlton av 
Brush Nehomiah W. cooper, h 163 Driggs 
Brush Samuel, mer. 37 Harrison N.Y. h 51 

Fort Greene pi 
Brush Samuel, oysters, 10 Water, h 325 Scher 
Brush Thomas, bkkpr. h 296 Johnson 
Brush Thomas, milk, h 247 Lee av 
Brash Thomas H. realestate, old No. 587 Bed- 
ford av, h 155 Laf av 
Brush Treadwell, carpenter, 505 Bergen 
Brush William, elk. h 77 Taylor 
Brush William, truckman, h 134 Carlton av 
Brush William A. realestate, old No. 587 Bed- 
ford av. h 155 Laf av 
Brush William H. elk. h 125 Division av 
Brush William W. teacher, h 248 Bergen 
Brush W. A. hatmfr. Yonkers N.Y. h 38 Han- 
son pi 

Brush Zophar, fruits, Wallabout mkt. h 718 

Brushaber Henry, elk. h 278 Quincy 

Bnissel Henry, liquors, 38 BVay N.Y. h 375 

Manhattan av 
Brussel Henry, tailor, h 388 De Kalb av 
Brust Bonaparte, tailor, h Schenek av n BVay 

E.N. Y. 

Brust Charles, gents'furng. 574 Grand, h 284 

Brust Felix, tailor, h 72 Ewen 
Brust Fred' k, tailor, r 149 Powers, h 147 Powers 
Brust Frederick H. cutter, h 147 Powers 
Brust George, nickleplater, h 28 Boernm 
Brust George, plasterer, h 134 Jefferson 

Brust George, tailor, h 68 Seigel 
Brast John, tinsmith, h 80 Graham av 
Brust John G. nickleplater, 17 S. 3d, h 297 

Brust Julia, wid. George, h 28 Boerum 
Brust Paul, nickleplater, 17 S. 3d, h 297 B'way 
Brust P. & J. nickleplaters, 17 S. 3d 
Brust Sophie, wid. Charles, h 284 Humboldt 
Brust William, elk. h 284 Humboldt 
Bruton Frederick E. elk. h 79 S. 5th 
Bruton Patrick, lab. h 110J 39th 
Brutsch Edward, tinsmith, h 80 Meeker av 
Brutsch Henry, mechauic, h 80 Meeker av 
Brutt John, grocer, 210 Union av 
Bi-ufctle Jacob, mechanic, h 364 Prospect av 
Bruyn Jennie, milliner, 155 Montague, h 330 

Stuy vesant av 
Bruyn Sylvanus M. buyer, h 377 Lewis av 
Bryan Alexander, cigarinkr. h 646 5th av 
Bryan Csesar, lab. h 124 3d av 
Bryan Charlos A. agt. 120 B'way N.Y. h 57 St, 

John's pi 

Bryan Charles A. elk. h 121 Yernon av 

Bryan Daniel, lab. h 103 Diamond 

Bryan Daniel, lab. h 113 John 

Bryan Daniel M. tobacco, 133 Front N.Y, h 212 

Sterling pi 
Bryan Edward W. elk. h 859 Atlantic av 
Bryan Eliza, wid. James, h 238 Hudson av 
Bryan Ernest, cigars, h 553 3d av 
Bryan Frank J. iron, 133 Front N.Y. h 212 

Sterling pi 

Bryan Frederick H. collector, h 246 Steuben 
Bryan George J. publisher, 757 B'way N.Y. h 

39 Pulaski 
Bryan J antes H. porter, a 188 Navy 
Bryan John, carpenter, h 63 Wythe av 
Bryan Jonas, hostler, h 124 3d av 
Bryan Joseph, undertaker, 149 4th E.D. now 

Bedford a v 
Bryan Joseph S. jeweler, h 529 Wil'by av 
Bryan Lawrence, bkbinuer. h 346 Jay 
Bryan M. j£. wid. h 82 Calyer 
Bryan Oliver, h 273 Carfton av 
Bryan Patrick, lab. h 351 Flushing av 
Bryan Peter J. bkkpr. h 238 Hudson av 
Bryan Sarah A . wid. h 273 Carlton av 
Bryan Thomas, lab. h 329 Van Brunt 
Bryan Thomas, cigarmkr. h 246 Steuben 
Bryan Thomas H. cutter, h 859 Atlantic av 
Bryan Walter P. moulder, h 153 Wash'n av 
Bryan William, h 259 Steuben 
Bryan William, drygds. 1089 Fulton 
Bryan William, tailor, h 498 Liberty av E.N. Y. 
Bryan William W. undertaker, 151 4th E.D. 

now Bedford av 
Bryan William J. shipwright, h 12 Bainbridge 
Bryan William J. tobacco, h 246 Steuben 
Bryan William J. jr. agt. h 246 Steuben 
Bryant Albert, compositor, h 244 7th 
Bryant Anon, lab. h 30 Chapel 
Bryant Caleb K. tinsmith. 67 Flatbush av 
Bryant Charles, printer, h 117£ Withers 
Bryant Charles E. armorer, h 171 Clermont av 
Bryant Charles E. bkkpr. h 1185 Fulton 
Bryant Davis H lace imp. 385 B'way N.Y. h 

old No. 480 Bedford av 
Bryant De Witt C. analyst, 112 Front N.Y. h 

704a B'way 
Bryant Eheuezer, elk. h 133 Eckford 
Bryant Elbert S. milk, h 311 Kaymond 
Bryant Eliza, varieties, 348 Driggs 
Bryant Erastus E. lettercarrier, h 316 Baltic 
Bryant Fleet, milk, 150 Haymond, h 5£ St. 


Bryant F. Hastings, lawyer, 208 B'way N.Y. h 
111 Boss 

Bryant George, h 33 2d E.D. now Wythe av 

Bryant George, blacksmith, h 224 Powers 

Bryant George, elk. h 39 Pulaski 

Bryant George, wire, h 100 Cedar 

Bryant Geo E. casemkr. h Marcy av o Park av 

Bryant Harriett, h 89 Driggs 

Bryant Henry, draughtsman, h 16 Underbill av 

Bryant Henry, lab. h 149 Conover 

Bryant Henry, machinist, h 149 Conover 




! M 
i 0 

no - 

> n 

2 m 

a » 

pi "n 

o m 

■ o 
S3 *n 

53 »V 
CO -q 

to Z 
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r > 
2 h 

-~ m 
* jo 

^ CO 





569 Broaiwa?, cor. Prince. NEW YORK. No. 1 fall St., cor. 


Assets,- IB 1 1, M. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 11 

f93 Montague Street, Brooklyn 
No. 128 Flatbusii Ave,, Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlsstlo it Fourth Aves. 

LiaMl, $2,377,471.27- Surplus. $2,335,427.89, 
134 BUB— BUC 




LfiJ «s 







•17 WilloEgMy St., cor. PsjiI, Brooklyn. 


Bryant Henry, plumber, h 31 Fulton av E.N. T. 
Bryant Henry J. soaps, h 20 Carlton ay 
Bryant James, lab, 348 Brings 
Bryant James, tinsmith, h old No. 18 Orient av 
Bryant James H. waiter, h 122 3d av 
Bryant Jesse, butter, 514 Fulton 
Bryant John, waiter, h 376 S. 2d 
Bryant John A. hairdresser, h 894 Atlantic av 
Bryant John N. elk. h 171 Clermont av 
Bryant John S. supt. h 24 Nassau 
Bryant Joseph, carpenter, h 180 Navy 
Bryant Joseph, insp. h 316 Baltic 
Bryant Joseph, mechanic, h 224 Powers 
Bryant Lloyd, brass, 20 Franklin, h 196 Guern- 

Bryant Lloyd, InouldeT, li 71 Oakland 
Bryant Lloyd & Sot, brassibundrv, 20 Franklin 
Bryant Mary, wid, William, h 171 Navy 
Bryant Melville, physician, h 54 Greene av 
Bryant Oscar S. cigars, 728 Fulton, h 707 Fulton 
Bryant Prisoilla. wid. h 30 Chapel 
Bryant Samuel 1). porter, h 376 S. 2d 
Bryant Sarah M. wid. William, h 18 Orient av 
Bryant Thomas, lab. li 169 Myrtle av 
Bryant William, carpenter, h' r Z22 Ross 
Bryant William, lab. li 58 Joralemon 
Bryant William C. journalist, 24 B'way, li old 

No. 81 Bedford av 
Bryant William C. physician, 54 Greene av, 

office hours 8 to 9 &. 1 to 2 
Bryant William D. brass, 20 Franklin, h 196 

Bryant William H. glass, 72 Murray N.T. h 

205 Eutledge 
Bryant William H. elk. h 171 Clermont av 
Claghorn, principal, 38 to 40 Court, b 42 

Bryce Charles S. liquors, 82 Front N.T. h 77 
2d pi 

Bryce James, h 330 Flushing av 
Bryce Robert, lab. h 106 Summit 
Bryde Christian U. printer, b 124Wvthe av 
Bryden Arthur, carpenter, 15 Hoyt, h 189 Liv- 

Bryen John, foreman, 131 Prospect av 
Brydon Thomas, grainer, h 458 Sackett 
< | Bryer Benj. tea 87 Front N.T. h 84 Lax av 
■2 iBryer James, ins. h 177 Joralemon 
_ I Bryer J. h 160 Franklin 
. i Bryers John J. elk. h 383 Monroe 
— !Br've>» Walter, elk. h 636Monn e 

Bryld Edward F. butter, 316 6th E.D. now 

Bedford av 
Bryld Henry, cigars, 268 Franklin 
Brymer Alo'nzo, agt. 168 Montague, h 84 Wood- 

Brymer Andrew, plate glass, 73 Wooster N.T. 
h 24613th 

Bryner Adolf, machinist, h 172 Division av 
Bryon Richard, lab. h 276 19th 
Bryson Andrew, engineer, 26 Court, h 196 

Bryson CharlesE. florist, Cypress avn Jamaica , 
pk rd E.N.T. h Schenck av n Atlantic av 

Bryson James, lab. b 220 Chauncoy 
Bryson Mary, nurse, b 127 Congress 
Bryson Patrick, bricklayer, h 306Wyekoff 
Bryson Robert, lab. h 239 Johnson 
Bryson Thomas, driver, h 278 Flushing av 
Bryson Thomas, printer, h 205 20th 
Bryson William S. b 64 Kosciusko 
Brzezinski Athone, harness, 164 Maujer 
Brzezinski Leon, bldr. h 225 Maujer ' 

Bub Adam. lab. h Pellington pi E.N.T. 
llub Catharine, wid. (Jcorge, h 1S8J Cooper 
Bub Christopher, driver, h New Jersey av n 

B way E.N.T. 
Bub Frederick, paver, h !)7 Central av 
Bubb Andrew, paver h 143 Harrison av 
Kobe Frederick, tailor, h 2Wt 1 
Bucal Erant, leather, li 48 11th 
Buccelli Emma L. wid, Francisco, teacher, ft 

95 Duflield 

Bachan Adam, blacksmith, 263 Wythe av, h 50 
S. 3d 

Bachanan AlbertN.litliograplier, h227Nassait 
Buchanan Andrew, plasterer, h 320 Lex av 
Buchanan Archibald, hardware, 1586 Fulton, b 

455 Sumner av 
Buchanan Arthur G, elk. h old No. 758 Bed- 
ford av 

Buchanan Charles, grocer, h 718 Dean 
Buchanan Charles H. nickel plating, 47 Ann 

N.T. h 284 McDonongh 
Buchanan Duncan, bkkpr. h W Lincoln pi 
Buchanan Gilbert, driver, h 61 Bond 
Buchanan Isaiah, elk. h 134 Court 
Buchanan Jacob, eigarmkr. h r 190 N. 7th 
Buchanan James, mason, h 320 Lex av 
Buchanan James jr. plasterer, h U20 Lex av 
Buchanan James, roofer, h 455 Lewis av 
Buchanan John, bkkpr. h 99 Tavlor 
Buchanan John, eigarmkr. h 32 Grand 
Buchanan John, conductor, h Greene av « 

Knickerbocker av 
Buchanan John, mason, h 684 Warren 
Buchanan John, police, h 320 Lex sv 
Bachanan Margaret, wid. William, grocer, 199 


Buchanan Martin, truckman, h 46th n 7th av 
Bachanan Mary, wid. li 488 Adelphi 
Buchanan Mary, wid. AVilliam, b 31 Dnffield 
Buchanan Peter L engraver, h 191 Baymond 
Buchanan Philip C. seaman, h 168 SStli 
Buchanan Samuel, plants, h 184 Skillman 
Buchanan Samuel E. manager, 117 B'way N. 

T. h 542 Clinton av 
Buchanan Sarah M. wid. James, h 284 Mc- 


Buchanan Simon G. clt. h 155 Prince 
Buchanan Thoma3, plumber. Penn av n At- 
lantic av E.N.T. h Baltic av c Williams av 
E.N T. 

Buchanan Thomas J. carman, 109 Beekman N. 

T. h 135 2d E D. now Wythe av 
Buchanan Walter, machinist, li 106 Taylor 
Buchanan William, carpenter, h 268 Navy 
Buchanan William, carpets, 723 Pres't,'& to- 
bacco 346 Carroll & 101 Wall N. Y. h 61 
Park N.T. 

Buchanan William, lab. h 829 4th E.D. now 
Bedford av 

Buchanan William, nickel plating, 47 Ann N. 

T. b 284 McDonough 
Buchanan, William J. painter, h 83 N. 4th 
Bnchanan William E. driver, h 1534 Myrtle av 
Buchanan & Lyall. carpets, 372 Pres't. & to- 
bacco 346 Carroll & 101 Wall N.T. 
Buchannan Anthony, carpet, li 243 Adams 
Buchannan Edward H. police, h 488 Adelphi 
Buchannan William, watchman, h 1627 Fulton 
Buehardt Adam, eigarmkr. h 272 Stagg 
Buchbaum Henry, jeweler, h 95 Van Cott av 
Buoheid Christopher, mason, h 282 Powers 
Buchel Henry J. jeweler, h 80 Nassau 
Buchel Richard, porter, h 96 Sackett 
Buchenberger Anthony F. bkkpr. h 242 Nos- 
trand av 

Buchenberger Francis A. coal, 375 Flushing av 
& 187 Snmner, h 242 Nostrand av 

Buchenberger Frank A. coal, 256 Nostrand av, 
h 242 Nostrand av 

Buchenberger Frederick J. coal, Flushing av c 
Kent av, h 97 Pulaski 

Buchenberger Hugo C. manager, h 95 Pulaski 

Buchenholz Bernard, buttonnolemkr. h 58 Leo- 

Bucher Alfred, shoemkr. h 41 Johnson av 
Bucher John, grocer, 878 Park av 


J. A. WEBB & SON, I 185 nVfilty- 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 

Established 1835. 

Send for (Quotations. 

OYNTON FURNACE CO., 94 % mm * J - 



BUG 135 BUO 

Bucher "William F, restaurant, Wil'by n Pearl, 

h 273 Pearl 

Btichheit Adam, grocer, 279 Maojer, h 272 

Buchhelfc Christopher, carpenter, h 143 Moore 
Buchkeit Joseph, carpenter, h 143 Moore 
Bnchludz Christopher, elk. h 25 Hicks 
Buchlwlz William, milk, h 106 BVay 
Buckholz William, truckman, h 275 Scholes 
Buchina Henry, lab. h Market u Ridgewood av 
E. N.Y. 

Buchler Michael, liquers, 434 Humboldt 
Buchlonb Michael, fab. h 208 Meserole 
Buohmau Jacob, police, h 86 
Biicbmau Mary, wid. Peter, h 312 Floyd 
Buehman Michael, realestafcc, 19 Graham av, h 

97 Meserole 
Bachman Michael, cigars, 97 Meserole 
Bnchmau Nathans, tailor, h 78 Humboldt 
Buchmaa Peter, teas, h 674 Park av 
Buchmann Henrietta, wid. Frank, h 691 Flush- 
ing av 

Buchmann Louis, tailor, h 691 Flushing av 
Buchmann Maurice, jeweler, h.725 Flushing av 
Buchnier Anton, machinist, h 90 Maimer 
Buchniuller Karl, liquors, 138 Division av 
Buchmuiier Philip, locksmith, h 303 N. 2d 
Buchner Alvina, wid. Antony, h Vermont av 

n Bay av E.N.Y. 
Bnclvuer Arthur, inventor, h 190 Leonard 
Buchner August G. lab. h 75 Nassau 
Buchner Charles J. stereotyper, h 114 Meserole 
Buchner Frederick, liquors. 196 Mvrtle av 
Buchner John A. vinegar, 1228 Myrtle av, h 132 


Buchner Michael, shoes, 374 Classon av 
Buchold Carl, shoemkr. h New Jersey av n At- 
lantic av E. N.Y. 
Bucholtz Alida, wid. "William, h 260 Carroll 
Bucholtz John, awnings, h 260 Carroll 
Bucholtz William, awnings, h 260 Carroll 
Bucholtz Edward, painter, h Wyckoff av n 

Baltic av E. N.Y. 
Bucholz Frederick, lab. h 163 Varet 
Bucholz Geo. mason, h 296 Liberty av E.N.Y. 
Buchow August, h 150 Lorimer 
Buchsbaum Ernst, engraver, h 156 Ewen 
Buchwalter Frank J. hats, 545 BVay 
Buchwald Theresa, wid. h (5 Union av 
Buchwold William, carpenter, h 258 Tillary 
Buck Abram, cooper, h 99 Norman av 
Buck Augusta A. h 274 Kosciusko 
Buck Annie, wid. Martin, h 84 Summit 
Buck Anna C. 502 5th av 

Buck A. Christian, fruits, 69 & 71 Henry, h 49 

Buck Charles, h 502 5th av 
Buck Charles, coal. Myrtle av, h 289 Graham 
Buck Charles II. (Rev.) h 378 Nostrand av 
Back Charlotte, wid. Rich'd h 40 Livingston 
Buck Christian, fruit, Henry c Orange, h 49 


Buck Dudley, composer, h 126 Amity 
Buck Dudley S. cik. h 126 Amity 
BuckFarena C. bkkpr. h 246 Franklin 
Buck Francis, laundress, h 502k Waverly av 
Buck Garrett, lab. h 215 N. 7th 
Buck Henry, agt. h 473 Putnam av 
Buck Henry, grocer, 155 Norman av 
Buck Herman, grocer, 132 Greene av 
Buck Jacob, machinist, h 245 Wallabout 
Buck Jeremiah, lab. h 371 Hudson av 
Buck John, liquors, 67 Furman 
Buck John G. butcher, 406 Van Brunt 
Buck John M. baker 238 1st E.D. now Kent av 
Buck Mangols, liquors,358 2d E.D. now Wythe 

Buck Mary wid. Benjamin, h 268^ Throop av 
Buck Mary. wid. John, h 374 Classon av 
Buck Tayior S. salesman, h433 Flatbush av 
Buck Thaddeus, plumber 707 Myrtle av h 118 

Skill man 
Buck Wilber E. h 1411£ Pacific ■ 
Buck William H. grocer, 80 6th av 
Buckbee John, plumber, 185 William N.Y. h 

old No, 85 Hewes 



Warerooms, - STEINWAY HALL, 

Nos. 107, 109 & 111 E. 14th St, 

Buckbee John H. elk. h. 12 Conselyea 
Buckbee William, baker, 302 Lorimer 
Buckbv John, bkkpr. h 495 Park av 
Buckelew Ja nBS, carpenter, h 253 Bergen 
Buckelman Louis, junk, Park wav c Troy av 
Bucken Edward, watchman, h 117 S. 4th 
Buckett Joseph, engineer, h 183 S. 2d 
Buckey Charles M. dentist, 124 Montague 
Buckey Philip, J. h 165 Monroe 
Bnekham Stephen P. watchman, h 222 S. 5th 
Buckhaus, li 201 2d E.L>. now Wvthe av 
Buckhausen, Louis, butcher, 249 Johnson av 
Buckheit Ferdinand, brewer, b 32 Monteith 
Buckheit Henry, tailor, h 815 Park av 
Buckholst Ole, shoemkr. h 105 Wyckoff 
Buckholz George A. police, h 40 Troutman 
Buckholz John, cabinet :nkr. h 131 Harrison av 
Buckholz John, carpenter, h 32| Tompkins av 
BuckhouseFred'k.hairdresser h 242 Central av 
Buckhout Henrv C. contractor, 702 Jefferson 

av, h 305 Halsey 
Buckhout Henry C. realestate, 1.6 Court, h 328 


Buckhout, William E. restaurant, 325 Kos- 
ciusko, h 398 Kosciusko 
Buckles August, boatman, h 39 Sullivan 
Buckingham Edward, elk. a 160 S. 2d 
Buckingham Frank, elk. h 344 Pulaski 
Buckingham Frederick, engineer, h 915 3d av 
Buckingham Frederick E. engineer, 23 Muni- 
cipal bldg. h 80 Clifton pi 
Buckingham George) engineer, h 342 Bergen 
Buckingham George A. grocer, 176 Grand, li 
217 S. 2d 

Buckingham Georgo B. grocer, 176 Grand, b. 
217 S. 2d 

Buckingham George W. bkkpr. h old No. 261 

Buckingham George W. watchman, h 30 Butler 
av E.N.Y. 

Buckingham Goodcil, broker, h 303 Henry 
Buckingham Henry B. elk. h 100 Nassau av 
Buckingham Henry E. mattresses, 42 Flatbush 

av, h Deep River, Conn. 
Buckingham James R. artist, h 303 Henry 
Buckingham John A. h 47 Pierrepont 
Buckingham Joseph F. cigars, 235 Mvrtle av 
Buckingham Joseph P. boxes, Grand c Center' 

N.Y. h 964 Gates av 
Buckingham Martha, fancygds. 371 B'way 
Buckingham Millard E. sx>ringbeds, 42 'Flat- 
bush av, li 539 Pacific 
Buckland William jr. h 311 Union 
Buckle Joseph, drygds. 180 B'way & 179 S. 8th, 

h 73 Wilson 
Buckleman Frederick, mechanic, h 55 S. 3d 
Buckler Fred'k, carpenter, h 104 Manhattan av 
Buckler Sarah A. wid. h 550 Bergen 
Buckler Thomas, printer', h 242 15th 
Buckley Abel C. leather mer. 29 Ferry N.Y. h 

115 Hancock 
Buckley Albion A. agt. h 758 Monroe 
Buckley Albion K. b'ldr. h 890 Gates av 
Buckley Alonzo C. carpenter, 11 Nevins, h200 

Buckley Amon, h 378 Clinton 

Buckley Ann, wid. Michael, h old No. 439 Kent 

av ' 

Buckley Archibald E. impr. 42 E. 14th N.Y. h 
258 Pres't 

Buckley Bernard, tailor, h 45 Troutman 
Buckley Bridget, wid. Patrick, h 143 Butler 
BucUley Catharine, wid. Amon, h 378 Clinton 









m o 

30 o 



*"* si 
si & 


Foundries and Shops, Cast 28th St. and Second Ave. 

Open Fire-Places, 
Dog Grates, Etc. 

See advt. leaf opp. name. 

857 Broadway, cor„ 1.7th St,, Mew York. 













.Bfickioy Caroline V. wid. Archibald A. h 258 f 
t Pres't 

Buckley Co melius, fireman, h 535 Manhattan 

Buckley Daniel, mechanic, h 143 40th J 
! Buckley Daniel, liquors, 62 Butler I 
(Buckley Daniel, watchman, li 64 Freeman I 
! Buckley Denis, h old Kg. 528 Kent av f 
! Buckley Denis, h 76 N. 7th 
(Buckley Dennis, shoes, 45 Hicks 
i Buck ley Dion, baker, h 195 Hovt 
! Buckley Edward, machinist, h*207 S. 2d 
i Buckley Edmund F. h 378 Clinton 
l Buckley Edward F. pi inter, h GO TJtioa jit 
[Buckley Edwaid J. liquors, 519 5th av 
iBuckley Elias K, moulder, h 314 India 
j Buckley Eveiett, porter, h "8 Fleet 
| Buckley Fiaucis, elk, h 153 Division av 
! Buckley Frank E. express, h 767 Madison 
Buckley Frederick G. watchman, h 61!) Monroe 
Buckley George, elk. h 259 mil 
Buckley Geoige P. gardener, h 112D Fulton 
Buckler Hammond, bruskmfr, 91 Woleott, h 

378 Clinton 
Buckley Harry, elk. h 44 S. Elliott pi 
Buekloy Henry, mason, h 71^ Sd av 
Buckley James, lab h 242 Hamilton av 
Buckley James, lab. h 31 Huntington 
Buckley James, lab, h 9 State 
iBuckley James, painter h r 114 Greene 
'Buckley James G. lab. h 172 India 
Buckley James W. elk. h 218 ICth 
Buckley Jeremiah . rigger, h 121 Pres't 
Buckley John, h 185 12tb 
Buckley John, cooper, h 114 N 5th 
Buckley John, driver, h 148 Nelson 
Bueklov John, lab. h 124 Franklin 
Buckley John, liquors, h 286 16th 
Buckley John, painter, h 388 Myrtle av 
Buekloy John C. elk h 176 Jefferson av 
Buckley John H. restaurant, 125Furman 
Buckley John T. h 378 Clinton 
Buckley John W. ironplater, h 176 Jefferson 

Buckley John W rubber, 150 South N.Y.h 224 

Buckley Joseph, grocer, Seigel av n BAdgewood 

av E.N.Y. 
Buckley Julia, wid James, h 2o0 Bridge 
Buckley Leonard J elk h 45 Troutman 
Buckley Louis E. janitor. 2(52 Gates av 
Buckley Louis M.'c3k. h 45 Troutman 
Buckley Martin, lab. h 89 Sullivan 
Buckley Mary, wid h King n Columbia 
Buekloy Mathew, lab. h r 429 Prospect pi 
Buckley Michael, liquors, 217 10th, h 185 12th 
Buckley Michael lab li 35 Cumberland 
Buckley Michael, tugs, li 152 23d 
Buckley Michael F. boatman, h 2d av n 55th 
Buckley Oliver K ji carpenter, 404 Budge 
Buckley Patrick, driver, h 65 Freeman 
Buckley Patrick, lab. h 62 Congress 
Buckley Patrick, lab, h 189 Dupont 
Buckley Patrick, lab. r 213 Eagle 
Buckley Patrick, watchman, h 115 Freeman 
Buckley Sarah J. wid, Patrick, h 181 Nassau 
Buckley Signaur A. reaiestate, 156 14th 
Buckley Thomas, h 37 Hicks 
Buckley Thomas, tailor, 336 B'way 
Buckley Thomas F. liquors, 445 Flatbush av 
Buckley Thomas J- pi inter, h 45 Hicks 
Buckley Thomas M electrician, h 37 Hicks 
Buckley Thomas T h 112 Montague 
Buckley Timothy, bkkpi . li 148 Nelson 
Buckley Timothy, elk. h Centre c Hunterfly 

rd E N.Y. * 
Buckley Timothy, driver, h 111 Woleott 
Buckley T. J bl'dr. 4th av n 9th, h 215 10th 
Buckley Walter, lab. h 43 Tartar 
Buckley Washington, bldr. h'218 Wil'by ay 
Buckley William, lab h 321 16th 
Buckley William A. printer, h 207 S. 2d 
Buckley William C. skins, 25 Ferry N.Y. ii 

380 Putnam av 
Buckley William H h 46 S 9th 
Buckley Win. H. painter, h 1018 St. Mark's av 

Buckley William J. elk. h 140 Wil'by 
Buekloy William L-. draughtsman, li 376* Jeff- 
erson av 

Buckley William N bkkpi . h 44 S. Elliot pi 
Buckley William N. elk h 44 S. Elliott pi 
Bucklin Kate, wid Ai thui , h 43 Albany av 
Bucklin William, jeweler, h 43 Albany av 
Bucklin William E jewelry, 1323 Atlantic av, h 

491 Herkimer 
Bookman Charlotte J wid, Joseph, h 157 Sands 
Buckman David L. journalist, h 145 S 5th 
Buckman Ira, arelutect, 145 S 5th 
Buckman Irwin, engineer, h 167 Ainslie 
Buckman Lsvuis, fish, 1G<G£ Piospect. h 35 


Buekmaa Myer, jeweler, h 165 TxTlary 
Buckman M. & Lehman IS. lealestate, 19 Gra- 
ham ac 

Buckman Sarah, fish, 35 Charles 
Buckrnaim Aimel, carpenter, h 71 Johnson 

Buckmann Heniy E. elk. h S3i Do K.alb av 
Buckmarm Jacob, police, h 80 Debovoiso 
Backmaster Augusta H. physician, h 164 Clin- 

Buckmaster Henrietta, wid. John W. h 20U 

Buckmaster Percy, foreman, h 587 Leonard 
Buckmaster Kohert, watchman, h 615 Leonard 
Bucknall Henry W. J. corks, 95 Water N.Y. 

h 274 Court 
Bneknain Phoebe W. drags, 884 Pacific 
Buekuam Samuel E. shipwright, h 187 Madison 
Buckner Chin loo, hairdresser, 248 Grand, h 

5Dth 11th E D. now Hooper 
Buckner John A., vinegaraitr. h 132 Sitydarn 
Buckner Louis, elk. h 56 11th B.TJ. now Hooper 
Buckner Pins, fireman, h 89 Debevoise 
Buck owe Oscar, machinist, h 158 Prospect 
Buckowe Adolpli, taxei dimist, h 248 High 
Buckolrz Charles, lab. h Vermont av n Fultoia 

av E N.Y. 
Buckiidge George, police, h 200 Sands 
Buokridge Thomas, painter, li 58 Stagg 
Bnoksbanm Jacob, tailor, h 142 Johnson av 
Buekwold William, carpenter, h 258 Tillary 
Buekyes Henry, liquors, 484 N. 2d 
Budd' Catharine, wid. Henry, h 670 Atlantic av 
Budd Francis F. reaiestate,' h old No. 270 Bed - 

ford av 

Budd Henry L. painter, h 399 Lex av 

Budd James, cigars, 634 Fulton 

Budd John C. hat trimmings, 113 Greene N.Y. 

h 34| St. Mark's av 
Budd John G. salesman, h 86 Pulaski 
Budd John H elk h 376 St. Mark's pi 
Budd Theodore, salesman, h 376 St Mark's p5 
Budd William, elk. h 376 St. Mark's pi 
Budd William, tinsmith, h 171 Pearl 
Budden Frederick, engineer, h 97Ealph av 
Buddenboun Ellen, wid groceries, 278 Divis- 
ion av 

Buddie George, butcher, 116 Smith 
Bude August, bkbinder. h 12 Graham av 
BudeAl Maximilian, elk 168£ 55th 
Budelmann George, gi'ocer, 805 Fulton 
Budelmann Herman, butcher, c Marcy av & 

Budelmann John, liquors, h 390 Monroe 
Budelmann Thoodore, bkkpr. h 805 Fulton 
Budelmann Theodore grocer, 263 Tompkins av 
Budge George, driver, h 135 B'way 
Budier Charles, lab. h 52 N. 1st 
Budington Thomas G. h 304 Greene av 
Budlong Alcesta, h 265 Madison 
Budion John, tailor, B'way c 22d N Y. h 135 

Liberty avE N.Y 
Budion Joseph, tinsmith, John n Atlantic av 


Budion Mathias, lab. h John n Atlantic av E. 

Budke John H. liquors, 288 E. B'way N. Y. h 

old No. 122 Hewes 
Budnek Herman, cabinetmkr. h 148 Gwinnett 
Bud way John, engineer, h Van Sicklen av n 

Fulton av E.N.Y. 

Villkm ]l. Tyler, 

no & 112 Broad St., 

Cor. Water St;, New York. 

Importer of Hennessy, Martell, Otard, and 
Blussard Cognac Brandies, Knickerbocker and 
Crown Schiedam Gins, Polo and Duff Gordon 
Sherries, and Oporto Port Wines. 




1 1 East 14th Street, 


Bueclxel William, printer, h 184 19th 
Buechner Elizabeth, wid. August, Ii 192 Liv- 

Buechner Svlvester, printer, h 22 Seigel 
Buedeker John F. liquors, 142 Meeker av 
Buedner Joseph, framer, h 150 Graham av 
Bueg William, crockery, old No. 505£Marcy av 
Buege Frederick, cooper, h 62 Newell 
Buegde' Christian, lab. 198 Varet 
Buehl Charles, cigars. 21 Meserole 
Bueliler Alphonse, lithographor, b 112 Nelson 
Buehler August, printer, h 142 28th 
Buehler Barbre, wid. Henry, li 80 Jefferson 
Bueliler George, police, h 180 Bushwiek av 
Bnehler Henry, upholsterer, 130 India 
Bueliler John, machinist, ii 672 Prospect pi 
Buehler John, shoes, h 25 Hamilton av 
Buehrer William, butcher. Ill Walton 
Buek Alfred, gauger. h 1019 Laf av 
Buck Clias. lab. h 415 2d E. D. now Wythe av 
Buek Gustave H. lithographer, Centre n Wal- 
ker N.T. h 418 Franklin av 
Bnek Herman, bkkpr. h 1019 Laf av 
Buek Minna, wid. h 206 Bergen 
Buel Arthur, whiting, 4 Burling si N.T. & 

Newtown Creek, h Henry c Pierrepont 
Buel Clarence M. engineer, h 507 8th av 
Buell Amandley J. foreman, h 340 De Kalb av 
Buell Arthur, carpenter, h 301 9th 
Buell Bennett, jeweler, h 358 Decatur 
Buell Charles S. roofer, 219 Montague & 100 

4th, h 191 Quincy 
Buell Elizabeth, fanevgds. 451 Warren 
Buell Enoch G. (Rev.) h 114 South 
Buell Frank A. hardware, 1105 Fulton, h 66 

Jefferson av 
Buell Frederick, roofer, h 451 Warren 
Buell Harry, driver, h 140 Evergreen av 
Buell Henry C. moulder, h 45 Joralemon 
Buell William, lab. h 80 King 
Buennecke Frederick, lab. li 110 Greenpoint av 
Buenner Mary, wid. Henry, h 267 Marion 
Buono Francisco, eigarmkr. h 84 Fulton 
Buer George D. lab. h r 50 Pearl 
Buerkle Anna, h 31 Bogart 
Buermeyer Chas. W. foroman, li 145 Vandyke 
Buermeyer Henry, storage li 130 Vandyke 
Buerrosso Christian, salesman, h 439 Degraw 
Buhsen Robert, elk. h 309 10th 
Buescner August, elk. h 388 Court 
Buese Charles, cutter, h 910 B'way 
Buese Frederick, butcher, h 589 Monroe 
Buestow Ernest, stationer, 418 Broome N.T. h 
1105 Pacific 

Buettner Chas. salesman, h 78 Centre E.N.V. 
Baettner Erederic, capmkr. h 10 Throop av 
Buettner John, crayons, h 240 Ellery 
Buffett George, milk, h Sackman n Union av 

Buffett Jno. milk. Sackman n Union av E.N.V. 
Buffett Joseph, salesman, h 249 Dean 
Buffum David, h 22 Remsen 
Buffmn Thomas A. straw, h 154a Hioks 
Buffum William H. mer. 46 White N.T. h 22 

Buggellen Ann, wid. Henry, h 217 Manhattan 

Buggellen Henry, lab. b 217 Manhattan av 
Bugg Charles, ins. agt. h 170 Clvmer 
Bugg Philip H. salesman, h 39£ Irving pi 
Buggelu Casper, driver, h 704 Flushing av 
Buggy John, lab. h r 76 Partition 
Bugler Antone, tailor, h 198 Jefferson 
Bugler John, tailor, h 276 Powers 
Bugman Charles W. elk. h 283 Bridge 
Buhl Carl, brushmkr. li 147 Leonard 
Buhl Charles, brushmkr. h 147 Leonard 
Bu-hl Charles jr. brushes, 102 Scholes 
Buhla Conrad, basketmkr. h 152 N. 5th 
Buhla Henry, baskbtmkr. h 152 N. 5th 
Bnhler Conrad, basketmkr. h 250 Roebling 
Buhler Henry, hairdresser, 15 Clinton, h 9 

Buhot Elizabeth, wid. William, b 264 15th 
Buhr Adolpli, lab. h 547& Court 

Buhr Henry, porter, h 916 Atlantic av 
Buhre Charles, hairdresser, 245 Degraw, h 281 

Buhrow Charles, painter, h 40 Seig ;, l 
Buh row Charles A. painter, h 40 Seigel 
Buhse Albert, lab. h 580 6th av 
Buhse David, blacksmith, h 102 Couovcr 
Buhsen Martha, wid. Nicholas, h 309 10th 
Buhsen Robert, elk. h 809 1 0th 
Buies Maxwell, hatter, h 482 Park av 
Buihenne Henry, carpenter, h Pacific n Stone 

av E.N.Y 
Buik Anton, reflner, h 126 Gold 
Buin James, blacksmith, h 74 Greenpoint av 
Buithen George, carpenter, h 81 MeKibbin 
Bukal Placius, fancygds. 167 Montrose av 
Buker Fayette, agt. li 5-5 Fulton 
Bukewych Alexander, lab. h r 290 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Bukoski John, cutter, h 119 Wolcott 
Bukowski Kosmos, lab. h 1051 Fulton 
Bnkowski Stephen, shoemkr. h 1051 Fulton 
Bulcott John, tailor, h 191J Floyd 
Bulcroft Sidney, oils, h 420 Laf av 
Buldmann Ernest, Stewart, h 42 Dikeman 
Bulor Matthias, lab. h 313 19th 
Buletti Peter, icecreammkr. h 76 Smith 
Bulfln Elizabeth Jane, dressmkr. h 64 41st 
Bultin Henry, watchman, h 64 41st 
Bulga Martin, lab. h 157 Freeman 
Bulger Charles J. liquors. 44 Pearl, h lSlHigh 
Bulger Edward B. liquors, h 88 Adams 
Bulger Edward J. bkkpr. li 37 Oakland 
Bulger Ellen, wid. Peter, li 562 3d av 
Bulger Francis, lab. b. 59Boerum 
Bulger James, phimbers'supplies, h 133 Clin 
ton av 

Bulger James, machinist, 45 N. 2d, h Babylon, 
X. I. 

Bulger Jeremiah, teas. 899^ Myrtle av 
Bulger John, boilermkr. h 98 Greenpoint av 
Bulger John H. iron, h old No 183 Hooper 
Bulger John H. rubbergds. 8 College pfN.T.b. 
D2 Dean 

Bulger John J. liquors, 44 Pearl, It, 131 High 
Bulger Julia, wid. James, h 133 Clinton av 
Bulger Michael, h 239 Smith 
Bulger Richard, bldr. h 37 Oakland 
Bulger Robert, driver, h 21 Tiffany pi 
Bulger Thomas, driver, h 255 23d 
Bulger Thomas, engraver, h 161 5th av 
Bulger Thomas, truckman, h 12 Havemeyer 
Bnlheller Joseph, realestate, h 28 Graham av 
Buliner John K. bldr h r 13 Adelphi 
Bulips Charles, coachman, h 49 11th E.D. now 

Bulk John, framer, b 645 Warren 
Bulklev Charles H. realestate, 482 Mvrtle av 

& old No. 650 Bedford av, h 426 Waverly av 
Bulkley Harry, realestate, 277 Tompkius av, h 

206 Wil'by av 
Bulklev Henry L. realestate, 277 Tompkins av, 

h 363 Nostrand av 
Bulkley H. L. & Son, realestate, 277 Tompkins 


Bulkley John W. supt. h 167 S. Elliott pi 
Bulkley Jonathan, paper, 74 John N.Y. h 48 

Bulklev Michael, driver, h 394 Manhattan av 
Bulkley Moses, mfr. 74 John N.T h 48 Remsen 
Bulkley Stephen jr. chemist, 84 Montague, h 
214 Hicks 

Bulklev Washington, mason, 19 Vand't av 
Bulkley & Hortun Realestate , 382 M vrtle av 


Real Esluie and Insurance Brokers, 


Loins Negotiated, Notaries Putlio. Com'r: of Deods. 


Bull Charles H. h 230 Scher 
Bull Charles M. broker, 104 Front N.T. h 430 

Bull Cyrus T. sawyer, h 299 17th 
Bull D. Kerr, teacher, b 118 Tompkins av 


? OS 


5' I™ 
§ -r- 

a r— 

© 1 

05 * 

3 OB 

§ m 


Manager for N.Y.&N.J. 

271 Broadway, N. Y. 





ROYAL [fire] INS. GO. 

193 Montague Street, Brooklyn. 
No. 128 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, 

Junction of Atlantic Si Fourtb Avea. 

Assets, in U, S., Jan. 1, 1886, $4,712,899 16. LiaMl., $2,377,471.27. Surplus, $2,335,427,89. 

O A3 

■3 i* 










I^A.I3V & CO'S 

City Directory Printing House, 
17 Willough'by St., cor. Pearl, B'klyn. 

Bull Edward, ins. 200 Montague, h 284 Elat- 
bush av 

Bull Emil, engineer, h 68 Troutman 

Bull Frank, bkkpr. li 415 Bergen 

Bull Frank A. hardware, 1195 Eulton, h 66 

Jefferson av 
Bull George, A printing, B'way N.Y. h 408 

Clinton av 
Bull Henry C. canvasser, h 299 17th 
Cull Henrv C. jr. ins. 545 5th av, h 276J 18th 
Bull Henry J stevedore, South N.Y h 384 6th 
Bull Jennie M. wid. Reuben C. h 365 Henry 
Bull John, com. mer. 73 New N.Y. h 299 10th 
Bull "Nathan C. police, h 35 Nevins 
Bull Bobert. agt. h 103 Freeman 
Bull Sidnev AV. dentist, 118 Tompkins av 
Bull Theodore F. elk. h 554 AVil'by av 
Bnllard George, h 221 Greene av 
Bul'ard Honrv L. strawmfr. h 87 Johnson 
Bnllard SUas, h 529 Pacific 
Buliard William H. furrier, h 217 Dean 
Bullay Henry J. supt. N,Y. h 58 Greene av 
Bulled John, teamster, h 114 2d 
Bullenkamp Frederick, grocer, h 276 11th 
Bullenkamp John F. hardware, 180 Jay, h 98 


Butler Edward, woodturner, h 152 Varet 
Bulley George S. shipbroker, h 538 Pacific 
Bullhardt Julia, wid. Frederick, h old No. 51 

Bulling Lester, collector, 493 Bergen 
Bullinger Frank, liquors, 98 Graham av 
Bullinger Mary, wiu. Chas. h 642 Atlantic av 
Bullis AVilliam A. millwright, h 179 Ryerson 
Bullock Augustus A. driver, h 570 Sackett 
Bullock Arthur AV. cigars, 619J 3d av, h 621 
8d av 

Bullock Charles J. shoemkr h 99 Union av 
Bullock John J. h 94 Jieid av 
Bullock Samuel M. carpenter, 86 Irving pi, h 
75 Qnincy 

Bullock Samuel R. contractor, h 75 Quincy 
Bullock Thomas, shoemkr. h 257 N. 6th 
Bullock Thomas H. chandeliers, h 194 Park av 
Bullock William T. shoemkr. h 74 N. Elliott pi 
Bullough John, fruit, 92 Barclay N.Y. h 799 

Bullweber John, lab. h r 87 Montrose av 
Bullwinkel George L. grocer, Chambers N.Y. 

h 630 5th av 
Bullwinkel Henry, grocer, c Gates & Sumner 

a v , h 654 Gates av 
Bullwinkel John, h 584 Myrtle av 
Bullwinkel John E. lawyer, 290 B'way N.Y. h 

584 Myrtle av 
Bullwinkel John H. groeer, 434 Franklin av 
Bullwinkel J. Fred, lawyer, 16 Court, h 104J 
Vand't av 

Bullwinkel Martin, produce, AVallabout mkt. 
h 80 S. 9th 

Bullwinkel Martin A. grocer, 90 Henry, h 84 

Bullwinkle Charles, driver, h 279 1st E.D. now 
Kent av 

Bullwinkle Elizabeth, wid. John, h 133 Nassau 
Bullwinkle George, liquors, 435 Manhattan av 
Bullwinkle Henry, h 230 Jefferson av 
Bullwinkle Henry, carmkr. h 113 Nassau av 
Bullwinkle John, driver, h 279 1st E.D. now 
Ken t av 

Bullwinkle John, lab. h 198 Havemeyer 
Bullwinkle Martin, com. mer. 95 East av, h 80 
S. 9th 

Bullwinkle Sarah, wid. William, h 196 Ross 
Bnlman Jonah, elk. h 313 Grand 
Buhner Charles A. lumber, h 28 Lefferts pi 
Bulmer George, salesman, h 111 Lewis av 

Bulmer George W. physician. 027 Bushwick av 

& 18 Weirfleld. h 927 Bushwick av 
Bujmer James K. ferrymnn, h 298 Clermont av 
Bulmer John R. lildr.'h 213 Adelphi 
Bulmer William C. h 299 Macon 
Bulmer William H. carpenter, h 138 Hart 
Bulmer AVilliam P. currier, li 100 Grand av 
Bulnolye John, peddler, h 2} Snell's al 
Bulow Charles, carpenter, h r 641 3d av 
Bulow Louis, elk. h 92 Park av 
Bulson Devillo N. physician, h 205 Lorimer 
Bultley Stephen jr. chemist, 84 Montague & 
214 Hicks 

Bultmann Albert, h old No. 134 Hewes 
Bultman David, grocer, 102 Walton 
Bultmann Richard, grocer, 102 Walton 
Bulwinkel Henry, grocer, 584 Myrtle av, h 582 
Mvrtle av 

Bulwinkle Anna M. wid. Carsten, h 315 Gold 
Bulwinkle John, h 251 Wyckoff 
Bulwinkle John M. stationer, 413 Fulton, h 351 


Successor to It. M. WHITIXG & CO., 


Near Court House, BROOKLYN. 

Bum George, butcher, h 79 Montrose av 
Bumford Augustine, engineer, h r King c Yan 

Bumstead Edward, driver, 7i 702 Flushing av 
Bumstead Jackson, h 929 BVay 
Bumstead John W. driver, h 702 Flushing av 
Bumsted William, police, h 20 Furnian ftv 
Bunce Alfred, printer, 133 William N.Y". h 19 
Gunther pi 

Bunce Alfred C. coin. mer. 31 BVay N.Y. h 40 
Garden pi 

Bunce Bridget, wid James, 378 "Van Brunt 
Bunce Charles, pianos, 56 Court, h 547 Dean 
Bunce Charles, sawyer, h 525 Manhattan av 
Bunce Charles E. engineer, h 67 Schenck 
Bunce Charles F. publisher, 210 B'way N.Y. 

h 90 Vernon av 
Bunce Charles H. boilermkr. h 293 Ainslie 
Bunce Charles M. seaman, 195 Prospect av 
Bunce Clinton, express, h 75 Williams av E. 


Bunce Cyrus V. hardware, 106 Fulton, h 177 

Bunce Daniel L. police, h 14 4th E.D. now Bed- 
ford av 

Bunce Edgar, mer. N.Y. h 162 Herkimer 
Bunce Edward E. feed, 825B'way & 1138 Myrtle 

av, h 20 Stuvvesant av 
Bunce Edward N. publisher, 216 B'way N.Y. h 

288 St. James pi 
Bunce George, painter, h 368 Ewen 
Bunce George C. cooper, h r 111 Conselyea 
Bunce George, pat. medicine, 553 4th av 
Bunce George F. bkkpr. h 19 Gunther pi 
Bunce George W. police, h 124 Ainslie 
Bunce Harry, tel. oper. 378 Vau Brunt 
Bunce Henry C. teas, li 292 Court, 
Bunce Harvey, elk. h 181 Jay 
Bunce Howard, postman, 523 Leonard 
Bunce James W. bkkpr. h 441 Franklin av 
Bunce Jesse G. grocer, 329 Laf av, h 187 Put- 
nam av 

Bunce John, hardware, 106 Fulton, h 714 De 
Kalk av 

Bunce John, woodturner, h 110 Harrison av 
Bunce John W. grocer, 254 Grand N.Y. h 93 
S. 8th 

Bunce Joshua, ferrvman, h 196 Fulton 
Bunce J. Warren, elk. 163 S. 1st 
Bunce Iiichard G. foreman, h old No. 740 Bed- 
ford av 


'EBB & SON, 

Used by Druggists and Manufacturers throughout the world. 


Established 1S35- 

Send for Quotations. 




BUN 139 BUN— B OR 

Bunce Rockwell G. carpenter, h 117 Huron 
Bunco Richard, elk. h 171 High 
Buiice Richard jr. truckman, h 171 High 
Banco R. wid. Lvraan, nurso, h 523 Leonard 
Bunce Walter, cook, h 229 H". 6th 
Bunce Wesley D. h 671 De Kalb av 
Bunce William, hairdresser, b 630 Leonard 
Bunce William, lab. h 553 4th av 
Bunce William H. elk. h 714 Do Kalb av 
Bunce William T. teas, h 292 Court 
Bunce & Benedict, pianos 56 Court 
Bund Sebastein, hatter, h 93 Floyd 
Bundage John, engineer, h 102 Wil'bv 
Bundes Caroline, wid. Peter, h 350 Classon av 
Bundes Frederick, carpenter, h r350 Classonav 
Bundick Alexander, tailor, h 1884 Prospect pi 
Bundick Camilla, hairdresser, h 129 Roebling 
Bundick Eli, lab. h Degraw n Utica 
Bundick Elijah B. tailor, h 129 Roebling 
Bundick George W. h 205 McDonough 
Bundick William H. elk. h 205 McDonough 
.Bundrick John, driver, h 604 16th 
Bundschu Frank, locksmith, h 134 Ellery 
Bundschu Henry, tailor, h 217 Johnson av 
Bundschu Jos. stonecutter, h 217 Johnson av 
Bundschuh Frank A. butcher, 156 Lee av 
Bune Joseph E. cardriver, h 104 Met av 
Bunell Thomas H. butcher, h 123 Tillary 
Buner Mary, wid. 47 Wythe av 
Buney John, insp. h 146 High. 
Buney Alfred H. driver, 160 Skillman 
Bungar Herman, wheelwright, h 12th c 3d av 
Bungard John P. carpenter, h 276 21st 
Bungart Anthony N. billiards, 67 Woodhull, h 

29 Hamilton av 
Bungart Ernest, baker, h 243 Boerum 
Bungart Frederick, peddler, h 211 Johnson av 
Bungart Peter, varnishmkr. h 53 Dupont 
Bungartz William, engineer, h 483 3d av 
Bungarz Gottfried, wagonmfr. 125 9th, h 127 9th 
Bungay George, storekpr. h 314 Taylor 
Bungav John G. elk. h 114 Tavlor 
Bungay George W. jr. saddlery, 442 6th av, h 

359i Prospect av 
Bunge Ernest F. W. elk. h 374 Bergen 
Buuger Annie, wid. Henry, h 127 Marion 
Banger Henry, supt. h 80 Wythe av 
Bunger Wm. naker, 518 B'way, h 80 Wythe av 
Bunger & Rodegerdts, liquors, 125 Marion 
Bungeroth Edward, nurse, h 153 Gwinnett 
Bungert David, elk. h 58 Jefferson 
Bungert Jacob, brassfinisher, h 568 Grand 
Bungert John, h 1024 Greene av • 
Bungert John, brassfinisher, h 568 Grand 
Bungert Mary, wid. John, h 69 Jefferson 
Bungert Peter, tailor, h 568 Grand 
Bunguardo Joseph, carpenter, h 141 Union 
Bunion Morris, driver, h 319 Columbia 
Bunk Albert, hairdresser, h 475 Union 
Bunk Ludwig, lab. h r 124 X. 5th 
Bunk William, lab. h 57 S. 1st 
BunkenbergB ernard, baker, h 135 Partition 
Bunker Ada W. wid. William, h 216 14th 
Bunker Albert, weigher, h 122 Hancock 
Bunker Alb't, treas'r, ftBridge.hFlatbushL.I. 
Bunker Barker J. painter, h 2039 Atlantic av 
Bunker Charles, cooper, h 584 B'way 
Bunker Charles, shipmaster, h 44 Rush 
Bunker Charles G. jr. elk. h 44 Rush 
Bunker Edward D. elk. h 163 Hevward 
Bunker Edward H. broker, N.Y. h 580 

Wash'u av 

Bunker Edward S. physician, 137 St. Mark's 

av, office hours 8 to 10 a.m. 
Bunker Estelle C. wid. Benj. F. h 289 Monroe 
Bunker Henry A. physician, 166 6th av 
Bunker Horace G. seaman, h 425 10th 
Bunker Lewis A. wheelsmith, h 107 Huron 
Bunker Mary E. wid. Albert, h 97 Laf av 
Bunker Matthew, trcas. ft Fulton, h L.I. 
Bunker Robert H. h 328 Putnam av 
Bunker S. M. h 352 Carlton av 
Bunker Thomas G. elk. h 97 Laf av 
Bunker Thomas R. coal, ft 23d N.Y. h 752 Her- 

Bunker Theodoro, butcher, h 662 Butler 

Bunker William A. supt. h 133 Kent 
Bunker William N. clk.352 Carlton av 
Bunker William R, broker, 56 B'way 2T.Y. h 

107 Montague 
Bunker William R. salesman, b 216 14th 
BunkleMary, wid. John A. h 108 Prospect 
Bunn A lbert < Rev. ) h 608 4th av 
Bunn David, baker, h 192 Prince 
Bunnell Charles A. tobacco, 114 Water N.Y. h 

372 6th 

Bunnell George A. cigars, h 355 6th 
Bunnell Jesse H. mfr. 106 Liberty IST.Y. h 379 

Bunnell John K. supt. Cohoes K.Y. h 119 Noble 
Bunney Robert H. com. mer. 180 Chambers 

N.Y. h 67 Hart 
Bunny George E. elk. h 146 High 
Bunny James W. shoes, 659 3d av 
Bunschuh Frank J. grocer, 488 8th av 
Bunsick William, elk. h 12 Madison E.N.Y. 
Bunt Charles, lab. h 3i Carroll 
Bunten Abner, lab. h 965 Myrtle av 
Bunting Charity M. h 189 18th 
Bunting James H. florist, 850 Fulton 
Bunting Thomas, carpenter, h 43 Fleet pi 
Bunton Robert, painter, h 223 Srtckett 
Bunty Frederick, tailor, 97 Pineapple, h 95 

; Pineapple 
Bunzell Eugene, painter, h 224 Frost 
Buobaeh Ernst, baker, h 127 Montrose av 
Buongiorno D. shoemkr. h 360 Lorimer 
Buquet Annie, wid. John, h 624 Flushing av 
Buquet Benjamin, lab. h 624 Flushing av 
Buquet Peter, lab. h 624 Flushing av 
Burbach William F. tailor, h 1154 Myrtleav 
Burbank Edmund H. elk. h 102 Deari 
Burbank William, bkkpr. h 230 Putnam av 
Burbank William H. leather, 371 Park av &23 

Spruce !N\Y. h 546 Lif av 
Burbank's Leather Works, 371 Park av 
Burbaum Jacob, agt. h 289 Flovd 
Burbridge Frank, chemist, h 789 Bushwick av 
Burbridge John, lab. h 20 Hudson av 
Burcart Sophia, wid. John, h 832 Flushing av 
Burcaw Harriet C. h 420 S. 5th ; 
Burch Charles, peddler, h r 21 Spencer 
Bureh David, machinist, h E. New York av n 

Sackman E. N.Y. 
Burch David, teacher, h 146 4th E.D.nowBed 

ford av 

Burch Deborah A. wid. Isaac, h 656 Baltic 
Burch Edwin L. collector, Fulton c Front, h 44 

Burch George W. dentist. 127 B'way 
Burch Harriet, wid. Newburry, h Orient avn 

Liberty av E. N.Y. 
Burch Isaac W. driver, h 656 Baltic 
Burch James, machinist, h 203 Middleton 
Burch Ja-ues T. machinist, h 288 N. 2d 
Burch John A. cooper, 68 Broad N.Y. h 348 

Burch L. P. h 6 Middatfi 
Burch Robert A. journalist, 34 Fulton, h 55 

Burch Ross R. musician, h 99 Tillary 
Burch Thomas (Rev.) h 112 Kent 
Burch William A. agt. h 27 Cumberland 
Burcham Caroline M. wid. George, h 24 Lee av 
Burcham Geo. W. coppersmith, h 131 Duffield 
Burchard Amanda, dressmkr. 382 Yan Brunt 
Burchard Catharine A. wid. John, h 12 Leff- 
erts pi 

Burchard Charles D. bkkpr. N.Y. h 249 Clinton 
Burchard Edmund L. elk. h 12 Lefferts pi. 
Burchard Laura L. h 513 Atlantic av 
Burchard Louis F. teacher, h 12 Lefferts pi 
Burchard Mary S. wid. Nathan, h 212 Union 
Burchards Carl H. metal, h 92,Franklin 
Burchards Welhehtiino, h 113 Calver 
Burchart Christina, wid John, h 180 Stagg 
Burchell George, h 179 S. 5th 
Burchell George W. agt. h 179 S. 5th 
Burchell John C. caulker, h 83 Ferris 
Burchell Nathan, architect, h 127 Hoyt 
Burchell Rich'd B. h 108 2d E.D. now Wythe 


m Q. 
> _ 

Ja to 

r!" A* 






BUTLEE'S SAFES, 79 DUflNE street, 

mm v u-raiKrci.*? jss> =JWJ NEAR BROADWAY. 



132 Mangin 8t„ near Houston^ East Hiver, New York. 

BUR 140 BUR 

Burchell Richard W, electroplater, 92 Kent av, 

h old No. 187 Keap 
Burchell Kobort, wire weaver, li 575a Kosciusko 
Burcherding Rebecca, wid. J ohn H. h 78 Wilson 
Burck Charles W. butchei, 191 Columbia, 59 

Atlantic av, & 437 Hicks, h 191 Columbia 
Burck Ernst, butcher, 437 Hicks, 59 Atlantic av 

& 191 Columbia, h 191 Columbia 
Burck Ernest, butcher, 544 Manhattan av 
Burck Frank B. butcher, 437 Hicks, 59 Atlan- 

. tic av & 191 Columbia, h 191 Columbia 
Burck John, butcher. 624 6th av 
Burck Louis, butcher. 59 Atlantic av,191 Colum- 
bia & 437 Hicks, h 59 Atlantic av 
Burck Philip, h 518 Henry 
Burck Philip A. elk. h 268 Prospect av 
jBurck Rudolph, butcher, 437 Hicks, 191 Colum- 
bia & 59 Atlantic av, h 11 Cheever pi . 
jBurck Theodore, butcher, 437 Hicks, 191 Colum- 
I bia & 59 Atlantic av, h 59 Atlantic 
Burck & Sous, butchers, 437 Hicks, 191 Colum- 
I bia & 59 Atlantic 

Burckhardt John C. crockerv, 700 Flushing av 
Burckhart Minnie, wid. h 150 28th 

iBurciiert David, bricklayer, h 92 Meeker av 

;Burckert Henry, cardmkr. h 92 Meeker av 
Burckett Charles F. architect, 812 Pres't 

'Burckett Charles H. bkkpr. h 812 Pres't 
Burckett Frederick K, elk. h 812 Pres't 
Burckett Walter L. elk. h 812 Pres't 

| Burckett William M. bkkpr. h 812 Pres't 
Burckle George J. butcher, 201 Fort Greene pi, 

j h 68 Hanson pi 
Burckle John J. h 40 Hanson pi 
Burd Abram K. coll. }i 238 Halsey 

iBurd Thomas, printer, h 187 Ru fledge 

: Burdd Joseph, driver, h 159 Boerum 

i Burdell William, h 83 Hull 

Burden George, engineer, h 192 43d 

Burden William, driver, h 209 Greene 

Burden Garrett, lab. h 44 Gold 

Burden George, cigars, 44th c 3d av 

Burden John, cigars, h 44th c 3d av 

Burden Peter, fancygda. 365 Manhattan av 

Burden William B. drugs, h 561 Warren 

Burden Bros, cigars, 44th c 3d av 

Burden & Co. fanevgds. 365 Manhattan av 

Burder A. P. T. bkkpr. h 78 Hicks 

Burdett David, hatter, h 366 S 2d 

Burdett Frank, oysters, 56 Grand 

Burde It, Horace B weigher, h 251 Steuben 

Burdett James, lab. h 198 John 

Burdett John, porter, h Snediker av n Atlantic 

| av E.N.T. 

Burdett Thomas, butcher, 188 Greenpoint av 
Burdett Walter S. elk. h 130 Lex av 
Burdett e George W. elk. h 636 Gates av 
Burdette William, mason, h 292 S. 3d 
I urdge Dwight, ins. 348 B'way M\Y. h 61 

Burdick EmmaC. wid. Curtis, fancygds. 262 

Tompkins av, h 370 Halsey 
Burdick Frank H. painter, h 906^ Gates av 
Burdick Henry S. grain, ft N. 5th,h 475 Wil'by 


Burdick Irving, musician, h 459 Gates av 
Burdick James, elk. h 236 De Kalb av 
Burdick James T. physician, 459 Gates 
Burdick Jane R. wid. Silas, h 236 De Kalb av 
Burdick Julien C. millinery, 645B'way N.Y. h 
588 Monroe 

Burdick Lockhart S. compositor, h 81 Cumber- 

Burdick Samuel, carpenter, h 73 Yand*t av 
Burdick Sarah H. dressmkr. 155 Montague, h 

383 Macon 
Burdick Winslow M. h 277 Putnam av 
Burdick W. M. elk. h 226 Pearl 
Burditt James B. printer, h 298 S. 2d 
Burdock John, ballplaver, h 796 Butler 
Burdock Mary, wid. William, h 258 Park pi 
Burdon J. H. wid. William, h 211 Lincoln pi 
Burdon Thomas, shoemkr. h 149 Hudson av 
Burdsall Elijah, foreman, h 90 S. 5th 
Burdux Emu, packer, h 23 Diamond 
Bureau of Cha